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The case for Wyoming.


Wyoming is the ideal destination for any serious effort at a Northwest Migration. This post is a rough sketch at pitching the Wyoming heresy to White Zionist circles.

(1) Aesthetic Beauty – If I were to ever move anywhere out West, I would pack my bags and head toward the Tetons, where Old Faithful blows and the buffalo roam. Few other places in North America can compete with Wyoming in terms of sheer natural beauty. The discovery of Yellowstone caused mankind for the first time in history to stop, pause, and preserve a piece of nature for the enjoyment of future generations.

(2) Population – Wyoming has the smallest population (544,270) of any state in America. It thus has the smallest hurdle to political power to clear for aspiring White Zionists on the make.

In the Wyoming House of Representatives, each district represents about 9,000 people. In the Wyoming Senate, each seat represents around 17,000 people. The number of registered voters who participate in Wyoming state elections is much smaller in each district. A simple majority is sufficient to acquire representation at the state level.

In Wyoming, White Zionists have their most favorable political map for a BNP-style breakout into mainstream politics. It is easier here than anywhere else. If White Zionists can’t win in Wyoming, they are far less likely to win on more challenging terrain in the Pacific Northwest.

Governor-Elect Matt Mead of Wyoming won the Republican nomination for Governor with only 30,272 votes. Wyoming has 2 U.S. Senators (the same as California and New York) and 3 votes in the Electoral College.

In Wyoming, each vote in the Electoral College represents 164,594 people. In California, each vote represents 627,532. Whether it be on the federal or the state level, White Zionists can have their greatest impact on the American political landscape in Wyoming.

(3) Favorable Demographics – Wyoming is the most conservative state in America. In Wyoming, 53 percent of residents identify as conservatives. By comparison, 53 percent of residents in Mississippi and 49 percent of residents in Alabama are conservatives.

Wyoming is effectively Alabama or Mississippi without blacks. It is Utah without Hispanics. In Wyoming, 86 percent of residents (2009 Census) are Non-Hispanic White. The concentration and political hegemony of “Reds” in Wyoming provides White Zionists with a far more receptive local population to work with than the SWPL-dominated Pacific Northwest.

52 percent of Wyoming’s population lives in 5 major cities. The population in Wyoming is more dispersed across the countryside than in other Western states like Nevada. This is one of the major reasons Wyoming has proven so much more resistant to leftwing ideas.

As of 2009, Washington is 74.6 percent White. There are roughly 25,903 blacks, 686,412 Hispanics, and 466,493 Asians living in that state with Harold Covington.

As of 2009, Wyoming is 86 percent White. There are roughly 7,619 blacks, 14,151 American Indians, and 44,140 Hispanics living there. Most of the Hispanics are illegal aliens that can be driven out with an Arizona-style immigration law.

Demographically speaking, Wyoming is clearly a more favorable state than Washington: there are far less total non-Whites, Whites are a higher percentage of the population, the Whites who live there are rock ribbed conservatives, not SWPLs.

(4) Nordic Reservoir – If you are a Nordicist, Wyoming is an attractive state to relocate to. By ethnicity, the White population of Wyoming is 25.9% German, 15.9% English, 13.3% Irish, 6.5% American, 4.3% Norwegian, and 3.5% Swedish 3.5%. Wyoming is a healthy mix of Americans of Northwestern European ancestry.

(5) Taxes – Wyoming has far more attractive land prices and tax rates than Washington.

Property Taxes:

Wyoming – $1,012, 1.57% of income
Washington – $2,595, 3.52% of income

Excise Taxes – Cigarettes:

Wyoming – 60
Washington – 202.5

Excise Taxes – Beer:

Wyoming – $0.02
Washington – $0.26

Excise Taxes – Gasoline:

Wyoming – 14
Washington – 37.5

State Sales Tax:

Wyoming – 4.0
Washington – 6.25

State Income Tax:

Wyoming: No State Income Tax
Washington: No State Income Tax

Wyoming has lower property taxes, lower excise taxes, a lower state sales tax, and no income tax. Land is cheaper.

In Wyoming, there is no corporate sales tax. There is no sales tax on food or inheritance tax on estates. There is no tax on out-of-state retirement income. Personal property for personal use is tax exempt. There are no taxes on intangible assets such as bank accounts, stocks, or bonds.

Wyoming has the most “business friendly” climate of all 50 states. If you are a White Nationalist small business owner, it is relatively easier (and might actually be more profitable) to relocate to Wyoming.

Wyoming’s cost of living is 7.60% lower than the national average.

(8) Education – Under the Wyoming state constitution, the state government is prohibited from establishing curriculums and textbook selections. This is the prerogative of local schools boards. The public schools in Wyoming could theoretically be hijacked by migrating White Zionist families.

Wyoming public schools spend $7,447 per student. The average school expenditure in the U.S. is $5,678. Wyoming ranks last among the states in terms of students enrolled in private schools. The low numbers of non-Whites in Wyoming (combined with local control of school boards) translates into a stronger public sector.

The University of Wyoming:

(9) Low Crime – The Whiteness of Wyoming is reflected in its crime statistics and national ranking: 47 in total crime, 32 in crimes per 100,000 persons, 43 in violent crimes per 100,000 persons, 45 in murders per 100,000 persons, 36 in rapes per 100,000 persons, 49 in robberies per 100,000 persons, 30 in aggravated assaults per 100,000 persons, 43 in burglaries per 100,000 persons, 22 in larcenies and theft per 100,000 persons.

(10) Grievances – Wyoming has ready made grievances against Washington that can easily be exploited. 48 percent of land in Wyoming is owned by the federal goverment. 6 percent of land is owned by the state government. Over 50 percent of land in Wyoming is effectively closed to private development.

What’s more, Wyoming is an energy intensive state like West Virginia. It is America’s largest coal producer. It is the second largest producer of natural gas and the fifth largest producer of oil in the United States.

“Cap and Trade” is a mortal threat to Wyoming’s economy. In West Virginia, Joe Manchin literally had to shoot a target of Cap and Trade to get elected to the Senate. A future Democratic Congress even more in thrall to environmentalist groups would provide a useful foil in stirring up anti-government sentiment in Wyoming.

(11) Climate – The climate in Wyoming is not as bad as some have made it out to be. Wyoming is a dry state with warm summers. The wind could be harnessed as yet another energy source. It has a better water supply than California, Nevada, Arizona or other parched Southwestern states which are more populous. There is plenty of land for cattle ranching and growing wheat.

If White Zionists relocated to Wyoming, they would adapt to the climate like they have everywhere else: Iceland, Norway, Russia, Rhodesia, etc. It is far easier to live in Wyoming today than in the Deep South (with its hurricanes) during the nineteenth century before refrigerators and air conditioning.

(12) Anti-Blue – Wyoming is not a “fun state” with a lot of flashy cities like Seattle or Portland. Greg Johnson would never move there. This is another advantage that Wyoming has over Washington. Like Nebraska or Kansas, it has not yet become an attractive destination for SWPLs migrating out of California and the Heartland, who are adverse to the rural conservative mores of Wyoming.

(13) Successful Model – There is already a successful model of a White Zionist migration to the Interior West: the colonization of Utah by the Mormons.

If the Mormons can create a civilization in the Great Salt Lake Valley, why can’t White Zionist homesteaders enjoy similar success in Wyoming? Is the climate of Utah more or less hospitable to colonization?

(14) Ready Made Cities – Instead of carving cities out of the wilderness, there is nothing stopping White Zionists from relocating to Wyoming’s five largest cities or its smaller towns:

Cheyenne – 57,618 (population), 79.2% (non-Hispanic White)

Casper – 54,874 (population), 94.03% (non-Hispanic White)

Laramie – 28,850 (population), 90.81% (non-Hispanic White)

Gillette – 28,726 (population), 95.50% (non-Hispanic White)

Rock Springs – 20,905 (population), 91.75% (non-Hispanic White)

By way of comparison, there are 602,000 people in Seattle, 68.4% of whom are non-Hispanic White, 3,407,848 in the Seattle metropolitan area.

There are 529,121 people in Portland, 74 percent of whom are non-Hispanic White, 2,217,325 in the Portland metropolitan area.

It goes without saying that the vast majority of Whites in Seattle and Portland are SWPLs, not “Reds” like in Cheyenne or Casper, and that White Zionists would have a far greater impact in Wyoming than in Washington or Oregon because of the smaller, more conservative population.

In the second tier of Wyoming cities, you have Sheridan (population, 17,461), Green River (population, 12,149), Evanston (population, 11,781), Riverton, (population, 10,032), and Jackson (population, 9,806). Now how hard do you suppose it would be for White Zionists to get elected mayor, sheriff, or city councilman in those cities?

Undoubtedly, it would be a A LOT easier to raise your head above the water on that kind of political map.

(15) Attractive Neighbors – Wyoming’s neighbors share many of its favorable characteristics: Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota. A successful White Zionist free state project in Wyoming could inspire a real Northwest Migration to Idaho, Montana, and the Dakotas.

(16) Jobs – As of September 2010, the unemployment rate in Wyoming was 6.2 percent, well below the national average. By comparison, the unemployment rate in Washington state (dominated by SWPLs who favor higher taxes and bureaucratic red tape) is 8.6 percent.

(17) Fiscal Responsibility – Wyoming has a small budget deficit of of $31.8 million in FY 2010. It is in great shape compared to Blue States like California, Illinois, New York, and Connecticut which are tottering on the brink of a Greek style fiscal meltdown.

The same is true of North Dakota which has a budget surplus and the lowest unemployment rate in America. It is easy to imagine a future scenario where fiscally responsible states like North Dakota and Wyoming go their own way, repudiate the national debt, and refuse to bailout the Californias of America.

(18) The Jewish Question – Jews are 0 percent of Wyoming’s population. By comparison, Jews are 1 percent of Washington state, which translates into about 66,641 Jews on the ground. Ron Wyden, U.S. Senator from Oregon, is Jewish.

(19) Non-Religious – In terms of religion, 79 percent of Wyoming residents are Christians. 18 percent are non-religious. For White Nationalists who can’t get over their aversion to Christianity, Wyoming is a more attractive destination than the Deep South.

(20) Realistic Strategy – Wyoming is a more realistic destination for White Zionists. The definition of a tactic is what you can do with what you got. Decades of experience has shown the following:

– White Nationalists are adverse to social ostracism and employment discrimination. They will not go public with their beliefs in a setting in which they are outnumbered.

– Aside from unhinged vanguardist lone wolves like James von Brunn, White Nationalists are adverse to physical violence, and favor lawful methods of resolving their disputes. This fact alone rules out the fantasy of an IRA-style terrorist rebellion that Harold Covington advocates.

Taking these critical facts into account, a White Zionist migration to Wyoming could succeed where Harold Covington’s Northwest Migration is doomed to failure.

In the second tier Wyoming cities like Sheridan, Green River, Evanston, Riverton, and Jackson, the population is small enough to allow a critical mass of White Zionists to take over the public schools, city governments, and local law enforcement positions with a simple majority. In such a context where White Nationalists are an outright majority, the stick of social ostracism and employment discrimination wouldn’t work.

White Nationalists could seize power without firing a shot. Such an experiment (wholly theoretical and still highly unlikely) would be interesting to watch. It could potentially demonstrate the efficacy of the White Zionist model. If White Zionists are going to uproot themselves in pursuit of their racial ideal, it stands to reason they should at least go to the place where they are most likely to succeed.

(21) Objections – The most common objection to the Wyoming scenario is that the state is landlocked and that it is an unviable destination as a White homeland. This is not as persuasive a criticism as it seems at first glance.

SWPLs dominate the Pacific Coast. Any success that a Northwest Migration would have would be in Idaho or Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon where the population is more conservative and receptive to pro-White ideals. In other words, where the population is more like that of Wyoming.

If every White Nationalist in America moved to Eastern Washington or Eastern Oregon, they would still be outvoted by the SWPLs in Portland and Seattle, and if they launched a rebellion (an even more unlikely scenario), the SWPL dominated state governments would quickly call for the White House to dispatch federal troops which have legal authority to suppress any insurrection.

This type of thinking is also symptomatic of thinking in terms of light years instead of inches, yards, and miles. The biggest problems facing the White Zionist model is that (A) most White Nationalists are not convinced it can work, (B) it is currently based on unrealistic vanguardist expectations (i.e., successful armed insurrection) and (C) the mainstream media is suffocating the White Nationalist movement through lack of positive publicity.

These are all problems where the Wyoming model shines through: (A) the small population of Wyoming, especially in the second tier cities, sets the lowest bar anywhere in America for White Zionists to achieve the small victories necessary to build confidence, (B) the method of acquiring power (voting with your feet and at the ballot box) is completely legal and can be done anonymously, and (C) the success of White Zionists in Wyoming (say, taking over a city and then parts of the Wyoming state legislature) would draw the publicity that is the indispensable, life giving oxygen that a Northwest Migration would require to succeed.

Within a matter of two or three years, White Zionists in Wyoming could show the White Nationalist movement that it is actually possible to acquire political power and live a healthy White life in a community setting in the Interior West. That would be a far more persuasive argument than browbeating people who live in Illinois and North Carolina to drop everything they are doing and uproot themselves to migrate to a SWPL-dominated Blue State in the Pacific Northwest.

Finally, if White Zionists by some miracle were successful in taking over the State of Wyoming, they could use the unparalleled energy resources of the state (coal, natural gas, petroleum, and possibly wind) as a bargaining chip to negotiate their sovereignty and independence in a decaying America living in the aftermath of Peak Oil.

By that time, the neighboring states of Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, and South Dakota would be overflowing with White Zionists. Wyoming is unlikely to go out alone. Its potential lies in demonstrating the success of the White Zionist model and building the critical mass of momentum necessary to propel White Zionists to victory.

(22) Perks and Political Representation – Aside from all the above advantages to White Zionists, Wyoming is already a solid Red State and a pretty good place to live out West (low taxes, low unemployment, low crime, good public schools, low cost of living, cheap land, few non-Whites, no Jews, fiscally responsible government, conservative neighbors, great scenery, favorable political demographics) if you just want political representation and a healthy environment (lots of wide open space outdoors) in which to raise White cowboys and cowgirls in masculine and feminine virtues.

Fantasy fiction aside, that’s enough to satisfy most White Nationalists.

Republicans have controlled both chambers of the Wyoming state legislature for decades. Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming’s lone representative in the House of Representatives, is opposed to amnesty. She has a “B-” from NumbersUSA. Senator Michael Enzi and Senator John Barrasso both get an “A” on their report card.

Final Thoughts

If a White Zion is going to be created anywhere in America, Wyoming presents the most favorable map for making progress toward that goal. A few thousand White Zionists could migrate to Wyoming like the Mormons in Utah or the Jayhawkers in Kansas and demonstrate the success of the PLE model. That would provide the necessary catalyst and exposure to spark a real and sustainable Northwest Migration.

Personally, I think the State of Wyoming can make its own case. It doesn’t need me to convince you to move there. If an endangered species like the bison can be reborn in Wyoming, so can the White man.

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  1. uh: My favorite “nothing to do” story.
    Young Lieutenant George S. Patton loved the Army and his duties at remote posts like Fort Riley, Kansas, but his well-born, sophisticated wife hated it. Growing up a rich Northeasterner, she found the prairies intolerable. One day in frustration she went out riding, until she came to a steep bluff and stopped. Dismounting, she sat down and started idly pulling up the grasses with both hands. After a few minutes, she noticed that the grass was unlike anything she had ever seen. In fact, every plant was wholly unfamiliar. She later wrote that, “from that moment, I was never bored again in my life”.
    Real boredom is a sign of a weak, or at least an underworked, mind.

  2. Commenters complaining about Federal control of Western land should consider the alternative. Every last National Park under the control of Disney. Every old growth tree cut down and sold on the free market to Japan. Range land overgrazed by agribusiness corporations, keeping their bottom lines looking good for five years and collecting their golden parachutes. Real estate moguls putting McMansions on every butte, mesa, and hilltop. Offroaders killing the vegetation and causing erosion. In any future White ethnostate, or a restored America, we should at least be grateful that the hated ZOG regime kept so much of the wilderness out of the hands of fools with money.

  3. Very good point, Discard. Our enemies would love to destroy all of North America’s forests, in their plans to turn this continent all-Brown Latino.

    The State and National governments deserve credit for preserving our natrual forests.

  4. Hunter,

    I think some of the points that have been made against you deserves to be responded to. 😉

    1) Do you not realize that the National Association of Faggot-Ass Creators of a God-like Race through Hating America and Christ are morally superior to a straight conservative like yourself, and that you must reply do their drivel, preferably in detail?

    2) Do you not realize that the National Vanguardist Battle Group of North West Migrational Aryan Elite Super Human Genocidal Warriors have a complete right to question your personal life and any minor mistake or fib that have occured in therein?

    3) Do you not realize that any collection of rag-tag faggots, neo-nazis, fantasists and basement-dwelling loosers are so above you, that you must kow-tow to them and and always respond to their questions and proddings?

  5. Survival is its own reward, but the New Crusaders will end up doing well.

    Celestial Time says:
    November 24, 2010 at 3:12 am
    Pastor Lindstedt: . . . . a White Revolution in which whiggers and muds are ruthlessly exterminated by biological and conventional weapons with nuclear weapons used as available, can be successful and upon clearing out all the whigger traitors and mud dross, a population of a few million White survivors can resume anew.

    I’ll have what he’s having…

    Nothing says bat-shit crazy like the guy who ends a Nuclear Holocaust endorsement with “Church of Jesus Christ Christian.”

    Hail Clozapine!!


    What to say. I see how nattering on the Internut and voting Republican is working out so very well for saving the whigger race.

    It has always worked so that those who are ruthless in seeking and gaining political and military power — even when outnumbered by millions to one — can if they have discipline get whatever they want. Case in point, the Bolshevik jews, who twenty years before the Russian Revolution possessed altogether less than a dozen revolvers.

    Insanity is defined as doing the same old stupid shit and expecting a different result from it. Armed revolution will be successful when ZOG falls apart. Relying on ZOG to give you something, like a White Ethnostate, is mere suicidal whining which accomplishes nothing. Since the current criminal regime does whatever it pleases to us, then the only solution is to become the new regime and then exterminate all of the ancient regime.

    Insofar as my religious goals are concerned, I routinely try to make of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity the White Man’s Racial (HATE) Religion. When religion and racism are combined, the end result of the high-octane mix are soldiers who will take to killing anyone who gets into their warlord’s way like a duck takes to water.

    Survival is its own reward, but the New Crusaders will end up doing well. There is no shortage of food, land, property or pussy as long as you are willing to kill the unworthy in order to get it.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  6. “living 10 miles from your nearest neighbor might be fun for a month, but in the long run it would prove problematic, especially if you had a medical emergency or recovering from a broken leg or something. A place within a town of 25,000 is livable, but way out on a ranch?”

    Nightowl, we are descendants of pioneers. Worrying about a broken leg living on a ranch? Or having to drive 2 days for a funeral? Our gg grampas and grampas WALKED across an entire continent to settle in the wilderness.
    If we want an ethnostate, we have to remember who we are and what we’re capable of. We have to do what our ancestors did. We have to go where our enemies are not. We have to build our own homes out of nothing, because the non-Whites have no intention of just giving us one.
    WY is viable BECAUSE there are no non-Whites here. (GG gramps eliminated the Indian problem for us. Let’s use that.)
    As far as the isolation, Wyomingites already have the problem dealt with. We do have LifeFlight helicopters and well-staffed hospitals in Cheyenne and Casper, you know. We have cars and trucks and snowplows for the blizzards. Our kids go to piped-in-natural-gas-heated school on -40 days — driven there in warm cars. We don’t just all ride horses and heat with coal-burning stoves here, heh. We HAVE modern conveniences, but no parasites. No blacks, no cockroaches and no Jews. The cold keeps ’em out. Come. Come with the right mindset, and enjoy.

  7. Some things to do on Wyoming’s prarie, miles from anywhere:

    – build your own house, with your own hands.
    – read to your kids
    – raise chickens, goats, cattle, horses, sheep – and white kids.
    – cook real meals from scratch, from the garden, barn or your last hunting trip.
    – count the antelope, rabbits, coyotes, foxes, badgers, skunks, meadowlarks, deer that live on your land.
    – read good books
    – brush up on shooting, trapping, fishing, high plains gardening
    – make love outside
    – butcher your own meat. Freeze, bar B Q or smoke it.
    – Go visit across the fence with neighbors
    – learn how to tan hides, work leather, create things in the garage or at the kitchen table.
    – Ride the horse, or better yet hitch him up to a buck-board and take the family out for a picnic on the prairie!
    – learn about falconry and train your own hunting bird.
    – toss a frisbee with your kids. Or a football, baseball, soccer ball etc.
    – Have real conversations around the dinner table.
    – On really windy, snowy, cold days cruise the internet. Try to educate your urban white brothers and sisters on the simple, useful pleasures that existed long before cars, inter-state highways and malls; and will still exist long after they are gone. 😉


  8. I like and support the the author’s basic premise of the article. There are however, several things I would dispute. I lived for 7 years in Arizona, 2 years in Utah, worked for a year in Northern California, and have spent time in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. I have also lived in numerous other states across the country.
    The first thing I would dispute in the article is the degree or “kind” of conservatism that holds sway in the West. I found that most Westerners are conservative in areas such as property rights, taxes, and limited Government. But concerning social matters they tend to be moderate to liberal. I never got any sense of racial consciousness or unity while living in the West. I don’t think that people in the West are much different in attitudes on social matters and race than are people in Minnesota. I can also tell you I have been in other parts of the country where there is most definitely more of a White Nationalist conciseness among the people than those out West. There are many places other than Wyoming where it would be easier for White Nationalist to gain control of the local county governments. In fact, such places already exist (it just isn’t advertised, and I ain’t telling!).
    On demographics… While Wyoming is one of the “whiter” western states, in general, the West is going to bear the brunt of future Hispanic immigration into the United States and migration of existing Hispanics. I don’t believe the author takes into account the future influx and impact of Hispanics into the West (including Wyoming). Denver, will soon become minority white (it is currently 50%). It currently counts 34% of its residents as Hispanic (and that doesn’t include illegals (in theory)).
    Already, Cheyenne (pop. 56,000) is only 78% white with 13% of the city being Hispanic. Laramie (pop. 28,000) is only 86% white, and Casper 88% (pop. 53,000). The figures are based on 2007 data, so Hispanic percentage has probably risen. These numbers are not really very impressive. Compare with Springfield, Missouri (pop. 157,000) which is 90% white. Overall, Wyoming is 96% white (the author says 86% white, maybe he has more recent data) and Missouri is 87% white. When you factor out two very large cities in Missouri, Kansas City and St. Louis, then Missouri is as “white” (or more so) as Wyoming. The point I am making here is that Wyoming is no more white than other parts of the country. And no, I don’t live in Missouri.
    On Cost of Living… This is short and simple. ALL of the West is very expensive. Land and housing is exorbitant compared to other parts of the country. The only place that is more expensive is the East cost. The cost of land and housing in the West has come down some in recent years but I expect it to remain more costly by quite a bit than most other areas of the United States.
    On Geography / Climate… Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say, but I would say that most of Wyoming would not appeal to most people. Probably 80%-90% of Wyoming is barren scrub land. There are some very beautiful areas of Wyoming, but they are far and few between. This is true of ALL the West. Wyoming and the west is not well suited to agricultural purposes as the soil is poor and there is very little water. Water has been a problem for Westerners since our ancestors settled it and that isn’t going to change. Wyoming has very harsh winters. It is one of the coldest states in the country with a few exceptions (N. Dakota, Minnesota, and a few others). The winters are long which make for short growing seasons. A White Nationalist nation, or any nation, has to have a means to feed itself and Wyoming makes that difficult. Wyoming isn’t part of the Bread-Basket-of-the –World.
    On War… Not to sound, umm, paranoid or kooky, but this is a concern if you take survival seriously. U.S. nuclear forces are located in Wyoming, Montana, and N. Dakota. The Cheyenne area is going to take a massive amount of incoming warheads. The amount of radioactive debris released will be phenomenal. Depending on wind directions, large amounts of fallout could cover many areas of Wyoming. If there is one way you probably do not want to die, it is from radiation poisoning. It is one of the cruelest and painful ways you can die. It is just awful. As, kind of an interesting side note, most people think that in a nuclear war that there will be an incoming wave of missiles and that will be the end of it. Not so. The exchange of missiles will likely go on for days, perhaps a week, and this game of cat and mouse only increases the amount of radioactive material released into the atmosphere. There are places in the United States that will suffer little or no fallout from a nuclear exchange, i.e. with little or no special preparations, you will survive just fine.
    So, while Wyoming does offer some advantages for a White Nationalist migration it is far from a White Nationalist Shangri-La, and it offers some real disadvantages. The foremost being a hostile reception to White Nationalism. In my opinion, there are other parts of the United States the have all the advantages of Wyoming and none of the down sides. But realistically, there is never going to be a mass migration to any one part of the country, at least not initially. Think along the lines of the Amish and the Mennonites. That’s the key.

  9. Whites are only radicalized when they live among the enemy. It’s only when Joe and Jane Sixpack feel the presence of diversity that they will actually wake up. Most people are like little kids who put their hands over their eyes: if I can’t see it, it’s not there .

    In that respect, the South and Southwest would seem more fertile ground. Arizona fits neatly into that theory.

  10. Bobzilla,

    I agree with most of what you write. Especially about the nature of the conservatism believed and practiced in Wyoming. And, you are also right about the dwindling number of whites as hispanics move up the I-25 corridor. But I don’t believe any State is perfect, and Wyoming is not being touted here as a ‘white shangrila’, (well, HW’s ‘white zion’ notwithstanding..) just a place where WN’s can have lots of influence politically, while still being able to live a decent white life in majority-white communities.
    Your assessment of our folk in the west is right on the money for the most part, though, as is the very sobering nuclear situation. Not sure what we can do about nukes in the ground. Hope they don’t launch, I guess. But I do believe many whites are awakening here as we speak, thanks to the incompetence of Obama and the steady influx of poor mexicans up the I-25 corridor. White people here don’t like either reality, and that bodes well for the future of the State, IMHO.


    There’s a lot of truth in what you’re saying: whites do tend to get a rude awakening if they live among the black and brown tribes for very long. The question then becomes, ‘what should I do with my new-found beliefs?’. I question the wisdom of trying to rehabilitate a city like, say, Detroit, for white families. Write places like this off and move west! We still have a fighting chance in some places, but not in others. And once one is ‘radicalized’, staying among the enemy will only cause excessive despair and cynicism, while your family is placed at greater risk every day. What our people need most is a sense of hope for the future. So yes, get radical – then move and try to influence your naive brethren, in a safer, whiter place.

    My two cents.

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