The Game Plan

Obama vows to fight for comprehensive immigration reform in 2011

District of Corruption

President Hussein huddled with Luis Gutierrez and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus yesterday afternoon to map out their response to the defeat of the DREAM Act in the Senate.

The game plan:

(1) Obama will make a renewed push for comprehensive amnesty for all 11 million illegal aliens in the United States.

(2) He will renew his support for comprehensive amnesty in the State of the Union address.

(3) Obama promised to veto any legislation coming out of Congress that “would be seen as violating our values both as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants.”

In other words, the biggest target in the 2012 election promises to be none other than Barack Hussein Obama. We have to get rid of him to advance our agenda at the federal level.

A few pro-amnesty Senators from Blue States can’t block our agenda if we have sixty votes, but Obama can veto anything we push through Congress like a legislative end to birthright citizenship for anchor babies.

Watch this video:

We also have to knock off as many of his allies in the House and Senate as possible. Charlie Gonzalez has made it crystal clear that immigration is now a partisan issue:

“The reality is, we’re no longer on the House side in charge of the agenda,” said Rep. Charlie Gonzalez (D- Texas), who attended the meeting. “We would never have had a vote on the Dream Act if the Republicans were in charge. So we need to understand that.”

That’s accurate.

The DREAM Act won’t make it out of committee in the House when immigration policy is controlled by Lamar Smith and Steve King. It wouldn’t have made it to the floor of the Senate either if Jeff Sessions was in charge of his committee.

The vote on the DREAM Act showed that we have largely won the battle (i.e., Dick Lugar still needs to be defeated) within the Republican Caucus. Only 4 of the 11 Republicans who voted for the DREAM Act in the House and Senate will be returning to Congress.

The Senate

The following Senators who voted in favor of the DREAM Act will be up for reelection in 2012. I have taken the liberty of ranking them in terms of their vulnerability and the value of their scalps.

(1) Dick Lugar (Indiana) – The worthless traitor Dick Lugar is the only Republican who voted for the DREAM Act who is up for reelection in 2012. Defeating Dick Lugar will send a message to any other Republican Senator who even thinks about voting against our interests.

(2) Bob Menendez (New Jersey) – The Hispanic Robert Menendez of New Jersey is the leader of the comprehensive amnesty forces in the Senate. His defeat in the Garden State would be a huge victory for us.

(3) Jim Webb (Virginia) – Jim Webb rode into the Senate by pretending to be a conservative Democrat in a Red State. Unlike Tester and Nelson, he voted for the DREAM Act. It is time to force Webb into retirement.

(4) Bill Nelson (Florida) – Florida can no longer suffer the embarrassment of sending Bill Nelson to the Senate to represent a Southern state.

(5) Kent Conrad (North Dakota) – Kent Conrad represents North Dakota, Red territory in Middle America, but he sided with illegal aliens by voting for the DREAM Act. He will be vulnerable to a challenger in the general election.

(6) Claire McCaskill (Missouri) – McCaskill played with fire in voting for the DREAM Act. She narrowly defeated Jim Talent in 2006. When you play with fire, you get burned. McCaskill must be burned in 2012.

(7) Sherrod Brown (Ohio) – Ohio threw out the Democratic trash in 2010. It is time for the Buckeye State to force Sherrod Brown into retirement. He also voted for the DREAM Act.

(8) Bob Casey (Pennsylvania) – Pennsylvania is another state which took out the trash in the midterms. Bob Casey needs to find another line of employment.

(9) Jeff Bingaman (New Mexico) – New Mexico elected a Republican Governor and threw out a Democratic Congressmen. It can throw out Jeff Bingaman.

(9) Debbie Stabenow (Michigan) – Michigan also took part in the Midwestern Meltdown. If Michigan can elect a Republican governor, it can get rid of Debbie Stabenow.

(10) Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota) – The Jew Norm Coleman once held this seat. I’ve heard rumors that Michelle Bachmann might run against Klobuchar in Minnesota.

(11) Maria Cantwell (Washington) – Dino Rossi narrowly lost to Patty Murray. Maria Cantwell should prove more vulnerable in 2012.

(12) Herb Kohl (Wisconsin) – Wisconsin rid itself of Russ Feingold. He was certainly more popular than Herb Kohl. This is another state where have a shot at knocking off a pro-amnesty Democrat.

(12) Jon Tester (Montana) – To his credit, Jon Tester voted against the DREAM Act, but that was the extent of his usefulness. We need a pickup in Montana to get a majority in the Senate.

(13) Ben Nelson (Nebraska) – Ben Nelson voted against the DREAM Act. Unfortunately for Nelson, he also voted for Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader, which enabled pro-amnesty Democrats to bring the DREAM Act to the Senate floor. Like Tester, Nelson has to be replaced by a Republican to deny Democrats like Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer control of the Senate.

(14) Joe Manchin (West Virginia) – Joe Manchin is a vote for Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader. We need his Senate seat to reach the magic number that will put Jeff Sessions in charge of the Immigration Subcommittee.

Kirsten Gillibrand (New York), Dianne Feinstein (California), Joe Lieberman (Connecticut), Tom Carper (Delaware), Ben Cardin (Maryland), Sheldon Whitehouse (Rhode Island), Bernie Sanders (Vermont), and Daniel Akaka (Hawaii) are also up for reelection.

We have less of a chance in defeating and replacing these Blue State Democrats with a restrictionist Republican than the other Senators who are running in Red or Purple States.

We only need to knock off 5 of these Democrats (6 if Scott Brown loses reelection) to cripple pro-amnesty forces in the Senate. Truth be told, we need to run the table in 2012, as there will be nothing stopping a Democratic minority from playing the same game with the filibuster.

Final Thoughts

I’m eagerly awaiting the 2012 elections.

We have a big fat target at the top of the ticket (the last black president) and at least 14 vulnerable pro-amnesty targets in the Senate. We have a better than average shot at defeating Obama in 2012, holding the House, and retaking the Senate.

There will be obstacles along the way.

The threat posed by resurgent pro-amnesty forces in the Republican Party must be dealt with. This means the 2o12 presidential nomination must be denied to Newt Gingrich and Jeb Bush who are on record supporting the DREAM Act and opposing Arizona’s SB 1070.

We need to take the lessons learned from 2010 and apply them over the next two years leading up to 2012. The Tea Party has shown us how to channel all the pent up anger, rage, frustration, votes, bodies, and resources pent up for decades in the White Nationalist movement in an effective direction.

You will be surprised how quickly things will start to change when we learn how to deliver our message.

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  1. “A few pro-amnesty Senators from Blue States can’t block our agenda if we have sixty votes, but Obama can veto anything we push through Congress like a legislative end to birthright citizenship for anchor babies.”

    The real question is will any GOP presidential candidates come out openly in favor of denying birthright citizenship to illegal aliens. I think it’s likely that the national GOP will try to keep this issue out the primary campaign and if the GOP recaptures the presidency, the White House and national party are likely to discourage Congress from working on this issue.


    What’s next? Defense.

    The incoming Republican House leadership is virtually certain to block any further measures such as the DREAM Act that would provide a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants.

    In response, the president and Hispanic caucus members are expected to shift strategies to block passage of any GOP legislation that might punitively target illegal immigrants. . . .

    In the next Congress, Hispanic lawmakers and Latino advocacy groups will be braced for a Republican attempt to end automatic citizenship for children born in the U.S. to illegal immigrants, a right granted under the 14th Amendment.

    Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) is a leading opponent of “birthright” citizenship and will have the power to bring such a measure to the fore, as incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

    Smith has publicly said stricter immigration enforcement will be a priority of his, from securing U.S. borders to cracking down on human smuggling.

    Smith’s acolyte likely will be Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), the next chairman of the House subcommittee on immigration. King plans to introduce a bill that would alter the 14th Amendment to deny citizenship to American-born children of undocumented parents.

    He’s also expressed a willingness to seek a constitutional amendment, a prohibitive task requiring ratification by two-thirds of Congress and three quarters of the state legislatures.

  3. Any reason why you think that Cantwell will be more vulnerable than Murray was? I’ve always thought Murray was much weaker of the two. Cantwell occassionaly does good things, like voting against TARP and being a pain-in-the-butt of the banksters.

    Murray has been made fun of for years, she’s been tagged as “the dumbest woman in the Senate”, her positions are far left. Still, we couldn’t quite do the deed to eject her.

    Rossi didn’t seem to put up much of a fight, it was a polished professional campaign with no fire or excitement, and he lost his 3rd major statewide race in a row, so hopefully whatever else happens Rossi doesn’t run again and maybe we’ll get someone who has a better strategy to win.

    It was a very close race, Murray won 50.85% to 49.15%, so perhaps there is some hope. Still I think Cantwell is the stronger of the two, and the Washington GOP doesn’t have a very deep bench. One reason Rossi keeps getting the nomination is that he has the resources to at least put up a fight.

  4. The national GOP will not be able to keep the immigration issue out of the primaries. The MSM will be eager to force the candidates to go on record with their positions in an effort to shame them. The question is which if any national GOP candidate will hold his ground once the pandering to Hispanics begins in earnest? Gingrich and Bush have already started the pandering which shows the fear Hispanics and MSM more than the White grassroots.

  5. LEW – Let us hope that Luis Gutierrez and his “Civil Rights for Unwelcome Foreigners Movement” will help us out and force the national GOP to deal with the illegal immigration issue during the primaries. Let’s hope they get really loud, shrill and crazy over the next two years. We want the debate to stay in the news and we want polarization, not peace and quiet.

    Sadly, Obama will likely stymie any restrictionist legislation coming out of Congress over the next two years – but on the upside, we could see a lot of legislative progress being made by the states. Headlines about such progress will also keep the debate in the news and force the national GOP to deal with the issue.

  6. The real question is will any GOP presidential candidates come out openly in favor of denying birthright citizenship to illegal aliens.

    Ofcourse they won’t, and we don’t want them to. What we need is for an empty suit like Romney to win talking about “fixing our broken immigration system” and for him to then sign the anti birthright citizenship bill

    As for Hunter’s states: 1, 3-8 and 10, 12-14 are gimmes. New Mexico is a majority minority state, write it off. Even the Republicans there are pro Hispanic. NJ, DE, WA, MA and RI are all possibilities but unless Obama starts pushing really hard on immigration and unemployment goes up another 5 points, we aren’t going to win anymore than 3 of them. That is a net of 13 seats which still leaves us with only 59.

  7. Okay guys, good news on the economic front today. The GDP numbers were revised and Q3 came in at 2.6. No big change there, but the internals are what’s important: Inventory build was revised up to 1.6 and real final sales were revised down to 1%.

    For those of you who don’t follow economic news, what this means is that actual growth last quarter was just 1% and the other 1.6 was just businesses buying cheap plastic crap from China that they will never be able to sell.

    Basically the economy is being held up by inventory build, exports and most off, gov spending. Inventory should stop building sometime next quarter and given whats happening in Europe, exports should take a hit next year as well. It’s on the Republicans in congress to do something about spending. Even if they don’t, we should be back into a recession by Q2 next year.

  8. Dems told the hispanics they were for “immigration reform”. But when they had the votes to ram it through congress they threw the hispanics under the bus. But now the GOP has the House again the Dems are pushing “immigration reform” again. Dems & GOP are both playing the same game. They’re just on opposite sides.

  9. Just keep in mind that we don’t want “solutions”. We want radicalization on all sides, polarization. Either the Jews and their bribed-off ethnoid group-entitlements win, or we win. There is no middle ground. You’re either alive, or dead.

  10. Obama is the idiot king of the kingdom of idiots. Step back folks and realize that today’s elite is babbling lines from a script, a script that makes as much sense as Hitler ordering a counteroffensive on April 27, 1945 and expecting glorious victory.

    The “script” functions because for the most part the “respectable conservatives” who HW has been pimping for play along and act the part of reactionary stooge. “We’ll only give you radical libs 50% today, and we will call it ‘victory’.”

    Our part is to change the script and here is what will derail the monster, the inclusion of the phrase “anti-White” into the vernacular of the everyday. It is our attack word. Our days of racial nothingness are over. No lib/lefty can withstand that attack word, it slices the congnitive dissonance like the sword to the knot.

    If HW can change the script he is of some use in the very long term, if not his 50%s will buy you time so as to adjust to your dispossesion and cultural genocide on your way to a brown future of ceaseless sameness for your children.

  11. RE: using “anti-White” in discourse

    I call the opposition anti-White often in online debates in other venues, especially the comments of my local paper. I’ve also been using anti-White in casual conversations and debates in the real world. The problem with attacking with the “anti-White” label is that the anti-White commentary often comes from people who are themselves White. Usually they just turn around and say “how can I be anti-White when I’m White myself. How can I be against myself?” So far, I have not been able to come up with an effective riposte that might sway a neutral observer in our direction. I’m not suggesting we avoid using anti-White for this reason. I’m just observing that I personally haven’t found an effective counter. Otherwise, I agree that it’s vitally important we get anti-White into common discourse

  12. Tim Wise himself used this counterattack after the fallout from his genocidal screed. He said he couldn’t be anti-White because his family and kids are White.

  13. “Tim Wise himself used this counterattack after the fallout from his genocidal screed. He said he couldn’t be anti-White because his family and kids are White.”

    Of course he can – there are traitors like roaches these days.
    It’s important they understand they will be held accountable for their treason – even more so that they shall be.

  14. Anti-white:

    White ? Jew

    Self-hating white?


    Diversity destroyer?

    Evolution denier?

    On that last point, “Out of Africa” is officially dead with the sequencing of Melanesians, who also have DNA from pre existing humanoids, a whopping 7%! Remember the lie that we are 99.9% alike!!!

    Some speculate that Africans* are actually Homo erectus; it would be wonderful to extract some Homo erectus DNA from an old bone.

    *Never call them “blacks”, call them Africans so that you link them to a specific land so as to beg the question “why are they not in Africa?” Likewise, European is a terrible label for Americans and Russians. We are not to be restricted to Europe, we are white. Our race is our nation, our skin is our uniform, our minds are our weapons, and our home is the top of the planet.

  15. Lew: If someone says they can’t be anti-White because they’re White, I suggest that you point out that their views ARE anti-White, in the clearest and calmest way that you can. Then point out that there have always been people who betrayed their own kind, collaborators, turncoats, congenital traitors. Benedict Arnold was an American and a hero, but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a traitor too. Keep after them with the fact that their views are objectively anti-White, and remember that you’re really interested in convincing the people watching and listening, not the traitor himself.

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