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  1. How can anyone stand that rude babbling moron Chris Matthews?

    Nice try at drowning out King……it just made him (Matthews) look and sound like a desperate shrew.

  2. This stupid spic should go to a library or goggle and education himself. Jus soli is a relic of European feudalism. All civilized nations accord citizenship at birth by parentage or bloodlines.

  3. This is a bad sign but not surprising. The powerful pro-immigration RNC/GOP elites who hate Whites in general and White populist conservatives in particular are not just going to go away quietly. No doubt deals were cut behind the scenes to keep King out. Lamar Smith can’t be trusted now.

  4. 3:40 – 4:00

    Matthews: “We need to punish white employers, the real Evil on this Earth! Don’t punish the heroic saintly immigrants!” [paraphrased]
    King: “I’m for doing all things to put an end to illegal immigration.”
    Matthews: “But we don’t DO that!!”


    Not all Irish-Catholics in the USA are rude, arrogant loudmouths like Cris Matthews, but enough are that the stereotype remains. Notice fellow Irish-Catholics Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity have almost the same abrasive personality as Matthews but opposite politics from him. (Opposite within the narrow range of U.S. discourse, granted).

    Why is this?

    I wonder if this has to do with why so many foreigners think “All Americans are [rude, arrogant, etc.]”. Southern Whites lazily drawling in midday summer heat, or Midwestern farmers talking about the weather with their hands in their pockets, or small-town New-England congregationalists… they simply don’t act like this. They don’t.

    The buffoon Olbermann (a gentile) is at least not loudly-annoying like this.

  5. In Catholicism there is a right and a wrong, and the world is about determining which is which. It may seem abrasive, but that’s what creates and keeps civilizations. Protestant indifference can only exist in their wake.

  6. Rep. Steve King is very strong on immigration – and he handles the press well. He remains calm, doesn’t give in to bullying, doesn’t accept hypothetical “compromises” that if we just let all the (~ 20 million ) illegals now in the country stay, allow them to work (amnesty) then from this day forward we want allow any more illegal immigration ever – King knows that this is just a lie and he is correct to point to the failed 1986 Reagan amnesty that promised exactly that.

    Steve King is on our side as was/is Tancredo – he’s one of our guys – support him in all ways, don’t let any White person ever say bad things about him on anything.

    We have to get like the Blacks and the Jews who close ranks and defend “their people” even people like Jonathon Pollard and Roman Polanski.

    The key is to think and act in a pro White RACIST manner. Don’t get hung up on laws, Constitutions, economic theories, being “fair”, trying to understand the other races point of view.

    And all here must know that our hard hard work against illegal immigration and against immigration doesn’t apply to healthy Whites from other countries, cultures.

    White South Africans are most welcome here as are White Germans, Poles, Russians – these are our people. North America has lots and lots of room in the upper Midwest we need people, we just don’t need Mestizos, Somalians, Arabs, Pakistanis are bad Jews.

    Now we aren’t going to say this in many places like on some MSM interview, but that’s what we want to do.

  7. By chance it is some fringe right winger or whatever, I think our lines should run to the fact of the constant demonization by the Left is not helping democracy or something like that. From the description it is a young white man dressed in black so I wouldn’t put it past that it might be some fringe leftard a DU/Kos tool or an anarchist.

  8. NightWolf: The comments on the link run to blather about the Tea Party right wingers promoting violence with all their hatred. One White nut kills somebody and it’s an indictment of all self-respecting Whites. One third of Black males are criminals and we’re racist to even notice. I hope the shooter in a Jewish homo, but that would be too lucky. The Jew’s media will make hay out of this death, as always.

  9. I keep hearing conflicting descriptions of the gunman. Some say he was White while others are saying he was “Hispanic-looking”.

    Giffords was a supporter of SB1070 and was a overall moderate politician.

    I think it’s likely the gunman was a Spic.

    5 other people were killed too, including a 5 year old child.

  10. The police are refusing to to say who he was. They have had him in custody for a while now. They’re refusing to say….

  11. Let’s practice on not jumping to conclusions or following MSM incitements to blame Right wing White Racists – remember the Duke Lacrosse Team rape hoax etc.

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