Restrictionist Bills Advance

Red America

The Red States are plugging ahead on the immigration front. Meanwhile, Sen. Jim Webb throws in the towel and won’t run for re-election.

SC panel moves ahead with Ariz. immigration effort

COLUMBIA —   The S.C. Senate Judiciary Committee has approved legislation modeled after Arizona’s illegal-immigration efforts, despite protests from Democratic senators who said the Palmetto State bill would lead to racial profiling, hurt business and further burden law enforcement and taxpayers.

Virginia House approves several anti-immigrant bills

The House of Delegates has advanced a slate of anti-illegal immigrant bills, including one that would require Virginia’s public colleges to bar undocumented students from enrolling and another that would deny public benefits to people in the country illegally.

The House voted 75-24 Tuesday to approve Del. Christopher Peace’s bill, which would amend state law to require colleges to have written policies explicitly denying enrollment to people who are in the United States illegally. Federal law prohibits undocumented students from paying in-state tuition or receiving federal aid, but they can still pursue a public college education.

Indiana Arizona-style immigration bill passes Senate committee 8 to 1

A bill to crack down on illegal immigration passed a Senate committee tonight 8 to 1.

The vote — with only Sen. Karen Tallian, D-Portage — voting against it, came after more than four hours of at times emotional testimony, both from supporters and opponents of Senate Bill 590.

Ky. House passes illegal immigration legislation

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — An immigration bill that would require all government contractors to verify the citizenship of workers has passed the House.

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  1. On DailyKos the libtards are unfazed about Webb leaving as Kaine currently leads Allen in the polls.

    Worse is better in action right here, Hunter. We simply cannot beat Obama with 9% unemployment. Unless things get a lot worse really soon we are stuck with this dope until 2016.

  2. No one but White Nationalists believe in concepts like “worse is better” or “leaderless resistance” or “the collapse.” This is probably why White Nationalists can’t even rent hotel rooms anymore.

  3. No one but White Nationalists believe in concepts like “worse is better” or “leaderless resistance” or “the collapse.”

    You honestly think we can beat Obama with UE at 9%? I think even Karl Rove would laugh at that one. If job losses don’t resume some time next year we have no chance of removing Obama from office.

  4. Obama beat McCain in a landslide when the unemployment rate was much lower and the national debt was half the size it is now.

    I think Obama will likely lose the 2012 election. I think he will also lose the election decisively in the Midwest. This election will turn on states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

    Obama’s best chance at winning reelection lies in a brutal Republican primary and someone like John McCain winning the nomination.

  5. Not that it really matters on a state level but how many of these proposals have actually been passed into law? None?

    Obama’s best chance at winning reelection lies in a brutal Republican primary and someone like John McCain winning the nomination.

    Or Sarah Palin.

  6. Let’s look at what’s going on at the Federal level. The neocons are back to their old tricks again. They blocked Steve King from taking over the immigration subcommittee. The chairman of that committee, Lamar Smith, has backed away from advocating ending birthrate citizenship and Lindsey Graham and John McCain are back to shilling for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”. The voters of South Carolina and Arizona are complete morons. It’s business as usual. The only bright spot is that they brought the Patriot Act up again for renewal and it went down in flames. They’ve lost some control.

  7. Kentucky’s E-Verify bill applies ONLY to those who work on state contracts. It exempts those in the private sector and people who are paid in cash “off the books.” The farmers and the horse industry, the worst offenders, are completely unaffected. This bill is purely cosmetic.

  8. Rodger,

    (1) In the real world, bills are introduced in the state legislature, clear the relevant committees, pass each respective chamber, and then go through the reconciliation process if necessary, before heading to the governor for his signature.

    This process takes time.

    (2) In the real world, you win some and lose some. You stumble and advance. This is just as true of our enemies. When they suffer a major defeat, as with the DREAM Act, they regroup to fight another day.

    (3) At the federal level, Steve King wasn’t appointed Chairman of the House Immigration Subcommittee because the other guy had 20 years of seniority on him.

    (4) Birthright citizenship legislation has been introduced in the House by King and the Senate by Vitter and Paul.

    (5) Birthright citizenship legislation has been filed in Arizona and other states.

    (6) No one believed the conversions of Lindsey Graham and John McCain were sincere. This just makes it easier to defeat Graham in 2014.

    (7) Senator Kent Conrad and Senator Jim Webb have both announced their retirement. There goes two votes for the DREAM Act which are likely to flip to our side.

    (8) Sen. Dick Lugar is openly fighting with the Tea Party. He is courting a nasty reelection fight in 2012. Lugar is likely to be defeated in the Republican primary.

    (9) South Carolina has moved forward with Voter ID legislation and Arizona-style immigration reform. Arizona and South Carolina have been passing restrictionist immigration laws for years.

    Now consider this: here we are almost a month and a half into 2011. Can anyone here tell me what the fuck the vanguard has done about immigration or any other issue anywhere in the country?

    Has the vanguard done a single thing for White people over the last month and a half aside from asking for donations?

    Or is it rather business as usual, which consists of empty threats against the Jew and rhetorical radicalism on the internet, coupled with an action plan of waiting for a “collapse” that never happens year in and year out.

  9. max,

    Democrats control the Kentucky House. You’re right this is just a clear attempt to throw sand in the eyes of the voters. We should take what we can get out of this legislative session (the minimum of E-Verify for state contracts) and throw out the Democrats in the November elections.

    If we can’t get a touchdown, we should settle for a field goal. We will get the ball back next year.

  10. Good to see Webb throwing in the towel. There was some concern that he might play pied piper to the emerging White movement with his half hearted opposition to affirmative action for hispanics, but the race replacement faction needed his vote for the DREAM act more than the Democratic party needed a figurehead to lead an entirely hypothetical pro-White liberal movement so he’s all done.

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