Quiet Awakening

State Sen. Mike Delph introduces an Arizona-style immigration law in Indiana which gets a hearing on Wednesday


The “Quiet Awakening” continues to gather steam.

While the attention of the White Nationalist world remains fixated on the 2011 Amren conference and the Egyptian protests, the state legislatures are back in session. They are taking on immigration in unglamorous places like Lincoln, Nebraska and Jackson, Mississippi.

State legislators that White Nationalists have never heard of are pushing the envelope in all sorts of creative ways:

– In Minnesota and Wisconsin, there is a push for Voter ID legislation.

– In Arizona and Missouri, the attack on birthright citizenship has begun.

– In Mississippi and Georgia, there is a renewed push for Arizona-style immigration laws.

– In Nebraska, there is a repeal of the state version of the DREAM Act under consideration.

– In Montana, there is a bill that would deny worker’s compensation benefits to illegal aliens.

– In Texas, there is a push to ban the children of illegal aliens from public schools.

– In Oklahoma, there is a bill that would allow police to confiscate the property of illegal aliens.

Several states are combining these approaches. Three dozen restrictionist immigration laws have been introduced in the Texas state legislature alone this year.

In 2005, 300 immigration related bills were introduced in the state legislatures. In 2010, that number ballooned to 1,400 immigration related bills, 346 of which were adopted in the form of state laws and resolutions.

The controversy over Arizona’s SB 1070 that made national headlines was only the tip of the iceberg. The states have been quietly passing their own immigration laws for several years now.

Arizona passed its Voter ID law in 2004. Georgia passed a Voter ID law in 2005. South Carolina, Colorado, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Nebraska have passed similar unheralded state laws over the past five years.

This is a story that has been building for quite some time now. It started well before Barack Obama’s debut on the national stage.

This glacial shift toward a more restrictionist approach to immigration is also reflected in Congress where support for “comprehensive immigration reform” has declined significantly from its highwater mark in 2006.

Just last week, Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. David Vitter introduced birthright citizenship legislation in the Senate. Earlier this month, Rep. Steve King introduced the House version of the attack on birthright citizenship.

Hoosiers Erwache

The latest episode of the “Quiet Awakening” (the awakening of White America that White Nationalists haven’t noticed yet) is scheduled to take place in sleepy Indianapolis.

There will be a hearing on Wednesday on State Sen. Mike Delph’s restrictionist immigration reform package. It will take place in the trenches of the Indiana Senate’s “Pensions and Labor Committee.”

Delph’s “Senate Bill 590” includes an Arizona-style immigration law, a requirement for the Indiana OMB to estimate how much illegal immigration costs Indiana taxpayers, a request for reimbursement from the federal government for the costs of illegal immigration, a ban on state and local governments from using languages other than English, tougher penalties for employers of illegal aliens, and a requirement to use the E-Verify system.

This is a “comprehensive attack” on immigration, multiculturalism, and political correctness in Indiana.

For several years now, Sen. Mike Delph has been pushing for restrictionist immigration laws in the Indiana Senate. Each time his bills have passed the Indiana Senate only to stumble and die in the Democratic controlled Indiana House.

Republicans won control of the Indiana House in the midterm elections.

We have a far better shot at scoring some points in Indiana this year. There is a strong positive correlation between the weakness of the Democratic Party and the successful passage of restrictionist immigration laws.


I know we have some readers in Indiana.

In the wake of the Wyoming defeat, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for our Hoosier readers to put some pressure on the members of the Pensions and Labor Committee.

I would also strongly advise you to consider showing up there in person to “show the flag.” I will be making an appearance in Montgomery when the Alabama state legislature holds its own immigration hearings.

Here are the Indiana committee members you need to contact:

Sen. Phil Boots (R)
Sen. Brent Waltz (R)
Sen. James Buck (R)
Sen. Dennis Kruse (R)
Sen. Scott Schneider (R)
Sen. Greg Walker (R)
Sen. Michael Young (R)
Sen. Karen Tallian (D)
Sen. Jim Arnold (D)
Sen. Timothy Skinner (D)

This is the least we can do.

Final Thought

A big victory in Indiana next week would be a tremendous boost to our cause. It would give us momentum coming off our recent victories in Texas, South Carolina, and Mississippi.

We can play a small role in accomplishing something of tangible value for White people. This is an opportunity to show White America the new face of White Advocacy.

The White Nationalist movement is splitting in two: there is an explicit movement which remains bottled up on the internet and mired in its perennial obsessions. At the same time, there is a new implicit movement which is snowballing through the state legislatures in the Red States and scoring decisive victories over our enemies.

It looks more like Mike Delph than Alex Linder. It sounds more like Rush Limbaugh than Savitri Devi.

The inability of the White Nationalist movement to communicate with its target audience has led to a situation where the “lemmings” are creating a pro-White movement in their own image. The expansion of this implicit movement and the stagnation of the explicit movement is shaping up to be the major dynamic of the next ten years.

Editor’s Note: I can’t help but observe that the “worthless conservatives” like Mike Delph and Steve King are carrying all the water on immigration while Alex Linder and the vanguard are engaged in much more productive lines of analysis like attacking Jared Taylor, advocating the destruction of Christianity, and discussing the philosophical finepoints of sociopathy as a new moral paradigm.

I advance it as a suspicion only that the major reason we seeing a whole new pro-White movement emerge in America is that ordinary people are repulsed by the defectives who are omnipresent in the existing one.

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  1. First of all let me say that fighting the illegal immigration battle at the state level will do very little to alleviate the problem of illegal immigration. Only the Federal government has the power to deport illegal aliens. My county arrests illegal aliens all the time and very few are picked up by ICE leaving the Sheriff’s Department to set them free again. Second, that laundry list of states fighting the problem is nothing more than discussions, hearsay or hype, not actual legislation being passed into law. The Kentucky anti-immigrant laws were passed by only one part of the legislature and yet you act like it was some kind of victory when it was a non-event. Maybe you should stick to just legislative victories?

  2. Some perspective here:

    (1) Rodger believes that Amren is a Jewish front group.

    (2) Rodger believes the KKK is a viable and legitimate organization.

    (3) Rodger is a fan of the weird alienated nonsense that is posted all the time over at Counter-Currents.

    Here are the facts:

    (1) The actual number of illegal aliens entering the country is way down.

    (2) Deportations are on the rise.

    (3) The political pressure to escalate deportations is on the rise.

    (4) The state laws already on the books in Arizona have driven hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens out of that state. They also polarize Whites, strengthen racial attitudes, and delegitimize the media.

    (5) Like the Mississippi House, the Kentucky House will get around to dealing with the bill passed in the Kentucky Senate. I believe the state legislature there is in recess.

    (6) State laws which criminalize the presence of illegal aliens, empower local law enforcement, and deny social services to illegal aliens make those states far less attractive destinations for illegal aliens.

    (7) These state laws will drive hundreds of thousands – perhaps millions – of illegal aliens out of the Southern and Western states. The media has already reported on the illegals who are leaving Arizona for states like California and Colorado.

    (8) The number of amnesty supporters has been drastically cut at the state and federal level.

    (9) We are attacking birthright citizenship on the state and federal level.

    It is worth contrasting what the conservatives are doing here with the so-called “vanguard.” They do absolutely nothing but posted alienated comments on the internet, show up on our websites to cry “all is lost,” and suck money down a black hole where it is never seen again.

  3. Rodger:

    I fear you are missing the point. While the immigration legislation introduced at the state level may fall short of adoption, the politicians introducing this legislation are engaging in a vital and necessary political activity, namely motivating their voting base. What better way to show that you are representing their interests than to sponsor legislation supporting those interests, and the controversial and emotional nature of immigration restriction leads to free publicity, which is essential for representatives who are bound to have less special interest support because of their opposition to immigration.

    Further, forcing the Federal Government to sue to overturn popular laws ties up their resources and depletes the Fed’s political capital by forcing them to alienate the majority who oppose illegal immigration – once again a product of free publicity – all good things from our perspective.

    Right now most state legislatures have their attention focused on closing their budget gaps and deciding which state programs get cut. Unfortunately, few in this new political movement attempting to advance white interests has any idea of how easy it is to close these budget gaps with new taxes that pursue the white agenda.

    States have plenary and unlimited taxing authority. They are not restricted by Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, or by the 16th Amendment (Eisner v. McComber). The states are free to tax the income or wealth of those employing illegal aliens and there is not a thing that Fedgov can do about it. They could also tax the income of physicians and hospitals derived by treating illegal aliens. They can adopt a separate surtax on the income or property derived from or located within the state of big banks and other financial institutions that got bailouts from the Federal Reserve and paid multimillion dollar bonuses to their executives. They can enact a separate surtax tax on the income or property derived from or located within the state of corporations that export American Jobs overseas.

    Defending the interests of the American middle class and de-funding the multicultural left through state taxation is child’s play for any tax lawyer with an ounce of creativity who is able to think outside the box. States could even impose surtaxes on 501(c)(3) tax exempts that encourage illegal immigration, encourage race hatred for Americans of European descent (think Pew Foundation) and those foundations which devote their resources to charitable purposes outside the U.S. and meddle in affairs of other countries (This one is huge and gets at you know who!).

    The list is really endless. The real power of the states lies in their power to tax.

    You are doing great work Hunter! Keep it up!

  4. Great article with lots of interesting details.

    I find the continuing thrashing of WN vanguardists unnecessary and distracting, but it doesn’t diminish the value of the information provided here. But, honestly, linking to posts on Stormfront?

    The events in Egypt are certainly monumental, and so deserve discussion in all quarters. Imagine the changes in US foriegn policy that are likely to take place. On the one hand, if Egypt falls to the Islamicists, or on the other if they find their way through to a multi-party parlimentary democracy. That last would really call the question on Israel: no longer “the only democracy in the middle east”, nor even the least totalitarian country.

    I’ve noticed a fascinating split on the right on mainstream boards like Free Republic between the idealists (who, in a strage twist are accused of ‘neo-con tendencies’ for thinking that Arabs might want to and be able to live in a democracy) and the status-quo supporters (which does actually include all the neo-cons like John Boulton, as well as many frequent neo-con critics like Auster and Michael Savage.)

    So, just in term of how the debate is taking place on the right it is interesting. Again, it has the potential to be a world-changing event on the order of the fall of Soviet communism in 1989.

    Yes, it’s important to keep our eye on the ball, but we probably can find enough time to break away from Indiana House debates on immigration restrictions to pay attention to the big changes going on in the world around us.

    And we can, and should, do so without any reference to the lunatics at Stormfront, known fakes and idiots like Alex Linder, or all the other dreck that you simply REFUSE to let go of.

    YOU WON! A long time ago. YOU COMPLETELY WON. So, just drop it, ok. At this point it’s just making the blog less attractive, linkable, and useful.

  5. Jackson,

    If Occidental Dissent wasn’t the only White Nationalist site on the entire internet focusing on this issue, then maybe I could see your point. You continue to act like there really isn’t a problem here.

    On the contrary, White Nationalist discourse on the internet remains obsessed with the Third Reich, “naming the Jew,” Two Minute Hates, rants against Christianity, hostility toward White America, weird kooky nonsense that appeals to no one.

    This website is the exception, not the rule.

    Don’t believe me? Browse the comments at The Occidental Observer.

    If you think that doesn’t have consequences, you are sorely mistaken. The negative public image of White Nationalism has probably diverted millions of White people into the Tea Party alone.

  6. I wish Kevin MacDonald would hire a moderator for his site. The comments have been less inflammatory and more constructive of late, but his efforts and cause are diminished when the comments at TOO start to look like those at incogman.net. The latter has it’s place too, but there’s a good reason why the ADL publicly denounces the JDL and keeps them at arm’s length.

  7. Um… my comment above was more relevant in a previous context, but as a stand-alone comment, I think it’s still salient, if slightly off-topic.

  8. Denise,

    But the ADL and SPLC publicly denounce the JDL, if infrequently and with kid gloves, and rightly so from the standpoint of their public legitimacy and maintaining plausible deniability. It’s important for their PR to be able to claim to be dealing with facts and events on an objective basis. AmRen and OD have taken that lesson to heart. Again, I think there’s a place for the other rhetoric, but we need to be able to be able to say “Oh, those guys are crazy”, like most Jews would when pressed on the JDL. KMac is an expert on the JQ and too valuable a resource to have to denounce when pressed — a situation which a preponderance of over-the-top comments at his blog could easily lead to.

  9. Tea Party = White Nationalism 2.0

    Follow you own thinking to its logical conclusion, Hunter. White Nationalism as a label is a net negative for the survival and prospertiy of our people. Best to let it go and choose a new label for what you are promoting. If there are problems with the Tea Party label (which there are, such as Beck’s MLK worship) then create another new label. “Alternative Right”, “European American Rights” “American Nationalism” … you are a very creative person.

    Seperation from the “costumed clowns” is the best response. Continually choosing to get down in the gutter and debate them on their own terms only make you get covered in mud. Why? We have important work to accomplish, as you so often point out.

    The target is not the 10,000 people who care about VNN or Stormfront (and I’m being generous here). It’s the 100,00,000 white people who don’t, who view ANY connection with them as an automatic kill switch.

    They are as dead to you should be your motto. And yes, they are out there. And yes, perhaps they have some point, somewhere, in all that angst and anger and unfocused ranting. But it’s not for you to worry about brother.

    Move forward. You have transcended and are able to bring millions with you.

  10. 1) So do the majority of White Nationalists.
    2) In my opinion, the KKK is more legitimate and viable than kosher White advocacy.
    3) I’ve never heard of Counter-Currents or know what their philosophy. Your detractors are right about the amount of lies you tell.

    Your facts are nothing but your own opinions and information you get from the MSM.

  11. Tea Party = anti-racist GOP politics.

    The last time I checked Stormfront had about 250,000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands of visitors every month concerned about the future of America and the West. They certainly aren’t coming over here to listen to political spin.

  12. Hunter,

    I have to agree with some of the above; don’t give the nutcases so much attention. If they go totally whacko, sure, some commenting might be called for, but otherwise they should just be ignored. Don’t be afraid to ban some of the worst morons, either.

    The future of White America lies in winning the masses (and even the costume clowns should know this, comparing 1923 with 1933) and for that to happen we need to be positive.

  13. (1) The majority of vanguardists believe that Amren is a Jewish false flag.

    (2) That’s because you are not even trying to come across as serious.

    (3) You have mentioned Counter-Currents several times in the past here.

  14. Jackson,

    I see your point.

    We’re not going to reach those people from Occidental Dissent though. The bridge to the mainstream has to be built from both ends: making “White Nationalists” more effective and conservatives more racially conscious.

    You won’t find any of my “mainstream” writing on this website.

  15. Tea Party =

    Rand Paul in Senate advocating cutting off Israel, Jews Arlen Specter and Russ Feingold out of Senate, Mark Kirk casting decisive vote against DREAM Act, DREAM Act dead in Senate and House for two years, massive Republican gains at state level, Arizona-style immigration laws in places like Wisconsin and Maine, John McCain and Lindsey Graham changing their tune on immigration, repeal of Obamacare in the House.

    The Tea Party is singlehandedly responsible for the defeat of the DREAM Act. If it were not for the Tea Party primary challenges, the dozen Republican Senators who supported the DREAM Act in the past would have support it this time around.

    The Tea Party is also responsible for the most restrictionist Congress since the Immigration Act of 1924.

  16. Rodger,

    If those 250,000 people who are reading Stormfront are following your advice and taking themselves out of the political process, what are they effectively accomplishing for White people?

    This nonsense that we have to “spread ideas” is the same crap that Johnson and Trainspotter are always pushing.

    It is not enough to “spread ideas.” There is a huge gap between knowledge and behavior. Nowhere is that more evident than in the White Nationalist movement.

    The vast majority of White Nationalists on the internet might “know” on an abstract level that America is in terminal decline, but they are unwilling on the boots on the ground level to “do” anything about the problem.

    I hate to beat a dead horse here, but look at the vanguard.

    They know that Jews are a problem. Yet they are so neutered by their extreme rhetoric that they are unable to communicate with their peers. In effect, they end up doing precisely nothing about the Jewish Question.

    In contrast, Jewish organizations are going nuts over Rand Paul’s statement that Israel should be defunded. He might speak softly about the Jewish Question, but he represents a real threat to their interests, unlike the fantasists on the internet.

  17. The vanguard discredits itself with its “all hopeless” rhetoric. Politics is a dagger sport. Such as I wish the “Berserker 88ers” would drop the lable white nationalists and adopt “White Zionists” instead.

  18. The actions and direction that you outline are legitimate, and intriguing. I’ll give you that. The link to the Missouri ‘attack on birthright citizenship’ is nothing of the sort however. This proposed piece of legislation merely requires the showing of proof of citizenship, which any nonwhite immigrant applicant may currently apply for, born here or not.

    And it is understood that your attacks on the WN vanguard are a key piece of your strategy to legitimize Occidental Dissent to non whitenationalists, and despite many calls to the contrary made here, on this site, you will not be relinquishing these tactics anytime soon. Its an intelligent strategy, and though I consider myself a vanguardist, it is a strategy that serves our overall purpose.

  19. The strategy of this website is to make White Nationalists more effective. We have a surfeit of people who are racially aware and know the ins and outs of the Jewish Question.

    The identifiable problem in the White Nationalist world is the inability to make the leap from understanding the nature of a problem in the abstract (knowledge) to doing something effective (action) to solve our problems in the real world.

    We are in a situation where there are hundreds of thousands of racially conscious, “Jew-aware” White Nationalists, but only a fraction of them have the slightest clue as to how to go about reversing our racial decline.

    Most of these people come online to blow off steam and entertain themselves.

  20. The bridge has to be built from two ends.

    As I said above, White Nationalists have to be made more effective. Otherwise, we will keep digging ourselves into a deeper hole and reinforcing our marginalization. The White masses will never become White Nationalists as long as the perception continues that White Nationalists are marginal, anti-social types who are incapable of doing anything about their problems.

    At the same time, conservatives have to become more racial. That is a task which has to be carried out in the conservative world though, not on an explicit site like Occidental Dissent.

  21. The “vanguard” has no interest in bridging the gap between White America and White Nationalists.

    Their strategy is to blaze a trail to the fringe. They are moving away from the gap into deeper and deeper fringe territory. In doing so, they only reinforce their self imposed isolation from society.

    Then in frustration the occasional vanguardist will self detonate.

  22. Simmons,

    Such is their message: all is lost.

    The passerby hears “all is lost” and vicious attacks on every aspect of their social identity and then clicks over to the Tea Party websites where they hear “let’s take our country back” and “here is how to do it.”

  23. Hunter Wallace says:
    January 31, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    As I said above, White Nationalists have to be made more effective.
    At the same time, conservatives have to become more racial.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    I would also add that:

    Conservatives need to become less “conservative” – need to stop dressing, talking and acting like very old, economic conservatives trying to hold on to all their money.

    And economic conservatism, “libertarianism” simply does not sell in Presidential elections – these economic conservatives, libertarians never even win 2% in Presidential elections

  24. Jack if it is true that we are political insurgents then what we aim for is establishment overreaction. Frankly I see that as easy to accomplish for what I take the establishment to be comprised of at this moment. First is anti-White whites and jews whose only weapon is hatred of whites to steal from whites. Insecure incompetant minorities are the second component with Obama as the supreme clown in charge.

    But No, because our chief Che is holed up in Seattle selling IRA fantasies to vanguardists and FBI agents, and he hates the hearts and the minds of the “masses.”

  25. Murphy – I do understand that the ADL can play with the JDL, for practical purposes. I just get the impression tht many posters here want to downplay the JP (Problem. It’s not a Question).

    In 3D world – I Name the Jew under specific circumstances. I do not run around Naming the J 24/7. I understand the value of PR, and walking the line, with “mainstream” Whites. I rarely cite Racial issues, with the various TP and GOP folk I deal with, except in the most obvious circumstances = like when the NAACP calls Tea Partiers “racist”.

    I just cite Die Jude here, cause we must Never Forget Whoskies Done Whatsky – when we do pull off a White Homeland.

  26. What do we do when all the house bills and senate bills, resolutions etc are not enacted or make any real difference and do we have 20 more years to let that play out? Clearly we need to have the extremist in our midst should the end game be a success of HB, SB and no changes.
    We have to have our civil minded intelectual thinkers and we need to have soliders at the helm to fight a possible ground war, much like in egypt it could happen here.
    I am certain we are all aware that we couldnt have just Congress tell the king in HB that he wasnt welcomed on our soil nor had any jurisdiction over this land or its peoples.. There armies came and the men fought Washington had not just ink on his hands my friends but blood.. That was how this country was built and it will unfortunatley be rebuilt the old fashioned way.
    While I want more than anyone this to be stopped and our folk awakend and active to change the course I can only hope and pray, but to place it in the hands of the same houses it has happened under completely is also insane.
    I trust my govt still but that is erroding.

  27. To me, the most interesting thing happening now is how the uprisings in other countries are undermining the global elite who are behind high levels of immigration to Western countries.

  28. The revolution unfolding in Egypt is quite interesting.

    I have said all along that the foundation of any government is its aura of legitimacy, not brute physical force. In my reply to Greg Johnson, I pointed out that Hamid Karzai might be President of Afghanistan, but he rules his country in name only.

    Mumbark controls the Egyptian military. He could unleash its force against the protesters, but that would only inflame the rebellion and polarize fence sitters against the government.

    The use of physical force against the protesters has created martyrs which has further eroded the legitimacy of the Egyptian government. Without legitimacy, the Egyptian mob can now use violence to advance its agenda.

  29. Hunter, consider the fact that your own attitude problem is what’s getting in your way.

    If that doesn’t resonate, no problem. But if you often find yourself wondering “WTF’s his problem?” regarding people, you may want to give it some thought.

    Or maybe I’m the only one who sees you as an asshole. Or maybe it’s only online.

  30. I’ve watched Hunter go through about 4 fairly radical political changes in the few years I’ve known about him. It’s always this big thing that he’s soooo right about, or that, or this over here.

    But the asshole part has remained consistent.

  31. Mumbark controls the Egyptian military. He could unleash its force against the protesters, but that would only inflame the rebellion and polarize fence sitters against the government.

    From what I’ve heard he controls the secret police, that’s whose loyal to him, the army is mostly conscripts who sympathize with the protesters. Largely the reality is that nobody is going to be able to provide a first world living standard for 80 million brown Egyptians, especially the way they are breeding like rats on that tiny bit of arable land. The protesters largely want the impossible, and an implosion of such a demographic situation was inevitable. I wonder how the media, Hillary, and Barry O. will be cheering on when Islamists force the burka on all the women in Egypt.

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