Christmas Season – Open Thread


I feel like taking a day off from politics. Use this thread to chat about anything that happens to be on your mind at the moment.

(1) I hooked up with a new girl last night: White, 22 years old, works at a local hospital, senior in college, cute, dark brown hair, nice rack, single, no kids. She dated my best friend for a few weeks earlier this summer, but he is with someone else now.

(2) I hit a huge deer on the way home last night and royally fucked up my car. I just got it towed to the shop. Fortunately, I have insurance on the damn thing and should come out of this all right.

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  1. Strange creatures little insecure boys. They wonder why they pick up trash, when all they consider is the cover of the book, size of her tits. Why not just go and get yourself a Walmart blow up talking doll with a Internet degree? Until you change your priorities and focus on a woman’s character, you will continue to be burned. You get the goverment you vote for; you get the shallow cheap easy lay trash you pick, by judging women by their ‘racks’. And the same applies to women who judge men on their car and bankbalance.

    And thats why I got myself the most incredible man on the face of the earth.. cause what I look for is a man who is honest, who is honourable, and who loves me not for my rack, but cause I make him giggle, cause I am as loyal as a spaniel and grizzly bear combined, to anyone to protect those i love.

    Maybe one day you will have the courage to step out of your little macho-male moron little boys club of trying to impress other insecure males, by impressing them with the cheap easy lay you got on your arm; and instead tell em all to go to hell, or at least those who don’t want for you, a woman who loves you for being you; your character, your being. But until you love yourself enough to have some principles, how on earth can you expect anyone else to?

  2. 1) Speaking of women, I had a not so pretty break up with my long time long distance girlfriend a couple months back who lives in Stamford, CT. The kicker is this: one of my best friends recently moved to Stamford and has invited me down for New Year’s, and he lives on the main road of which her’s is a dead-end sidestreet. He lives less than 30 seconds from her house. Should I visit her? What should I do if I see her during the weekend? Also she has the only copy of my first film I made in college, so should I go and get it while there?

    2) I’m incredibly excited about my epic! The manuscript has been approved by CreateSpace and I should be self-publishing next month. Not only that but rereading it the other day the imagination went wild. I started envisioning an entire world spawned from this little epic as the start and foundational text: kinda like Narnia and Middle-Earth. I’m hoping to explore and capitalize on this idea for future stories that could inspire our people and movement.

  3. A bit of the backstory: I met this girl over at my friend’s house during the SEC championship a few weeks ago. She came over and we drank a few beers.

    I invited her to go with us to Auburn to celebrate that weekend, but my best friend didn’t want her tagging along, so he made her go home.

    Last Saturday, I went out with all of them (her, my best friend, another couple, and another girl) to celebrate our victory over the DREAM Act.

    I ended up hooking up with her friend who lives in Auburn at the bar. We drank and were having a blast. She is 28 and it turns out we went to Auburn together. Things were heading in the right direction. We were making out and getting close to each other.

    … then my best friend pitches a fit and forces me to leave and take him home which was more than 60 miles away. He was “depressed” about his ex-girlfriend.

    Well damn it, I thought. Better luck next time.

    The three of us go out again last night: me, him, and her. Just friends hanging out and having a good time.

    He gets depressed again about his ex-girlfriend after he finds out in the bar that she is dating some idiot he almost got into a fight with in the parking lot a few months before. He ends up going home.

    Which left the two of us alone together. Then wham. It happened.

    Then wham again when the deer destroyed the front right side of my car on the ride home.

  4. Andrea,

    There is nothing wrong with this girl: she is smart, pretty, young, comes from a nice family, has a job, goes to college, plans to be a pharmacist.

    It’s not like I am finished with her. She has been texting me all morning. We will probably start dating.

  5. That’s a good question.

    It was a big buck. That’s for sure. I would go take a look at it now, but seeing how I am stranded for the moment, I have to wait until someone I know gets off work and can take me to get a rental.

    I will take a picture of it this evening.

    You know, I had planned on going hunting on Christmas morning while I was back home. Guess I don’t have to now.

  6. Jackson-
    I was wondering the same thing.

    I hit a doe a couple of years ago. That’s the only time I’ve ever hit a large animal. It was kind of strange to watch it go flying off to the side in slow motion. Kind of reminded me of that scene in “Twister” with the cows.

  7. Damn. Two nights ago an excess of pain medication for a crushed thumb combined with calling the AG a house n&*&%#r in a previous post, led to a case of acute paranoia. Holy crap I thought they were going to kick the door down. I also thought they were beaming “reprogram” memes into my brain from a mobile unit outside.

    Stay safe and sane everybody. Merry Christmas.

  8. Hunter,

    Did you ever think that commenting on her physcial attributes – on the Internet no less – suggests to readers that she is no lady?

    A true gentleman is always a gentleman.

  9. A bit of the backstory: I met this girl over at my friend’s house during the SEC championship a few weeks ago. She came over and we drank a few beers.

    A few weeks ago you had “been dating the same girl for months now and things are going very well on that front.”

    If need be, I am fully prepared to pull out the hammer and chisel and contribute to the “Hunter Wallace” epitaph.

  10. Hunter, So she is “smart, pretty, young, from nice family, good job, goes to college, etc.” but you are forgetting the MOST IMPORTANT and really the ONLY FACT ABOUT HER THAT MATTERS: where is she on the political spectrum? If she is a liberal, she will make your life miserable. That is the FIRST thing a young man should find out about a potential partner. If she is on your wavelength, then go for it. If she is an anti-racist, liberal, drop her like she is a poisonous snake and run for your life. This is advice coming from one who knows from experience.

  11. I had been dating the same girl for months. We dated for a few months back in 2008.

    That gradually went awry … for the same reason it did last time. The problem was that we simply never had the chance to see each other or do anything.

    As I said at the time, she has a daughter, which effectively meant that her routine consisted of work and never being able to do anything, except on a few rare occasions when the grandparents would watch her.

    Her daughter would get sick. Then she would miss work. Then she would work overtime on the weekends. Then she would get sick herself. Then she would work more overtime.

    So for the better part of this month we haven’t been able to do anything. It just got too much to deal with.

  12. She is not an anti-racist. No one around here is really an anti-racist.

    As for politics, I haven’t discussed the subject with her. I usually have my fill of politics around here. I don’t think she is a liberal.

  13. The girls have a point. It’s one thing to say “she’s hot” or “she’s a babe”. But if you start talking about a girl’s “rack” to your friends or on the internet then she’s going to get pissed. And then you won’t get to see that “rack”. hehe

  14. Sounds as if Andrea is the insecure one. If one has “the perfect” other in their life and all is great, generally they will not feel any need to express the kind of outburst Andrea had to vent out above. In fact, they should be so occupied with thoughts of and being with that “perfect” match that anything less than a bomb should not even be making it on the radar screen, so to speak. Much less should they be motivated to inject themselves into a stranger’s love interest and proceed to lecture him on being “insecure,” and what kind of girl he should really looking for.

    But, as Bob Whitaker says, we all know why Andrea most likely HAD to make her outburst and criticize us “insecure little boys” about what kind of woman we should be staying away from and what kind we should all be going for instead. Let us guess, we “should” all be going for the kind of woman like Andrea in terms of looks, alleged personality, and, of course, whether she makes us “giggle.” You will all have noticed, I hope, that the Andrea’s of the world ALWAYS first tell us that we should not even be taking into consideration “looks.” And then the Andrea’s go on to imply that, almost by definition, her type is the only ones who can have a good personality, intelligence, etc., and are really the only type who is dating or marriage material. Isn’t that a happy coincidence?

    And isn’t it just a darn shame that whenever one of us guys doesn’t seem to go for the Andrea type that we must be “insecure,” no good, only looking for a one night stand, immature, have a record of a long string of failed relationships with women, and, not infrequently and of course, must really be gay since we are not attracted to them.

  15. I’ve hit two deer in my life. The first time was around November of ’95, and I was driving a new GMC Sonoma that I had only bought a few months earlier. I pulled out and took a right onto the highway and was still shifting gears. I think I had just shifted into either third or fourth, that is how short a time and about how fast I was only going, maybe about 40 or 45. Even though it was only about 4 in the afternoon and still daylight, the deer was running parallel with me along the right shoulder and so I didn’t see him at first and then only that white spot of his ass end. At about the same second I saw him and hit the breaks he turned right into me. It was like slow motion, I saw two or three sections of my grill flying directly up and over the hood into the air, felt the impact and caught a glance in my rear view mirror of my toolbox lids flying open, one of those black, plastic Wal Mart specials with two lids that open towards the back window. Damn!. I pulled over and got out to look at the damage. The deer was down and kicking like hell in the middle of the road and cars were slowing down and stopping to miss it. After about 45 seconds of this the deer got up, looked around and ran off. It probably died a little later, of course, but I was not in the least worried about the damn thing. The whole front of my new truck was caved in in the shape of a V, but somehow it never busted the radiator or ran it into the fan, so I was able to drive it the 15 or 20 miles on home.

    The other time was a few years later at night and the deer actually ran into me. I was in a Ford Ranger that time doing about 60 or so and the damn deer came off a hill and ran smack into the driver’s side of the bed about two feet from the cab. I really don’t remember now if I had seen him coming and hit the breaks or not. I know I didn’t stop, though, I just kept driving. The damage wasn’t too bad, but a pretty good dent in the side of the bed.

    Both times was in Indiana. That place is awful for hitting deer. I hate it whenever I am there and have to drive at night or early in the morning when it is still dark. The deer are everywhere and forever crossing the roads. Everyday you see a new ones dead on the side of the road where someone has hit it the night before or early that morning. I don’t think I know anyone here who hasn’t totaled or near totaled at least one car and most people have hit tow or three or more. I got to where I don’t drive at night over about 55 on most roads there because of deer. Most of the area is farmland and so they are on the move constantly and crossing roads.

    A couple of years ago I was doing a job at a steel mill right across the Ohio River in Ghent, Kentucky, about 50 miles one way from my mom’s house where I stay when I am there in Indiana. There is no good road to get there and the fastest way there is over some roads that are big time through the “sticks” and back country, near Switzerland County. Every morning I would see at least 10 or 15 deer. But since those roads are all so curvy and narrow you can’t drive very fast anyway, so you usually have plenty of time to see them and slow down or stop.

  16. I think Andrea has a very good point. I, personally, am sick and tired of the trash talk that’s all around us, all the time. Civility is a lost trait along whites these days. Not only do I long for the days of 90%+ White America, I miss polite, refined, genteel America. We not only think like trash, we talk like trash, we dress like trash, we act like trash. We’re one rung from crapping in the streets and copulating in the parks – just like dogs.

    I believe discretion, respect, civility, and honor are the hallmarks of civilization. Perhaps white men need to look no further than the mirror to see why their culture and race are in shambles.

    Brutus – instead of attacking Andrea, listen to her message. But once again, the white male doesn’t get it. He criticizes the black male yet acts just like him…

  17. “Conservatives are still not suppose to be cads, I’m pretty certain.”

    I agree, you would think Conservative women wouldn’t act like that.

  18. “Brutus – instead of attacking Andrea, listen to her message. But once again, the white male doesn’t get it. He criticizes the black male yet acts just like him…”

    Yes, dear! Yes, Dear! Is there anything else I can get you? I s it alright if I get up to get me something to drink? Is it ok if I turn on the radio? Yes, dear!

    Yes! I’ll get right to that! Yes!

  19. Joanne, “I miss polite, refined, genteel America. We not only think like trash, we talk like trash, we dress like trash, we act like trash. We’re one rung from crapping in the streets and copulating in the parks – just like dogs.”

    Christian America still keeps alive what you miss.

  20. Talking about your girlfriend’s breasts in public is low class.

    And grown men, if they are willing to accept a woman with a kid, don’t back out because it’s inconvenient. They do things with the mother and child together. If a single mother has lots of time just for you, she’s a bad mother. All kids are inconvenient, a pain in the ass in fact. You try real hard to raise them to be worthwhile humans. That’s what real life is. Suck it in.

  21. BTW, I once ran over an escaping criminal, and crippled him. Never even went to court. I never went to court for running over a dog either, but I felt much worse.

  22. Hunter,

    Some advice from an older man — I cringed when you wrote “nice rack” in your post. I hope you’ll edit it and edit all references to it in the comments, including this one.

    Also, if I was single I would consider a woman who was a single mom who had a WHITE child. It’s not all about having fun fun fun until daddy takes the T-bird away. What does concern me is how intelligent the woman is — I am very picky on that front. Also, medical history — you can get a genetic profile now and find out if you have any autoimmune diseases and such, and I’m dead serious about this.

    You can win the heart of a single mom by helping her with her kid, but you better be sure that she is THE ONE, because it’s not fair to a child to have a bunch of surrogate daddy-boyfriends who come and go. That messes them up bad. One guy who they know will always be there is fine, but a carousel of “mommy’s boyfriends” is tragic.

    Anyway, good luck with this one, and if she reads this blog I hope she has a sense of humor! Maybe an Alabama girl will take it as a compliment. Maybe everyone there talks like that, I don’t know. Here in New England we THINK a lot of things but we don’t say them, LOL.

  23. Kievsky,

    (1) Compared to the usual banter that goes on about women at White Nationalist sites, “nice rack” is really nothing to get stirred up about. It was actually a compliment.

    I mean, hell … just look back at the epic threads about stripping women of voting rights or the Roissy shitstorm or the White Knightism or the nerds on other sites who rage against women.

    (2) I’m not even interested in this girl because of her breasts. We just have a lot more in common and click better. There is a stronger attraction.

    (3) She is a Georgia girl. Like I said above, she is going to college to be a pharmacist, so obviously she is smart.

    (4) I’m not adverse to dating a girl who has a child. That was never the problem.

    (5) It goes without saying that I would like to have my own kid.












  25. “People are overreacting to the “rack” comment. It’s boobs. Guys like them. It’s not a big deal.”

    The word “rack” strikes many people as denigrating. You guys defending it would think differently I bet if you had daughters, as I believe Kievsky has. But you don’t need daughters to recognize that the word is cheapening. The culture we live in is mired deep in the gutter so there is nothing wrong with us policing each other in order to lift ourselves free, at least in those areas we still control.

  26. Well said SSC.

    We all play some sort of role that is the social debacle we live in. As they say… you want to change the world, start with yourself. Perhaps if white men actually started making noble demands of white women, things may turn around. It’s worth a try anyway.

    Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

  27. SS Club: Our world’s become a pit of Negrophilia. Whites mimic their inferiors, and soon become just like them. If there is to be a resurrection of our race, it will be because enough of us refused to lower ourselves. That is, if we don’t want to be Dark, we need to not act Dark. Obey the traffic laws. Don’t lie, cheat, or steal. Work hard. Be polite to strangers, including non-Whites. Try to return found items, don’t just keep them. Wait your turn. Treat women as you would like your own sister to be treated.

  28. I also don’t see the point to discuss your private life on here and I don’t appreciate the cavalier tone regarding a White woman (unless she’s a feminist mullah, then all is fair).

  29. Given the fact that we now live in a culture where otherwise decent, mature women believe being called a “milf” is a wonderful compliment, I suppose the “rack” business is hardly scandalous. It’s all so sad – how far we have fallen…

  30. There’s a time and a place for everything, but I agree with Discard’s comments above. It is a vulgar comment, undeniably, and I doubt you’d use that phrase in front of this lady or your own parents. Just consider that we, your natural allies here, found it a little jarring and out of character. You come across as a gentleman with class on this site. We all like women and their beauty, including physical beauty. But there is a tone appropriate to a white gentleman, in this public setting, and this seems to fall far below it.

  31. Hunter,

    That’s fine, use your judgment. I’m glad you didn’t take offense at my suggestions.

    I’m glad you plan to have kids of your own. Make sure you get along real well with the woman, and plan to stay together at least until the youngest kid turns 18.

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