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Kentucky Sen. John Schickel moves Arizona-style immigration reform through the Kentucky Senate


The news broke this evening that the Kentucky Senate has approved an Arizona-style immigration law. The bill was rammed through the Republican controlled State Senate in less than three days by Senate President David Williams.

David Williams is running for Governor of Kentucky in November. Kentucky is one of the few states (Virginia, Louisiana, New Jersey, and Mississippi) that will be holding statewide elections this year.

The final vote in the Kentucky Senate was 24 to 14.

Republicans supported the Arizona-style immigration law. A single Democrat in the Kentucky Senate supported it. The rest of the Democratic caucus voted against the bill which they labeled “a 12th century bill of rights.”

The fate of the bill now rests with the Democratic controlled Kentucky House. It also has to get the signature of Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear to become law.

If you live in Kentucky, please contact your state representatives and urge them to vote for this bill. Let them know you will remember who stood with us and who stood against us in November.

Sen. Mitch McConnell and the Republican Caucus in the House of Representatives opposed the DREAM Act amnesty. Don’t forget that Democrat John Yarmuth of Louisville supported the DREAM Act.

The Democratic Party in Kentucky is the sole force standing between us and restrictionist immigration reform. If we are to make progress in Bluegrass Country, it must be crippled like its counterpart in Kansas and Georgia.

Punish our enemies. Reward our friends. Create an incentive for Kentucky politicians to seek our support and our marginalization there will end.

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  1. You are a great political analyst, Hunter Wallace!

    I find these new State political developments very interesting. We are approaching a new fork in the road. Either, we find a much needed turning of the tide, or perhaps more ‘business as usual,’ if we select somebody like Jeb Bush in 2012.

  2. How did the democrats retain control of the house? Was the legislature up for re-election last November? Or is it in an off year cycle come 2011?

  3. I know us White Nationalists hate to “act” like Respectable Conservatives, i.e. Republicans, i.e. Politically Corrected Controlled Opposition. But, if they want to act like US once in a while, then let them. They will have my support for the time being. Yet, I will always withdraw my support whenever they act against my people’s interests or compromise with our mortal enemies. My position is clear.

    White Nationalists can rally around at least three “mainstream” pieces of legislation across the Red States:
    1) Tenth Amendment Resolutions. These provide a wider disconnect between the states and the Federal Government. Nullification is the next step and then hopefully Pan-Secession against this Evil Empire.
    2) The Firearms Freedom Act. This act explains itself. It is too important to ignore. We must be armed to the teeth. Period.
    3) Arizona style immigration laws that are hopefully even more restrictionist. This could lead to mass expulsion at some point, even if it is to California and other doomed Blue States. If the economy continues to tank then the political will might be there to round these evil raping-murdering hordes up and send them back whence they came.

    Good tidings!
    Work within the system. Work outside of the system. Do both at the same time if you can, but for God’s sake DO SOMETHING.

    Take care Comrades!

  4. I’m still trying to figure out why so much support for the democrats came in ’08 from unexpected quarters. It must have been the war, not so much a peacenik sentiment, but the fact that the whole national guard was essentially drafted and torn away from their homes and livelihoods for the middle of the decade by Bush. Or perhaps they had the erroneous impression that the democrats might do something about unprotected trade and the theft of American jobs?

  5. Britton,

    There are all sorts of ways to “work outside the system” that complement “working within the system.” The two approaches are not necessarily antagonistic.

    We have repeatedly drawn attention to the home schooling movement here as a constructive example of “working outside the system” that involves a viable alternative. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the people who “reject the system” have zero interest in taking any form of positive action.

  6. Some news out in Nebraska …

    As promised, immigration legislation offered

    LINCOLN – Voicing frustration over the lack of federal enforcement of immigration laws, a Fremont state senator and the Nebraska attorney general joined Thursday in unveiling a proposal that would allow local police, deputies and state troopers to join the effort.

    Those officers would be required to check the identification of people they had stopped for other reasons, if they suspected those stopped were in the country illegally.

    “This job has to be done. If 20 or 30 states introduce similar statutes, maybe the federal government will get off its duff,” said Attorney General Jon Bruning, who became an official candidate this week for U.S. Senate.

    State Sen. Charlie Janssen of Fremont, as he promised earlier this year, introduced the proposal.

    Janssen called Legislative Bill 48 a “Nebraska-style” version of a controversial anti-illegal immigration law passed in Arizona last year. He said 21 other states are introducing similar bills.

    Janssen and Bruning said the Nebraska bill would avoid some of the legal questions that have held up enactment of the Arizona law, although the constitutionality of LB 48 was not assured. . . .

  7. Nightowl wrote:
    I’m still trying to figure out why so much support for the democrats came in ’08 from unexpected quarters.

    Many were turned-off by McCain. Many more were turned-off by Sarah “Utter-Airhead One-Hearbeat-Away-From-Presidency” Palin.

    So millions of Republican voters stayed home. (Fewer whites voted in 2008 than did in 2004).

  8. Encouraging developments. @ Britton: your pessimism about Calif. is misplaced. There are no blue states, only blue cities. All surrounded. By us. When crunchtime comes, urban black/browns will turn on the urban SWPLs, then we’ll go in to clean up the mess. Now I’m going over to Countercurrents and drink at the wells of philosophy…

  9. Many were turned-off by McCain. Many more were turned-off by Sarah “Utter-Airhead One-Hearbeat-Away-From-Presidency” Palin.
    So millions of Republican voters stayed home. (Fewer whites voted in 2008 than did in 2004).

    Ditto. Don’t forget that Bush did alot of damage in office with the Patriot Act which was really aimed at spying on Americans, the drawn out wars, siding with Mexico on illegal immigration, the North American Union and the cherry on top was the economic collapse just before the election. Since the election there has been some momentum building up on the right and I was optimistic that the old right would pulverize the neocons and take over the GOP. That window of opportunity is fading now. We had our hands around their fat little necks strangling them and they out maneuvered us again.

  10. The Kentucky immigration must now go to a House committee. My guess is that it won’t make it out of committee to be brought up for a floor vote. (Democrats control the House of Representatives in Kentucky.)

    Richard Spencer has an interesting take on the implications of the National Journal article here:

    The money quote: “Every year, the GOP falls over itself with “outreach” efforts to Blacks and Latinos, each new program more embarrassing than the last. And yet at election time, the GOP relies on White, Middle America to send its gaggle of cowards, sociopaths, neocons, and used-car salesmen back to Washington.

    This irony leads me to conclude that the phenomenon Peter and Steve describe bodes quite poorly for White America. As the White vote—particularly the White, male vote—becomes more and more reliable, the Republican Party (as it’s currently constituted) would seemingly become less and less likely to do anything on White people’s behalf, like halt mass immigration. “Taking back America” will essentially mean the opportunity to hoot and howler at the TV set as a FOX News blonde announces the latest round of Republican victories; it will not mean White Protestant hegemony, or even smaller government.”

  11. HW’s and our side’s analysis is the best, but in all honesty it to is lacking. Its one thing for our costumes to sing the bitter tune of rejection and concentrate their venom on their own kind for the betrayal, but this leaves out the important analysis of the “opposition” which our people do as well.

    The “Left” is a conglomeration of cults and race/ethnic looters and takers kept in line by the promises of loot taken from whites. (the recent polling data for Obama supports this thesis).

    The double standards are unbearable and will become so brazen in this coming election cycle that even the SWPL will find a reason to abandon the Left.

    The Left is trapped, it cannot hold its coalition of hatemaniacs together by telling them to moderate themselves. Has anyone ever seen a leftist tell his followers to celebrate the diversity of whites? Tolerate whites?

    Ask a leftist yourself these two questions, you wil receive nothing but rage, they are trapped.

  12. @CompassionateFascist. You are right about the cities, so I stand corrected.
    I am living in the same reality here in Chicago. Chicago and the surrounding black “suburbs” (ghettos by eviction) are Bluer than a Smurf’s ass. But, in downstate Illinois – where some of my family still lives – it is Red, Red, Red but less and less proud Republican because of that party’s tendency to Politically Correct itself and sellout to the other side.

  13. Republican RINO Neocon apparatchiks got away with presenting themselves as the lesser evil to the Democrats while trying to pander to the Mestizos and the Negroes by being “the hip-hop party,” too. Not a good choice for Whites.

    The Tea Party came up with the perfect solution. Target these RINOs, and primary them whenever possible. It worked more often than not and it behooves Whites who sat on the sidelines to see if the succeeded to increase the pressure by doing more of the same in 2012.

    I still wouldn’t count out the Democrats for White Nationalist infiltration altogether. Howard Dean was jumped on by the media for saying he wanted to attract the “Nascar Dads” with Confederate decals and gun racks on their trucks. HR Clinton got similar abuse when she belatedly realized her constituents WERE the “Bitter Clingers” and came in a hair’s breadth of taking the 2008 Democrat nomination. Had she pursued working class Whites from jump street, she’d be the President right now. My belief is that, the more the Tea Party succeeds, the more strident and anti-White the Rainbow Coalition Democrats will get, because there is no color white in the rainbow. I believe, as a result, they will push out and alienate their White base and become marginalized themselves for several years before they start actively recruiting White candidates and pro-White candidates, at that, to run again.

  14. “Or perhaps they had the erroneous impression that the democrats might do something about unprotected trade and the theft of American jobs?”

    Didn’t the Democrats try to pass a bill in Congress this fall that raised taxes on businesses who outsource but the Republicans all voted against it?

  15. “The Democratic Party in Kentucky is the sole force standing between us and restrictionist immigration reform.”

    Don’t forget the business lobby. The Religious Right is bad on immigration too.

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