2010 Political Open Thread

In the comment section of Effective Metapolitics, Lew asked about Open Threads. It was not addressed to me, but as I prepare an article, I will accept his suggestion. My two general questions are:

1) Whom do you currently support for President of the United States of America in the 2012 Presidential Election?

2) And, aside from immigration, which mainstream American political issue best provides racial preservation? What is the most important mainstream American political issue for Occidental Dissent, after immigration?


  1. as far as a ‘main stream’ candidate, it’s a toss up between tancredo the zionist or open boarders ron paul. not much of a choice.

  2. I support Chthulu for president. Why settle for a lesser evil?


  3. 1)

    Ron Paul by a mile if he announces. He would be almost as polarizing as Palin, yet at the same time is a man with gravitas, unlike Palin, a man of accomplishment who commands respect.

    Attacking a key element of Jewish power, the Federal Reserve, has been a huge part of his life’s work. He also opposes overseas wars for Israel. Paul’s positions are also culturally conservative enough that he would fire up redstate American almost as much as Palin. Paul also has all the right enemies: the entire anti-racist left, the libertarian left represented by that filthy scum and ex-CATO hack Brink Lindsey, the neocons, the military industrial complex, the establishment GOP and wall street.

    Ron Ron Paul is in fact a threat to so many elements of the American establishment and power structure it’s hard to see him getting anywhere near power. With a populist Republican Congress at his disposal, Paul could really shake things up, and anything is better than the status quo.

    If Paul runs and wins a few primaries, I’ll go on record right now that Jews will have Bloomberg, Petraeus or someone else run as a third party candidate to dilute the vote.

    If Paul doesn’t run, then I’d say Palin is the best choice for all the reasons HW has clearly given.


    A very tough but important question. Gun rights, free speech defense and crime are probably the most important, I’d say. Only free speech is a national issue. Gun laws comes up at the state and local level often, however, so there would be opportunities for networking and covert activism there. And crime is always a good local topic when you live in a place with a lot of it as I do. Articles on gun rights might draw some hard-right conservatives to this sire, and a few might be open to a moderated version of WN like OD is offering.

  4. (1) Sarah Palin. My other blog is about “Reaction and Rebellion in Red America.” No one is a better symbol of Red America than Palin. She already has millions in the tank for her presidency.

    I am convinced that a Palin vs. Obama presidential contest would be the most polarizing national election since Andrew Jackson defeated John Quincy Adams. It would mainstream White identity politics to a significant degree.

    The best possible scenario is for Palin to win the Republican nomination and her “Blue” enemies in mainstream media spending at least a year trying to take her down through arrogant dismissals and contempt for Red State values.

    (2) I think a close runner up to immigration is the degeneration of our culture. Specifically, the rot of the White family, abortion on demand, pornography, and birth control. I also think the decline of Christianity has played an important role in this.

    We often forget that immigration is not the only factor driving race replacement. Low birthrates are just as important. If the White birthrate were to significantly improve, it would go a long way to helping us to bounce back. In Utah, the high White birthrate is preventing the Hispanicization of that state.

    This is another issue where White Nationalists have failed to think through their agenda and translate it into policy positions. There is nothing stopping a White Nationalist from openly campaigning in the mainstream about this issue either.

  5. It hasn’t occurred to White Nationalists that (1) immigration and (2) low fertility are the two biggest threats to the White majority in North America. Nor has it occurred to them that it is completely mainstream to openly campaign around these issues and connect with a larger constituency on the Right.

  6. LEW makes an important point:

    (3) Protecting our constitutional right to own firearms is probably the third most important issue. Arguably, a strong case could be made for it being second place.

    (4) Protecting our constitutional right to free speech is yet another important issue. Funny how when you really think through these issues the idea of rejecting “the system” looks even more ridiculous.

    Count ’em: that is four issues where a White Nationalist can openly campaign in the mainstream and build coalitions with other groups.

  7. Q1:
    It’s too early to tell who will end up running. A lot of things could happen in a year. But as it sits right now, I would be happy with a Mitt Romney / Duncan Hunter ticket.

    I agree with LEW that Paul is too great a threat to the establishment to get elected. And though I don’t personally have anything against Palin, I think she’s actually too polarizing. Hunter has mentioned how great it is for things to be polarized. And I agree — but only when the other side is in power. Other than that, I’d prefer not to see Huckabee or Gingrich elected. I don’t trust them.

    Immigration is obviously the biggest issue. I think the second biggest issue should tackle some of the fiscal problems. The first one should be to undo the health care because it’s still new and people are still pissed off about it. Other fiscal problems include federal reserve, taxes, social security, welfare, education, etc. Take your pick.

  8. Of course Carville apparently assumes the Democratic Party coalition will stay intact forever. Once Whites become a hypothetical minority, racial tension between Yellows, Browns, and Blacks will start to skyrocket. Ideological White Democrats might get abandoned by the Democratic Party when they are no longer needed.

  9. LEW is right: Ron Paul is a good candidate to support.

    In another thread, Earlmundo Pitts claimed David Duke could win. I am doubtful. Darwin above doesn’t claim Duke would “win” but is worth supporting anyway. In what conditions could a third-party Duke run take the Wallace states? That would be a great victory.

    What would be nice would be to abolish “winner-take-all” elections, so Duke and others could be elected without needing majorities. 15% of the vote? The David Duke Party gets 15% of U.S. Congress seats. 😀

  10. Romney. The man can win moderate whites outside the South/Midwest and will be a rubber stamp for any anti immigrant legislation the Republican congress passes. He will also appoint good judges. He is a cautious man and is unlikely to start up another war.

    Palin would probably be my last choice and I really hope she doesn’t run. If elected there is a real chance that she’d start a war with Iran and that would energize the left and divide the right. We want the Republicans to be the pro white party, not the pro crazy party.

    I honestly would take Obama over Palin. Palin is at her best as a right wing cheerleader, she isn’t cut out for acutally holding office.

  11. HW and others have a point about Palin. But she remains a terrible person to be in politics. She is mediocre at best. There is no real evidence she has any nationalistic sympathies. None. She seems just like a glory-chasing willing-puppet.

    The Steve Sailer commenters are attacking Obama the past few days for being an overhyped-intellect, but I don’t think you’ll find even one who would say Palin is much above a flat-average. Her college’s average SAT is 480 per section!

  12. Okay, according to the latest Rasmussen poll, Romney is the front runner with 24 percent support while Huck and Palin have 19 percent each.

    This actually could work out: if Palin and Huck split the conservative vote than Romney can win by default and come off looking more centrist in the process.

  13. Otis the Sweaty:

    I agree. He is the best choice of the so-called [media-selected] “frontrunners”.

    Click to see Romney’s Immigration Scorecard

    Romney gets mixed marks on Immigration, but on the whole his rating leans towards “Good” (McCain’s rating: “Abysmal”). Romney’s actual record in office is rated “Good”, the best rating any of the front-runners had in ’08. (Ron Paul received the same rating).

  14. I honestly wouldn’t care if Romney supported making Spanish the official language of Massachussetts when he was in office (although I’m pleased to see he was actually good on immigration). The man believes in absolutely nothing except his own power. That is exactly the kind of guy we want leading the Republican party: a white, male, bland, technocrat in the mold of Nixon or Eisenhower who doesn’t scare off socially moderate whites and doesn’t motivate SWPLs to come to the polls. Romney isn’t enslaved to the war and vodoo economics platform that the Republican party has been saddled with since Reagan.

    Also, I would love to see Obama get blasted by a white man in a debate. Obama was too smart for idiot McCain but he wouldn’t be able to handle Romney.

    If Romeny didn’t exist, we’d have to invent him.

  15. Huckabee would be a perfect running mate. I wouldn’t want him as prez, but he was made for the vice president position. He is likeable and can rally the base without providing a lightning rod for the left.

  16. All this discussion over the MSM’s choice of candidates. Ugggh. Hunter is always trashing White Nationalists for not supporting shabbaz goy who pay lip service to immigration concerns but along comes Palin who doesn’t even pay the lip service or have any kind of pro-White agenda and he thinks we should support her anyhow. Why? Just because.
    Sarah Palin is a media creation just like Obama. She’s hated by leftists and not liked by more than a few conservatives. She will not draw independent voters away from the Democrats and worse, many Ron Paulers and Buchananites will stay home like they did the last election. If she gets the nomination she will receive challenges from third party candidates backed up by angry disgruntled conservatives who will suck the vote away from her the way Ross Perot did in the 90s.
    A Ron Paul/Pat Buchanan ticket is the key to winning in 2012. If Pat doesn’t want to run then replace him with Chuck Baldwin. Ron Paul can draw scores of voters, especially young voters, away from the Democrat Party just on his anti-war platform alone.

  17. Ron Paul can draw scores of voters, especially young voters, away from the Democrat Party just on his anti-war platform alone.

    2008 called, they want their electoral strategy back.

    American voters don’t give a crap about the war anymore and you sound like a leftist talking about what “young voters” want. Obama has pretty much ended the Iraq war already and Afghanistan will hopefully be in the process of winding down by the time the next President comes in.

    People cared about the war in 2008 because American troops were still getting killed. Now that things have settled down most have lost interest. There is a reason that neither the Dems or the Republicans mentioned the wars during the midterms.

    I agree with you about Palin though. She’s horrible.

  18. Alex, A Ron Paul/Pat Buchanan ticket would indeed be the dream scenario. It’s too bad they’re both not 10 or 15 years younger. We need to appreciate Pat B while we have him. Once that great man retires or dies, our enemies will ensure we never see another like him on the national stage. And once we get our ethnostate, Pat B deserves a monument as a man who carried the banner of Western civilization into battle until the end.

  19. “…which mainstream American political issue best provides racial preservation? What is the most important mainstream American political issue for Occidental Dissent, after immigration?”

    To educate the diverse white American peoples how to speak out of their “white voice” rather than their “political issues voice.” This can be done, and is being done, by reasoned public examples.

    When we find it acceptable to say, “As a white American, I feel that….” then we will begin to make progress. Hiding behind bogus enlightenment categories, Constitutional arguments, political partisan considerations, and deep philosophical claims is the road to serfdom and death.

  20. I don’t trust Romney.

    Free Republic is on the warpath against him. Romney’s power base in the Republican Party is the GOP establishment. In contrast, Sarah Palin has the support of the conservative base.

  21. I don’t see why Duke is running.

    Every politician has a shelf life. If you run and lose enough times, voters will write you off as unelectable, whether you are pro-White or not.

    That said, if a David Duke or Ron Paul candidacy would inspire WNs to get off their asses and do something, it would be a good thing. Most of those people wouldn’t otherwise participate.

  22. Hunter, is your best defense only to manufacture things I’ve allegedly said? I notice when I make a point about something you don’t even address it but go off on a tangent about something else that’s totally false. Don’t you have any integrity? I don’t know what Buchanan’s position is on Palin although I have noticed he’s quoted her a few times in his articles.

  23. Hunter, your dead set against a Ron Paul Presidency so drop the act. Anyone who doesn’t believe me should search this website’s archives for anti-Paul articles.

  24. I voted for Ron Paul in the 2008 Republican primary.

    It is not my fault he couldn’t win a single primary. He downplayed immigration and other social issues throughout the campaign.

  25. The second most important issue is the fiscal health of the United States. And it has the power to become the all-powerful issue that drives everything else from the field.

    1. The flagrant budget deficits are unsustainable. Look to California to see what life gets like as bond auctions fail and rates sky-rocket. This is only being prevented at the national level by the actions of the Fed.

    2. If the Fed is allowed to destroy the dollar to save the banks and bailout the bankrupt Federal Government it will represent the final fucking over of White America by the elite and their welfare clients.

    What will be destroyed along with the dollar itself are the savings of every “play-by-the-rules” citizen in the USA. IE, the White, heartland, god-fearing, non-SWPL people. The “Red State” people.

    3. They system that has been set up is not one that favors us. So the fight to maintain it, as currently structured is really a fight to continue our bondage.

    As others have pointed out the entire black middle class is a creation of government. Without the government jobs, affirmative action quotas, free tuitions to elite schools, test-score jiggering and huge useless make work programs like the TSA it would not exist.

    4. Even the issue of white family formation is influenced by the government. Everything from tuition disparities by race (not to mention discount tuition for illegals) to the tax structure to local school funding make it expensive and difficult to raise children to be successful. A reordering of society with a downsized FedGov would likely due much to make being middle class fun again.

    5. Therefore the second most important issue after immigration is the size, scope and final disposition of the leviathon that lives in D.C. and Wall Street.

    A dramatic down-sizing of the Federal Government, including a reduction in regulation in many areas would be one possible solution. Strangely Obama’s own deficit commission pointed in this direction. Because it is the least disruptive choice, and leaves the most of the welfare state around that it is possible to save.

    A second alternative would be the de-facto seccession of states from the Federal structure by ending cooperation with the feds in area after area. If at some point a state makes it impossible for FedGov to collect taxes from its residents a defacto seperation will have occured. It is possible to see some glimmers of this shinging off in the distance.

    A third alternative is that the powers that be don’t act rationally quickly enough to save the system and it collapses, begining with a currency collapse, or debt repudiation, or hyper-inflation. The much derided “end of the world as we know it” looks a lot more likely now than five years ago. Peter Schiff was a kook telling people to buy gold in 2005 when it was $415 an oz. At $1400 an oz his explanations for the inevitable failure of our fiat monetary system are not so easy to dismiss as the rantings of a zealot.

    Of course there are negative alternatives too, like the Ben Bernanke figures out how to keep the wheels on the train, the Red State frog is boiled slowly enough that he stays in the pot, the deed is done to convert the dollar to something like the Mexican peso in value.

    No powerful voice for our people and our cause is found and we are led into the future in chains by our masters in Washington and Wall Street.

    To get back to the first question, now. Based on this analysis, the primacy of “The Federal Government Question” (the ‘FQ’) I feel that someone who really means it about abolishing the Fed and drastically reducing the size of government is the person we need to support. At this point that person is Ron Paul, but perhaps Rand will soon eclipse the father and become the standard bearer for the movement. He seems less enthralled with esoteric libertarianism than his father, and more a mainstream paleo-conservative. (Despite his first name.)

    If not Rand I suspect the Tea Party will throw up other possible alternatives. Of the 12 candidates profiled on Fox recently as possible GOP contenders I thought DeMint was pretty good.

  26. BTW: The immigration issue is really just a subset of the FQ. Here we have a behemoth government that taxes us $2.3 Trillion a year, and spends an amazing $3.6 trillion a year, and yet refuses to enforce the immigration laws of the nation. And worse, prevents the states from enforcing them.

    Why are we allowing ourselves to be ruled by distant, alien, immoral, theiving, lying scum via a pathetic FedGov mechanism. The FQ needs to be asked repeatedly. Name the Fed! End the Fed needs to encompass everything the term implies. (all of the Federal Government as we know and hate it).

  27. Alex writes Lots of Christians and Southerners aren’t going to vote for Romney, a Yankee Mormon.

    I’m a hardcore southerner and I was the first on this thread to mention Romney.

    And now to knock out two birds with one stone. Hunter says he doesn’t trust him and you say his mormonism is an issue. Well, his mormonism is the main reason I do trust him. At least on immigration. I have no doubt he puts mormons above other americans. But immigration is a major problem for the mormon homeland of Utah. Therefore, he has a dog in this fight. Let him lie and screw us on everything else. Let him grab his ankles for the establishment. As long as he takes care of the immigration problem I’ll consider him a great president. We’ll never have a better chance than the next 4 years. Nothing else matters.

  28. Obama getting destroyed across the map:


    And flipping one of the remaining states doesn’t look all that difficult. Democrats look especially weak in New Hampshire (which now has more Republicans in its legislature than at any point since 1900), Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. Recent Public Policy Polling results showing the President trailing “generic Republican” in almost all of these states: North Carolina (by fifteen), Florida (by fourteen), Ohio (by fifteen), Colorado (by five), Nevada (by nine), Minnesota (by two), New Hampshire (by fourteen), Pennsylvania (by ten), and Wisconsin (by nine).

    The root of the problem for the President is that in most of these swing states there aren’t enough minority voters and progressives to allow a Democrat to win without substantial assistance from white working class or suburban voters, especially since rural voters have been pushed solidly into the Republican camp (at least for now). The more the President alienates working class and suburban voters, the harder it becomes for him to win.

  29. The stuff about Palin motivating Red State Identity is all fine and dandy until you consider the fact that the point of stirring up that identy is to try to elect someone who understands the issues facing real Americans and fixes them. I don’t see that camera chasing, ex-tv anchorwoman as that person. I’d say in this case the left is right about her being an airhead, and the only reason she is doing the conservative thing is her ship didn’t come in 20 years ago and she’s got stuck “playing Branson instead of Broadway” Sort of like the way Shatner fancied himself the next Lawrence Ollivier doing Academy Award Shakespearian performances, he reluctantly came to realize that the Captain Kirk character had been his big break and to make the most out of his reputation as a “hammy” actor. In my opinion had Palin made the big leages when young, she’d be up there with Susan Sarandon and ‘Babs’ pushing leftist drivel.

    I’d much rather have Romney who at least gives me the impression that he knows what he’s doing and wouldn’t need 50 “advisors” the way W. did to make up his mind. I’d see a Palin Victory as a repeat of Bush Jr. Lot’s of Promise only to fade with the realiztion we have a weak willed novice whose not up to the job and just putty in the hands of ruling class Ivy leage advisors.

  30. Immigration is definitely the most pressing issue and is becoming a matter of life and death. Current levels of out of control illegal immigration coupled with our liberal legal immigration policy amounts to genocide by inundation. The border needs to be militarized, La Raza needs to be stripped of taxpayer funding and forced to register as an agent of a foreign power, and forcible deportations need to take place.

    Of course, these prescriptions are bound to give most conservatives cardiac arrest. After all that’s too much too fast and cons believe in acting sloooowly. Conservatives need to shame any and all who support amnesty legislation but that won’t happen because most conservatives are incapable of acting resolutely unless it’s on behalf of Jewish interests and Israel.

    Sarah Palin is just Dubya dressed in drag. She could ride her popularity into office much like Obama did but after the dust settles she’ll be exposed as a fraud and a blank slate. Unfortunately, even some WN’s believe sound bites and one liners will translate into action.

    The real question before us is does the federal government, even one dominated by conservatives, have the will to deal swiftly and effectively with the immigration time bomb, or will it fall on the state and local governments to fight the battle?

  31. Mr Dithers just mentioned what might well be one of the more important issues after immigration.

    La Raza needs to be stripped of taxpayer funding

    There are a bunch of radical/leftist organizations getting taxpayer money. Our job would be a lot easier if we weren’t being forced to fund people who hate America. After Juan Williams got sacked there was talk of defunding NPR. They should definitely defund NPR. But NPR is just the tip of the iceberg.

  32. Continued…

    The democrats have created a whole army of supporters who are being propped up out of the government treasury. And it’s not just the ones getting tax dollars either. A lot of these unions, particular government worker unions are hardcore leftist and there are a lot of sweety pie laws propping them up, too. At some point we’re going to have to start tearing those down to level the playing field.

  33. Fred: I’ve read that La Raza is a creation of the Ford Foundation. Big capitalists leave their money to be administered by do-gooders, who are quickly replaced by evildoers. I’d like to see them persecuted under the RICO Act.

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