Problems in the White and Green Nationalist Movements

There is much similarity between the pro-White and pro-Green Movements. The latter has more success, although not enough for its ultimate goals. Both have their shares of rhetorical radicals, who inadvertently impede the actual goals of their very own movements. As an example for the pro-White theme-which is the main feature of this site-I will examine the Environmentalist Movement first. The pro-White Movement has a lot to learn from the failures of the Environmentalist Movement.

The Pro-Green Movement

It has procured great change with the EPA, new regulation, and National Parks. However, it has already lost most of its steam as a political force, while environmental destruction is only accelerating.

a) Radical Message: The first obvious problem is much of the Environmentalist’s message. Many environmentalists support policies even I find impractical and unacceptable. The complete elimination of Coal and Oil as fuel sources would obviously interfere with daily activities and trash the American economy. It is also a major turn-off to ordinary mainstream Americans, who need to be transported from and to various places.

Advocating the elimination of meat and dairy products is also counter-productive and unnecessary, as meat is a major part of the American diet and economy. In moderation, meat and milk also provide health benefits; and provide Americans with jobs and quick meals. Mainstream Americans appreciate the nutrition from meat and dairy products.

It is also a bad (and disgusting) idea to refer to Humans as viruses and cancer.

b) Communication: The official Environmentalist Movement also has a communication problem. It refuses to break anti-environment barriers which prevent it from gaining support among new constituencies. It willingly accepts the official stereotype as being illegal drug obsessed and dogmatically anti-meat consumption.

Some do not understand that it is a bad idea to advertise illegal drugs to children with parents observing the Environmentalist Movement’s Public Relations Campaigns.

c) Coalition-Rejecting: This is very important, as coalitions are vital for the most remote political success, for embryonic political movements. A prime example is evidenced by the Anti-War movement during the Vietnam War; it accepted a radical attitude in a very conservative period, which alienated potential conservative allies who normally would have joined to oppose sending young American men against their will, to kill some of the Vietnamese. There are also pro-corporate elite “Christian leaders” convincing fellow Christians to essentially hate the environment. Environmentalists need to compete with this faction, if they want to spread their message beyond a minority faction of the Democratic Party.

Today, Conservatives still hate “tree-hugging hippies,” largely because of the stereotype and their complacency with it. They have a major PR disaster in the Republican and conservative Independent parties.

They need to connect with Republican constituencies, to find bi-partisan support and consistent political action. Corporations already have both sides covered.

d) Defeating the Purpose: The Environmentalist Movement is surprisingly ineffective in spite of its grassroots support. It accepts defeatism much like pro-Whites do; and, it allows Political Correctness to dictate its own mainstream views. A prime example is the issue of immigration-which is perhaps the most important issue affecting the long-term environmental situation in the West. Many are afraid to oppose massive legal and even illegal immigration and its consequential overpopulation-solely on the basis of not being accused of “racism.” What is the point of being an “environmentalist,” if you are comfortable with nearly a half billion living in the U.S. by 2050, and eventually a full billion in the U.S. and Canada?

e) Need to be Practical: There is also a need to be practical. Environmentalists need to adjust their rhetoric and message. They also need to connect with new constituencies outside their current immediate political home/base.

f) Solution: As mentioned with the need to be practical, they also need to connect with Average Joe Six Pack. They need to connect with the Country Class, and if possible even rational Corporate businessmen who care more about their children and grandchildren than a marginal profit increase. They need to find what the common man likes, whether it be general outdoors recreation, Christianity, Football, bar hopping, or something else.

Additional Note: Before I proceed to the second half of the article, I will mention the Working Class should join the Republican Party, and change it from the inside-or otherwise stated, down-up. It will be difficult and take a long time;  but the Democratic Party is too far down the Anti-White Path to be reasonable with White and even Black Blue Collar workers, on the issue of immigration.

The Pro-White Movement

Because this is such a controversial issue on this site, so let me state this is not an anti-explicit pro-White article. I am not condemning the existence of a Vanguard. Although I oppose the fringe rhetoric found in parts of the Vanguard camp, this is mostly about the open political sphere.

a) Radical Message: As almost everybody knows, the Official White Nationalist movement is significantly filled with kooks and self-obsessed conspiracy theorists. Waving the Turner Diaries like the Bible, and advocating genocide is both literally unacceptable and bad advertising. These extremists are disowned by sane people aware of the proper choice.

I understand there is a relatively mainstream Vanguard Camp on this site, and I will admit they are not the same as the genocidial types. However, they need to fix their rhetoric in the public mainstream political arena for positive public relations with Whites not fully aware of their genetic interests.

b) Communication: Publicly discussing issues like miscegenation and lower IQ among the Tropical Races first will certainly kill any chance of the pro-White Movement, regardless of how compromising it is. There are serious PR problems when we are more hated than perhaps Murderers and Pedophiles.

It is more practical to focus on Immigration Policy, Affirmative Action/Quotas, School Busing, unevenly enforced Hate Crimes Legislation,  and Political Correctness.

c) Coalition-Rejecting: The only noticeable amount of significant and universal attention I can find on issues, in the Pro-White Movement is the Race Question and the Jewish Question. It makes sense to be pro-White, obviously. But, in a political marketing strategy, it would make sense to connect with factions of the voting population, much like Environmentalists should. Both movements and working class workers should consider partaking in community service, to promote a positive image in local areas.

d) Defeating the Purpose: Even most Vanguard White Nationalists are no where near genocidal. But, politically that doesn’t matter when it comes to PR. Many of those who want Whites to eventually go extinct, falsely paint us all-from the most mild pro-White advocate to the most committed but non-genocidal White Nationalist-as Sieg Heilling neo-nazis intent on restarting the Holocaust. And, this applies even to the most sincere ‘Philo-Semite” who also cares for non-White friends.

It is also impractical for the anti-republicans to oppose Free Speech from the other side, when  pro-Whites are close to being censored and punished for speech themselves.

e) Need to be Practical: There is a need to be practical and pragmatic. We have to start from scratch merely to keep our genes and heritage in existence. But, in this regard, there is also an opportunity to stimulate the mind and find what is of value in our lives. It will also build character and make our side care more than the other side. There are not many things more provoking than being the ‘underdog.’

Being the “revolutionary” will entail an advantage, as evidenced by the Civil Rights Organizers of the mid-1900’s.

Both political sides officially hated us, until recently. Another bright side is that the GOP is in the very early stages of opening up to represent the Common Man and as a White Civil Rights Party.

f) Solution: As Hunter Wallace has shown us, the GOP is apparently the best political vehicle to preserving White genes and our heritage. The key is to polarize the two sides, and make the divide between current “non-racists” & moderate “anti-racists” and unconvertible “anti-racists” wider than that between the former two and us. If done properly, we can bring change as large as the pro-Black Civil Rights era.


  1. Regarding Nationalist terminology:
    The term White Nationalist is very broad, and could mean a variety of things, although it apparently has the official definition as prevously mentioned in its circles. My purpose in this general movement is the mere principle of ensuring Whites are preserved, have equal rights, and Americans are free to retain their First Amendment without fear. I am referring to the general movement.

    I also typed Green Nationalist, for a matching term. I merely support preserving the environment, obviously.

  2. Speaking for myself, I don’t use the term White Nationalist. I prefer to be called Pro White, because those that oppose me, are anti-White by default.

    As for the radicalism you are talking about, I understand the issue. While I believe these guys should be free to follow that path into isolation (while they wait for the Mad Max movie to start), those of us that are more practical, are rolling up our shirt sleeves and are getting on with the task.

    Daniel Williams said:
    >It is also a major turn-off to ordinary mainstream Americans, who need to be transported from and to various places.

    A known anti-White-lefty-green politician from my country, was promoting that back to nature extremist nonsense, with a Ride to Work Day. Guess what happened to her, when she practiced what she preached? 🙂

    Clover Moore breaks a leg on Ride to Work Day

  3. Let me say that there are many sincere “Greens” in small town & rural America who are fighting greasy corporations in their backyard, and there is a 50/50 chance that the greasy corporation is owned or controlled by greasy Jews. 😉

    Let’s also not forget, there are lots of Jews attracted to the Green movement for all of the usual Jew political reasons i.e. Israel, and the Jew social-political agenda.

  4. There is no better example of Jew-Catholic & leftoid suberversion of the Green movement than the open borders immigration policy of the Green Party & the big Green organizations like the Sierra Club.

  5. With the TSA thing in the news a good line to take if it comes up in conversation might be

    “If they were after militia types they’d profile white people without a seconds hestitation and the media wouldn’t say a word about it.”

  6. DignoBob,
    I don’t consider myself a White Nationalist either. My goal is simply racial preservation and freedom for all.

    I chose the term, because it was “catchy” and there are severe mistakes being made by many of those who call themselves “White Nationalists.” Our enemies like to paint all racial preservationists as “White Nationalists.”

  7. Good point, Earlmundo Armand Pitts 3. Many in the official pro-Green movement really care more about continuing racial self-destruction than saving the environment. Some greedy businessmen and anti-White Jews do seem to like subverting the whole point of environmentalism and making it ineffective.

    And while I renounce the WW2 Nazis for their genocidal policies and warmongering, I will mention the German National Socialists were environmentalists. So, you can remember the anti-White Left does not necessarily have to own the Green Movement forever. Coalitions can change.

  8. Earlmundo Armand Pitts 3,

    I was writing in the context of Environmentalists who actually cared about the Environment. Whatever their economic and racial agenda, the Environment is a separate issue which should be advanced as its own issue if environmentalists actually want it preserved.

    Many Nazi elites allegedlly hated Christianity, but instead of letting disagreements on religion get in the way with their people, they procured power and got what they wanted on most other issues. Imagine what would have happened, if they had openly attacked Christianity with the Jews on the campaign trail.

  9. Regarding The Pro-White Movement (item b): Talking about Black IQ will not kill our chances to enlist Whites in our common cause. Black dull-wittedness is obvious to anyone who has to be around them. The “achievement gap” is only one of the more recent euphemisms to describe a fact that everyone knows. The only permitted explanation is White Devilry, and it’s wearing thin. Offering a better theory of Black wretchedness, a theory backed by the scientific mainstream, is nothing but pluses for us. It removes the psychological burden of White guilt. It removes the social and economic burdens of trying to turn these sow’s ears into silk purses. It justifies segregation. It scares the shit out of Leftists who will be rightly blamed for the damage they’ve done with all their “civil rights” BS. IQ is not a difficult concept, because everybody knows some dumb people and some smart people and can see the difference. Best of all, smart White people really do not want their kids to be making babies with dumb people. There’s no telling how far the sort of SWPLs who make their kids wear helmets to ride a bicycle will go to keep from having dumb grandkids, if they know the risks.

  10. Discard, above, is right. There are far too many people in the WN movement who have long since become victims of the opposing side’s propaganda. Ironically, many WN’s have apparently succumbed to the mainstream media’s premises even more so than the average Joe Sixpack has.

    This is a point that needs, well, pointing out.

  11. I have myself made the argument to those I have tried to convince people (paraphrasing): “I don’t have on anybody, but gee, there’s affirmative action, food stamps, welfare, free job training and still they can’t hack it? And you and I are paying for it.”

    However, note weaving the wallet issue into it: that’s the main thing for most Americans and it’s there (and law enforcement/public safety) that we can convince people.

  12. The beginning of the above should, of course, read: “I have myself made the argument to those I have tried to convince (paraphrasing): “I don’t hate on anybody, but…”

    With apologies from a tired Nordman.

  13. I didn’t imply we shouldn’t discuss IQ differences. We just shouldn’t rush to discuss it first in the political arena with almost all forms of communication between large audiences controlled by the anti-White side.

  14. You are right on that and that’s what I take the point of your article to be. Raising the Reichskriegsflagge and yelling “Sieg Heil” just ain’t gonna work. Not now, not ever.

  15. Daniel Williams: I don’t have the means to discuss anything in any political arena except online or face to face. I was specifically writing about bringing up the matter of IQ face to face, where I start with some degree of credibility and I can gauge my impact on the listener. OTOH, I would not title a newspaper column, “Blacks Are Stupid, and You All Know It”.

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