Amren 2011: Questions and Answers

The White Patriot Party marches on Raleigh

North Carolina

In my last post, I asked some tough questions about the cancellation of the 2011 Amren conference in Charlotte.

In this post, I will take a crack at answering them. I will close out the discussion of this topic by trying to offer some constructive solutions to the problem of holding future conferences.

Questions and Answers

(1) What are his critics on the internet doing to advance White Nationalism? Where is their conference? Where is their newsletter? Where are their television and radio appearances?

The answer to the first question is nothing much.

Jared Taylor is one of the few White Advocates who always speaks responsibly about race in public. He is easily the best communicator in the movement. There isn’t a White Advocate in America who comes across as more sympathetic to our target audience.

I can’t answer the second question to my satisfaction.

I am sure there are White Nationalist organizations out there that dislike Jared Taylor and regularly hold their national conferences on private property. These groups have no appeal to me. I don’t follow them and couldn’t tell you what they are doing.

Some of Jared Taylor’s critics have appeared on television and radio.

Glenn Miller appeared on the Howard Stern show last year. I can’t think of anyone else. If these people have appeared on television and radio, I haven’t seen any sign of them.

(2) Is a sixty year old man supposed to do everything?

Obviously not.

Jared Taylor is good at what he does. He also does far more than most. If we were trying to liquidate the White Nationalist movement, Amren and VDARE would be counted as assets, not as liabilities.

Amren is a great publication. The biannual conferences are a bright spot in a rather dismal scene. There isn’t a classier operation in the movement.

The debacle in Charlotte has less to do with Jared Taylor and Amren than with what White Nationalists in general have and haven’t been doing in North Carolina. This is also true of Mississippi where a Memphis area hotel reneged on David Duke’s EURO conference.

It doesn’t matter whether White Nationalists are naming the Jew. The threat to our civil rights is a common problem that transcends that particular issue.

It stems from a common cause.

(3) Were these people – the system rejecters – of any assistance to Jared Taylor and Amren in Charlotte? Were they of any assistance last year when Jeffrey Imm derailed the 2010 conference?


The “system rejecters” have proven useless in both episodes. They don’t have the resources or the inclination to pressure the Sheraton hotel chain or Mayor Patrick Cannon in Charlotte.

(4) Is there a pro-White elected official in Charlotte or North Carolina that the White Nationalist movement can appeal to?

I don’t know of any such elected official.

(5) Are there White Nationalists in North Carolina even bothering to run for elected office in that state?

I don’t think so.

I don’t know of anyone there trying to win a seat in the North Carolina state legislature or on the Charlotte city council. To my knowledge, there is no one there running a professional campaign, or even contemplating a serious run for public office.

(6) Is there are a White equivalent to any of these organizations?

The closest analogue would be EURO.

White Nationalists haven’t supported EURO or the A3P to the extent they could have done. This is the dirty little secret of the White Nationalist movement.

The vast majority of White Nationalists don’t support their own organizations. Yet they expect conservatives to join them and become White Nationalists.

(7) Why hasn’t the White Nationalist movement succeeded in organizing the 1/5th of the White population (at a minimum) that agrees with us on our most important issues?

This question has a complex answer.

– The vast majority of White Nationalists are content to post anonymous comments on the internet. Their participation in the movement is limited to venting their frustrations in cyberspace under pseudonyms.

– Most White Nationalists who are inclined toward “activism” are vanguardist exhibitionists who acting are out their own sense of individuality. They are not trying to convert anyone to White Nationalism.

– White Nationalists become addicted to a radical rhetoric in the course of their “education” on the internet. I have already mentioned the withdrawal process in my previous post.

It will suffice to say that the radical rhetoric disinclines them to interact with people who are less radical than they are, rhetorically speaking, even if we need the support of those people to create a White ethnostate in this country.

– A large percentage of White Nationalists are unable to communicate with this racially aware audience for various reasons. Some of them are stridently anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-republican, etc.

They would end up picking a fight with racial conservatives. The conversion process would end badly.

– White Nationalists rely upon the internet to disseminate their message. The racial conservative audience doesn’t rely as heavily on this medium.

– The racial conservative audience doesn’t see the White Nationalist movement as a viable resistance to the status quo. Most of the people who care about immigration and multiculturalism are going to support groups which are successful at addressing these problems.

– It simply hasn’t occurred to White Nationalists in North Carolina to organize the 20 percent of the White population that is racially aware in that state. They aren’t even trying to do so.

(8) Why haven’t Whites in North Carolina joined the National Socialist Movement, World Church of the Creator, National Alliance, Confederate Hammerskins, Ku Klux Klan, or White Revolution?

These groups are seen in a negative light for various reasons. It is somewhat attributable to media bias, but much of it has to do with their own actions, and how these groups present themselves to the public.

The majority of people who agree with our core issues don’t perceive any of these groups as viable.

(9) What happened to the White Patriot Party?

I’m not sure.

I believe it dissolved sometime before Glenn Miller declared war on the federal government and appointed himself President of the Confederate States of America.

(10) What is preventing them from reaching a wider audience?

The CofCC suffers from an elite imposed lack of legitimacy in North Carolina. It is labeled and marginalized as a “notorious white supremacist organization.” The substance of the CofCC political platform is quite popular in North Carolina and the other Southern states.

(11) How has pacifism and waiting for the inevitable collapse of the system worked out for us as a strategy?

In North Carolina, White Nationalists are utterly disorganized and blacks like Patrick Cannon rule in Charlotte, while the inevitable collapse of the system has yet to deliver the faithful to the promised land.

We can’t even rent a hotel conference room to hold a meet, eat, and retreat anymore. This is the inevitable result of four decades of self conscious ideological stupidity.

(12) Doesn’t this lack of resistance only empower our enemies and create a self fulfilling prophecy of White marginalization?


What would happen if every Democrat sat out the 2012 presidential election? The Republican candidate would win.

What happens when White Nationalists refuse to participate in North Carolina politics? Our enemies are happy to participate and take over the state and local governments without having to deal with the pesky problem of encountering any real resistance to their anti-White agenda.

What happens when White Nationalists retreat to their cults on a mountaintop to maintain their ideological purity? Our enemies eagerly go about spreading their destructive ideology unopposed, rotting the foundations of our society, and ensuring that any future resistance to the status quo will face an even steeper uphill struggle.

Rhetorical radicalism is always coupled to an action plan of turning the other cheek. When you turn the other cheek as a political strategy, you are inevitably struck by the enemy’s other fist.

(13) What sense does it make to attack the people we need to win in North Carolina? Are we better off for distancing ourselves from our audience?

It makes no sense at all.

How can we create a White ethnostate without the White majority? The White majority in North Carolina are “conservatives.” A significant number of those “conservatives” are racially conscious White Christians who believe our resentments are justified.

It is senseless to strike out like a rattlesnake at our own people. That accomplishes nothing. The reasonable course of action is to engage the public and win them over to our point of view.

White Nationalists should reflect upon the debacle in Charlotte. We are worse off in North Carolina for unnecessarily distancing ourselves from our target audience.

(14) Shouldn’t we be educating White Nationalists in how to fight back? Isn’t that just as important as converting them to White racial consciousness? Isn’t action more important than rhetoric?


Most White Nationalists prefer to focus on “education.” They believe in converting as many isolated, alienated people to our ideas as possible.

Their focus is almost exclusively on subjects like racial differences, the Jewish Question, the history of White racial decline, etc.

The problem with this approach is that there is little discussion in the White Nationalist movement about means, beginnings, strategy, and tactics. There is no follow up after converting people to White Nationalism.

Without the means to fight back, the new converts become more radical, ideological, and alienated from American society, which has the effect of crippling their ability to communicate with ordinary people outside the White Nationalist movement.

This usually culminates in the individual finally giving up and dropping out of the movement.

(15) What is the use of spreading an ideology that no one in North Carolina seems inclined to act upon?

You are only creating an escape valve, a type of rhetorical radicalism, that props up the status quo.

As ordinary conservatives, many of the people who are converted to White Nationalism might have once voted, donated, organized, contributed, and persuaded their neighbors to oppose the progressive elite, which is far more effective than posting anonymous comments in cyberspace.

(16) What happened to those lawsuits? What happened to the idea of creating a White Nationalist version of MALDEF or the NAACP Legal Defense Fund?

I will let Jared Taylor answer that question.

As for the White Nationalist version of MALDEF or the NAACP Legal Fund, it is a typical example of a “good idea” that is never acted upon or supported as well as it should be.

The failure of White Nationalists on the organizational front is why Jared Taylor and David Duke are getting their conferences kicked out of hotels.

(17) There are some White Nationalists who are ideologically committed to disorganization though. Does that make any sense?


It is clearly irrational. Power is based on money, organization, bodies, and legitimacy.

If White Nationalists were serious about seizing power in North Carolina, they would organize a credible resistance and use their manpower in creative ways to delegitimize their opposition.

(18) How is it that illegal aliens can rally across North Carolina at a month’s notice whereas White Nationalists seem to be utterly rudderless on this front?

Non-Whites do not suffer from the misconception that power is synonymous with rhetorical radicalism. They focus on organizing and adapt their rhetoric and tactics to short term political objectives like the DREAM Act.

(19) What has all that internet posting – all that “spreading of ideas” – ever accomplished for us in North Carolina?

We reach a few thousand people who are alienated and isolated in their communities in North Carolina and other states. They are not told how to fight back.

The “education” process continues.

These converts become addicted to a false radicalism that is based entirely on words. It cripples their ability to disrupt the status quo in North Carolina in an effective way.

(20) Why don’t White Nationalists join their own organizations? Why don’t they show up at their own events? How can we ever break the taboos against us by “spreading ideas” – safely, harmlessly, anonymously – on the internet?

This question has a simple answer.

White Nationalists don’t join their own organizations primarily because of their fear of social ostracism and employment discrimination. Many White Nationalists also have personalities that are unsuited to responding well to authority.

We will also never break the reigning taboos by posting anonymous comments on the internet. White Nationalists have been doing that for seventeen years now with little success.

(21) Does this make White Nationalists more or less effective at converting ordinary White people to White Nationalism?

Less effective.

If you cannot communicate with your own friends, family, and neighbors anymore, you need to take a step back from the movement, as your “inner circle” are the people who should be the most amenable to your appeals.

The internet can only be used to reach isolated, geographically scattered people across the country. In order to create a political base, we have to reach a broader spectrum of White people in a concentrated geographic area.

This requires the use of different means to spread our message.

(22) Given the refusal of White Nationalists to organize in the real world and flex their political power in North Carolina, a state with favorable demographics for White Advocacy, why should we expect our situation to be otherwise?

Objectively, we shouldn’t be surprised that we were run out of Charlotte.

This is a sad testament to the disorganization of White Nationalists in North Carolina, their inability to connect with a mass constituency, and the tactics we have relied upon to get our point across.

(23) What does it say about the course of the White Nationalist movement that we can no longer defend our most basic civil rights?

It says immediately that we are doing something wrong. We shouldn’t be in this situation forty years later.

(24) Is there something we are not doing that we should be doing?


We should be spending our time discussing how to fight back, not “naming the Jew” or focusing on the racial outrage of the day. Knowledge gets us nowhere without discipline and action.

(25) Is there something we are doing that we should not be doing?

We spend most our time posting radical anonymous comments on the internet which produces no return on our investment. Instead of perfecting the fine art of rhetorical radicalism, we should instead focus on organizing in the real world and establishing ourselves as a legitimate opposition in our own communities.

(26) Is this what we get for pointing out racial double standards?

Non-Whites have done little else but appeal to the White sense of fair play by pointing out racial double standards. This tactic has worked for them because it resonated with their audience.

The problem in Charlotte is not that Jared Taylor points out racial double standards. It is that there is no organization or infrastructure on the ground there to provide him with a big enough megaphone or political base of support.

The real failure here is the dominance of rhetorical radicalism and time-wasting on the internet over practical and constructive forms of activity like White entrepreneuralism and community organizing.

(27) Does it make sense to appeal to the Southern psyche?

Sure it does.

In states like Alabama, half the White population is racially conscious. In states like North Carolina, at least a quarter of Whites are racially conscious. The White population is also broadly supportive of our free speech rights.

If we could only reach our audience, they would likely respond well to our appeals. Jared Taylor isn’t going to reach White Southerners though with al-Jazeera and Russia Today interviews.

What sense does it make to justify our cause on the basis of outré ideas like National Socialism and Satanism that no one in our target audience in North Carolina will respond well to?

(28) Should we file lawsuits?

That depends on the nature of the contract with the hotel. It also depends upon whether there is any federal civil rights violation. A lawyer will have to answer that question.

(29) Can we win by discarding WASP gentlemanliness and Christianity?

If you believe we should narrow our audience to less than 1 percent of the White population, then you would probably incline toward that point of view.

The people who say things like that are in business to financially promote themselves. They are not seriously trying to reverse our racial decline.

(30) Should Whites establish a dual code of morality?

Morality is a system of taboos that regulates social interaction within a community. White Nationalists are in no position to create a “dual code of morality.” Sociopaths create their own morality.

(31) Should Jared Taylor name the Jew?

The Jew is named over a hundred times a day by White Nationalists to absolutely no effect. If Jared Taylor named the Jew, he would still be getting kicked out of hotels in Charlotte and Washington.

It is somewhat disturbing that “naming the Jew” is still perceived to be a real solution to our problems. Men like William Pierce have gone to their graves naming the Jew.

It is pointless to “name the Jew” without the legitimacy or means to get the point across to a mass audience.


(1) The short term solution to the problem of holding an Amren conference is to hold a private, invitation only conference. Some of the people who go to Amren conferences really don’t need to be there anyway.

Amren should also look into public locations. There was a lot of debate last year about holding the conference at a national park or some type of private resort location.

The conference can always be live streamed to the public and videos can easily be posted on YouTube or some other service.

(2) In the long term, we have to start fighting for our rights or be willing to concede them. That means lawsuits, boycotts, protests, organizing the masses, retaliation at the ballot box, propaganda, building the infrastructure that we needed in Charlotte, Memphis, and Washington.

(3) This long term solution will require White Nationalists to stand up to social ostracism and employment discrimination. Every other minority in this country had to fight for their rights. It is not going to be a cake walk.

(4) Experience has led me to believe that White Nationalists will not adopt this long term solution. Life will continue as before. This will result in the further erosion of our rights and liberties.

Alternatively, White Nationalists could organize in the real world under some other label, and work within the mainstream to move the political spectrum in our direction. Few are willing to do that though.

This is why I believe the White Nationalist movement must be rescued by some outside force. The only way to make that happen is by working outside of explicitly pro-White circles.

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  1. Hunter – a discuss Jewish malfeasance and anti-White actions when the proper situation arises. It’s always in context. The people aroud me are starting to ask “why” to many negative things. I point ’em in the right direction. It’s all I can do now. It’s critical to get people to see.

    People don’t pay attention to anything unless they need to. The Egyptian revolt is due to unaffordble food prices. All the farmers I know are perplexed; every-one is well aware the Egypt is perfectly capable of producing enough wheat.

    I explain what’s going on, and what things mean to us, on the ground, in the USA.

    Wars are fought on many fronts. I want the folks I know to understand root causes. We don’t have to dress up in SS uniforms. I certainly don’t. It’s all aobut focus, and a consistent message.

    Rand Paul’s suggestions about foriegn aid was an attention getter. It’s all about focusing energy. We confer legitimacy be being legitimate.

  2. As far as not Naming Die Jude? What’s HAPPENED to you Hunter? When does accommodating them EVER work?

    I could theorize that Hunter is using White Nationalism as a cover to get out the vote for the Republican Party and their neocon toadies. It’s probably a coordinated GOP effort that spans the internet. First criticize mainstream White Nationalists as kooks and weirdos by pointing to opposition controlled websites and pointing the finger at them. Then gin up this whole new kosher White Nationalist label and proclaim it to be mainstream while everyone else is designated with the “vanguard” label in an attempt to de-legitimize them. The all encompassing theme on here is not White advocacy but trashing anyone who doesn’t fall into Hunter’s “mainstream” label.

  3. Rodger has sniffed out the conspiracy.

    I need to start covering my tracks better here. Voting for people who are in favor of tougher immigration laws. No true White Nationalist could ever support such a thing!

  4. Denise,

    Of course we can “name the Jew” in the right context to connect with a smaller crowd in the right conditions. I’m talking about “naming the Jew” as a strategy against Jewish power.

    In order for “naming the Jew” to work, you would need the means to communicate and connect with a mass constituency. You would also need the legitimacy to be taken seriously.

    Take Billy Roper for example.

    Instead of “naming the Jew” and running for governor as a write in candidate, you should become Governor of Arkansas, then name the Jew.

  5. Hunter – I completely agree with your last post.

    Get in power – and then deal with the JD (Jewish Disaster).

  6. Now – I must ask you – did you attend the conference that Taylor held this past weekend? A very select handful were invited. A “Chosen” few…

    He really deceived his readership. What a douche!

  7. To not name the jew is to be a GD deceiving, kike-alike, deliberate liar. One cannot solve any GD problem without first identifying the GD problem. THE problem is the jew. All other problems are mere distractions, in comparison.

    Which part of that simple logic don’t you “people” understand ??

    As to why there are no successful white activist leaders or groups today, the answer is in my article entitled “Cowardice is the White Man’s Survival Strategy”. Read it online at

  8. Glenn,

    (1) It is ineffective to “name the Jew” by posting an anonymous comment on an obscure messageboard that no one is going to read.

    (2) It is highly effective to “name the Jew” as a powerful authority figure.

    We should become authority figures. Then we should name the Jew.

    Imagine what would happen if “Manchurian candidate” congressmen (i.e., sleepers) started holding congressional hearings on the Jewish Question.

  9. Naming the Jew won’t change people’s opinions on your politics. If you support a given ideology, you genuinely don’t alter it based on the extent of support you perceive it has from Jews. Most people who support multicuturalism don’t care how many Jews are behind it. Most people who oppose multiculturalism will continue to oppose it, even if Jews do not.

    I think in terms of ideology.

  10. HW: “It is pointless to “name the Jew” without the legitimacy or means to get the point across to a mass audience.”

    Until 4-5 years ago, I didn’t know anything about Jewish activism and its effectiveness. I think awareness of the problem is growing fast thanks to the internet. It is very useful because it helps us understand where race-replacement comes from and it can make us more effective in fighting it. If we don’t tell people about the Jewish problem, they will keep wasting their time blaming “liberalism”, and things like that, as I used to do. We have to focus on the anti-white activists. I’m not saying that everyone of them is Jewish.

    Of course, it is difficult to educate the masses about the problem, and I don’t know if it would make a big difference. But at least on the internet, it’s important to spread the information.

  11. If people agree that there is a fire, they don’t have to care whether someone lit a match, or it occurred naturally, or someone different used a flame thrower. All they have to do is recognize that the house is burning, and put the fire out.

    I don’t see how yelling “but the Jews lit the match” effects your chances of surviving, and putting the fire out. Most people are going to either chose to allow themselves to burn or let the fire out. Just like people can either believe the Jew is responsible or not.

    It’s like the Iraq war. If you are are against it, you are against it. Does it really matter if you think the Jews cause it, or if you think Bush caused it? not really. you are either for it or you are against it.

    My point is that even if it is correct to name the Jew, naming it doesn’t change people’s minds. It’s like arguing about how we got here. Creationism vs evolution. We’re here. it doesn’t matter. I believe in evolution.

  12. I think I figured it out.

    White nationalist think that there are only two intelligent groups of people:
    1)white nationalists

    Everyone else is just mislead by the Jews. In their own minds, white nationalists are undiscovered geniuses who will explain to these idiots that “the Jews are responsible,” then “the idiots” will choose the white side over the Jewish side.

    It’s a false dichotomy. You are either controlled by jews, or you are controlled by wn. Anyone who argues with WN is either a jew or an idiot who if they were educated about Jews, would know better. That is, according to white nationalist logic. It’s a battle for control over the puppets, with white nationalists and jews both pulling strings.

    I think white nationalists over-estimate the importance of both groups.

  13. “If people agree that there is a fire (…) All they have to do is recognize that the house is burning, and put the fire out.”

    If you are going to stop an arson campaign, it helps to know who is the arsonist, who vilifies the firemen, who prevents them from doing their work, and who prevents the house occupiers from fleeing to safety. I think there are too many theories trying to explain how the fire was caused by the liberal mind-set of the house tenants.

    “It’s like the Iraq war. If you are are against it, you are against it. Does it really matter if you think the Jews cause it, or if you think Bush caused it? not really. you are either for it or you are against it.”

    If you believe in the loyalty of your government, you won’t try to figure out for yourself what are the pros and cons of an invasion of Iraq. You will simply accept that the government can figure out all the angles better than you can. But once you realize that the government is out to get you, and heavily influenced by Jewish activists, you may revise your judgment.

  14. Hunter Wallace said:


    (1) It is ineffective to “name the Jew” by posting an anonymous comment on an obscure messageboard that no one is going to read.

    (2) It is highly effective to “name the Jew” as a powerful authority figure.

    We should become authority figures. Then we should name the Jew.

    Imagine what would happen if “Manchurian candidate” congressmen (i.e., sleepers) started holding congressional hearings on the Jewish Question.(end of HW)

    My Response:

    1) But I don’t name the jew anonymously anywhere. I published 222,000 copies of a jew-exposing newspaper. I ran for Congress in 06 and for US Senate in 10. During which time I broadcasted almost 700 campaign radio commercials, naming the GD jew, on more than a dozen different system radio stations in Missouri; I appeared as guest on 15 radio talk shows, including the Howard Stern and Alan Colmes shows, naming the jew to about 20 million people (8 million on the HS show alone) while advertising my home phone number and,, and Why haven’t you done any of that??

    2) I don’t believe in fantasies or miracles, including Manchurian candidates.

    All of your “sneak up on the jew” theories and recommendations are deceptions and/or lies, therefore insulting to any honest white man. You oughta be ashamed of yourself. Go back to your drawing board after spending a few days on my website –

  15. On one hand, I do think “naming the jew” gives people an easy answer. It may be useful for rallying people who are not very sophisticated. “Hey this is wrong, the jews ruined it, that’s why it is wrong.” The problem with such an approach is that it can be carried to a level where every Jew is blamed by that same unsophisticated group of people.

    If jews seized power and wrecked the country, that still doesn’t let everyone else off the hook. Even in that case, there was a leak in the design. WHY did they seize power? Why have they kept power for so long after seizing it? Are Jews the iceberg the sunk the titanic, or was the ship designed like shit from the beginning? That’s the divisive question that divides revolutionaries from vanguardists.

  16. Iceman: “The problem with such an approach is that it can be carried to a level where every Jew is blamed by that same unsophisticated group of people.”

    The real problem today is not that some innocent Jews are catching heat. Actually, nothing is happening to them. The real problem is the destruction of the whole country, and of Western nations by and large.

    I’m not Jewish, I’m Breton. But if I was a Breton living in America, and if I could see that other Bretons were responsible for the massive replacement of Americans by third-worlders, I would have no objection to a mass expulsion of my people back to Brittany. Even if I was expelled to Timbuktu, my life would still go on.

    “If jews seized power and wrecked the country, that still doesn’t let everyone else off the hook.”

    Yes, but it isn’t a matter of assigning blame and punishing the culprits. It’s a matter of stopping the wrecking.

    “Are Jews the iceberg the sunk the titanic, or was the ship designed like shit from the beginning? “

    The only problem with the ship is that we are not allowed to repair the hole in the hull, and we are too polite, cowardly, and full of scruples, to say who is the main party drilling and expanding the hole.

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