Imagine2050 on Amren 2011

White patriots protest the Sheraton in Charlotte

North Carolina

Imagine 2050 is doing some celebrating in the endzone over the cancellation of the 2011 Amren conference.

I can’t say that I blame them. It is only natural for human beings to accentuate the positive. It has been quite a long time since Imagine2050 had anything to crow about in the United States.

In the course of this article, the Editors of Imagine2050 take turns with their potshots aimed at Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, Matt Parrott and this writer.

After reading this triumphant article, you would think these people had won the Superbowl of politics. If memory serves, they suffered a devastating knockout blow on that front last December.


It would be a waste of my breath to spend my time attempting to prove to this audience that Imagine2050 is an anti-White hate group. That much has been established beyond reasonable doubt.

My job is to point out what isn’t so clear.

The first observation is that the 2011 Amren conference was pulled off to some limited degree. It was filmed from a remote location. This is also what happened at the 2010 Amren conference. The regulars convened and enjoyed the event without interruption.

If the 2011 Amren conference had been a private, invitation only event all along, it never would have been shutdown and more people would have showed up and participated, especially considering that the people who really didn’t need to be there would have been excluded.

The second observation is that Matt Parrott, Andrew Yeoman, Jew Among You and a few others protested the Sheraton. They should be congratulated for their good work. Their little band of protesters sent a message on behalf of most sectors of the White Nationalist community.

Yeoman has said on Facebook that the Sheraton protesters got more than a few positive responses from the locals. This should be expected considering that at least 20 percent of Whites in North Carolina are explicitly racially conscious.

Back in June, I traveled to South Carolina to attend a CofCC sponsored Confederate Flag Rally in Columbia. We also got some positive feedback from the locals. There are far more Whites in South Carolina who are pro-Confederate and pro-White than anti-Confederate and anti-White.

In the Carolinas, White Nationalists have favorable demographics to work with in the White community. If racialists could only succeed in organizing the people who already agree with us on race and immigration, we would have built a nice political base for ourselves there.

The Point

Therein lies our problem.

The problem is not that Jared Taylor publishes a monthly newsletter and tries to hold biannual suit and tie national conferences.

Similarly, the problem is not that Andrew Yeoman and Matt Parrott cannot persuade the Sheraton corporate hotel chain to change their policies with the small numbers they can turnout on the ground.

The problem is that the vast majority of White Nationalists are spending their time, energy, and resources on grossly ineffective forms of activity that produce no return on their investment.

We can diagnose the failure in Charlotte as being one of approach, messaging, organization, strategy and entrepreneurialism. Simply put, the infrastructure is not in place to defend our rights in a place like Charlotte.

The enemy had all these advantages. We shouldn’t therefore be surprised that the 2011 Amren conference was cancelled.

Considering what White Nationalists spend most of their time doing, which is to say venting their frustrations on the internet, it would have been truly shocking if the event was not shutdown under leftwing pressure.


Imagine2050 wants to make mountains out of molehills about the cancellation of the 2011 Amren conference.

Here’s what they don’t want to talk about: persistent unemployment, growing concern over the national debt, the legal assault on Obamacare and the 14th Amendment, Obama’s sagging poll numbers after Egypt, their crippling defeats at the federal and state level in the midterm elections, the retirements of Senators Webb and Conrad, the likelihood of losing the Senate and White House in 2012, the defeat of the DREAM Act three times last year, and especially their defensive losses at the state level in the months of January and February.

The Treason Lobby is getting their asses kicked all over the map of Red America. Just last night, the Arizona-style immigration law cleared committee in the Indiana Senate, which is far more significant than any Amren conference in North Carolina.

Learning Curve

Last year, I learned a few lessons about the White Nationalist movement. In August, I shutdown our operation in Virginia and relocated to Alabama.

The sole remaining purpose of this website is its usefulness as an open line of communication to White Nationalists.

I learned from my experience in Virginia that White Nationalists will never get anywhere without the means and legitimacy to communicate our message to a mass constituency. It also became apparent that it was senseless to oppose immigration through the vehicle of White Nationalism.

It is so much easier to walk into the conservative movement and organize the White majority against Imagine2050’s legislative agenda that way. I was impressed – and somewhat inspired – by all of Imagine2050’s rave reviews of Roy Beck and Kris Kobach last year.

Six months later, the Democratic Party in Alabama and Georgia lies in a smoldering pile of ruin, with the few remaining White Democrats in Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana competing with each other to jump ship. In the Deep South, we are well on our way back to one party rule.

Long gone are the days of Don Siegelman and Roy Barnes. It is once again a shameful act in this part of the country for a self respecting White person to vote for the “African-American” party. Racial polarization is back with a vengeance.

This is hardly my doing. It is just the spirit of the age.

The White majority is clearly and unmistakably turning its back on the progressive agenda and stampeding in the opposite direction. This is also what happened in the aftermath of Reconstruction.

Final Thought

White Nationalism is hopelessly premature.

The White majority isn’t ready to talk about such extreme measures. We have isolated ourselves by traveling too far ahead of the curve.

The good news though is the White majority really is headed in our direction. That wagon train is travelling at a much slower pace a few miles back down the road.

It can be accelerated with the proper leadership. That will require a change in our approach though toward our erstwhile antagonists.

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  1. What a bunch of miserable fools and cowards at Imagine 2050. I hope Taylor tries again next year with a private event or one on public property.

  2. Exactly.

    OPP and Imagine2050 shutdown an Amren conference. The Senate kills the DREAM Act, Missouri takes up the cause of nullification, and amnesty supporters are getting destroyed all across the Heartland.

    Apples and oranges?

  3. This reminds me of last year when Democrats lost 63 House seats, 7 Senate seats, and the were wiped out at the state level, and Imagine2050 responded by pumping their fists in the air because Harry Reid defeated Sharron Angle in Nevada.

  4. In my view, the important thing here is that the Democratic Party is now officially “the black party” in Alabama and Georgia, and the NAACP is officially a militantly anti-White black organization, which is to say we have broken the back of their power in these states.

    We are meeting in large numbers around the country and have large numbers of professionals who are explicit white civil rights activist. We believe in the spirit of the soft awakening and real face to face on the street engagements with our folk and speak soft general terms about the issues they feel woudl make there homes, schools and communitys a safer place for there white children.
    I encourage all of you to look at out platform and ask us about how we can help you in your own community. We are growing daily…I dont know of any other white group that engages top elected officals in the senate about what they are doing for there white consitituency? Anyone????.
    So Jareds meeting got cancelled well ok bummer do something about it or shut up.. Go advocate for your people on the weekends, go to council meetings and be the white voice speak for the white children who have no voice and plant the seed we are here.. People need to get over the shcok of hearing these things and know how to adress are concerns.

  6. Okay, I think Jared Taylor is dumb like a fox. He studiously avoids holding these conferences in areas where they will not generate a lot of controversy and brouhaha so they end up canceled. The interesting thing is that he contracts a bunch of rooms and when the hotels are terrorized into canceling the conference on him, Taylor gets paid damages. In the meantime, the fist-pumpers of Imagine2050 on the left think they have won this Almighty Victory when they have generated a lot more free publicity for AmRen, because now people are either pissed off or curious or both and end up subscribing to his paper.

    In the meantime, he holds a smaller, less publicized meeting in a remote location with a bunch of speakers who then tape their speeches without fear of interruption and then I guess, it all gets uploaded to Youtube.

    The Year of Our Lord 2011 has proven to be a publicity bonanza for Jared Taylor’s AmRen. First his correct little group gets accused of generating the assassination attempt on Congressional Rep. Gabrielle Giffords by some Fox source and then, a couple of weeks later, his conference in what amounts to BRA has been canceled by some petty black politician who wants to show how big and bad he is.

    By the time all is said and done these Imagine2050 Idiots are going to wish they’d kept a lower profile and just let his conferences go on without interference. No such thing as bad publicity.

  7. I have a pretty good idea of what was really going on.

    There was a debate last year after the cancellation of the 2010 conference. Several of us argued at the time (myself included) that the next conference shouldn’t be held in Washington and that it should be held in a national park or somewhere on public property.

    The alternative view was that it was necessary to hold the conference in a big city with a major airport to maximize the convenience of speakers and attendees. There are a lot of people who want to fly into a big city. They want to be able to drink, carry on, have a good time – and then leave and go about their business.

    There are also people who want to keep the Amren conference open to the public. Ironically, it is the public attendees who have been the most hostile toward Jared Taylor, even though he has gone out of his way to find some way to include them.

    Jared Taylor could always hold a private conference and invite speakers and hundreds of guests that can be vouched for and the 2012 Amren conference would take place without any disruptions from leftwing agitators.

    That’s probably what they will do next time.

  8. HW: “It can be accelerated with proper leadership.” Yeah…like NOT ducking a hostile interview. Let’s see. What would Adolf have done. He would have done the interview, and turned it to his own and his movement’s advantage.

  9. Thanks for the blurb Hunter. It was a pleasant surprise that, with the exception of the black immigrant hotel security man, we got no negative reactions from anybody. It was either indifference or thumbs up or honking. It was a fun thing to do.

  10. It’s sad that only three loyal soldiers showed up to support Amren. We often make a fool out of our own movement.

    Thank you three brave realists for weathering the storm for all of us!

  11. Another thing. Instead of giving the thumbs up, if these supportive whites had pulled over, turned off their cars, and got out to join our loyalists – eventually stopping traffic – Amren would have made the front page in Charlotte.

    Think like the sneaks behind the rosa parks masterpiece.

  12. If J. Taylor was going to do the conference in Charlotte, and given what has happened to him/others in years past— shouldn’t he have done it intentionally, TO shut it out, and be right there, prepared to advertise that fact? Ready to shriek about legal ramifications? That’s what the left would have done. That’s what’s so annoying, that above-it attitude. Create the problem (know you’ll be shut down) be ready with the reaction—cameras, threats they’ll sue, etc. AND it was Taylor-made, since his name had been on t.v. during the AZ thing. But people are way back on, ‘oh that’s so terrible.’ Wn need to watch some la raza vids or something, lol. They siphon tax money and organize with it, ff sake.

  13. Oh how nice! The Chief Jew handler of AmRen was so helpful! Yes….this will be so beneficial for the cause of a White Ethnostate! Woo hoo!

    Jared is so clever…..

  14. Having Jews among us is alsways so helpful and positive and beneficial for Whites. It’s always worked out so well. Jews are so good for Whites. Yes. We can see this again and again and again and again.

  15. Has hunter decided that he supports Jews if they are pro-white now?

    It would be nice if Hunter gave an explanation for his various phases and what caused him to end up where he is now.

  16. Of all the problems that White people are facing in the United States, I think Jew Among You is the least of their concerns. I am sure Jared Taylor would agree.

    He went to Charlotte, assisted the demonstrators, protested the Sheraton … he didn’t have to do that with his time and money.

    It says a lot about Jew Among You that he would stand by Jared Taylor (and for our civil rights) when we are under attack whereas thousands of these other deadweight goofballs on the internet seemingly have nothing positive to contribute.

    My honest opinion is that the real problem is rhetorical radicalism – talking a hard game on the internet, doing absolutely nothing in reality – letting one year bleed into the next.

    Neither Jew Among You or Denise has that problem. I have a favorable view of both of them.

  17. Well I think rhetorical radicalism to an extent, and pathetic petty harassment and feuding, had a lot to do with me choosing marxism-leninism over nationalism. White nationalists drag out harassment feuds for years and years. It’s like the only purpose of vanguardist websites is to keep these feuds going, and then you have these troll websites that sit there commenting about the feuds.

    I’m still interested in things like anthropology, but what really psychologically nudged me in the other direction was seeing how many assholes fly under the banner of white nationalism. It’s probably why i won’t subscribe to amren again. I really think it shaped my psychology, and I don’t think it’s going to reverse. I can think of two major culprits.

  18. Thank you Hunter. The demonstration was actually my idea, it was I who bought the materials, the sign slogans were my own and it was I who actually created them – with some help from Matt. Just wanted to set the record straight and to give some balance (after the fact) so that folks can appreciate that Jews are just as capable of advocating for whites as anybody else and so that those who like to generalize might pause and consider that there are often exceptions.

  19. In normal “extreme” communities, there are assholes, but it’s sort of everyman for himself.

    In white nationalist communities, they pick out a single person, and harass that person to no end.

    White nationalists are cowards. They hide behind the banner of free speech, not even calling themselves white nationalists.

    If every white nationalist got blown up, the good would outweigh the bad.

  20. I want to thank Jewamongyou for his activism in North Carolina and also for his many, positive posts on American Renaissance. I know that there are many decent Jewish people in the US and in the West who are sincerely working on our side.

    That said – I suggest that Jewamongyou and other Jewish people like him try to do most of their activism with Jewish groups, Jewish people. It just works best for people to influence other people who are similar to them. It’s hard for say some high intellectual like Jared Taylor to influence blue collar NASCAR fans and visa versa.

    Also, please understand that many of us have been active in Conservative politics for a long time and we experienced formerly Liberal Jewish Americans supposedly converting to Conservative patriot politics after the chaos of the 1960s – these new Jewish conservatives became known as “Neo Conservatives” and the result was a disaster for White interests; Jewish neo Conservatives took over formerly White Conservative magazines like National Review, Conservative think tanks and these folks basically purged any and all White Gentiles who showed any loyalty to Whites. The new Jewish Neo Conservatives pushed the programs of:

    1) Invade the world for Israel – endless wars against Arabs, Muslims

    2) Invite the world – virtually open borders NW immigration in to the USA and to the West

    3) In hoc to the world, endless borrowing to pay for 1 and 2.

    So Jewamongyou, please understand why WN folks are going to be uneasy about this happening again and again, Jews coming over to our side and taking over and messing things up.

    So, the solution is to encourage Jewish people who are sincerely on our side to do their activism in Jewish groups, jewish institutions. We could use some Jews on our side in Hollywood, Madison Avenue, Wall Street, the top of the Democrat party, in academia etc.

  21. Iceman, you’re just generalizing from your own experiences. Your mistake was ever allowing yourself to get drawn into the world of those ultra-alienated misfits in the first place. It hardly follows that anyone who shares the basic contours of their worldview would necessarily act in the same (immature, vindictive) fashion.

    My honest opinion is that the real problem is rhetorical radicalism – talking a hard game on the internet, doing absolutely nothing in reality – letting one year bleed into the next.

    True. But never mind them; the raw product is “there.” It just needs to be refined, marketed, packaged and distributed.

    William Rome’s biography is helpful step, as far as this blog goes, in that direction. That’s where a huge proportion of your target audience is (and increasingly will be, in coming years). Dismiss their experiences and their concerns and they’ll dismiss you.

  22. Jew Among Us has been Jared Taylor’s Chief Handler for ages now. Look how well Taylor’s conference went. It was so successful

    Jew Among You Wrecking Everything – answer my question – How have the Judenvermin helped Whites, or any other group, at any point in human history?

    P.S – Go fvck your rabbi. As per usual.

  23. I believe Denise’s comment violates the O.D. comment terms. Plus, she’s just ranting, making completely unsubstantiated accussations and using vulgar curse words.

    When women start using the “F word” – that’s generally a sign that White standards of decency have fallen down.

    A White man doesn’t curse in front of women and chldren and a White Woman doesn’t curse period.

    Denise – clean up your act before you start lecturing others on how you will save/change America.

  24. Denise is right. Jew Among You is on the other side of the civilizational divide from White people. He is good writer and appears to be all around reasonable person, but ultimately . . . he is Jewish with Jewish/Indian children and that is going to color his take on things.

  25. Jack Ryan – the “White Standards of Decency” fall whenever Jews are permitted in. Jews Nation Wrecker Among Us calls me a name – I give it back. Stop being such a PVSSY. They don’t respect you. Nothing will EVER do will change thier opnion. You are GOY. Cattle Slave Beast. Any aquiescence, and accomodation seals your fate as their slav.e Howm many centuries of demonstrable, consistent history will it take?

    Unsubstantiated accusations? Be their fruits ye shall know them. Taylor’s been bending over for the Hebes for what? Decades? He used to be broadcast on CNN. Now – he has to lie aobut and hide his teeny weeny conference.

    His Jews among Him have been REAL assets, right, Jack? Really good pals. Really helpful.

  26. Denise says:
    February 15, 2011 at 7:29 pm
    Jack Ryan – the “White Standards of Decency” fall whenever Jews are permitted in. Jews Nation Wrecker Among Us calls me a name – I give it back. Stop being such a PVSSY. They don’t respect you. Nothing will EVER do will change their opinion. You are GOY. Cattle Slave Beast. Any aquiescence, and accomodation seals your fate as their slav.e Howm many centuries of demonstrable, consistent history will it take?

    Unsubstantiated accusations? Be their fruits ye shall know them. Taylor’s been bending over for the Hebes for what? Decades? He used to be broadcast on CNN. Now – he has to lie aobut and hide his teeny weeny conference.

    His Jews among Him have been REAL assets, right, Jack? Really good pals. Really helpful.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    We have real problems with powerful anti White, Jewish people, Jewish organizations – especially Jewish dominated Hollywood, the MSM, porn industry, Jewish political elites that pushes for open borders immigration in to White countries and turn around to mandate Israel as a Jewish only ethno state – propped up by US military, US (gentile) tax payers and shake downs of Germany for Holohoax reparations.

    But, the reality is that our main problems are not caused by “the Jews” – instead it is White Gentiles who do not work for our side and Whites who fall down in to bad, destructive behavior. White Gentiles have been falling down in to cursing, abusing alcohol, insulting other Whites, dividing up over stupid church affiliations, supporting White vs White wars, conflicts for a long time.

    We want to uplift our White race. So how about doing a little uplifting here and working to clean up your mouth, mind?

    Readers of O.D. do not want to read White women making vulgar curse words here. Everyone makes mistakes, Whites here need to learn from their respects and do better.

    You can do a lot better and learn effective ways to oppose, defeat real, negative Jewish people/groups/forces.

    14 Words

  27. re: silver

    The problem is white nationalism as a subculture, or a movement. Racialism as an idea is sensible.

    Back in the day I would frequently comment “I’m not a white nationalist, I’m a race realist.”

    I’m now appreciating the wisdom I had. What I was basically saying was “I don’t feel a need to insert myself into a movement in order to know my views are correct.”

    I’ve noticed that drama whores always have to comment, whenever there is a conflict. They push themselves into conflicts that they don’t belong in. It’s because of drama whores that I got absorbed into that world. It wasn’t my own fault.

    But I have to say, Taylor may call himself a race realist, but he plays too close to the movement. And I’ve realized, through my experiences, that you should avoid anyone who plays close to the movement.

    This post may sound odd. Why am I posting it here, if occidental dissent is a movement blog?

    Answer, I am merely being introspective.

    What I was looking for was a free speech forum. What I got was movement trash.

  28. Jack Ryan outs hismelf as Willing Shabbos Goy – defending and playing Nicey Nice with Sephardic Chabad JEW.

    Whatta dupe. Whatta DOPE. Jared Taylor’s only emissary to the sincere folk that bothered to spend time and energy showing up is a sleazy Sephardic Chabad HANDLER.

    The Chabad are the Jews that think it’s OK to kill a Goy if a Jew needs and organ. Am I making that up? Ask the Jew Among YOU all about it.

    Taylor’s “present” to Matt Parrott was an utter insult, and absolute slap in the face, to sincere people. Parrott should have tossed the greasy little Kosher Koolaid salesman RIGHT out the door (among other places).

    This is THE problem with White Nationalism/WhiteAdvocacy/Conservativism/WHITE people – the people pleasing let’s all be pals all around Re-TARD loser-ishness – wot undoes everything, time and time again. White Schmoos too “nice” to know when they have been insulted, used, and OWNED.


  29. Let’s have some fun re-learning (for some of you who have apparently drunk the poisoned Kosher Koolaide) about all the nice things the non-conspiratorial Hebes have to offer Whites. all the wonderful things th Self-Chosen have brought to our table.

    Here’s a lovely up-to-the minute story about an enchanting Jewess, offering her well-reasoned, sensible, friendly, kind advice on Who Is Allowed to Speak to Whom. Miss Heidi helps a lot. on these matters. We foolish Cattle Beast Slaves are just sooooooooooo…. ungrateful!

  30. Here. For Jackie R and his Best Friend Forever Jew Among Him:

    It is permissable to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation. If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments – because we care about the commandments – there is nothing wrong with the murder [either].”

    Maybe Jackie’s BFF Jew Among Him and introduce him to his co-Chabad Light Unto the World Rabbi Shapiro! That would be so cool and groovy and fun! GoooooOOOooooO Team! Woo Hoo! We can all work together. Shapiro and Jew Among You and Shapiro and Taylor can all play the rilly rilly rilly fun Dreidel game! Goy brings the KY. Of course.

  31. Here’s some more fascinating and heart-ening, and kidney-ing, and liver-ing Real World Tales of Simply HelpFul Friendly Nice Kindly Self-Chosen – who bring such wonderful things to those silly ungrateful Goy.

    Hey! Has any-one heard any updates on this story? No? What happened? What happened to these helpful, friendly. industrious rabbis – Jews Among Us?

  32. I have stuff to do now – but I’ll check back . I’ll try to add more instructive, helpful little Tales “O Life Ripped from the Headlines (before the stories go down the Memory Hole) off all the delightful things that happen when Whites (or any-one) invite Jews Among Us.

    Ta! Have a great day, kiddies!

  33. Oh – have we all forgotten that lovely Jewess Barbara Spectre, Among Us, in Sweden? Seems the viddy is gone…hmmmm… I wonder why? She was only delinating the helpful friendly plans…that…uhhh…non-nonconspiratorial Jews have for Europe….

  34. Denise says:
    “Ta! Have a great day, kiddies!”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Denise suffers from the very common problem in the Vanguard (Hunter’s term) American WN movement:

    She simply can’t communicate with mainstream Whites in any way, so she rationalizes this communication failure as all the fault of mainstream White society – who are all supposedly worthless cowards, “kiddies”, “pussies” etc.

    The reality is that – yes, America has very serious problems with anti White Jewish people/groups/political and intellectual movements. It’s difficult, but not impossible to oppose, remove these people/groups from positions of power in American life.

    America did actually remove Sen Arlen Specter and Sen. Russ Feingold from office and the power of the Jewish MSM (New York Times, Washington Post, 3 networks, CNN) is at an all time low. How did our side achieve these successes?

    It wasn’t by Vanguard folks crashing other people’s conferences and shouting:

    “F*(# the Jews! They’re the seed of Satan. Whites need to give up their jobs, drop out of mainstream society and join a small cult of WN societal misfits who can’t get along with anyone, especially other WN Vanguard society misfits”

    Denise, you need to work on some basic life skills, communication skills. You’re not helping our people or living a productive life living, thinking and talking this way.

    I suggest you just walk away from all “movement” activities and find some activity in mainstream White America that you can tolerate – a bowling league, a White sports fan group, C&W dancing a White church and simply work to make friends, learn to interact with regular White people without insulting them or going off on some rant complete with vulgar curse words.

    We all can do better in this area.

    14 Words

  35. Jack – you need to work on not being a patheitc little toady. Whatsa matter – you were upset by my suggestion as to what your Dark Greasy BFF Jew Among You could do with his rabbi?

    Felt…left out….?

    They’ll include you. Fer sher.Bring the beer. You like beer. Lotsa beer.

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