Battleground America

Restrictionists take the House, launch an attack on birthright citizenship, and Florida strikes first blood

Battleground America

The long anticipated immigration wars of 2011 have officially begun with multiple fronts opening up across America. The old saying that “elections have consequences” was made clear this afternoon.

Let me get straight to the point:

(1) In Washington, Nancy Pelosi fell from power as Speaker of the House, and John Boehner assumed that title. Meanwhile, the Treason Caucus is searching for a new line of employment while a new crop of restrictionists move into their new offices.

The House of Representatives, which passed the DREAM Act, the Pigford reparations scam, and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal under Pelosi’s tenure was transformed into a restrictionist stronghold in which amnesty for illegal aliens is dead for at least two years.

(2) Rep. Steve King dropped a bomb on birthright citizenship in the House of Representatives.

(3) Russell Pearce and State Lawmakers for Legal Immigration held their press conference in Washington about the upcoming attack on birthright citizenship in 14 state legislatures.

(4) In Rhode Island, Gov. Lincoln Chafee assumed power and rescinded E-Verify with an executive order. I predicted this would happen in Setbacks: New England Edition.

(5) In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott assumed power and signed an executive order mandating E-Verify as one of his first acts in office.

(6) In Maryland, 15 immigration bills were introduced by Rep. Pat McDonough in the Maryland House of Delegates including an Arizona-style immigration law and an English-only law for the state government.

(7) In Kentucky, Republicans in the Kentucky state legislature have begun work on an Arizona-style immigration law that is tougher than the original model.

(8) In Georgia, Republican state legislators are chomping at the bit in anticipation of the assault on illegal immigration there which will begin Monday.

(9) In Wyoming, an Arizona-style immigration law is prepped and ready to go on January 11.

I’ve given you a lot to chew on. Any of these stories would have been headline news in December. It has been quite a day. 

Your thoughts?

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  1. McCain is awful but the people who surrounded him would not have allowed him to appoint Justices as bad as Sotomayor and Kagan.

    He’d have still appointed pretty shitty justices. More importantly, McCain being in office would have eliminated the rage factor that having a left wing, black, Democrat in the White House has created for us.

    Thanks to Obama, the Democrats have become explicitly the black/latino party.

    Also, atleast with Obama we don’t have to worry about any more wars.

  2. Hunter has MONSTER chops as a writer.

    Yeah, it’s a gift.

    But why is Greg Johnson so bitter? He writes fine, too.

  3. Your GOP handlers are wanting for a lack of diversity in the articles they provide you with to post on here. It’s mostly thinly veneered talk radiosh type of material. Lately, everything has been about illegal immigration and what the GOP will do for us if we support them. Sure, it’s important but what about legal immigration, anti-miscegenation laws, repealing “civil rights” laws, segregation, restoring the right of freedom of association, etc. or is that too explosively charged to deal with? It might send those operatives into a tizzy. Don’t want to offend those hundred thousand or so blacks that vote Republican……….when there’s not a black running against them.

  4. Rodger,

    (1) There are over 90 members in the House right now who support drastic cuts in legal immigration. Even a Jewish neocon like David Frum supports cutting legal immigration. There are far more people at the state level who favor cutting legal immigration.

    (2) I’m going to focus on getting them elected and weeding out the Republicans who vote contrary to our interests.

    (3) Feel free to waste your time on a bunch of alienated losers who do nothing for White people.

  5. As for Greg Johnson, I hit the nail on the head last night.

    Picture an effeminate kook and alienated homosexual parasite out in San Francisco who is obsessed with money and subsists by sucking on the tit of the White Nationalist movement. He perceives the recent string of victories by Republicans on immigration as a threat to his own personal financial status.

    Instead of wasting time and money on Johnson and his little support group for alienated Neo-Nazi misfits and weirdos, White Nationalists might start contributing instead to, say, winners like NumbersUSA and voting for Republican candidates who support tougher immigration laws.

    We might get something rolling here.

    That’s about the last thing Greg Johnson wants to see happen. The moment White Nationalists learn how to effectively use their time and money also happens to be the exact point in time when this Nietzschean superman and would be aristocrat of the “Eurosiberian Arctic Septentrion” has to find a real job.

    He’s also dead wrong about my activism efforts.

    I came home in August and spent two months (September and October) working on campaigns and local organizing here in Alabama. I voted in this election like I have in every other for the past ten years.

    Oh and yeah … I have never built an organization like the National Alliance, a group which raised millions of dollars over the years, without accomplishing a single identifiable thing for White people in the real world.

    Johnson has dollar signs in his eyes and obviously hopes to spend 2011 cashing in on the remains of the National Alliance. He figures that he can find enough vanguardist suckers out there in the White Nationalist movement to give him $120 to support himself and his boyfriend.

    Remember … it’s all about “quality,” not “quantity.”

    For a one time cash donation of $120 you can enjoy “Vanguard” social status and purge yourself of the guilt of being an American materialist. Counter-Currents takes VISA, Mastercard, and American Express!

    Queen Greg will knight you into his little sewing circle and introduce you to other kool aid drinkers like Will Williams who will hold your hand while waiting for the inevitable “collapse” of the system in the Kali Yuga.

    Then all these fools will be raptured up into the “aristocracy” that will emerge in the aftermath.

  6. Witless Wallace was one of us “fucking losers” last summer. What has changed since then? He has been humiliated publicly as a wimp twice, first by Jim Giles, then by Jeffrey Imm.

    His new comrades have bailed on him once the paper trail emerged showing that he was mentally ill, unreliable, and just plain petty and mean.

    He still does “volunteer” work for The Occidental Quarterly, probably because he had a chance to make copies of all their subscription and donor records, and they are terrified to expel him lest he destroy them by carrying out his fantasies of working for Morris Dees.

    He has fewer readers, fewer authors, fewer commenters, and the overall quality of his writers and commenters has declined noticeably.

    He was a “fucking loser” last summer. A sophomore “fucking loser” who was judged promising until his past and present kookiness caught up with him, and he dropped out before he could be expelled from “fucking loser” school.

    Now, in reality, he is far less than the “fucking loser” he was last summer.

    But truth and reality mean nothing when Hunter’s ego gratification is at stake. So voila! Through the magic of make-believe, Hunter is a winner, simply by becoming a Republican fanboy, pantomiming their slam dunks, playing air guitar along with them, all while never leaving his computer.

    For Hunter the “real world” are just two more words he writes on his computer. None of his “real world” activity is any more real than that. The gym, the girlfriends, living in Charlottesville, going to the Bahamas, the parties.

    I am sure of this, because he is a proven and pathological liar with narcissistic tendencies who thinks that deceiving people into thinking he is something he is not is as satisfying as actual achievements in the real world.

    What a fucking loser.

  7. Correction: Witless Wallace is less than a “fucking loser”–less than William Pierce, less than Tom Metzger, less than Matt Koehl, less than Alex Linder, less than Jim Giles.

    Yet Wallace is so angry that he can’t aspire to “fucking loserism” that he has simply written himself into the winner camp, so he can have a perch from which to shit down on his former comrades and friends.

    What kind of person keeps listening to a crazy man just because (for now) he happens to be saying things with which you agree?

  8. What kind of person keeps kicking someone they think is damaged? At the very least you ought to have some mercy, if what you say is true. Move on.

  9. Hunter must have hit a nerve or two with his comments on Johnson. I wouldn’t have known he was gay if Hunter hadn’t said so right up until Johnson began his fishwife style come-backs (not exactly witty reparte on his part). I have had a few homo coworkers in the past and their incredibly vindictive verbal assaults seem characteristic of that crowd. At least in my experience.

  10. Welcome back, Cat Lady.

    You obviously have your panties in a wad. Something gone wrong out in San Francisco? Have a fight with your boyfriend? Realize you weren’t secretly God when you looked in the mirror this morning?

    Where to start?

    (1) Last year, the Tea Party and Arizona showed us how to make progress (i.e., building a bridge from mainstream conservatism to explicit territory), which happened to coincide with Counter-Currents plunging into the fringe and going “full kook” into everything from Hyperboreans from Atlantis to turning White people into elves from Lord of the Rings to “man-animal chimeras” in the European Arctic Septentrion.

    That’s what has changed.

    The vivid contrast between your cloistered little circus of alienated kooks and the sudden and remarkable positive changes going on in the conservative world prompted this change of course.

    (2) Who has bailed on us here? H. Rock White? William Rome? Gregory Hood? I correspond with them regularly. Almost everyone is preoccupied with real life or their own little projects now.

    The only person who really “bailed” here was Matt Parrott and we have since reconciled. I’m sure he has noticed all the attacks on Christianity and other weird material over at Counter-Currents lately.

    (3) Correct me if I am wrong here, but I seem to recall you being the one who was fired as TOQ editor and expelled from the TOQ community. I seem to recall you being the one who has been shunned and excluded from events all year long.

    (4) Yggdrasil and the other people at TOQ know very well that I have never expressed any interest in “subscription and donation records.” Unlike you, I do not even possess that information. They also know very well that I have no interest in destroying them … unlike you.

    I don’t ask for donations on this website. I’m not emailing or direct mailing any list asking for money either unlike … oh yeah, that’s right … like you!

    I “volunteer” for TOQ because I remain a part of that community … unlike you … and I am not financially motivated rent seeker. I don’t mind helping out when asked to do so.

    (5) This website has as many readers as ever. We had a huge traffic spike back in May and June because of the Reddit invasion but that was temporary. There are actually more comments now and more people are doing useful things than there were in the past.

    The typical Counter-Currents article gets less than 5 comments.

    (6) I’m more than happy to compare the material I have produced over the last six months to the alienated freak show on display over at Counter-Currents. In fact, I have a special section of this website which was created for that sole purpose!

    (7) Ehrm … you were the “fucking loser” who was expelled from the TOQ community last year.

    (8) I worked hard on campaigns last fall. I got heavily involved in mainstream politics in Alabama where I returned home in August. So yeah, I did my part to contribute to the victory we won here back in November.

    (9) Let’s see … I went to the gym last night … like the night before that and the one before that … and like I have been going for almost a year now. After I got back from the gym, I went out drinking with my girlfriend and some of friends here in Birmingham, as I tend to do every weekend here, usually on Thursdays and Saturdays.

    I rolled back in here (when was it?) around 1 or 2 AM in the morning and noticed you were crying over your latte in my comments. A friend of mine was over here last night and saw me replying to “The Cat Lady.”

    We had a good laugh about that as I explained to her I was just responding to a homosexual kook from San Francisco who trolls my website.

  11. Solutrean,

    I had vowed to leave him alone this year. I have neither written about him, commented on his website, or responded to anything he has said lately at Counter-Currents.

    I didn’t even poke fun at him for claiming to be God in his most recent post!

    The Cat Lady always comes over here to start fights. My guess is that he has had a fight with his boyfriend and this explains the recent lashing out.

  12. Cat Lady,

    Has it somehow escaped your attention that I haven’t written anything about you (this thread had nothing to do with you) and have explicitly said that I have no plans to do so this year? The fact is, you are over here on my website throwing a temper tantrum.

    Go sit on your butt plug for a while. It will help you calm down.

  13. Gore Vidal revealed when he wrote the screenplay for Ben-hur that he put in hidden homosexual context where the feud resulted from a lovers spat when Massala wanted to start it back up but Ben-hur was having none of that. This cat fight bears some similarities in tone, perhaps Hunter and Greg should just race some chariots to settle it once and for all?

  14. I’m with SS Club here. Personal venom doesn’t play well. Why reject Klan robes and Nazi garb as embarrassments, while embracing cat fighting? It’s your club, HW, and you do what you want, but it would be a more congenial place if you simply blacklisted some people instead of unproductively wrestling with them. I have no objection to “vanguardists” as a group, and probably have many points of agreement, but this squabbling and scab-picking has become damned obnoxious. You’re the guy with the delete key, so it’s your responsibility, not theirs, to maintain civility.

  15. This post had nothing to do with Greg Johnson.

    I’ve quit writing about him and the other vanguardists. I don’t post comments on his site. For whatever reason, Johnson came over here to pick a fight in the wee hours of the morning.

    It’s true that I have the delete key. Maybe I should make more use of it. That seems to be the only way to get him to knock it off.

    He pitched a fit the last time I revoked his posting privileges here.

  16. Good ol’ Hunter, playing the victim again. His whole turning over a new leaf, taking the high road shtick is so utterly transparent. His resolutions have the form “This year, we’re going to be positive, not like those evil vanguardists.” “We have to get beyond these petty and destructive movement feuds, unlike those vanguardists who never let go of a grudge.” Hunter’s form of “bigness” looks mighty small to normal people. And then there are his helpful “Daily Quotes,” which of course he will hold up for obloquy but will not comment upon because he is now taking the high road. But when an honest man comments on this charade, well, that’s a vicious personal attack, to be met with several steaming skull dumps full of lies and smears and sulking self-pity. The Jew cries out as he strikes you. So too does Witless Wallace.

  17. Greg,

    Is there something to be embarrassed about?

    Attacking Christianity, denouncing America, beating women, glorifying fascism, New Age nonsense, performing fellatio on Christian Lander, destroying Western civilization, “man-animal chimeras,” announcing you are a God … that’s the way forward in North America, right?

    You do a good enough job discrediting yourself, God. I don’t have to comment on your site anymore.

  18. I enjoy a good flame war over ideas but this “gay” crap is over the top. Is there anywhere one can go without running into all this homo bullshit? For f@&!’s sake, stow it!

  19. Now this is very strange. When Ryan SHOULD be here crying about “violating the rules” and advocating that someone’s comments be deleted, he is absent?

  20. I had dinner w/ White Nationlists tonight – and no one thinks Hunter is a loser. Not at all. Quite the contrary. Greg – I like you – but you are being a nasty Queeny bitch, right now – and you will alienate potential supporters. Greg – I say this with love – you are behving like the ugly fags, who sit off to the side, and drink, in the hottest club in town, and do nothing but carp and slander, and try to foment trouble, between the Hot Guys – cause the Hot Guys won’t give ’em the time of day. That’s the worst of the worst, anf you know it. Evne the elderly Queens, in the back room, who hve to pay for the Twinks now, get more respect.

    You’re better than that. Don’t be one of the Ugly Fags, who finally winds up hanging out in a Dyke Bar – cause there’s no where else to go . Don’t do it. You’re better than that..

    Think about it.

    And Hunter – don’t insult Cat Ladies.


  21. I am livid right now from an up close and personal encounter I had with “diversity” today.

    I own rental properties for side income throughout the New Orleans suburbs — the White suburbs — and I paid a visit to one of my places today and found gang graffiti all over the neighborhood for blocks and blocks in every direction. Every stop sign, every street sign, and some houses were defaced with those moronic, weird, slashing, and intersecting gang symbols — that only other gang members and their rivals can interpret.

    Some slum lord who owns a big apartment complex about a mile away started taking section 8 vouchers about six months ago, and this is the result — a White neighborhood that has been tranquil and pleasant for decades has been defiled by niggers.

    Does anyone know anything about gang behavior? This is not a criminal or shady neighborhood, so I have no idea why these nigger bastards would go to so much trouble to deface property and street signs in a quiet White neighborhood where there is no money to be made by selling dope — unless that was exactly the point — to send a message to Whites in the neighborhood.

    For decades in southeast Louisiana, the real third world mayhem was strictly confined to inner city New Orleans. Now it is spilling out into the suburbs, into the same zip codes that sent David Duke to the Louisiana legislature 20 years ago.

    It’s becoming downright dystopian here. Besides niggers, I am seeing more and more Burkas every day, niggers in their “hoodies,” hundreds of spics in front of every Home Depot and Lowes every day, Vietnamese, Pakistanis, Indians, you name it. It’s awful.

  22. HW: Who has bailed on us here? H. Rock White? William Rome? Gregory Hood?

    I would love to see more from Gregory Hood. His essays were great, especially the ones on National Bolshevism and the American Revolution.

  23. Every stop sign, every street sign, and some houses were defaced with those moronic, weird, slashing, and intersecting gang symbols — that only other gang members and their rivals can interpret.

    I have no idea what that weird stuff means, some clown went around Champaign and spray painted all these weird smiley faces that look like Towlie on South Park. They must be a brave lot, somehow they hung over the edge of the steel beams of the railroad viaduct over the highway and painted it up there for all the traffic to see along with defacing the glass window of a defunct bank on Green St. I’ve long wondered how they get the time and ability to spray paint the graffiti equivalent of the Sistine Chapel on half the rail road cars in the nation. I’d really like to see these punks caught and dispatched of the way the Saudis or Singaporeans would. It really is Guiliani’s “broken window” theory in practice, doing nothing about graffiti only emboldens them to greater heights of lawlessness.

  24. LEW: Regarding gang behavior, the world’s foremost authority is Jane Goodall. She has spent decades living among chimpanzees in their natural habitat. After about a dozen years, she realized that she was studying the behavior of primitive humans. She had made herself a familiar of the creatures, sitting with them, grooming and being groomed, and had even given them names. Sometime in the 1970s, she realized that one of her favorites was, in her words, a “murderer”. Her research broadened as her understanding did, though she had the sense not to give her subjects names like Twashawn or Shamika.

  25. LEW: New Orleans is being Los Angelized. I saw it happen 30 years ago. The central toilet overflows and pollutes the suburbs. Whites everywhere need to know that there is never just one of these Orcs, that more will always follow. That’s why Jim Crow and the One Drop Rule of the old South were wise measures. One turd in the salad is always too much.

  26. “Does anyone know anything about gang behavior? This is not a criminal or shady neighborhood, so I have no idea why these nigger bastards would go to so much trouble to deface property and street signs in a quiet White neighborhood where there is no money to be made by selling dope ….”
    Lew, it is their way of marking off their “turf” or territory. You may not see the drug dealing yet, but you will. The marks on the street signs and buildings are a warning to other gang members that this is such-and-such gang’s stomping ground and any attempt to deal drugs on their turf by a rival gang or individuals will meet with violence.
    Very much like the old-style organized crime families had their staked out territory, except that those families had the intelligence to formalize agreed upon areas for each crime family to work their “operations”. What you might see next in your neighborhood is the enforcement of the gang’s “colors” behavior; wherein anyone caught wearing any article of clothing of the same color as the ruling gang in the area is mugged or killed. An example would be the Crips “color” is, I believe (not sure) blue. If you are caught in their territory wearing blue you get nailed unless you are a Crips member.
    Sounds like it is time to sell the rental units and move elsewhere.

  27. “Hunter has MONSTER chops as a writer.
    Yeah, it’s a gift.
    But why is Greg Johnson so bitter? He writes fine, too.”

    Greg Johnson is an awesome writer. The article he did on that smug SWPL jerk, Christian Lander was very eye-opening and informative. I am a frequent visitor to his site and a lot of his stuff is interesting and makes the reader think.

    I like this site a lot, but I also like Greg’s site, too. I would advise everyone to check out both sites. You get a point and a counter-point of view and then you are fully informed. I like to think of it as thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

    Both have highly intelligent, valid points to make. I wish they could just engage in civil public debate and keep the personal attacks and confined to private e-mail exchanges.

    White Nationalism will never be formidable as long as two of our best and brightest can’t stop acting like prima donnas engaged in a hair-pulling match.

    As one poster said, Whites need to master the art of presenting a united private front. If non-Whites can defend the lowest, scummiest of their races, there is absolutely no excuse for Whites to tear each other up the way we do. Watching you two try to gut each other is proof positive that WE are our own worst enemies.

    My wrist-slapping lecture is over with … for now.

    I’d like to go slightly off subject in the debate and I would welcome the opinions of both the Vanguard and the Mainstream.

    We have forty out of fifty states trying to pass an Arizona style law. The Mainstream is more optimistic than the Vanguard that real border enforcement is possible this go-round. I confess that, like the Vanguard, I am wary about the Republicans. So, if all these states pass their versions and the Federal government not only refuses to back them up but turns around and discourages border enforcement even to the point of BHO signing in an amnesty by executive order, what recourse do the states have to keep that from happening?

    What threat can they leverage against the federal government other than secession from the union? Is the prospect of forty or more states out of the fifty prepared to secede from the union the leverage needed to make the federal government enforce its own sovereignty against a Third World invasion?

    Would that be a more effective approach than throwing in the towel and creating a White Bantustan in the Pacific Northwest?

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