Biggest Loser: The Media

An alienated kook seizes the national stage

The Media

The mainstream media has emerged as the biggest loser in the Gabrielle Giffords shooting.

Liberal journalists are coming away from this incident even more discredited than they were before. Their pretense to objectivity has been shattered beyond repair.

A new CBS poll has found that 57 percent of Americans believe that heated political rhetoric “had nothing to do” with the Gabrielle Giffords shooting. 37 percent of Americans believe it does.

49 percent of Democrats place no blame on the tone in Washington. 42 percent of Democrats believe there is a connection.

The only people who are buying the prevailing narrative in the media are left-liberal progressives, liberal Republicans, and the roughly one third of independents who lean toward the Democrats anyway.

The pathetic attempt to link American Renaissance to the Giffords shooting, which even FOX News was pushing, was quickly shot down within a day by bloggers empowered by various social media platforms.

The New Media

The mainstream media has lost its ability to control the political narrative.

Social media dominated the shooting. The latest updates were being posted in real time on Twitter and Free Republic as an army of bloggers swarmed in on the identity of the shooter and exposed his true political leanings.

The information uncovered, published, and disseminated on the internet and talk radio was so damaging to the mainstream spin coming out of Washington that their collective effort at expressing faux moral outrage failed to make the slightest dent in the political status quo.

Instead, the Giffords shooting quickly became the latest lesson in liberal media bias, as the appropriate comparisons between the Ft. Hood and Gabrielle Giffords shootings were drawn.

The same journalists who refused to “rush to judgement” and blame Islam for the massacre in Texas pinned the Giffords assassination on the Tea Party within minutes.

The neverending stream of cant about the bigotry and prejudice of White Americans that comes from out of The New York Times was exposed to public view as nothing more than naked partisanship and hypocrisy in the disguise of moral posturing.

Other Losers: The Vanguardist Sidetrack

The other big loser in the Giffords shooting was the vanguard which was discredited in several key ways:

(1) First, the idea that White Americans will respond positively to cold blooded acts of “Sorelian violence” was discredited for perhaps all time. It should be clear now to any rational observer that the use of violence has exactly the opposite effect of creating hostility to those who engage in it.

It is worth your time to read Michael O’Meara’s “Through The Barrel of a Gun: A Rant Against White Reformists” in the wake of this tragedy.

Imagine how much damage would have been inflicted upon the White Nationalist cause if the “ideas” presented in “Toward The White Republic,” now on sale at Counter-Currents, had been acted upon in Arizona.

Fortunately, we only have to contemplate the presence of that massive turd being dropped in the White Nationalist punch bowl as an abstract hypothetical, instead of being hauled before the FBI and DHS or getting the Gabrielle Giffords Anti-Terrorism Act of 2011.

(2) Second, with bullets being taken off the table as a viable option, we are only left with ballots. The Giffords shooting has clarified the means – working within the system – that we will have to use to fight back.

Americans have long been adverse to the use of violence without legitimacy. Everything from Emmett Till to Medgar Evers to Matthew Shepard to James Byrd to Oklahoma City has worked to the advantage of our enemies.

They need saints and martyrs.

The last thing we need to do is give them fresh ammunition to use against us. That is something we have some degree of control over.

Barack Obama is being allowed to fail. Nancy Pelosi has already failed and that will be her legacy.

(3) Third, the Giffords shooting has shown once again that ordinary people are not “lemmings” who believe everything they see on television.

We have known for two decades now that the legitimacy of the mainstream media has collapsed in White America. The fact is, White people don’t watch Keith Olbermann or read Frank Rich, and to the extent that they are exposed to their liberal bias, they tend to react negatively to them.

We know now that we can use social media to run around the mainstream media, influence the political narrative, and directly connect with a mass audience.

(4) Fourth, if ordinary people are not stupid mindless lemmings after all, if they are indeed capable of grasping the truth when it is communicated to them in an effective way, then we don’t need an “elite” or an “aristocracy” or a “cultural class” to explain things to them.

We can reach the “lemmings” with a populist message. The “lemmings” out there passionately dislike the liberal media elite and always respond well to intelligent criticism of it.

(5) Fifth, conservatives are not as worthless or cowardly as some have claimed, and have pushed back hard and successfully to kill the media spin about the Tea Party causing the Giffords shooting.

Conservatives did not accept the idea that American Renaissance inspired the Giffords shooting. In fact, many of them heard about Jared Taylor for the first time and liked what they saw over there.

Final Thoughts

The biggest losers in this episode were Paul Krugman and Harold Covington.

A crazed alienated weirdo attempted to assassinate an elected official. Far from embracing the shooter, the White Nationalist community distanced itself from his actions, and furiously denied the existence of any connection.

The nation saw the deranged grinning kook on display and reacted with revulsion. No one but the most alienated vanguardists expressed the slightest bit of sympathy for his cause. Even they backpeddled after it came out that Loughner is Jewish.

A gang of Jared Loughners setting off bombs in the Pacific Northwest will do nothing but inspire yet another fierce government crackdown on the White Nationalist movement. There have been two of those already.

We can’t afford another.

Now we know what to do. Let’s get busy.

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  1. It makes you wonder why they went after a site like AMREN which is widely believed to be controlled by the Jews instead of linking this guy with Stormfront which has a huge audience and is definitely not kosher. A little reverse psychology maybe?

  2. HAC can’t be taken seriously. He is just a poseur pretending to be a revolutionary.

    I need a 1,000 hardcore vanguardists to move to the Pacific Northwest to start an IRA-style terrorist campaign. I really, truly, honestly do not advocate the use of violence.

    As I have said a million times, the substitution of fantasism for actual means to promote our views is not only counterproductive, but turns out to be no means at all.

  3. I’ve seen Amren.

    There are no secret Jews controlling things behind the scenes there. The only people who say that are paranoid kooks who think in terms of conspiracy theories.

  4. Anyone else watching Maddow?

    I missed Olbermann while I was at the gym. I don’t see how anyone can take this stupid butch lesbian seriously. The problem is alienated kooks and negroes, not firearms. Ordinary people use guns responsibly.

    The problem we have here in Birmingham with violent crime is 100 percent a negro problem. There are no roaming gangs of Presbyterians around here.

    We need to reopen the profiling debate.

  5. Oops, I stand corrected, it wasn’t DHS who created the memo but an Arizona state agency. I suspect they probably heard about Amren during the SB1070 flare up over the summer and didn’t know much about them.

    When Obama and his staff need to find new jobs in 2013, perhaps Janet Napolitano can get her own show on MSNBC. Following Chris Matthews Hardball, they can call it Softball: with Janet Napolitano.

  6. Somebody at some leftist site that I wandered onto thinks that Fox manufactured/promoted this phony AmRen connection in order to give Jared Taylor exposure. I hope so. There are lots of sneaky people working behind closed doors in this world, and some of them must be ours.

  7. The models that you cite, for the formation of a white ethnostate, both failed.

    As did the attempts at mainstreaming racial self-interest (Wallace campaign)(David Duke).

    Covington is not calling for a 1000 man army, to immediately begin a bombing campaign, or whatever – its envisoned that there would be a period of agitation and political propagandizing of the population prior to actual armed resistance. These are common revolutionary tactics. With proper and measured provocation, the government would be lured into to overstepping, as they did at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Only this time, there would be an organized resistance force to capitalize on the government’s arrogance. The ensuing confrontation, correctly chosen, would galvanize public opinion – which it is assumed for several years has been made aware of the more benevolent presence of any organized racial resistance. Think Hamas, the Viet Cong. Legitimacy does not have to exist first. Legitimacy is created prior.

    Imagine what might have happened had there been an NVA in Waco, Texas; the day the FBI/ATF kicked the door in…..

  8. One minute your calling vanguardists armchair internet warriors who do absolutely nothing to further the cause of White Nationalism and the next your trying to implicate them in the AZ shootings and committing acts of terrorism. Which is it?

  9. Neither.

    I haven’t blamed the Arizona shooting on them anywhere. I have repeatedly said that a deranged leftist kook was responsible for this incident.

    All I have done is point out that is what the idiots who advocate violence in our name have always wanted. It is a preview of what would happen if anyone took their rhetoric seriously.

    The vast majority of White Nationalists were relieved to find out that someone not associated with us was responsible for the shooting. They understand the damage that alienated kooks who become mass murders can do to our cause.

  10. @mighty: “looks like a blue-eyed white devil”…”Natalie Portman, a beautiful white woman, Wynona Ryder” (actually, it’s a Wynona Horowitz…)…etc. It’s called tribal exogamy. A genetic camouflage technique. About 40% of female Jews seduce and marry a non-Jew, the half-Jewish offspring (a lot of the current Hollywood Jewcrowd – Jennifer Connelly, Scarlett Johannson, many others) then don’t “look” Jewish, but maintain their covert tribal identity and values, and they or the next generation then marry back into the Tribe, providing useful genetic cover. See Type IV specimens @

    Back on topic, I’d say HW has it right for the short-term: MSM getting nowhere using this to discredit hardright, and new, alternative media – ranging from Limbaugh on talk radio to hundreds of net sites like OD are the reason why. Must be so frustrating for them. Net result: more polarization. Longer-term: keep the weapons cleaned and oiled. We are going to need them: they see all of us as Randy Weavers, whether we are or not. Read Jew Kunstler at CF. He hates the regime, but hates us too. And like it or not, real power – when economic collapse terminates all this interesting politics that HW thinks is going to go on forever – will as always grow out of the barrel of a gun.

  11. That chick that studies the chimps is Jewish? I just figured she was English or something.

    Natalie Portman is cute, not beautiful. And she is an extreme rarity in that she is one of the few Jewish people who doesn’t look Jewish at all. Most Jews you can tell if you know what to look for.

    And for the record, I think this whackjob Loughner does look pretty Jewish. In fact, when I first saw the picture of him I thought, “Wow, that guy looks really Jewish for a non Jew”. I don’t know why I assumed he wasn’t Jewish but I did.

  12. Those who have pointed out that HAC is much more nuanced in how he wants to use violence are right. HAC theoretically wants to built a WN community of sorts and then try to win over locals to their cause. If he could actually pull any of this off, he could take over a town or develop some influence for his group legally. Granted, if HAC ever got this far, he does seem to want an IRA type scenario but I don’t rule out that an actual large support base and the bad economic situation at present and in the near future could allow HAC’s NWF to go a peaceful route; especially in a place like Idaho where many people might turn out to sympathetic to the message offered.

  13. I remember that some years back when right wing political speech was not available that
    the violence in moves, tv shows and video games was a favorite, dare I use the word, target. In my opinion it was not an unreasonable line of thought. After watching some 10-12 boys at Xmas with the latest, and most realistic shoot them up games you would under stand this feeling. You can see ads for these types of games ( plus movies and tv shows) during almost every NFL football game. This favorite of the left has been totally forgotten but from the maxs shooting ups behavior he performed I think there is some thing to this argument. His books, fine that is interesting, but I want to see what video games he was playing.
    No word of this at all.

  14. This kook’s wires were crossed from the beginning, but the steady drumbeat of “you and your culture/people are evil” flushes the weak minded into the various cults, most of whom are on the Left. SOP, “They are evil join our little band of truth seekers as we wage merciless war on evil, blah, blah, blah.” The Left especially makes use of this with their anti-White demonization and discrimination propaganda, create a headcase and then offer the solution.

  15. What me Worried: Several years ago there was some kid, 14 or so, who gunned down a bunch of people without ever having handled a real firearm before. It was good shooting, three dead for every wounded or something like that. He learned to shoot from a video game. I think they were originally developed for the military, and I know they’ve used them as training devices for decades.
    BTW, are there any racist video games out there?

  16. Discard says:

    BTW, are there any racist video games out there?

    Jack Ryan replies:

    National Alliance used to have a video game called “Ethnic Cleansing” – where some SH, White Cowboy game goes in to rough parts of New York City and shoots down NW criminals – the Blacks crouch on basketball rims and make gorilla sounds, the worst Yids go “Oh Vey” when they are shot down. All I know about this game was from a scene in the BBC’s Louis meets the Nazi where the interviewer Louis T. meets the cute Prussian Blue twins Lamb and Lynx and their great mom April Gaede.

    April Gaede says they are very strict not to watch bad television programs and avoid video games, but the Twins say they are allowed to play Ethnic Cleansing.

    Let me see if I can find this scene – I loved it.

  17. It’s true. That’s the problem with mainstream politics. Unless you’re on the left, it’s like watching paint dry. Most intelligent, creative people can’t stand it, but still want to do something. Thus the vanguard.

  18. “Most Jews you can tell if you know what to look for.”

    So, according to the website posted by compassionatefascist, Ana Kournikova is a type IV Jewess?!

    That girl is a White Goddess. Any of you who wouldn’t entertain her are either psycho, or homo.

  19. The question is not whether you’d “entertain” her, the question is whether or not you’d listen to her expound on what she believes ought to be your (non-Jewish) group’s interest or elect her to represent said interests.

  20. @Mighty

    There’s no need to focus on the jewish angle if you don’t want and in most places if you’re talking to mainstream people it’s usually best not to anyway unless you know what you’re doing. Instead just stress the system by attacking their double standards and if it gets stressed enough they’ll start to out themselves.

  21. There’s no actual evidence for Anna Kournikova being Jewish.

    When freelance photographer Carrie Devorah congratulated Miss Kournikova with the common Hebrew/Yiddish expression “mazel tov,” the Russian beauty asked what that meant. When the photog explained it means congratulations and good luck, Miss K, according to Ms. Devorah, snapped, “I am not Jewish – can’t you see my cross?”

  22. The question is not whether you’d “entertain” her, the question is whether or not you’d listen to her expound on what she believes ought to be your (non-Jewish) group’s interest or elect her to represent said interests.


    Do you have reason to think Kournikova isn’t a Russian gentile girl?

    It seems to me that the site CompassionateFascist linked to just called her Jewish as a cheap excuse to show an obviously photoshopped semi-pornographic image using Kournikova’s head.

    No evidence was provided beyond a vague claim, not backed up by any evidence, that the writer saw a star of David pendant around her neck.

  23. The site’s main rationale for saying she was Jewish was that she got so much media coverage and never won a major. It surprised me. I don’t really care. I was just responding to Mighty as to why it might matter if a beautiful woman is Jewish.

  24. “The site’s main rationale for saying she was Jewish was that she got so much media coverage and never won a major.”

    This is the psychotic nonsense that infects White Nationalism and nonsense that I can’t take part in. It turns me off, in the extreme, as it will (and does) the rest of the White ‘lemmings’ in America. Since my racial awareness became explicit, I find this schizophrenic fear of the Jew to be a neurosis that malignantly afflicts the fringe … a fringe who believes the Jews in positions of power are both omniscient and omnipotent.

    Jared Taylor is on to something – if the great White consciousness in America is going to rise again, it will be through a voice(s) like his.

    Over the holidays, I played one of Taylor debates to my racially [unaware] average, middle-class, White parents – you know, the ‘lemmings’ – and he grabbed their attention with his sound arguments. A few days later, I played them one of HAC’s podcasts and they damn near had heart attacks because of the relentless threats of death and violence and the use of the words: nigger, kike, faggot, Jew Bastard, ect …

    HAC has been in the White Nationalist movement for decades and accomplished absolutely nothing – why? Tom Metzger has been in the movement and has equally accomplished absolutely nothing – why?

    The answer is obvious.

  25. Mighty: What is obvious is that Whites can easily identify Blacks and Hispanics and see that something is wrong with them, and that many Whites can not easily identify Jews and therefore do not see what is wrong with them. Finance is controlled by Jews, politics is controlled by Jews, the news and entertainment media are controlled by Jews, academia is controlled by Jews, and all these institutions are hostile to Whites. Without Jews to orchestrate our demise, most of the non-Whites wouldn’t be here, and those that were would know their place.

  26. @ Discard

    I’m aware of the Jewish [over]representation in society, but addressing the imbalance in a manner which is unproductive will yield no results – it hasn’t so far and it wont. A paradigm shift is needed to address Jewish over-representation.

  27. Mighty: The needed paradigm shift will not come about by ignoring the role of Jews in our dispossession. And that role will not become evident to most people through vulgar ranting, which, like you say, simply puts people off. So how is this shift to occur? In the same way that Jews came to power: By concealing our purpose, while never forgetting it. We might think that shouting about Niggers and Beaners and Kikes is counterproductive and foolish, but we ought keep in mind that Negroes and Hispanics and Jews are threats to our existence. The vulgar shouters are closer to the mark than those who think we can all get along. So we all have to figure out our own ways to present our racism and anti-Semitism in a palatable fashion, while never forgetting why we are racists and anti-Semites.

  28. The latest post over at Age Of Treason shows the absurdity or our situation. It’s a joke. When confeonted with that kind of nonsense the answer is obvious. The “system” is completely illegitimate. Those associated with it (on the dumb side) do not deserve the stamp of legitimacy.

  29. This doesn’t come as a surprise.

    As far back as the 1900s, blacks and Jews were creating race based organizations to defend their interests. By the 1920s, they were active in the courts trying to undermine segregation and taking over elite universities. By the 1930s, they were starting to elect their own people to Congress.

    Jews were creating Hollywood in that period. By the 1950s, they had a choke hold on the mass media. Blacks were creating grassroots organizations all across the South. In the 1960s, they succeeded in toppling Jim Crow, which capped a sixty year struggle of – guess what – gaming the system.

    In the 1970s and 1980s, they increased their power by changing our immigration laws and stirring up women, homosexuals, and other minorities against Whites. They elected more of their number to Congress. They took over the law schools.

    Meanwhile, the idiots in the White Nationalist movement were reduced to parading around with swastikas, robbing banks, and burning crosses in cow pastures while pinning their hopes on “the inevitable collapse of the system” which George Lincoln Rockwell predicted would happen in 1969.

    In refusing to work within the system, they only made it easier for our enemies to take over the system and entrench their power. Now we are paying the price for forty years of incompetence.

    What do they insist we do?

    Hide out in a bunker and reject the system. Which does … drumroll … absolutely nothing about the problem.

    The real question here is given what White Nationalists have been doing for decades which consists of everything from advocating alliances with al-Qaeda to worshiping Hitler as a God to insulting their target audience as lemmings we would expect our situation to be any different.

    Why wouldn’t our enemies be in a better position in the courts? The Jews only spend over $2 billion dollars every year on local Jewish federations. They have infested everything from the law schools to the courts to high finance to the mass media.

    Why wouldn’t they be powerful?

    Meanwhile, White Nationalists can’t seem to organize so much as a book club or a publishing company without succumbing to the temptation to decorate it with a swastika.

  30. “Jared Taylor is on to something – if the great White consciousness in America is going to rise again, it will be through a voice(s) like his

    True. We now know as a result of this Arizona shooting that our enemies fear Jared Taylor more than anyone else. It is good evidence his approach to open WN has merit. He was smart to keep a healthy distance between himself and the stereotypical WNists.

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