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  1. We have some great soundbites waiting to be discovered and worked up due to AA. Take the Chicago public schools AA for magnet schools, Carletoon Coon couldn’t have wrote up a more exact set of racial rules, all that is missing is the head measuring calipers to catch whites trying to cheat into a black slot for a seat.

    In my research into Fedgov hiring before I got tired of the hunt for a specific regulation number I did find that when in hiring or contracting mode the person making the decision was allowed to make it based on physical appearance. So somewhere in the million or so pages is the equivalent of the Nuremberg race laws.

    “Race doesn’t exist” Hah the Fedgov says it does.

  2. Ghads! You can’t even watch scientific documentaries without being bludgeoned over the head with liberalism. I had a show about Aluminum on last night and when it came time to show how NASA plates telescope mirrors you’d think the whole space program was run by blacks. I’m sure they did exactly like that rather amusing scene in Oliver Stone’s Nixon where the TV producer instructed the cameraman to “go over there, there’s a Negro, put him on, it’ll look good.” I bet the only reason in the current climate in America to go back to the moon would be to take a black along for the ride to make liberals feel good. Just like the former Soviet Union, the crew choice on a mission to Mars would be largely “political.” How many extra people do these agencies have to hire to baby sit all their affirmative action hires? Then I saw NOVA last night and they just couldn’t do research in Antarctica for the sake of research, the whole thing had to promote the global warming fantasy at every opportunity. I wonder if these scientists are true believers, or just saying what those who fund the projects want to hear so they can take a vacation to Antarctica? I did notice how odd, dorky, and weak these scientists seemed who were going on and on about the seas flooding New York City and the Third World. They probably are true believers in leftism, there is a natural caste system amongst humans and I bet these strange weaklings know and resent their position and are naturally drawn to destructive philosophies like communism that provide the mythical opportunity for the nerd to play savior like in a comic book. Last but not least, I saw a show about the Ebola virus where leftist writers had a field day plugging “political” content into what should have been an otherwise dry documentary. In this fictional scenario and elite special forces soldier, black of course, returns stateside after his mission playing world policeman in some nation building experiment in Africa. Lo and behold, in a scene that was jarringly provocative, his white girlfriend shows up and jumps into bed with him and also catches Ebola. No way was that scene not written for political purposes, the sexual content was also well beyond anything you would expect on the Science Channel, even if it had been a white couple. It’s shocking how every last minute of TV has this political content, if you can be subtle in pointing it out it really opens up someones eyes. Sort of like the way all the advertisements appeared after the protagonist put on the glasses in They Live.

  3. Watching these dorks bring down a huge industrial drilling rig to Antarctica to drill sediments to look for global warming also got my mind whirling. Imagine if that rig were in the hands of Alpha males, or just the practical minded 19th century types that were explorers or inventors like Edison. They’d be putting it to good use drilling for oil and using their minds to figure out a way to get it out of there to bring to a thirsty market. Seriously, a lot of nations just can’t wait for the West to destroy it’s self with political correctness so they can stop paying lip service to nonsense. The Russians, Chinese, Chile, etc would all be down there mining for resources. The Japs would be eating whales, and everyone left standing would be recolonizing Africa and striping the place dry. Nobody would give a rats ass about the “human rights” of homo africanus criminalis. Imagine a world where real men set policy instead of a bunch of Jewish lesbians.

  4. I’ll bet broads like this are clueless as to why they can’t get a guy. Either that or they are lesbians.

  5. A libertarian vs a liberal. He seemed to be calling into question that American Negroes (30% White on average) are superior athletes, and implying that all Negroes need to excel in school is a level playing field. The real mystery is why people bother wringing hands over Black failure.

  6. SS Club: Black failure is a whip to use on Whites, and professed concern for them is a badge of moral superiority, nothing more.

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