Boss Hogg’s Mississippi

Boss Hogg's Mississippi will soon be over


Mississippi was the first state that I looked at in my state by state analysis of the immigration wars. That was before the midterm elections. I want to take a closer look at this state before the fireworks start next year.


As most of you know, Mississippi is back in the news because Gov. Haley Barbour recently made some politically incorrect comments about the Citizens Councils in a Weekly Standard interview. The mainstream media led by Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz is attempting to crucify Barbour as a “racist” for pointing out that the Council eschewed violence and integration was carried out in Yazoo City without much fanfare.

Barbour quickly recanted and condemned the Council as “totally indefensible.” This episode has been an embarrassing reminder of just how much work we still have left to do with conservatives.

Boss Hogg needs to be whipped into shape and slapped on the back to rediscover his spinal column. His pathetic groveling has won him no friends in the media and has only made him look like a pushover to the conservative base.

History doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes.

I’m sure most of our readers remember the loathsome Trent Lott, now a K Street corporate lobbyist like Barbour used to be, and the circumstances of his swift demise as Senate Minority Leader. In 2002, Trent Lott (who had his own ties to the Council) made the mistake of humoring Storm Thurmond on his 100th birthday.

A similar media firestorm erupted.

Lott went on BET to beg for forgiveness from offended negroes and throw Thurmond under the bus to save his career. He ended up resigning his position after that fiasco. Lott was a relentless supporter of comprehensive amnesty before he resigned from the Senate in 2007 to embark on his new career as a lobbyist.

In this case, Boss Hogg has only humiliated himself by going down on one knee. He has stuck by his position and cried foul over his comments being deliberately taken out of context. Barbour also shows no signs of resigning as Governor of Mississippi and seems even more determined to run for president.

I suppose you could call that a relative improvement over what we saw a few years ago.

Adding to Mississippi’s shame this year, Ole Miss finally selected its new politically correct mascot to replace Colonel Reb who was forced into retirement. The Ole Miss Rebels, the laughingstock of the SEC, will be henceforth known as the “Black Bears.”


Once upon a time, Mississippi was a land of giants.

Senator Theodore Bilbo was a pioneer of White Nationalism. His book Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization was one of the earliest tracts to advocate White separatism in the United States. Bilbo spent years in the Senate trying to gain support for sending blacks back to Africa.

He filibustered to death FDR’s anti-lynching bill:

If you succeed in the passage of this bill, you will open the floodgates of hell in the South. Raping, mobbing, lynching, race riots, and crime will be increased a thousandfold; and upon your garments and the garments of those who are responsible for the passage of the measure will be the blood of the raped and outraged daughters of Dixie, as well as the blood of the perpetrators of these crimes that the red-blooded Anglo-Saxon White Southern men will not tolerate.

Sadly, Bilbo’s prophecy about interracial rape ended up coming true, and the barbarism inflicted upon the White women of America exceeded even the limits of his imagination. Interracial rape has certainly increased by a factor well over a “thousandfold” since integration.

In the early 1980s, the statue of Senator Bilbo which once prominently stood on the grounds of the Mississippi state legislature was removed and put in a committee room in the basement.

John Rankin of Mississippi has the distinction of being the most notorious anti-Semite who ever served in the House of Representatives. He repeatedly drew attention to Jewish involvement in communism and opposition to the Immigration Act of 1924:

They whine about discrimination. Do you know who is being discriminated against? The white Christian people of America, the ones who created this nation… I am talking about the white Christian people of the North as well as the South… Communism is racial. A racial minority seized control in Russia and in all her satellite countries, such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, and many other countries I could name. They have been run out of practically every country in Europe in the years gone by, and if they keep stirring race trouble in this country and trying to force their communistic program on the Christian people of America, there is no telling what will happen to them here.(Cong. Rec., April 23, 1952, p. 4320).

In 1941, John Rankin launched into a tirade against the Jews on the House floor that so upset Rep. E. Michael Edelstein of New York that he collapsed and died of a heart attack on the floor of the House. Needless to say, they don’t make congressmen like that anymore in Mississippi.

In 1962, the same Ole Miss that has since banned Dixie, Confederate flags, and now Colonel Reb at SEC football games rioted over the admission of James Meredith, forced JFK to send in the National Guard, and nearly precipitated the destruction of the Union.

Here’s an excerpt from An American Insurrection: The Battle of Oxford, 1962 :

The next morning, September 25, Barnett’s representative Tom Watkins called RFK’s assistant Burke Marshall to suggest that the U.S. Marshalls escorting Meredith should push Barnett aside gently, since a show of force could save Barnett’s face and allow him to stand aside with his dignity intact.

RFK and Barnett were soon on the phone again, and once again they got nowhere fast.

“As Attorney General,” Kennedy grandly announced, “it is my duty to see that federal court orders are enforced.”

“I am going to obey the laws of Mississippi,” Barnett said. “The U.S. Constitution is the law of the land but not what some court says.”

The attorney general meekly pointed out, “Governor, you are a part of the United States.”

Barnett then made an astonishing statement, a remark that cut through the fog of rhetoric to the heart of the issue. “We have been a a part of the United States,” said the governor, “but I don’t know whether we are or not.”

A presumably amazed Kennedy asked, “Are you getting out of the Union?”

Barnett grumbled, “It looks like we’re being kicked around, like we don’t belong to it.”

A historic opportunity was missed that summer. White anger was burning so hot in Mississippi at the time that a state legislator actually introduced an ordinance of secession in the state legislature.

Armed volunteers from across the South were descending on Mississippi who were willing to take up arms against the Kennedy administration. If Ross Barnett had been a more imaginative governor, he could have sparked a Confederate revival.

There were no shortage of Ole Miss students in those days who would have gladly martyred themselves in JFK’s Boston Massacre to resist the disgrace of court ordered integration imposed upon their campus.

Now look at them.

Going Awry

The pro-White movement is at a low ebb in Mississippi.

(1) Earlier this year, Richard Barrett was murdered in his home by a negro handyman. An obscure microfuhrer with a fetish for young skinheads, Barrett had no influence over Mississippi state politics, and his untimely death was a source of much discussion on the internet about his purported homosexuality.

(2) Jim Giles spent 2010 ranting about black helicopters flying over his trailer on Radio Free Mississippi. He is equally marginalized and irrelevant.

(3) In July, the CofCC had a regional meeting in Mississippi. I attended the Atlantic region meeting in South Carolina. The Council remains stronger in Mississippi than in other states, but it is still a shadow of the Citizens Councils at their apogee.

I’ve painted a depressing portrait of White decline in Mississippi. It is always darkest before the dawn. I have chosen to revisit Mississippi because I believe 2011 will be turning point for this state.

Reasons for Optimism

It looks bad.

Fortunately, all the ingredients are present in Mississippi for a long overdue White revival. It has happened before.

Consider the following:

(1) Trent Lott is no longer a U.S. Senator. Senator Thad Cochran and Senator Roger Wicker voted against the DREAM Act. 3 out of 4 Mississippi congressmen voted against the DREAM Act in the House.

(2) Haley Barbour hasn’t faceplanted himself before the media. He has defended his statements. The mainstream media no longer has the power and legitimacy it once had in the Trent Lott years.

(3) Haley Barbour is on record saying he will sign an Arizona-style immigration law. Barbour is also term limited and only has a year left as governor.

(4) Mississippi is tied with Wyoming as the most conservative state in America.

(5) 89 percent of Whites in Mississippi voted against Barack Obama. Mississippi is second only to Alabama in White antipathy toward Obama.

(6) The student body at Ole Miss didn’t have the option of voting for Colonel Reb. This remains a source of much bitterness on campus.

(7) Relatively speaking, Whites in Mississippi are still more racially conscious than almost anywhere else in America.

(8) The CofCC is still relatively strong in Mississippi.

(9) The Confederate flag remains popular. Mississippi voters have resisted attempts to adopt a new politically correct state flag.

(10) Even an incompetent candidate like Jim Giles performed reasonably well in his congressional campaigns.

In 2006 and 2004, 16.1 percent and 13.8 percent of voters in Mississippi 2, 25,999 and 40,426 people, voted to send JIM GILES to Congress.

In Mississippi, we have a state where a healthy percentage of Whites are pro-White and racially conscious, very conservative, hostile to Obama, and proud of their Southern heritage. This is fertile territory for a rebound.

Mississippi and Immigration

In 2008, Mississippi adopted the E-Verify system.

South Carolina passed its crackdown on illegal immigration that same year. A year before, Arizona passed its crackdown on employers of illegal aliens, the precursor to SB 1070. Arizona and Tennessee passed new crackdowns on illegal immigration this year.

In 2011, Mississippi is expected to be one of the states most likely to adopt an Arizona-style immigration law. State Senators Lee Yancey, Chris McDaniel, and Michael Watson will be advancing the issue in January. Back in September, I wrote my initial post about the hearings being held on this issue in the Mississippi state senate.

Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, who is running for Governor of Mississippi in 2011, has been an outspoken supporter of bringing SB 1070 to Mississippi:

Dave Dennis, his opponent in the Republican primary, subscribes to the same position:

If the Mississippi state legislature passes an Arizona-style immigration law in 2011, the wavering Boss Hogg will sign it into law, or failing that, his Republican successor will do so in 2012.

Mississippi already has E-Verify. Within three months, it could have its own version of SB 1070. The snowball to the next Jim Crow system is already rolling downhill.

Act 1: The Red Revolution in Mississippi

The Red Revolution will play out in two acts in Mississippi.

In the 2010 midterms, Mississippi’s House seats were up for grabs, but the state races for governor and state legislature will be held in November 2011. Louisiana, Kentucky, and Virginia will also be holding their own state races next fall.

Heading into the 2010 midterm elections, Democrats held 3 out 4 of Mississippi’s House seats. They lost two of those seats to Republicans: Travis Childers in Mississippi 1 and Gene Taylor in Mississippi 4.

If Whites in Mississippi were angry enough with the Obama administration to take their wrath out on a longtime incumbent and conservative Democrat like Gene Taylor in 2010, imagine what they have in store for the Democrats in the state legislature in 2011.

Act 2: The Red Revolution in Mississippi

As I explained above, Mississippi is one of the few states in America which will be electing a new governor and state legislature in 2011. White voters in Mississippi and Louisiana will thus have another year to get themselves worked up over their hatred of “hope and change” as interpreted by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.

The results of the state elections in 2011 in Mississippi and Louisiana will likely be a verdict similar to the one that was just delivered in Alabama and Georgia. That’s why I am so excited about the prospects for a White revival in Mississippi.

In November 2011, I can see Mississippi with a strong Republican Governor in the mold of Jan Brewer or Nathan Deal and with a strong Republican majority in the Mississippi state legislature comparable to the ones in Georgia, Alabama, and Texas. We will have likely passed a Mississippi version of SB 1070 by that time and will be poised to move forward to stronger measures.

Simply put, Mississippi is our brightest prospect for duplicating the destruction of the Democratic Party that we have succeeded in accomplishing in Alabama and Georgia. It will be the next domino to fall.

Mississippi, Immigration, and NumbersUSA

The Red Revolution in Mississippi delivered wonderful results for restrictionists on the House front: Gregg Harper (A-) was reelected in Mississippi 2. He will be joined in the next Congress by Alan Nunnelee in Mississippi 1 and Steve Palazzo in Mississippi 4.

Both Palazzo and Nunnelee are NumbersUSA “true reformer” candidates who agree with us on the full suite of issues on immigration including cutting legal immigration and ending birthright citizenship. Their votes for a Republican Speaker of the House will empower Steve King and Lamar Smith on immigration policy.

Palazzo and Nunnelee will thus contribute to the demise of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Immigration Subcommittee Chairman Zoe Lofgren whereas Gene Taylor and Travis Childers were accessories to their crime of pushing the DREAM Act through the House.

Final Thoughts

Boss Hogg’s Mississippi will cease to exist in November 2011. The revival could come well before that if Mississippi passes its own version of SB 1070 early next year.

Look at Georgia: there has been a slow boomerang from Lester Maddox to Jimmy Carter to King Roy Barnes to Sonny Perdue to Nathan Deal.

Alabama has made a similar transition from Don Siegelman to Bob Riley to Robert Bentley. Florida has gone from Jeb Bush to Charlie Crist to Rick Scott.

The tide is pulling in our direction again.

Mainstreamers have a rich environment to work with in Mississippi. They have long had the right idea about building bridges to the mainstream, but the CofCC has been going about this in the wrong way.

Instead of moderating White Nationalism, or building from the reasonable end of the fringe, we should be radicalizing conservatism instead, where the majority of Whites in states like Mississippi and Alabama find themselves today.

The obvious place to start is building upon the victory over E-Verify to bring Arizona’s SB 1070 to Mississippi. Then we can move on to the next issue and continue to push the envelope until we have led White people into explicit territory.

Jim Giles’s alternative of creating a “hardcore nucleus” doesn’t seem to be panning out that well. We can do a lot better.

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  1. I listened to a few programs of Radio Free Mississippi. Giles may not be the most intelligent candidate for congress, but I’d take him any day of the traitors pushing the DREAM Act.

  2. @Hunter Wallace
    >we should be radicalizing conservatism instead

    I agree. If possible they should be radicalized Bob Whitaker style: Condition them to automatically dub anyone that opposes their interests, anti-White. If you can get them thinking about the end goal of anti-racists, which is White genocide, the radicalization process will be complete, because once Whites feel they are on the side of right, nothing can stop them.

    When the majority of Respectable Conservatives are transformed into Unrespectable Conservatives, the anti-White Progressives will not be welcome anywhere.

  3. @ Hunter

    Lawrence “Larry” O’Donnel is just another Irish Roman Catholic anti-White bitch like Chris Matthews or Rachel Maddow etc.

    One of these White American Protestant politicians needs to tell one of these Irish Catholic A-holes off camera, that their Holy Catholic Mary & their Pope can kiss his Protestant ass.

    That would shut ’em up.

  4. @fred
    >A modified approach is to use a more implicit phrasing such as “power grab”.

    Power grab? That is as weak and inoffensive as I have ever heard it. lol But seriously, if the message is easy to spread, then it is not having its intended effect and you are wasting your time.

    The Mantra is meant to offend and provoke all the wrong kinds of people (anti-Whites), without getting us thrown in jail. If it isn’t having an emotional impact, then they won’t remember it and whine about it later, or come out publicly in support of White Genocide. So do not water it down, just keep spreading it as it is and let it have its intended effect.

    Right now, you will be thrown out of many places for saying it, but in five years or so, you will be driven out by angry Whites, if you dare disagree with it. Already we are seeing ordinary and prominent people in the WN community using parts of it and they completely are unaware they are being influenced. Soon it will be spread into the general community, by whining anti-Whites and then it will be all over for them.

    If you are ever in need of coaching or advice in its usage, visit Bob Whitaker’s blog in the General Comments area and the experienced people will be glad to help you.

  5. The thing about Bob’s Mantra is that it is written in Whitaker’s unique prose style that is immediately evident that it’s copy and pasted. It also contains a few words that seem awkward such as that whole nazikillingjews thing. What is important is the gist to point out that only white people are being asked to undergo this multicultural experiment and that the hidden motivation is an animus against us.

  6. Earlmundo Pitts III is an idiot.The Irish Catholics in South Boston resisted like no one else against forced busing.General Robert E Lee was the first to call the Irish 69th the Fighting 69th during the civil war.It was generally agreed that the Irish Catholic immigrants were among the best soldiers in both armies.The Irish immigrants rebelled when the draft was begun and went after the wealthy Protestants who were paying $300 to have others take their place.The draft was not enforced in the Irish areas in New York.Irish Catholics are among the most conservative voters in the country.They have a well deserved reputation of being among the most outspoken and not taking bull from anybody.Among the best allies one could find.

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