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"And we're going to South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan! And then we're going to Washington, D.C. to take back the White House, Yeeeeeaaaaaah!"


Vermont has long been a plague on the Republic.

I have never traveled to this Northern state. I see no reason to go there. In my imagination, I have always thought of Vermont, a satellite of Canada, as the evil twin sister of New Hampshire, which along with Maine acts as the brakes on liberal insanity in New England.

The state that introduced civil unions and gay marriage to America is now trying to make some waves in the immigration debate. This time around, Vermont is positioning itself as the Blue State anti-Arizona, with a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on illegal aliens:

Bill Sorrell, VT Attorney General, “We’re not going to go out of our way to bother otherwise law-abiding citizens– no matter what race, creed, or color they are.”

Sorrell released a proposal for bias-free policing— a policy to guide law enforcement in its treatment of people in Vermont, to ensure that race, immigration status, or other criteria don’t influence decision-making.

He contrasted it with Arizona’s controversial new immigration law.

“If Arizona is an example of ask, shall ask, shall tell, our proposed policy is Vermont’s variation on don’t ask, don’t tell.”

The policy is a proposal, not a mandate, which Sorrell hopes will be adopted by all law enforcement agencies.

Somehow this sort of annoying behavior doesn’t seem out of character for Vermont. In Christopher Buckley’s Thank You For Smoking, William Macy plays the role of Senator Ortolan Finisterre, a progressive Democrat from Vermont who is on a stereotypical Yankee crusade to stamp out tobacco products.

There is a joke in the movie that Vermont cheese contains cholesterol which contributes to heart disease which is an even bigger killer of Americans than alcohol, tobacco, or firearms. Senator Finisterre responds, “The great state of Vermont will not apologize for its cheese!”

“Worse is better”

Vermont is a proving ground for the “worse is better” theory. Although 98 percent of the population is White, the prospects for White Nationalism don’t get much worse than they do in The Green Mountain State.

In the 2010 midterm elections, Senator Patrick Leahy was reelected with 64.4 percent of the vote. Vermont’s other Senator, the Jewish socialist Bernie Sanders, will face voters in 2012. Peter Welch won Vermont’s only House seat with 64.5 percent of the vote.

At the state level, Democrats had a veto proof supermajority in the Vermont House (94 to 48) and the Vermont Senate (22 to 7) . The 2010 midterm elections did nothing to alter the balance of power. Republicans picked up one seat in the Vermont Senate.

Jew Peter Shumlin, the Democratic candidate, was elected Governor of Vermont. Howard Dean, the former Governor, is the de facto leader of the progressive movement in America.

Here is Dean on the “racism” behind the Shirley Sherrod story and the “racist fringe” of the Republican Party:

In the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama easily carried Vermont with a 37 point margin of victory. Outside of the District of Corruption, it was his best showing anywhere in America. Vermont has remained solidly in the Obama column ever since.

Vermont and Immigration

Where does Vermont fall in the immigration debate? The results are not all that shocking. It turns out there are real substantial differences between “Blues” and “Reds” and “progressives” and “conservatives” on this issue.

Senator Bernie Sanders (D+): opposes border security, opposes reduction in numbers of illegal aliens, opposes immigration reduction, refuses to challenge the status quo.

Senator Patrick Leahy (F-): Supports comprehensive immigration reform, opposes attrition through enforcement, opposes E-Verify, supports sanctuary cities, opposes empowering local police, supports chain migration, supports visa lotteries, opposes reducing legal immigration. Leahy is also a strong supporter of affirmative action and gay marriage.

Governor-Elect Peter Shumlin: I can’t find any information about Shumlin’s position on immigration. It is unlikely to be much different from that of Leahy or Sanders. There is virtually no chance that the Democratic supermajority in the Vermont state legislature will sign an Arizona-style immigration law or that Shumlin would sign such a bill into law.

The RINO Brian Dubie wanted to expand legal immigration to Vermont.

Congressman Peter Welch (D): Supports comprehensive immigration reform, opposes attrition through enforcement, supports sanctuary cities, opposes empowering local police, opposes securing the border, opposes cuts to legal immigration.

Note: Welch’s opponent in Vermont, Paul Beaudry, was a NumbersUSA “true reformer candidate.” He lost the general election. Another “system politician” biting the dust.

The effective result of the inclusion of Blue World in the U.S. Senate is to nullify Alabama’s delegation. Patrick Leahy is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee which covers immigration policy.

If the Republicans had won control of the Senate, Jeff Sessions would be in charge of the Immigration Subcommittee and “comprehensive immigration reform” would have been as dead there as it soon will be in the House under Lamar Smith and Steve King.

Final Thoughts

Vermont is a Blue State with a hardline progressive stance on immigration because it is dominated by “Blues.” Georgia is a Red State with a hardline conservative stance on immigration because it is dominated by “Reds.” Demographics make all the difference.

If you look within Georgia at the stance of each candidate on immigration policy, you will find a perfect correlation between the number of “Reds” in the district and opposition to “comprehensive immigration reform.” In North Georgia, the Democratic Party didn’t even bother to contest several elections because of the preponderance of “Reds” in that region.

It doesn’t matter where we look on the political map. The vanguardist chestnut that there are no differences between “system politicians” fails to pass the smell test of reality.

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  1. CM,

    I live in Albany, NY and lived with Hunter for 3 months in Virginia and can tell you Hunter is just a proud Southerner so don’t take it seriously.

    Now if you really wanna see some Yankee vs. Confederate fireworks get the two of us in a room to start arguing over the Civil War.

  2. @Nray674:
    “Because to be honest, why would YOU be against gay marriage? Because it’s not in the bible?”
    We meet with this nonsensical and illogical argument all the time. No, not JUST because it is in the Bible, but because it is fundamentally biologically maladaptive behavior.Yes sex is fun and pleasurable (and it is that because if it weren’t then their would be no incentive to engage in that behavior), but in the final analysis and when looked at in the cold light of reality, it has only one purpose: reproduction. That is why “gay marriage” or gay unions are abhorrent. If you don’t believe in God, then surely you believe in the order inherent in nature. And nature demands that our DNA be passed on.

  3. Greg Johnson: The general rule in the post integration south is private splendor, public squalor. The people with money and taste build nothing to last anymore, because they can’t keep blacks, Mexicans, and white trash from destroying it.”

    Sad, but true. The true American South hasn’t existed for a long time. In fact, I was just asking my father this afternoon about life here in Lousiana pre-integration and what it was like when Blacks were required by law to use separate facilities and literally sit at the back of the bus. What he said won’t come as a surprise to anyone reading Occidental Dissent. He said that within 2 years of integration, the Blacks had completely destroyed all of this city’s once beautiful parks, swimming pools, beaches and other public recreational areas. Now there are vast swaths of this city that make Port-Au-Prince Haiti and inner city Detroit look like advanced civilizations. No exaggeration. Tom Wolfe actually does a good job in this novel chronicling the decline of Atlanta, Georgia and the South in general:

  4. You misunderstand the vanguardist critique of the system:

    it’s not that the two parties do not appear different from each other,

    it’s that the NET EFFECT of the two-party system is unchanging

    as we will see in the next 2 to 4 years: lot’s of GOP posturing, no effect in the real world: just like 2000-2008

  5. Most of the blue areas of America with some exceptions like California and the mid Atlantic area have White populations that are higher than the national average like Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, Minnesota and all the New England states while red states in the South and West with exceptions like Idaho and Montana have White populations below the national average. If you look at a political map of Maine, the only red area encompasses the Lewiston area which is getting heavy influxes of Somali refugees and New Hampshire’s political landscape is changing towards Republican as it loses it White homogenity over the past decade. The State Department under a Republican White House was flooding blue states with refugees and immigrants to alter the voting patterns in these places while Democrat control of the White House is pushing them into red states like Nevada where they will eventually outnumber the White majority and turn them solid blue. Both political parties are waging war against us for political power.

  6. Nietzsche, I don’t think they have to posture now. The Republican controlled House will give the public everything they want, knowing full well any legislation they pass won’t make it out of the Senate or past Obama’s veto. Then the public’s outrage over the gridlock will result in Republican takeover of the Senate or maybe even the White House, depending on the nominee. When that happens they’ll return to business as usual like they have for the past 8 years.

  7. Hunter,

    It’s great that you are working on articles about Alabama and Connecticut.

    Maybe you should let someone else write the articles about Oregon and Washington, because you’re level of understanding of our states is pathetic. Instead of managing the same sort of clear, hard-nosed analysis you bring to even hard-core liberal enclaves like Vermont, you spew more negative, incorrect, biased venom on two of the whitest states in the USA. Why? Is it a jealous rivalry with HAC? Southern chauvenism? I don’t get it, and I certainly don’t appreciate it.

    I have debunked the claims made yesterday on another post that Oregon votes “70% pinko”. Our Governor’s election was decided by less than 1/2 of 1% of the total vote. More blatently false, anti-NorthWest propaganda being spread on the blog. The author of those false claims at least almost recanted after I called him out on his absurd statements. Let’s see if you can manage the same.

    Hunter Wallace says:
    Move to California or the Northwest:

    California and the Northwest are not the same.

    That’s an incredibly ignorant statement to make. The distance from the captiol of Virginia to Washington, DC is 106 miles. Still, even all the way out here on the edge of the continent I wouldn’t claim that Virginia and DC belong in the same boat.

    The distance from Sacramento to Olympia (the capitol of Washington) is 693 miles, or 11 hours driving time.

    The distance from Los Angeles to Portland, OR is 964 miles, or 15 hours. You’d do well to make it in two days.

    For comparison the distance from your beloved Atlanta, GA to New York, New York is only 880 miles, a bit less.

    One thing we have in quantity that is hard for you Eastern people to understand in space. Vast, empty large amounts of space. And the vast majority of that space is implictly (and also, farily explicitly) White.

    (1) If you don’t want to be able to pump your own gas.

    It rains 200+ days a year here. We had a state-wide citizen initative a few years ago to do away with that law, and it lost. So the large mulit-national corportation that own most of the gas-station chains have to hire a few more Oregonians to pump gas. Citizens who get the highest-in-the-nation minimum wage. By all means come on out to Oregon and visit, we can drive from Portland to Fields, OR a distance of about 400 miles. What you will see at each gas stop we make are friendly White people, living in all White towns coming out to say hi and pump you gas.

    We prefer it to the New Jersey model, of an angry Muzzie in bullet-proof booth talking to you on an intercom. As more and more of the South sucumbs to the inevitable depredations of your ethnic makeup (see: Thug Report) I understand that people pumping gas isn’t really possible there.

    (2) If you want to put up with insane levels of taxation.

    Washington has no income tax. The voters in Washington just defeated a highly financed campaign to impost a “millionaires” income tax. That says alot about our intelligence, the typical class-warfare rhetoric fell utterly flat. It lost by about 65%.

    Alabama, by contrast, has a 5% income tax rate. According to the web sales taxes range between 4% and 10% (Montogmery) depending on location.

    Oregon has no sales tax. Now personally I prefer the no income model. It means even the dependent welfare class pay taxes on stuff. It means every dollar I save is saved tax-free, until I spend it. So I prefer the Washington model. But I see no real difference between overall tax rates between the Northwest and the South.

    (3) If you want to raise your children in the California public school system where Whites are a minority.

    Ha ha ha. Oregon isn’t California, but Mississipi might be. Well let’s see, we just heard that 50% of California school kids are non-white. But of course that includes a lot of non-White Asians in places like San Francisco and LA. You might prefer your kids not go to school with them, but I think you’ll agree that they aren’t really going to create jungle encampments like Negros will.

    If you want your kids to avoid rough-neck negros Oregon is infinitely superior to Alabama! Alabama has 1.3 *million* blacks, comprising an amazing 30% of the population! Woa! Oregon, a vastly larger state has about 55,000. We could fit them all in the University of Oregon football stadium. And basically, that’s what we do. They are guests here, and damn well know it.

    Mississippi has over a million blacks too, and they comprise 33% of that state. Washington has three times as many blacks as Oregon, but they make up 3% of the state population.

    Your kids have a lot better chance of going to a negro-free school in Oregon than in any part of Lynrd Skynrd-land.

    The Portland police (the area where probably 50,000 of the 55,000 blacks live) have been given a wide lattitude to maintain social norms. (This has included shooting many blacks acting stupidly over the last decade.) Such policies to maintain European American standards of behavior are not possible in states like Alabama, especially in the big cities which are majority black.

    There was one majority black high school in the state of Oregon. It was a typical hell hole, and was recently closed by the Portland School board. The black community objected loudly. It was still closed.

    (4) If you want to be around the so-called “anti-fa.”

    Most of the far-left anarchists who come here, very occassaionlly, are from somewhere else. The police have kicked the shit out of them a few times and I think they lost interest in protesting here. We do have a larger contingent of “peace, love and understanding” types who loudly protested Bush’s war for Israel. Maybe they are not so stupid after all?

    (5) If you want to be surrounded by SWPLs, isolated in your community, and living under the Iron Curtain of political correctness.

    It’s the SWPLs that are surrounded, litterally. I went on a few thousand mile motorcycle rides around the area in election years. The only campaign signs you see outside of Portland are for Ron Paul.

    Most of the really evil PC rules are Federal, not State ones. So, they apply in all 50 states, but have special riders allowing extra oversite of the South, due to your special history. Our school districts, voting rules, and city council elections are not overseen by the US Justice Department (currently headed by racist Negro Eric Holder). Yours are. Sorry, but that’s the sad facts.

    (6) If you don’t want political representation.

    Oregon and Washington are both toss up states. I posted at length on this yesterday, so I won’t repeat it all here. Like the rest of the country we had many GOP pickups, including in the US House, in this cycle. The Republican Party is not as strong here as we’d like, and we have work to do to. But even the Dems who come from Oregon never approach the level that the South, Midwest and NorthEast routinely send. We’ve never had a criminal negro of the type so well known in Washington, sent from our state. Can Louisiana, Michigan, Texas or Alabama make the same statement?

    (7) If you are not interested in owning land.

    Lots of land here. Lots of nice houses on 1/3 acre lots for under $500,000 in the metro area. Bigger plots as you move outward. I’m not sure how much land costs in Alabama or Mississippi. Maybe there are great deals there, but there are lots of nice places here. Everyone I know owns land, and a lot of people own two or more places. Some of it is empty ranchland in the east, or a small place on the coast. These are middle class white people, not millionaires.

    (8) If you want to put up with bitterly cold winters.

    Honestly, you need to come out and visit. I don’t know maybe all those generations in the south have thined the blood, but it’s not cold here. Portland and Seattle both have mild climates. Freezing temperatures are rare in either city. Snow on the ground is virtually unknown. It rains and is 45 from Oct. to June.

    Even the east side of the cascades isn’t bitterly cold. I lived in Northern Michigan for a while, now that’s bitterly cold. Temperatures routinely below zero. That’s unheard of here. A lot of people have bamboo gardens in Portland.

    (9) If you are comfortable with the idea of earthquakes and tsunamis.

    Tsunamis are only a threat within 1 mile of the shore, and even then much of the Oregon shore has 100 foot cliffs and so is Tsunami-proof. There are a few big bays where it is a serious problem, but it’s easy to avoid.

    Supposedly there is a fault up here, but it’s not active. Every heard of the New Madrid Fault? Runs right through St. Louis I believe. Because California is nearby we have learned to put up buildings that are resistant to earthquakes.

    The 7.3 Loma Prieta quake in the Bay Area in 1989 was pretty much the worst case scenario for an Earthquake, a huge massive quake dead center in a major meto area. It killed 43 people. That’s like what, one good July weekend of negro mahem in Memphis or Atlanta, eh?

    I can’t see any reason to move to a Blue State. As bad as things are in America, they are not as bad here as they are elsewhere. Taxes are lower. Land is cheaper. The women are prettier. It is easier to run a small business.

    There are more jobs. The political system is more permeable. There are no “anti-fa.” The climate is milder. The White population is far less brainwashed on anti-racism.

    If it is so much better in the North, why are Yankees taking over North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida? Why are so many businesses fleeing those states to come here?

    I don’t hear a lot about people leaving Oregon to move to the South. Maybe they just don’t want to live in a state with so much diversity, or maybe the like the natural beauty, or maybe they like the semi-socialist government, but then the benefits of that accure mostly to the white working class, unlike the result of similar programs in places like Mississippi, with it’s 33% negro citizenship. (Oregon rate: 1%). You really need to think about how different that makes these kinds of programs.

    You might be philosophically opposed anyway, because you have a strong libertarian / classical liberal or Randian political philosophy, but the net-net is that Oregon/Washington isnt’ at all like California, or New York, or even New Hampshire.

    Johnson lives in San Francisco … the craziest, most leftwing city in America. I’m told the gay pride parades there are a riot.Even in the rest of California people think San Francisco is full of nuts. But it’s still no where near as bad a city as the black-run cities.

    Here is the full list of cities with at least 30% black population. Funny, none in Oregon or Washington! But a whole bunch in Dixie.

    1 Gary, Indiana 84.03
    2 Detroit, Michigan 82.30
    4 Birmingham, Alabama 73.46
    5 Jackson, Mississippi 70.64
    6 New Orleans, Louisiana 67.25
    7 Baltimore, Maryland 64.34
    8 Memphis, Tennessee 61.41
    9 Richmond, Virginia 57.19
    10 Savannah, Georgia 57.08
    11 Atlanta, Georgia 55.8
    12 Washington, D.C. 55.6
    13 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 55.70
    14 Newark, New Jersey 53.46
    15 Flint, Michigan 53.27
    16 St. Louis, Missouri 51.20
    17 Cleveland, Ohio 50.99
    18 Shreveport, Louisiana 50.80
    19 Portsmouth, Virginia 50.61
    20 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 50.02
    21 Augusta, Georgia 49.75
    22 Montgomery, Alabama 49.63
    23 North Charleston, South Carolina 49.41
    24 Inglewood, California 47.13
    25 Mobile, Alabama 46.29
    26 Columbia, South Carolina 46.00
    27 Beaumont, Texas 45.85
    28 Durham, North Carolina 43.81
    32 Dayton, Ohio 43.13
    33 Cincinnati, Ohio 42.92
    34 Fayetteville, North Carolina 42.42
    35 Jackson, Tennessee 42.07
    36 Little Rock, Arkansas 40.41
    37 Compton, California 40.31
    38 Newport News, Virginia 39.07
    39 Hawthorne, California 39.02
    40 Marin City, California 38.60
    41 Rochester, New York 38.55
    42 Buffalo, New York 38.23
    43 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 38.05
    44 Hartford, Connecticut 38.04
    45 Greensboro, North Carolina 37.40
    46 New Haven, Connecticut 37.36
    47 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 37.34
    48 Buffalo, New York 37.23
    49 Winston-Salem, North Carolina 37.10
    50 Kansas City, Missouri 36.77
    51 Brooklyn, New York[1] 36.44
    52 Chicago, Illinois 36.39
    53 East Chicago, Indiana 36.08
    54 (tie) Chattanooga, Tennessee 36.06
    55 (tie) Richmond, California 36.06
    56 Oakland, California 35.66
    57 Bronx, New York[1] 35.64
    58 South Bend, Indiana 34.60
    59 Tallahassee, Florida 34.24
    60 Jacksonville, Florida 34.03
    61 Greenville, South Carolina 33.94
    62 Paterson, New Jersey 32.90
    63 Charlotte, North Carolina 32.72
    64 High Point, North Carolina 31.77
    65 Charleston, South Carolina 31.60
    66 Altadena, California 31.42
    67 Huntsville, Alabama 30.21
    68 Kansas City, Kansas 30.12

    I’m sorry to be so over-the-top anti South here. In fact I’ve traveled there and found it to be a lovely place, not what you would think from the stereotypes. But a hard-nosed look still says … well lets just say there *IS* a case for Oregon, and unless you put a little effort into understanding it you will just be repeating sterotypes. Kinda like everyone in Georgia is like those people in Deliverance…. it’s fun to repeat that stuff, but it’s not true, and it certainly falls below the high level of insight usually displayed on this site.

  8. Jackson and others: many ‘Whites’ cannot move to the Pacific Northwest because they are alien lizard-people hybrids who cannot tolerate humidity, rainfall, and too much moisture. They need very clear skies and very low desert level humidity to function at full capacity: too much rain and humidity causes them to decline. These hybrids don’t drink water either. See Mel Gibson’s movie SIGNS.

    The areas with the most Blacks formerly or still have the most of these lizard people hybrids since they need people to do the manual labor they will not do.

  9. But I see no real difference between overall tax rates between the Northwest and the South.

    Six of the states with the lowest taxes are in the South. Washington is the fifth highest taxed state, California is the seventh. Oregon, coming in at twenty, is the only western coast state that comes close to low southern tax rates.

    All of this is in the Tax Foundation’s Special Report #177, March 2010.

  10. In my entire life, I had never seen an “anti-fa” until I visited the DC area. If they have a presence in the South, it is extremely thin compared to other parts of the country. From what I am told by Kyle Rogers, “anti-fa” have never successfully disrupted a CofCC meeting in this region.

    In contrast, I am always hearing about their activities in cities like Portland and Seattle. It is my understanding they have quite a large presence there. This is hardly surprising given the fact that the Portland and Seattle metropolitan areas are well known for being among the most heavily leftwing parts of the country.

    Not too long ago, Julian Lee had a confrontation with these assholes on the streets of Portland:

    Wyoming is more well known for Matthew Sheppard and Yellowstone than “anti-fa.”

  11. Hunter, Generally anti-fa are linked to higher Jewish concentrations. Probably at any one time 80% of any anti-fa cell is Jewish. Another point, outside the South concentrations of rural Black communities are rare to non-existent. Leave the cities and no Blacks. Down South, as I remember it (I lived in North Carolina for 2 years) there are whole rural towns dominated by Blacks.

  12. Let’s take a closer look at the taxation question:

    (Tax rates for tax year 2010 — as of January 1, 2010)

    Tax Range in Percents:


    Alabama – 2.0 (Low), 5.0 (High)
    Arkansas – 1.0 (Low), 7.0 (High)
    Georgia – 1.0 (Low), 6.0 (High)
    Florida – No state income tax.
    Kentucky – 2.0 (Low), 6.0 (High)
    Louisiana – 2.0 (Low), 6.0 (High)
    Mississippi – 3.0 (Low), 5.0 (High)
    North Carolina – 6.0, (Low), 7.75 (High)
    South Carolina – 0.0 (Low), 7.0 (High)
    Tennessee – No state income tax.
    Texas – No state income tax.
    Virginia – 2.0 (Low), 5.75 (High)


    Oregon – 5.0 (Low), 11.0 (High)
    Washington – No state income tax.
    Idaho – 1.6 (Low), 7.8 (High)

    Alternate Northwest

    Wyoming – No State Income Tax

    Conclusion: This is about what one would expect. As a region, the South has a reputation for having the lowest tax rates in America. There are no state income taxes in Florida, Tennessee, Texas or Washington. Interestingly enough, there is no state income tax in Wyoming either.



    Alabama – 4.0
    Arkansas – 6.0
    Georgia – 4.0
    Florida – 6.0
    Kentucky – 6.0
    Louisiana – 4.0
    Mississippi – 7
    North Carolina – 5.75
    South Carolina – 6.0
    Tennessee – 7.0
    Texas – 6.25
    Virginia – 5.0


    Oregon – None
    Washington – 6.25
    Idaho – 6.0

    Alternate Northwest

    Montana – None
    Alaska – None
    Wyoming – 4.0

    Conclusion: In terms of sales taxes, the Alternate Northwest is better than the South or the Northwest. In particular, it is very interesting that Wyoming has no state income tax and a relatively low 4.0 sales tax.

    Excise Taxes – Gasoline


    Alabama – 18
    Arkansas – 21.5
    Georgia – 16
    Florida – 16.8
    Kentucky – 24.1
    Louisiana – 20
    Mississippi -18.4
    North Carolina – 30.55
    South Carolina – 16
    Tennessee – 21.4
    Texas – 20
    Virginia – 17.5


    Oregon – 24
    Washington – 37.5
    Idaho – 26

    Alternate Northwest

    Montana – 27
    Alaska – 8
    Wyoming – 14

    Conclusion: Alternate Northwest > South > Northwest

    Excise Taxes – Beer

    Alabama – $0.53
    Arkansas – $0.23
    Georgia – $0.32
    Florida – $0.48
    Kentucky – $0.08
    Louisiana – $0.32
    Mississippi – $0.43
    North Carolina – $0.53
    South Carolina – $0.77
    Tennessee – $0.14
    Texas – $0.20
    Virginia – $0.24


    Oregon – $0.08
    Washington – $0.26
    Idaho – $0.15

    Alternate Northwest

    Montana – $0.14
    Alaska – $1.07
    Wyoming – $0.02

    Conclusion: If you drink a lot of beer, you might want to move to Wyoming, or barring that Oregon or Kentucky.

  13. STATE EXCISE TAX RATES ON CIGARETTES (tax rate cents per pack)


    Alabama – 42.5
    Arkansas – 115
    Georgia – 37
    Florida – 133.9
    Kentucky – 60
    Louisiana – 36
    Mississippi – 68
    North Carolina – 45
    South Carolina – 7
    Tennessee – 62
    Texas – 141
    Virginia – 30


    Oregon – 118
    Washington – 202.5
    Idaho – 57

    Alternate Northwest

    Montana – 170
    Alaska – 200
    Wyoming – 60

    Conclusion: South > Alternative Northwest > Northwest

  14. That was a good post Jackson. Very interesting.

    The American South in 2010 gets the worst of all possible worlds.

    1) Lots of Blacks.

    Like I said in my other post I can drive 20 minutes from where I am sitting right now and be in a place that looks like Somalia where I would taking a chance on getting killed just by getting out of the car.

    This new young 2010 generation of Black males here are animals even by Black standards, and even though I hate to using dehumanizing rhetoric any ethnic group, it’s true. This generation is the crack babies crack babies. A member of a Black gang shot a two year old kid the other day. The kid was Black, but still. Shooting a two year old is the act of a person who isn’t fully human and shows what Blacks are capable of when operating in an environment without the basic constraints of civil society.

    The older Blacks who don’t generally pose a threat to your life can be classified in three ways: 1) welfare queens and kings, 2) very low skill workers, and 3) affirmative action incompetents working in high paying public sector jobs.

    Our ex-mayor, Ray Nagin, said he wanted to wanted New Orleans to be a”chocolate city” after Katrina. Blacks run this city like a city or Ethiopia or Somalia; the give dole out very high paying public jobs to their friends no matter how inept. Ray Nagin put an ex-hairdresser into a key sanitation public position that paid over 100K.


    More and more Mexicans

    See #1 above, just on a smaller scale and Mexicans don’t have power.


    Public infrastructure and quality of service and competence you would expect from a system run by Black AA cases.


    Brutal heat and humidity. I’m not used to it from living in New Orleans and Miami my whole life, but people I talk to from elsewhere don’t like it. If I can’t leave the house in short sleeves, I feel like I’m going to die from hypothermia.


    The people. The white folks outside the cities are sincere and nice. That’s the one thing Greg gets wrong on his list. But the bigger cities generally have as many White SWPL types as anywhere else.


    The schools

    Don’t make me laugh. A few exceptions, but in general horrible.

    6) Aesthetics and culture

    This is the saddest part. The aesthetics of the Old South are just about completely gone. Now you will often find only miles of strip malls, chain restaurants, Starbucks, fast food restaurants, Wal Marts, and gated communities with Mc Mansions.

    Some of the neighborhoods and places that gave the Old South its charm still exist, but they are going fast. And if you want to catch an opera, visit a decent museum, or see a high quality musical, your only options are Houston or Atlanta.

    In short, looking at this situation objectively, I wouldn’t move to most places in the South. There are exceptions to everything I just said but not enough.

    If I did move elsewhere in this region, I would take a serious look at the Florida panhandle and southern or western Virginia (not West Virginia, the far Western half of Virginia). People here can correct me if I am wrong, but I think the western half of North Carolina is still nice too.

    One upside to all this is that there is hardcore racial consciousness down here just waiting be organized. It’s empirical verification that increasing White racial consciousness is directly proportional to contact with Blacks and non-Whites.

  15. In my mind, property taxes are the most important consideration. I prefer to “opt out” of the system in my private life. That means owning rural real estate which I can develop and where I can retreat from our multicultural society.

    Alabama – $383.0, 0.72% of income
    Arkansas – $534.0, 1.09% of income
    Georgia – $1,298, 2.03% of income
    Florida – $1,860, 3.28% of income
    Kentucky – $823.0, 1.59% of income
    Louisiana – $188.0, 0.35% of income
    Mississippi – $468.0, 1.0% of income
    North Carolina – $1,159, 2.01% of income
    South Carolina – $678.0, 1.24% of income
    Tennessee – $924.0, 1.72% of income
    Texas – $2,232, 3.50% of income
    Virginia – $1,854, 2.46% of income


    Oregon – $2,204, 3.44% of income
    Washington – $2,595, 3.52% of income
    Idaho – $1,213, 2.17% of income

    Alternate Northwest

    Montana – $1,463, 2.7% of income
    Alaska – $2,377, 2.83% of income
    Wyoming – $1,012, 1.57% of income

    Conclusion: South > Alternate Northwest > Northwest

    No surprise here. It is easier to be a landowner in Alabama than anywhere else in America. That was one of the major reasons I moved back.

  16. All this map-hopping gives me headache. Especially as I’ve done it in real life. Oregon, Tennessee, New York, Virginia, Florida ….. all over, and you know what I learned?




  17. I wish Cubans hadn’t lost control of Miami. If my only option one day is to live submerged in a Spanish speaking culture, I’m moving into the middle of White Cubans in Miami.


    Great point, but where do we go to escape the crush, not now but 20 years from now? That’s the question. We are running out of places to go. If I had a crystal ball, I would move today to wherever there will be the most Whites in 20 years regardless of other factors like taxes and so on. The problem is there is no way to know where that will be. They’re closing in on all sides, and from within. Even Wyoming and Utah might be on the border with Aztlan, or part of Aztlan in 20 years.

  18. Hey LEW,

    If my only option one day is to live submerged in a Spanish speaking culture, I’m moving into the middle of White Cubans in Miami.

    I’d go for that. I worked in Little Haiti and it wasn’t the worst place I’ve seen. Now Kendall, or anyplace Colombians and Argentines dominate — that is hell for a white man.

    Great point, but where do we go to escape the crush, not now but 20 years from now? That’s the question. We are running out of places to go.

    I submit that for poor young WNs, at least, there are today NO refugia without serious drawbacks. Hence the debate on where it is best to go. Each argues his present or ideal location. In reality, each location is full of some villainous bunch of creatures, has shit weather, no jobs, or is too expensive because of white people. If you have savings, position, or a pension – what GenoType liked to call “geezergelt” – you can afford to move about and pontificate on the blogs about where one ought to go. In reality, what faces the younger crowd, if they have no position, is exactly what faces the multitudes of “lower class” whites subsumed by negro anti-culture. Difference being we know what’s going on and yammer about it online.

    I would move today to wherever there will be the most Whites in 20 years regardless of other factors like taxes and so on.

    I think that as Putnam’s Bowling Alone and such studies make abundantly plain is that as the demographic picture continues to darken, whites become ever meaner in bearing, from the most private sphere to the political. One is obliged to not only flee feral blacks, anti-fa, liberals and faggots and Salvadorans, but white people generally, there being no real community among them. Call it what you will, but I know to look for more spontaneous fellow-feeling among Hondurans than residents of New Hampshire. Pakistani grocers will let me keep a tab. Haitian and Jamaican girls will flirt just for the fun of it, not for the petty power of mindfucking. A black will congratulate me for “keeping it real” if I refuse to let him use my phone or for rejecting his use of “brother”. Point is, fleeing into great white agglomerations won’t be the answer for everyone, nor the answer to every human need. It won’t provide human warmth or the kind of spontaneous good will found now only among those from less civilized nations. Sad to say. I want to extol “my” people to the heavens, you know, but between white trash and the white bourgeoisie, I don’t know where to lay my allegiance. And between all these very dispiriting prospects – Wyoming? Oregon? Alabama? what? – I may just give up the ghost and settle in fucking Miami after all. At least flights to the Caribbean are cheap.

  19. Discard’s comment above gets it right about Vermont and similar places. There have been ~0 non-Northwestern-Europeans in these places for 300 years or more. They can afford the luxury of liberalism.

    There is nothing wrong with “liberalism” if the race question is secure and a certain standard of public decency is maintained. Fred Scrooby said this a lot, and he was right. BTW, does anyone know why he severed ties to Majority-Rights?

  20. Jackson: Hawthorne, California, home of the Beach Boys, is 39% Black?
    If everybody had Negroes
    Across the USA
    Then everybody’d be leavin’
    Like Californ-I-A
    They’d abandon their beach shacks
    And their McMansions too
    Goin’ straight up the I-5
    Where the Whites are Blue

  21. Even Wyoming and Utah might be on the border with Aztlan, or part of Aztlan in 20 years.

    Isn’t Cheyenne already 30% Hispanic, or some such? and what of the white population? are we so desperate for white company that we’ll be content with Wal-Mart outings and “muddin” for the rest of our accursed lives? who says only blacks are vehicles of anti-culture?

    No thanks bro, if we must accommodate ourselves to the new paradigm, I’ll take nightclubs and carnicerias over that crap.

    It’s all exhausting. Does one want to live with SWPLs under the “Iron Curtain of Political Correctness”, out on the American steppe with Christians or alone, in the cities with blacks staring one down at every turn, in the Northwest with the grim weather (anyone who says otherwise is lying!) and punks, ……. and so on. I think we ought to admit to each other that every one of these biospheres is more depressing than uplifting, more compromise than promising. As Leon Haller remarked somewhere, and I before him, an organism forced to struggle for such basic accommodation within a biosphere is already doomed.

  22. ATBOTL wrote:
    How does Yankee bashing advance the interests of white Americans?

    HW warns against “hobby-horse riding”, but this is his.

    Lawrence of Appalachia wrote:
    Vermont is a very peculiar state. Easily one of the top 5 far left states in the union, and yet it is the whitest.

    That is not peculiar at all. The one hits the other like hand in glove. Their politics is totally aracial. To know even one nonwhite in one’s town in VT is rare. As a humble state with no racial issues at all, they can afford to be “liberal”.

    They remind one of a Scandinavian state in the local attitudes and the perils they’ve fallen/are-falling into.

  23. Vermont is a beautiful state. Whites smile at one and wear Converse. There’s also no industry and everyone’s a mindless homo (where not a mindless druggie). Every yid professor in the union retires to Vermont, “where he lives with his wife and seventeen children, four cats, two dogs, and one very cuddly chinchilla.”

    Dafuck. We are supposed to be excited by this. By fucking farmer’s markets and organic soap.

    It is also ball-freezing cold. Let’s face it, chums: that long evolutionary mutation brought on by the harsh tutelage of northern winters is no more beneficial to us today than hot weather is to Ethiopians. On the other hand, the Ethiopians do emigrate to Minneapolis, while whites nervously look for their next cold weather purgatory. Only the British possess the sense to go south. It is almost a modern barbarian folk-movement, if you’ve ever been to Spain in the Summer.

  24. LEW wrote:
    the decline of Atlanta, Georgia and the South in general

    A couple years back, HW was constantly quoting a fellow named Kunstler, who is a big wheel in the “anti-suburban” movement. Suburbanization has destroyed the USA.

    The biggest single reason “why”, never mentioned in polite company, is race. Blacks were urbanizing rapidly and ‘block-busting’ their way out of segregation, and so most cities became unliveable by 1970.

    Those areas that escaped heavy black migration — say, Seattle, or any place in Vermont — were able to make functional cities that were a pleasure to exist in. The rest of us had to fall back to the suburbs or face a nightmarish life, sending kids to private school, and so on.

  25. I have visited Oregon and Washington a number of times, always by car. I can’t speak authoritatively on the politics or the people, but all you have to do is look out the window to see that the land and climate are different once you get 100 miles away from the ocean. Those two states are near deserts for the most part, once you leave the coast and the river valleys. They are agriculturally productive because of irrigation and prudent farming practices. That 200 days of rain applies to the Seattle area only.
    I don’t doubt that there are political, economic, and social differences corresponding to the climate zones, but there must be a native commenter here who knows more about it than I do.

  26. LEW wrote:
    If I did move elsewhere [in the South] I would take a serious look at the far Western half of Virginia

    The Shenendoah Valley? A good choice, but I’m npt sure it qualifies: It is not the lowland South anymore, so there are few[er] blacks, except in certain cities.

  27. Um, So? You sound a little bitter that Liberalism actually exists. As a person from New England, I pride myself in being liberal, and that our area doesn’t fall into the same demagoguery of “smaller government”, when in fact they want to prevent a lot of rights to the PEOPLE, like Gay marriage, or against the repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Because to be honest, why would YOU be against gay marriage? Because it’s not in the bible? What happened to separation of Church and State? And that’s why New England is NOT conservative or Republicans. Take your bibles down to the Bible Belt, where there is no separation of Church and State.

    “Gay marriage” is a sham on at least two levels. First and foremost, it’s a sham of significance; Blues/Reds Tweedledee/Tweedledum fight over it, much sound and fury, signifying nothing. Second, it’s a sham of “rights.” Homos have had the EXACT SAME marriage rights as normal people, as long as there have been marriage rights. They don’t want equal rights, they want new ones, created just for them.

    Liberals should just give the “separation of Church and State” thing a rest. The phrase appears nowhere in the Constitution. Liberals wipe their asses with the Constitution on a daily basis, but when it serves their purposes, they go digging into the Federalist Papers or the founders’ correspondence? It is to laff. If anything, the Establishment Clause protects religion from government more than it protects government from religion.

    Discard: NRey764: Why are leftists so ignorant of other cultures? To assume that being against homomarriage is somehow specifically Christian is indicative of gross narrow-mindedness. Do the unchurched Chinese support homomarriage? The Hindus? The Moslems? What culture besides Western unculture does?

    Bravo. ALWAYS reframe things globally. Liberals despise this. They like to think of themselves as cosmopolitan, when they’re hopelessly provincial. That’s why they hate it when you point out their rube-ness, and how all they really care about is Red vs. Blue. They hate it when you bring the rest of the world (nope, Europe is not the rest of the world, libs!) into a discussion because it almost always creates huge problems for their argument.

    Clytemnestra: NRey674, I call BS; you don’t want separation of Church and State, you want a homosexual version of Loving vs. Virginia where gay blades and their boyfriends will be empowered by the government to march into a fundamentalist Christian church and demand that they be married by the preacher there or face all kinds of nasty civil lawsuits and IRS repercussions.

    Bingo. You can bet your ass that’s what libs want, if they can get it.

    3. Horrible public schools, if that matters to you.

    I live in SC and it’s hard to overemphasize how true that is. My nephew’s school doesn’t give him all his books because they don’t have them to give. I try to study with him, I ask him to break out the books, and he doesn’t have them. No *$&@ing books.

    Hunter, you write that the South has a mild climate. I know mild is a relative term, but doesn’t much of Dixie have excessive heat & humidity for more than half the year?

    No. Spring and Fall are paradise in Charleston. Summer’s a bitch. Winters are very mild. So really it’s just 3 months out of the year that suck. And that’s relative, depending on the person. I did two years of landscaping a few years ago, right through the summers, and I am not a spring chicken and I don’t have a long history of working outdoors. After about 2 weeks, you could’ve dropped me in Haiti and I’d have outworked the blacks. It’s all about conditioning. An 18 year old Mexican who was working circles around me left for months, then when he came back in the late summer I was working circles around him.

    We meet with this nonsensical and illogical argument all the time. No, not JUST because it is in the Bible, but because it is fundamentally biologically maladaptive behavior.

    I don’t much care about the Bible, and I don’t oppose “gay marriage” because homosexuality is maladaptive. I oppose “gay marriage” for precisely the same reason I place the term in scare-quotes; because marriage is a union between a man and a woman. They want their own unions? Fine, let them make up their own, rather than trying to poach ours, and twist it into something it decidedly is not. Repercussions aside, I’d no more countenance redefining a union of Adam and Eve to “Adam and Steve” than I would redefining an automobile to an airplane.

    One thing we have in quantity that is hard for you Eastern people to understand in space. Vast, empty large amounts of space. And the vast majority of that space is implictly (and also, farily explicitly) White.

    If by “we” you mean the federal government, then I agree, lol.

    Your kids have a lot better chance of going to a negro-free school in Oregon than in any part of Lynrd Skynrd-land.

    I guess for individual WNs this is a good thing, because they can innoculate their kids sans the presence of blacks. But there’s a reason the Red states are Red, and among the foremost reasons is proximity to reality. If you want a white population, Vermont or Oregon are good choices. If you want a racially aware white population, the American Southeast is the only game in town.

    Most of the really evil PC rules are Federal, not State ones. So, they apply in all 50 states, but have special riders allowing extra oversite of the South, due to your special history. Our school districts, voting rules, and city council elections are not overseen by the US Justice Department (currently headed by racist Negro Eric Holder). Yours are. Sorry, but that’s the sad facts.

    Nonsense. Most of PC is cultural, not legal.

    In my mind, property taxes are the most important consideration.

    I was going to say exactly that. Property taxes are Satan personified. Income tax is evil, simple theft of the sweat of a man’s brow. But property taxes are a whole ‘nother grade of wickedness. I own a piece of land, so you come along and tax me on it every year? WTF? That’s rent, plain and simple, which totally undermines the idea of owning land. Say I buy a nice, big tract of land out in the sticks. Then I pass it on to my son. Now along comes a bunch of developers, and suddenly his land’s “worth more” in someone else’s opinion, so now he suddenly owes more rent? W…T…F? Talk about a scam…


    So true.

  28. Jackson’s detailed debunking of HW is instructive. What if HW is as inaccurate and dishonest with everything he writes?

  29. News out of Alabama has four Democrats switching to the GOP.
    From the AP:

    “The four say they switched because they’re very conservative, and their views are more in line with Republicans than Democrats. They all represent Republican-leaning, mostly white areas. The announcement comes after Republicans won majorities in the House and Senate on Nov. 2. The move gives the GOP a super-majority in the House, meaning Republicans can pass anything they want and shut off all Democratic opposition.”

    In Alabama, the ball is in the mainstreamers court. One can only wait and see if they advance.

  30. @Crushed Red
    “but being from Vermont myself, I often wonder what exactly I can do as far as effective mainstream politics go”

    You could try a relevant single issue group like guns or free speech or something and get active through that. You could learn some of hos this stuff works and most importantly it gives the opportunity to talk to people which is 80% of what politics is.

    “Probably at any one time 80% of any anti-fa cell is Jewish.”

    Leadership yes, although often not the frontman himself, but the bulk of the foot soldiers are (or were) naive white idealists.

    The foot soldiers are becoming increasingly non-white now, at least in Europe.

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