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Arizona-style immigration laws clear key hurdles in Kentucky and South Carolina

Battleground America

I can’t take a day off from the immigration wars without something important happening.

The state legislatures are gradually coming back into session and there are so many new fronts opening up that it is an injustice to focus on any single one to the exclusion of others.

Let me get you up to speed:

(1) In Rhode Island, Gov. Lincoln Chafee rescinded E-Verify.

(2) In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott acted within 24 hours and signed an executive order mandating E-Verify.

At the state level, that was the status quo as of yesterday, which was Day One of the immigration wars of 2011. We exchanged blows with a loss in Rhode Island and a victory in Florida.

The loss in Rhode Island was the only one that I was expecting. The Republicans in Congress will undoubtedly push a federal E-Verify law through the House this year. Reid and Obama will probably block it though.

(3) In South Carolina, the Arizona-style immigration bill has already cleared the Senate judiciary committee. Critics are blasting this “violation of civil rights.”

(4) South Dakota is about to jump into the fray. More than half the state lawmakers there want to follow Arizona’s lead.

Like Wyoming and Maryland, South Dakota is a state we haven’t heard much about until recently. This is an indicator that the wave of restrictionist laws passed at the state level this year will be larger than expected.

Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota are all pushing for Arizona-style immigration laws. Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, and Iowa all have similar bills under consideration.

(5) In Kentucky, the Arizona-style immigration bill has cleared the Senate judiciary committee, and now heads to a floor vote where it is certain to pass. The bill faces a much stiffer challenge in the Democratic House.

(6) In Nebraska, State Sen. Janseen and Attorney General Jon Bruning have moved on the Arizona-style immigration law there. This was expected.

(7) Tennessee is about to go after birthright citizenship. The Volunteers have been quietly passing one anti-illegal immigration law after another for several years now.

(8) Florida is taking a shot at the Arizona-style immigration law. I’ve been following this for several months now.

The mainstream media is flush with articles decrying the controversial laws of the “insurrectionists” and threats of Hispanic retaliation against Republicans in the 2012 elections.

Savor the historical moment.

I can’t recall a time when our enemies have so spectacularly miscalculated and incited such a massive backlash. The Arizona boycott flopped and the Justice Department lawsuit paved the road to the defeat of the DREAM Act and gave ammunition to conservatives all across the Heartland to bludgeon progressives in the state legislatures.

They thought Arizona was a disaster.

What are they going to do now? Are they going to sue and boycott almost every state from Pennsylvania to Idaho?

I hope so.

I want Barack Obama and Eric Holder to put a nice smiling multicultural face on federal tyranny. I can’t wait for them to transform the immigration issue into an even more volatile state’s rights issue.

It won’t be long before White people in the Red States start asking themselves whether they need Washington and its bankrupt satraps at all which will soon come begging to Congress for bailouts.

The cooperative efforts between the states on healthcare and immigration is the first step in the right direction.

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  1. One might be tempted to respond to HAC that “mainstreamers” can work with conservatives on all sorts of issues. The hated conservatives are pro-family, pro-gun, pro-religion, against abortion, against immigration, etc.

    Granted, our demographic situation is dire, but that is all the more reason to … drumroll … expel illegal aliens, attack the 14th Amendment, cut legal immigration, end abortion, preserve our Second Amendment rights, raise the White birthrate, disenfranchise non-White criminals, shore up our culture, and defend traditional values which … drumroll … happen to be somewhat effective at turning things around.

    … unlike preaching “all is lost” because we are in the “Kali Yuga.”

  2. The Washington Post article linked here (“flush with articles”) is all aflutter with claims of Federal supremacy in matters of citizenship, while conceding that maybe something ought be done about it. It’s too late, either too late for them or too late for us. We have two antagonistic nations, White and Multi-cult, under one government, that favors the mud mix. A house divided cannot stand, so they will do their least to pacify us until our numbers dwindle to impotence. We should accept in bad faith all compromises they offer, then demand more. The longer and harder a conflict gets, the harsher the peace. We want a very harsh peace. We want all of our country back.

  3. What are they going to do now? Are they going to sue and boycott almost every state from Pennsylvania to Idaho?

    Boycott, no. Sue, definitely. Remember that Obama is not a black nationalist, he is rather an anti-white nationalist. Hispanics are just as important as blacks to him.

  4. RI is a joke. Usual SWPLs posturing nonsense. The liberal’s Titanic has hit an epic failberg, its taking on water and their band plays on, till the end.

  5. Rush was talking about those articles this morning, it seems the only group of whites who didn’t abandon the magic negro are college educated (brainwashed) white women. For some reason these women went for Mark Kirk yet abandoned a decent man like Bill Bradey for Governor in the Illinois election. Allegedly the democratic rats had a database that targeted white women in Chicagoland with mailings how Bill Brady was going to take abortion away as if that is the most important issue facing the country? Unfortunately our republic lets every idiot vote so you have to play games to get elected, so I hope the republicans don’t go with an evangelical in the presidential race. There are still too many idiots and minorities who for some reason are allowed to vote in our elections that can screw things up and keep that foul Obamanition defiling the White House.

  6. IMO this is pretty clear evidence that Whites will turn against the multiracial experiment in the long run. There won’t be a long slow decline.

    The racial chasm in the exit polls clearly shows that Whites are simply conforming to the prevailing taboos when they disavow racial motivations. As those taboos continue to weaken over the next decade, I think we will began to see a revival of White racial consciousness breaking out in fits and starts.

  7. Hunter, one thing the articles inadvertently illustrate is how vitally important it is to the Democrats that nothing be done about border control. The Black population is not growing quickly enough thus Hispanics are their main hope to offset the increasing loss of the White vote.

  8. I think we greatly overestimate any love Barak Obama has for the Mestizos. The proof is that he had the numbers in Congress to pass this not only as a Democrat initiative, but also treacherous RINO RepugnantS to help him. So, why wasn’t the DREAM act … hell, why wasn’t Comprehensive Immigration “Reform” rammed down our throats as the first order of business?

    Whites are not pushing Negroes out of their neighborhoods, schools, political offices, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum. Whites are not engaged in ethnic cleansing of Negroes. Mestizos are.

    Furthermore, as Bob Dornan can attest, once they have obtained the voting demographic advantage, Mestizos have this nasty habit of fielding and running and voting for their own Mestizo candidates against any non-Mestizo incumbent no matter how hard or how much they have pandered to them in the past.

    IMO, the Obama Strategy has been to do everything possible to make sure that amnesty cannot occur legislatively, but hold out hope that he will amnesty all the illegal Mestizos by executive decree … right after he is re-elected in 2012 … counting on the states’ Supreme Court challenges to put it in effect.

    I am by no means underestimating the effectiveness of the Tea Party and Numbers USA, but I highly doubt they could be this successful if there were not intersecting agendas from people who would ordinarily be working against them with regards to this. Politics makes for strange bedfellows.

  9. That picture above the article says all that needs to be said about the ignorant masses in this country, immigrants-yes, illegals-no. If that’s the case an amnesty will legalize them nice and perfect. Idiots.

  10. Its sad to lose Rhode Island but let’s face it, Florida is a lot bigger than Rhode Island and desperately needs it more.

    Please stop linking to HAC and other crazies. Its only a distraction.

  11. That picture above the article says all that needs to be said about the ignorant masses in this country, immigrants-yes, illegals-no. If that’s the case an amnesty will legalize them nice and perfect. Idiots.

    Your missing the point, most people don’t say what the actually believe, they side step around it with all kinds of evasion to popular platitudes. Do you think someone who actually liked mexicans would carry a sign like that? It’s the same with picking up women, you just don’t walk up to one and ask to have sex, you have to pretend to make all kinds of inane small talk and skirt around the issue. Are you like Butters and need to have everything spelled out exactly for you to understand? Look at the way the left quotes the scripture to justify their socialist nonsense, do you think any of them really believe in Christianity? Bill and Hillary attend church, do you think they really believe in god? In Iran the reformers claim to be doing things “for Islam” and cloak their secular agenda in Islamic rhetoric, yet privately the upper middle class who is behind such matters is just as irreligious as that in the secular west. The scientists in the 17th century who were making all kinds of discoveries that cast doubt on Christian dogma claimed they were doing it to prove the mind of God? Do you think they privately were religious? Or atheists who simply didn’t want to lose their heads for heresy? Political Correctness is also a religion with various updated forms of the inquisition to punish non-believers. It is perfectly understandable that those who challenge it do so by pussyfooting around all out heresy with such seemingly contradictory signs. Yet the left isn’t fooled, they know such people are enemies and try to trip them up into making heretical statements with every chance they get. There is a reason that someone who “tells it like they see it” is treated as a curiosity, most people are evasive and such signs are the norm and to be expected. Myself, I’d be more worried about some beatneck going around carrying a sign that read “nobody is illegal.”

  12. Hunter Wallace says:
    January 7, 2011 at 6:06 pm
    You can listen to HAC’s latest rhetorical attack on conservatism here:

    Summary: you are not serious unless you want to surrender 47 states and move to a Blue State in the Pacific Northwest to hideout in a bunker with HAC and fantasize about being a terrorist.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    I agree this was a rather poor RFN – HAC is just having an off week, ranting about past failures and not offering positive guidance.

    But many of HAC’s RFN are very good, feature great music and solid commentary. The Northwest migration should be seen along with all other efforts for White to come together, move to Whiter areas of the USA, form new communities, new social networks – and that’s fine.

    No reason Whites can’t do this in Whiter areas of Alabama, Michigan.

    Again, I support HAC’s excellent books and also his better radio podcasts – I think HAC is usually practical and supports positive actions.

  13. Those people are cowards and it only reinforces the mental straightjacket the media tries to impress on people. I attended a Tea Party rally some months ago and the speakers were talking that same neocon horse manure about legal immigration being perfectly fine and I shouted down the speakers and told them exactly what I thought, no holds barred. Later on one of them walked past me in the crowd behind me and was talking to someone who came up to me later and tried to pose a militia member although I could tell he was a government agent trying to set me up. If more people would stand up and tell the truth, people would quickly figure out that we don’t live in a free country but a totalitarian system.

  14. Undoubtedly, Rodger will continue to attack the conservatives of Kentucky, even though they are the ones who voted down the DREAM Act and pushed the Arizona-style immigration law through the Kentucky Senate this afternoon:

    Immigration enforcement bill clears Kentucky Senate

    FRANKFORT — The state Senate approved an immigration bill Friday that would make it a state crime for an illegal immigrant to set foot in Kentucky despite not knowing how much the measure would cost to implement.

    After a more than hour-long debate, the Senate voted 24 to 14, largely along party lines, to approve the measure. Sen. Ray Jones, D-Pikeville, was the sole Democrat to vote for the bill. Jones, however, said he had reservations about the cost and some unintended consequences of the bill.

    Republican Sen. John Schickel of Union, the sponsor of Senate Bill 6, said state action is needed because federal authorities have failed to enforce federal immigration laws. . . .

    The contrast with the so-called “vanguard” here speaks for itself.

  15. Nightowl,

    These ideological losers never cease to criticize good news and constructive efforts to reverse our decline. They are not serious about doing anything about immigration.

    Isn’t it interesting how they attack the people who are actually getting shit done while heaping praise on all the worthless fantasists and rhetorical radicals who do absolutely nothing but suck our time and money down a black hole?

  16. Ehrm … yesterday Gov. Rick Scott brought E-Verify to Florida … coughs … today the Arizona-style immigration law passed the Kentucky Senate … coughs … worthless conservatives!

    The system that kills people has struck again.

  17. If conservatives believe that immigration is fine as long as it’s legal then what exactly was their problem with the Dream Act or the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bills? This is why I don’t call myself a conservative anymore.

  18. SD lawmakers interested in immigration crackdown

    PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — South Dakota lawmakers are interested in cracking down on illegal immigration, according to a survey by The Associated Press.

    More than half the legislators who responded to the survey said they would support two proposals dealing with illegal immigrants. Members of the Republican majority were more likely than Democrats to support the measures.

    One proposal would penalize people who knowingly hire or help illegal immigrants. The other is similar to an Arizona law that directs police enforcing other laws to ask about a suspect’s immigration status if there’s reason to believe that person is in the U.S. illegally.

    The Arizona law and measures passed in other states are being challenged in court.

    Legislative leaders acknowledged that immigration is not as much of an issue in South Dakota as in other states.

    “I don’t see it as a big problem in South Dakota, but I also see it as a statement of support for other states across the nation,” said Senate Republican Leader Russell Olson of Wentworth.

    Olson and other legislative leaders said they want to make sure any South Dakota measure does not penalize a business or anyone else who hires or helps someone they do not know is in the country illegally.

    “If they tried to the best of their ability to follow the rules and regulations for hiring practices or whatever and somehow are duped, we can’t hold that business at harm,” Olson said.

    House Democratic Leader Bernie Hunhoff of Yankton said South Dakota so far has demonstrated restraint because illegal immigration is not a big problem in the state. The Legislature must be careful not to overreact to problems in other states, he said.

    “We have a totally different situation in South Dakota. Let’s not do anything stupid,” Hunhoff said.

    Seventy-five of the 105 members of the South Dakota Legislature responded to the AP mail survey between Dec. 11 and Dec. 31, a 71 percent response rate.

    Overall, 52 percent said they would support a measure penalizing those who hire or help illegal immigrants, while 15 percent were opposed and 33 percent were undecided. About 55 percent of the Republicans said they support the proposal, while 41 percent of Democrats said they favor it.

    About 52 percent also said they would support a bill similar to the Arizona law that requires law officers to check the status of suspects if there is reason to believe they are in the U.S. illegally. Only 19 percent said they would oppose such a measure, while 29 percent were undecided.

    Nearly two-thirds of the Republican lawmakers said they would support a law similar to Arizona’s, while more than half the Democrats would oppose it. . . .

  19. Rodger,

    Can you please tell me what the vanguard is doing about immigration in Kentucky?

    Now that I think about it, what is the vanguard doing about our problems anywhere aside from fantasizing on the internet and soliciting donations?

  20. The fact is, I have sat here for ten years and watched the vanguard, and in all that time I have never once seen them do anything effective about immigration or any other issue like multiculturalism or affirmative action that concerns us.

  21. maxsnafu: I read those links of yours. National Journal seems to be a real “mainstream” outfit, with ads for C-Span and the like. But the comments on the article could all be from us, or people who agree with us, to my surprise. How widespread is White enmity for the Multi-cult, I wonder. And how soon will we be able to speak out and still keep our jobs?

  22. @ Discard

    You sure are one paranoid delusional character—have you ever considered that no one even knows you are alive. LOL.

  23. I don’t even know what the vanguard is unless it’s someone who disagrees with you and believes the political system is rigged, which I do. I’m happy these states are pushing laws to clamp down on illegals but truth be told if the Feds don’t deport them these measures are useless. There won’t be any real change in American politics until the traditional right throws out the neocons from power and either takes over the GOP or forms their own political party.

  24. Good post, Nightowl.

    “Immigrants, yes, illegals, no”– maybe, when he says immigrants, he’s thinking of Germans with engineering degrees, heh.

  25. House Democratic Leader Bernie Hunhoff of Yankton said South Dakota so far has demonstrated restraint because illegal immigration is not a big problem in the state. The Legislature must be careful not to overreact to problems in other states, he said.

    Wow, the head of the Democrats in South Dakota is a Jew from a University town. It’s amazing how predictable things are. The only surprising thing is that it sounds like there is a bit of Boulder and Berkley in South Dakota.

  26. Whites on legal immigration:

    Keep in mind most Whites are the sons and grandsons of the Huddled Masses and Wretched Refuse that stank up New York, Boston, Philly and the whole midwest (e.g., Chicago).

    Their White Guilt, born from effectively winning the “USA Lotto Game of 1892”, plus a keen knowledge that “Papap Ernst” was an immigrant with no real justification for the instantaneous material improvement to his life, is what drives to this very day the notion that “Papap Ernst was a LEGAL immigrant who played by the rules, paid taxes and fought with the Marines at Guadal Canal. Not those Mexicans that sneak in here!”

    Thus their own sense that they are merely tolerated as adopted Americans at best, outsiders at worst, makes them forever identify with the “legal immigration” of their family mythos.

    Not sure what to do about it. One is either American or not, blood or adoption permitted, but most of the population “gets” they are … not.

    Most of the “hyphens” — let alone the Multicult — came here grubbing for food, clothing or shelter and nothing more. Ants t0 a picnic no matter the haplogroup.

    The America of my fathers, Pilgrims, Puritans, Huguenots, or blond-haired, blue-eyed anti-Bolsheviks, came here for Liberty and the furtherance of the Christian religion.

    So long as the brainwashed Boomer Generation, awash in the WWII antinazi propaganda that controls their lives, we’re going to have to deal with them and a certain amount of hypocrisy as they remain confused as to their very existence and legitimacy in America. Festinger takes it from there.

  27. Nightowl: Bernie Hunhoff is a Catholic and a member of the Knights of Columbus. Apparently the name is German, not Yiddish. Better alert Pitts III.

  28. Whilst on the subject of aliens illegal and otherwise, you will no doubt be pleased to know that “Machete” is now available “to rent or to own” from itunes.

  29. Some TeaParties are getting interested in immigration. I want them to get very very very interested. I want them interested in foriegn aid, as well.

    Ask any normal White (or Black, for that matter. American Blacks really do not care about actual Africans, or Haitians, at all), save a completely hopeless Swipple, about, “Why are we sending all this money overseas? Why are WE sending job training money ot Indonesians, and Albanians, and why do we have to send money to teach African males to wash their genitals? Why? Americans are losing their homes. Why are we sending our precious resources to foriegners who couldn’t care less about us?”

    This is a hot hot hot topic. I always get an excellent reaction. Always. With almost every except well-heeled Swipples, brain-dead old Zio-Xians, and Yids, of course.

    The reaction from the Yids is ……priceless. If ya get ’em going, in front the normally clueless Goy – the situation is uniquely satisfying. The Yid will have a full-on Knish-Out – and the Goy…..the Yid doesn’t notice the quizzical expression, on the Goy’s face, as a teeny little light begins to dawn….

  30. Joe of the Mountain,

    I am sick of your anti-(non British) White Hobby Horse. In our efforts to mainstream White Preservation, your attempts to divide White Americans (along pure UK British vs. the rest) is hardly productive. I am worried your rants are scaring people away from our noble cause. They are examples our enemies are more than happy to exploit in painting all of us with a broad brush.

    Apparently, Nancy Pelosi and Morris Dees would be proud!

  31. The Yid will have a full-on Knish-Out

    Is that like the yiddish version of “chimp out”? If so, that is really clever. I’m gonna start using that.

    I am sick of your anti-(non British) White Hobby Horse.

    I think he kinda has a point. Mass immigration is alwasy a bad thing. It was a bad idea when it was done in the late 19th and early 20th century just like it is a bad idea today. It hurt the native born and watered down the American identity. Only 1/4 of my family is true “Old Americans” and I have no problem saying that the other parts of my family should not have been allowed to immigrate here. But what is done, is done. Now we need to try to forge a new American identity out of what remains of what is left of the old one.

  32. Denise:

    “Ask any normal White (or Black, for that matter. American Blacks really do not care about actual Africans, or Haitians, at all), save a completely hopeless Swipple, about, ‘Why are we sending all this money overseas? Why are WE sending job training money to Indonesians, and Albanians, and why do we have to send money to teach African males to wash their genitals? Why? Americans are losing their homes. Why are we sending our precious resources to foreigners who couldn’t care less about us?’”

    The big mistake White Nationalists make is to act like Whites are the only race in America who can be nationalists. Even if you believe this privately, you should never behave this way publicly or you play right into enemy hands that acquire power by pitting White against Black against Mestizo against Asian Americans.

    First of all, America has a distinctive culture all its own that separates Whites from Europeans, Blacks from Africans, Mestizos from Mexico, and Asians from the Orient. The immigrants, whether they come here legally or not, notice that their children, and especially their grandchildren become Americanized.

    Assuming all the illegal Mexicans are amnestied, that inevitably will lead to Guatemalans and Nicaraguans, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum sneaking in and demanding the same treatment. White Nationalism needs to address the issue through civic nationalism, not racial nationalism. Do we really believe that, in order to screw Whites, all these people want to race to the bottom as their descendants have to compete with a tidal wave of increasingly poorer, desperate people? I don’t think so!

    The last tidal wave of increasingly poorer, desperate people that so alarmed America that they cut Immigration down to a trickle was White. Yes, these were Southern and Eastern Europeans, but they had the sense to recognize when the boat was already swamped and they wisely put a halt to it. It’s an economic issue; it’s only a racial issue if we allow it to be. We have proven that, in the past, we have turned off the faucet on a stream of White immigrants. No way, no how can be accused of doing it strictly for racial reasons now.

    We need to demand a freeze on ALL immigration. We have no jobs and millions of unemployed. We could open up millions of jobs … no, they are not dream jobs … or high paying jobs, but they are there to people who need them simply by sending the illegal workers and foreign workers home. We can always hold out the implicit understanding that this will only last until we can get the economy roaring again. But that is the tact we need to take.

    It makes no sense to keep extending unemployment benefits when there would be jobs available to do if both legal and illegal foreign workers were not doing them.

  33. Clytemnestra: The children of immigrants do not become Americanized. They become Hollywoodized, or Judeocized if you will. How could they become American, even if they were White? They live in their own ethno-racial neighborhoods and what they see of the real America comes through the entertainment industry.
    But you’re probably right about immigration policy. There are very few White immigrants. By opposing all immigration instead of just non-White immigration, we dodge the racism bullet and force the economic side of the issue out front. Who can be openly in favor of importing cheap labor when unemployment is so high? And by cutting off all immigration, we would keep out 20 Darks for every White we excluded.

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