The End of Middle America

Middle America

A depressing article worth reading: White working class families are dissolving and adopting many of the social pathologies of the black community.

The dirty little secret of “progressivism” is that progressives don’t really believe their own destructive rhetoric. They don’t send their own children to integrated public schools. They don’t live in minority-majority neighborhoods themselves.

It turns out that the highly educated are less sexually promiscuous, more likely to get married, and less likely to have children out of wedlock.

As for the jobs being sent overseas, those are largely the jobs of those working class yokels who work in manufacturing plants, who send their children to the public schools which the SWPLs insisted on integrating:

Foreclosures, plant closings, offshored jobs, underwater mortgages, miserable rates of unemployment, stagnating incomes: Is there any end to the woes of the struggling American middle? Apparently not, because now comes news of a trend guaranteeing trouble ahead for the more than half of the nation that make up the moderately educated and moderately earning middle — even if the economy improves.

That seismic shift, outlined in a new report from the National Marriage Project and the Institute for American Values, is towards more divorce, more out of wedlock births and, ipso facto, fewer kids with a hopeful future.

Family breakdown, to put it simply, has hit white middle America big time. . . .

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  1. This is why progressives have supported the export of jobs. They don’t want the cheap trinkets that China sells, they want to destroy the White working man.
    The Italian-American journalist Luigi Barzini was a witness to the sexual decay of Weimar Germany, and noted how the Nazis restored the dignity of the working and middle classes. He said this not as an admirer of Hitler, but as historical fact, writing in the 1980s.

  2. To a young White woman who has been lied to about race all her life, a Black with an affirmative action job might seem like a better prospect than a White man working for $12 an hour and no benefits.

  3. Extrapolatingcurrent trends re marriage a generation or two into the future, and it’s possible that The End of Marriage is at hand.

    Or, more precisely, “We’re married” may be to those times, what “We spend many of our weekends on our yacht or at our vacation home” is to us today.

  4. “Progressivism” is really nothing more than making an ideology out of antipathy toward ordinary White people. It is all about status, flaunting your sense of moral superiority, looking down on all the “hicks” and “hayseeds” out there in flyover country, the malicious glee that comes from making life worse off for working class White people.

  5. Marriage will not disappear. When welfare disappears and when people have to care for their bastards themselves, they will either stop having them, watch them starve, or they will form families.

  6. As I said above, the proof of this is that progressives don’t take their own ideas seriously:

    (1) Do progressives live in housing projects?

    (2) Do progressives rely upon government or private healthcare?

    (3) Do progressives send their own children to integrated public schools?

    (4) Do progressives live in majority black neighborhoods?

    (5) Do progressives welcome foreign competition when it comes to their own jobs?

    (6) Do they really believe that sexual promiscuity, divorce, and having children out of wedlock is a path to prosperity?

    (7) Do progressives really believe their own bullshit about global warming? If so, why do Al Gore and all these Hollywood celebrities fly everywhere they go?

    When you judge progressives by their actions, not by what they say, a different picture emerges.

  7. Well said discard, but as a poster up thread said a black with an AA gimme job will be a catch. And as HW wrote it is a status game, take a look at California outside of its potemkin lib enclaves it is reverting to a savage mexican existence, but they do not care a wit.

  8. If we deported all the foreigners, jailed all the corporate scum, limited imports, took away all the affirmative action jobs, and put all White supporters of diversity in labor camps, there’d be plenty of jobs for Americans.

  9. Hanson made a good point in that article about Mexifornia. The progressive obsession with regulating our lives seen in things like the TSA ends when it comes to the filth and environmental destruction caused by illegal aliens from Mexico.

    They are laissez-faire on the border and on marriage, but not on other matters that a trivial like fast food and soda.

  10. @ Discard:
    “If we deported all the foreigners, jailed all the corporate scum, limited imports…”

    Wouldn’t even have to “limit” imports, just slap a really hefty tax on all imports (while eliminating all foreigners like you said, including H1-B visas to Indians) and you would achieve the same results as limiting imports. This would also provide the incentive to manufacture items here, bringing back manufacturing jobs.

  11. This is an opportunity to be seized — and to the extent you fail to seize it, liberal, multicult, managerialists will. These people need a culture and need institutions designed for them.

  12. Peter Schweizer’s book, DO AS WE SAY, NOT AS WE DO – PROFILES IN LIBERAL HYPOCRISY, is excellent on this particular topic. In the larger sense, history is made by armed, activist minorities; geo-politically, we have the urban cosmic lib/ethnoid pestholes surrounded. Some of the smarter cosmics – Kunstler, for instance – get this, and they are running scared. Crunch time coming, and well before white middle-class disintegrates. Bad timing, Jews.

  13. To the Jewish supremacists our people aren’t citizens or even humans, they are “consumers”.

    They adroitly ensure that only goyim who are intellectually incapable of governance get elected to high office, making them dependent on their “advisors” who are almost all Jews.

    See also GW Bush and BH Obama among others.

  14. Progressives hate lower class Whites with a passion. I know this from experience. They refer to these people as rabble, rednecks, or those with a mob mentality.

    The very idea that the mob might want a say in their own destiny, without Mommy Professor telling them what is good for them, is an anathema to these people.

    Progressives say they are anti-racist, what they really are is Anti-White.

  15. “The purpose of a college education is to give whites the proper attitudes towards minorities, but with the means to live as far away from them as possible”.
    Don’t know who said it … yet … but it’s very apt.

  16. “These people need a culture…” Chuck.
    Exactly. Many Whites simply have no culture or their own, they are simply consumers of mass media. I was explaining to an Armenian immigrant that her people were not becoming American, but something else instead. She didn’t understand what I could possibly be saying until I told her that what she saw on TV was more like Soviet culture, a pack of lies put out to serve the interests of the ruling class. The light came on. Armenians are wise to the Jews.

  17. I experienced quite the culture shock when I moved from the midwest to Portland in the late 90’s and found white illegitimacy was the NORM in Portland. Sure we had that 10-15% element at our high school who were “burnouts” and did scummy things like that, but it was still looked down upon by most. In the Pacific Northwest, working class whites had completely abandoned marriage by the late 90’s. A trend spreading to the whole country. Another reason the statistics of a white Northwest bear more scrutiny, this is a different breed of whites than they assume. Not to mention the Willamette Valley is totally over run by Mexicans and Vietnamese. I took a 6 mile walk one day from King City to Sherwood and then to Tualatin OR and made a mental survey of the passengers in the passing vehicles. One third were non-white, and this is one of the best suburban areas of the metro area. I would also not describe Portland’s SWPL’s the way the article above does, that is more a reflection of DC SWPL culture. The Portland libs are a rather poverty stricken crowd working in low pay service jobs with chunks of metal stuck through their faces, purple hair, and creepy tattoos everywhere.

  18. In a way America has largely become one giant Pottersville. The George Baileys of the world were defeated and Potter now sits supreme dishing out bread and circuses to the degenerate masses. The question is can a more sane culture of loyalty be recreated if responsible people get the upper hand? Or will the white masses whine away like children and do everything in their power to sabotage an effort at national renewal? I think a new regimes legitimacy will largely be dependent upon re-industrializing America and putting white working class men back to work in stable jobs. If someone does this they will have earned the gratitude and trust to embark upon a more radical agenda such as a very subtle Jim Crow that runs the Mexicans out, sics the cops full throttle on black thuggery, and turns a blind eye to whites being favored in the workplace causing all these oriental interlopers to call it a day, sell their suburban property, and go home.

  19. There’s an AP article out today (Dec 28) about BHO’s possible choices to replace Lawrence Summers. Seven Jews and and woman married to a Jew were discussed. They have no intention of lifting up the White working class.

  20. Nightowl: Some of the downward mobility of Whites is inevitable. The extraordinary prosperity of the 50s and 60s raised a lot of stupid, lazy people along with the more deserving sort. Every poor White got an opportunity to do better, but not all of them took it, and when the high times were over, they fell back to their rightful place on the bottom. Any program of national renewal ought recognize that congenital White trash need to be eased out of the gene pool, along with their Negro equals.

  21. I have seen much of what this article is talking about, and my response was that my daughter had to be raised to be a high achiever, or she risks ending up in the mud. I lived in Boston for 3 years and I saw how the SWPL’s, Asians and Jews were raising their kids. What I can report is those privileged children will be emotionally disturbed but academically way ahead of most White kids in Middle America.

    We used to think it was fine to “be in the middle.” Now that middle space is gone, and White parents had best raise their kids to be at the top of the class or risk them falling into the mud.

    When my daughter complains about studying, I say to her, “Twelve year old Chinese kids are staying up until 2am studying math and science, you can stay up with me until 9:30.” She went to a private school for a couple of years and recalls that the many Korean kids were always sleeping in class, but did very well academically. that’s because they stay up studying very late. So she believed me because she saw it herself.

    If the wife hears my daughter complaining or giving me a hard time, she’ll say in a very harsh voice, “Don’t worry about it, she can get a job at McDonalds or Walmart.”

    We only study math for 1/2 hour a day, and perhaps science for another half hour, but that’s it, but we study consistently 5 days a week, and it’s this daily, consistent but small dose of math that works really great — so much more effective than “cramming.”

    We have to lose our reservations about striving for the top. We have to not worry about being snobs, or being greedy, or alienating ourselves from our peers, because our peers are drowning in this cultural and moral sewer.

    Speaking of which, I noticed that I am better at fixing computers lately, and I think it’s because of studying trigonometry with my daughter. I don’t use trig to fix computers, but studying math regularly seems to have given me a more analytical mind. Also, a NASA engineer told me that business MBA programs prefer science and engineering majors over business majors. So do math and science! it’s not that hard after all, and it’s kind of addictive.

  22. A commenter at TOO observed a while back that SWPLs are sadists.

    He said something to the effect of “They don’t send their daughters to the public schools where they risk being raped by niggers, but they demand YOU do. They don’t live in neighborhoods where their wives risk being beaten or robbed by Mexicans, but they demand YOU do. They don’t put up with affirmative action, but they demand YOU do.”

    And so on.

    I think it’s true. These people are sadists.

  23. Kievsky: Jews and Chinese have been living amongst Darks in the big cities for decades, and have kept their children from mixing by teaching them contempt for the Other. It’s unfortunate that your daughter is learning to look down on people who work at Walmart, but it’s better than working there herself.
    In the White world I grew up in, it wasn’t necessary to defend your kids that way. Everyone could see who the bozos were, and a normal social hierarchy based on merit sorted things out. There were no predatory minorities, nor overbearing tribes to inject their poison into our community. The educated and well-to-do could send their kids to school with the working class and expect the same results as if they’d sent them to private school.

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