Live Thread: DREAM Act Vote

District of Corruption

The vote on the DREAM Act is coming up at 9:30 AM CST. It should take place in less than 30 minutes. Chambliss and Webb are on the Senate floor arguing about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell right now.

VICTORY: DREAM Act fails to pass cloture, 55 to 41.

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  1. “Ah … Mr. Dithers.
    You can barely contain your disappointment!”

    No, Hunter simply voting down amnesty isn’t enough, and if our system worked the vote should have been 99-1 against (or no less than 80-20) instead of 55-41 IN FAVOR of amnesty. But I can always count on you to distort the meaning of my comments.

    If the system truly worked then Republicans would be enforcing our immigration laws and using every resource at their disposal to deport illegals while declaring a moratorium on legal immigration.

  2. Mr. Dithers is back with his usual mantra of making the perfect the enemy of the good; setting up an ideal fantasy in opposition to reality. If you want to vote for a saint, you should join a church.

    Later this evening, I am going to try out this experiment on Reddit. I am going to register a bogus account (maybe RussFeingold88) and go over and argue that “worse is better” and “the system is broken” because the Bush tax cuts were extended, the DREAM Act failed, and the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell vote in the Senate wasn’t 99 to 1.

    Let’s call it “constructive defeatism.” The progressives have been doing that here for months and we should start turning the tables on them.

  3. No, Hunter it’s called the other side of the coin and calling it like I see it. I keep forgetting that OD is now a conservative echo chamber and alternative viewpoints are not welcome.

    You should consider changing the name of your site from Occidental Dissent to Conservative Assent or Conservative Candy Land.

  4. (1) I’m sure you enjoy these exchanges as much as I do. This place really would be a boring echo chamber otherwise.

    (2) Care to explain what is wrong with conservatives who oppose the DREAM Act? I don’t see why there is so much controversy here. I thought we wanted Whites to become more like us.

    (3) OD is hardly a conservative echo chamber. I’m fully aware of the problems we are facing on that front. The solution is to systematically weed out Republicans like Dick Lugar and discredit conservatives like David Frum while steadily pushing more radical views into the mainstream.

    (4) Whining about the problem is not a solution. Neither is spurning the 42 percent of Americans (and an even larger number of Whites) who are conservatives.

    (5) How exactly do you plan to create a White ethnostate by attacking Christians and conservatives? Who is supposed to live there?

  5. Hunter,

    1) Indeed I do. The whole point is to stimulate thought and debate.

    2) I opposed the DREAM Act and the conservatives absolutely should have which appeared to. But it’s little consolation when there are still 25 million illegals in this country with more on the way. Conservatives seem to think that the war is over and the illegals just disappeared into thin air. This thing is far from over so I see no point in the raucous celebrations.

    3) There is nothing wrong with purging RINO’s and other liberal elements within the Republican Party. It’s long overdue.

    4) Nobody is whining, certainly not me, but it’s important that you and the rest of the conservatives keep yourselves grounded in reality and realize that until the conservative base sees this conflict as existential in nature and in starkly racial terms (while acknowledging the Jewish aspect to the problem) we’ll continue to take one step forward and two steps back until the country is lost. Anything less is like bringing a butter knife to a gunfight.

    With all due respect I’m not sure if OD serves that function anymore like it once did.

    5) Conservatives are as much smear artists as some of the worst vanguardists. They continue to attack and distance themselves from pro-white political candidates. Jim Russell is the most recent example but Duke and others had to weather attacks from the conservative establishment. Most importantly, though, the conservatives have lost many more battles than they’ve won and continue to argue using the rules set by the radical left (i.e., anti- racism is a national ideal). There is nothing to learn from the duplicitous conservatives except perhaps to learn from their numerous failures.

    I don’t attack Christianity or Christians and certainly never have on this site. But I oppose it insofar as it prevents whites from forming a white racial consciousness. Black Christianity is rooted in helping other blacks while most white churches pride themselves in helping non-whites, starving Africans and adopting Chinese and Haitian babies. This is a form of madness that no people in history have succumbed to other than white Christians. This obviously would not be allowed in a healthy white ethnostate.

    The last thing I want is to deprive white people of their religion, but whether Christianity is a help or hindrance to white racial survival is one that must be addressed in a forthright manner. I’ll concede at the outset that there is more than one right answer to that question.

    Bottom line is if you’re on my side then I’m on your side. I’ll work with anyone who is a sincere pro-white advocate and not just a hobbyist or fair weather fan. Any white person who takes pride in their racial heritage and is willing to fight to defend it is welcome in “my” ethnostate regardless of religious affiliation.

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