Why Vanguardists Can’t Win

William Pierce combined penetrating insights with the wrong approach

The Vanguard

It is time to call out the vanguard.

In 1971, William Pierce wrote an infamous article in Attack! called Why Conservatives Can’t Win. This destructive mantra has been mindlessly repeated so many times over the past forty years (even years after the swift collapse of the National Alliance) that it has become an article of faith to alienated vanguardists.

I want to know if vanguardists can win. If conservatives are losers, does that mean vanguardists are winners? I don’t think they can win and intend to show you why.

Defining Vanguardism

The vanguardist is a peculiar species of White Nationalist with a range that extends across cyberspace. This political animal has a number of discernible, trademark characteristics. Specifically, a “vanguardist” is someone who believes:

(1) Conservatives are worthless.

(2) Ordinary people are lemmings.

(3) Worse is better.

(4) The system is broken.

(5) A collapse is coming.

(6) They will benefit from this collapse.

(7) A massive Jewish conspiracy is responsible for their plight.

(8) Revolution is the only solution.

Instead of engaging the cultural and political mainstream, a vanguardist is someone who favors withdrawing from the system, sealing themselves off in enclaves, and organizing around a dynamic leader.

Vanguardists with the financial means to do so like to hide out in bunkers in places like Washington, Idaho, or West Virginia. The majority of vanguardists though are tied down by their jobs and just log on to the internet under an anonymous pseudonym to entertain themselves and vent their frustrations.

It’s really an angrier version of sitting down in a La-Z-Boy with a six pack (or if you are Will Williams, a bottle of Jack Daniels) after work to watch Monday Night Football. The lemmings spend their leisure time trying to enjoy themselves. The vanguardists woad up their faces and streak through the internet for a few hours every night.

Some people continue to say that “vanguardists” don’t exist. Well, I strongly disagree. Having interacted with vanguardists for years, I know them quite well, and can describe their way of life in elaborate detail.

Vanguardists are easy to recognize. They are more ubiquitous in cyberspace than whitetail deer in the backwoods of Alabama at midnight. That’s saying something given the shape of my bumper.

So why can’t vanguardists win?

(1) Alienation – The single most important thing to understand about vanguardists is that they are radically alienated. I’m not talking about being merely disappointed, demoralized, or disillusioned with the status quo. Vanguardists travel well beyond that stage into waters where they are ultimately transformed into aliens within their own society.

The vanguardists express their sense of alienation in all sorts of ways. It is the impulse behind everything from their tendency to withdraw from society, their hostility to their own culture, their belief that White people must be punished for their sins, creating their own religion, dressing up in uniforms, creating their own flags, advocating alliances with despotic foreign regimes like Iran and North Korea, hiding out in a bunker, their demonization of their peers, the lavish praise they heap on Europe, etc.

The key to understanding vanguardists is that they are aliens within their own society. They are like Jews living among the Gentiles. The vanguardists are strangers in a strange land … America.

The saddest part of this radical sense of alienation is the estrangement of so many vanguardists from their own families.

(2) Unnecessary Barriers – Vanguardists are a tribe of radically alienated people going through a type of ethnogenesis.

From the outside, it looks at first like they are creating unnecessary barriers between themselves and their target audience. From the inside, they are going through a tumultuous personal identity crisis. They are trying to draw new ethnic markers that separate “us” from “them.”

It is a mistake to write off the vanguardists as political retards. Why do they insist on insulting their audience, dressing up in ridiculous costumes, creating their own religion, heaping praise upon hostile foreign regimes?

Isn’t that counterproductive? How are these things in any way essential to White Nationalism?

The vanguardists are not engaged in a political project in any true sense of the word. They are not trying to convince anyone to become a White Nationalist or to score victories in a political struggle. The vanguardists are radical non-conformists who are expressing their own sense of individuality in an underground sub-culture.

Vanguardists are the beatniks, hippies, goths, or punks of the White Nationalist movement. If it is shocking to the bourgeoisie to get a tattoo or a piercing, how much more shocking is it to get a swastika tattoo or parade around main street as a uniformed Neo-Nazi?

If vanguardist behavior comes across as “offensive,” it is because that is the intended and desired effect.

(3) Turn on, tune in, drop out – When seen in this light, vanguardist behavior starts making a lot more sense. It was their counterculture predecessors on the Far Left that pioneered dropping out of the hopelessly corrupt system:

The Hippie Code:

“Do your own thing, wherever you have to do it and whenever you want. Drop out. Leave society as you have known it. Leave it utterly. Blow the mind of every straight person you can reach. Turn them on, if not to drugs, then to beauty, love, honesty, fun.”

I like to think of vanguardists as “totalitarian hippies.”

They are radical expressive individualists with an authoritarian streak. Their tendency to quarrel among themselves and their refusal to yield to authority (except when they are the dictator) is the major reason their organizations always prove so dysfunctional and short lived.

As with the hippies, “the system” is not as impenetrable as vanguardists imagine it to be. When the hippies grew up and got real jobs, they “mainstreamed” the counterculture.

(4) Communication – Their radical sense of alienation, ethnogenesis and expressive individualism all combine to produce a failure to communicate between vanguardists and White America. They can’t get beyond the communication stage.

This is due less to a vast Jewish conspiracy than it is to succumbing to their own alienation and no longer having much in common with their audience. It certainly doesn’t help matters that they are aggressive and antagonistic toward their audience.

(5) Lemmings – As I explained above, the vanguardists sail deep into the waters of alienation where they undergo ethnogenesis and become a distinct tribe of White people. They have set sail away from White America. During their voyage, they have accumulated markers that distinguish themselves from ordinary people, namely the rejection of their own nationality.

When the vanguardists look back at the world they have left behind, everyone on the shoreline looks indistinguishable. They all look like gullible herdlike lemmings from the perspective of a radical non-conformist.

The vanguardists then conclude that ordinary people are too stupid to be worth bothering with. The system is too powerful. They cannot be persuaded of anything because the media is so influential.

In reality, the real problem is the self-imposed isolation of the vanguardists, not the legitimacy of the mainstream media, which fell into disrepute in Middle America for over two decades now.

(6) Non-Conformists – The vanguardists draw the conclusion that only a tiny minority of White people are persuadable, namely, the non-conformist intellectuals who have an authoritarian personality type that don’t immediately dismiss an extremely radical message.

The vanguardists look at the numbers and accept the premise that they cannot spread their message, successfully, to a wider audience; this in spite of the available evidence. They don’t have the numbers to compete in mainstream democratic politics or even a desire to do so.

(7) Rhetorical Radicals – The last thing a radical non-conformist wants to do is “shut up” and “blend in” or “work within the system.” As a matter of principle, vanguardists refuse to work within the experience of their audience, which is boring and bourgeoisie. This results in a failure to communicate and reinforces their cardinal belief that “the system” is hopelessly broken.

As I explained above, the radicalism of the vanguardist is not in any sense a political project. Rather, it is a type of expressive individualism for radically alienated people.

That’s why it is extremely important to the vanguardist that his radicalism be based in rhetoric and words which communicate his own sense of alienation and individuality to the man on the street.

(8) Z.O.G. – For the vanguardists, there has to be an explanation for their inexplicable failures, which cannot in any sense be pinned on their own misguided behavior: Z.O.G. motherfuckers, man.

Jews control the media. That’s the problem.

If the vanguardists like Alex Linder or Bill White could only get on television, all their problems would be solved. Presto, everyone in America would want to become a radically alienated, angry non-conformist who worships Hitler and practices Creativity like Craig Cobb.

The obvious problem with this theory is that the Jews are more than happy to put the vanguardists on television and write about them in newspapers. They almost never miss a chance to do so.



The Jews have given vanguardists free publicity ever since the days of George Lincoln Rockwell in order to portray all White Nationalists as violent, unsympathetic, alienated fanatics who dream about The Day of the Rope and kooks who have nothing in common with ordinary White people.

(9) Fantasism – Given all the above, Jews controlling the media, the lemming like behavior of White people, the omnipresent Z.O.G. which framed Edgar Steele, the patriotards who identify with America, the foolish “mainstreamers” who keep pushing the “system politicians” … vanguardists are pessimistic about our future.

They have given up on engaging ordinary White people and persuading them to become White Nationalists. So what is there left to do?

Create an elaborate fantasy world.

Vanguardists are radically alienated non-conformists. They are bearish on reality. Their whole lifestyle is based on rejecting reality and fitting in with their peers. This is why vanguardists have never created anything resembling a practical plan for getting us to the White ethnostate. Any such plan would have to take into account reality based obstacles that they would much prefer to ignore.

The way vanguardists tend to cope with reality is through an overactive imagination.

The best example of a vanguardist creating an elaborate fantasy world is Harold Covington’s Northwest Quartet. It assumes all kinds of wildly unrealistic scenarios. The Pacific Northwest is like Ireland and vanguardists are the IRA liberators of the people.

It has been a cornerstone of vanguardism since the days of George Lincoln Rockwell that the collapse of the system is imminent and that vanguardists will seize power in the aftermath. “Worse is better” is a strategy for realizing this fantasy world.

If every defeat for White Nationalism is a secret victory, then all we have to do is keep on losing, and in the long run we will win, without making any sacrifices or inconveniencing ourselves in any real way.

Conveniently omitted from this optimistic narrative is that vanguardists, as radically alienated non-conformists, calculate their every action to maximize the offense given to their neighbors. In the event of a real national emergency, vanguardists are about the last people in America that would emerge as leaders in their local communities.

(10) Escapism – Fantasizing about the inevitable collapse of the system and the imminent rise of the Northwest Republic is one way of coping with the unpleasantness of reality. Escapism is another.

This is why vanguardists have so many arcane debates about historical subjects like Holocaust revisionism. One way to flee from reality is to escape into the distant past or the near future or to the comfort of a more hospitable country abroad.

You can spend a good amount of time that way avoiding the things you dislike about your own neighborhood.

(11) Violence – As explained above, fantasism and escapism are the bread and butter of vanguardists, who have largely given up on reality based methods in light of their own extreme level of alienation from society.

Most of the fantasist schemes (i.e., the Northwest Republic) involve successful acts of criminal violence. The Order is one example of a group that took this sort of talk seriously.

Unfortunately, violence tends to have exactly the opposite effect.

White people in the Pacific Northwest were glad to be rid of The Order. They responded negatively to Oklahoma City and threw their support behind the federal government. The only people who saw James von Brunn as a martyr were other alienated vanguardists.

(12) Lashing Out – The last resort of the vanguardist is lashing out. This usually takes the form of rhetorical sabotage (i.e., pissing in the punch bowl) on other pro-White websites.

Spreading defeatism is one way of empowering our enemies, sharing the misery of the alienated, sapping the White resistance, and punishing White people who fail to respond well to their own righteous anger.

Final Thoughts

Vanguardists can’t win.

They can’t win because they actually want to lose. If every defeat is a secret victory, vanguardists have been winning for decades, although you would never know it from the state of White America, or the state of every vanguardist organization in existence.

Vanguardists have no solutions to our problems. Their hostility to our target audience makes our job harder, not easier. They say they want a revolution. A vanguard is supposed to be a spearhead of a revolution.

If that is the case, they should finally man up and go make one, instead of constantly trying to disrupt what we are trying to do, which is what works, as we saw yesterday.

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  1. “You can point to rare exceptions like Tillman, but I went to Iraq twice when were were LIED into that war…”
    – Now that is funny. I (and I am only one of many I know who can say the same) saw right through that lie from the very beginning. How is it that you were so imperceptive that you did not? So you went to Iraq

  2. Hit the wrong button on the keyboard there
    to continue:

    So you went to Iraq, (so you say) and served the enemy of your people willingly through what? Sheer stupidity? Are the rest of us to blame for that? Or are we blame worthy for not following your example and traipsing off to Iraq and return home disillusioned. As I read through your rant I can’t decide whether you are a closet Marxist or what exactly is wrong with you. You complain about those who have while you have not, and seem to imply they are old white people. Hell, most of the ones I see on the road that are driving Hummer’s and Sequoias seem to be in their 40’s or so, certainly not old.
    I know several men from my job who had been to Iraq (one did two tours of duty) came back home and went back to work without showing any signs of mental distress such as you are exhibiting. You seem to equate education with success and seem to feel that those who are successful are somehow morally execrable. I personally knew a local man, much older than myself (he is recently deceased) who grew up poor, only had a 4th grade education, went on to serve in the Army during WW2 and came home and started his own local diner. He owned four properties in and outside of my town and was (technically) a millionaire. He was also well-adjusted and likeable. To some degree you make your own success in life, and attitude is a big part of that.

  3. @ Hunter; I just thought that I would add that the old fellow I described above was originally a native of Prattville Alabama 😀

  4. 2. Let’s see if you can describe your ‘winner’ ideal without referring to a certain minimum socioeconomic level, since you claim that this isn’t a class thing. Can a dirt-poor single White man who doesn’t have any family and doesn’t go to church and doesn’t have a college degree still be a winner, in your opinion?

    Whites Forward,

    Yes, of course a poor White man can be a winner. This isn’t about money or superficial class distinctions, at least not for me. I grew up among Blacks in the South closer to poverty than to middle class. I hate what is being done to poor and middle class Whites in this country, and I despise the people doing it and truly hate them. My own father’s job was outsourced under Reagan thanks to “free trade.” But, Whites from humble origins will never have the opportunity for revenge unless we organize and to fight back in a constructive way.

    That scene in The Hurt Locker was powerful, but it was also pro-war agit prop. The message of that scene to young White men was “your life will be more meaningful if you risk death in the desert than live in a spiritually barren America.”

  5. @White Forward,

    >So what you guys are trying to say is that these millions of well-off Whites today are really a bunch of blameless helpless victims?

    >but I went to Iraq twice when were were LIED into that war

    I didn’t read your whole rant, because you are so anti your fellow Whites it is repulsive. But on a quick scan through, the two quotes stood out (apart from your jealously issues regarding money and status).

    At any rate, it looks to me like you were lied to and brainwashed into going to Iraq, but you can’t accept that other Whites are being lied to and brainwashed about the race issue and other issues. So it seems to me, you hold your fellow Whites to a different standard, than you do yourself and you despise them for it.

    If that is the case, then what are you doing doing in Pro White politics? Politics is about convincing people to join your side and every time you open your mouth, you turn the majority of people against you.

    TBH, I think you should go back to your log cabin in the woods and let the people you despise so much, do all the work, because you are not helping, you are making our job more difficult.

    And whats more, if you continue with your efforts that are only hurting White interests in the political arena, then it puts you in the anti-White camp.

  6. Dingo,

    That’s a good point.

    You see, Whites Forward was “lied to” and “brainwashed” into going to Iraq, but the ordinary people who were “lied to” by politicians and “brainwashed” by the media … well, they must be ripped limb from limb or shot by a firing squad.

    There were plenty of White people who were “lied to” by FDR who fought in WW2 and by LBJ who fought in Vietnam.

  7. “There were plenty of White people who were “lied to” by FDR who fought in WW2 and by LBJ who fought in Vietnam.”
    -Exactly so. And what is propaganda if not an elaborate form of lying as well as a mind-control mechanism? It goes back farther than WW2- even to WW1 wherein an ocean liner was packed to the gills with munitions as well as passengers and left a sitting duck (purposefully) in the English Channel AFTER the Imperial German government had issued international warnings that any ship carrying munitions would be torpedoed. Consequently, the Lusitania was sunk in the English channel and the US gov’t used that as its excuse to join the Allies against Germany in WW1. The public was exposed to posters drawn up depicting German soldiers spearing Belgian babies on their bayonets. Being lied to by our government in order to seduce white men to fight other white men is nothing new. Our enemy has used the same tactics on us over and over through the decades. What is sad is that we continue to fall victim to the same old tricks. Truly; “there is nothing new under the sun”.

  8. We were lied to…but that’s okay, we should join their System anyway, right?
    The guy who asks why I would want to have anything to do with pro-White POLITICS hit it on the head, though despite his intentions.
    Y’all mainstreamers just want to play POLITICS and don’t really care to change anything. That’s why now I see Stormfront becoming dominated by Christian zealots, feminists, and Republican cheerleaders. You just want to get a spot at the power table and a bigger share of the crumbs for yourselves…it has NOTHING to do with helping the White race for you anymore than it is for the rest of the GOP. Fundamentally YOU are just an ambitious faction of the GOP who only wish they would play White people with the race-card a tad bit more effectively. It is YOU who have so little essentially distinguishing you from the System’s Left. You have different tactics and different constitutiencies, but you seek the same prize and in the end you want to ride us roughshod in your globalist empire, Rightwing mainstreamers. If you really wanted otherwise, you’d have to FIGHT against those Rightwingers in politics who do…but no, you don’t, you want to hold their hands and kiss their behinds and hush up their critics and pretend that a Republican electoral success is a White people’s victory. Sound familiar? Been there, done that, how many times now? Whenever the Republicans are picking back up, Rightwing mainstreamers who call themselves ‘pro-White’ start ditching the contentious ‘vanguardists’ and jump on the GOP/Religious Right bandwagon. Same thing happened with the rise of Reagan, and in the UK with Thatcher. You (or your political ancestors, at least) jumped to get in the System then, and you’re doing it again now. You get in, and then it’s time to forget all that “crazy” “hateful” pro-White stuff, because it isn’t useful to your own ambitions anymore.
    But before you get in, you tell the story…”I just have to keep my real opinions quiet for now, so I can get in and do some real effective work blah blah blah”.

  9. I wrote this for another thread which seems to have vanished but it’s on subject here.

    The United States can’t be a White Nationalist country with the current constitution, which provides no mechanism for deporting non-Whites or denying them the vote.

    We need 38 states to amend the Constitution, assuming 50 states remain in the union.

    If 13 or more states are hopelessly anti-white then there’s no peaceful, legal way out.

    There are now four states where Whites are already a minority, Hawaii, New Mexico, California, and Texas.

    The most hopeless state is Hawaii, with the largest percentage of nonwhites in the union. New Mexico and California, both with just 42% Whites, can be written off.

    Texas is an unusual case where Hispanic political apathy and strong White conservative solidarity have kept it from going the way of California. But to amend the constitution to create a White Nationalist US we don’t just need states to avoid becoming pure blue, we need them to be pro-white. It’s hard to imagine the 52% of non-whites in Texas staying home when the legislature starts considering a constitutional amendment that would lead to their eventual expulsion or disenfranchisement.

    That’s four states down.

    I don’t have much hope for the six states (other than California) where Republicans gained little or nothing in the conservative/white backlash of 2010, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, and Washington.

    That’s nine states down.

    Now add the usually blue states that only went red for some offices because of a wave election, and mostly due to economic issues. Most obvious is New Jersey. I leave thinking of three other states where a White nationalist constitutional amendment can’t pass as an exercise for the reader.

    The only realistic conclusion is we don’t have a lot of wiggle room. Every slightly reddish state would have to ratify a radical right wing racist constitutional amendment for it to pass.

    I don’t know if that makes the mainstream approach a fantasy, but it sure looks like a long shot.


    “The latest Census figures show that the country’s white population could become a minority as soon as…next year.”
    No big news, right? We’ve been that hearing for years. But these latest numbers show that massive geographic shifts are taking place in areas of the country not traditionally thought of as ethnically diverse, like the South and middle America.
    According to the Wall Street Journal, the Census reported that babies of color accounted for more than 48 percent of the total amount of children born between July of 2008 and 2009. Even though a tough economy and harsher immigration policies have slowed the number of babies of color being born in recent years, they’re still more of them arriving in the world than whites. Among Latinos, there were roughly nine births for every one death, while whites had a one-to-one ratio. Similarly, whites are having fewer children and, by marrying more interracially, are having more multiracial kids.
    While people of color have already been majorities in states like Texas and California, other states, like North Carolina, are quickly entering the fray. In Charlotte and surrounding Mecklenburg County, whites are just more than 50 percent of the population. Thirty years ago it was slightly more than 70 percent. And as proof, there’s a statue of Ghandi in front of the town courthouse.”
    @ humanrights.change

  11. Great post.

    I admit, I too used to subscribe to certain vanguardist beliefs (ie. white people are lemmings, you can’t beat “the system,” conservatives are useless, to name a few).

    Granted, I never subscribed to looney neo-Nazism, and by god I’ve never even thought of advocating an alliance with Iran or North Korea. And I certainly think that neo-Nazi type violence is counterproductive.

    One of the things that attracted me to this website was that it actually challenged fellow white nationalists to change their approach and their way of thinking, while other WN sites just preach to their already existing choir of zealots.

    Even here in California (where I live), there’s more implicit pro-whiteness than I would have expected. You get a few other white guys and you start talking about race, and you’ll detect white anger and resentment.

    Sure, they may not be white nationalists, but fundamentally they agree with us.

    The problem with vanguardists is that they’re so extreme and alienating that they turn off any potential white allies.

    And you’re right, Mr. Wallace. Jews indeed do control the media and are hostile towards the white majority, but contrary to the belief of vanguardists, they are MORE THAN WILLING to expose the Tom Metzger’s and other looney vanguardists of the WN movement. They laugh at people like Alex Linder.

    It’s people like Jared Taylor, James Edwards, and other WN’s who present their arguments in a serious and disciplined manner that scare the daylights out of the SPLC and similar organizations.

    Fundamentally speaking, more white people agree with us than I previously believed. They’re opposed to open borders, PC multicultural double standards, and other anti-white vices. We just need to find a way to slowly nudge these types towards our point of view, and we cannot do that is we’re busy alienating people and reinforcing every stereotype in the book.

  12. The Political Cesspool is an example of a positive WN organization. They have a loyal white listening audience, they have great guests and avoid the Alex Linder types, and they’ve been covered by various mainstream media news outlets around the world.

    James Edwards also defies WN stereotypes: He’s good looking, young, has a beautiful wife and kid, and, most importantly, has a good sense of humor.

    Far too many WN’s come across as austere party poopers. I think either this site or some other WN site should create cartoons that mock our opponents.

    Humor is always a good weapon.

  13. @M:
    No one ever votes in revolutions and all revolutions start with a consistent message that works.

    @Whites Forward
    >But before you get in, you tell the story…”I just have to keep my real opinions quiet for now, so I can get in and do some real effective work blah blah blah”.

    Your duty is to find a message that works.

    The worst kind of stupid, is someone that keeps doing the same thing over and over, when it doesn’t work.

    Your kind have had 50 years to stop what is occurring and you have failed for everyone of those 50 years. Now that behavior either makes you stupid, or you do not want to win and if you do not want Whites to win, then you are anti-White.

  14. @Political Pessimist

    I agree with you there, James Edwards is an excellent example of a pro White, that prepared to do whatever is necessary.

  15. Census Confirms Tea Party’s Worst Nightmare

    “The latest Census figures show that the country’s white population could become a minority as soon as…next year.
    No big news, right? We’ve been that hearing for years. But these latest numbers show that massive geographic shifts are taking place in areas of the country not traditionally thought of as ethnically diverse, like the South and middle America.
    According to the Wall Street Journal, the Census reported that babies of color accounted for more than 48 percent of the total amount of children born between July of 2008 and 2009. Even though a tough economy and harsher immigration policies have slowed the number of babies of color being born in recent years, they’re still more of them arriving in the world than whites. Among Latinos, there were roughly nine births for every one death, while whites had a one-to-one ratio. Similarly, whites are having fewer children and, by marrying more interracially, are having more multiracial kids.
    While people of color have already been majorities in states like Texas and California, other states, like North Carolina, are quickly entering the fray. In Charlotte and surrounding Mecklenburg County, whites are just more than 50 percent of the population. Thirty years ago it was slightly more than 70 percent. And as proof, there’s a statue of Ghandi in front of the town courthouse.”

  16. “James Edwards also defies WN stereotypes: He’s good looking, young, has a beautiful wife and kid, and, most importantly, has a good sense of humor.

    Far too many WN’s come across as austere party poopers. I think either this site or some other WN site should create cartoons that mock our opponents.

    Humor is always a good weapon.”

    Ok, there is obviously a group emerging in the WN movement that believes it has a new and better way. So I will just point out a few observations here:

    Most of the new group is obviously in the learning stages. They are enthralled with the recent change of rhetoric of the Republican Party.

    People who have been around for a long time have heard and witnessed this all before.

    As far as the post I quoted, I must point out that quite a number of the new, emerging group have stated in one or more of their posts that they do not have now, have not had in a long time if ever, and do not show hopeful future prospects of acquiring girlfriends. Therefore they do not have beautiful wives and children.

    For the record, some have admitted to not being goof looking.

    Many of the new group show little sign of a sense of humor, warped or otherwise.

    Many if not all appear to be the very prototype of the “party pooper.” They make the Puritans look like Liberals.

    Ergo, there would be somewhat of a supreme irony and more than a trace of hypocrisy were cartoons lampooning the new group’s opponents to begin appearing here or elsewhere.


    I will be looking for some positive results from this new wave by this time next year. I think that a fair amount of time to see some form of the new wisdom become obvious. I say obvious because that is what you all are implying, an obvious improvement over what has come so far.

    I am not expecting it. I am expecting something else instead. But we shall wait and see. You all are writing some big checks, let us hope you have the balance to cover it.

  17. The “worse is better” principle is being taken way out of context. South Africa is a red herring that Hunter likes to toss out from time to time to disprove the concept.

    Worse is better does not imply that Haiti or Zimbabwe is better than New Hampshire or Alaska for white people. The principle, as applied to/in America, simply holds that as more white people are impacted by illegal immigration, affirmative action and multiculturalism in general, the fence sitters and the apathetic will become radicalized against those things.

    For example, you’ll notice that anti-illegal sentiment is generally highest in states and localities suffering the most from it – even in blue states. Conversely, in a lily white state like Vermont (98% white) or Oregon you’ll find virtually no opposition to illegal immigration. And those are nice places to live for white people. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but familiarity breeds contempt and that is especially true with forced racial integration and massive illegal immigration.

    Twenty years ago many Americans clung to the myth that Mexican migrants were just a happy-go-lucky, hard working people filling a niche in the economy. That myth has been shattered forever and it’s not because things got better – it’s because they got worse through the destruction of countless communities across the fruited plain. Now, migrants are looked upon as usurpers, marauders, invaders and freeloaders.

    Would tea parties have sprung up if America was in the midst of an economic boom in 2008? Or, did a creeping depression force mostly white, middle class Americans to come together and demand sound economic policies and more accountability from government? Radical political changes rarely occur in good times and history proves that.

  18. While Hunter rides his high horse about the two or three crimes per decade committed by vanguardists, he might want to mention the innumerable cases of pedophilia and homosexuality that have rocked the conservative establishment off and on for the past 20 years.

    For starters, people might want to check out the book “The Franklin Scandal”.

  19. Whites Forward – you are suffering. You are alienated.

    Your bitterness about alienation won’t help you a bit . I don’t know what you went through with the war = but I do understand your intense hatred of all the millions of Whites that daily turn their back on other Whites and refuse to admit that they are White. In all things, this atomistic White lack of racial loyalty is what has always undone us.

    Thing is – the hated andf anger only perpetutes itself. You must finda way out for yourself.

    So STOP trying toi lead. You never willl lead Whites being angry. Lead through what Whites like. Fidn what moves oyu, as a White man. What do you LOVE about Being White?

    Lead through love. I love what my people are and do.

    You live somewhere. You live in a town, or village, or city. There are other people there.

    Never mind the “racialism”. Stop it.

    Just be White.

    I am in a community. I have travelled all over thep lac,e in my life. I have a huge wanderlust. I’\ve met all kinds of people, and done allkinds of things.

    That’s changed now. I have now settled in. I am meeting my new community. I am finding all kinmds ofinteresitng people.

    Ordinary White people. They are not racialist at all (well…some are…) They Live White though. In every way.

    I like them. As people. I like them

    I married some-one who is very well-known in the community. He is very beloved. I am so different from what his people have known, of him. They are trying to make sense of my sudden presence. Some of them “looked me up” onthe net -and were VERY leery. They read horrid things that I’ve written. Now – they are meeting me, and a very different picture is emerging of me – for them.

    Instead of being fiery, and angry, and dicatorial -I’ve decided to be charming, and fun. And White positive – “This is why love our Race”.

    WF – I like these people. They are funny, and lively. They are very surprising, for me, in what they like. They love music, and art, and beauty. And knowledge, They love knowledge. And laughter. They are very very very White, in their loves.

    You live somewhere. Find out what the humans around you are are interested in. Here’s the hard part, for you – you must find something in the people around you that interests you, andyou must find something in them that you like.

    Take a break fomr “tactics”. find something that you like, in them – apart from “racialism”. They will know if you are not sincere. Find a common Humanity – and then go from there. Just focus on the people around you. Don’t “preach”. Just fnd sincere common interests. They’ll like you back.

  20. Whites Forward: were you asked to unconditionally defend the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and obey all orders from your C-in-C and the officers he appointed over you…

    …or just if you thought it was right at the time and it wasn’t too inconvenient and it still felt ok when you came home and, like, stuff?

    Seriously, it’s an all-volounteer force. Pointless wars and PTSD suck, but they are part of the deal and when you sign your name on that dotted line you should know better. Even a peacetime-only soldier like myself knew that.

  21. “Instead of being fiery, and angry, and dicatorial -I’ve decided to be charming, and fun. And White positive – “This is why love our Race”. ”

    My hat’s off to you, Denise. I really enjoy reading your reports of what’s working in your community. It sounds like you are doing great work, and what you say is definitely true; just showing people that you like and respect them and living a life they can respect goes a long way.

  22. Mr Dithers: Radical political changes rarely occur in good times and history proves that.

    This truth does not make South Africa a red herring. South Africa shows the inevitable end point if no one does anything practical to stop things from getting worse.

  23. “Instead of being fiery, and angry, and dicatorial -I’ve decided to be charming, and fun. And White positive – “This is why love our Race”. ”

    Don’t write off fiery and angry completely. Whites are becoming just that as they perceive the reality of our situation. Adapt your strategy to your audience. Most importantly, steer your audience toward real world activities and away from isolation.

  24. Whites Forward,

    Sorry if I missed it, but what brought about your enlightenment regarding the reasons for the current wars?

  25. That’s right. The “worse is better” theory is completely wrong. The reason more white people are getting on board with racial identity recently and were not even concerned in the year 2000 is because the price of silver has been going up. It has nothing to do with walking down the sidewalks of small towns and thinking you might be in Mexico.

    Everybody knows this. It is elementary.

    And every racial orientated thinker well knows how easy it was to convert white people to racial thinking when the economy was booming and Bill Clinton was President.

    Also, if only Obama can get the economy back up to where the average, white, blue collar worker is bringing home a thousand dollars a week or more, we will be able to completely take down the Hollywood, Sumner Redstone type culture destroying machine that is devastating us. We all know for a fact that the white middle class focuses on such matters much more intensively when they have bulging wallets. This downturn of economics and the Presidency of Obama is killing recruiting and outreach efforts. We have all noticed this.

  26. “…it has NOTHING to do with helping the White race for you anymore than it is for the rest of the GOP.” – Whites Forward

    If you are so disgusted with your fellow whites, then why care about helping the white race?

  27. Brutus,
    How far do you have to go before worse isn’t better but actually worse?

    For example, what if a mass amnesty was granted to illegal aliens? Do you think there would be some kind of mass rebellion by whites?

  28. Worse is only better to the extent it mobilizes people into action to keep things from getting worse. If no one takes action, things just get worse, and what you end up with is South African and Rhodesia. In South Africa, the prevailing horrible conditions have not led to a groundswell of racial consciousness much less meaningful change in the status quo. Life has simply gotten horribly worse for Whites.

    The most one can say about the worse is better theory is that the theory holds true in some cases (the USA from 2008-2010 and post-WW1 Germany) but not others (South Africa for the last 20 years and Russia after the October revolution of 1917).

    The problem with the vanguardist position is that it assumes the worse is better theory will always lead to better results for Whites which is clearly not true.

  29. Z, why are you asking a question the answer of which is being played out RIGHT NOW in front of your eyes? What on earth do you think is motivating people against immigration? Even many Liberals have went silent and no longer chant “racist, racist” when the subject of all the non whites is brought up and what to do about them.

    Hardly anyone cared just a few years ago. What do you think has caused the drastic change?

    You know full well what has caused it. And it is not that Smallville America is 90 plus percent white. It is because reality has hit them and people don’t know what the hell to think now that their small towns look like a Diversity commercial.

    Yes, I know that the reference to South Africa at first sounds like a right spiffy comeback to counter the “worse is better” line of reasoning. Until, as with so many other subjects, some thinking comes back into play. Of course SA went to hell when the whites turned over control, seeing as how blacks were an overwhelming majority and the whites only ruled by total domination. The comparison is useful, but not quite for what we are talking about.

    We all now know for certain that white people do not get concerned when they think they are still living in 1950, all white America and the industrial king of the entire world. We know that now as surely as the law of gravity. We have went beyond theory and are deep into application and practice. It is certain.

    Now, I also know that in a better universe, it would be great if we could get our people thinking about race and the dire threats that face them as a race and culture without hardship, but evidently we can’t. I am sorry, Z. I really wish it were not so. I really do. But it is not to be.

    I was of course sarcastic in my above post, but it is the damn truth and if you do not know it, you MUST simply be not old enough and have an inadequate knowledge of this population due to inexperience. And I am not saying that to denigrate you, but to tell you something that you may not honestly know, as would be quite understandable and thus your line of thought reasonable from your perspective, but wrong.

    As for what extent is too much, that will depend entirely on the individual and will vary depending on his vision. For example, some want a Balkinization of North America into smaller city-state type governed provinces, and thus require a more drastic “worse” to initiate that. Others, however, want only a whites only more or less version of what we have now minus a large non white presence and the Hollywood type culture. These require only enough of a shock to get a higher percentage of whites to pressure politicians to end illegal immigration and try to get a handle on ending so many handouts for nonwhites.

  30. What Alix posted above about racial demographic changes is why I don’t believe in White Nationalism and an ethnostate. It’s not going to happen in America, barring some strange unforeseen events in the distant future or the fabled “collapse”.

    Instead, I believe in white advocacy and being pro-white. The best we’re going to do at this point is restrict immigration as much as possible, fight and get rid of things like affirmative action, all racial policies in government, and all other racism against white people in our govt, society and culture. Fighting these things are right and just.

    The vast majority of white people you’ll talk to would think you were nuts if you suggested some type of “ethnostate”. Why? For one, they’re reasonable and know it’s an impossibility. They live in the real world and see diversity all around them in public and in our media. You’re just going to deport 100 million people? Build a fence around Minnesota? What. It’s absurd. WN will remain marginalized and ignored by most white people as long as they hold on to the ethnostate idea. I mean, is James Edwards even a WN? I don’t think so as far I’ve heard him speak. Not surprised then at how good he’s doing. If he harped on about an ethnostate his popularity would plummet.

    Pro-white, white advocacy, and raising white racial consciousness. That’s the best bet. It’s perfectly reasonable, as every other group on Earth fights and advocates for themselves.

    It’s amusing when people say Hunter is going mainstream. You have to be pretty out of touch with reality to say that. The guy is openly pro-white. That makes him de facto non-mainstream. He also still believes in an ethnostate as far as I can tell, so he hasn’t let go of that yet. I think maybe it’s only a matter of time.

  31. WhitesForward
    “Maybe you haven’t taken the Iraq/Afghanistan factor into account when thinking about the alienation of some White people. Don’t overlook it, or you’ll miss a key part of the whole story. Alienation doesn’t usually occur out of nothing, you know. Cause and effect.”

    I think the version of alienation you describe is valid and you’re entitled to it.

    However i think there’s another kind which is common in WN circles.

    There’s a percentage of white people who are naturally racial. There’s a percantage at the other extreme who aren’t racial at all but are instead motivated by abstract ideals. There’s a large majority in the middle who are basically racial *but* will submit to the authority of the current social ideals. I think it’s a white thing.

    The minority of whites who are naturally racial don’t understand why the majority of white people aren’t like them and it seems to me they often end up getting bitter towards their own people because of it.

    For those people, White people are just like that, just accept it and instead of trying to make white people be like you instead learn how to manipulate the social ideals that control them.

    Replace “Diversity is Good” with “Diversity Kills.”
    Replace “Free Trade is Good” with “Nation First. Economy Second.”


    Don’t try and change white people. The way white people are is our green goddess. Change the social ideals and white folks will organize on those principles in the same hyper efficient way they are currently destroying themselves because of following the deliberately destructive social ideals put in place by stealth by cultural marxists.

  32. Re: Mr. Dithers.

    (1) South Africa is a clear example of “worse is better” in action. Whites are a small minority in a country where blacks are around 90 percent of the population. They are slaughtered by violent criminals on a daily basis. They are discriminated against by the government and pillaged by high taxes.

    (2) How did Whites respond to “worse is better” in South Africa? They ran away. Those who were too poor to get out were left behind.

    (3) Eugene Terre’blanche (i.e., the Hitler on a White Horse) was even martyred there.

    (4) Whites in California have responded exactly like the Whites in South Africa. Instead of dealing with the problem, they ran away to other states, leaving the poorer Whites behind. Now, California is worse off than ever before and has Jerry Brown as Governor.

    (5) It would have been better for California if (a) Prop 187 had survived in the courts and (b) Pat Buchanan had been elected President in the 1990s.

    (6) If Buchanan had been elected in 1992, there would never have been NAFTA or any of these other free trade agreements. The border would have been secured and immigration laws would have been enforced. The illegals would have been deported from California. A Buchanan presidential triumph twenty years ago would have laid the foundation for moving in a more radical direction.

    (7) Whites have put up with affirmative action for at least four decades in the United States. They have put up with political correctness for three decades.

    (8) Whites have endured illegal immigration and violent crime and integrated schools for four decades.

    (9) The mulatto bastard son of Kenyan communist sits in the White House. The election of Barack Obama worked to the advantage of the Tea Party. It did nothing to change the fortunes of the White Nationalist movement.

    Worse is better? The collapse of the America economy in 2008 put Barack Obama in the White House, not Alex Linder or any other vanguardist. The Great Depression put FDR in the White House. The Communist Party USA thrived in the Depression while the Second Klan collapsed.

    (10) Oregon is not a lily White state.

    (11) California and Hawaii are more non-White than South Carolina or Alabama. Yet they are both solid Blue states.

    (12) Why haven’t Whites in Vermont responded to the dominance of leftwing kooks by throwing them out under the worse is better theory?

    (13) It is not true that anti-illegal sentiment correlates with the presence of illegals.

    Iowa, a lily White state, sends Steve King to Congress. Wisconsin just elected a restrictionist state government. Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi, which are relatively less affected by illegal immigration Colorado, New Mexico, and California, are far more militant about the issue.

    (12) Hawaii, New Mexico, and California are proof that worse is not better. Is Hawaii a great bastion of White Nationalism or is it more like a great bastion of miscegenation?

    (13) Twenty years ago, Americans were will aware of illegal immigration being a problem. In fact, there was more resistance to illegal immigration in the 1990s in California than there is today.

    How do you explain that? Things have gotten dramatically worse for White people in California. Maybe it is because all the people who disliked illegal immigration there voted with their feet. That is what they have done in South Florida too.

    (14) The Tea Party sprung up in reaction to the expansion of government and government spending under Bush and Obama – the sense of betrayal by the Bush administration.

    (15) The Civil Rights Movement triumphed at the height of the “good times” – the postwar economic boom – in the 1950s and 1960s. Similarly, the Immigration Act of 1924 was passed in the Roaring Twenties, not in the Great Depression.

  33. Nathan,

    Pro-White, White Advocacy, and raising White racial consciousness … these are all things that have to triumph before a White ethnostate or seriously addressing the Jewish Question even gets put on the table.

    In some parts of the country, it is taboo to be pro-White or to talk about racial differences. In Alabama, most White people are instinctively pro-White and understand racial differences. They are explicit Whites or mostly on the far end of the implicitly White spectrum.

    The “mainstream” down here is much further along than it is elsewhere.

  34. Z,

    The DREAM Act passed the House. Barack Obama signed the South Korea free trade agreement. The Pigford scam is now in the second round of ripping off White taxpayers.

    Worse is better.

    Wait a minute … What about the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Los Angeles Riots, the Watts riots and especially the IRCA amnesty in 1986?

    We have already passed one amnesty in this country. Why didn’t that amnesty spark a vanguardist triumph? If that amnesty only made life easier for illegal aliens and attracted millions more of them here, what makes you think this amnesty will be any different?

    Worse is better … just a way that our enemies market the political platform of Imagine2050 and the SPLC to White Nationalists.

  35. The multicult’s social ideals could never become as dominant in places like Alabama where white people had already had a lot of experience of diversity. Places like that would need more actual coercion to make white people conform. If / when more white people wake up the corcion will increase likewise.

  36. I lived in South Africa for some time and my father is originally from there.

    I never met a White South African who wasn’t racially conscious. It’s impossible not to be there. They all choose to live in the Whitest neighbourhoods possible (even the Liberals), shop in White places, socialise in White places etc.

    I lived in the English speaking White part of Cape Town, in a liberal, largely Jewish neighbourhood, I went to boarding school and University in an upmarket English speaking neighbourhood. These people are the White liberals of South Africa. They are all racially conscious. They don’t know any blacks other than servants and the odd Uncle Tom that went to school with them. These Uncle Toms are the blacks they meet at work etc.

    I would estimate about half or more of my high school and university classes left the country. A lot went to England but others to Australia, New Zealand and one or two to the US.

    My point is it’s impossible not to be racially conscious when you’re a 10% minority and most people with the means just leave that situation. Also, the only reason they aren’t honest about race is the fear of social and economic consequences. There are also some Christian do-gooder types (like my ex-girlfriend who otherwise is awesome) who believe White people have a duty to help blacks. She was very upset when she found some South African Patriot in Exile newspaper in my flat featuring the old South African flag.

    I’ve been physically opposed by White South African liberals in London for wearing the old colours. I suspect the real reason for that is because they don’t want to be seen as racist abroad, not because they are not racially conscious.


  37. Lew – we have to do what works, don’t we? And Whites are so maddening, after all…..

    I spent last evening with a Christian family. They do what we speak of – they have a buncha kids (and I don’t think there are more enchanitng children on the face of the Earth. There kids are dazzling. I m completely swept away.), the very intelligent Mom homeschools. The Dad busts his butt to support his family. The parents work as a team. They are not racialist, as the major weakness of Christianity – the Universalism – forbids this. But they sense a change, and a great danger. They moved out of The City, to a small town, for the benefit of thier children. They are among the folk that “looked me up”. We’ve have…oblique….conversations about Race. By speaking about the things I love – I have unwittingly spoken about the things they love.

    My job is to get them to understand that they wil have to exclude The Other, for the benefit of their children’s future. That no matter that the Other may, as an individual, be a “nice person” – that all that The Other wil destory what is best in their children.

    Z- angry and fiery won’t work with these people. They must percieve the Other as the Bad. Not me. By appealing to their highest ideals – which I love as well – I can reach them. I’ve already gotte nthe Mother to state that she is not a pacifist, and that “there’s nothing Godly about allowing Evil to kill you off”. That’s it’s noble to fight for and defend the Good. Now – they must get ready to admit that not…every-one…it the same.

    I am Christian. Most White Americans are. The thing is – I can talk aobut Racialism among Christians because I know what they believe. I am finding ways to get around the corruption in most of the churches. My new approach is to get Christians to talk about God, andwhat God is really like. God does not love every-one. We are all God’s Children – but God has definite favorites.

    This is true, in Christian doctrine. This ….works…..my fellow White Christians know this. They don’t wnt it to be so – but they know it. So – for me – by very gently pointing out that God holds out His hand – with conditions – conditions desinged ot make us better people – I can slowly get my fellows to discriminate again. To judge. To see wht is good, and bad. Amd that Whites are not perfect – no one is – but what does each group really do – to fulfill God’s wishes for us. Why is it always one way. Why are Whites always expected to igve, and to sacrifice, and to take up the mantle of responsibility for all others? When are the Darkies gonna step up? (Alas – I canopt put it that crudely anymore. drat. I lovew rude names!)

    In the end – all I care about is what works. Fiery and angry works on some – but not all.

    I wrote what I wrote to Whites Forward cause I do understand his utter disgust, and appalled fury. Been there. Done that. But in the end, and fury and despair is simply the way to our lonely graves. We must decide why we are White Nationalists in the end. Is it becuse we hate The Other so very much, or is it because We Love Our Kin the Most. Iin the end, with We Whites – it’s gonna be about what we love. The things that draw us. That interest us. The things that enchant us, and captivate our brilliant imaginations.

    We are the Creative Race. We are the Children of Light. We must remember this, at all times, when dealing with our capricious, infuriating, obstinate, enthralling, absolutely bewitching Race.

  38. Re: Mr. Dithers

    Speaking of homosexuals and pedophiles, it might be worth taking a hard look at vanguardists, as they have always been attracted to fascism like moths to a flame.

    Are you sure you want to play that card?

    I don’t even have to say it here. The names are familiar to everyone.

    Frank Weltner of Jew Watch is one example of a misanthropic vanguardist homosexual. He just said the other day that White people deserve to die.


  39. Denise

    You and I are largely on the same page.

    I was angry and alienated for a long time, unkind people may say I still am.

    It is annoying that you’ve moved thousands of miles from Cape Town largely to get away from diversity and then to find that England is getting more diverse every day. Not only that, but when you open your mouth about it Whites oppose you more often than not.

    So I’ve softened my approach, talk about the situation in SA more if they’re prepared to listen, sow little seeds that way, if they can admit I know more about the SA situation than them (not always a given with know-all liberals).

    I spent years in the WN subculture in England and was involved with Odinism for a time. Most White people regard Odinism as a joke and some of the Odinists are into drink and drugs.

    I got thinking about ways of changing my life towards not drinking and meeting White girls who wanted to live clean and raise good families so I investigated the LDS Church (hat tip Matt Parrott).

    So I became a Mormon and it’s an improvement on my earlier lifestyle. I’m trying to sow seeds there and in many ways they’re good people. In Sunday School this week, the Book of Ezra was being discussed. I made the point that the Samaritans were only allegedly impure, but the young lady shut me down saying they didn’t want to hear from me about mixed marriages. Probably because they knew I was appalled by a young lday in a neighbouring ward having been engaged to a Black Angolan. Thankfully they’re no longer engaged.

    Point being, I’m trying to be less alienated and engage with positive White people and find stuff to be more positive. Not to let myself get isolated, lonely and angry, to try to improve my situation meeting some non-WN White folks where they’re at

  40. Nick van Rensburg – you sound like a great guy and we have shared many life experiences including looking for White religious groups (Odinism and Latter Day Saints).

    I encourage you on this positive path you are on – going mainstream and not hammering people 24/7 about race wars, collapse of civilizations etc.

  41. Jack

    I know not everyone on here is a big fan of yours, but I admire your positivity. I also like Abba and was grateful for you posting some George Strait.

    We don’t get much Country in Europe. I like using Dolly Parton as a test for people. If anybody hates Dolly Parton, I know they’re probably anti-White.


  42. Mark Potok must love Stormfront. I know there are a lot of good people there, but most of them blame Jews for everything, including this apparent Muslim terror attack in Sweden. They are so paranoid and easily discredited they play right into Potok’s paradigm. So once again, we have the Vanguardists making life difficult for those of us who want to tackle the JQ in a reasonable way. They don’t seem to understand that Whites can have more than one adversary at the same time. This isn’t scapgoating the vanguards. It is just a statement of fact.

  43. Nick van Rensburg says:
    December 13, 2010 at 4:43 pm
    I know not everyone on here is a big fan of yours, but I admire your positivity. I also like Abba and was grateful for you posting some George Strait.
    We don’t get much Country in Europe. I like using Dolly Parton as a test for people. If anybody hates Dolly Parton, I know they’re probably anti-White.

    Jack Ryan replies:
    Thanks for the kind words Nick. Yes, Dolly Parton was/is a great gal, lots of good music and down home, folksy appeal. Dolly has an amusement park named after her in her hometown area of East Tennessee “Dollywood”.

    But, Nick I should warn you that Dolly Parton once said extremely “Controversial” comments that the Jews run Hollywood – I was SHOCKED, SHOCKED to hear such an outrageous statement.
    Dolly Parton said:
    “country singer Dolly Parton told Vogue magazine a couple of months ago that her idea for a TV series about a country singer who becomes a gospel singer was turned down by Hollywood, she said that “everyone’s afraid to touch anything that religious because most of the people out here are Jewish, and it’s a frightening thing for them to promote Christianity.”

    Parton’s comments in: “Interview with Dolly Parton”, Vogue magazine, January 1994

  44. Jack

    I never knew Dolly said that, but it makes me like her even more 🙂

    Didn’t she once work with Ladysmith Black Mambazo? Or some Black Gospel type group?

    Anyway, she is the poster girl of implicit Whiteness for me

  45. Nick van Rensburg says:
    December 13, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    I never knew Dolly said that, but it makes me like her even more
    Didn’t she once work with Ladysmith Black Mambazo? Or some Black Gospel type group?
    Anyway, she is the poster girl of implicit Whiteness for me

    Jack Ryan replies:
    I followed Dolly’s singing and acting career a bit through the 1980s than lost track of her as I just wasn’t in to country music at all or pop Hollywood movies at the time. I don’t know about the groups you mentioned, think she was open to doing lots of cross over music, acting to get out of being just put in the “Country” category.
    I am a bit surprised that she got away with dissing the Jews who run Hollywood, though I think she had to do lots and lots of apologizing.

  46. “Military staffer knew about attacks: report”


    “A Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten) employee warned an acquaintance to stay clear of an area in central Stockholm on Saturday where, several hours later, two explosions went off in what is being called a terrorist attack.”

  47. I actually admire what Denice and Nick are doing…these folks sound like sincere racialists. I notice the difference between what they do and what I see more often in the ‘movement’. Denice and Nick didn’t say anything about politics…amen and kudos for that! I bet that when the politicking right-wing bunch in “the movement’ have jumped wholehearted into the GOP and lost all that political career-harming “pro-White” stuff, Denice and Nick and people like them will still be going strong in their personal non-political outreach. They will probably find and successfully motivate a few decent Whites. Denise, Nick, and anyone else who is pursuing their way probably already knows that their way works…until their contacts start getting caught up in the “movement” political garbage or when the get swept up by GOP fever because they were still sucking on the teets of Faux News & Co. That BS political game leads those few other-wise decent Whites we could reach to get swept up back onto the path to the slaughterhouse. Politics is seducing…you feel that there is no way that we as individuals could reach enough people one-on-one, you feel that we need change ASAP, and you really want to hope for an easier political shortcut. Well, there are a lot of smooth-talking political predators and conmen out there waiting for you, your energies and your money when this seductive feeling about getting involved in politics grips you. Sorry to say it, but there are many Bernie Madoffs in the political world…even in the right wing, even some painting themselves as pro-White. They often are NOT pro-White “vanguardists”, because the benefits that can be acrued from a tiny fringe cult is meager and small fry. No, most pro-White Bernie Madoff type leaders try to go gung-ho for the mainstream, but they need to enter it with their own faction to have some leverage to wield against the current dominant leaderships in the Right Wing tent. They want the same thing that the big Right Wing leaders have set up for themselves—they don’t give a damn about actually and consistently serving their race or telling the whole truth— but they need to ride a significant discontented White ‘grassroots’ constituency back into the GOP to compete for their political prize. THAT is what the Tea Party is all about. THAT is what the mainstream of the pro-White POLITICALLY FOCUSED movement is all about. The only contemporary major pro-White political leader in America who has come anywhere near mainstream and still stuck for his racial and truth telling principles was Dr. David Duke…he forsook the political prize that he easily could have attained by selling out. This is why I can respect him, even though he is far more mainstream in his approach and communications that I am. I know that he has higher priorities that most of these mainstreamers, because he has proven it through his sacrifice for higher things. How many other contemporary American rightwinger politicians will you see making any real sacrifices for our race? You can probably count them on one hand. Tell you the truth, I like Dr. Duke even more since he has been off the campaign trail and instead is teaching and writing books and making videos—no more need to play politics and hold back punches that need to be thrown. I’m sure the mainstreamers dislike him and seek to distance themselves from him and his politically inconvenient post-campaigning message for the same reason. Dr. Duke is my basic standard for a respectable honest mainstreamer…you claim to be pro-White and yet Dr. Duke is too radical for you, then you are still on the side of the System. I’m sure that Dr. Duke would disagree with me on many things, but at least I know he isn’t on the side of the System. Too many folks point to Dr. Duke earlier political efforts and they say “see, that worked”, but they still haven’t taken in and grasped the RADICAL essence of what Dr. Duke was talking about in the last chapters of “My Awakening”.
    They still want essentially this society and these people…but they want the demographic balance shifted a bit and they want a comfy lucrative spot at the table of power when it happens. They haven’t yet fully broken from what is messed up with America and our people. Thus, as they get involved in politics with a value system and sense of priorities that is still much the same as the other politicians’, the attraction to turn over to the Dark Side grows stronger and stronger until they give in and compromise for their thirty shekels. The worst kind of leader we can have is one that presents himself as pro-White or fools White Americans that he is their guy, all the while he is selling us out and misdirecting us. There is a reason why we have to DEMAND MORE and BE HARDER on those striving for leadership who claim to be closer to us and to represent us. If you think that Obama is bad (of course he is), just imagine what the System would have gotten through and gotten away with at our expense with McCain in the White House. Whitey would have been even more lulled to sleep or misdirected/confused then he already is right now. Any time Whitey started to get a little uncomfortable and started to express discontent, McCain/Palin/ Faux New and the rest of their gang would simply pull out their patriotard cards and wave their star-spangled flags and start talking about God this and God that and goddamn Muslims and goddamn Democrats…and then Whitey would shut up , suck it up, and go right back to sleep again. Once you seen this show re-run so many times, it becomes pathetically predictable. Sadly, it’s not just an over-the-top satirical comedy on TV…it is noxiously real in its effects and its consequences for our people. If you live anywhere near a heavily White (but rapidly transforming, from 6% non-White to over 25% non-white in TWO YEARS in my small Midwest city) and heavily religious part of America such as I now do (guess who did the mostest to get those non-Whites in the local area? Hint: It wasn’t mainly the Jews themselves), you will see these folks eat that patriotard/religious-bait crap up and they have that ‘zombie just had brains and koolaid for breakfast’ look about them. Yikes!

    Sadly, you know that these people are set up to be played and you know that the wolves are coming to feast on those foolish hens who think that they are so secure inside their unprotected henhouse. You know that all those wolves have to do is sing that same predictable feel-good rah-rah God Bless America song and do their dance with the star spangled banner, and these hens will become ripe and compliant for a wolves’ feast. Folks, pay no attention to the fact that some hens have disappeared and the wolf has blood dripping down from his mouth. Just worry about those wicked Muslims halfway around the world or at that (Australian Wikileaks founder) “rapist”/”traitor” Justin Assange who dared to reveal how much “our own government” lies to us by publishing some of its own confidential diplomatic documents [this has to be one of the stupidest Right Wing positions and biggest missed-opportunities I have seen in a while, even though they daily provide a constant supply of regular stupidity and proof that they don’t intent to change course in the slightest]. Oh, and don’t forget to vote GOP in 2012, alright, since they’ve done so much to protect us (from grasping reality, from remembering what is really important, from exercising our freedoms, and from actualizing necessary change).

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