Montana: House Bill 178

Chuck Baldwin prepares to run for Governor of Montana


Montana is another state that we haven’t heard much buzz about on the immigration front over the last few months.

It also came as a surprise when Maine and Kentucky jumped to the head of the pack of states passing their own crackdowns on illegal immigration. The heavyweights like Georgia, Arizona, and Oklahoma are still plodding along like turtles.

In Montana, a bill that would deny worker’s compensation benefits to illegal aliens, House Bill 178, has cleared the House Judiciary Committee and is on its way to a full vote in the Montana House. The bill would also require the state government to check applicants for driver’s licenses against a federal database.

In the final showdown over the DREAM Act, Democratic Senators Jon Tester and Max Baucus of Montana provided decisive votes that killed the bill. DREAM Act supporters were unable to peel off enough Republicans to compensate for Democratic defections in the Red States.

Montana is surprisingly more sensitive to immigration issues than one would expect given the low numbers of illegal aliens who are living there. What is even more surprising is that the state is pushing through a bill that would require checking a federal database to issue driver’s licenses.

Montana, well known for its libertarian streak, has been a noteworthy opponent of the national id card.

“Don’t Tread on Me” doesn’t seem to apply to Mexicans who are illegally residing in Montana. ICE can swoop in there with black helicopters and deport the bastards.

Montanans don’t seem to care.

It is also worth noting that Chuck Baldwin, who ran for President on the Constitution Party ticket in 2008 (I voted for him in that election), is gearing up to run for Governor of Montana. Baldwin wants to pass an Arizona-style immigration law in Montana and confront the federal government on the issue.

As Montana’s chief executive, Baldwin said he would also reject the federal government in the manner of Arizona’s adoption of a strict and controversial immigration law, which is being challenged by the U.S. Justice Department.

“We need a governor who will do whatever (Arizona Gov.) Jan Brewer did about whatever the issue is,” Baldwin said. “Draw that line in the sand, but then, just take it the next step and say, ‘We don’t care what the Supreme Court says.’”

“That’s what states have the power to do,” he added. “They have the power under God, don’t you see?”

If you live in Montana, please contact your state legislators and tell them to support this modest bill. It’s not everything we want, but it will help lay the foundation for tougher legislation in the future, and it will prevent Montana from becoming a magnet for illegals fleeing other states.

Montana has a Democratic governor and a Democratic state legislature. They will have to be pressured to do the right thing. We can’t afford to sit back and let the Republicans take care of this one.

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  1. Hunter,

    Can you do some more research on this Rev. Chuck Baldwin?

    I used to see his articles posted on and most seemed to be rambling comments that America was off course in some non Biblical way. Rev. Baldwin had set up shop in (South?) Florida but the good Rev. never seemed to noticed the mass immigration of Haitians, more worried that some Federal health program wasn’t following strict Constitutionalist guidelines.

    I don’t know very much about this Rev. Baldwin, just kind of got the feeling he was something like Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family writing out of Colorado Springs CO where there simply weren’t any racial problems.

    Hunter, I trust your judgement, so if you check this Rev. Baldwin out and say he’s fine/good/great – then that’s good enough for me.

    But, I have been in this “patriot” thing a long time and have had to put up with so many “patriots” that were just clueless on racial issues, so many couldn’t even understand how immigration could ever be a problem up until it became THE issue for conservatives.

    Thanks Hunter.

  2. The Middle East and Africa are on the verge of exploding and Southeast Asia and India can’t be too far behind.

    The problem is surging food costs thanks to Ben Bernanke. What is currently happening in places like Tunisia today will be happening in American cities tommarow when the munis/states run out of cash to give to their blacks and hispanics.

    This is one of those times where worse really is better.

  3. I’m not all that impressed overall with Chuck Baldwin. But let’s face it, it’s not like decent men who speak of the Constituion are crawling over each other trying to lead this decrepit nation. He gets credit from me for putting himself out there. I appreciate him for that. Plus many people that I highly respect really like him. Since I don’t have anything better to offer, I go along to get along.

  4. Spooky says:
    January 18, 2011 at 5:45 pm
    I’m not all that impressed overall with Chuck Baldwin. But let’s face it, it’s not like decent men who speak of the Constitution are crawling over each other trying to lead this decrepit nation. He gets credit from me for putting himself out there. I appreciate him for that. Plus many people that I highly respect really like him. Since I don’t have anything better to offer, I go along to get along.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    I understand your position, but think we need to get away from this race denying, endless talk, talk, talk about “The Constitution”. America and what remains of the White Western world has real racial problems. White people who deny obvious, live or die racial problems like:

    Los Angeles elected a Mexican mayor and > 75% of the LA population is Latino
    Detroit is > 85% Black African, has had Black political leaders since the early 1970s – with all the terrible results that should be expected when Black take over in places like Haiti, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe etc.

    Low caste Paki Muslim gangs are forcing poor White English girls in to lives of prostitution using forced rape, kidnapping, enslavement.

    These White conservatives Constitutionalists who go on an on about monetary policy and Constitutional laws – they just come off as clueless old people who aren’t living in reality. Put a microphone in front of them or some crowd listening to them and they go on and on, talk, talk, talking the same old, same old. When things get really bad where they live like South Florida, they just move to somewhere better/Whiter and proceed to talk, talk, talk the same old stuff.

    If Hunter or someone else here can show me I’m wrong and this Rev. Chuck Baldwin isn’t this way, that he is not racially clueless, that he’s actually do effective activism on behalf of our people, than I will be happy to say I was wrong. I just get bad vibes from him, feel like I am about to be forced to listen to Dick Lugar make some 1 hour speech about nothing.

    As it stands, I would like to see this Rev. Chuck Baldwin get invited to make a speech about his Constitutional issues in Chicago and have him get lost in Englewood and see him try to ask directions and talk his way out of getting rolled, terrorized, killed by some of my Black African neighbors who have a lot tolerance for old White men who talk, talk, talk endlessly about The Constitution etc.

  5. I know, I know. Believe me I know. Chuck Baldwin is no “great white hope”, he’s just a bit better than the rest. It’s not like a “Constitutionalist” can get elected anyway, let alone a racially aware one. Even the vast majority of Tea Party people are horrified at the thought of racial awareness. Yet the Constitutionalists do draw almost solely white people. Most blacks or any other ethnically aware people want nothing to do with white “fairness” or the Constitution. I think that’s the best we can hope for right now. Anything stronger will lose traction. Hell, the people of California couldn’t stop the destruction of their state when it was happening BEFORE THEIR VERY EYES. Most garden variety white Americans have not experienced such destructive dispossession. And especially not most Montanans, who if far right tend to fall into the cultural vacuum of libertarianism.

    Look at the facts on the ground. Constitutionalists are pro-white whether they want to be or not. The MSM see this as clear as day. We should too.

    But I know where you’re coming from.

  6. Baldwin is actually a decent candidate. Which why the lemmings most likely will not elect him governor.

  7. Most people are not going to get racialism initially because when you start talking about White solidarity the mental image of batshit crazy White leftists like Chris Matthews pops into their head.

  8. Thanks Hunter for giving us some good news/reviews of Rev. Baldwin.

    And yes, the state of Florida is reversed – the North Western part of Florida is part of the South.

    South Florida is part of….

    New Jersey Jews
    Contra Nicaragua, Cubans good and very bad
    Now Haitians.

    I understand that in mostly all White rural areas, White folks spend lots and lots of time thinking and talking about Constitutions, laws, etc.

    Regular White folks in big cities, Blue states simply have to watch our backs.

    And all should know that laws and Constitutions never saved White people. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe also had a decent Constitution – guaranteed private property rights – things didn’t turn out well. Maybe every thing with be set right, overturned when some court of the United Nations, Organization of African Unity, British Commonwealth over turns Mugabe’s land invasions and makes a ruling that raping 12 year old White farm girls was against the law/Constitution.

  9. Most of these so-called Constitutionalists are Christian zionists. Sure, they love their second amendment but the Jews are off limits. They are the chosen. I’m scared to death about what Chuck Baldwin thinks about the Jews. Because inevitably that is who you are going to run headlong into when you start trying to enforce the Constitution. International Jewry. It’s not that you have to explicitly call them out to begin with, but you do have to know who they are and what they are about. I believe he is a pretrib type so God only knows what else he believes. But you know, at this point we don’t really have a deep bench to draw from.

  10. Spooky says:
    January 18, 2011 at 11:12 pm
    Most of these so-called Constitutionalists are Christian zionists. Sure, they love their second amendment but the Jews are off limits. I believe he is a pretrib type so God only knows what else he believes. But you know, at this point we don’t really have a deep bench to draw from.

    Jack Ryan relies:

    In such instances – it’s often best to gently nudge older White folks to some place where they don’t cause too much trouble and are tolerated as decent, older White folks left over from some different time.

    It’s much the same with old anti Communist Reagan Conservatives. It’s no good to try to argue with them at such an advanced age that they…


    that our Kinsmen the White Russians in the 1980s were hardly our enemies and these Reagan Conservatives were idiots to waste the 1980s and early 90s spending $ trillions on advanced missile systems to fight THE RUSSIANS while they sat by and dit nothing about the 3rd world immigration invasions, worse game amnesty in the 80s under the idea that was one time, never again and their would be enforcement of illegal immigration.

    For these old Cold War warriors – just let them be. Their time has past and we are finding new leaders to deal with real problems in the here and now year 2011.

    Chuck Baldwin feels like more of yesterday’s kind of guy than someone we should write about now. Baldwin’s articles published in always struck me as…


    Why was this published on

  11. Jack, you are right. Our problems are far more involved than what Conservatism is commensurate with. That is why I am far from satisfied with the Republican gains that are now taking place. And before Hunter comes back with a lecture, yes, I know it is good what is happening and I am NOT advocating a do nothing “worse is better” strategy or taking the “Vanguard” attitude that Hunter has been denigrating so often, I am simply stating that we are nowhere near close to getting down to business or even discussing much that is needed.

    The point is that what *some * of what Hunter would call “vanguardism,” e.g., many of the subjects William Pierce discussed, and William Gayley Simpson stressed and pointed out in his book “Which Way Western Man?” not only need to be addressed, discussed and finally brought to the attention of “ordinary everyday, normal” white people, but are essential to any white renaissance and any vision of the future I want for our people. And I for one believe it is possible impress upon and convey these “messages” and “philosophical” ideas to most everyday white folks. Moreover, I think they will even agree and be receptive to them. Too much is now obvious about what is wrong about “modern ideas” like equality and all the rest that we have held so dear for so long and has been drummed into us by every loudspeaker, so to speak, and I think our people are ready to listen to sense and better ideas.

    Now, of course it is equally obvious that such ideas and concepts need better advocates and spokespeople than than costume clowns and other idiots that have for the most part thus far stepped up to the plate to take the responsibility of conveying the “messages” to our people. But today is a new era, and there are now such people who can do this and are up to the task. It can be done. We have men who can put a man on the moon–or a moon of Saturn if we so chose–who are understanding the intricacies of molecular biology, who develop marvelous electronic engineering and who are capable of explaining these subjects so that even lay people can understand much of the gist of it, and so I submit to you that we can transmit the ideas, visions and dreams of the best of our thinkers to the common man as well.

  12. Agree wholeheartedly with both previous posts.

    I think we can safely add the so-called “greatest generation” to that list of folks we can safely shuffle off to the punch bowl when it’s time to discuss the weightier issues.

  13. Thank you Brutus and Spooky for your thoughtful posts.

    I do think most of Hunter’s criticism of “Vanguard” activists (often falling in to the category of loners, kooks) is accurate. Hunter’s main criticism is that they are not in any way successful in winning anything and instead, they repel the mainstream White American public.

    I have some suggestions that have worked well for me and can work for other racially aware White Americans who can see the limits in falling back in to “conservative”, “Constitutionalist” GOP politics.

    1) Push aside all – American ways of thinking and get to know Whites from other places – South America, Central and Eastern Europe (Western Europe and the UK are too much like the USA, they’ve imbibed so much of the World War II, post world war II America saved us, US consumerism is the only way).

    Whites in places like Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine and Russia are not lost – they’ve through so many horrors and hells since the 1920s and most Whites in Central and Eastern Europe are tough – get to know them, work for marriages between US Whites, German/UK Whites and tough Central and Eastern European Whites – I’ve had some good marriages there.

    2) Live and work in blue state urban areas and see what works there. The old Red White and Blue – God, guns and the GOP doesn’t work in blue state urban areas, what if anything does work (and lots of urban areas do work in many ways).

    The main success area in #2 is birth control, family planning include abortion access for the NW underclass – this is in no way going along with the Sarah Palin religious Right Conservative program, but since the White Religious Right Sarah Palin GOP folks have about 0% influence in blue state urban areas, who cares?

    We’ve had great success in lowering the NW urban poor birth rate to near replacement levels, that’s what we need to be doing in blue state urban areas, not parading around in costumes and working to see that everyone has lots of guns.

    In Camden New Jersey, Detroit, Baltimore, East St. Louis – gun control for NW is a good thing.

    3) Culture.

    Promote positive White culture – it’s implicit Whiteness.

    Less Hollywood
    Less MSM
    Less hip hop, less NBA more college and international hockey and White boxing.

    Again, you’re not “preaching” to Whites, making them make major changes just encouraging them in a better, whiter direction.

    As for these old White Constitutionalists, well, again – some folks watch endless re-runs of the Lawrence Welk show. We don’t hate these older White folks, but we’re just not going to promote them as our leaders now.

    Thanks to everyone who understood my posts about this Rev. Baldwin who is now in Montana, running for Governor of a State he hasn’t lived a full year in.

  14. Everyday I grow more and more convinced that “vanguardism” (represented by the likes of William Pierce, Greg Johnson, and Alex Linder) is a “dead branch” of the White Nationalist movement and that ordinary White people will seize the initiative, create their own movement from scratch, and break the taboos against “racism” in the mainstream without their assistance.

    This failure to communicate has led to a situation where the established White Nationalist movement will inevitably be bypassed by a White backlash against the status quo that creates a new movement from scratch more amenable to its tastes. The historical opportunity that White Nationalists waited on for decades is now in the rearview mirror.

    The White backlash came along and didn’t even give the vanguard a hearing because it was perceived as being so crazy and out of touch and condescending toward the problems of ordinary White people that it wasn’t worth bothering with.

  15. Thanks to everyone who understood my posts about this Rev. Baldwin who is now in Montana, running for Governor of a State he hasn’t lived a full year in.

    Agreed, that is a carpetbagger thing to do. Sort of like the plot from a Childrens’ Movie such as Where the Wild Things Are where that kid shows up on some island populated by big furry things voiced by the likes of James Gandolfini, Lauren Ambrose, etc and they make him their leader.

  16. “I voted for him without hesitation in 2008.”

    So did I. But hardly anyone else did. And therein lies the problem.

  17. I notice in his speech Baldwin made a statement criticizing the Republican Party, as is his custom.

    But that sure doesn’t mean he can’t run as a Republican.

    Someone as right wing as him, especially, needs that patina of respectability which would come from being a major party candidate.

    Would the Republican establishment in the state attack him?

    Even if they did, it might just have the effect of helping him given how even essentially mainstream Republican candidates have started to run against their own party’s power structure.

  18. If not enough people vote for Baldwin to elect him governor then he won’t be able to work his anti-immigration magic, will he?

  19. In the most recent litmus test of statewide Montana Republican politics, far right Constitutionalist candidate Mark French challenged NWO Freemason RINO Denny Rehberg for the lone Montana house seat. Rehberg buried him.

    Baldwin doesn’t have a snowball’s chance. Doesn’t mean I don’t want him to throw down. But politics is where dreams go to die, and the bigger they are, the harder they fall. We’ve GOT to keep it real.

  20. Hunter Wallace says:
    January 19, 2011 at 4:05 am
    Umm … why would it be a bad thing if Chuck Baldwin is elected Governor of Montana?

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Maybe he should wait a full year after moving to Montana before running for any office and then get to know his new neighbors and introduce them to the new folks that followed him from Florida to Montana. He should try to convey the message that he has come to help the local folks do better, that he isn’t someone from out of state looking to

    take over.

    He should run for some small local office, do well, or win and then move up.

    I think it’s a really bad idea to run for the Governor of Montana in his first political move since making the move all the way from Florida to Montana.

    This type of action confirms the image of the fringe political activist, going against the customs of mainstream Whites.

    This guy just ran for President of the United States and won less than 1% of the White vote, looks like he is going to run for governor of Montana and win less than 1% – he’s going to acquire a reputation as one of those guys who likes to win less than 1% just to give him a platform to spread strange ideas that the world is going to end.

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