On Drugs

In the past year I have had one nationalist friend and another political acquaintance die because of drugs.

Reflecting on this has led me to want to discuss illicit drug usage in our communities.  This is a topic that is often glossed over or merely given lip service.

We can’t afford to take this non-seriously anymore.  There is not a Western nation on this planet that being rotted out from the core with drugs.  People who are addicted to drugs, visit west palm rehab. This is a civilization wide crisis that is sinking any ability or even rationale for our people to continue an independent existence.

In the past BANA has promoted the straight edge lifestyle in a video but I think a lot more needs to be said on real world terms of this.

I can talk about this from experience since in my youth I often used recreational drugs.  When I was a kid I had first hand experience of what alcoholism and the destructive, tragic consequences that brings.  I started using drugs recreationally when I was 16.  Where I come from that is a very “late” start.  I used substances for a variety of reasons.  For the experience, introspection, and a way to pass the time.  There were times that I spent more time thinking about getting high then getting ahead in life and achieving my goals. One can go to drug and alcohol rehab to overcome drug problem.

The thing with drugs is that they take so many things away from you, things you don’t notice in the moment.  They take your time away you could of spent with loved ones.  They take your money away.  They take away your clear mind and ambitions.  But most importantly they take away your soul.  I thank the gods that through some sense of luck and self worth I never did heroin, meth, or pcp.  But I did a lot of other things I am not proud of. The rehab in Gainesville has experts that have helped people get over substance abuse and dependence on the unnecessary.

The consumers of drugs usually have little idea who is benefiting from their cash.  Drug barons are in the business of making addicts out of their product, I don’t care if it is Baron Malboro or South American cocaine dealers, they all have one thing in common: they don’t give a shit about you, your safety, your family or your future.  All they want is for you to keep using.

Nothing about using drugs is about “personal freedom.”  Extended drug use and addiction creates virtual slavery, and you really have no one to blame but yourself for getting into it.

Perhaps paradoxically I don’t think drugs should be outlawed. I understand that there are many who use CBD vapes for sleep and  I think it is painfully obvious that if someone is going to use these substances, they will, laws prohibiting it or not.  I also believe that some plants also have a legitimate function in religious rituals however if is not used for those purposes I consider it drug abuse.

Back in 2007 when Welf Herfurth came to San Francisco I carefully asked him, without mentioning myself “what do you think about drugs?  Should they be allowed in the movement?” His answer was unequivocal: no.  Drug users, he said, delegitimize everything they claim to stand for.  The only way to be taken seriously is to be drug free and have a clear head on your shoulders.  If your head is messed up on drugs it will make everything look bad.

I have not used drugs since that day.  And I will tell you, it is one of the best life decisions I have ever made, and that was just from using light stuff.  I still enjoy social drinking, within limits.  And unlike Welf, I don’t have a cigarette addiction I still need to kick (nudge nudge Welf!).  After thinking about what it was that really got me to kick the habit I think that what it comes down to is that anyone that uses drugs has to find their own reason to quit.  I’m just glad I did while still fairly young and never got involved in hardcore substances.

Since that time many people have come and gone in the BANA network.  We have a simple rule for getting involved in our group, no recreational drug use.  I have kicked people out or distanced them from our community, some of whom I had a great friendship with, over smoking pot.

But I want to end this article on a serious note.  If you or anyone you know uses crystal meth I would like you to please seek professional medical assistance immediately.  If someone you know uses crystal and they cannot or will not seek help, you have to remove them from your life completely.  I have seen to many lives destroyed from this substance.

It is time we own up to the challenge of doing everything we can to make our people stronger, our children safer, and our bodies healthier.  This is an area where we can win.  We can even win this without being in control of governments or States, but by being in control of ourselves.

Thank you.


  1. Great reminder that drugs rob you of things you don’t even notice until it is way too late to even think about getting them back.

    I am in a locale in Europe at the moment that allows the legal purchase of pot and some other ‘light’ drugs. I am under a bit of pressure with exams, bit of relationship trouble etc, and was thinking about getting a little bit to “chill out with”……and then I read this, haha. Talk about good timing 😉 Snapped me right out of my little ‘pity party’!

    I don’t begrudge anyone their vices, but for me, I have to be honest and really, this is an old habit from way back. Like you I ‘partied’ in my teens (and , although I took long ‘breaks’, it continued well into my 20’s and 30’s) and it ended up costing me a lot of years I now regret.
    Yet the mind can play tricks with the past, and I had been romanticizing my pot smoking days quite a bit this week…..so thanks for the kick up the butt.

    I too have seen so many of my White loved ones take wrong roads with drugs and booze. I have a beautiful young friend (daughter of one of the worst female alcoholics and drugs addicts I have ever known) who is currently hooked on Oxycontin…..and she kids herself she can ‘quit anytime’.

    I have never had anyone close to me on Meth (thank GOD) ….yet…..and I hope I never experience it.



  2. The drugs issue has several applications. One is discussed in the essay above, namely, the importance of keeping a clear head and good health. The other is that we need to recognize that [compared to other demographics] white kids are vastly over-represented in meth abuse, substantially over-represented in tobacco smoking and chewing, and very over-represented in binge alcohol drinking.

    While this reflects badly on the diverse white American peoples, it also reflects badly on those of us who know about these tribulations affecting our kids, and who do nothing. There are two things we could do.

    (1) Present data about these situations to local governing bodies to ask them to create programs. This gives us an opportunity to speak in our white voice in white-centric ways. Seeking to establish a relationship with local governments to institute this kind of help is extremely widespread with programs for other demographics, e.g., Vietnamese smokers, and black crack and heroin addicts, based on the theory that over-representation in social ills deserves special attention.

    (2) Or we can just help the kids ourselves. There’s nothing stopping us from establishing groups called “100 White Men Against Drugs & Drink.” I know that we tell each other every day that performing public actions is “not allowed” to the diverse white men acting as white men, but that is a bunch of hooey. We can organize ourselves in this way when at least ten white men get together to do public service with our children in need. Oh, and someday, we’ll have to get busy with all the homeless white children who are abandoned or expelled by their families. You can do that in your white voice and in a white-centric way, too.

  3. It is nearly impossible to teach kids about drugs —really teach them— since to do so would also mean deconstructing for them the country in which they live. To tell them they have enemies before they are even born, to tell them people in power don’t really care if they live or die, that they profit from their loss, from their demise, and so on. It would be to strip children of any “childhood” they have (“childhood,” once just a time in life has become a time we reserve for trying to make little people feel they do not have horrifying enemies. Prosecution and illegality at least means that the adults who survive might try to lock up the ones who pandered the drugs at their school doors when they were little kids.

    Of course people who want them will get them. But it’s about the few who survive who might actually do something about it, leaving them tools to work with. People stuck in their own personal experiences on this are just that—-more selfish people not trying to change the future for younger people tomorrow.

  4. Yes, this is a very good article. One should especially be aware of Marijuana, often referred to as “dope.” And there’s a reason, it makes you dopey! Many years ago I was in college, in engineering school, and I smoked it often. It was addictive, and I found it impossible to resist when it came around. It was affecting my grades, and I knew that school was the sole reason for me to be in school. So I got help and stopped. Kicking dope was more difficult than kicking tobacco, which I was able to do by myself.

    Don’t kid yourself, marijuana is far from benign. Unless you really do want to be stupid.

  5. Andrew Yeoman and George Soros have something in common on the hard drug issue: both favor legalization. Yeoman, because he thinks “people who want to do them will do it anyway…” and totalitarian Jew-globalist Soros because he understands that once someone is life-addicted to drugs, they’ll be addicted for life to something else: government. Government controlled by Soros and Co. There’s a reason, Andrew, that Soros puts up about $20 million/year to fund hard drug legalization intiatives…just recently in Calif. we defeated a couple of his efforts. It’s because he thinks that anti-drug laws are substantially effective. And he’s right about that.

  6. This is the single largest problem in our movement. I wont hang with anyone who is on drugs, is an excessive alcaholic or a degenerate who thinks life on parole and doing it on the installment plan isnt a problem, “It is”.

  7. Dissidents who want to DO something have a toolbox full of the most effective weapons on the planet

    That Rabbit site has too much jargon. Horus is a strong speaker but he uses all these strange phrases and insists that you have to listen to 25 hours of shows before he’ll answer any questions. The weird cartoons of creepy rabbits don’t help, they remind me of Donnie Darko more than anything else.

  8. well as far as it goes, the government has no business regulating drugs as it were, it is a very recent development.Yes the usual criminalized drugs are not good for one.I dont seem to recall a raging drug problem except maybe china where it was forced down their throat at very cherap prices by the ooh lala sassoons,still in the trade.illegal drugs just raise the price and ctreate a monopoly.opens up all other types of crime associated with it. in case you didnt know many people use drugs and you woukldnt even know it and yes the ones who use the physically addictive drugs wish they werent.and the one thing with drugs is when you do them you dont liek to go through life with out them which is the curse of them.and quitting them and going on wiothout is a most difficult thing be that as it may there are wiorse things one can do and not all maybe most do not have a giant problem with tyem, as alchohol is more damaging and it is legal.To outlaw a plant is blasphemy.the most dangerous time is when a opiate user has quit and decides he would like to have a little once again,and overdoses and it is a sad affair.so opiates are for pain,not for fun.regulating personal behaviour that primarily does not harm another is no govts business.we all know who and why made drugs illegal in the western world and if they did leagalize them they would be less of a problembecuase i dont think they are anyways except for people who are a problem even with out drugs. one will steal for drugs but then that person would steal with out them.now PCP is a way out there drug and should not have been invented.methadoe is way worse than good pure heroin which we have in good supply in amelika at this time, it is over 90% pure I hear.thanks to our military guarding the fields over there in afghansistan land, russia has it too and it is dirt cheap. of course they liek to [play with the supply demand type thing the miscreants oxycontin and all the synthetic opiates are more toxic on the l;iver than the strait opiate , but then you cant pattent opium,heroin,codeine etc etc.they are a blessing when you are in pain .

  9. oh fred you are slightly off your rocker,and asia has the so called rug problem as well and it is ratrher harsh to lock up or execute one for simple drug use.you should mayhaops chill out.making them illegal creates the problem.
    you should try some ayahuasca,peyote,mescaline or soem pscilosyben.you might becoem embarressed at such feelings or thoughts in yourself. lol.

  10. Jesus, you mean there are still people doing PCP? I had thought that was a 70s thing, I remember seeing an episode of Quincy that was about PCP making people go nuts. I also remember back in 1982 in grade school they gave us an anti drug comic book that had all kinds of horror stories about PCP. I also remember that movie “Death of Richie” with Robbie Benson and Ben Gazarra where the teenager got all whacked on drugs and his dad shot him. They showed us that one in school back then to scare us.

  11. Drugs may be used by intelligent, willpower – possessing Aryans and this has commonplace activity was portrayed in fiction by one of the best selling writers of all time, the Edinburgh – trained medical doctor, Arthur Conan Doyle. In his Sherlock Holmes story, The Seven Percent Solution, the author was not alluding to his sleuth’s crime case clear up rate, but instead to the dilution of the detective’s preferred tipple, tincture of opium.

  12. When I was in high school I used to smoke a little weed. Once I had my driver’s license I could drive to the liquor store and then I could buy alcohol and what the hell did I need dope for at that point? I dropped it. AFter getting sick a couple times during high school I’ve never had a problem with alcohol. I try to have one wine a day but sometimes I have to push myself. On the weekend I like two or three. Big deal.

    In high school I also started drinking coffee. I take at least 4 cups a day strong which is about 800 mg caffeine. Sometimes more. Big deal.

    People tend to abuse drugs because of underlying personality problems not unusually anxiety and depression. Lose the shame over these pedestrian but very real mental health issues folks. Talk to your doctor. Treat it like what it is, a very persistent, real illness that may not be all that serious but indeed it does create a lot of life problems over time. Be willing to take something mild like Welburtin or a little Sertraline and get over it. Big deal.

    Less messed up white nationalists will translate into a more vital and effective wn movement. But the last thing we need to waste energy on is advancing any kind of prohibitionist agenda. What a waste of energy and treasure that has been for America, both in the 1920s and now. Imagine how easily we could take a billion dollars out of the pocket of Mexican drug gangs just by legalizing weed. And put another billion back in white taxpayer pockets too no doubt. Itz coming.

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