Destroy The DREAM

DREAM Act vote scheduled for Saturday morning

District of Corruption

The final vote on the DREAM Act amnesty … is Saturday morning. Harry Reid filed the motion for cloture this evening. The Senate vote for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal is also scheduled for Saturday.

It looks like the Democrats have the votes for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” I haven’t seen any indication that they have votes for the DREAM Act. Reid has scheduled the vote for Saturday because Senator Wyden of Oregon is having surgery for prostate cancer on Monday.

Wyden will be out of commission in the Senate for at least a week after surgery. Then Christmas arrives. It is unclear whether or not Wyden will miss the important votes this weekend. He won’t be in the Senate tomorrow because of “pre-surgery procedures”; imagine our good fortune.

Destroy the DREAM.

Contact your Senator today. Tell them to vote NO on amnesty for illegal aliens. While you have their staff on the line, tell them to vote NO on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal too.

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  1. HW: I see no reason that one cannot lean on your Senator and think about the Eurosiberian Arctic Septentrion too. There will be a future, whether our people are part of it or not. Historically, the rule of liberalism is a flash in the pan. We see it failing around us. The world will be ruled by aristocracies, as it is and always has been. Males will rule, as they do and always have. Ignorant, weak, foolish, or stupid peoples will be ruled by their betters, as they are and always have been. I’m all for considering the possibilities and making choices rather than waiting for the future to run us over. These folks just seem to be thinking further ahead than most folks. If they seem to be overly lofty, there’s no harm in that. If they don’t want to call their Senator, they’re no worse than most people. I don’t see any need to ridicule them.

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