Why Vanguardists Can’t Win

William Pierce combined penetrating insights with the wrong approach

The Vanguard

It is time to call out the vanguard.

In 1971, William Pierce wrote an infamous article in Attack! called Why Conservatives Can’t Win. This destructive mantra has been mindlessly repeated so many times over the past forty years (even years after the swift collapse of the National Alliance) that it has become an article of faith to alienated vanguardists.

I want to know if vanguardists can win. If conservatives are losers, does that mean vanguardists are winners? I don’t think they can win and intend to show you why.

Defining Vanguardism

The vanguardist is a peculiar species of White Nationalist with a range that extends across cyberspace. This political animal has a number of discernible, trademark characteristics. Specifically, a “vanguardist” is someone who believes:

(1) Conservatives are worthless.

(2) Ordinary people are lemmings.

(3) Worse is better.

(4) The system is broken.

(5) A collapse is coming.

(6) They will benefit from this collapse.

(7) A massive Jewish conspiracy is responsible for their plight.

(8) Revolution is the only solution.

Instead of engaging the cultural and political mainstream, a vanguardist is someone who favors withdrawing from the system, sealing themselves off in enclaves, and organizing around a dynamic leader.

Vanguardists with the financial means to do so like to hide out in bunkers in places like Washington, Idaho, or West Virginia. The majority of vanguardists though are tied down by their jobs and just log on to the internet under an anonymous pseudonym to entertain themselves and vent their frustrations.

It’s really an angrier version of sitting down in a La-Z-Boy with a six pack (or if you are Will Williams, a bottle of Jack Daniels) after work to watch Monday Night Football. The lemmings spend their leisure time trying to enjoy themselves. The vanguardists woad up their faces and streak through the internet for a few hours every night.

Some people continue to say that “vanguardists” don’t exist. Well, I strongly disagree. Having interacted with vanguardists for years, I know them quite well, and can describe their way of life in elaborate detail.

Vanguardists are easy to recognize. They are more ubiquitous in cyberspace than whitetail deer in the backwoods of Alabama at midnight. That’s saying something given the shape of my bumper.

So why can’t vanguardists win?

(1) Alienation – The single most important thing to understand about vanguardists is that they are radically alienated. I’m not talking about being merely disappointed, demoralized, or disillusioned with the status quo. Vanguardists travel well beyond that stage into waters where they are ultimately transformed into aliens within their own society.

The vanguardists express their sense of alienation in all sorts of ways. It is the impulse behind everything from their tendency to withdraw from society, their hostility to their own culture, their belief that White people must be punished for their sins, creating their own religion, dressing up in uniforms, creating their own flags, advocating alliances with despotic foreign regimes like Iran and North Korea, hiding out in a bunker, their demonization of their peers, the lavish praise they heap on Europe, etc.

The key to understanding vanguardists is that they are aliens within their own society. They are like Jews living among the Gentiles. The vanguardists are strangers in a strange land … America.

The saddest part of this radical sense of alienation is the estrangement of so many vanguardists from their own families.

(2) Unnecessary Barriers – Vanguardists are a tribe of radically alienated people going through a type of ethnogenesis.

From the outside, it looks at first like they are creating unnecessary barriers between themselves and their target audience. From the inside, they are going through a tumultuous personal identity crisis. They are trying to draw new ethnic markers that separate “us” from “them.”

It is a mistake to write off the vanguardists as political retards. Why do they insist on insulting their audience, dressing up in ridiculous costumes, creating their own religion, heaping praise upon hostile foreign regimes?

Isn’t that counterproductive? How are these things in any way essential to White Nationalism?

The vanguardists are not engaged in a political project in any true sense of the word. They are not trying to convince anyone to become a White Nationalist or to score victories in a political struggle. The vanguardists are radical non-conformists who are expressing their own sense of individuality in an underground sub-culture.

Vanguardists are the beatniks, hippies, goths, or punks of the White Nationalist movement. If it is shocking to the bourgeoisie to get a tattoo or a piercing, how much more shocking is it to get a swastika tattoo or parade around main street as a uniformed Neo-Nazi?

If vanguardist behavior comes across as “offensive,” it is because that is the intended and desired effect.

(3) Turn on, tune in, drop out – When seen in this light, vanguardist behavior starts making a lot more sense. It was their counterculture predecessors on the Far Left that pioneered dropping out of the hopelessly corrupt system:

The Hippie Code:

“Do your own thing, wherever you have to do it and whenever you want. Drop out. Leave society as you have known it. Leave it utterly. Blow the mind of every straight person you can reach. Turn them on, if not to drugs, then to beauty, love, honesty, fun.”

I like to think of vanguardists as “totalitarian hippies.”

They are radical expressive individualists with an authoritarian streak. Their tendency to quarrel among themselves and their refusal to yield to authority (except when they are the dictator) is the major reason their organizations always prove so dysfunctional and short lived.

As with the hippies, “the system” is not as impenetrable as vanguardists imagine it to be. When the hippies grew up and got real jobs, they “mainstreamed” the counterculture.

(4) Communication – Their radical sense of alienation, ethnogenesis and expressive individualism all combine to produce a failure to communicate between vanguardists and White America. They can’t get beyond the communication stage.

This is due less to a vast Jewish conspiracy than it is to succumbing to their own alienation and no longer having much in common with their audience. It certainly doesn’t help matters that they are aggressive and antagonistic toward their audience.

(5) Lemmings – As I explained above, the vanguardists sail deep into the waters of alienation where they undergo ethnogenesis and become a distinct tribe of White people. They have set sail away from White America. During their voyage, they have accumulated markers that distinguish themselves from ordinary people, namely the rejection of their own nationality.

When the vanguardists look back at the world they have left behind, everyone on the shoreline looks indistinguishable. They all look like gullible herdlike lemmings from the perspective of a radical non-conformist.

The vanguardists then conclude that ordinary people are too stupid to be worth bothering with. The system is too powerful. They cannot be persuaded of anything because the media is so influential.

In reality, the real problem is the self-imposed isolation of the vanguardists, not the legitimacy of the mainstream media, which fell into disrepute in Middle America for over two decades now.

(6) Non-Conformists – The vanguardists draw the conclusion that only a tiny minority of White people are persuadable, namely, the non-conformist intellectuals who have an authoritarian personality type that don’t immediately dismiss an extremely radical message.

The vanguardists look at the numbers and accept the premise that they cannot spread their message, successfully, to a wider audience; this in spite of the available evidence. They don’t have the numbers to compete in mainstream democratic politics or even a desire to do so.

(7) Rhetorical Radicals – The last thing a radical non-conformist wants to do is “shut up” and “blend in” or “work within the system.” As a matter of principle, vanguardists refuse to work within the experience of their audience, which is boring and bourgeoisie. This results in a failure to communicate and reinforces their cardinal belief that “the system” is hopelessly broken.

As I explained above, the radicalism of the vanguardist is not in any sense a political project. Rather, it is a type of expressive individualism for radically alienated people.

That’s why it is extremely important to the vanguardist that his radicalism be based in rhetoric and words which communicate his own sense of alienation and individuality to the man on the street.

(8) Z.O.G. – For the vanguardists, there has to be an explanation for their inexplicable failures, which cannot in any sense be pinned on their own misguided behavior: Z.O.G. motherfuckers, man.

Jews control the media. That’s the problem.

If the vanguardists like Alex Linder or Bill White could only get on television, all their problems would be solved. Presto, everyone in America would want to become a radically alienated, angry non-conformist who worships Hitler and practices Creativity like Craig Cobb.

The obvious problem with this theory is that the Jews are more than happy to put the vanguardists on television and write about them in newspapers. They almost never miss a chance to do so.



The Jews have given vanguardists free publicity ever since the days of George Lincoln Rockwell in order to portray all White Nationalists as violent, unsympathetic, alienated fanatics who dream about The Day of the Rope and kooks who have nothing in common with ordinary White people.

(9) Fantasism – Given all the above, Jews controlling the media, the lemming like behavior of White people, the omnipresent Z.O.G. which framed Edgar Steele, the patriotards who identify with America, the foolish “mainstreamers” who keep pushing the “system politicians” … vanguardists are pessimistic about our future.

They have given up on engaging ordinary White people and persuading them to become White Nationalists. So what is there left to do?

Create an elaborate fantasy world.

Vanguardists are radically alienated non-conformists. They are bearish on reality. Their whole lifestyle is based on rejecting reality and fitting in with their peers. This is why vanguardists have never created anything resembling a practical plan for getting us to the White ethnostate. Any such plan would have to take into account reality based obstacles that they would much prefer to ignore.

The way vanguardists tend to cope with reality is through an overactive imagination.

The best example of a vanguardist creating an elaborate fantasy world is Harold Covington’s Northwest Quartet. It assumes all kinds of wildly unrealistic scenarios. The Pacific Northwest is like Ireland and vanguardists are the IRA liberators of the people.

It has been a cornerstone of vanguardism since the days of George Lincoln Rockwell that the collapse of the system is imminent and that vanguardists will seize power in the aftermath. “Worse is better” is a strategy for realizing this fantasy world.

If every defeat for White Nationalism is a secret victory, then all we have to do is keep on losing, and in the long run we will win, without making any sacrifices or inconveniencing ourselves in any real way.

Conveniently omitted from this optimistic narrative is that vanguardists, as radically alienated non-conformists, calculate their every action to maximize the offense given to their neighbors. In the event of a real national emergency, vanguardists are about the last people in America that would emerge as leaders in their local communities.

(10) Escapism – Fantasizing about the inevitable collapse of the system and the imminent rise of the Northwest Republic is one way of coping with the unpleasantness of reality. Escapism is another.

This is why vanguardists have so many arcane debates about historical subjects like Holocaust revisionism. One way to flee from reality is to escape into the distant past or the near future or to the comfort of a more hospitable country abroad.

You can spend a good amount of time that way avoiding the things you dislike about your own neighborhood.

(11) Violence – As explained above, fantasism and escapism are the bread and butter of vanguardists, who have largely given up on reality based methods in light of their own extreme level of alienation from society.

Most of the fantasist schemes (i.e., the Northwest Republic) involve successful acts of criminal violence. The Order is one example of a group that took this sort of talk seriously.

Unfortunately, violence tends to have exactly the opposite effect.

White people in the Pacific Northwest were glad to be rid of The Order. They responded negatively to Oklahoma City and threw their support behind the federal government. The only people who saw James von Brunn as a martyr were other alienated vanguardists.

(12) Lashing Out – The last resort of the vanguardist is lashing out. This usually takes the form of rhetorical sabotage (i.e., pissing in the punch bowl) on other pro-White websites.

Spreading defeatism is one way of empowering our enemies, sharing the misery of the alienated, sapping the White resistance, and punishing White people who fail to respond well to their own righteous anger.

Final Thoughts

Vanguardists can’t win.

They can’t win because they actually want to lose. If every defeat is a secret victory, vanguardists have been winning for decades, although you would never know it from the state of White America, or the state of every vanguardist organization in existence.

Vanguardists have no solutions to our problems. Their hostility to our target audience makes our job harder, not easier. They say they want a revolution. A vanguard is supposed to be a spearhead of a revolution.

If that is the case, they should finally man up and go make one, instead of constantly trying to disrupt what we are trying to do, which is what works, as we saw yesterday.

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  1. Re: Jews Forward

    (1) I’m serious about reversing our racial decline in America. The most obvious way to do that is through changing our immigration laws.

    The White majority in Alabama and Georgia supports a restrictionist crackdown on immigration. It is just a matter of translating public opinion into remedial legislation.

    I believe in working within the mainstream (with the hated conservatives) to push our views forward in the South and elsewhere where it is possible. I want to make life better for White people and worse for our open and avowed enemies.

    (2) You are not serious about stopping our racial decline. That is the major difference between us.

    I am offering a constructive, practical solution to a racial problem. You are offering nothing but misanthropic fantasies and destructive escapist rants in my comment thread.

    (3) I’m glad that restrictionists have used FOX News as a platform to oppose amnesty. Pat Buchanan is an MSNBC commentator. I dislike MSNBC, but I will take what I can get it, which is more than we can say for you people.

    (4) The “path of the slaughterhouse” is clearly becoming such an alienated fanatic that you dream of ripping your own grandmother limb from limb.

    At that point your effectiveness has been reduced to zero because you are so crippled by ideology that you cannot even communicate with your own flesh and blood.

    (5) I’m not asking for the money of anyone here.

    (6) Anyone who is retarded enough to believe that becoming an ineffective raging alienated sociopath helps White people tackle their racial problems is so far gone that they are of no longer of any use to the pro-White movement.

    (7) The “whole truth” IS NOT that that the elderly need to be executed en masse. That’s probably the single most retarded thing I ever seen anyone who claims to be pro-White ever say.

    Join us … we promise to create not just a death panel like progressives, but a firing squad for your grandparents!

    (8) Duke himself has admitted that he lost in Louisiana because of the vanguardist baggage from his past.

    (9) Great idea.

    Jews Forward is the Einstein of vanguardism: abstain from politics for Tim Wise and his Jewish friends will have an easier time moving their agenda forward.

    (10) I’ve never met David Duke, but I have met his daughter. I don’t have anything against Duke. He makes a lot more sense than people like you.

    (11) Actually, I think David Duke is planning another campaign.

    (12) I’m for White people, yes. Even those who are not on board with White Nationalism.

    I would like to bring them on board, but they come here and see people like you, and think to themselves: this isn’t the place for me.

    (13) The worst thing we can possibly do is present ourselves as normal and “on the side” of White America!

    Shit man, what we ought to be doing is suffocating elderly White people in their sleep at nursing homes!

    (14) Hell, I would have took John McCain over you any day, and so would 99.99 percent of White people in America, rather than let a delusional alienated psychopath who wants to murder old people anywhere near power.

  2. “I would like to bring them on board, but they come here and see people like you, and think to themselves: this isn’t the place for me.”
    -How true! They see the ravings of a nut-job like “Whites Forward” (and two steps back, in his case) and would leave screaming in horror all the way. He has a host of mental baggage other than the psychopathic tendencies as well.
    WF; someone once said that “Pity is divine and self-pity is demonic”. You are the very personification of that proverb.

  3. Why Vanguardists– Or Mainstreamers, Or Anything in Between–Can’t Win

    Among Latinos, there were roughly nine births for every one death, while whites had a one-to-one ratio. (Census Report)
    It does not get grimer than that.
    If we completely sealed the border today, (fat chance) we still could not stop the inevitable consequences of the deliberate negligence of the last 45 years. Minority status here we come.
    Plan accordingly.

  4. I am offering a constructive, practical solution to a racial problem. You are offering nothing but misanthropic fantasies and destructive escapist rants in my comment thread.
    Hunter Wallace

    Constitutional amendments are needed to create a White Ethnostate in the United States. For example the 15th Amendment will need to be superceded.

    We need 38 states to amend the Constitution, assuming 50 states remain in the union.

    If 13 or more states are hopelessly anti-white then there’s no peaceful, legal way out.

    Do you believe that we can take over enough states to amend the constitution that radically?

  5. One practical step we could take is disenfranchising as many hispanic and black criminals as possible. This would create opportunities for polarizing confrontations with the feds.

  6. Alix,

    You are forgetting a couple things here.

    (1) The Hispanic population is mostly concentrated in a couple of Blue States: California, Illinois, New York, New Mexico.

    (2) What exactly would be difference in the Senate? California and New York already send 4 Democratic Senators to Washington.

    (3) The impending collapse of California will discredit the case for open borders once and for all.

    (4) The same argument (demographics is destiny) was made in the nineteenth century when Mississippi and South Carolina had a black majority. That is no longer the case.

    (5) If we win Whites over to our cause, dealing with Hispanics will be relatively easy.

  7. M,

    The 14th Amendment was never repealed. It was still in existence throughout the Jim Crow era. We can gut the 14th Amendment through the Supreme Court. If that fails, we can create a situation on the ground where it is unenforceable.

  8. There are practical things that can be done to make things “uncomfortable” for these scab citizens. For one, virtually every single one of these hindus running shops is a tax cheat. Yes, every single one, they cheat on everything they can get away with (Heck in their country they sell sugar pills as penecillian to people in need of life saving treatment, how do you think they feel about our laws?) Red State Americans can use their power to go over these peoples financial records with a fine tooth comb to get them for every little technicality. Before long word will get around that maybe it’s time to pack up and go home. All these “citizenship” applications over the past generation can be dug up and looked over for the slightest error as well. For instance I know most of these vain Oriental women lied about their age and took 3-5 years off their true age for vanities purpose.(A truly stupid move may I add, I’d rather have my paperwork make me 5 years older than younger as I could retire at 60 and collect as if I were 65) If I’m not mistaken, such would invalidate the whole citizenship application and they can go back to Vietnam.

    Along with abolishing Affirmative Action and downsizing the baby mamas pushing paper racket we can take over, if not eliminate, the EEOC. Remember that obnoxious TV commercial by the Marxist Ad-Council a few years back? The one where they are interviewing a really seedy looking Hispanic mulatto, who didn’t even have enough sense to shave off his criminal vibe facial hair for a job interview, afterwards the white guy crumpled up his application and tossed it in the circular file saying “We’ve got enough color around here already.” Only to have a Jewish looking co-worker dig it out of the trash and hand it to him with a dirty look on his face like some ever present Soviet political commissar. (As if that spic really was the best candidate??) Well, white men can get a license from a new government to go ahead and do just that to Chang and Jose, etc and soon word will get around that “America ain’t hiring, time to go home” for a lot of other clowns who invited themselves here to feast off of whitey. A lot can be done subtly, without shaved head clowns marching in the street with bayonets. Ever see Kubrick’s Barry Lydon?? It’s about a self made man who weasels himself into 18th century European Aristocracy by marring an upper class widow. Things go well at first till he beats his sissy little step son in public like a foul slum dweller, repulsing the Aristocrats he was trying to join. The following scenes are what I remember most, he was never told to “Fuck off and go home” by the upper crust, they just very politely made excuse after excuse to shun him from their social circle. That’s the white way of doing things, and the way that carries the least resistance to implementing.

  9. @ Hunter Wallace

    With respect, the Hispanic population is indeed important.

    California used to be solidly red, but now it’s solidly blue, thanks primarily to the growth of the Hispanic population.

    Texas, also a traditionally red state, is becoming more and more of a blue state, since Hispanics (combined with a smaller number of blacks) are the majority, and they vote overwhelmingly Democrat.

    With regards to the electoral college, those are two of the most important states.

  10. The 14th Amendment was never repealed. It was still in existence throughout the Jim Crow era. We can gut the 14th Amendment through the Supreme Court. If that fails, we can create a situation on the ground where it is unenforceable.
    Hunter Wallace

    And it was waiting to destroy the nation the second we let down our guard.

    The 15th is even more dangerous to our goal.

    1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

    2. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

    The radical reconstruction amendments can be put into hibernation but they can wake up any time that the anti-whites get the upper hand and undo all of our work. They make it easy for our enemies to exploit our greatest vulnerability, our law abiding nature.

  11. Ever see Kubrick’s Barry Lydon?? It’s about a self made man who weasels himself into 18th century European Aristocracy by marring an upper class widow. Things go well at first till he beats his sissy little step son in public like a foul slum dweller, repulsing the Aristocrats he was trying to join. The following scenes are what I remember most, he was never told to “Fuck off and go home” by the upper crust, they just very politely made excuse after excuse to shun him from their social circle. That’s the white way of doing things, and the way that carries the least resistance to implementing. @Nightowl

    One of the best movies ever made.

    You can watch the whole movie on YouTube –

  12. You imagine that there will be continued stability and prosperity, Mr. Wallice. That would not put you with the mainstream of economists, would it? See, serious mainstream economists are talking about the necessity of imposing super-austerity and massive revenue raising from the entire population in order for there to be any hope of continuing the current system, a employment situation that is terrible across the board for a generation or more and nobody is serious about fundamentally changing this jobs situation even if they had the objective power to do so, a lack of industrial infrastructure and of people skilled in the maths and sciences, a lack of profound incentive and trust to invest on the scale and in the fields necessary to rebuild THIS America.

    Others here have pointed out the bleak demographic situation and the difficulties of changing the race situation through Constitutional means. But even mainstream economists are indicating that “all the King’s horses and all the King’s men” ain’t gonna put America back together again.

    You made a lot out of my earlier comments about the betrayal of the older generations and what I think the likely consequences of that betrayal will be. What you haven’t brought up in these mockeries is the context. It would take a lot to get the young to be so angry and so bitter about their plight that they start to attack their own parents and grandparents, of course. No jobs (well, except for government thugs), no realistic opportunities, hardcore austerity, intense taxation across the board, inevitable police state measures that will become harsher and more invasive by the day (TSA is only a “softcore” foreshadowing the inevitable everywhere), the criminalization of any dissent, and bye-bye “free” internet. If they don’t Social Security and Medicaid onto a strict means testing basis soon and aren’t forced to tell millions of seniors that they won’t be getting their government checks anymore, I’ll be shocked.
    They certainly will not be able to afford maintaining the current defense budget levels and global military reach for much longer, and that means they will have to bring much of their troops back home and cut personnel…unless they employ them HERE for a necessary police state to control the population.

    I ain’t talking about some collapse fantasy from the “movement” fringes. This is the MAINSTREAM prospective about the troubles we are in and likely to face in the near future. Only the politicians doing feel-good public campaigning and the mass media trying to lull and sooth the multitudes will pretend otherwise, and we should know better than to trust them at their words.

    If you suppose that it can get better, then you need to explain how. The experts who are employed specifically to find a way to maintain this System are running very short on the ‘hows’ that don’t seriously worsen the plight of most Americans for the forseeable future. Can you imagine how thick the air must be inside the “President’s Working Group” meetings these days? Either major party can get elected, but the facts of this bleak situation won’t change. Somebody has to deliver a major shafting to a huge chunk of the populace and impose a strict diet just in order to maintain this America Empire on life-support in an ICU for a few decades more. Everyone at the top of this society knows it, because their experts are telling them. That’s why they have to get the populace as accustomed to sucking it up and accepting “the new normal”, because we’ve only seen/experienced the tip of the iceberg so far.
    What will the monied do when the super austerity, supertaxation mass-shafting shoe drops? They’ll move out and engage in capital flight with everything they can still get their hands on…and it really won’t matter if it is legal or not for them to do it. They’ll get out by hook or crook, before the government and “we the people” show up out of desperation to take their shit. That means even less jobs and a smaller tax base—so guess who’ll be stuck holding the bag and suffering the consequences? It’s a no-brainer.
    Notice how those major foreign countries that still have some degree of ability to do so are trying to pull away from the near-future train-wreck that even mainstream experts predict as inevitable for America. They are trying to chart themselves onto a post-America course, but they don’t want to pull away too hard before America has fallen hard on her ass, since she might act like a bitter bitch and start doing crazy warlike crap or hindering their ability to get more of their investments out in her last throes.

    You trashed the “vanguardists” (and BTW, I don’t speak for them at all), Mr. Wallice. But even those who would like to flirt with the System-oriented mainstreamer path want to know what your analysis and game plan is (without any feel-good chaser, please) so they can independently assess its merits. Forget about complaining about the “movement” and winning over the average Joes/Janes. for the time being..how are you going to save America from the web of crises it has already wrapped itself in and locked itself into? Even if you pro-White mainstreamers actually attained political office in significant numbers, how would you realistically avoid imposing the massive deep shafting and intense police state measures that I (and the mainstream experts) have indicated as inevitably necessary for this current System to maintain itself on life-support for a few more decades? The more I think about it, the more I wonder why (or if) the current ruling elites haven’t already prepared such a potent fall-guy scheme involving (implicitly or explicitly) pro-white populist conservative politicians having to deliver the big shaft to their own people. Then the current elites can have their favorite political step-n-fetch-it boys ride in on their moral posturing high horses, point to the terrible betrayal of the people by the “racist far Right”, knowing that the masses will come running for cover under their auspices. This way, they’d get the pro-White rightwing mainstreamers to do for them the unpopular dirty work of shafting the populace and imposing an even more massive and intrusive police state, and then they get to come back from behind pretend to be the people’s champions trying to restore America to the prosperous, safer “good ol’ days”. That would buy them a decade or two more to keep things together while they use the “racist Right wing tyrant assholes who stabbed America in the back” as their persuasive scapegoat justifying anything they do and washing away all of their sins in the eyes of the people.
    The “Reichstag” (ie, the American prosperity, strength and freedom illusions) gets burnt down on your watch, and you guys are caught covered in the flammable liquids used to burn it down…so what do you think the common people are going to interpret this to mean?
    Assuming that you could get significant forces elected to public office, how will the pro-White political mainstreamers avoid such a fall-guy set-up scenario such as I have described?
    What would you do if you begin getting a good deal of support from the monied and well-connected, but they’ll only help you get into power if you agree to impose the necessary austerity/police state measures and swear to a total “hands off”/”look the other way” practical policy with regards to their own interests and activities? How would you resist being seduced by that serpent’s apple that promises much more power, money, sex, comfort and anything else you could possibly want for yourself? Even if you can honestly say that you personally could resist that deal yourself, can you honestly say that you have such special confidence and trust in your fellow political mainstreamers to also refuse that delicious-looking serpent’s apple? Look, I’m just saying that man historically hasn’t done so well when he is tested by such circumstances before. You’d have to be totally selfless saints…and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real selfless saint who could fully overcome that kind of testing before. Didn’t those Christians out there learn anything from the story of Adam and Eve? According to that story, Adam and Eve had lived in paradise and personally walked with God Himself manifested, and yet even they succumbed to the seduction of the serpent’s apple. Do you really expect that you or your peers/comrades would do any better? “Come on, just take a bite of this delicious apple, just make the deal and enjoy your rich reward; if you don’t then someone else will…so your own family and your own people will go down either way; you don’t really want to be amongst the many who get the shaft, do you? YOU don’t have to suffer…if you take this deal.” Sorry, but believing and trusting in someone who isn’t a completely selfless saint to withstand that deal is beyond my capability. And the kind of extremely rare people now alive who could withstand such a deal almost never get into politics. Besides, just like I depicted above, one selfless saint ain’t a biggie…because that serpent will just find someone else who will go for it and then kiss his scaly underside for providing the opportunity. Just look at the current stable of folks in the rightwing who you could imagine as realistically likely figures that could rise to heights of power…and then ask yourself if you think they really could avoid the temptation of that serpent’s apple.
    Come on…there isn’t a sinless selfless savior amongst them.

  13. HW,
    Whites need to understand the true extent of the present demographic disaster. Most Whites have no idea how bad it is. The government, the media, the politicians don’t tell them that they could be a minority as early as next year!

    The Senate? The issue is extinction. What has the Senate, whether Republican or Democrat controlled, done for White survival in at least fifty years? (Jeff Sessions exempted.)

    The same argument (demographics is destiny) was made in the nineteenth century when Mississippi and South Carolina had a black majority. That is no longer the case.

    But it will soon be the case again.

    2009 estimates of White populations: MS 58.%; SC 64.9%. And there are untold illegals, refugees, asylees, green carders, overstayers, et al not counted in those statistics.

    Demographics is destiny. Ask Cochise.

  14. WF – humans are very imperfect. Even the best of ’em. There isn’t a sinless selfless savior anywhere on Earth. That’s the kind of absolutist attitude that is devouring you from within.

    I have been just and frustrated and angry as you. You should hear the blood-curdling Revenge Fantasises my dear pal Annie and I used to regale each other with…FYI – Annie’s doing great now! She has found her home (fingers crossed!) In the end sweetie – we’d just make ech other laugh. It was the highest achievement if we could get each other laughing so hard at our Flinging the entrails of Our Enemies Atop a Mountain of Their Skulls scenarios, tht’s we’d choke. We make each other laugh til we choke. We still do.

    WF – ya gotta find some fun. Happiness, and fun. I do believe in The Collapse. See – when it comes – I want to be ready with my Local Folke. Meanwhile – that Flies with Honey not Vinegar thing really works. Uh huh. Took me ages to discover this. Don’t waste as much time as I did. You are still young. You could meet a chickie – and make pretty babies. You;re drownng in Bitter Stew. Stop it! You have been doing this for ages – and it’s getting worse for you by the minute, apparently. You are the one that’s thrown yourself away – not “America”. Oh- we Whites are getting it in the teeth. We’ve done it to ourselves. S’ok. We do deserve what’s happening. We let it happen to ourselves, and each other. Remember, my dear – mny of the Swipples will suffer the worst…..we all of us know to stay away from Darkies. The Swipples won’t – we’ll hear their blood-curdling cries, from here, when the Pension Funds in the Blue States go bone dry next year – and the Cokkie really crumbles. So count your blessings.

    Most of the posters here are appalled by your desire to rip your Granny limb from limb. They are shocked! Shocked! I’m not – I’m used to vicious rhetoric (it’s Theater, folks) and hail from a Fam of Really Mean Celts. I also know that a lot of Elder Abuse is payback.

    Old people can be REAL Aholes. The faster a lot of ’em kick off – the better. They are the deluded ignorant morons that created this present mess, and sold their progeny down the river. The desire to rend an old lady doesn’t come across as very manly, though. I know it’s just talk – but think about it.

    I prefer to torment the Old Geezers I know, by quietly, but resolutely, telling them how their entire lives are lies. They they fought on the wrong side in World War II. That they were duped, and so proud of thier blind dumb obedience, and are now being stripped of everything they have. Thatr they deserve what’s happening. They threw away the treaures laid up over centuries, with both hands. I know lots of old folks that are really hard pressed – and DESERVE it. Every time I see an oldster that hired those “poor Mexicans” to do their gardening, at slave wages – and now can’t afford the house attached to that garden – I tell ’em that thier taxes got to comletely support the hijos of those poor Mexicans – and try not to get beaten to a pulp when you go outside, by the Mestizo drug gangs. I admit to a sense of sadistic satisfaction when they get a frightened, querrelous expressions on their wrinkled old faces. They don’t know what to say or do. 5 years ago, I’d get told off by a lot of these same Oldsters, for being so mean and so “racist”. These idiots aren’t as self-congratulatory about their “tolerance” anymore , when the Spanish Speakers crowd them out, and ignore them, and menace them. They didn’t get a” raise” in their Social Security scam, this year – and that nice Negro Obama – the Negro they voted for, cause he was gonna do so much for them – healthcare is more expensive than it was before! They can’t afford thier medicine! I never miss an opportunity to tell ’em that Pedro’s hijos count ’em there are too many to count – get everything for free. And that they are still so stupid they pul the Blue Levers every election. I really rub it in.

    Yes. I taunt them. I admit to enjoying seeing ’em twist in thier own wind….

    Now count your blessings. Holbroke just died. Decades too late alas. He should have died 69 and 1/2 years ago.

    And the Obama Negro Care Bill was just ruled Un Constitutional. In VA, Hunter.

  15. …They they fought on the wrong side in World War II. That they were duped, and so proud of thier blind dumb obedience, and are now being stripped of everything they have. Thatr they deserve what’s happening. They threw away the treaures laid up over centuries, with both hands.

    Every time I see an oldster that hired those “poor Mexicans” to do their gardening, at slave wages – and now can’t afford the house attached to that garden – I tell ‘em that thier taxes got to comletely support the hijos of those poor Mexicans – and try not to get beaten to a pulp when you go outside, by the Mestizo drug gangs. …


    I think you may find this article of great interest –

    Getting the Back Down Generation Into Perspective | Bob Whitaker

    I talked before about the guys who wear their paper hats when they’re seventy and brag about their War Against Racism.

    What they are demonstrating is that they haven’t had a life since.

    I knew that my boss, John Ashbrook, spent three or four years in the Navy.

    I didn’t know until twenty years after his death that, as a young Navy man, he was on a polar expedition with Admiral Byrd.

    I had done a lot of research on him. I knew all there was to know about his father, who had been a conservative Democratic congressman. But his Polar trip just never came up.

    Why should it? John died mysteriously when he about to win the Republican primary and was leading Senator Metzenbaum in the polls. I went to his funeral, but he didn’t. The police were still examining his body.

    In other words, we had hell of a lot to talk about, and he had more to do than run around in a paper hat.

    My uncles, who were with the marines in the Pacific, never said a WORD about it, and I must have talked to them a thousand hours over the years.

    I was at a meeting to keep the Confederate flag over the South Carolina Capitol. I remember one of he guys talking about an old guy who wouldn’t commit himself. Someone said something about old guys and he replied, “No, he’s not one of the World War II crowd.”

    I quote that because I remember it as a specific quote, and it showed that a lot of people besides me were aware that the World War II Generation was the Tough Guy Back Down Generation.

    They would say things like, “I fought a WAR. I don’t want to get mixed up in little crap like this.” They backed away from any fight for principle, but they did it as Tough, Experienced Types.

    They couldn’t be cowards, you see. They had had on costumes and one in three of them had heard a hostile shot fired. They watched the John Wayne movies and decided they were heroes.

    As I said, when people like Carleton Coon parachuted into North Africa or John Ashbrook went to the Antarctic, it just never came up. Marines in the Pacific didn’t talk about it.

    But now that I am not in one crisis or another day after day, things like this are falling place for me. I, too, was a bit too busy to philosophize. BUGS makes it possible for me to do so.


  16. To Hunter’s post of 12/13 @ 10:13am:

    1) South Africa
    I already said that’s not the proper context. White South Africans were disenfranchised virtually overnight and placed at the mercy of the ANC. There’s very little a people can do when they comprise only 10% of the population and no white nation will offer assistance. You can thank the U.S. of A and the jewsmedia for leading the charge against white South Africa. Please tell the audience which American conservatives tried to prevent the unfortunate demise of that nation. How about the conservatives ceded the moral high ground to the left and fled the field of battle like they always do.

    Hunter said:
    “4) Now, California is worse off than ever before and has Jerry Brown as Governor.”
    Moonbeam Brown was also governor when California was much whiter with far fewer illegals in 1975-83 so better isn’t always better.

    Hunter said:
    “(5) It would have been better for California if (a) Prop 187 had survived in the courts and (b) Pat Buchanan had been elected President in the 1990s.”
    Things worsened in California and the mostly white voters reacted with proposition 187. When the courts blocked it the exodus from S. California began in earnest. Why stand and fight when there’s 49 other states to move to?

    6) Buchanan stood no chance against Ross Perot in 1992. His best chance was in 1996 and I agree had he won the forces of the left would have been in retreat (but only temporarily) and out of control immigration would have been halted. But he didn’t win because many whites weren’t quite ready for his radical but necessary prescriptions. And he lost most of his support in 2000 after he went senile and picked negress Ezola Foster for his running mate.

    Hunter said:
    “(7) Whites have put up with affirmative action for at least four decades in the United States. They have put up with political correctness for three decades.”
    “(8) Whites have endured illegal immigration and violent crime and integrated schools for four decades.”

    So now whites are lemmings after all?

    Hunter said:
    “(9) The mulatto bastard son of Kenyan communist sits in the White House. The election of Barack Obama worked to the advantage of the Tea Party. It did nothing to change the fortunes of the White Nationalist movement.”

    I never said that it did. But if Obama’s open hostility to American traditions and white people serves to raise the racial consciousness of whites then that’s a good thing.

    Hunter said:
    “Worse is better? The collapse of the America economy in 2008 put Barack Obama in the White House, not Alex Linder or any other vanguardist.”

    It didn’t put any mainstreamer in either. Barack Obama was perceived by 44% of whites as a post racial candidate who had some answers to the nation’s problems and who was the lesser of two evils. His breathtaking incompetence and overt bigotry towards whites has served to reinvigorate the incompetent and near dead Republicans while resulting in a middle white America backlash in the form of the tea parties.

    Hunter said:
    “The Communist Party USA thrived in the Depression while the Second Klan collapsed.
    Well, duh. The commies coined the term “worse is better” and Lenin stated that the success of communist revolutionary activity was predicated on economic turmoil.

    Hunter said:
    “(10) Oregon is not a lily White state.”
    As of 2005 Oregon was 92.95% white. I stand corrected; it’s a friggin multiracial cesspool.

    Hunter said:
    “(11) California and Hawaii are more non-White than South Carolina or Alabama. Yet they are both solid Blue states.”
    Most states with near non-white majorities are blue states so that’s no surprise. Texas is an exception….for now.

    “(12) Why haven’t Whites in Vermont responded to the dominance of leftwing kooks by throwing them out under the worse is better theory?”
    Because whites in Vermont are living well with no illegals and blacks to contend with. White people living well under white left wing kooks is outside of context since there is no racial conflict. There’s also a large contingent of libertarians and secessionists in the state.

    Hunter said:
    “(13) It is not true that anti-illegal sentiment correlates with the presence of illegals. ”
    Agree, although in most cases it does. By your own words the growing presence of illegals in South Alabama radicalized you.

    Hunter said:
    “Iowa, a lily White state, sends Steve King to Congress. Wisconsin just elected a restrictionist state government.”
    Iowa and Wisconsin have problems with illegal aliens behaving badly. Wisconsin is a blue state but taking action against illegals. That shouldn’t be happening according to Hunter Wallace.

    Hunter said:
    “(12) Hawaii, New Mexico, and California are proof that worse is not better. Is Hawaii a great bastion of White Nationalism or is it more like a great bastion of miscegenation?”
    Probably the latter because there’s very little racial conflict in Hawaii, so whites don’t perceive non-whites as foe.

    Hunter said:
    “(13) Twenty years ago, Americans were will aware of illegal immigration being a problem. In fact, there was more resistance to illegal immigration in the 1990s in California than there is today.
    Explain that?…….”
    I will. Today there are more illegals and non-whites and fewer whites to oppose illegal immigration. Again, there are 49 other states to move to so why stand and fight? On a brighter note, the remaining whites haven’t given up and are attempting to get anti-illegal measures placed directly on the ballot.

    Hunter said:
    “(15) The Civil Rights Movement triumphed at the height of the “good times” – the postwar economic boom – in the 1950s and 1960s. Similarly, the Immigration Act of 1924 was passed in the Roaring Twenties, not in the Great Depression.”

    In 1965 things were very good for whites but not so much for blacks. If better is better than how did 90% white America, in its heyday in 1965, succumb to the civil rights racket? According to you that simply can’t happen.

    If elections are everything then how did radical blacks get their agenda passed with no members serving in Congress? Could it be that blacks and their Jewish handlers won the battle of ideas?

    In 1924 white Americans had a very healthy sense of racial identity and the universities hadn’t yet been taken over by Marxists and radical egalitarians. But at that time Eastern cities were reeling from Southern and Eastern European immigration and that immigration restriction measure was due in large part to the backlash by Northern Europeans who felt threatened by the newcomers.

  17. Well, duh. The commies coined the term “worse is better” and Lenin stated that the success of communist revolutionary activity was predicated on economic turmoil.

    I think Hunter’s point was that economic collapse isn’t always good for the right.

    During the Great Depression Italy, Germany, and Spain all went hard to the right (though with Italy they actually started having a more right wing government before the Great Depression started); but all the other Western countries either stayed the same or went hard to the left like America did.

    Why do you think the left did better than the right during the Great Depression in America?

    Is it just because Lenin said “worse is better”, and that his commie followers agreed with him?

    How exactly did that make the difference?

  18. Somebody here asked why I care about the White race if I seem to hate them so much. That’s interesting, because it is the same sort of question I asked the WN political types: “Why do you seek White racial survival and advancement?” There responses showed the great divide between us.

    I don’t care to fight for your ability to go shopping with maximum ease and a greater variety of commodities to select from. I don’t care to fight for your ability to get designer jeans and HDTVs and blinged-out Fast and Furious cars. I don’t care to protect your ability to hoard your wealth and stealthily keep it out of the reach of Uncle Sam either…especially if you still consider him an Uncle and still have a relationship with him. I don’t care to be used as a pawn in a struggle to allow you to engage in unfettered “free trade” global labor arbitrage so you can keep wages/benefits ultra-low and conveniently have a bunch of desperate would-be laborers cutting each others throats to underbid the others and cut to the front of the employment line or to serve your bottom line on the front line.
    “OMG—critiquing today’s capitalism is COMMUNIST”
    Saying stuff like that just shows the rightwinger’s true colors—they care about the wealthy rather than Whitey. They are pro-green rather than pro-White.

    @ Denise, Nick, and others of similar orientation
    Please beware that all the political scoundrels like to point to the “good ol’ days” in order to seduce ‘conservative’ people into supporting them, but they have zero actual intentions of taking us back. Just because they sing those old songs and wear nostalgia-inspiring outer-trappings on stage doesn’t mean they are being honest with you and that they really are “like you”. It is just a Pavlovian political tactic which they know usually works.

    Denise, Nick and all similars…I don’t think you are striving for the interests of the elites and the political class, unless during your outreach you start hustling Whites to get down with the GOP/Tea Party/912ers or some other rightwing political vehicle. What I realized is that as soon as you start becoming a political stooge and are derailing the conversation from race survival to getting “conservatives” elected, you start to lose your bearings about what is really important. Oh, sure, you seem more “constructive” and “productive” to the eyes of the ‘movement’, but the focus on a healthy secured and advanced future for healthy high-quality White children becomes less and less, while the focus on the current/imminent election cycle and the current rightwing bandwagon fad and the current narrow rightwing talking points becomes more and more important. With prospective and visibility of the big picture becoming so low, with principles chucked out to the sidelines or under the rug, with distinctions between us WNs and the rightwingers smoothed over and diluted for the sake of ‘unity’ and ‘becoming mainstream’…we end up serving the agendas of those who are not striving for what we had intended and what we deemed most important in the first place, and then we convince ourselves that this political activism is the only real game in town so we might as well play for what we can get. We end up becoming indistinguishable from those filthy self-seeking rightwing political players and THEIR values…meanwhile the future of the White race and higher ideals/principles get forgotten altogether.
    Just look at the difference between how you engaged with what I previously said here, and the way Mr. Wallice engaged with it. You still are fighting for our race and higher ideals…Mr. Wallice is just trying to score points and gloat amongst his politically-oriented ‘movement’ supporters. Both you and he certainly come across angry disillusioned White folks who ask ‘why should I even bother with these White folks anymore…why should I even try?’ You would try to reach such folks…Mr. Wallice would say that they are just alienated loser anti-White leftwing bigots who hate America, because that will get himself further along amongst his political buddies and his rightwing audience. Do you see the difference I’m talking about here?
    I have some WN friends who are doing the PLE thing hhere and elsewhere in the region. They are really decent folks. And they are serious…currently engaged in establishing business ventures and business collaborations as the initial solid foundation for a network of consciously pro-White communities WITHIN larger mostly White communities. They have a long range perspective. I don’t think they fit neatly into the “mainstreamer” or the “vanguardist” boxes—they actually involve both types playing critical roles. The fact that they aren’t trying to play the political game whilst completely dependent upon the System for some short term gains says a lot about them. They realistically understand that they themselves will likely not see the victory of their people, but instead are building and preparing and sacrificing for the sake of those in future generations whom we might be able to reach/raise from our own families as an extended racial family. It is set to engage with the larger society around us, while not acculturating and conforming/compromising to it on the most important things.
    It is first a biological organism (a family), then a cultural and social and economic entity with common ideals and common identity, and only after all that does it become a political body and an embryo of a White Nation. To put it simply as I interpret it, they are realistically striving to rebuild the White race and healthy White nations from square one again, slowly over the generations, step by step. Until we have BECOME meaningfully distinctly positively White again, until we embrace what makes ‘White’ unique and special again, until our people don’t feel the need to ask “why bother” and “why is White survival so important”, we simply can’t secure ourselves as a distinct race for much longer. The political game and legislation will not resolve our central problem, not even in the best case political scenarios that the poli-mainstreamers dream about. Dr. William Pierce hit the nail on the head about this in a speech he made–later turned into a video–called “Vision of a White World”. Here it is, in two parts:


    Dr. Pierce takes this even further in “Our Cause” , presented to you here in video in three parts:

    You want to know why we really should care about the White race? Listen to the videos above, and let Dr. Pierce explain its essence in compelling crystal clarity. The message he provides therein could have come straight from the core of my soul. If it seems weird and alien to you, ask yourself why?

  19. Re: Mr. Dithers

    (1) White South Africans were not disenfranchised. They still have the right to vote. Blacks were just added to the voting rolls. It was White South Africans themselves who made the decision.

    Apartheid was overthrown. This was “worse is better” in action. Apartheid wasn’t good enough for alienated vanguardists. Here was the White minority in action. It was going to get so bad that White South Africans were going to throw out the ANC and install them in power.

    How is South Africa not “worse is better” in action? Nelson Mandela was certainly worse than the “half measures” of apartheid. If worse is better, it shouldn’t get better than being 10 percent of the population in a black African country with the highest violent crime rate in the world.

    Finally, the U.S. did not lead the charge against South Africa. That was the Soviet Union. Of course that fact is conveniently omitted from your narrative. Just like the Democrats in America who are relentlessly pushing amnesty for illegal aliens.

    You have nothing negative to say about them because your agenda (i.e., making life worse for White people) is virtually identical to theirs.

    (2) California was better off in the early 1970s when illegal immigration from Mexico hadn’t yet overwhelmed the state. The proof is that millions of Whites who now live elsewhere in America were still living there at the time.

    Why didn’t the tidal wave of illegal immigration from Mexico radicalize White Californians and lead to the triumph of Tom Metzger and W.A.R. in that state? Because worse is not better.

    When life got worse, Californians packed their bags and fled to other states like Colorado, not unlike the White South Africans who can be found in Britain, Canada, and Australia today.

    (3) The exodus from California had been going on before Prop 187. In any case, the White majority in California passed Prop 187 and the “worthless” conservative Governor Pete Wilson was defending it in court, not unlike Jan Brewer today.

    The difference is that Pete Wilson was replaced by the Democrat Gray Davis who dropped the lawsuit. This was another golden opportunity to prove “worse is better.”

    Prop 187 was defeated. Did anything get “better” in California? I suppose so if you define “better” as losing and making life worse for White people. It certainly got “better” by that standard.

    (4) There is no telling where Whites would be today if Buchanan (given his racial views which are made clear in his weekly columns) had become President almost two decades ago.

    The troops would have been pulled back from overseas. Israel would have been defunded. Wars would have been avoided. The border would have been secured. Legal immigration would have been cut off. Illegals would have been deported.

    Instead of Pat Buchanan, we got Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, or “worse is better.” White Nationalists have so much to show for the last twenty years … don’t they?

    In Nevada, “worse is better” just gave us Harry Reid for a fifth term in the Senate, who is now trying to push the DREAM Act on us for the third time in four months.

    (5) Whites aren’t stupid.

    There was never a vote on integration, violent crime, affirmative action, or illegal immigration. Not a national vote. When Whites got the opportunity to vote on affirmative action and illegal immigration at the state and local level, they banned both.

    It is more like Whites are demoralizing and resigned to not being able to do anything about their problems. That is a failure of the White Nationalist movement, especially one wing of the movement, which openly pronounces its intention to make life worse for White people.

    Support us … for we can make life more miserable for you!

  20. WF – my involvement with the Tea Partier types is to expose them to racialism. That’s it. My raison d’etre. That – and good community relations are fun. I cannot stress this enough – I genuinely like the people I know. My White advocacy is good for them. I try to stress that the Races are distinct, and Whites have every right , as well as an obligation, a moral duty, to protect their own interests.

    Materialism – Humans like stuff. The desire to aquire objects is a wholly human trait. I beleiv this is not greed, but a survival mechanism. Things make existence easier. Should you, or any-one else, go to war over crappy Chinese shoes at Walmart? Of course not. Do humans go to war over turf? That’s practically all the human race really has ever done, if ya boil things down to basics.

    I try to get others to focus on Why We Fight. When Whites start really examining the reasons for putting one’s life on the line – cuo bono [sic] – then perhaps things may turn around.

    That old movie clip? It’s graceful, and lovely. Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney were wonderful singers. They sounded very very White. Read the Comments on the video. People still respond to and love this old film. There are reasons for this. This represents an idealized White World – this is how White People used to behave in daily life. I’m not speakng about the actual events that occur – but of the interactions. The sweetness, generosity. stoicism, gentle playfulness, and all around civility. This film is immensely popular. It’s gettng more popular, over time, unlike crass and ugly modern Christmas fare. Don’t ever forget the power of Art, to move, and inspire.

    Merry Christmas, WF.

  21. (6) That’s bullshit.

    You continue to insist that “worse is better.” If that is the case, then the vanguardists should be thriving right now, as every defeat for White people has been a victory for them.

    (7) Thanks to Obama, we now have Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor on the Supreme Court, not to mention all the other freaks he has appointed to lower courts, who are now in a position to eviscerate whatever state laws and local ordinances we pass.

    Oh … but Stormfront has a few more hits on its vBulletin forum than before the election.

    (8) I’m not the one who claims that “worse is better.” I’m not stupid enough to believe that an economic collapse would necessarily work to our advantage.

    I could have told you that before the economy collapsed in 2008. In the Great Depression, the Second Klan fell apart, FDR was elected to four terms, we got embroiled in World War 2, and the Communist Party USA thrived.

    (9) I’ve said all along that White Nationalists are not in any position to take advantage of historical opportunities. Vanguardists made White Nationalism as repulsive as possible to White America.

    So instead of joining the White Nationalist movement, Whites created the Tea Party instead when the economy collapsed and Obama was elected president.

    (10) So we want communists to thrive in America? That is supposed to be good for us?

    (11) I know your statistics are inaccurate because I checked them while I was writing my Wyoming and Idaho posts.

    Non-Hispanic Whites are 79.6 percent of Oregon’s population as of 2009:


    (12) South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama are Red States. Florida is a Red State in spite of being infested by Hispanics, Jews, and blacks.

    Why hasn’t “worse is better” worked out for vanguardists in California and Hawaii? It is clearly worse there. Life ought to be getting better, right?

    (13) That doesn’t make any sense.

    If blacks and Hispanics lived in Vermont, it couldn’t be any more leftwing than it is today. They send Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders to the Senate.

    Bernie Sanders … a Jewish Socialist represents Vermont. That is “worse is better” right there for you. Just worse, not better.

    (14) I was born and raised as a racialist. I lived in an area where all my friends and neighbors were racialists. It was thus easy for me because of my environment to identify illegal immigration as a racial problem.

    (15) I’m not the one who claims that worse is better. I think better is better: so it is great that Iowa sends Steve King to Congress and Wisconsin just elected a restrictionist government.

    Iowa and Wisconsin are trying to adopt Arizona-style immigration laws. Those states don’t have anything like Arizona’s illegal immigration problems. They are taking action because of the polarization even in the Midwest created by television and talk radio.

    (16) How can this be?

    Whites just slowly miscegenating away in a state with low racial conflict. That shouldn’t be happening under “worse is better.”

    (17) I don’t understand.

    If “worse is better,” why weren’t Whites radicalized by the defeat of Prop 187? Why didn’t they elect Tom Metzger Governor of California?

    (18) Elementary, Dear Watson.

    America was embroiled in the Cold War with the Soviet Union at the time and sacrificed Jim Crow because it was an albatross for American diplomacy in the Third World.

    If better is better, America would have avoided the Second World War, and by extension, the Cold War.

    (19) There were blacks serving in Congress. Blacks were disenfranchised in the South, but they were a pivotal swing voting block in the North, where over half the blacks in America lived by the 1950s.

    The same is true of Jews. They were an important swing voting block in states like New York and Pennsylvania.

    (20) Under the “worse is better” theory, Whites shouldn’t have passed the Immigration Act of 1924 when the Second Klan was at the height of its power and the American economy was at its peak in the 1920s. It should have happened in the Great Depression when life got worse for White people.

    If better is better, Americans would have been prescient enough to pass laws against Chinese and Jewish immigration in the nineteenth century, and all the problems associated with Jewish influence in American culture could have been avoided.

    Under worse is better, Jews coming to America and becoming powerful and influential should have been a great thing for White people, as it would have radicalized them to awareness of the Jewish threat.

    George Lincoln Rockwell would have been elected President. Of course that is not what happened because worse is just worse.

  22. PS – the Tea Partiers I l know are a very mixed bag. Political babies, but growing up very fast. The ones I work with, in my town, are the GOP – but they decidely *ain’t* Arlen Spector’s GOP. My current tack is “wh are we sending all this dough outside of the country, when americans arel osing their homes?” This resonates…believe me.

    My old TP group? A horrorshow. Completely Jewed up. Too stupid and self-delusional to see that everything they do is in polar opposition to their Stated Intents, as a group. Run by egositic hags. Absolute nutters. They’ve devolved into an Ayn Rand Worship group. Fortunately, they do very little. And they exist in a region with a rising tide of color. The go apesh!t mental, however, when any-one suggests ….race…may…be…and issue….. they will be hoisted on their own petards.

  23. Alix,

    (1) Of course Whites need to be made aware of the seriousness of the racial problem.

    (2) Within the last four months, the Senate has blocked the DREAM Act twice. Comprehensive immigration reform has been killed multiple times. The border fence was built. At least part of it.

    (3) This fact alone disproves the conspiracy theories. Our enemies on the Left like Imagine2050 don’t believe they control “The System.”

    I’m sure they would very much have preferred to have avoided all the defeats that have been inflicted upon their agenda.

    (4) Demographics is not destiny.

    You are forgetting that there is no perfect correlation between voters and racial demographics. In the Deep South, a huge percentage of the black population is disenfranchised because they are felons.

    (5) Demographics is destiny … if Whites consent to that result. If Whites do not consent to “demographics is destiny,” as we saw in Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina during Reconstruction, then we have a whole different ball game.

  24. Whites Forward,

    You are a sociopath who fantasizes about ripping elderly people limb from limb. Yet I am the one who is “losing my bearings” here? My retort is that you have lost your marbles, son.

  25. Whites Forward

    I also think PLEs are a good idea. Look at how the Jews operate, it doesn’t matter which party gets elected because the cohesive Jews have influenced all of them and ensure the difference between the Parties is on things the Jews don’t care about.

    Hillaire Belloc wrote a really good book about this called “The Party System”. It may be 100 years old and relate to the British Parliament but it’s just as true today.

    Likewise, if we could have a cohesive White population, we could have some of our people in all the Parties in the area, making sure that their platforms and actions are good for White people.

    Thank you for your military service. I am sure you did that because you believed you were acting in the best interests of your family and folk.

    My only advice would be try to control and conceal your anger a little more. I could also control my temper a little better. No-one likes the image of murdering their elderly relations. I understand what you mean though, our grandparents generation didn’t have to deal with Affirmative Action and the rest, it was easier for them to meet good ladies, marry and start families and buy houses.


  26. I think that you were shocked that someone would dare to express their disgust with senior citizens’ negligance, cowardice, and willingness to put their own interests above that of their children and grandchildren, and even more that such expression would be delivered in a public and colorful way. So I bent the stick too far, because I see it bent very far the other way regarding the seniors. If they aren’t demented or they aren’t so sick that their life expectency is measured in months or weeks, then they don’t have an excuse for watching what is happening to this society and their own children and yet saying ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it. You know those old folks get together often. You know they show up at churches on Sunday amongst many others of their generation. You know that if a lot of old folks started getting rambunctious about the future of their country and their children in the same way they get busy and loud about health care and Social Security issues, that would have a major impact on our people and it could take the “moral high ground” away from the ones who wield it from political correctness orthodoxy pulpits today. But it seems that nothing is more important to them then their health care and their Social Security checks and getting coddled and carted off to the polls by “nice guy” politicians. Somebody has to say, “old folks, you are acting like a bunch of selfish entitled welfare ni66ers, and if you continue to do so, you will be seen and treated as such by your own descendants.” Obviously, that straight-up tough-love message to the old folks isn’t ever going to come from the lips of someone who has political aspirations.

    So this will go on and on, and the descent into the abyss will get deeper and deeper, until there is very little left. What happens when you have a bunch of people stranded on a deserted island, with all food sources run out and no way out? Eventually, they start figuring that they better make a meal of the others, before the others start feasting on him. When hope is lost, when there isn’t enough to go around, when there is nothing left to do but tear into those responsible for our terrible tragic situation, you’d better not be one of the folks who had been commanding the ship when it wrecked.

    It doesn’t have to go that way. But the likelihood of a change of course at this point with these people is very very small. Reality itself will have to deliver a whoopin’ to end all whoppins. You have all heard of that old Bible story about Noah, the Ark, and the Flood, yes? Noah watches his people (and apparently every other people) go totally friggin insane and wicked, and he knows that this can’t continue forever without some damn serious Judgement/Payback resulting. Of course, God gets credited with telling Noah to get his family and some specimens of all species of life onto a massive Ark, because that Payback Time is coming in the form of a merciless worldwide flood. Noah obeys, builds his Ark, gathers the specimens of all the species that will survive after the Judgment Day, and he is mocked for it by the other people. Of course, according to the Bible story, a great flood does come, and Noah and his family and the life forms they brought onto the Ark are the only survivors on Earth. I honestly think that our race will experience a similarly acute test at the crossroads between survival and extinction, although I don’t believe it will come from any wrathful Jehovah (or Yahweh or whatever you want to call it).
    Some Whites will show themselves worthy of survival and thus get onto our “Ark”, and some will keep doing what they are doing now until they are caught up and destroyed in a “great flood” of a different sort. No, I don’t know for sure how or when it will fully manifest exactly, but I do know that ultimately it’s either “get on the Ark” or Game Over. This is an illustrative metaphor— I’m not really talking about building a massive ship for the surviving future White race to board, so you can tune out those Heaven’s Gate jokes now— but it may be literal in some sense too.
    What is a conscious White community with secured territorial living space claimed exclusively as a ‘homeland’ for its people? It is an “Ark”.
    What will the (ahem)”White” people outside that “Ark” do? They will mock it and continue in their ways, until they are “flooded” by aliens and suffer merciless Judgment from Nature for their own stupidity and wickedness. Nobody would force them onto the “Ark”, and quite frankly we wouldn’t want to bring most of them with us even if they finally did beg to jump aboard at the last moment once the consequences of their way of life immediately threatened them.
    In the last moments, they will try to buy their way in—with money, with sex, with all the old highly-valued currencies of the now-flooding Empire. But they will not be able to buy their way in…they won’t have any of the one key currency that we recognize and accept at that point: racial loyalty and commitment to the upward path. A White women could be as physically beautiful as an Aphrodite Incarnate, but she is worthless at that point if she doesn’t have a healthy White soul…and the same basic principle applies to White men without healthy White race-souls. We don’t need to bring all people of European genetic descent aboard our ‘Ark’, and honestly it would be disastrous to do so given the degeneration of quality within our race. Better to have only 100 thousand healthy survival-worthy high-quality Whites taking the upward path of Life than to have 1 billion generally soulless race-ingrate degenerate Whites who will march to their doom with stupid sheepish smirks on their faces until they get to the very edge of the abyss (who will then be unable to turn back against the momentum and weight of the many pushing behind them).
    That 100 thousand can and would make it…they could restore and rebuild our race. But that billion palefaced fools couldn’t be saved—perhaps not even by a radical divine intervention—because they love the cesspool and its ways. Even Creator-Gods eventually come to the end of their patience, cut their losses, move on, and try for better results next time around. That was the point of my not-so-little Noah’s Ark inspired sermon.

    Are you going to build an strong “Ark” for survival-worthy Whites, or are you going to trust reform legislation and politicians to protect you from a great flood?

  27. Hunter – WF is not a sociopath. I would not fantasize about ripping my elderly grandparent apart. Darkies do stuff like that.

    I agree with what WF wrote in his [above] post. re: Old People. WF is absolutely en pointe. You grew up in AL, among wonderful Southrons, right? It sounds like they raised ya right. I grew up in the NorthEast. I’ll bet WF did too.

    Hunter – I know you have dealt with all sorts of people, but I’ll bet you don’t know any really obnoxious, self-congratulatory, self-deluding, arrogant beyond comprehension Yankee Old Gasbags. Too many Northerns believe they are MORALLY SUPERIOR to, and SMARTER than, every-one else. Jews are crawling all over Khazaria (The NorthEast). The “elite” Shabbos Goy ape their mores, in order to suck up to their Kosher Overlords. I know you want to show respect to your Elders. This is normally admirable – but I’ll bet you have nevee experienced the fury, and sheer mean-ness, of some old “tolerant” Yankee – who is selfish beyond belief, and doesn’t give a flying Eff about what their actions and policies have done to and will do to future generations – as long as They Get Theirs.

    You would not believe how vile and stupid and selfish and DISGUSTING old people can be, up here. When Casinos began proliferating ,in this region, all the local Gubmint Board hearings on zoning, etc, were jammed packed with bought-off Oldies, who thought the installation of Mobster Dens of Iniquity would be Good for Them, since “senior’s property taxes will be cut”, and they will get access to casino revenues. Well, none of that happened, of course; taxes are higher than ever, on this region, in order to pay for all the crime casinos engender.

    In an earlier post on this thread, I referenced old people who patronized Mexican “help”. They were getting virtual slaves, yet they flattered themselves they were being really good and kind and moral, by helping “those poor Mexicans”. Anytime I complained about this issue, for years – I got major abuse rained on my ears. Never mind that the greedy oldies foisted these Mexican serfs on to the general American Tax Payer’s back, and unleashed the unrestricted breeding of same.

    I talk to old people every single day. Many are wonderful folks – but MANY are mean, crazy, and viciously, remorselessly selfish. They think they deserve to have every single thing they want, no matter how vain, stupid, and destructive – and they vote for their narrow, grotesquely selfish interests. Their motto could be “Screw the Future! I’ll Be Dead Soon. The Grand-kiddies Are on Their Own”.

  28. Re: Jews Forward

    (1) Why do you keep slamming old people? Are you somehow helpless and incapable of making your own decisions? Why can’t you man up and do something about the situation?

    (2) I keep forgetting that old people forced you to go to Iraq. Did old people force you to watch MTV too? Old people are why you can’t get a fucking job?

    (3) You are on the losing side of this argument. Old people are far more racially conscious than Gen X’ers and Gen Y’ers. The most racially conscious Whites in America are elderly White Southerners. They hate integration more than anyone else.

    (4) I don’t think I have ever seen an elderly interracial couple when I am out shopping. I don’t know of anyone who is over the age of 65 who have multiracial children. In stark contrast to some of the White trash I know from back home.

    (5) No one around here wanted integration or non-White immigration. In Alabama, the old people you hate voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Immigration Act of 1965, the Civil Rights Act of 1968, and the IRCA amnesty of 1986.

    (6) Old people are opposed to illegal immigration, affirmative action, multiculturalism, and miscegenation, dumbass.

    (7) People like you are responsible for “our tragic situation.” You don’t have any solutions to our problems.

    The problem is not that White people are lemmings. Most White people dislike immigration as much as we do. The problem is that White people look at retarded sociopaths like you and conclude that nothing can be done about these issues.

    (8) Just shut the fuck up already. There isn’t any Ark. There is only you sitting behind your computer screen living in a fantasy world – isolated, miserable, and unemployed. Doing absolutely nothing to ameliorate our situation.

  29. Denise,

    I’m trying to keep my biases against the North in check. I happen to like a lot of people (yourself included) who are from the Northern states. The sectional issue is one example of an albatross that we need to put behind us.

    If Jews Forward had said that Ted Kennedy needed to die, then I would have agreed with him, but instead he went on to attack elderly people in general. Most elderly White people in the South never approved of integration and still cling to that view today.

  30. Hunter – I know load of Oldies, ’round here, that still think the Kennedy’s are “American Royalty”, and speak glowingly of the detestable Ted.

    I learned, years ago, that the South was right, Constitutionally-speaking, during the Civil War.

    Thanks for attempting to keep your biases in check – but your biases are prolly accurate.

    I, speaking as a Yankee, want you to know how lucky you are to be a Southron. I have immense respect for my Southern White Brothers and Sisters.

    That said – I wholly agree with the concept of melting the South/North thing, re: White solidarity. Bravo.

  31. Reginald,
    Italy, Spain and Germany all had large and active communist movements in the years prior to WWII. In the 1930’s Spain fought a very bloody civil war in which the fascists defeated the communists. If it weren’t for the leadership acumen of Hitler and the Nationalist Socialists with the aid of brownshirt skull crackers then Germany would have fallen to communism. Fascist Italy resorted to harse measures to suppress it’s left wing and communist elements.

    The communists adopted a much different strategy in the U.S. and refrained from the open terror it resorted to in post WWI Czarist Russia and Europe. Well, at least until 1965 when communist inspired black riots erupted all over the country. Rather than terror the communists were known for their “long march through the institutions” strategy where they would begin infiltrating schools, churches, social clubs, universities, and government (at all levels) and government agencies like the State Dept. What Joseph McCarthy began to uncover right after WWII was only the tip of the iceberg.

    The communists were expert propagandists often resorting to pathological lying when it suit their purposes. Moreover, they were well organized and tightly knit due to the preponderance of Jews in leadership positions and their strategy multifacted, adaptable, resilient and patient. But, most importantly, communism in the U.S. was lavishly funded by wealthy Jews and the Soviet Union.

    It went far beyond just supporting your local liberal for Congress.

  32. Speaking as a gen x Southerner, I agree with HW. Most of the elderly here did what they could to fight integration. Both of my grandfathers supported segregation until the day they died. The post-60s brainwashing had no effect whatsoever on either one of them. They were both big George Wallace supporters. My earliest exposure to racial thinking, now that I think about, was from my maternal grandfather. I can remember him talking about the Blacks ruining the parks. This was when I was about 7 or 8. If anything, elderly White Southerners are the least to blame for the situation today.

  33. Re: Hunter’s comments:

    1) White South Africans are practically barred from government employment. The same goes for housing assistance and other forms of aid. The white poverty rate has doubled since 1994 mostly due to employment discrimination. Tent cities for white South Africans are cropping up all over the country. If that isn’t disenfranchisement then what is in your book? Voting doesn’t do a whole lot of good when your only 10% of the population.

    Nothing was omitted from my narrative. You just can’t admit that American conservatives were sell outs on S. Africa like they are on most everything. If anything, the U.S. and Soviet Union were ideological bedfellows in undermining South African apartheid. You just can’t stand it when someone makes a large crack in your revisionist history.

    The Soviet Union was losing control over its satellites in the 1980’s and was virtually bankrupt and prostrate after their withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1988 so it was the U.S. and not the Soviet Union who led the efforts to discredit and weaken the South African regime throughout that decade.

  34. Lew – my deepest andmost horrified apologies if I ws unclear aobut the Old People I was referring to. I did not mean to include a blanket condemnation against all Oldies. I. personally, am referring to the Yankees I know – the Kosher Floridian Oldies, and to the Left Coast nutbags. NOT to Southern Old Timers.

    Again – NOT NOT NOT to the Old Guard of the South. FYI – I have known about the righteousnes of the Confederacy for yearsand years. Agens before I ever heard of White Nationalism. I have defended the South for years, when my fellow Yankees begin insulting the South. I have personally apologized, as a Yankee, to Southerners, for the horrors and persecution they endured from the North. I have never acted against a Southerner, in a personal way – but I have periodicaly had clients bring up the War of Northern Agression. It’s always done as a sort of a bitter taunt. The Would-be Taunter is always shocked when I whole-heartedly agree with their viewpoint, and back up my sympathies with a few citations of the factual facts about the War.

    I don’t mean to sound like a Mea Culpa Dram Queen, when I do apologize for what happened. I simply say that the South was right all along. That Lincoln was a vile, despicable tyrant. That the South was Constitutionally sound, in the attempt at Secession. and that what happened was terribly, terribly wrong. Thaty I know I am not personally responsible for anything that happened, as I wasn’t alive at the time – but I understand the history, and tragedy of the Civil War,. That the South was deeply wronged. And that it’s bitterly ironic today, since the Southern States contain the last remaining vestiges of what the Founders intended.

    It seems to mean something, when I say this to a Southerner. It’s like a sort of historical validation. One soul to another. It matters – cause the truth matters.

    God Bless the Old Guard of the South. And the true Vanguard, in the very best sense – the Southrons!

  35. This whole thread is just a really negative thing. For someone who claims to have gone mainstream Hunter, you spend way too much time talking about these fringe characters nobody in the Tea Party has probably even heard of like this Covington character I never knew about until recently. I mean, I much prefer this version of Hunter to the “intense activist” who was going to re-imagine the Klan as a charity organization back in May. But some of these threads need to be closed down after a while. Reading some of this strange, alienated stuff these clowns and conspiracy mongers say after a while just becomes bad for the soul.

  36. Denise, no need to apologize at all; I should have been clearer that my comment was directed at Whites Forward, not you. Your posts are always great, uplifting and positive. You write the way I wish I could write and always have interesting things to say. So definitely, no need to apologize. 

    Regarding the North and South generally, I have nothing against White people from the North or anywhere else, and I’m embarrassed by Southerners bring up the War of Northern Aggression in a taunting way. Although the Lincoln dictatorship was a key turning point that started us down the path we are on today, it’s ancient history now. We Whites need to maintain a unified front and not needlessly divide ourselves based on geography. 

    I’ve been talking more and more to my parents and older relatives about life during segregation. I wish I had thought to talk to my grandfathers more about race before they died. As more and more people from that generation pass away, we are losing a wealth of first hand knowledge of what day to day life was like when Whites were not forced to live among Blacks to the extent they are today. I know they were both very disappointed about the direction of the country toward the end of their lives, and one of my grandfathers became especially bitter about fighting the Germans in WW2. 

    Ultimately, I think earlier generations of American Whites were pretty much the same as what we have now, a mixed bag. There were traitors, people who fought the good fight, and a large mass of people who were just trying to live their lives who were misled by the traitors of their time.

    Hopefully the day will come when the traitors of our own time get what they deserve. We need to keep working toward that day.

  37. Nightowl, I disagree somewhat. This is an important debate. Hunter’s long battle with Trainspotter, Greg Johnson and the Vanguardists has been very clarifying for me. 

    After the 1st, I’m going to drop out of the WN Internet scene and spend all my spare time trying to build up the A3P in my area. 

    Hunter has convinced me we badly need more work in the real world right now, without waiting for cultural transformation, and that all work in the real world has to be pro-American with a mainstream image to have any chance of success. Hunter has also convinced me to reject the vanguards’ attempt to subvert WN into a radical anti-American agenda. 

    Greg Johnson has convinced me the Republicans don’t need nationalist help in many places, and where I live that’s true. The best Republicans on immigration like David Vitter will win here without my time and money. 

    IMO my community is ready for a more radical message, something to the right of the Tea Party but not so radical as to be rejected out of hand. To me, this is what HW has been arguing — go as far to the right as you can go without being rejected to move people toward more radical positions like repealing birthright citizenship and stopping legal immigration.

    Maybe this debate has had no value for others, but those things are the takeaways for me. 

  38. LEW
    “Hunter has convinced me we badly need more work in the real world right now, without waiting for cultural transformation”

    No argument from me except i’d say combining the two ideas is an effective way of doing both.

    For example say you were politicking with the A3P over something to do with anti-white crime. You can talk about it simply in terms of the perpetrators and of the threat people face from diversity or you can combine that with attacking the MSM for anti-white bias in their reporting. The culture war benefit of the latter is that reducing people’s trust and faith in the MSM by 1% reduces the influence of the MSM on that person by 1% on every other subject.

    A good (imo) recent BNP example


    The report could just have been about the perpetrators and what scum they are etc but it makes sure to attack the media for covering it up and the various anti-white double standards in the police response to it.

    It’s more of a psychological thing than anything else. Spinning your head round till you’re habituated to using *everything* that comes up as an attack on at least one of the pillars that support the current culture.

  39. Nightowl,

    I can sympathize.

    Sometimes I come here and read the comments and the “I am wasting my time here” thought forms in my mind. I mull over shutting down this website and writing elsewhere.

    Lately, I have been encouraged that some of the commentators have taken an interest in fighting the DREAM Act. I’ve also noticed that there has been a remarkable turnabout at least on Stormfront.

  40. Wandrin,

    I wrote a post called “effective metapolitics” last month. There is no necessary contradiction between “changing the culture” and political activity. When I was in Virginia, I never argued about this with William Rome, as we agreed that both were necessary.

    Ron Paul’s presidential campaigns helped to popularize his ideas. Buchanan’s presidential campaigns gave him the mainstream legitimacy to write bestselling books that reached millions.

    The examples are endless. The Bell Curve, for example, was a book that was actually helpful. Mearsheimer and Walt’s The Israel Lobby is another still. Birth of a Nation led to the creation of the Second Klan which eventually controlled entire states.

    The problem comes when the specific ideas that are being promoted are those that appeal to exclusively to highly alienated people and do nothing but set us back and make our job harder.

  41. Speaking of unhelpful ideas, you are never going to believe the latest one that Counter-Currents is flirting with. They have been heavily promoting this book called “Archeofuturism” by Guillaume Faye. Michael O’Meara even wrote the forward to the book.

    Check this out:


    The Eurosiberian Federation is to be characterized by a two-tier economy. The elite (20% of the population) will continue to live according to the techno-scientific economic model based on ongoing innovation. They would form part of a global exchange network of about one billion people, including the elites of other civilizational blocs. As Faye notes, “the essence of technological science is not connected to egalitarian modernity, but has its roots in the ethno-cultural heritage of Europe, and particularly ancient Greece.”

    Among the first exploits of this new elite shall be exploring the “explosive possibilities of genetic engineering.” These include inter-species hybrids, man-animal chimeras, semi-artificial “biolithic” creatures, and decerebrated human clones. Faye is utterly contemptuous of moral or religious scruples in this domain, which he oddly attributes to the ideology of liberal modernity more than to Christianity.

    The remainder of humanity would live in archaic, neo-traditional communities. The techno-scientific portion of humanity would be under no obligation to help (i.e., “develop”) everybody else. Nor would they have any right to interfere in their affairs.

    Counter-Currents is now promoting the idea of creating a “neo-feudal” caste based society in which radically alienated non-conformist intellectuals are the “new aristocracy” of the Eurosiberian Arctic Septentrion.

    Sound kooky enough for you?

    Among the first exploits of this “new elite” will be creating … drumroll … man-animal chimeras and “decerebrated human clones.” In other words, Counter-Currents has hit upon the brilliant idea of marrying White Nationalism to The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Terminator, and cloning an underclass of White slaves robbed of their intelligence.

    Shouldn’t be long before I am accused of “anti-intellectualism” and “populism” for pointing out how fucking mindblowingly stupid this sounds.

  42. You still have mental block with “worse is better”. You believe that worsening race relations and racial conflict does not lead to a rise in white racial consciousness when most available evidence proves otherwise. It has less to do with winning elections which is about the only thing on your brain these days.

    You’re the same guy who earlier in the year penned an article about early white American settlers becoming racially conscious and hostile towards Indian after violent conflict with them. Of course, if the Indians blew kisses at the settlers and taught them smoke signals this would have made whites genocidal. According to you, if illegal Mexicans suddenly became law abiding and productive citizens then whites would demand forcible deportation, a 30 foot high border wall and Nuremberg style race laws.

    So as race relations get better and the economic fortunes of the average white person improves, they practically turn in to hate crazed Nazis. Makes perfect sense. Thanks for showing me the light.

    Yes, I didn’t realize my figure of 92.95% had hispanics lumped in with whites. Still, 79.6 non-hispanic white isn’t exactly welcome back Kotter type racial diversity and much higher than the national average of 65%.

    Pat Buchanan:
    Bullshit? You have an overactive imagination. In the 1992 primaries he only polled 23% of the vote to Bush’s 73%. He came in a distant second again in 1996 and selected a black woman as his Reform party V.P. in 2000. He would have made some gains had he won but your prognostications border on fantasism. He didn’t win so get over it and move on.

    Hunter said:
    “It is more like Whites are demoralizing and resigned to not being able to do anything about their problems. That is a failure of the White Nationalist………”

    Wrong. That’s called the abject failure of American conservatives who have continued to turn their collective backs on the white majority. These are the same morons who you urge people to support and donate their life savings to.

    Hunter said:
    “(7) Thanks to Obama, we now have Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor on the Supreme Court……..”

    And your wonderful conservatives, with filibuster authority in the Senate, voted in radical Jewess Elena Kagan. Of course, you always dodge this one. It was the fecklessness and intellectual bankruptcy of your dear Republican establishment that paved the way for Obama in the first place.

    Hunter said:
    “(9) I’ve said all along that White Nationalists are not in any position to take advantage of historical opportunities. Vanguardists made White Nationalism as repulsive as possible to White America.”

    And the conservatives, with all their baggage and closet homosexuals are a beacon of light in these dark times.

    “(10) So we want communists to thrive in America? That is supposed to be good for us?”
    I never said that. That’s just your usual lies and distortions.

    Hunter said:
    “(12) South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama are Red States. Florida is a Red State in spite of being infested by Hispanics, Jews, and blacks.”

    Obama won Florida in 2008, so it is a blue state until 2012. Check your facts.

    Hunter said:
    “If blacks and Hispanics lived in Vermont, it couldn’t be any more leftwing than it is today. They send Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders to the Senate.
    Bernie Sanders … a Jewish Socialist represents Vermont. That is “worse is better” right there for you. Just worse, not better.”

    No, it couldn’t move any further to the left but it could get a lot more violent if blacks and illegals moved en masse to Vermont. At 94.9% white, Vermont should be awash in conservatism and race realism by your logic. West Virgina, with its 1.2% hispanic population, should be be a beehive of restrictionist activity but it isn’t.

    Hunter said:
    “Iowa and Wisconsin are trying to adopt Arizona-style immigration laws. Those states don’t have anything like Arizona’s illegal immigration problems. They are taking action because of the polarization even in the Midwest created by television and talk radio.”

    Iowa still has three Democratic House members and a Democratic Senator. Wisconsin is a blue state. So we are to believe that Wisconsin voters oppose illegal immigration because they listen to right wing talk radio but then voted for Obama, an amnesty proponent, in 2008. Gotta wrap my mind around that wondrous bit of logic.

    Hunter said:
    “If “worse is better,” why weren’t Whites radicalized by the defeat of Prop 187? Why didn’t they elect Tom Metzger Governor of California?”

    a) Because after their victory was struck down by the courts they lost faith in the system that always works like a charm (according to you) and fled the state. That’s the conservative thing to do after all. Do you think they left with fond memories of Mexicans?
    b) Probably because Metzger didn’t run for governor at the time. But he did win the 1980 democratic primary in his congressional district. Can you pull off a similar feat in South Alabama peddling your conservative potion?

    Hunter said:
    “(19) There were blacks serving in Congress. Blacks were disenfranchised in the South, but they were a pivotal swing voting block in the North, where over half the blacks in America lived by the 1950s.
    The same is true of Jews. They were an important swing voting block in states like New York and Pennsylvania.”

    That’s called fuzzy math. Blacks didn’t have the numbers to influence elections back then and districts weren’t gerrymandered to increase black representation like it is today. The Jews, with their money, had political influence.

    Hunter said:
    “(20) Under the “worse is better” theory, Whites shouldn’t have passed the Immigration Act of 1924 when the Second Klan was at the height of its power and the American economy was at its peak in the 1920s. It should have happened in the Great Depression when life got worse for White people.”

    Again, American was experiencing high levels of immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe. Most of the immigrants were Catholic which alarmed the majority Protestants. This national discontent led to the second rise of the KKK and effectively ended immigration. It just didn’t fall from the sky from the good times god. Internal scandals and not the great depression brought down the KKK.

  43. Mr. Dithers,

    The mental block is on your end.

    (1) Somehow you have convinced yourself that losing is a strategy and that making life worse for White people is a path to victory. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to you that (a.) this doesn’t work and (b.) it demoralizes White people to the point where they give up.

    (2) The Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Immigration Act of 1965 were all clear examples of “worse is better” in action.

    Did the triumph of our enemies in the 1960s lead to a great White awakening in the 1970s? On the contrary, racial attitudes collapsed and steadily became more liberal.

    That’s right. White racial attitudes have steadily weakened in direct correlation with post-1965 Third World immigration.

    (3) White Californians were more racially conscious in the 1950s and 1960s than they are today. White America was more racially conscious in the Kennedy years when 90 percent of the population was White than it is today when we have fallen below 65 percent.

    (4) Are you referring to my article about Jamestown? The White settlers there started off as clueless aracial Englishmen determined to convert the Indians to Christianity. They learned through experience that the Indians were savages and their safety and prosperity was tied to their extirpation.

    In Virginia, better was better. The Virginia colonists slowly conquered the Tidewater region and expanded into the interior. They won and kept on winning. Losing was never taken seriously as a strategy.

    I guess you think it would have been better if the Indians had succeeded in slaughtering and/or starving out the English colonists in Virginia like they did earlier with the Spanish.

    (5) I don’t see what you are complaining about.

    Buchanan lost in 1992, 1996, and 2000. That was “worse is better” in action. We got Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. They neglected the border and let millions of illegal aliens flood the country. Instead of Ron Paul or Tom Tancredo, we got Barack Obama in 2008 and now we are fighting to thwart the DREAM Act which is being relentlessly pushed through Congress.

    Buchanan could have enforced the existing laws against illegal immigration easily as president.

    (6) I don’t see what you are complaining about.

    “Worse is better.” That is what the Republicans should have done. Now we got a lesbian Jewess and a wise Latina in charge of looking at every state immigration law that will be appealed to the Supreme Court.

    Republicans didn’t have the votes to filibuster because the Democrats were able to successfully peel off the votes they needed to get the nomination through the Senate.

    (7) It sure made a lot of sense to replace Virgil Goode in the House with Tom Perriello because idiots were mad with George W. Bush who was nearing the end of his second term.

    (8) Like I said, you were wrong about Oregon being such a White state.

    (9) Bush won Florida in 2000 and 2004. The Republicans swept Florida in 2010. Check your facts.

    (10) Conservatives are certainly far more useful in the immigration fight. They are actually trying to block the DREAM Act in the Senate. What are you doing?

    Speaking of homosexuals and pedophiles, ever hear of Greg Johnson or Frank Weltner or Kevin Alfred Strom?

    (11) It would be better though if communists were thriving right?

    (12) By your logic, California and Hawaii should be vanguardist strongholds. The same is true of Vermont and New York and Connecticut which all send Jews to Congress.

    I’m not the one who believes that “worse is better.” I am not stupid enough to believe that Manchin winning in West Virginia was “better” for Whites or that Sanders is good for us because he is a Jewish socialist.

    You’re the one defending the correlation between vanguardism and racial decline. You think that Vermont would become more amenable to Neo-Nazism if it became less White. What is more likely is that Vermont would just send radical blacks and Hispanics to Congress like Illinois or New York already does.

    (13) It would have been “better” for us in Iowa if those Democrats has lost. They just voted for the DREAM Act.

    (14) I think Wisconsin is moving on an “Arizona-style immigration law” because there was a polarizing national controversy between the Justice Department and Arizona which played out on television and talk radio in 2010.

    (15) The defeat of Prop 187 in the courts and the loss of faith of Whites in “the system” … isn’t that exactly what vanguardists say they want?

    According to vanguardists, Whites shouldn’t have fled California. They should have grown so radical to the point where they elected Tom Metzger Governor of California.

    Maybe Metzger didn’t run in 2000 because the groundswell of support for vanguardism wasn’t there?

    (16) That’s nonsense.

    The major reason Truman integrated the military was to pander to black swing voters in the North (who were trending Democrat after FDR) in the three way race with Dewey and Wallace.

    (17) Birth of a Nation led to the rise of the Second Klan. Under the “worse is better” theory, the Klan should have thrived in the Great Depression when the economy worsened.

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