Amren 2011: Questions and Answers

The White Patriot Party marches on Raleigh

North Carolina

In my last post, I asked some tough questions about the cancellation of the 2011 Amren conference in Charlotte.

In this post, I will take a crack at answering them. I will close out the discussion of this topic by trying to offer some constructive solutions to the problem of holding future conferences.

Questions and Answers

(1) What are his critics on the internet doing to advance White Nationalism? Where is their conference? Where is their newsletter? Where are their television and radio appearances?

The answer to the first question is nothing much.

Jared Taylor is one of the few White Advocates who always speaks responsibly about race in public. He is easily the best communicator in the movement. There isn’t a White Advocate in America who comes across as more sympathetic to our target audience.

I can’t answer the second question to my satisfaction.

I am sure there are White Nationalist organizations out there that dislike Jared Taylor and regularly hold their national conferences on private property. These groups have no appeal to me. I don’t follow them and couldn’t tell you what they are doing.

Some of Jared Taylor’s critics have appeared on television and radio.

Glenn Miller appeared on the Howard Stern show last year. I can’t think of anyone else. If these people have appeared on television and radio, I haven’t seen any sign of them.

(2) Is a sixty year old man supposed to do everything?

Obviously not.

Jared Taylor is good at what he does. He also does far more than most. If we were trying to liquidate the White Nationalist movement, Amren and VDARE would be counted as assets, not as liabilities.

Amren is a great publication. The biannual conferences are a bright spot in a rather dismal scene. There isn’t a classier operation in the movement.

The debacle in Charlotte has less to do with Jared Taylor and Amren than with what White Nationalists in general have and haven’t been doing in North Carolina. This is also true of Mississippi where a Memphis area hotel reneged on David Duke’s EURO conference.

It doesn’t matter whether White Nationalists are naming the Jew. The threat to our civil rights is a common problem that transcends that particular issue.

It stems from a common cause.

(3) Were these people – the system rejecters – of any assistance to Jared Taylor and Amren in Charlotte? Were they of any assistance last year when Jeffrey Imm derailed the 2010 conference?


The “system rejecters” have proven useless in both episodes. They don’t have the resources or the inclination to pressure the Sheraton hotel chain or Mayor Patrick Cannon in Charlotte.

(4) Is there a pro-White elected official in Charlotte or North Carolina that the White Nationalist movement can appeal to?

I don’t know of any such elected official.

(5) Are there White Nationalists in North Carolina even bothering to run for elected office in that state?

I don’t think so.

I don’t know of anyone there trying to win a seat in the North Carolina state legislature or on the Charlotte city council. To my knowledge, there is no one there running a professional campaign, or even contemplating a serious run for public office.

(6) Is there are a White equivalent to any of these organizations?

The closest analogue would be EURO.

White Nationalists haven’t supported EURO or the A3P to the extent they could have done. This is the dirty little secret of the White Nationalist movement.

The vast majority of White Nationalists don’t support their own organizations. Yet they expect conservatives to join them and become White Nationalists.

(7) Why hasn’t the White Nationalist movement succeeded in organizing the 1/5th of the White population (at a minimum) that agrees with us on our most important issues?

This question has a complex answer.

– The vast majority of White Nationalists are content to post anonymous comments on the internet. Their participation in the movement is limited to venting their frustrations in cyberspace under pseudonyms.

– Most White Nationalists who are inclined toward “activism” are vanguardist exhibitionists who acting are out their own sense of individuality. They are not trying to convert anyone to White Nationalism.

– White Nationalists become addicted to a radical rhetoric in the course of their “education” on the internet. I have already mentioned the withdrawal process in my previous post.

It will suffice to say that the radical rhetoric disinclines them to interact with people who are less radical than they are, rhetorically speaking, even if we need the support of those people to create a White ethnostate in this country.

– A large percentage of White Nationalists are unable to communicate with this racially aware audience for various reasons. Some of them are stridently anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-republican, etc.

They would end up picking a fight with racial conservatives. The conversion process would end badly.

– White Nationalists rely upon the internet to disseminate their message. The racial conservative audience doesn’t rely as heavily on this medium.

– The racial conservative audience doesn’t see the White Nationalist movement as a viable resistance to the status quo. Most of the people who care about immigration and multiculturalism are going to support groups which are successful at addressing these problems.

– It simply hasn’t occurred to White Nationalists in North Carolina to organize the 20 percent of the White population that is racially aware in that state. They aren’t even trying to do so.

(8) Why haven’t Whites in North Carolina joined the National Socialist Movement, World Church of the Creator, National Alliance, Confederate Hammerskins, Ku Klux Klan, or White Revolution?

These groups are seen in a negative light for various reasons. It is somewhat attributable to media bias, but much of it has to do with their own actions, and how these groups present themselves to the public.

The majority of people who agree with our core issues don’t perceive any of these groups as viable.

(9) What happened to the White Patriot Party?

I’m not sure.

I believe it dissolved sometime before Glenn Miller declared war on the federal government and appointed himself President of the Confederate States of America.

(10) What is preventing them from reaching a wider audience?

The CofCC suffers from an elite imposed lack of legitimacy in North Carolina. It is labeled and marginalized as a “notorious white supremacist organization.” The substance of the CofCC political platform is quite popular in North Carolina and the other Southern states.

(11) How has pacifism and waiting for the inevitable collapse of the system worked out for us as a strategy?

In North Carolina, White Nationalists are utterly disorganized and blacks like Patrick Cannon rule in Charlotte, while the inevitable collapse of the system has yet to deliver the faithful to the promised land.

We can’t even rent a hotel conference room to hold a meet, eat, and retreat anymore. This is the inevitable result of four decades of self conscious ideological stupidity.

(12) Doesn’t this lack of resistance only empower our enemies and create a self fulfilling prophecy of White marginalization?


What would happen if every Democrat sat out the 2012 presidential election? The Republican candidate would win.

What happens when White Nationalists refuse to participate in North Carolina politics? Our enemies are happy to participate and take over the state and local governments without having to deal with the pesky problem of encountering any real resistance to their anti-White agenda.

What happens when White Nationalists retreat to their cults on a mountaintop to maintain their ideological purity? Our enemies eagerly go about spreading their destructive ideology unopposed, rotting the foundations of our society, and ensuring that any future resistance to the status quo will face an even steeper uphill struggle.

Rhetorical radicalism is always coupled to an action plan of turning the other cheek. When you turn the other cheek as a political strategy, you are inevitably struck by the enemy’s other fist.

(13) What sense does it make to attack the people we need to win in North Carolina? Are we better off for distancing ourselves from our audience?

It makes no sense at all.

How can we create a White ethnostate without the White majority? The White majority in North Carolina are “conservatives.” A significant number of those “conservatives” are racially conscious White Christians who believe our resentments are justified.

It is senseless to strike out like a rattlesnake at our own people. That accomplishes nothing. The reasonable course of action is to engage the public and win them over to our point of view.

White Nationalists should reflect upon the debacle in Charlotte. We are worse off in North Carolina for unnecessarily distancing ourselves from our target audience.

(14) Shouldn’t we be educating White Nationalists in how to fight back? Isn’t that just as important as converting them to White racial consciousness? Isn’t action more important than rhetoric?


Most White Nationalists prefer to focus on “education.” They believe in converting as many isolated, alienated people to our ideas as possible.

Their focus is almost exclusively on subjects like racial differences, the Jewish Question, the history of White racial decline, etc.

The problem with this approach is that there is little discussion in the White Nationalist movement about means, beginnings, strategy, and tactics. There is no follow up after converting people to White Nationalism.

Without the means to fight back, the new converts become more radical, ideological, and alienated from American society, which has the effect of crippling their ability to communicate with ordinary people outside the White Nationalist movement.

This usually culminates in the individual finally giving up and dropping out of the movement.

(15) What is the use of spreading an ideology that no one in North Carolina seems inclined to act upon?

You are only creating an escape valve, a type of rhetorical radicalism, that props up the status quo.

As ordinary conservatives, many of the people who are converted to White Nationalism might have once voted, donated, organized, contributed, and persuaded their neighbors to oppose the progressive elite, which is far more effective than posting anonymous comments in cyberspace.

(16) What happened to those lawsuits? What happened to the idea of creating a White Nationalist version of MALDEF or the NAACP Legal Defense Fund?

I will let Jared Taylor answer that question.

As for the White Nationalist version of MALDEF or the NAACP Legal Fund, it is a typical example of a “good idea” that is never acted upon or supported as well as it should be.

The failure of White Nationalists on the organizational front is why Jared Taylor and David Duke are getting their conferences kicked out of hotels.

(17) There are some White Nationalists who are ideologically committed to disorganization though. Does that make any sense?


It is clearly irrational. Power is based on money, organization, bodies, and legitimacy.

If White Nationalists were serious about seizing power in North Carolina, they would organize a credible resistance and use their manpower in creative ways to delegitimize their opposition.

(18) How is it that illegal aliens can rally across North Carolina at a month’s notice whereas White Nationalists seem to be utterly rudderless on this front?

Non-Whites do not suffer from the misconception that power is synonymous with rhetorical radicalism. They focus on organizing and adapt their rhetoric and tactics to short term political objectives like the DREAM Act.

(19) What has all that internet posting – all that “spreading of ideas” – ever accomplished for us in North Carolina?

We reach a few thousand people who are alienated and isolated in their communities in North Carolina and other states. They are not told how to fight back.

The “education” process continues.

These converts become addicted to a false radicalism that is based entirely on words. It cripples their ability to disrupt the status quo in North Carolina in an effective way.

(20) Why don’t White Nationalists join their own organizations? Why don’t they show up at their own events? How can we ever break the taboos against us by “spreading ideas” – safely, harmlessly, anonymously – on the internet?

This question has a simple answer.

White Nationalists don’t join their own organizations primarily because of their fear of social ostracism and employment discrimination. Many White Nationalists also have personalities that are unsuited to responding well to authority.

We will also never break the reigning taboos by posting anonymous comments on the internet. White Nationalists have been doing that for seventeen years now with little success.

(21) Does this make White Nationalists more or less effective at converting ordinary White people to White Nationalism?

Less effective.

If you cannot communicate with your own friends, family, and neighbors anymore, you need to take a step back from the movement, as your “inner circle” are the people who should be the most amenable to your appeals.

The internet can only be used to reach isolated, geographically scattered people across the country. In order to create a political base, we have to reach a broader spectrum of White people in a concentrated geographic area.

This requires the use of different means to spread our message.

(22) Given the refusal of White Nationalists to organize in the real world and flex their political power in North Carolina, a state with favorable demographics for White Advocacy, why should we expect our situation to be otherwise?

Objectively, we shouldn’t be surprised that we were run out of Charlotte.

This is a sad testament to the disorganization of White Nationalists in North Carolina, their inability to connect with a mass constituency, and the tactics we have relied upon to get our point across.

(23) What does it say about the course of the White Nationalist movement that we can no longer defend our most basic civil rights?

It says immediately that we are doing something wrong. We shouldn’t be in this situation forty years later.

(24) Is there something we are not doing that we should be doing?


We should be spending our time discussing how to fight back, not “naming the Jew” or focusing on the racial outrage of the day. Knowledge gets us nowhere without discipline and action.

(25) Is there something we are doing that we should not be doing?

We spend most our time posting radical anonymous comments on the internet which produces no return on our investment. Instead of perfecting the fine art of rhetorical radicalism, we should instead focus on organizing in the real world and establishing ourselves as a legitimate opposition in our own communities.

(26) Is this what we get for pointing out racial double standards?

Non-Whites have done little else but appeal to the White sense of fair play by pointing out racial double standards. This tactic has worked for them because it resonated with their audience.

The problem in Charlotte is not that Jared Taylor points out racial double standards. It is that there is no organization or infrastructure on the ground there to provide him with a big enough megaphone or political base of support.

The real failure here is the dominance of rhetorical radicalism and time-wasting on the internet over practical and constructive forms of activity like White entrepreneuralism and community organizing.

(27) Does it make sense to appeal to the Southern psyche?

Sure it does.

In states like Alabama, half the White population is racially conscious. In states like North Carolina, at least a quarter of Whites are racially conscious. The White population is also broadly supportive of our free speech rights.

If we could only reach our audience, they would likely respond well to our appeals. Jared Taylor isn’t going to reach White Southerners though with al-Jazeera and Russia Today interviews.

What sense does it make to justify our cause on the basis of outré ideas like National Socialism and Satanism that no one in our target audience in North Carolina will respond well to?

(28) Should we file lawsuits?

That depends on the nature of the contract with the hotel. It also depends upon whether there is any federal civil rights violation. A lawyer will have to answer that question.

(29) Can we win by discarding WASP gentlemanliness and Christianity?

If you believe we should narrow our audience to less than 1 percent of the White population, then you would probably incline toward that point of view.

The people who say things like that are in business to financially promote themselves. They are not seriously trying to reverse our racial decline.

(30) Should Whites establish a dual code of morality?

Morality is a system of taboos that regulates social interaction within a community. White Nationalists are in no position to create a “dual code of morality.” Sociopaths create their own morality.

(31) Should Jared Taylor name the Jew?

The Jew is named over a hundred times a day by White Nationalists to absolutely no effect. If Jared Taylor named the Jew, he would still be getting kicked out of hotels in Charlotte and Washington.

It is somewhat disturbing that “naming the Jew” is still perceived to be a real solution to our problems. Men like William Pierce have gone to their graves naming the Jew.

It is pointless to “name the Jew” without the legitimacy or means to get the point across to a mass audience.


(1) The short term solution to the problem of holding an Amren conference is to hold a private, invitation only conference. Some of the people who go to Amren conferences really don’t need to be there anyway.

Amren should also look into public locations. There was a lot of debate last year about holding the conference at a national park or some type of private resort location.

The conference can always be live streamed to the public and videos can easily be posted on YouTube or some other service.

(2) In the long term, we have to start fighting for our rights or be willing to concede them. That means lawsuits, boycotts, protests, organizing the masses, retaliation at the ballot box, propaganda, building the infrastructure that we needed in Charlotte, Memphis, and Washington.

(3) This long term solution will require White Nationalists to stand up to social ostracism and employment discrimination. Every other minority in this country had to fight for their rights. It is not going to be a cake walk.

(4) Experience has led me to believe that White Nationalists will not adopt this long term solution. Life will continue as before. This will result in the further erosion of our rights and liberties.

Alternatively, White Nationalists could organize in the real world under some other label, and work within the mainstream to move the political spectrum in our direction. Few are willing to do that though.

This is why I believe the White Nationalist movement must be rescued by some outside force. The only way to make that happen is by working outside of explicitly pro-White circles.

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  1. The CofCC suffers from an elite imposed lack of legitimacy in North Carolina. It is labeled and marginalized as a “notorious white supremacist organization.”

    You get to the heart of the problem here. CofCC is not “vanguardist” and doesn’t even describe itself as “white nationalist”. Yet it is almost as marginalized as a wacky group like the NSM.

    The question is: how you get around a uniformly hostile elite? :

    To be immersed in the Department for any length of time is to know with absolute certainty that the battle of ideas, for the highest seat of power, for the basic outlook of the United States of America is over and it has been won by globalist, multi-culturalist, liberal capitalism. That is to say, the USG is currently fanatically devoted to a world-view that can best be described in shorthand as a mix between the Wall St Journal pro-global business and open borders stance and the ideology one would find in the Office for Multi-Cultural Affairs at a major liberal arts university.

    Mencius Moldbug (whose father was in the Foreign Service, and as he once pointed out to Larry Auster, when a person IN the Foreign Service and a person who grew up in the Foreign Service are telling you, who are NOT in USG that USG is fully and completely committed to the modern liberal revolution and is not capable of being reformed, one should LISTEN) is completely correct in noting that this view has hardened into an ideology and has intertwined itself so thoroughly in the popular mind with what it means to be “American” that nothing short of an intense crisis or a complete breakdown will bring about any change. Certainly, electing this or that Republican makes no difference to the Permanent Government.


  2. ICR, that is a great comment, thanks for reposting. Perfectly true.

    HW, in your zeal for analysis and attacking the Clown Wing of U.S. racialism, you often overlook an important fact: Failure for opponents of -Capitalist-Liberal-Multikulitocracy is inherent right now. It is NOT because “Racialists do not support crypto-racialist Republicans enough”, or because the “Clown Wing is too high-profile”, or anything else.

    I like your OP, though, because at least it represents constructive thinking. #25 above: “We should be spending our time discussing how to fight back”. Although this is vague enough to cover all bases, I find it strange that the word “Egypt” does not occur in your OP. Although I am no friend of Islam, consider that the “Muslim Brotherhood” there seems on the brink of power, despite being a small, persecuted group with no power or serious mainstream voice for decades. What did they do (surviving as an alienated, powerless political force for so long) that white racialists have not?

    Although you are no expert on that subject, I’d like to see someone provide an answer for it.

  3. Hail,

    I can answer your question.

    The root cause of the disturbances in Tunisia and Egypt is the inflation of food prices in the Arab world. That is what sparked the riots.

    The same thing happened back in 2008 when the Haitians were eating dirt sandwiches and responded by overthrowing the government. This is a preview of the turbulent decade we are headed into as the fossil fuel inputs that power modern agribusiness become increasingly scare and expensive.

    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  4. The equivalent of the Muslim Brotherhood in America would be the Tea Party/Christian Right.

    I wrote a post a few months ago that predicted any future “collapse of the system” would be interpreted in apocalyptic terms would work to the advantage of Christian fundamentalists, not secular White Nationalists.

  5. Knowledge gets us nowhere without discipline and action.

    So simple, so true.

    I was so tempted to fly over for the original (now cancelled ) conference as I would have really liked to have met some of you in person. However free time is very short supply for me at the moment, and to be honest I was already a bit nervous something like this might happen, so I am relieved I listened to my gut and decided to leave it.

    I have signed up for the live podcast from the ‘undisclosed’ location: only 10 bucks, and at least you can still hear the speakers:

  6. Most White Nationalists who are inclined toward “activism” are vanguardist exhibitionists who acting are out their own sense of individuality.

    I am not a White Nationalist for this reason. White Nationalism by itself is not an ideology, so it draws people who want to act out a violent dream. Paleoconservatism and Traditionalism make sense because in those beliefs, white nationalism is a part but not the whole. The far-right is stretched thin across many subdivisions of failing ideas, many of those subsidized by the FBI, and unable to come to a point of consensus: we are conservatives who also but not exclusively care about race.

    Of equal importance to us are the removal of white scumbags, social problems like drugs and crime, and the possibility of civilizational collapse or regression to a third world state (which can occur without multiculturalism). It’s time to stop talking about African-Americans and Jewish-Americans, and start talking about rebuilding white American culture.

  7. The language of the day must be used against the anti-whites.

    “If whites are to be denied group civil rights then law enforcement must be tuned to rigorously enforce the law against those hate groups who violate whites individual civil rights.”

    Of course the left will say that far right groups are the only threat to whites individual civil rights, but there comes a point that the will to power must actually be displayed and not bandied about on the net and our civil rights must be and will be held up.

    As of now we could ask a congressperson to ask Eric Holder that basic question, and we know how he will answer, which is to our advantage.

    But then I suppose this will not appease the die jude namer or the costume baller or the nsm activist, but it will ingratiate us with millions who worry that they are becoming a despised minority.

  8. Jared is a great guy, etc. but the fact still stands that he apparently didn’t learn anything from 2 years ago. Did Taylor think the Jews weren’t going to harass his conference again this year? Why didn’t he change his strategy? Why did he pick Charlotte, N.C.?

  9. They are not “jews” they are anti-whites. Millions of whites do not want to be in the same boat as the nazis, but these same whites despise anti-whites.

    The anti-whites stopped Jared Taylor and one day he will realize that these anti-whites are not “anti-racists” but only dedicated to being anti-white. And then he will be useful. I mean really we all know by now the Blank Slate Theory is bunk.

  10. Anyway while the professors of crime stats, jews and IQ are stymied the Bugsers and the Mantra are chewing up anti-whites left and right (hint that means winning, I like winning).

    Anyone know if the Mayor of Charlotte is anti-white?

  11. What is the solution to these forced shutdowns? Hold them in public parks and everyone else is on their own via hotels?

  12. The A3p has been the only organization that has made serious face to face efforts in adressing these issues as a viable third party. We need to have a back up plan as the republicans would make ducks there focus and not white folks as a minority if it meant keeping there party a minority party. No two party system would allow its powerful grasp to slip over allegiance to its loyal white men and conservative woman but they have time and time again.
    The A3p is always in the publics face in the streets going door to door and meeting with powerful people to discuss our races future in America.

    These past few days have been busy ones, full of opportunities to lobby for white interests at the very highest levels of American leadership. I spoke at length (in person and on the telephone) with two presidential campaign managers, three subordinate campaign managers, one U.S. Congressman and eight U.S. Senators. In some of the conversations, we talked at length about the future of the white race, and in some of the conversations, I was only able to make a short statement.

  13. The thing that seems impossible to do nowadays is to schedule a hotel and conference room under the same roof, but it shouldn’t be impossible to find a private conference room somewhere in proximity to various hotels, where shuttle services could get people back and forth after they have been eating, drinking, and socializing. Or someone else other than American Renaissance could be charged with the responsibility of organizing the event, someone who doesn’t have anything that a discovery process might uncover, and then sue the crap out of these people for violation of contract. Or something. The main thing is for Taylor to do something intelligent and strategic, rather than just getting floored year in and year out.

  14. dan neil says:

    The A3p has been the only organization that has made serious face to face efforts in addressing these issues as a viable third party.

    These past few days have been busy ones, full of opportunities to lobby for white interests at the very highest levels of American leadership. I spoke at length (in person and on the telephone) with two presidential campaign managers, three subordinate campaign managers, one U.S. Congressman and eight U.S. Senators. In some of the conversations, we talked at length about the future of the white race, and in some of the conversations, I was only able to make a short statement.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Dan I commend you on your idealism and more importantly your HARD WORK.

    This is what we need more than anything else:

    Whites who will do effective hard work – make the calls, write the e-mails, faxes, letters and write them in ways where they are read and have a strong effect.

    My own experience has been that activism works best when Whites finesse the racial issue just a little bit – present themselves as something other than straight out White nationalists, White racialists. In my case, I busted my as* to see that immigration restrictionist Brian Bilbray was elected Congressmen from a Southern California district in the most hotly contested Congressional campaign of the year (couple years back). I presented myself as a regular volunteer, not some krank, I was honest in saying I thought illegal immigration was my most important issue, but not the only one. I follow directions, followed the phone bank scrips. I went door to door and talked face to face with White voters.

    I also did lots of campaigning as a White biker – something I am and that’s an implicit White group that many voters admire, respect.

    I also helped the campaign win by pressure another White conservative candidate drop out of the general race after he spent a ton of money on advertising in the primary. I knew folks from this guy’s church and we used connections to pressure this guy to drop out so the lib Dem idiot women candidate wouldn’t win if the GOP, White Conservative vote was split.

    We won. Bilbray is solidly in power now and gets an A from NumbersUSA on immigration.

    My own experience was positive, but not all clear sailing. Bilbray’s campaign staff was full of people looking out for embarrassing RACISTS coming on to the campaign, plus the young staff is very jealous of any bright folks wanting to come on board and get too close to their candidate as they are looking for great jobs in Washington, the district etc. That’s life.

    I highly recommend others here do what I did:

    Work on a local campaign, something like a state representative race or US Congressional race. Avoid pie in the sky Presidential campaigns, you’ll have no effect and get burnt out.

    PM if you want any tips for being effective on local campaigns.

  15. The CofCC has a twenty year history of activity in North Carolina. Including many public demonstrations over the years. The CofCC has held major conferences in NC as well.

    However said the CofCC is “marginalized” to the degree is neo-nazis has absolutely no clue whatsoever about the facts. You should be ashamed of yourself for spewing such crap.

  16. Very true.

    Didn’t the CofCC hold a national conference in Asheville? The one where the anti-fa was chased out of town?

    The CofCC’s problem is not its message. The average White person in North Carolina is instinctively pro-White, Christian, conservative, skeptical of the NAACP and the federal government. A large percentage of the White population there is explicitly White to some degree.

    The barrier to communication between the CofCC and Whites in North Carolina is nowhere near as large as the one that exists between the NSM and White North Carolinians.

    The problem is that the conservative and Republican elites portray the CofCC as an illegitimate organization. We have seen this recently in Arkansas and California. I suspect the situation in North Carolina is hardly any different.

  17. Yes I am familar with Bilbray that was good work and men like Bill, Kevin Macdonald, Tom Sunic, and James Edwards of Political Cesspool are on our board.I personally dont know of anyone other then Bill Johnson taking the time and the energy to build this ethno-third party and meeting with senators face to face to get and seizing the opportunity to say what he says to them. I am certain nonoe of these men have ever heard this type of dialouge before or been engaged in this controversy.

  18. You break the glass ceiling of whites having no group interests the sky is the limit, the way thru that is the civil rights language.

  19. Some have completely misunderstood the events in Arkansas. A leading GOP official, who is very well liked, chose the CofCC over the GOP. The state chairman, a liberal neo-con type, demanded that he quit the CofCC. He said screw you and quit the GOP instead.

    Now many Arkansas GOP leaders are pissed at liberal neo-con Webb, who by the way, was recently inducted into some kind of Arkansas Black History Museum. Webb has been on a “lets recruit blacks into the GOP” kick.

    This has in no way de-legitimized the CofCC. The events have de-legitimized the GOP!

    Now guys like Peter Brimlow are praising Casteel and the CofCC in Arkansas.

  20. AmRen won’t be meeting and speaking in Charlotte this weekend, but Leonard Zeskind will –

    Groups concerned about racial prejudice will hold a discussion forum at the West Boulevard Library tomorrow.

    Leonard Zeskind, president of the Kansas City-based Institute for Research & Education of Human Rights and author of “Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream” will be a guest speaker.

    The forum is in response to controversy this month over first amendment rights and a white nationalists’ organization, American Renaissance, decision to call off its conference that was planned to be held in Charlotte.

    You can read some of the Observer’s coverage about the cancelled conference here and here. And here are some photos.

    Organizers of Saturday’s forum said attendees will be given an opportunity to participate in a discussion about why a coalition of groups opposed American Renaissance coming to Charlotte. The hour and a half session will start at 1 p.m. at the library located 2157 West Boulevard.

  21. Jack Ryan,

    I went to a Tea Party event in upstate NY and noticed that it was a lot of bikers who were implicitly white.

    Hunter is right that we have to go and work among people in the community and not do things to marginalize ourselves. We need to be the most active people in the community.

    The news of 2011 is increasing oil and food prices. This will work in our favor, excuse me, this CAN work in our favor, if we take the lead in our local communities to do mitigation. Study sites like and (a forum) and “Transition Towns” and get involved in “mitigation” of economic contraction. Community gardens and car sharing, which will mitigate food and fuel prices, are things you can organize as soon as people in your area are desperate enough to do this.

    Basically when formerly middle class people are hungry and can’t afford their car any more, they will be open to the idea of getting a plot in a community garden, and getting a share of a car ownership. If 10 people share an Econoline van, we can all get to work and to the supermarket for a fraction of the cost. A garden plot can provide a large chunk of our diet.

    In such harsh conditions, racial reality will be obvious. And when people are talking about why we lost the country and lost our prosperity, well, that’ll be a “teachable moment” too, won’t it?

  22. I submit that Jared Taylor is dumb as a fox. There are still very White areas in the USA. Very White. Some of them in Rust Belt areas where business is down and they would welcome a bunch of White people reserving hotel rooms and dropping cash all over town.

    So why did he set up the conference in the heart of what amounts to BRA?! From previous experience, He HAD to know it would either be disrupted or canceled. Either he’s NOT that serious about White Nationalism and he’s merely a tool that has been co-opted by the Usual Suspects OR he is making a larger statement to White America at large.

    He has gotten a LOT of publicity for AMREN these last couple of weeks. His organization was accused of being behind the attempted assassination of Congressional Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (Kelly) and got tons of airplay from FOX. Now a humiliating cancellation of his conference which was followed by a black-listing from hotels all over Charlotte, NC after this was orchestrated by a Negro politician is being blasted all over the place.

    In the meantime, you have La Raza types yelling about Old Whites dying and chortling over taking their place and not being shut down. Then there are New Black Panther types yelling about killing Whites and their babies, too, and not being shut down. When was the last time either of THESE groups had THEIR hotel conferences canceled by cowardly hotel keepers under pressure from local politicians?

    Don’t think the average White isn’t watching this with a certain amount of interest and coming to the logical conclusions.

  23. I would argue that it is a distinct possibility that holding the conference is a collective event and turns largely on the preferences of the invited speakers and big donors. Most of these people prefer to be in a big city with convenient access to a major airport.

    Of course I could be wrong about this. A Jewish conspiracy might indeed be at work here.

  24. >>The real failure here is the dominance of rhetorical radicalism and time-wasting on the internet over practical and constructive forms of activity like White entrepreneurship and community organizing.<<

    Quite true, almost to a fault. I am pleased to say EAU has been pushing nearly the same message. We want our people to coalesce on a local level with EAU chapters across the nation, interconnected, to take on the squeamish multicultural pimps who share the same roads, shopping centers and neighborhoods i.e. " ….we need leaders who will spark a fire of righteous anger in their chapter members, (and) by extension the wider community, to send a chill of terror down the spines of our adversaries. It can be done and it must be done; but it has to begin with you –now– and you have to have the proper back up (chapter members, resources, strategy, etc). Again we need you to sign up, step up, form a chapter, get sanctioned, and immediately begin addressing concerns in your area on behalf of your people."

    I am pleased to see OD and EAU sharing the same vision.

  25. I have a sneaking suspicion something messed up has been going on at AR for the last several months. My magazines mysteriously stopped coming in the mail last autumn despite having a half year left on my subscription. I have sent multiple emails and written a letter to them about the situation and I received absolutely no response. I don’t know if they hired someone who is not doing their job or if someone is sabotaging their mailing in the post office, but even a hamburger restaurant responds to their customers feedback. The fact that no one responded to my repeated emails about my magazines disappearing has me wondering who exactly is working there?

  26. Good read …

    I drove through Georgia today and saw a massive confederate flag flying high above interstate 75.

    Talk about a great feeling.

  27. Frank,

    Quite right.

    Just imagine where we would be right now if 25 percent of the energy that is wasted complaining on the internet had instead been channeled into organizing and networking in the real world?

  28. Off topic, but in case anyone is interested:

    There is a march by the English Defense League in Luton, England today.

    I am aware these guys are somewhat misguided in their efforts as they constantly go out of their way to say they are “not racists”, and, to make matters worse, they are stuck on the ‘counter-jihad’ mindset while ignoring our much bigger problem: White genocide. Despite their ignorance, at least they are doing something tangible to help their communities, and for this I do admire them. Hopefully their time in the counter-jihad arena will prove a gateway to a deeper understanding of our problems.

    This pandering to their numerous critics has , of course, got them nowhere as all the comments I am reading on the live-feed are calling them ‘racist-scum’ and other of the usual tags. In fact, it looks like there will be quite a few clashes today as the muslims and their assorted useful idiots are planning to confront them at various tops along the planned parade path.
    Watch here if interested:

  29. @ Hunter

    I don’t know if you have ever visited Charlotte, NC? But, it is just like Cleveland, Ohio, only you have a lot more Mexicans in Charlotte than you do in Cleveland. LOL.

    That said, for an ivy league graduate, Taylor let his right to peacefully assemble be taken away from him by the Shearaton Hotel chain!

    Taylor will go quietly into the night, and the usual blowhards will make excuses, just like the excuses they will make when the internet is shutdown.

  30. Anybody else waiting on the NPI live feed for the AmRen “virtual conference?” I signed up for it yesterday but I can’t say I’m surprised it’s not working. What a waist of money. I swear this is the most unorganized political “movement” on the face of the planet.

  31. I received an email from Spencer saying the streaming conference would be delayed until 12:30PM EST, but now it is 1:10 and still no sign of it. In the email, he said there was “agitation” going on there. Has anyone heard anything else about what exactly is going on?

  32. Hunter, would you comment sometime about this sentence?

    “Jared Taylor is one of the few White Advocates who always speaks responsibly about race in public.”

    I don’t see why it is incumbent on white Americans to explain, point out, or defend the notion that humans are divided into races. The media and the entertainment complex each explicitly and directly promote the idea that there are races.

    I’ve noticed the one-step-back in Taylor’s writing before from defending white Americans to defending the idea that races exist, apparently to justify considering white people as a race. But no one on earth, especially in America’s writing, teaching, and entertaining classes, doubts the existence of races. What’s up with this defense of the reality of races in Taylor’s ideology?

  33. Did anyone else catch the Drudge linked screamer?

    Coming from a Tory, this is amazing. Looks like the BNP did some good, working within the system.

    “State multiculturalism has failed”, says David Cameron …

    David Cameron has criticised “state multiculturalism” in his first speech as prime minister on radicalisation and the causes of terrorism.

  34. Hunter, would you comment sometime about this sentence?


    When Jared Taylor opens his mouth, it is highly unlikely that he is going to make some type of damaging statement, something that can be used to polarize White America against White Nationalists.

    He is not careless with our public image.

    You will never see Jared Taylor talking about subjects like man-animal chimeras, arranged marriages, exterminating the Jews, Atlantis, and Nazi UFOs.

    He is an asset to our cause because of his ability to make racially conscious Whites look intelligent and sympathetic, not kooky and disagreeable.

  35. “Name the Jew, Wallace, you fucking coward!

    Show some balls, like anonymous nobody Captaincaos.”

    FB, why don’t you blog under your real name, you anonymous cowardly nobody? Let’s see your balls.

  36. OK – here I go – Jared Taylor did an enormous dis-service to the cause of Whites, by picking BRA Charlotte, NC as the site of the attempt at a conference iin 2011.

    Many of you are trying to defend him. Some of you are applauding his “dumb as a fox” tactic of getting routed again.


    Most White Americans have NO clue about any of any of this. Even if they do hear about this second rout – the whole thing has been presented well-deserved, and perceived as, “Tsk tsk – Those Horrid White Racists Look What Happens I’m Glad I’M Not a Racist I Might Get in Trouble”

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice – shame on me.

    All Taylor has done, to the few Whites that know ANYTHING about this, is make us look really stupid and inept. Nothing succeeds like success – alas – in practical terms – all he’s done is go from getting broadcasted on CNN, to getting booted 2 years running.

    If you think his pr about his “victimization” is a “success – think again, folks.

    1) Whites do NOT like to think of themselves AS victims. Even as we ARE being victimized. There are all sorts of double and triple standards; while Whites may like to feel sorry for, and help, non-White “victims” – it’s OK – cause…they…are..not White…and they … themselves…after all. Why – We’ll help them and save them! Those poor Haitians! Those poor Cubans! Those poor Mexicans Just Looking for a Better Life!

    Those poor Holocausted Jews.

    We’ll save them all!

    Whites do NOT like to Play Victim. Normal Whites, who have not suffered again, see a White on TV, whining about being a victim, and the brain flashes “Loser. Weakling. Retard”.

    2) Our enemies are not gonna see elegant, beautifully spoken Mr Ivy Leaguea Fluent in a Gadjillion Languages Millionaire Jared Taylor on TV, ruefuly bemonaing his victim status, and feel guilty about unsprotsmanlike behavor, ad fell sorry – and – read these next words:


    No – the Darkies, and the JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZ behind them – are gonna laugh, and High Five – and move on to the next scam. He’s a joke.

    So knock off the absurd attempts to pretend this second rout is some sort of a victory.I kow he’s one of oyur Southern Boys – but there is no honor what-so-ever in what he’s done. So stop cheerleading. It’s nauseating.

    You are all about practical real world solutions, Hunter – so am I. It’s why I come here. I like and appreciate your analysis on most issues. By your own standards, this latest debacle is as bad as anything the Vanguardists have ever not done…You all trash Vanguardists for their Worse is Better approach – well – whadya call this?

    Jared Taylor could have picked a venue that would have been amenable. Some-one on the Occidental Observer blog noted that he appears so weak and spineless that he cannot even make a hotel honor thier contract.

    If Taylor doen’t want to be bothered anymore – fine. He should just hang it up. And really – he has. He’s wasted the time and money of many of his followers. I know a bunch of folks that squandered moneyo n airlines ticket,s this year and last year. He squandered the goodwill of those that would have attended this year.

    But it’s OVER.

    American Renaissance still has the publication. It’s still an excellent “gateway” drug. But we must be SMART about doing things, and a major “resptecable, literate conference must BE a success, in order to engender success. Think of how much better it would have been for all involved had this gone off as a success. You say “Better is Better”, Hunter I’ve swiped that line from YOU. If a “respectable” outfit like AmRen can’t even organize a conference – then why would mainstream Whites even WANT to have anything to do with this?

    As far as not Naming Die Jude? What’s HAPPENED to you Hunter? When does accomodating them EVER work? And would Them Nigras have ever gotten to a place where they were able to hold office, and shut our Whitey, without endless and bottomless Jew money and effort BEHIND them? Who founded the N double A CP, Hunter?

    Was it Negroes?

    Now – don’t be knocking the CoCC. They haven’t been routed YET. They ARE slowly and surely doing the groundwork stuff. Why do you feel the need to insult them, in order to buck of that feckless Metrosexual Taylor?

    He’s wasted people’s time and money and faith. STOP defending him. It’s disgraceful. Wha’ts he accomplished, with this idiocy? He needs to stay in his library, and write stuff about Negroes. For Newbies.

  37. “He is an asset to our cause because of his ability to make racially conscious Whites look intelligent and sympathetic, not kooky and disagreeable.”

    He made us look stupid and inept. The “brilliant one” made us look like idiots.

    Trick me once – shame on you.
    Trick me twice – shame on me.

  38. Hunter W: “You will never see Jared Taylor talking about subjects like man-animal chimeras, arranged marriages, exterminating the Jews, Atlantis, and Nazi UFOs.

    He is an asset to our cause because of his ability to make racially conscious Whites look intelligent and sympathetic, not kooky and disagreeable.”

    What we need more than sympathetic public images are pissed off White people willing to fight.

  39. All,

    Regarding the live web-stream, we’ve run into serious difficulties. We’ve decided not to go into details at this time, but you can use your imagination. It has become impossible to web-Stream.

    We are, however, able to film the conference in HD. We are going to make the videos available to everyone online shortly.

    I speak for everyone involved with NPItv, when I say that it pains us not to deliver what we promised — namely, a live web-stream on the two days of the event and a available download shortly thereafter.

    We hope that we can make it up to everyone who paid for the web-stream — i.e. everyone who purchased the conference before the publishing of this message at 2:30 PM (EST) on Saturday, Feb. 5 — by sending them free DVDs of the conference, on top of the download. We will also offer them gift certificates granting 20 percent off books in the Washington Summit Publishers library.

    To all those expecting the live web-stream, please accept NPItv’s sincerest apology. We are dedicated to offering live web-streams. This terrible experience has taught us how to avoid such difficulties in the future.

    Sincerely yours,

    Richard Spencer

  40. Spencer: “We hope that we can make it up to everyone who paid for the web-stream — i.e. everyone who purchased the conference before the publishing of this message at 2:30 PM (EST) on Saturday, Feb. 5 — by sending them free DVDs of the conference, on top of the download. We will also offer them gift certificates granting 20 percent off books in the Washington Summit Publishers library.”

    I’m curious why not just refund their money?

  41. As far as not Naming Die Jude? What’s HAPPENED to you Hunter? When does accomodating them EVER work?

    Why do you think it is about accommodating them? Rather I see it more as a way to accommodate curious whites who might be scared off by an message that sounds nazi rather than simply an explanation for black crime, social dysfunction, and poor school performance by minorities. Things they see in their daily life and can relate to, things they have a sneaking suspicion they are not getting a proper explanation for. Only a small minority of whites have much contact with Jewish people in America and are susceptible to such a “name the Jew” message.

  42. Denise,

    In order for “naming the Jew” to work, we must have the means and legitimacy to communicate and connect with a mass constituency.

    You can “name the Jew” a million times without those indispensable prerequisites on the internet. I once had an entire blog dedicated to discussing the matter.

    It won’t make the slightest dent in Jewish power.

    By all means, let’s “name the Jew” when we find ourselves in a position to address the problem. Until that time, we should focus on laying the foundation for our future success.

  43. “Most White Nationalists who are inclined toward “activism” are vanguardist exhibitionists who acting are out their own sense of individuality.”

    Whenever I see and hear the Clown Wing of the movement it makes me think of one of those gay pride parades…

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