The Northwest Migration

An estimated 80,000 "top notch" illegal aliens have recently settled in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest

The pioneers are once again trekking across the North American continent to settle in the Pacific Northwest.

They are bound for the Oregon Country in the modern equivalent of Conestoga wagons. These American dreamers have answered the call to “come home” to the Northwest Homeland.

Unfortunately, they are illegal aliens.

The Pew Hispanic Center has released a new report that tracks national and state trends in illegal immigration. Their findings contradict the common wisdom of the White Nationalist movement on changing racial demographics.

Let me get straight to the point:

Illegal aliens are leaving the Southwest, Northeast, and Eastern South. They are moving to the Northwest, Midwest, and Western South.

From 2007 to 2010, an estimated 415,000 illegal aliens left the Southwest, 260,000 left the Northeast, and 115,000 left the South. Florida, California, and New York lost over 600,000 illegal aliens to other states.

From 2007 to 2010, 80,000 illegal aliens moved to the Pacific Northwest. 60,000 of those illegal aliens settled in Washington. 20,000 settled in Oregon.

The Midwest gained 80,000 illegal aliens. Michigan gained 30,000 illegal aliens. Illinois gained 25,000. Iowa gained 20,000.

The biggest losers are Texas (+200,000), Washington (+60,000), Kentucky (+35,000), Louisiana (+30,000), and Michigan (+30,000).

Migration Patterns

It is worth noting that the Pew Hispanic Center data comes from the years before Arizona passed SB 1070.

Arizona’s success in driving out its illegal alien population has since become a model for other states which are suffering from the same problem.

Mississippi has already passed an Arizona-style immigration law. The Kentucky Senate has passed its own copycat law. The Texas Senate has passed a Voter ID law.

Texas has been by far the biggest loser from illegal immigration among the states. That is about to change.

The Texas state legislature is considering over three dozen new proposed anti-illegal immigration laws. It is only a matter of time before Texas and Oklahoma pass harsh new state laws to drive out their illegal aliens.

States which are shedding illegal aliens like Virginia, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Arizona, and Nebraska are also entertaining harsh new laws of their own. These new state laws will undoubtedly drive out the next wave of illegals as conditions on the ground become ever more inhospitable for them.

Just last week, Gov. Susana Martinez issued an executive order which effectively brought an Arizona-style immigration law to New Mexico.

Those illegal aliens are going to have to go somewhere. They have overstayed their welcome in the Southwest and Southeast.

Carrying Capacity

It was always naive to assume that illegal immigration would remain a border state problem.

These economically motivated migrants are like fire ants. Any given state can only “carry” so many of them. As they concentrate in ever greater numbers, they drive down the price of their own labor and replicate the environmental conditions which they are trying to escape.

Every illegal alien wants to find his own Whitopia with a generous social safety net. The next frontier are states like Washington, Michigan, and Kentucky which have traditionally been far removed from the problem.

The political temperament of those states will determine how long the illegal aliens remain there. In the Southwest, we can contrast California with Arizona. In the Midwest, Illinois with Indiana.

The SWPL factor plays an important role in the response of any given state to illegal immigration. Colorado and Kansas each have their own way of dealing with the problem. The rural and conservative leaning states are much more likely to pass remedial legislation.

The Northwest Migration

It is no accident that Washington has become a magnet for illegal immigration.

In Texas, the more dynamic economy has attracted illegal aliens, businesses, and natives in search of employment and a lower cost of living. The influx of illegals into Texas mirrors other population shifts going on across the country.

Washington is attracting illegal aliens because it is one of the few remaining sanctuary states in America. In Washington, an illegal alien can still get a driver’s license.

Last December, Washington became the first state to refuse to cooperate with the Secure Communities program which checks fingerprints of individuals charged with any crime against a federal immigration database.

Washington also has its own state version of the DREAM Act: if illegal aliens meet certain requirements, they are eligible for in-state tuition at Washington’s state universities.

As neighboring Western states have become more aggressive in their approach to illegal immigration, Washington and Oregon have stood out as liberal exceptions to the regional trend.

This has made the Pacific Northwest a prime target for illegal aliens migrating out of the Southwest.

The Northwest Front

Fortunately, the mass influx of illegal aliens into Washington and Oregon is stirring up resentment among the natives. There are efforts already underway to address the problem.

There are six bills circulating in the Washington state legislature which would change driver’s licenses requirements. Last Thursday, the Washington Senate held hearings on the issue.

Democratic Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen’s bill would require illegal aliens to show proof of Washington residency and a valid Social Security number when applying for a driver’s license in Washington state.

There is another bill under consideration which would establish a “two tier system” in which illegal aliens would still be able to get a Washington driver’s license but wouldn’t be able to use it for identification.

“Immigrant Advocates” are furious:

“In one year, Washington State has gone from a leader on immigration to a hostile environment for immigrants and their families,” said an e-mail from OneAmerica, the state’s largest immigrant advocacy group, to supporters, urging them to testify against the driver’s licenses bills.”

State lawmakers in Washington are also using the state budget deficit as an excuse to cut spending on the social services that attract illegal aliens:

“Gov. Chris Gregoire’s proposed budget, which sets the pace for the session, cuts more than half a dozen programs that directly aid immigrants – from subsidized naturalization classes to transferring illegal immigrant inmates in state prisons to federal custody.

The two biggest proposals for the next two-year budget, though, are stripping medical coverage to an estimated 27,000 children whose legal status is unclear under the Children’s Health Program for savings of $59 million, and eliminating the State Food Assistance Program, which provides food stamps for legal immigrants, for a savings of $45 million.”

Senate Democrats have vowed they won’t allow these cuts in the budget to pass. Illegal aliens are one of their most reliable constituencies. Washington spends about $270 million dollars every two years on health care, welfare, childcare for illegal alien prisoners and farmworkers.

Oregon has been a very quiet state on the immigration front. Over the past six months, I have heard less news out of Oregon on this issue than any other Western state.

A state representative in the Oregon House is making a symbolic push for an Arizona-style immigration law:

“A bill in the House would require all public officials to “enforce immigration law” or be held legally liable. The bill’s sponsor said she doesn’t expect it to pass but hopes it stimulates debate on illegal immigration.”

Democrats control the Oregon Senate by a razor thin margin and now share control of the Oregon House with Republicans. Oregon has a new Democratic governor. In the midterm elections, Gov. John Kitzhaber defeated his Republican opponent by 1 percent of the vote.

In Washington, Democrats are dominant in the Washington House and also control the Washington Senate. As noted above, Christine Gregoire is the Democratic governor of Washington.

There is nothing exceptional about the Pacific Northwest.

The effective result of Democratic control in Washington and Oregon is the obstruction and derailment of new restrictionist immigration laws. This itself is a reflection of the demographics of the Seattle and Portland metropolitan areas.

Illinois and Colorado suffer from the same distortion of their political systems by huge urban metropoles full of SWPLs and non-Whites.

Final Thought

White Nationalists shouldn’t be divided over the imperative of stopping the influx of illegal aliens into the Pacific Northwest.

The success of “mainstreamer” efforts to work through the system to address this problem can only benefit the “vanguardist” project of encouraging migration to the region.

At the present moment, the influx of illegal aliens into Oregon and Washington far outstrips the pace of White Nationalist settlement there. This trend will undoubtedly accelerate as California collapses into insolvency and Texas and the other Southwestern states pass fresh new crackdowns on illegal immigration.

White Nationalists have the opportunity to get out ahead of the curve on this issue. They should become the spearhead of White resistance to illegal immigration in the Pacific Northwest.

We have an opportunity to connect with a mass constituency and lead White people in a more reasonable direction on race and immigration. The success of any future White migration to the Pacific Northwest will depend upon the defeat of the present Hispanic version.

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  1. Hunter,

    I advise you only to do live unedited interviews – so with print journalists this is for all intents and purposes impossible. When you do interviews where the reporters can simply include only what they want to include, it doesn’t matter if you provide intelligent, persuasive arguments – the “journalist” can present you as the standard Hollywood RACIST bad guy and include all kinds of reverences to past racist monsters – the Klan, NAZI gas chamber sadists, slavery etc.

    I’ve done a lot of live talk radio and this tends to work well and it’s good practice. As long as it’s live and you’ve got more than a few minutes – yeah do it and don’t worry if it is liberals/leftists interviewing you – your intelligence, our legitimate message will get through.

  2. Hunter, a couple of things:

    First, I would NOT do an interview with anybody from the PC media. Period. I understand your position on getting involved in government affairs–public affairs. But the media is privately owned, and aren’t subject to the same rules as the public domain.

    I think the best thing we can do is boycott the PC media. They have already shown that they would rather go out of business than do the right thing. Since these people live and die by ratings, we should do everything in our power to deny them their ratings.

    As a proud Texan, I don’t see things changing much here, at least for the better. The last election was almost revolutionary in its impact, but not here in Texas. We voted in the same sorry bunch of white haters that have been in power for years. And to show voters get what they deserve (collectively anyway), the same crumbs they voted back in office just voted the same Jew in as speaker of the house, Joe Straus.

    Gov P-Rick is for open borders. Speaker Straus is for open borders. Therefore, Texas will have open borders.

    Our only chance here in Texas is that God really does look out for children and idiots (i.e., voters).

  3. I see your point.

    I wrestled with the decision for several days. It was really on a lark that I made the phone call. I managed to convince myself that I could pitch our case better than almost anyone.

    Giving these interviews to the media is no solution.

    We really need to be using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media services to directly reach our audience. To the extent those services censor our material, we need to create viable substitutes.

    We need our own television channel in the mold of Univision or BET. The same goes for our own talk radio programs.

  4. The truth is that some of us should be giving interview and some of us shouldnt. I believe that most of the people who are typing on this space are of high enough intelligence to do a basic interview for White Nationalism. The more you do these interview the better you get at them, best thing to be aware of is to control the interview, dont let the reporter lead you down any one way streets and answer questions in sound bites that you have prethought. No matter what happens, there are usually a few people who will hear you and agree with you and hopefully you can lead them to investigate White Nationalism further.

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