On Violence: A Rejoinder

Timothy McVeigh's act of "Sorelian violence" set the White Nationalist movement back at least ten years

The Vanguard

Greg Johnson has some thoughts about violence over at Counter-Currents. I have some thoughts of my own about the subject.

This is an extended version of what Kevin MacDonald has already said at The Occidental Observer.

(1) Is Harold Covington the victim of a vicious smear campaign?


Harold Covington glorifies violence. He sincerely believes that violence – specifically, an IRA-style terrorist campaign – is a viable means for creating a White ethnostate in the Pacific Northwest.

This is why Greg Johnson’s former employers at The Occidental Quarterly forced him to remove an interview with Harold Covington at the TOQ Online website. In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, they wisely preferred not to be associated with Neo-Nazi terrorism in a nation fighting a “War on Terror” abroad.

Harold Covington’s fascination with violence has been established beyond any reasonable doubt in his many novels, podcasts, videos and blog posts. In fact, Covington once wrote for a blog called “Tyrannicide” with the subtitle “Thoughts On How To Change History, One Bullet At A Time.”

In the 1990s, a Christian Identity group called the “Phineas Priesthood” exploded pipe bombs in Spokane as part of a terrorist campaign to create a White ethnostate in the Pacific Northwest. The city and region has a long history of vanguardist terrorism.

When the news broke that a sophisticated pipe bomb had been found targeting a MLK parade in Spokane, reasonable people from across the political spectrum suspected a racial motive because the crime fits the profile of a vanguardist terrorist organization.

The only accusation that has been specifically made against Covington is that the FBI is probably taking a hard look at the Northwest Front. This is a reasonable assumption given the setting of the crime, the intent of the explosion, the decline of other groups, and the nature of the device that was found at the scene.

(2) Are the charges against Harold Covington in anyway similar to those levied against Jared Taylor?


Jared Taylor is not an anti-Semite. He doesn’t run an “anti-government” organization. American Renaissance has never advocated violence as a solution to political disputes or even discussed Gabrielle Giffords in a negative light.

The charges against Jared Taylor were so ridiculous that the ADL and SPLC shot them down.

The charge that Harold Covington supports domestic terrorism in the Pacific Northwest sticks. Any disinterested observer can see that Covington’s violent Northwest Quartet novels could inspire a lone wolf terrorist to bomb a MLK parade.

“Overthrow the United States government with a thousand men?” demanded Washburn in skeptical amazement. “Bullshit!”

“I didn’t say overthrow the United States government,” Morehouse corrected him. “I said effectively terminate federal control and authority in three large Northwestern states, which is not the same thing.”

“How?” asked Ekstrom.

“By hitting the enemy hard and often, in teams or crews of two to five or six people max. Let’s assume an average of five Volunteers per squad or crew. Our thousand effectives will make up two hundred such crews. […] Imagine each of those crews striking the enemy on an average of once per day, all across the Northwest. […] Let’s assume an average of a single dead enemy of one kind or another per attack. That’s 100 people per day being killed in one three-state area […].

“That’s if we can find the kind of political soldiers necessary for that kind of warfare,” Hatfield reminded them.

“The guys with the cool head and the iron nerve and the ice water in their veins […] I cannot turn mere white males into white men once again, men that our ancestors would have recognized […] We can win this, comrades,” concluded Morehouse decisively. “We can beat the God Almighty United States of America, kick their stinking rotten asses right out of here, and take this land for ourselves and our children. But only if we have the stomach for it.”

There was a long moment of silence. “Let’s get started, then,” said Hatfield. […]

“In this room you’ve already got your first Trouble Trio. […] You’d be amazed how much hell three men can raise in a society this complex, this racially volatile and unstable…”

These are idiots are quoting him at The Occidental Observer.

(3) Did the bitch rape herself?

Harold Covington seems to think so.

There is no evidence that suggests blacks would attempt to blow up an MLK parade full of black children to score political points. There is no evidence whatsoever that the Israeli Mossad or Muslim jihadists had anything to do with this.

The Portland bomber targeted a Christmas parade. The 9/11 hijackers targeted the Pentagon and World Trade Center. Those crimes fit the profile of Islamic terrorism. This one does not.

The federal government has no reason to stage a “false flag operation” of this sort. There is no thriving vanguardist organization in the Pacific Northwest that they would feel pressured to undermine.

It is much more likely than an alienated vanguardist sociopath is responsible for the attempting bombing in Spokane. The only people in America who would target an MLK parade are Neo-Nazis. The region has a history of racially motivated Neo-Nazi violence.

The FBI is likely taking a close look at all the “hate groups” in the region. This is especially true of the ones that advocate violence like the Northwest Front.

In “Through the Barrel of a Gun,” Michael O’Meara wrote on Harold Covington’s “Tyrannicide” blog:

“In any case, the increasingly totalitarian character of contemporary liberalism, not to mention the plantation of a hundred million muds on our soil, makes the entertainment of such reform an exercise in folly. The white race will be reborn not by electing Congressmen, hiring lobbyists, and participating in a system that seeks its destruction, but by returning to its original self — and to the challenge of creating an Aryan warrior aristocracy forged in the fire of Sorelian violence.”

Blowing up an MLK parade would certainly qualify as “the fire of Sorelian violence.” This essay is included in “Toward the White Republic” which is on sale at Counter-Currents.

Once again, the only type of person in America who would do such a thing is probably someone suffering from the delusion that he is part of an “Aryan warrior aristocracy.”

This crime fits the profile of an alienated fanatic and sociopath acting on his own exterminationist rhetoric. The only people in America who support exterminating black children on racial grounds are vanguardists.

It would be truly shocking if that turned out not to be the case.

(4) Why have some White Nationalists condemned violence in the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting and the Spokane bomb?

I suspect it is because …

– They are sincerely repulsed by psychopaths and mass murderers.

– They do not advocate violence in the first place.

– They can see the potential damage that being associated with violent fanatics can inflict upon the White Nationalist movement and themselves personally.

– They fear that the vanguardist cultural milieu, which is a fever swamp of nihilism, sociopathy, homosexuality, and moral relativism, will continue to hatch unhinged spree killers that will further damage and undermine the White Nationalist cause.

(5) Is violence immoral in itself?

Normal people don’t ask such questions.

That is a topic which is largely debated among nihilists and sociopaths. There is a long established moral consensus in America on the subject of violence.

Americans believe that violence can be justified on self defense grounds. They believe that the state is justified in using violence within certain legal boundaries.

As a society, Americans believe that violence is the territory of “legitimate authorities” like judges, cops, soldiers, and elected officials to whom we have delegated that right in exchange for the opportunity to prosper in a pacified civil society.

This hasn’t always been the case.

In the Early Republic, some Americans believed the only good Indian was a dead Indian, that blacks were the property of slaveowners, that a gentleman could defend his honor in a duel, etc.

The reigning moral consensus on violence has evolved over time as Americans have eliminated practices which they found inconsistent with the basic principles of Christian morality and republican political ideology.

(6) Are Americans mindless lemmings who are brainwashed by the powerful?

Americans have never been mindless bootlickers.

– This country was born in a revolution against the largest and most powerful empire the world has ever seen. The Patriots who fought the British Army at Lexington and Concord justified their rebellion in the name of higher power than the King of England.

They made an “Appeal to Heaven.” Maybe God was listening because George Washington’s little insurrection was successful.

– The abolitionists went up against the Slave Power. They were censored on the floor of Congress and by the Post Office. Abolitionists like Elijah Lovejoy were beaten by mobs and were loathed by the powerful in their times.

Was John Brown a mindless lemming? Was William Lloyd Garrison a brainwashed automaton? What about the Confederates who held out against the Union Army for four years against incredible odds?

– The blacks who revolted against Jim Crow were raised to believe they were inferior and were discriminated against in almost every aspect of their lives.

The powerful of their times were the Southern segregationists who ruled over key committees in the Senate. They rose up against them.

– In the 1960s, anti-war demonstrators opposed to the Vietnam War brought down Lyndon Johnson’s presidency. Robert MacNamara must not have gotten the memo.

– Richard Nixon, the most powerful man in the world, resigned in disgrace following the Watergate scandal.

– More recently, George W. Bush left the White House in disgrace with an approval rating in the low twenties on account of the Iraq War.

– Two months ago, the Tea Party revolted against Barack Obama and the wildly unpopular Democratic Congress in the 2010 midterm elections.

– Only 20 percent of Americans have “a great deal” of confidence in the mainstream media. Around 11 percent of Americans had a high opinion of Congress under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

– In December, the DREAM Act was killed for the third time in the Senate last year. Americans were opposed to the DREAM Act in spite of the near unanimous support for it among mainstream liberal journalists.

The common thread running through all these stories from the American Revolution to the Tea Party is the American tradition of rising up against the powerful and following the dictates of conscience.

Without ever realizing it, vanguardists are carrying on this hated American tradition, which they would never acknowledge. If moral sentiments are the mere effusions of powerful scribblers at the New York Times, what are vanguardists so agitated about anyway?

Why aren’t the vanguardists also “lemmings” who are mindlessly repeating what they see on television?

(7) Is violence bad because we stand for “the rule of law” against the “barbarism” of power politics?


We claim that our country is being stolen from us. We claim this nation as our birthright. We claim to desire a White Republic. We claim that the violence we put up with is intolerable.

It is thus highly damaging when vanguardists spit on the Founding Fathers, worship at the feet of foreign dictators, repudiate our republican traditions, yearn for the destruction of our civilization, advocate genocide, and make non-Whites look civilized and sane in comparison.

We are ruled by the law.

The federal government is restrained by the Constitution. If that were not the case, our rulers would have disarmed us and threw us all in prison decades ago, which is already the case in Canada and Germany.

It is a good thing that we live under a republican system instead of a totalitarian one.

Imagine how bad life would be like for White Nationalists in the United States if Barack Obama was as powerful as Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin.

The federal government is restrained by the law, tradition, public opinion, and the moral consensus of our times. Progressives chafe under these annoying restrictions. This is another point of agreement they have with the vanguard.

The reason we live under laws inimical to our racial survival is because we have convinced ourselves that our own racial extinction is morally justified. It is not because our enemies are simply more powerful than we are.

Without the winds of morality and legitimacy blowing into their sails, our enemies would be as defenseless as the Shah of Iran or Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan, no matter how wealthy or powerful they are.

A government cannot function that is seen as illegitimate in the eyes of its people.

(8) Is violence bad because it will turn people against whoever uses it?

Violence will certainly turn Americans against us.

It violates the reigning moral consensus about the illegitimacy of violence used by non-state actors. We have ample precedent (Emmett Till, 16th Street Church Bombing, Matthew Shepard, James Byrd, Oklahoma City, James von Brunn, etc.) to show that violence is counterproductive and damaging to the White Nationalist cause.

That is all we really need to know to answer this question.

The circulation of major newspapers is declining because the majority of Americans believe the mainstream media has been discredited by its liberal bias.

It is actually quite surprising that anyone would ever believe that Middle America is swayed by whatever Frank Rich or Paul Krugman happen to be saying at the New York Times. They have spent over a year slandering the Tea Party as “racist” and Sarah Palin as an “extremist” to little effect.

If Alex Linder had his own television show on FOX News, he would still come across as an unsympathetic sociopath to White America. The mainstream media never misses an opportunity to give the vanguard free publicity for precisely that reason.

(9) Is violence a bad idea because it might bring bad publicity?

Of course.

When has violence ever not resulted in bad publicity for White Nationalists? When has it not polarized White people against White Nationalists?

Few political questions are so cut and dry.

The spurious charges made against Jared Taylor failed to stick because he is not an anti-Semite. He really isn’t the leader of anti-government organization. Those charges are so bogus that Mark Potok wouldn’t stand by them.

The charges against Harold Covington will stick because he fits the profile of an alienated sociopath who preaches violence as a solution for White Nationalists living in the Pacific Northwest. The same people who dismissed the charges against Taylor would never exonerate Covington because his own public statements lend them the weight of credibility.

Greg Johnson’s specious rationalization for stupid, counterproductive behavior falls apart under brief scrutiny.

FOX News accused Jared Taylor of being an anti-Semitic extremist, but those charges were debunked within two days because internet sleuths in the blogosphere have the power to shape public opinion, lead the news cycle, and “tweet down” obvious falsehoods.

What if Jared Taylor really had been a hateful alienated sociopath, an anti-Semitic exterminationist, a Neo-Nazi kook with a special section of his website dedicated to violence like Alex Linder? The mud flung at American Renaissance would have stuck.

Our enemies are always going to call us names. That’s no reason to play the role of Hollywood Nazi like Bill White and confirm ugly stereotypes about racialists.

Ordinary people are not lemmings. They can watch someone like Jared Taylor on television and draw their own conclusions.

Like Sarah Palin, White Nationalists have our own media. We have the power to change our public image. All that requires is for us to get better at communicating with our audience. In order to do this, we will have to start tuning out the kooks and losers who preach nothing but hate and violence.

(10) Is violence a bad idea because the state might arrest or kill those who use it?


Aside from accomplishing nothing and setting back our cause, White Nationalists who resort to violence end up in prison like the members of The Order or dead like James von Brunn and Timothy McVeigh.

If White Nationalists are serious about acquiring power, the first thing they will do is rid themselves of the vanguardist sociopaths who are constantly self detonating and destroying all our momentum. These terrorists make the federal government look like Robin Hood instead of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

In order to win, we have to polarize Whites against non-Whites and Whites against the federal government. We have to narrow the gap between White America and White Nationalists.

Violence has exactly the opposite effect.

The only rational argument for violence is when it is done in the name of a state or community acting in self defense and carries the stamp of legitimacy. If Texas seceded from the Union and resisted an invasion by the U.S. Army, it could do so with broad public support and might actually inspire the secession of other states.

On the contrary, a self detonating alienated vanguardist blowing up a parade full of children will only receive public laurels to be expedited to hell as soon as possible.

Violent rhetoric alone sent Bill White and Hal Turner to prison. Matt Hale went to prison just for his failure to distance himself from agent provocateurs in his midst.


What has violence or violent rhetoric ever accomplished for White Nationalists in the United States? Isn’t the clear answer nothing at all?

(11) Is the system going to collapse?

George Lincoln Rockwell predicted that the system would collapse in 1969 and that he would be elected President in 1972.

The myth of the inevitable collapse of the system is one of the oldest chestnuts in vanguardism. It is their own version of the Rapture. The divine elect triumph in the End Times through the sheer power of faith alone.

There are parallel theories outside the White Nationalist movement that the red giant star Betelgeuese will explode in 2011 and produce an neutrino emission apocalypse that will melt the earth’s core in 2012. Hollywood has already made the movie.

The Lesson So Far

In spite of what vanguardists think, ordinary people are not lemmings, and vanguardists are not fearless enlightened truth tellers.

The polling data shows that White America has little confidence in the mainstream media. Its liberal bias is well known and resented.

The declining circulation of major newspapers, the defeat of the DREAM Act amnesty, the debunking of the ludicious charges against Jared Taylor by bloggers, the failure of liberal talk radio, the unpopularity of the Iraq War and the Tea Party revolt are all proof that ordinary people are capable of creating their own media and reacting against what they see on television.

Americans have a long tradition of calling out the powerful and following the dictates of conscience. White Nationalists are carrying on that tradition.

The problem is not so much that our enemies are powerful. Hamid Karzai might be the President of Afghanistan, but he rules his country in name only. The Afghan public still doesn’t recognize the legitimacy or morality of the U.S. occupation.

The Palestinians refuse to recognize the legitimacy of Israel. America might have the most powerful military in the world, but that is a source of resentment abroad. American power hasn’t awed North Korea or Iran into submission.

Americans have convinced themselves that their own racial extinction is morally justifiable. Violence is the root of the problem.

The Second World War, an orgy of violence, caused Western man to repudiate his own racial identity. It caused him to lose faith in his own civilization. In the wake of Hitler’s Germany, Westerners were unable to reconcile their conscience with nationalism.

It certainly hasn’t helped matters that the vanguard has used every available opportunity to remind White Americans of why they abandoned racialism in the first place.

That rejection happened after almost 2,000 years of Christianity, millions of years of sexual intercourse, four hundred years of the printing press and modernity, centuries of republican government, and years before the spread of television.

The federal government doesn’t use violence to marginalize the vanguard. The truth is that the vanguard is the source of its own marginalization because it goes out of its way to adopt extremely unpopular ideas and court public rejection.

Counter-Currents appeals to a core audience of alienated homosexual intellectuals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Barack Hussein Obama can rest easily at night because he knows that these Neo-Nazi weirdos will never bust out of their self imposed isolation.

The Knights of the Pink Swastika will never play in Peoria.

A Credible Repudiation of Violence

For twenty years, “mainstreamers” and “vanguardists” have coexisted under the common label of White Nationalism. This comes in spite of significant differences between the two camps on the subject of violence.

Mainstreamers are Americans who happen to be pro-White. The majority of them are Christians. They sympathize with their neighbors. They desire to live under a republican form of government.

Vanguardists are alienated exhibitionists who are going through a type of ethnogenesis. Most of them are strongly anti-American and anti-Christian. They are hostile to ordinary people whom they ridicule as “lemmings.” Few of these sociopaths have deep roots in the communities in which they happen to live.

Spree killers are always alienated men suffering from an extreme form of sociopathy.

The vanguardist wing sucks up 100 percent of the alienated sociopaths and misanthropic nihilists who are present in the White Nationalist movement. That is why virtually every shooting spree, murder-suicide, and terrorist bombing campaign of the last twenty years in anyway connected to White Nationalism can be laid at the doorstep of vanguardism.

People who sympathize with their neighbors and who temper their ideology with religion, morality, and common decency do not fantasize about self detonating at Wal-Mart as a form of seppuku against the modern world.

If White Nationalist groups and individuals wish to repudiate violence in a credible way, then all they have to is adopt a new label to distinguish themselves from the vanguard. The only people in the White Nationalist movement who make a fetish out of violence are agent provocateurs and vanguardist sociopaths.

This final separation will ensure that alienated vanguardists self-detonate under their own banner. It will be harder for our enemies to smear the rest of us when their periodic violent episodes makes the news cycle.

Why violence is a bad idea for White Nationalists.

I have flatly stated the reasons why I am opposed to violence on numerous occasions. It is not because I have a weak stomach.

When violence is carried out in the name of a sovereign legitimate authority like a state government, it can be quite effective at galvanizing public opinion. The attack on Fort Sumter set off a chain reaction that led to the secession of Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

We are not discussing the legitimate use of violence by state actors here though.

(1) Violence makes no sense as a tactic.

The enemy has all the guns. They have a lot more money and can mobilize far more bodies on the field. In Alinsky terms, it is thus senseless as a tactic to attack the enemy at his strongest point.

(2) Violence has failed.

The Phineas Priesthood and The Order have already tried violence as a tactic in the Pacific Northwest. It didn’t work out for them.

The Oklahoma City bombing didn’t work out so well for the Patriot movement in the 1990s. Timothy McVeigh only succeeded in reviving the Clinton presidency and restoring some of the lost prestige of the federal government after Ruby Ridge and Waco.

(3) Violence is immoral.

I said above that no one but sociopaths and nihilists in America question the moral consensus surrounding the illegitimate use of violence by non-state actors.

No one in America is going to entertain their specious philosophical arguments in the wake of a bombing or shooting spree. If alienated vanguardists take the law into their own hands, they will violate the reigning moral consensus and this will only ignite an entirely predictable backlash against White Nationalists.

Violence is immoral. Period.

(4) Violence is counterproductive.

I could easily write a 3,000 word sermon on how the use of violence has been a disaster for White Nationalists which has only served to empower our enemies.

Instead of lecturing you any further, I will draw attention to my favorite historical examples which are sufficient to make the point: the Civil War, the Second World War, lynchings in the Jim Crow South, Emmett Till, the Sixteenth Street Church Bombing, Medgar Evers, the Kennedy and MLK assassinations, Matthew Shepard, James Byrd, and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Violence has been like kryptonite to White Nationalists. It polarizes Whites against us and increases support for the federal government.

(5) Violent rhetoric accomplishes nothing.

In recent memory, violent rhetoric has succeeded in sending Hal Turner and Bill White to prison.

Violent rhetoric accomplishes nothing for White people. It is a surefire way though for an agent provocateur to expedite your way to prison.

(6) Violence is typically fantasist territory.

The vast majority of White Nationalists who advocate the use of violence are mere fantasists.

These rhetorical radicals are too cowardly to act on their own rhetoric. In rejecting the system in favor of violence they are afraid to use, these fantasists only succeed in substituting a false means for real means.

(7) Violence empowers our enemies.

The Left is always chomping at the bit to blame any murder or act on terrorism on White Nationalists. They desperately want to associate violence with White Nationalism. Vanguardists are happy to play along.

The people who think like Harold Covington are not going to work within the system. They are not going to engage their neighbors. They are not going to try to influence the conservative movement.

The Left is more than happy to see White Nationalists throw in the towel, cede the field, forfeit the game, pick your favorite metaphor. That only makes their job easier.

The vanguardists who reject the system only succeed in taking themselves out of the game. They may have rejected the system, but no one else has done so. The system only grinds on, but without their participation.

Final Thought

The use of violence by non-state actors in America will always be perceived as illegitimate. White Nationalists who engage in violence do so at their own peril. These people are typically alienated vanguardist sociopaths who are not thinking rationally about solving our problems anyway.

The only way White Nationalists could ever effectively use violence in America is through capturing control of a sovereign entity like a state government. Logically, the only way we could ever do that is through working through the hated system and breaking out into the mainstream.

The real irony in this whole debate is that it doesn’t seem to have occurred to the vanguard that only mainstreamers could ever successfully employ violence for political purposes.

It is troubling that we are still having this debate in 2011.

Editor’s Note: The comment section at The Occidental Observer has been overrun by militant vanguardist trolls and agent provocateurs who are attempting to derail that project.

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  1. Agree with all of these statements, with two caveats:

    1) there’s a reason TPTB keep pushing gun control, despite recent reverses: they mean to destroy, to Ukraine, to Cambodia, the white American middle and working class. They cannot gulag the planet w/o so doing. So keep on weaponizing, hardrights and WNs; we are going to need the tools of counter-violence when they come for us.

    2) System Crash, GL Rockwell, etc. Then was then. Now is now. Politik all you want until endgame; tactical victories are always useful. But “this sucker is going to collapse”….and we had better be stockpiled and ready when it does.

  2. “There is no evidence whatsoever that the Israeli Mossad or Muslim jihadists had anything to do with this.”

    True. And there is also no evidence whatsoever that Harold Covington, the Northwest Front, or White Nationalist “vanguardists” had anything to do with it either.

    Neither Harold, not his organization, with which I have no association, have any history of violence.

    On the other hand the jihadis have a recent (not 1980s) history of bombings, in the Pacific Northwest, focused on civil parades and gatherings.

    Your speculation has gone to far. Unless and until there is some proof, or even an official accusation it is uncalled for.

    If you want to attack Covington for having a bad plan, do so. But don’t confuse the issue by accusing him of crimes for which you have no indication, much less proof, that he had anything to do with it.

    There is this small matter of honor among White men, and our cultural belief in both the eschewing false accusation and permitting a wide lattitude in our political discussions, up to and including discussion of when revolution is needed.

    Were it not for a prior group of revolutionaries we’d all have the Queen of England on our money still. It is a part of our heritage to explore these issues openly, in things such as novels and pamphlets.

    There remains a large difference between saying “someday in the future if things don’t change we will need to fight a revolution to be free” and what happened in eastern Washington.

  3. Indeed, very good read.

    However, I think this:

    “The reigning moral consensus on violence has evolved over time as Americans have eliminated practices which they found inconsistent with the basic principles of Christian morality and republican political ideology.”

    Is better phrased as “we got fat”. I personally think that the character traits that won liberty initially, although distasteful from a thousand miles up, will be the character traits that end up winning it again. And the extent they fail to reappear will be the extent of our decay. I don’t think our enemies will have it any other way. We’ll see. We’re just beginning now to frame a rational argument as a people. We’ve got a ways to go before we see how far we can take it. Maybe to the stars. Maybe only down the block.

  4. The bombing that never happens is never remembered. If 2< people had died in an actual incident there may be some traction, but otherwise it's silly to bring up such a nonevent. In Iraq and Afghan people plant road bombs every day, so many that it rarely makes the news in the US. If the Murrow bomb had failed to ignite no one would have known the name McVeigh. For the same reason, no one knows about Covington or his Northwest Migration. He has no juice.

  5. Go check out Spengler’s “Is World Peace Possible?” posted on TOQ Online a while back; here are a few excerpts:

    “Life is a struggle involving plants, animals, and humans. It is a struggle between individuals, social classes, peoples, and nations, and it can take the form of economic, social, political, and military competition. It is a struggle for the power to make one’s will prevail, to exploit one’s advantage, or to advance one’s opinion of what is just or expedient. When other means fail, recourse will be taken time and again to the ultimate means: violence.

    Talk of world peace is heard today only among the white peoples, and not among the much more numerous colored races. This is a perilous state of affairs. When individual thinkers and idealists talk of peace, as they have done since time immemorial, the effect is always negligible. But when whole peoples become pacifistic it is a symptom of senility. Strong and unspent races are not pacifistic. To adopt such a position is to abandon the future, for the pacifist ideal is a static, terminal condition that is contrary to the basic facts of existence.

    As long as man continues to evolve there will be wars. Should the white peoples ever become so tired of war that their governments can no longer incite them to wage it, the earth will inevitably fall a victim to the colored men, just as the Roman Empire succumbed to the Teutons. Pacifism means yielding power to the inveterate nonpacifists. Among the latter there will always be white men — adventurers, conquerors, leader-types — whose following increases with every success. If a revolt against the whites were to occur today in Asia, countless whites would join the rebels simply because they are tired of peaceful living.

    Pacifism will remain an ideal, war a fact. If the white races are resolved never to wage war again, the colored will act differently and be rulers of the world.”


  6. Last time I checked Portland, Oregon is still in the PNW where last month (Dec. 2010) at a Christmas Tree lighting ceremoney in the heart of downtown Portland a Somali Muslim jihadist attempted to set off a bomb with the reported desire to kill as many Christian children as possible.

  7. Exactly.

    (1) The Portland bomber targeted a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. Something like that fits the profile of Islamic terrorism.

    (2) If someone blew up an abortion clinic in Topeka, Kansas, every White Nationalist in America would suspect that an anti-abortion crusader like Eric Rudolph is responsible.

    (3) No one was surprised to find out that Muslims were responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

    (4) No one was surprised to find out that it was a vanguardist who shot up the Holocaust Museum.

    The Spokane bomb fits the profile of a vanguardist lone wolf. The FBI has already said as much.

  8. Listen to this guy:

    “It is thought that Lord Jeffery Amherst distributed smallpox infected blankets to the North American Indians as a way to control and decimate them. I believe the last inoculations against smallpox in North America were given in about 1972. A modern day version of Lord Amherst’s efforts will almost surely appear as racially aware White graduate students and professionals specializing in microbiology and the chemical sciences put their special skills into operation in defense of their race.

    Winning the hearts and minds of White Americans? What a foolish suggestion! The few White men who hand us racial victory won’t be concerned with the approval or disapproval of the majority of White Americans. The average White American’s heart and mind can only be won by kicking him in the ass about 600 times and that’s exactly what many of them will get.”

    Kevin MacDonald now has an alienated vanguardist kook on his website crazy enough to advocate using biological weapons as a terrorist tactic against non-Whites.

  9. Here’s another one:

    @ “I support tactical assassinations and I think they should be happening right now. Members of the government, media, pentagon and foreign leaders should be targeted.”

    I agree with this. – Rob

    Are you fucking kidding me?

  10. Meanwhile, there is a new feature that allows comments to get downvoted into hidden status on TOO. This comment was downvoted into oblivion whereas the two above made it through the filter:

    I’m more than a little concerned about some of the comments I’m seeing. Yes, violence MAY be necessary one day. But that day is not today. What’s more, casual discussions of violence will do far more harm than good. We are indeed judged by the company we keep, and not just by our detractors.

    I see two non-troll groups in here: right-wing reactionaries (which includes me), and leftwing neo-fascists. Fascism is actually a leftwing nationalist/racialist movement (because it is thoroughly revolutionary and attempts to change human nature). History shows that any group that thinks violence should be valued for its own sake won’t make it in ANY society not already in turmoil. We are simply not there yet.

    I would hope these neo-fascist ideas are not censored. Censorship would play into fascist hands as much as violence would play into the hands of the PC left. Rather, I would hope the advocacy of violence would be unequivocally condemned and discouraged by all who write for this, my favorite website.

    I would hope Professor MacDonald would follow the example set by Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent–at least partially. I quit visiting OD some time back after I saw a story suggesting that nonwhites needed to be ethnically cleansed. To my very pleasant surprise, I decided to take a glance at the site before Christmas and found that Mr. Wallace was taking active steps to rid himself of the neo-fascists, whom he calls “Vanguardists”, by criticizing them unrelentingly. Of course, I’m not convinced that aligning ourselves with the GOP is the best course. But at least Wallace is doing something positive and constructive–the very opposite of much of what I see here.

    We too need to be engaged, but people who angrily screech about seeking revenge on Jews and the need for bloody revolution are the wrong people to do the engaging. They are caricatures of PC stereotypes of “Jew haters” and “Nazis”, and are an unmitigated blessing for the PC left.

    I want to assure all who read these words that I’m NOT writing this for a reaction. I am very concerned that Professor MacDonald could see all of his hard work come to naught through association with people more suited to prison or a mental institution than political activism. Not only the neo-fascists, but all of us, will become poisonous in the eyes of the people we need to attract. We need to show the world that we have indeed learned from history that not only fascism, but the entire left, has been one long tragic series of mistakes. It should be clear by now that the entire left, including fascism, belongs on history’s ash heap.

    I for one wish it to be known that if the neo-fascists among us wish to advocate violence, I hope they do so elsewhere.

    If anybody wishes to challenge me respectfully, I’d be delighted to discuss what I have written. But insults are a poor substitute for intelligent discussion, so don’t waste your time being childish if you want my attention.

  11. Here is “mark” again:

    ” But it is both morally wrong and tactically counterproductive to advocate or practice violence.”

    The true voice of a “responsible Christian conservative”, i.e., the weakest, most disgusting element of the White race. This is the kind of weak, pussy White men that are going to get us all killed.

    How could any rational person possibly think that we can vote our way out of this mess?

    Are we going to vote the Jews and other non-whites out of White living space? No!

    Are we going to separate ourselves from the non-white population and expect that they will not follow us? No!

    Are we going to negotiate away our land to the non-whites? No!

    How are we going to deal with them? Well, we’re going to deal with them the old-fashioned way. If that turns off the majority of White Americans it doesn’t matter. We don’t need their weakness.

    The writer of this blog entry symbolizes the type of people who have gotten us into this mess. It’s a good thing that George Washington didn’t feel that way.

    There are so many pussified White men in the White Advocacy movement today it’s no wonder we haven’t made any progress and no wonder we continue to lose daily. These weak, filthy creatures are trying to project their weakness onto the rest of us. They don’t have the stomach for what is coming.

    It’s a mistake to think that we need the majority of White Americans on the side of White Advocacy. The majority will always turn their cheeks. It’s only going to take a relatively small number of dedicated White men to bring us victory. They will, however, need to use the deadliest weapons this country has ever produced. If that turns of the majority of Whites, that’s too goddamn bad. We don’t need them.
    Violence is being used daily against Whites and we have every moral right to use it just as it against our enemies.

    If it turns you off, then go play ping-pong.

    Svend said:
    January 19, 2011 – 8:43 pm

    “This style of rhetoric will turn off virtually 100% of all white Americans. Period.”

    That’s a good thing. We don’t need the majority of White Americans because we not going to be voting on any of this! We need to prune the weak elements out and certain types of rhetoric will achieve that. The majority of White Americans will have absolutely no say in what needs to be done to achieve victory. Victory is going to be handed to us by a small number of White men who are willing to do anything it takes to win.

  12. Alot of that posturing is Hoover Building neo-nazism, the ususal “Berserker 88 lets meet up and plan” super secret BS that riles the nuts. Over at Whitaker’s site it was trolled by a guy who fit the profile of a provocateur to a tee, he read from a script perfected over years of dealing with our losers.

    It goes like this, said person sounds complimentary for a couple of posts, the next few work the bonafides (this person used the gold standard he wrote that he personally knew some Waffen SS soldiers) and then dropped the “secret Nazi plans” line which included violence. Thank god Whitaker’s site is monitored by adults.

    The FBI is just doing their job, yes sometimes they cross the line and yes some of its personal are sadistic careerist hacks, but honestly why alienate yourself with the metaphorical cabin after a violent crime spree script? How many whites in the FBI are being discriminated against by the anti-Whites? How many of those same white FBI agents buy into the total anti-White meme?

    No normal conservative American white wants to see black kids blown up by a kook.

    No normal American white conservative would find anything wrong with the FBI investigating anti-White hate crimes and those who fuel them by anti-white rhetoric. None.

  13. The FBI does have a history of setting up false flag terrorism though. What was the Portland bomber but an admitted false flag/provocation?

    Also, the Edgar Steele case is an obvious FBI false flag.

    However, no one should be advocating using any sort of weapons, whether they be firearms or WMD’s, no one should be advocating assassination. If its true that someone wrote an article at TOO saying this, I am very disappointed. I read most of the articles there and I don’t recall seeing this.

  14. The FBI has nothing but false flag in their tool chest , but who really minds having the extremists whittled off their political coalitions? Our problem is that we take too much of that “secret planning” tactic to heart, and we end up sounding too much like lone wolfer nihilists.

    The day one of our groups organizes a talk at the Hoover building inviting agents to discuss the elimination of anti-white predjudice in discourse and crime will mean 1,000,000 times more than those hushed internet discussions of “plans.”

    Which also means freeing Edgar Steele and expunging his record, compensating him and if necessary and conditions warrant an internal investigation into who carried this out and why, and if it is found that any anti-white animus is involved criminal prosecution. Now what normal white American conservative can be against that?

  15. But no this tack is never taken because our side is politically immature (I’m pointing at you Prof Kevin MacDonald).

    As great as his work is is still reeks of the “Jewish conspiracy” meme which is a scratch living for not a few WNs, and therefore attracts the lone wolfers, the obsessed and hence attracts the Hoover Building neo-nazis who build a career locking up the former.

    If the Prof would start asking the simple question, “Why are you anti-White?” then he would break the mold of conspiracy theorist and break out of that ghetto, but NO he follows a script that practically is written by GS-14s and Hollywood scriptwriters that goes something like this; “Evil genius conspiracy, we little band of brave heroes, ‘oh its hopeless’, steely eyed lone wolfers, jail/death” rinse repeat.

  16. The comments at TOO are so over the top I think that it is a professional “anti-racist” organization doing it to discredit MacDonald’s books, and they are doing a very successful job at it may I add. My opinion of MacDonald has gone down due to extremely poor judgment to allow his website to be spammed by such garbage. How on earth does he think he can manage a political party if he can’t even manage a website? If I had a site and such provocative comments started appearing I would take very proactive action to thoroughly moderate all comments.

    Those who keep going on about “a dog eat dog world” seriously don’t get it. Some loner doesn’t have the moral authority to go out and employ violence privately, that is the realm of Swat Teams, the Army, etc. In their delusional way of thinking they somehow think they will be embraced as heroes rather that lunatic thugs who belong in jail. Since so many are obsessed with the Third Reich let’s use an example from that period to see just how effective “private violence” is: the anti-facist who took it into his own hands to murder the German Ambassador to France. How well did that work out for the Jewish people he claimed to be “fighting for?” The German mobs went on a pogrom smashing property and beating up Jewish individuals, it hardened German anti-Jewish attitudes. When violence came to solve the predicament of German Jews it came from the military authorities of the United Kingdom and America, private terrorists against the Nazis did little more than get entire villages killed. If white Americans ever put in a regime that looks out for their interests, in the process of cracking down on all the anti-social activities liberalism has unleashed on us no doubt Covington and suck ilk will be swept up in the dragnet along with MS13 and locked away as the dangerous threat to society they are.

  17. I think that before we start pointintg any fingers especially in our own circles or the extreme members of WN thought we should wait and see the evidence.
    Obviously nothing happened to supposed device and thank god no one was hurt. Spokane has a lot of homless and vagrants and for all we really know that could have been a tweekers scketch project. I would like to see the feds come out with what exactly it was in the back pack.
    Personally I would say this could be another muslim extremist act, and with your finger pointing at Harold Covington or Vanguardist on such a high crime is crime in itself. With this type of reasoning had the feds not been in on the PDX Christmas bombing and the somehow the Musslim in PDX had committed such an act of terrorism…. You along with the media would be pointing right where you are now neglectfully and with out any real evidence..
    I dont think anyone should ever advocate violence however I know that this land wasnt built on a proposition only.

  18. [i]With this type of reasoning had the feds not been in on the PDX Christmas bombing and the somehow the Musslim in PDX had committed such an act of terrorism….[/i]

    But a Muslim DID do it. Sure most of these cases over the last few years border on entrapment of stumble bums, but the point is when the feds came to the creep with a plan to blow up Portlanders at a Christmas Tree lighting he thought it was a good idea. They go into places and listen for people with radical rhetoric to target and then let them dig their own graves.

  19. For those of you who don’t know what’s going on, the incident in Spokane got the Northwest Front a couple of days of national level media coverage on the Rachel Maddow show and her blog, and “Hunter Wallace” is pissing himself with jealousy.

    I have come to believe that a lot of the objection to my Northwest novels comes from frustrated writers and pseudo-intellectuals who are enraged that they didn’t write the books themselves, just as most of the quasi-intellectual objections to the Northwest Imperative on blogs like this emanate from pseuds who are really pissed off that SOMEBODY ELSE THOUGHT OF IT before they did.

    This is our Movement, people. It’s who we are.


  20. The author who wrote “LA Confidential” and the book about the Black Dahlia murders, James Ellroy, wrote a book called “Blood’s a Rover.” HEre it is on amazon


    This author had access to police and FBI agents, and Blood’s a Rover seems to be a roman a clef, that is, a novel that is based on a true story. If the novel is even partly true, then what it tells us is that J. Edgar Hoover was behind the assassinations of the 60’s — both Kennedys and King. Also, so called “hate group leaders” are police informants, such as “the hate king.” There’s a lot of old school WN’s in this novel, though some of the characters sympathize with the black cause.

    Taqqiyah will save you. Even if you are so desperate that you have dark fantasies of violence, keep them to yourself. Talking about or advocating violence does us no good, especially at this late stage. I think we should be optimistic; we have come to understand what they are doing to us, and the limits of what they can do.

    The real problem with the mass media and anti-racism is that it attacks White children. But we can protect our own White children from this, and raise them right. And this period of anti-white policy will pass, if for no other reason than its very expensive to maintain, adn the US gov’t is going broke.

  21. Harold A. Covington says:
    January 24, 2011 at 6:04 pm
    For those of you who don’t know what’s going on, the incident in Spokane got the Northwest Front a couple of days of national level media coverage on the Rachel Maddow show and her blog, and “Hunter Wallace” is pissing himself with jealousy.

    I have come to believe that a lot of the objection to my Northwest novels comes from frustrated writers and pseudo-intellectuals who are enraged that they didn’t write the books themselves, just as most of the quasi-intellectual objections to the Northwest Imperative on blogs like this emanate from pseuds who are really pissed off that SOMEBODY ELSE THOUGHT OF IT before they did.

    This is our Movement, people. It’s who we are.


    Jack Ryan replies.

    I have supported Mr. Covington and his Radio Free Northwest podcasts here on O.D. and in other places. I recognize Mr. Covington as America’s best WN writer and many of his radio podcast have also been excellent.

    I also understand that Mr. Covington is a


    a writer of fiction

    Mr Covington doesn’t have the time or really the ability to be an effective group organizer, political candidate, sports athlete or a male fashion model. People here should support other White men who are good at these things.

    Mr. Covington apparently feels that any publicity for his novels and his radio show/internet blog is good publicity, even if it is the lying Jewish dominated MSM accusing Mr. Covington and the NorthWest Front of trying to murder innocent Black Americans on Martin Luther King day.

    OK, I guess I can understand Mr. Covington’s position, but for so many of the rest of us who live and work in the real world, it just isn’t to our benefit to be linking, smeared to typical Hollywood style NAZI bad guys, terrorists etc.

    I think that many of the people who will come to the NorthWest Front based on this bad/smear publicity will be looking to find that Hollywood imagined bad guy, violent RACIST NAZI terrorists – do you have the time and resources to reprogram them, educated these people to be positive, healthy, productive WN? I doubt it.

    But again – Mr. Covington is a great writer and I encourage to new people to read his novels, the same as they should read JRR Tolkien or Bram Stoker. The implied political message of moving to Whiter areas and working to break away from corrupt, anti White government, media – that’s also a good thing.

    So again, those of us who live and work in the real world don’t want be linked, identified with MSM slanders, smears that we support IRA style terrorism, murdering Blacks on MLK day. That’s not good publicity for us, so please understand Mr. Covington why many of us don’t want to be on your e-mail short list.

    I hope the new NW novel will be a great success.

    14 Words

  22. “pissing himself with jealousy.”

    “pissed off that SOMEBODY ELSE THOUGHT OF IT before they did.”

    Jesus Christ, man … you really are certified bat-shit.

  23. @ Hunter

    You are getting your shorts in a bunch, over Mister Covington’s fictions. At first I thought maybe, you were doing a book promotion? Are you? LOL.

    Chances are the real perp, is a crazy nigger who decided that he was going to blow up some rival gang members when they passed by during the parade. You forget that there is big money in the dope business, and the bruthas don’t spare any expense in their business dealings.

    You may say, well a nigger wouldn’t be smart enough to make that kind of bomb. Just like, lots of people didn’t think they would ever see a brutha in the White House.

  24. Speaking of CC, there is an article over there on “Strong Women”. While I agree with the article as such, I found some comments less appealing. Mr. James O’Meara comments and says, partly, this;

    Over at my blog, I’ve frequently pointed out that in cultures infected with judaic-inspired homophobia [as opposed to Greco-Roman or Renaissance cultures] will shun such humanizing virtues as being “gay” [along with reading, washing, etc.] while valorizing as “real men” negro thugs.

    It’s utterly amazing. Is there one single issue on which these clowns do not live in a world that is sick, depraved and utterly removed from the real one?

    (Yes, I know; there are a million jokes that come to mind when an article with that name is published by Mr. Johnson – and I’m not even going to quip about his last name – but I have resolved to be a good boy and not go there.)

  25. Hunter: You are always bashing the IRA on this blog but let me remind you that Sinn Fein – the political wing of the IRA – is doing much better than the SDLP, the Northern Irish Catholic political party that opposed IRA violence. In fact, some political observers think that Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness may, in a few years, become Northern Ireland’s First Minister.

  26. HAC has lost his mind.

    He actually thinks that we are JEALOUS that he was on national television being associated with blowing up a parade full of school children. We are JEALOUS of him for not drawing the attention of the FBI to ourselves.

    Why can’t you guys admit it? You know that you secretly want to go to prison!

  27. The Pacific Northwest is not even remotely similar to Ireland.

    The Irish were a distinct people. They were Roman Catholics. The British were Protestants. The occupation of Ireland was a source of resentment. It did not have legitimacy.

    The Pacific Northwest is a region of the United States. The people who live there are indistinguishable from other White Americans. They identify with America.

    The only thing vanguardist terrorism has ever accomplished in the Pacific Northwest is making the locals fear White Nationalists and identify with the federal government.

  28. HAC,

    If you focused exclusively on the Northwest Migration and community organizing, no one would object to what you do. Instead, you want to associate the Northwest Migration with domestic terrorism.

    The only thing that will accomplish is scaring the locals and ginning up a witch hunt in the region.

    Do you want to start a public witch hunt of White Nationalists in the Pacific Northwest? That’s the direction you seem to be taking.

  29. Context is everything.

    In the novels of Covington, the goots don’t start doing their thing until after the United States government has committed a major offensive and intolerable act which has set off public opinion against it on a semi-widespread basis. That has not happened yet, and absent that the conditions which would, in Covington’s novels and in reality, make that general widespread anti-government revulsion happen no such revolution could take place.

    FWIW I think Covington is a fine writer, and incidentally, I think the scenario he predicts is to an extent not only possible but inevitable. Whether it is imminent is another thing entirely. The Amurrican Empire is coming down, hard and complete. It’s very doubtful the present continental US will survive as a single independent sovereign nation. (And FWIW I hope it doesn’t.) But it might last another twenty years, another fifty, another hundred. Rome lasted three or four hundred years after it became corrupt. Odds are I won’t live to see the breakup per se.

    It’s also pertinent to point out that the goots (the Northwest Volunteer Army, i.e., Jerry Reb) are specifically constrained against any activity that would harm children, on the grounds that that is revolting to White people and would kill public support. Children of any race.

  30. Like Covington, James Ellroy is a writer of FICTION.

    Unlike Covington he has no agenda politically or historically. He’s laying down a narrative that is what people more or less believe or strongly suspect anyway and which people enjoy reading. That’s why he sells many, many more books than does Harold Covington, whose novels creep non-racially-conscious readers out for the most part. They would have creeped me out before I became racially conscious.

    Two different goals. Covington wants to change the world or die trying. Ellroy wants houses, cars and the trappings of success.

  31. There is nothing whatsoever “traditionalist” about Counter-Currents. I don’t know why they claim that label.

    Actually, I do.

    It is typical effeminate pseudo-intellectual nerd talk. A type of homosexual lingo for alienated vanguardist bookworms. Give me a fucking break. Greg Johnson isn’t an “aristocrat” by any stretch of the imagination.

    What “aristocrat” fantasizes about man-animal chimeras and using genetic engineering to transform White people into elves from Lord of the Rings? What “aristocrat” would ever see “vitality” in a Star Trek convention?

    What “aristocrat” would live in a place like San Francisco, CA?

    Are they justifying their claim to be “aristocrats” by boasting of their bloodlines? Their deeds on the battlefield? Their descent from a god? The amount of land they own? Their patronage and generosity? Their personal relationship with god?

    What tradition is Counter-Currents carrying on?

    I can’t think of any tradition – except the tradition of the avant-garde – which has always been about about destroying real traditions.

    A cult of childless homosexual atheists living in San Francisco and fantasizing about eugenics is about the furthest you can get from living a traditional way of life.

  32. @ Harold Covington

    So what exactly have you accomplished for our people? I mean, besides spewing empty rhetoric and bringing down the heat on white nationalism?

  33. “What “aristocrat” fantasizes about man-animal chimeras and using genetic engineering to transform White people into elves from Lord of the Rings?”

    He might get the idea from the German writer and scholar: Guillaume Faye.

    Faye envisions societal breakdown, with the White race being split into two classes. One of these classes will be a technological elite and they’ll enter a state of ‘hyper-science’. In the absence of ethical obstacles, the study of eugenics will flourish, in dramatic fashion, and inevitably lead to the crossbreeding of human and animal.

    The Feb 2011 issue of AmRen has a piece of Faye and a review of his manuscript: Archeofuturism.

    Some of Faye’s ideas are bizarre, but it’s an interesting read …

  34. Faye’s book is a great read. Some of it is out there but much of it is fascinating speculative philosophy. Faye’s thoughts on how things are likely to unravel in Europe contra Islam seems probable enough. His ideas on autarky are interesting, and the way he writes it all and retains his civility is something Americans can learn from.

  35. I’m beginning to think this whole Wallace/Johnson spat is just a publicity stunt to raise both their profiles in keeping this rhetorical ping pong ball going back and forth. At least this is to my mind the most flattering interpretation; you know, feigned cattiness as opposed to actual cattiness.

  36. ” You are always bashing the IRA on this blog but let me remind you that Sinn Fein – the political wing of the IRA – is doing much better than the SDLP, the Northern Irish Catholic political party that opposed IRA violence.”

    During the violence the SDLP got about roughly 30% of the vote while Sinn Fein got roughly 15%. It changed after the peace accord.

    The point about IRA or ETA style violence is not that it can’t work but that it can’t work *unless* the insurgents represent a constituency large enough to hide them. Take Iraq for example. The tide turned there when the foreign Arab fighters in the western part of the Sunni triangle angered the locals to the extent the locals switched sides and allied with the American forces. You can’t hide if the local people tell the authorities where you are.

    No doubt there are exceptions to this rule but no-one smart enough to figure them out would be stupid enough to discuss it online. So therefore anyone discussing it online is either an idiot or an agent provocateur.

  37. @Captainchaos: I’m the guilty one this time. HW really wasn’t attacking The Johnson, it was I who just couldn’t contain myself when I read that last bucket of puke over there. While I’m not in favor of pink triangles or anything at all violent against homosexuals, I feel that they are mentally and emotionally defective and should not be allowed to claim any kind of leadership within the context of White advocacy.

  38. “There is no evidence that suggests blacks would attempt to blow up an MLK parade full of black children to score political points. There is no evidence whatsoever that the Israeli Mossad or Muslim jihadists had anything to do with this.”

    There was no evidence to suggest Loughner shot Giffords for the reasons initially given by the MSM either. It’s dirty politics. He could just as easily have done it because of anti-white racial hatred not knowing that under the Anglo disguise she was jewish or because of the incendiary rhetoric from the MSM over people who supported SB1070, as she did. The point is to create a counter to the line they are pushing so they don’t get everything their own way.


    The quote linked above and the back-firing of the initial Loughner meme is why they haven’t made a three-ring circus out of the Spokane thing. Because it is quite plausible that a slighter saner version of Loughner who worships Obama was trying to give him an Oklahoma as a present.

    Conspiracy theories can be useful sometimes. Belief is optional.

  39. Erik, the number of seconds I spend thinking about homosexuality on an average day is something approaching zero. This is in contrast to the English over at Majority Rights who can’t seem to clear one week without bringing up “queers” and “ass fucking”. That, and somehow finding a way to locate as the source of all their troubles “Krauts”. Ask Wanda (Wandrin), he’s English, he’ll tell you.

    There’s just something not quite right about the English.

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