Amren 2011

Leftists are once again attempting to shutdown an Amren conference

North Carolina

There are conflicting reports that the 2011 Amren conference in Charlotte has been cancelled due to anti-racist pressure.

I got a phone call about this last night from a reliable source who said that some black city councilman got the hotel to cancel the reservation. There is nothing about a cancellation on the Amren website though.

Matt Parrott claims that Jared Taylor has personally assured him that the conference will go on as scheduled. Until I hear otherwise, I will take his word for it.

A few thoughts:

(1) This is exactly what happened last year.

The 2010 conference was cancelled. Then it was on again. It was cancelled again as I walked into the door of that Washington hotel. Then it was on again.

(2) Jeffrey Imm was the culprit last time around.

Last year, I personally confronted and denounced Imm in the streets of Washington on two separate occasions. It was a early lesson in the unwillingness of “rhetorical radicals” on the internet to stand up for their beliefs in public.

(3) At the last conference, there was a lot of talk about lawsuits.

What happened to the lawsuits against the hotels that cancelled the 2010 conference? I never heard anything further about the matter.

(4) The ability of our enemies to cancel our hotel reservations is a sad reflection of the hopeless disorganization that prevails in the White Nationalist movement.

The idea of a pro-White “Legal Defense Fund” has been floated for decades now. This is something that should have been acted on forty or fifty years ago.

(5) This is a natural consequence of “rejecting the system.”

We don’t have the political power to defend even our most basic civil liberties anymore. No one has any incentive to rush to our defense. By rejecting the system, we only reinforce the ability of these thugs to push us around.

(6) The vanguard has worked itself up into another frothing rage at Jared Taylor and Amren in the TOO comments.

There are idiots over there denouncing Jared Taylor as the enemy for not being anti-Jew enough for their tastes. This only reinforces my belief that these people are an embarrassment to White Nationalism.

(7) We need to seriously reflect upon why we lack the resources to defend ourselves.

Another year has gone by now that was largely wasted from an explicit standpoint. The focus on rhetorical radicalism and abstract ideas has come back to bite us in the ass once again.

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  1. Joe,

    Jared Taylor has succeeded at putting a sane and reasonable face on the pro-White movement. If the vanguard were the sole face of White Nationalism, most of us would not be here today.

    Can you explain to me what the vanguard has ever done about the Jewish Question? I mean aside from making the subject more difficult to raise in public.

  2. Why on earth would any sane white nationalist want to donate time, money or energy to help a man who will just turn around and pretend that Jews are our friends?

    Jared Taylor is an asset to the White Nationalist cause. He is one of the few public figures in the movement who has always spoken responsibly about issues that concern us.

    I just don’t like helping idiots whether they are ideologically pure or not.

    The real question is why any sane White Nationalist would support people whose actions are objectively counterproductive and confirm popular stereotypes that White Nationalists are nothing but a bunch of insane, hateful Neo-Nazis.

  3. My problem with Taylor is that he refuses to acknowledge that Jews are the enemies of the white nationalist movement.

    Jared Taylor is smart enough to understand that White America doesn’t even grasp the importance of White racial consciousness and the imperative shutting down legal immigration.

    Think about it: if you don’t care about your race, you are not going to care what the Jews are doing to it, and you are certainly aren’t going to care about Jewish conspiracy theories.

    Focusing on the Jewish Question is objectively counterproductive. The groups that obsess the most about the Jews also happen to be the very people who are least able to do anything about the problem.

    This does not mean that I believe that Jews are the only enemies of the white nationalist movement.

    Jews are definitely a problem.

    The vanguard radically exaggerates the extent of the problem though. The much greater problem is their very own hostility to their target audience.

    The vanguard hates people like Jared Taylor. If they can’t communicate with someone like Jared Taylor who agrees with them on race, can they communicate with the millions of Whites who are not even that far along?

  4. Larry,

    Unlike William Pierce, Jared Taylor has never aspired to be the leader of a revolutionary organization. Amren has always been about publishing a monthly newsletter and holding biannual conferences.

    The real question here is why the National Alliance crumbled in less than three years after the death of Pierce and why it never succeeded in making any inroads into the public when Pierce himself was alive.

  5. “The real question here is why the National Alliance crumbled in less than three years after the death of Pierce and why it never succeeded in making any inroads into the public when Pierce himself was alive.”

    The real question here is why American Renaissance would likely crumble in short order after Taylor’s passing and why it has of yet not succeeded in making any major inroads into the public whilst Taylor himself is alive. As for the latter, shit hasn’t gotten bad enough yet for the lemmings, so they have no overriding incentive to listen. If that is not the case, then why don’t they listen to Taylor? It cannot be for the reason that he has failed to moderate his rhetoric, can it?

    (If Trainspotter would care to add his two cents, in which he churns out 5000+ words in saying the same thing ten different ways, I’d be all ears.)

  6. There are legitimate organizations like the KKK which also has its own website, holds conferences, publishes a newsletter and they go one step further in that they actively get involved in pro-White advocacy. Since Obama got into office their membership rolls have been expanding dramatically. One could argue they’re more popular than AMREN. What possible reason could you say makes them less legitimate than American Renaissance other than they’re not kosher?

  7. Rodger, I’d say its’ because the public – the majority of whites – perceives them to be less legitimate. After all, legitimacy isn’t anything greater than perception, is it? It has no objective existence. No matter how noble anyone thinks the KKK is compared to a White viewpoint, and no matter why Whites in general fail to perceive that nobility, it’s still true that the organization is not ‘legitimate’ and won’t be any time soon.

  8. Your basing the public’s perception on what the media says. Did you know that more than a third of Americans believe that 9/11 was a government conspiracy? With such big numbers it’s obviously a mainstream belief but the talking heads will tell you only marginalized kooks believe such things. I think the gist of what your saying is if a pro-movement isn’t supportive of our masters then it’s not legitimate.

  9. I’m basing it on my own personal experiences and perceptions, Rodger. Yes, the 9/11 conspiracy angle is quite popular. There are also major films with that theme in popular culture. What I’m saying is that the ‘lemmings’ are not going to endorse anything that does not have the sanction of their masters – sanctioned as at least being part of acceptable discourse. 9/11 conspiracies are allowed. The KKK is not. This is not a statement of my personal preferences or beliefs or desires or values. This is a fact. Our only option is to adapt our discourse and actions to that fact or to pretend it doesn’t exist. I choose not to pretend because reality has an ugly way of asserting itself. What I’m saying is that supporting the KKK openly in today’s climate is equivalent to marginalizing yourself intentionally, no matter how noble you, I, or we think or know they are. As Hunter constantly advocates, I think it’s important to engage the people we claim to love where they are today, rather than where they would be if they were acting in their own interests.

  10. There are legitimate organizations like the KKK which also has its own website, holds conferences, publishes a newsletter and they go one step further in that they actively get involved in pro-White advocacy. Since Obama got into office their membership rolls have been expanding dramatically.

    Of course they are expanding, some of the few jobs available in Obama’s America are snitch working for the DHS. They want VERY BAD, for some right winger to come unhinged and give them a Reichstag moment, can’t you see that? They tried to pin a schizophrenics shooting spree on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, what do you think they have in store for those who think joining the Blues Brothers Nazis is a good idea? I can’t believe anyone with any common sense actually believes the people who read Amren are ignorant of Jewish subversion. Do you really think if you handed Taylor and his associates a copy of Duke’s Book he’s go “Geez, I never heard this before, wow! Now I’m going to move to the Northwest, build a fortress, and join Covington’s cult.”

  11. Barak Hussein Obama is not handling his administration very well in this Egyptian situation. He is actively undermining someone we had agreements with and any other “ally” of the US must be watching and getting the message, Obama won’t back them up. The “wikileaks” incident also reinforced this. (Does anyone think this El Baradei clown will end up in charge? No more plausible than Chalabi.) If Islamists get control of Egypt, I fear this will be used by the neocons to weasel their way back into power. Obama looks just like Carter with the Shah. If a fresh face in the Army takes over and hopefully keeps a lid on the Islamists, my bet is his first trip is to Beijing. No nation in it’s right mind can look at the bankrupt, bumbling US and hook their wagon on that train.

  12. Not really.

    The militia movement was growing pretty fast in the 1990s. It took a single self detonating idiot – Timothy McVeigh – to destroy all the momentum that had been built up after Waco and Ruby Ridge and reinvigorate support for the Clinton administration.

    According to the SPLC, the militia movement has started growing again. Mark Potok has been on television to talk about it several times over the past year. It took the militia movement a decade to recover from the Oklahoma City bombing.

    As Nightowl says, the Obama administration is desperately searching for its own “Oklahoma City” moment to reconnect with the White voters who abandoned them in the Midwest. Obama can’t win a second term without winning states like Michigan and Wisconsin.

    After delivering the State of the Union address, Obama flew to Wisconsin for a public event there.

  13. Our establishment is witless. The Egyptian riots were a going concern for 3 days and only zero hedge had any commentary about it all the while the msm and their conservative hangers on were gabbing about the magic man from Kenya. If you were an oil trader just by going on the internet you could have caught a 5% wave in cash futures, by listening to our idiot navel gazing msm and other anti-Whites you are now just going to get poorer. And a rumor of rumbles in KSA per zh.

  14. Yep Simmons, I came across a long active thread over at IMDB by an Egyptian exhile talking about the riots and demonstrations in Suez and Alexandria. Sounded like what went on in Tienanmen Square, Iran, and Myanmar and I wanted to read more and noticed it was a non story in the US media. I then thought the “Zionist” obsessed Stormfront must surely have something so I checked the News section, nothing at all on the first 3 pages, but lots of idiots starting “breaking stories” threads about the Third Reich.

  15. I’ve been watching pictures on CNN, (they’ve been covering this situation non-stop!) re: the Egyptian Street Parties. There are definitely agitators in the crowd; this AM I saw a very professional guy, in the crowd, wearing a purple sweater, and black Ray bans, and a very good haircure, runing aroound the crowd, getting them ti pump their fists, and yell.


  16. I wonder who is behind the thing? I know the last thing the Israeli’s want to see is Mubarak fall so I can’t see them coordinating it, perhaps Soros? Iran?

  17. @nightowl: the foundation is probably just that people are tired of living under an authoritarian regime who provides only poverty, unemployment and hunger (hmm, that sounds familiar).

    As for those coordinating the crowds, I think that local islamists, including Al Qaida, are probably involved. I’m not so sure about Iran, though. They might try, but they’re Shia and Egypt is Sunni and that inter-faith chasm would make the Franch Hugenot mess look like a tea party (no pun intended).

    I’m not normally the type to point a finger at Mossad, but if a radical regime come to power in Cairo, Bibi would have a perfectly legitimate reason to stop all negotiations and get tough with the Palestinians. Who would care about settlements or shelling Gaza or even recapturing the West Bank lands when the fatherland (ok, that was on purpose) is threatened? As I’ve said in comment above, in that scenario they can probably also squeeze out some extra aid (civilian, of course) from Uncle Samovitz.

  18. Whites will go mostly extinct in the USA. Blue eyes, green eyes, gray eyes, hazel eyes, blond hair, red hair, and all other signs of White genetic diversity will slowly go extinct in the USA and the population will become a brown eyed/brown haired mass of alikes: with plenty of Negroid and Asiatic genes thrown in to the mix. The fate of the Southern half of the USA is to become a desert anyhow. Whites cannot live in deserts, only Arab-type Whites.

    The only hope for American blue eyeds now is to head back to Old Europe (or Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, etc) and away from the Babylonian hellhole the modern USA has become.

  19. Hunter,
    Would it be possible for you to get a podcast of the Sam Dixon talk last night on the Political Cesspool?
    He is a lawyer and did talk about how limited the legal options are between AR and a private hotel.
    Any lawyers here to comment?

  20. Good analysis of the Egypt problems that the Israeli right wing is the main beneficiary. For years I have lambasted the Palis as the dumbest rocks, but it seems in the negotiating talks they have been dropping the “one state” rock upon the jews’ heads. Can’t have little jew girls sitting next to little arab boys can we?

    So if they go with their master plan for the master race of an Arabfrei Judea they better have planes that can fly non-stop from TelAviv to NYC because everywhere in between the Israelis will be subject to arrest. Unless the jews begin a serious anti-Muslim campaign in Europe. Hints of that will come thru the Hoover Building Nazis and stories of “mud muslims raping white women” , conspiracy off.

  21. Rodger says:

    “I would agree that AMREN is a first step on the road to White Nationalism. That’s where I got my start but don’t be suckered into it. Jared Taylor used to date an oriental woman and many speakers showing up at these conferences bring their non-White spouses. What’s that all about? Use some common sense. Your a fool if you don’t think our elites and the media are using reverse psychology to shape opinion.”

    Rodger, I understand your concerns, but I think you are overlooking some things. Jared Taylor may have dated an oriental woman BEFORE he became racially aware. A lot of WNists get confused by de facto and de jure situations. A lot of WNists don’t understand that there is a significant segment of “coconuts,” “bananas,” and even “oreos” out there. They may not be White, but they despise Non-White culture and there is a lot about the White culture that is appealing to them. There are also Jews who recognize the implications for themselves in any war where your skin color is your uniform. They are the sharper knives in the drawer that know which side their bread is buttered on.

    Another thing is you are viewing these Non-Whites through the prism of Anglo-America’s “one-drop” rule whereas they all come from cultures that believe in a “color continuum.” Many of them have White blood and consider themselves, by varying degrees, White. In fact, they have selected White spouses, to further bleach out the blood line. So they have strong sympathies with White interests.

    Having Non-Whites and Jews there is protective camouflage for American Renaissance. They are a de facto, not a de jure White organization. They do not ban Non-whites from their premises, but vast majority of Non-Whites will not join, because they are not vested in its success, because they do not feel White and they are hostile to Whites. The number of racially aware Whites is still too small and White Nationalism needs all the allies it can get until enough people wake up.

    Moreover, whether we like it or not, diversity is already an accomplished fact in these United States. The Rainbow Horde is already here. We may have to be practical and officially drop any one-drop rule in favor of Mexico and Latin America’s “color continuum” out of self-preservation. I love the children in my family and am trying my damnest to encourage them to marry White and have White children, but they are going to be a minority in the world. I would rather have them be surrounded by Non-Whites who feel more White than Non-White who will help them defend their own interests.

    Hunter Wallace says:

    “Focusing on the Jewish Question is objectively counterproductive. The groups that obsess the most about the Jews also happen to be the very people who are least able to do anything about the problem. This does not mean that I believe that Jews are the only enemies of the white nationalist movement. Jews are definitely a problem. The vanguard radically exaggerates the extent of the problem though. The much greater problem is their very own hostility to their target audience.”

    Here is some interesting observations from a White Nationalist named Bob Whitaker. I wonder how much he influenced Jared Taylor?

  22. I can understand why “the vanguard” does it, but I can’t understand why anyone who isn’t part of the “neo-nazi” movement would refuse to distinguish between different types of Jews. Not all Jews are equally hostile. In the real world, nothing is ever equal. It applies to Jews too. One can discuss Jews with precision and skill, or one can “bang” the Jewish question in an attempt to opportunistically get applause from skinheads.

    What I think happens is that a lot of people are just making “shock value” statements. I believe that’s the case, because I had a phase when I was younger, when I would behave in a similar manner with regards to Jews, despite having some paternal Jewish ancestry myself. This was before Hunter knew who I was.

    Some clowns think that unskillfully bashing Jews makes them big time rebels.

  23. Clytemnestra: It sounds like you’re advocating acceptance of the destruction of the White race, rather than resistance? There are a limited number of White wombs in existence. Every White womb filled by a non-white decreases the maximum number of future Whites, regardless of whether or not the resultant child is semi-loyal to Whites. They will be semi-loyal to whatever their other side is, too, if for no other reason than that they will never be accepted as fully White. It is still possible, if difficult, to resist diversity. That we will be a minority of the world’s population is not as significant as it might appear if we are able to hold our own lands against the tide. The existence of modern weaponry makes it virtually impossible for a non-white invasion force to gain any ground whatsoever against determined opposition. The only reason they can do so now is because of liberal traitors who support ‘diversity’ and miscegenation. Screw the ‘color continuum’.

    Iceman: Jews and Whites have different and irreconcilable interests. This would be true even without genetic differences as significant as the ones that exist. The mere act of considering yourself part of one group over the other shows where your interests and loyalty are. So a problem with distinguishing between different types of Jews is that if someone considers themselves Jewish, that group loyalty automatically makes them an opponent. Of course the danger/hostility of the Jews towards Whites falls on a gradient, but the ones with negligible hostility will still support their group when it comes down to it.

  24. Clytemnestra is a troll. I’ve seen her post on Political Cesspool and AMREN and some of the content is definitely anti-White.

  25. Also, I do not know if Hunter has changed his view, but before he was sort of in denial of the fact that Taylor himself at least wants to appear like he is welcoming to Jews. Whether his motive is deep or it is pure opportunism, it is hard to say. Regardless of his motive, Taylor wants Jews to support him. Even if his motive is only for legitimacy and deep down he dislikes Jewish people (which cannot be said for sure), his methods are clear.

    When push comes to shove, David Duke is banned from the conference, but Michael Hart (as far as I know) is not banned. When push comes to shove, Ian Jobling is still listed as a worker on the Amren website.

    This makes the attacks by the JDO particularly dishonest. They are banging the issue and purposely ignoring a lot of facts, to deceive their own readers. They are acting sort of like many white nationalists do.

  26. I would guess that the H.L. Mencken conference already scheduled for this fall will be under attack.

  27. More attack from the left. I just heard a report on CNN about demonstrators trying to disrupt a private meeting of the Koch brothers. I know little of these guys.
    CNN could only talk about how they funded the right and how, heaven forbid, they wanted to do their affairs in private. No mention of the mob on the street.
    Together with the AR attack this to me seems to indicate that the left is taking a new more aggressive tack. Why not? People don’t care. Just like they Germans that turned their heads when the Nazi’s went after the Jews.

    Of course now what we should do is fight among ourselves even harder.

  28. “Can you explain to me what the vanguard has ever done about the Jewish Question? I mean aside from making the subject more difficult to raise in public.”

    The JQ is far easier to discuss with ordinary people now than it was in 2000. The neocon’s Iraq war opened up the debate.

  29. Well – now the conference is banned. So who has the last laugh? Duke, or JewAmongYou? So I guess accomodating all those Hebes worked out fine, in the end, as long as we can agree that not ALL Hebes are Hostile Hebes. A deeply satisfying consensus. I’m certain some of Taylor’s Jew pals are deeply, truly. ruefully sorry over what’s happened.


  30. Whilst clearly not a White nationalist, as a Black, I find it despicable that they won’t allow these gatherings to go on. Who is to decide what is proper discourse? If a Black indeed did have something to do with this cancellation you can bet he was an arch assimulationist, most Blacks are apathetic to such things.

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