District of Corruption

Snarlin’ Arlen makes his “closing argument” against “the jury of my colleagues.” Savor this beautiful moment. It is the last time Arlen Specter will ever disgrace the floor of the U.S. Senate.

Two years from now, Dick Lugar will be forced to deliver his own swan song, if we roll up our sleeves and start working to make that dream a reality.

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  1. Where’s the cannibalism? The video ended with “part one of two”, but no part two showed up. I was really hoping to see this boy cry.

  2. Lets be thankful one more of the tribes ambassadors of hate and genocide of our folk cloaked in the republics seats exits in disgrace. YAY..May his type be a dying breed..

  3. Ah, the sweet smell of polarization in the morning.

    The Spectre certainly didn’t enjoy getting his arse kicked out, did he?
    What a treat! Thanks for posting this, Hunter.

  4. Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy, Case Closed. The way the thing unfolded would have been so elaborate that it required thousands of people to be in on it and every variable to deal up a royal flush each instance. No way would they go through that length to get rid of JFK when all they had to do was let out the adulterous dirt on him and his floozies. The media loves the idea of a conspiracy because they want anyone BUT an avowed leftist who defected to the USSR and was heading up a pro-Cuba organization to be the killer.

  5. Yes, it’s good that there’s a Jew or two fewer in the Senate. Doesn’t matter a great deal, though, when all the shabbatz goy senators will still be jumping through a hoop every time the Israelites snap a finger. We can stave off our own doom for a time by playing “normal” politics like HW wants; but to secure our genetic future, we have to take down the System. And since the System is a Ponzi at every level now, that’s do-able.

  6. CF makes a great point. There is a lot more to political power than simply who holds office. I’ve always viewed politicians as team “mascots”. They may be the face everyone sees but behind every one of them is a collection of special interests they have to juggle to get re-elected.

  7. Atually the WASP elite did it. They were terrified of Catholic power. Instead they got Jewish power. History repeats…

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