Christmas Season – Open Thread


I feel like taking a day off from politics. Use this thread to chat about anything that happens to be on your mind at the moment.

(1) I hooked up with a new girl last night: White, 22 years old, works at a local hospital, senior in college, cute, dark brown hair, nice rack, single, no kids. She dated my best friend for a few weeks earlier this summer, but he is with someone else now.

(2) I hit a huge deer on the way home last night and royally fucked up my car. I just got it towed to the shop. Fortunately, I have insurance on the damn thing and should come out of this all right.

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  1. Given the fact that we now live in a culture where otherwise decent, mature women believe being called a “milf” is a wonderful compliment

    Are you sure about that?

    How old are they exactly?

    Perhaps they don’t realize it’s an acronym, and have merely inferred from usage patterns that its some kind of foreign word for an attractive older woman?

    Either that or they’re getting it from celebrity gossip mags.

    Do they go around calling Demi Moor, etc., “MILFs”?

    It seems like the sort of thing they’d do nowadays.

  2. Good luck with your new love-interest, Hunter. You say she comes from
    a good family. I hope that means her bioparents are married. Your chances that she’s a good bet for a lifetime are greatly increased.

    Also, maybe this seems a bit premature, but if it does turn out that she’s The One, please do all you can not to have to dump the babies in daycare: As soon as you get engaged, fiigure out how the two of you can live on your salary alone (no debt, drive a clunker, studio apt or live with your folks or whatever you must do) and save hers for a money cushion for when the babies come, so she can quit and be a mother. She’ll love you more.
    Career women are frequently shocked how emotionally unimportant, despised, even, that job often becomes about two seconds after she gets hold of that squirmy newborn.
    A pharmacist makes good money, and it’s exceedingly easy to fall into a nice lifestyle where you’re spending it. But if you guys do that, fall into a lifestyle that you need her money to live, the relationship is statistically doomed.

  3. I, too, was jarred by that comment, Hunter. It’s below your normal level. I have chosen to take it as a slip-up, though. Merry Christmas. 🙂

  4. I will chalk it up to the quirks of White Nationalism that so many have taken offense to “nice rack” of all the things that are said on a daily basis here in the comments.

  5. I think this whole neo-pagan, materialist, Roissyism, etc. has confused people. Most conservatives and white nationalists and others on the far right, while somewhat antifeminist on the whole, are not anti-women, are generally Christian, do not embrace this vulgar culture of “game” and “hooking up,” respect our mothers and sisters and daughters, and have certain standards of gentlemanly behavior that transcend politics. These standards tell us a little about how to talk about women, particularly women we’re interested in while writing in a public forum.

    I think the internet, night-club, frathouse culture of “game” has a lot of people confused. It’s not the right way to be. It’s not the right way to behave. I don’t care how alienated the acolytes of Roissy are; there are good women out there and they deserve to be treated well. Tom Wolfe’s I am Charlotte Simmons exposes this crap for all the hurt that it does to men and women alike. We need to keep our standards high, even as the world goes up in flames around us. Those with standards, good families, and an intact culture will rebuild civilization some day.

  6. Roach,

    You have entered this thread to swing your sword at some stereotypes:

    (1) I am not a neo-pagan. There are neo-pagans who post on this website, some of whom are good friends of mine, but there are Christians here as well.

    (2) I have never been a reader of Roissy’s website. I have friends who read Roissy. We have had a few discussions here about Roissy. Yet this thread had nothing to do with Roissy or game theory.

    (3) I’m not “anti-woman.” I met Denise in Pennsylvania back in August … with H. Rock White of all people.

    (4) I did not “hook up” with this girl. I was dating another girl for several months. We broke up. Now I am dating this girl. We met through mutual friends, not in a bar or a nightclub.

    (5) I still fail to see why “nice rack” is such a big deal. When a guy brags about a girl to his friends, it is usually taken as a good sign, and I was complementing her as well. I also said she was smart, comes from a nice family, and is going to school to be a pharmacist, but some of you chose to ignore all that.

    (6) I’m not anti-Christian. I have been critical of Alex Linder and Greg Johnson for their attacks on Christianity. The girl I am dating is … drumroll … a Christian.

    (7) In my experience, women don’t respond well to “White Knightism.” They don’t like being put up on a pedestal. At the same time, most of them don’t like being treated like crap either, although that is definitely true of some women I know.

    (8) If I wrote about women like Larry Auster, I would be equally celibate and lonely.

    (9) The major problem White Nationalists have is their inability to communicate with women at all. Just listen to the latest episodes of the Jim Giles show.

    (10) I’ve been pounding away at the theme for months now that we must come to terms with reality as it exists. I find that is also true when it comes to women.

    If you approach women these days in the same way you would in the 1950s, you won’t get anywhere with them. You will end up as a frustrated, lonely misogynist railing against women on the internet. That is not in the best interest of either party.

    (11) Converting women these days to the traditional views you advocate is a process that only works on certain types of women. They usually have to be predisposed by their background to evolving in this direction.

    If we want to turn things around and go back to the way it used to be, we have to start where women are today, which is not where you seem to think they are.

  7. Great comment above by Roach.

    HW, he is talking generally. There IS a degenerate-misogynistic-predatory wing of “the anti-feminist movement”, which must be guarded against.

    You have written entire articles saying largely the same thing.

  8. Hunter, just to be clear, I was referencing the “quirks of white nationalism” which includes what I talk about above. I was not suggesting you are all these things, nor did I mean to insult you. I was however suggesting that you, who do not normally talk this way, may have allowed some of these strange behavioral trends running in the movement to rub off on you and your writing. I believe it’s possible that you have mistaken this odd subculture and its tone as generally representative of those concerned about our demographic destruction. I think these elements are both unpalatable to most people who are open to this viewpoint and represent very much a minority view both generally and on the far right.

    I do agree we must be normal, not hateful or overly sentimental about women, and that there’s nothing wrong with being happy and excited for meeting a good woman and taking joy in her looks and her body. I simply think, as I said before, this comment was a little out of character and vulgar, and should be reconsidered. I was also suggesting that the antifeminism of some has become anticivilization, insofar as it finds nothing to like in women, who are indeed such wonderful parts of our human experience, and instead seeks merely to manipulate and use them because they have been collectively misled into sensuality and physicality by our wayward, feminist-poisoned culture.

  9. Roach,

    I wasn’t thinking at all about Roissy or the “game” subculture or the “men’s rights” movement when I made the comment above. I grew up in the Bible Belt and no one around here takes offense at “nice rack” whether male or female.

    Most of the people around here are Christians. The girl I am dating is a Christian. My three best friends in Alabama are Christians. I will make a point of asking them whether or not “nice rack” is offensive to their religious ears. Their banter and text messages are often times far more explicit than that.

    In any case, I am not trying to manipulate anyone with game. I’m quite content to be in a normal relationship with one person. Finding the right person is the real challenge. This is my third relationship so far this year.

    What’s the old saying? Attractive, crazy, intelligent … pick any two.

    Point taken.

    I wasn’t trying to offend or impress anyone here. It was more like being preoccupied with my good fortune (and wrecked vehicle) and disinclined to write about more relevant subjects.

  10. I guess it’s a good idea to remain gentlemen as feminism continues to destroy it’s main target, white men. We can talk about progressives, liberals, neocons, jews, but please, don’t mention feminism, wouldn’t want to upset the ladies while white men lose jobs, college spots, their money in divorce theft, their kids, are treated like garbage on television and elsewhere, while white women are doing just fine thank you and largely don’t seem to give a crap. And never say anything like nice rack. You can however say nigger, kike, mudshark, queer, and Hitler was a cool guy.

    Don’t try to understand anything about “game” either. Better to continue to be chivalrous and pretend it’s still 1950, while “empowered” women walk all over you. That’s for degenerates and misogynists. If you’re older and married I can understand that, but for younger guys there’s at least some good info there. Doesn’t just have to be about “getting laid”.

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