Destroy The DREAM

DREAM Act vote scheduled for Saturday morning

District of Corruption

The final vote on the DREAM Act amnesty … is Saturday morning. Harry Reid filed the motion for cloture this evening. The Senate vote for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal is also scheduled for Saturday.

It looks like the Democrats have the votes for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” I haven’t seen any indication that they have votes for the DREAM Act. Reid has scheduled the vote for Saturday because Senator Wyden of Oregon is having surgery for prostate cancer on Monday.

Wyden will be out of commission in the Senate for at least a week after surgery. Then Christmas arrives. It is unclear whether or not Wyden will miss the important votes this weekend. He won’t be in the Senate tomorrow because of “pre-surgery procedures”; imagine our good fortune.

Destroy the DREAM.

Contact your Senator today. Tell them to vote NO on amnesty for illegal aliens. While you have their staff on the line, tell them to vote NO on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal too.

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  1. Oh man, Michael Savage. You are just baiting your cyber enemies with this one.

    This whole lame duck thing actually works pretty good for us. Scott Brown and the Maine twins can prove their moderate credentials for the voters in their home states by voting for START and DADT while still standing strong against the DREAM Act.

    Webb, McCaskill, Tester and Manchin also will vote no. Lugar and Bennett will vote in favor but that is still 44 no votes.

  2. If you live in a Red State, request that your Senators read the Victor Davis Hanson article on the “two Californias” floor of the Senate.

  3. Andrew suggests you prance around as a bunch of cartoonish anarchists with signs making demands upon society and moral platitudes about the evils of Da State.

  4. Andrew, what the hell are you talking about? So you suggest we do nothing then?

    No, I think he’s saying the complete opposite of do nothing — become self-reliant and quit begging and groveling at the feet of your supposed representatives to do their jobs. If they have to be convinced to represent the interests that are held by the majority of Americans – most especially the majority of White Americans – then not only do they probably really not care, but it just reaffirms the fact that your fate in terms of racial prosperity and survival is only secured by your ability to control election cycles; and if you had even the tiniest bit of actual “control,” you wouldn’t have your fate resting in an entity that excuses itself from any and every inkling of racial truth.

    I would say quit begging politicians to do their jobs and just become a Senator; but you can’t be a Senator(or any politician for that matter) and represent the interests of White people, now can you?

    Even though I’m not an Anarchist, anarchy in the face of two-party politics is certainly reasonable. Anarchy in the face of oppressive PC dogma that targets White people, well, that’s simply freedom. Some might even call it Common Sense.

  5. I observe:

    (1) We have a real good shot at winning the DREAM Act vote. It will depend upon two or three votes. We have beat it twice already within the last four months.

    (2) Our enemies don’t have any inhibitions about bullying Senators to get their way. They have already put enough pressure on Scott Brown to get him to change his vote on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. They are flooding the capitol switchboard with pro-amnesty calls.

    (3) The “self reliant” vanguardists are nothing of the sort. For all their talk about “rejecting the system,” they only really want you to reject winning. After “rejecting the system,” these people do nothing about said system.

    (4) In ten years, I have never seen a vanguardist preach “reject the system” and “worse is better” anywhere but in White Nationalist circles. You never see them going to DailyKos or Reddit or somewhere like that to spread this message.

    (5) The vanguardists reject the system because they openly state their strategy is losing.

    (6) I say winning is preferable to losing and defeating amnesty is preferring to getting amnesty. Why listen to people who are ideologically committed to losing?

  6. This coming from someone who quotes Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage, two of the biggest phonies in the so-called conservative media.

  7. And don’t forget to THANK your republican senators for killing the democrats budget busting spending monstrosity they tried to sneak through. Showing some appreciation will help when you call.

  8. Why the venom against Limbaugh and Savage instead of snakes like Olberman or Maddow? That is making the enemy of the perfect the good. James Edwards does a somewhat good job (somewhat) at mainstreaming the message, but I really wish he would stop making it sound like Limbaugh, Hannity, and the likes are the enemy. The enemy is liberalism, the only reason conservatives disapoint him is because liberals have effectively pushed the spectrum of discourse so far to the left.

  9. Rodger,

    What’s the difference between Counter-Currents and Michael Savage?

    (1) The worthless conservative Michael Savage is actually drawing attention to the DREAM Act and the anti-White double standards behind it. The biggest amnesty vote in three years will take place tomorrow morning.

    Meanwhile, Counter-Currents is discussing creating man-animal chimeras in the Eurosiberian Arctic Septentrion which, of course, will emerge in the aftermath of “the collapse of the system,” when the “new aristocracy” centered on France rises which will value “quality” over “quantity”:

    (2) The worthless conservative Michael Savage reaches 8 to 10 million people. In spite of being a Jew, Savage is extremely effective at spreading radical ideas.

    (3) The worthless conservatives who listen to Michael Savage, who has the third largest talk radio show in America, do effective things like vote and lobby the government, whereas vanguardists like yourself come into my comment threads to advocate strengthening the hand of our enemies.

    (4) When it comes to the immigration debate, Michael Savage drawing attention to the impending vote on the DREAM Act, and the anti-White consequences which are likely to ensue from its passage … is actually useful to our cause.

  10. Hunter, why is it that you seem to think talking “radically” to a few people on a sparsely traveled Internet site is tantamount to a win-or-lose situation at the national level? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs and sites out there that excuse themselves and tiptoe around racial issues. You’re not doing anything even remotely groundbreaking or revolutionary here. You’re not affecting the outcome of anything. You throw out straw men and obfuscate as much as any Leftist I’ve ever seen.

    You use absolutist, polemicist rhetoric to try and convince people that everything outside of the FOX News crowd is either NSMesque Vanguardist or Marxist/Leftist. Wouldn’t you feel much better about yourself if you just dropped the pro-White pretense and completely submerged yourself into the conservative base?

  11. Where is the most up to date list of who is voting how? One of my Senators changes her position just about every day (Mary Landrieu).

  12. I found a good feed for the whole live Savage show from in Sacramento from 3-6 pm Pacific time. Unlike a lot of these other Jewish talk show hosts who are one trick ponies dwelling on Islamic terrorism for the whole three hours while substituting for Limbaugh when he is off playing golf. Savage actually talks about a lot of the issues we do, he knows the score and knows what a distopia the liberals are creating. The other day his show opened with that Wong character advocating all these brown rats overthrowing whites. I don’t see how putting that before the eyes of millions of listeners helps the liberals. Liberals are like vampires hiding in the shadows, the main stream media has done it’s best to hide their true intentions for decades. It is easy to tell what is good for us, it’s what liberals fear. If Savage and Limbaugh were bad for white people the left wouldn’t waste so much time trying to silence them.

  13. James Edwards does a somewhat good job (somewhat) at mainstreaming the message, but I really wish he would stop making it sound like Limbaugh, Hannity, and the likes are the enemy. The enemy is liberalism, the only reason conservatives disapoint him is because liberals have effectively pushed the spectrum of discourse so far to the left.

    Gee, and here all these years I thought a platform of PRO-WHITE meant opposing anything and everything that pushed policies to stifle the empowerment of White people to rally around, uhhhhh, their Race. From what I can tell, Conservatives have been almost as good at demonizing “pro-White” and distancing themselves from Race as have the Liberals. I’m not entirely on the same page as Mr. Edwards, but at least he has integrity.

  14. Celestial Time,

    (1) I haven’t said anywhere that the outcome of the DREAM Act vote depends upon how many people I can rouse with this blog to contact their Senators. A tactic is doing what you can with what you got. This is what I got and I am trying to make the best use of our resources.

    (2) There is nothing else I can do here in Alabama. Both my Senators will be voting against the DREAM Act. Sessions is leading the fight against the DREAM Act.

    (3) I like to think of this website as realistic, practical, and engaged … unlike so many other pro-White sites on the internet.

    (4) There are already hundreds of pro-White websites out there screaming nigger and “naming the Jew.” I have watched them impotently vent their frustrations on the internet for almost a decade now.

    (5) I’m focused exclusively on action and results now, not words. Talk is cheap.

    I think a softer rhetoric tethered to effective action in the real world is precisely what is needed. Extreme rhetoric tethered to wild apocalyptic fantasies is not helpful and has never accomplished anything.

    (6) Feel free to explain how your agenda is different in any significant way from that of our open and avowed enemies on the Far Left. You have never been prevented from doing so.

    (7) Wouldn’t you feel better if you just admitted that there is nothing pro-White about the actions you counsel? Why on earth should spurn conservatives who agree with us on immigration?

    Shouldn’t we be trying to reach out and build bridges to the millions of people who agree with us on immigration and who do not like the thought of becoming a minority in 2050? Isn’t that obvious?

    (8) The DREAM Act is a great clarifier. No sincere White Advocate can support passage of such a huge amnesty. Everyone who is serious about reversing our racial decline is relentlessly focused on stopping this bill.

    Here you come though to attack the people who are against the DREAM Act and plan to vote against it. Why on earth would a White Advocate be against stopping the DREAM Act? Why on earth would a White Advocate want to insult and turn away White people who are against amnesty?

    Probably because they are not a White Advocate at all.

  15. Nightowl,

    Al Sharpton is trying to get the FCC to shutdown Limbaugh for “racism.” Maybe that is an opportunity to point out to Limbaugh’s huge audience that “civil rights activists” like Al Sharpton are nothing but self promoting race hustlers who use White guilt to enrich themselves and promote their co-ethnics?

    You would be surprised how many “worthless conservatives” agree with that analysis.

  16. The value of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and Savage is that they disseminate facts to a mass White audience that make the Left establishment uncomfortable. They are always disseminating facts that the MSM would like to bury and that would be buried if not for talk radio. Millions of people know about this Wong character now only because of talk radio. This does not make them allies, however. I have heard Limbaugh say a number of times over the years that he does not have a problem with an America where Whites are a minority.

  17. I just spoke with Indiana Senator Lugar’s staff in Washington, expressed my concerns about the Dream Act and also my concerns that Senator Lugar has lost his mind.

    His staff member was defensive and said Lugar is able to think and speak as he is speaking on the Senate floor today.

    She also informed me that Lugar is


    I didn’t know that.

    I have to now say that Lugar is the worst RINO traitor in the Senate. With folks like Harry Reid and Lindsey Graham – you can see why they are in the Anti column (Reid has a Converso Jew wife, plus he goes with the flow in the Democrat party so, it’s just natural for him to champion the racial/cultural views of Jews, Latrinos, Queers and now Muslim immigrants, and Lindsey Graham comes off as poofter that wants to break the power of White Southern Christian America – but with Lugar, he’s a Republican in very, very White Conservative state – Indiana. Lugar was identified as solid Conservative since the days of Nixon, now he’s like Orin Hatch trying to seem younger, and more liberal, media friendly in his older age.

    At certain times, I think it is perfectly OK to yes HATE and I HATE RINO traitors like Dick Lugar.

    Can’t some of our Indiana folks burn Lugar in effigy? This is something some of our restless Vanguard types can do.

  18. Fade has some good instincts on this one. We must win this one. The people are finally waking up and victory here would buy useful time.

    Don’t see calling as groveling. See your senator as the feckless and clueless fool that he is, and yourselves as the masters who must constantly apply the rod to his back in every important task. Revel in it and share your joy and frustrations at moving him about. Be nice and civil when you call, but enjoy applying the rod to his worthless backside.

    And treat Limbaugh, Savage and Hanson as useful idiots against a worse enemy. We know who they really are; they will eventually get their just desserts.

  19. Shouldn’t we be trying to reach out and build bridges to the millions of people who agree with us on immigration and who do not like the thought of becoming a minority in 2050?

    You can in good conscience peddle the lie that we have until 2050?

  20. One of my Senators changes her position just about every day (Mary Landrieu)

    Definite yes. But you can add Baucus, Conrad, Pryor and Hagan to the no collumn. This thing isn’t just going to get beat, it’s going to get crushed.

  21. Why can’t you promote losing and defeatism over at a place like Reddit? They are pissed off about the tax bill.

    Go tell them what they need to do is call their Democratic Senators and vote against the DREAM Act because “worse is better.”

    While you are there, tell them to vote for Ralph Nader or write in Russ Feingold or Dennis Kucinich.

  22. Is everyone that disagrees with you a vanguardist? All these articles quoting Limbaugh, Savage, National Review; only a fool couldn’t see that your siding with the status quo.

  23. Rodger,

    (1) You are a vanguardist.

    (2) You came here from Counter-Currents.

    (3) They are spending their time talking about dogsledding across Antarctica, man-animal chimeras, and the Eurosiberian Arctic Septentrion right now.

    (4) Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and Victor Davis Hanson are more useful than you are. At least they are drawing attention to the DREAM Act and telling people to oppose it. That’s more than I can say for you.

    (5) The majority of White Americans are opposed to amnesty. We should have the votes in the Senate to stop the DREAM Act. I’m going to focus my attention on doing everything I can to help us win an important victory on tomorrow.

    (6) I think we can and should work with conservatives who are opposed to immigration.

    (7) For some strange reason, you define “siding with the status quo” as stopping the DREAM Act, inflicting a crushing defeat upon our enemies, and making pro-White views more attractive to a wider audience.

    (8) Your great advice consists of empowering our enemies, demoralizing Whites, spurning people who agree with us on an important issue, accelerating our racial decline, and wasting invaluable time hammering away at kooky nonsense at a time when all hands are needed on deck to oppose the DREAM Act.

    (9) The worthless conservatives like Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning are on record saying they will vote against the DREAM Act. Their votes are more useful to our cause than you are.

  24. 22 Republicans and several mainstream conservatives just condemned the SPLC. In response, James Edwards wrote a blog post on the TOO mocking conservatives as cowards.

  25. The DREAM Act has been a great clarifier.

    If we win the vote tomorrow, I predict the following will happen …

    (1) The vanguardists will come here to attack conservatives who overwhelmingly oppose the DREAM Act.

    (2) They will attack the Republicans who voted against the DREAM Act.

    (3) They will be bitterly disappointed that the DREAM Act failed in the Senate.

    (4) They will continue to insist that “worse is better” and “reject the system.”

    (5) The vote will be explained in terms of a conspiracy theory. The Jews orchestrated the vote against the DREAM Act to prop up the system or something like that.

  26. LEW,

    The constructive response is to point out that the SPLC is losing its influence and credibility and that this is a good thing for us and that we should keep pushing in that direction and take advantage of the opportunity presented to us to advance our talking points.

  27. I might also point out that this is a great example of (1) moving the goalposts, (2) using polarization to radicalize moderates, and (3) baiting the opposition into an overreaction … all points that I have been hammering away at for six months now.

  28. It all sounds great, until you actually talk to these people whom we are told are “with us on immigration.”

    They are not.

    They are not at all against immigration. They are against people not doing it legally and not paying taxes once here. It is not even on their radar screens, so to speak, that non whites are not capable of assimilation, they only think they need to convert to conservatism. They firmly believe that anyone can make a good American, so long as he or she works and pays taxes.

    That this is so is confirmed on any of hundreds of their websites, and by talking to at least 90 percent of them in person or going to any gathering of conservatives.

    All this talk here and elsewhere by people interpreting current events, various new movies, and speeches by certain high profile people in terms of a pro white disposition is simply fantasy and grossly misleading disinformation.

    For example, Hunter recently asserted that the reason people in Kentucky are Republican is because of racial awareness is pure bunk. They vote Republican because they are religious.

    Likewise, many white men vote Democrat not because they are pro queer, pro non white, etc., but because of Labor issues, particularly members of the Building trades Unions and United Mine Workers. You can see thousands of white men who look exactly like what Hunter and others call “normal, everyday realistic white people” with Obama stickers on their lunchboxes on jobsites. Their labor meetings, job related news reports and mail are chalk full of praise for the most radical of Democrats. This month’s newspaper that I get, for example, has a long article by a member of the Electricians praising Nancy Pelosi as an untiring “Friend of the working family.” These same people speak of the Tea Parties just like MSNBC does.

    There are several million of these “regular, realistic, normal everyday non Vanguardist” white men and women.

    Go into any church and estimate how many “are with us.”

    Go to just about any Conservative forum and discuss a “white ethnostate” and see how many “are with us.”

    They only want people who work and pay taxes, and who “do it right” when they come here.

    BTW, there are large regions of the country yet where few white men or women are much affected by Affirmative Action, and thus it is not high on their list of concerns.

  29. (1) We have a real good shot at winning the DREAM Act vote. It will depend upon two or three votes. We have beat it twice already within the last four months.

    Two to three votes, beat twice in 4 months.

  30. Face it, Hunter. You’re far, far too smart and proactive for White Nationalist circles. Your talent is being wasted here preaching to a bunch of intertards when your articles of the past month would be a huge hit on conservative websites (with the language toned down just a little).

    Watching these autistic losers throw a fit whenever you make a realistic suggestion reminds me why I never got involved in the “scene”.

    Also, Michael Savage is great. He’s the only big radio host who has said that liberalism is simple hatred of the White Male.

  31. Brutus,

    I get what you are saying …

    (1) There is no underlying racial animus toward non-Whites in the conservative movement. None whatsoever.

    (2) That would explain why the DREAM Act, which is pitched as a partial amnesty only for illegal alien poster children, kids who only want to go to college and join the military, will likely be defeated tomorrow.

    (3) It would also explain the comment threads about immigration at Free Republic which I read everyday. No racial animus there either!

    (4) I judge people by their actions, not their words.

    (5) Even Barack Obama swears he is against amnesty. Talk is cheap. Words are meaningless. Actions are a better guide to intention.

  32. I don’t have the time to respond to the rest of your text, so I’ll just reply to something that gets to the point.

    (6) Feel free to explain how your agenda is different in any significant way from that of our open and avowed enemies on the Far Left. You have never been prevented from doing so.

    I have no agenda outside of making the idea of positive racial nation-building a foundation for the future. I realize White people aren’t a monolithic entity that can easily be lumped into Conservative/Liberal camps. As far as I’m concerned, there is no Left, there is no Right, there are White people who desire racial autonomy, and that’s that. Slicing it up any further at this point creates the perfect environment for animosity and division. Those with ulterior motives beyond simple racial autonomy will naturally gravitate toward the extremes. Those extremes can be culled in a much more sterile and controlled environment when the stated premise of your actions is Simple Racial Autonomy. What this essentially means is that John Q Public has one reason to support pro-White views and politics and one reason to not support it. As it stands, there are possibly dozens of reasons a regular White person would have to not support pro-White organizations; and there’s certainly a reason why two people who agree on the simple issue of Race find themselves unable to mobilize under a common banner. Costume clowns and social pariahs hunkered down in their bunkers are only a couple of reasons our predicament is so dire.

    Your much beloved Republican party is in a position to affect change under a simple premise, but they won’t, because Racialism is not an intended byproduct of the “polarization” you lust for. The Game is to get you to vote for what you almost want, but never what you truly want. It’s precisely the reason you have to vote for pro-war, pro-Israel zealots just to get politicians to support things that shouldn’t even be an issue. You’re expected to walk through a political minefield just to get one semi-critical issue resolved for an election cycle. It’s no wonder why the average American is content with being comatose on the couch with reality TV and living vicariously through the game of the week.

    It’s really unfortunate, but you/we were born into this illusion of democracy, and unless enough men grow some balls and state the obvious, stand by the obvious, and face the consequences, then you’ll die under the illusion as well. At some point, like any responsible parent must do with a child, you’re going to have to tell people that their goldfish isn’t really sleeping, it’s dead. Conservatives are just like the Liberals in this regard — they’re trying to convince everyone that the goldfish is going to wake up, you just gotta give it enough time and have a little faith. Maybe the only difference is that one actually believes it’s own BS, and the other has ulterior motives or is too much of a coward to say otherwise.

    Now, if you could be so kind as to show me the person(s) on the Far Left that espouse anything remotely close to what I’ve stated, then I would greatly appreciate it.

  33. Unfortunately all over America today, this evening, and tomorrow morning white Americans won’t be talking about the vote tomorrow morning. When they hear the results it will hardly register one way or the other. These people don’t have a clue what’s at stake for them and their future. It is up to us, the racially aware whites to do what we can to make a difference while we still can.

    You can be sure Dream Act is topic #1 among immigrants who will be talking, calling, working, praying all night long.


  34. The problem is I see otherwise relatively rational people spend so much time in the WN cyber ghetto that they all fall into this groupthink that makes them completely unable to communicate with ordinary whites. Instead of talking about things they care about they obsess over things Americans don’t care about, such as riding the USS Liberty hobby horse and being so obsessed with anti-Zionism they sound like the left. I remember when Cindy Sheehan was the darling of Whitecivilrights and Stormfront, just before they all convinced themselves that Ron Paul was a WN. Seriously, why waste your brief chance to make a connection to another white talking about some obscure event 45 years ago that only the 3% of the public who watches the History Channel might find interesting. Instead of getting behind Tom Tancredo during the 2008 primaries, destroying Israel was more important to those people than the wetback moving in next door to take their birthright.

  35. HW: I read the two links to Counter Currents you put here, and they’re not that bad. Just some speculations about a White future in the world. Back before the internet, I used to read Chronicles of Culture, Liberty, The Progressive, Reason, Commentary, and a bunch of other magazines that disagreed with each other. What’s the big deal? Better to read honestly bizarre opinions and do your own ideological sorting than endure the lies of the MSM.

  36. Celestial Time,

    In other words, what you are saying here is that you are one of those people who won’t play poker unless you are dealt a royal flush, and that anyone else who insists on playing The Game is just a fool or a conservative sell out.

    Why play a real game of poker when you can entertain the fantasy of creating an entirely new imaginary game which can only end in a flawless victory?

    Of course the response to that is that no one else is playing your imaginary game and the effective result of sitting out the poker game (throwing in the towel) is that everyone else continues to play and our team emerges as the loser without putting up a fight.

    Hence, I do not see any real difference between what you advocate and the agenda of our enemies. The effective result (i.e., losing) is the same.

  37. Discard,

    I would point out that it is a good example of confusing a fantasy world with putting up a fight.

    How can I argue my case (leaning on the likes of Max Baucus and Susan Collins to win a small victory on the DREAM Act) against the Eurosiberian Arctic Septentrion where America has ceased to exist and “quality” is valued over “quantity” and all the non-Whites have been expelled and you are a spiritual archdruid in the “new aristocracy” of a post-materialistic society? All you have to do is wait for “the collapse” for all this to happen.

    Hell, I might wait on “the collapse” to happen too.

    The only thing I can really say to that is why settle for a mere Septentrion when you could right now just as easily appoint yourself Emperor of the Milky Way Galaxy?

  38. You can in good conscience peddle the lie that we have until 2050?

    If you trust the Census Bureau that’s about how long we have. If the Census is lying or inept your guess is as good as anyone’s. There’s no telling what motives are at work if they’re lying about the percentage of Whites. I wouldn’t assume that they’re overestimating the White population, which is the usual WN assumption.

    It’s just as likely that the anti-white bureaucrats at the Census Bureau are understating the White population. Biased pollsters often release discouraging results to demoralize their enemy. Telling Whites that they might as well give up, we’re already doomed to become a minority in our own country, is just what some leftists would like us to believe.

    Maybe it’s true, but I wouldn’t take the government’s word on it.

    Of course it’s possible they lied the other way to keep us sedated while we became a minority, and that we’re much closer to that than anyone suspects.

    But I don’t buy it. It’s not that difficult to conduct polls on these things. If you’re really concerned try and convince Vdare or Amren to hire a scientific polling company and conduct a survey.

  39. Hence, I do not see any real difference between what you advocate and the agenda of our enemies. The effective result (i.e., losing) is the same.

    Hence, Hunter Wallace is every bit the anti-racist as Glenn Beck, and probably just as much of a globalist vampire as those making the news at FOX. So you’re not really pro-White as much as you are pro-Israel. You support Zionists. It’s your official stance. I would like to know why you support Zionism?

    See, the world of broken logic doesn’t stop when you end a sentence.

  40. I don’t consider opposition to Israel a problem anywhere near the magnitude of immigration. No one who is serious about reversing our racial decline does either.

    Serious people have to set priorities and make tough decisions and come up with a practical plan of action.

    Israel is a foreign country armed with a vast stockpile of nuclear weapons. It doesn’t matter how many times you impotently “name the Jew” on the internet. Ten years of “naming the Jew” at VNN Forum has done exactly nothing about the matter.

    Now that I think about it, Pat Buchanan (who I support) ran on a platform of pulling the troops back from overseas, quitting NATO, securing the border, deporting illegals, reneging on free trade agreements, and cutting Israel loose.

    Sounds good? The vanguardists at the time were ferociously opposed to the Pat Buchanan presidential campaigns in 1992, 1996, and 2000.

    If the vanguardists were living in the Third Reich right now under Adolf Hitler himself, they would find problems with him too.

    Hitler didn’t immediately start expelling the Jews. He compromised with the conservatives and betrayed the revolution. He promised to disarm Germany and proclaimed his peaceful intentions. He supported the Transfer Agreement to colonize the Jews in Palestine. He even allied himself with the Soviet Union.

    You get the picture.

    No real candidate can ever measure up to your ideal fantasy world. The alienated intellectuals who hate the real historic White America have the same problem.

    The actual real historical White America wasn’t a flawless ideal ethnostate. No real community measures up to the ideal of a non-existent abstraction that exists only in your own mind.

    You are like a fat woman who refuses to go on a diet because there isn’t a magic pill you can take that will make you lose 300 pounds overnight.

  41. “Sounds good? The vanguardists at the time were ferociously opposed to the Pat Buchanan presidential campaigns in 1992, 1996, and 2000.”

    No they weren’t. In fact, Buchanan was being trumpeted as perhaps our last, best hope. Granted, some in so called vanguardist circles had minor quibbles with Buchanan but there was no”ferocious opposition”. That’s just your usual distortions.

    Any serious WN opposition to Buchanan began when his campaign manager called David Duke supporters “kooks” in 1996. Then he picked negress Ezola Foster as his Reform Party V.P. 2000. At that point it was a question of character and trust and he earned the criticism being heaped upon him from some white nationalists between 96′ and 2000.

  42. That’s just your usual distortions.

    C’mon! Give the guy a break. Hunter Wallace without distortions, obfuscations, and a straw man is like a yarmulke without a Jew underneath.

  43. M, thanks for the response.
    If you trust the Census Bureau that’s about how long we have.
    They have used the 2050 date since the Clinton administration. Suspicious, no?
    There’s no telling what motives are at work if they’re lying about the percentage of Whites.
    At least half of Hispanics, all North Africans, Turks, Jews (they don’t even consider themselves White), are all counted as White. And no one actually knows how many illegals are here.
    Biased pollsters often release discouraging results to demoralize their enemy.
    Possible but unlikely and at this point–no need for such subterfuge. Look around you.
    Maybe it’s true, but I wouldn’t take the government’s word on it.
    I don’t take the goverment’s word for anything. But again, look around. Their numbers are huge and growing everywhere. They’re openly contemptuous. They know.
    I posted it on Amren today.

  44. Hunter,

    It gets better with the new Federation of Man-Animal Chimeras: James O’Meara comments regarding the risk that families might feel divided if some of them join the ruling elite and some remain in the ranks. He says:

    “However, I recall reading years ago on some gnostic website that a homoerotic or celibate Gnostic elite would not be a alien elite, such as the ethnically distinct Jews, but a natural elite, since every family would have, or look forward to having, a member among it.”

    At least the $placcers can’t label CC homophobic.

  45. The census has never been that accurate, because it has always been fluid, depending on the racial politics of the times. At the turn of the last century – when White Privilege really meant anything – Arabs and East Indians sued for the right to be labeled Caucasian. Now they are bitterly regretting that decision and trying to get a new racial category for themselves to cash in all the riches accrued from diversity via Affirmative Action.

    So we can safely assume that the numbers of Whites in this country were not as great as previously determined. What we are also not taking into account is the number of savvier White people who saw the tide turning against them and changed races on the census and employment forms. Their numbers are greater than you think.

    I know of a number of Whites who have legally changed their surnames to something that sounds vaguely Spanish over the years. I know of a few who already have rather Latinized names, just tack on an accent and check off the Hispanic designation on their forms.

    My advice to young Whites is legally change your names, get fluent in Spanish and check off the Hispanic designation on any forms. This lousy, so-called Anglo system has been actively working against English-oriented Whites for decades now and is not owed any kind of honesty when it comes to getting grants and other freebies made available to minorities courtesy of your taxes, anyway.

    IMO, every single one of those arrogant bastards cutting their “own separate peace” with Non-Whites needs to be tossed out of office. The sooner, the better.

  46. Clytemnestra, too true. I encouraged my young nephew, my sister’s son, to do just that to give him a better chance at getting admitted to the ultra-competitive elite universities. He would be able to get admitted easily based on his accomplishments if these schools did not waste slots on laughably unqualified non-Whites.

    Regarding possible manipulation of the census data, while I generally don’t consider the government a credible source, I personally doubt there is significant manipulation because of Congressional apportionment. The Blacks and non-White Hispanics would never let Whites get away with having more seats in Congress than the population justified.

  47. Erik,

    I’m surprised that Trainspotter hasn’t shown up to attack me for “anti-intellectualism” for mocking the brilliant idea of hitching White Nationalism to the wagon of creating “man-animal chimeras” and “decerebrated human clones” and a “homoerotic Gnostic elite.”

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