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I’ve been hearing rumors for several days now that “Hunter Wallace” has been cast as the arch villain and President of the United States in Harold Covington’s fifth Northwest novel.

I didn’t think much of the story until the excerpt that people had been talking about was delivered to my email account. It looks genuine to me and fits the storyline that I have seen elsewhere.

I will assume that Covington wrote this until shown otherwise. Those who want to read it themselves can request the small file through email.

In the book, “President Hunter Wallace” is the leader of the Christian neocon forces and “Lieutenant Robert Campbell” is a presidential pimp working for the Northwest Front. My avowed mission is to recover the “lost jewels” of the Pacific Northwest for the “Zionist Occupation Government.”

I’m also a “cognitive dissonance agent” who works for someone called Cass Sunstein in Washington. I am a “false flag blogger” engaged in a “black op” against Harold Covington. Predictably, I also work for the SPLC and ADL (this will elicit howls of laughter in Montgomery), and I have a Jewish handler who was born in Tel Aviv, too:

“How much do you know about the President of the United States, Hunter Wallace?” asked Randall.

“Uh, just what I read in the papers,” said Campbell. “The guy’s a scumbag white traitor, but that’s a given, as if any other kind of person could be elected to office in the United States. The last honest politician the United States ever produced was Andrew Jackson. I think I read somewhere that Hunter Wallace started out on the internet back in the ‘teens, as a false flag blogger and a black op under the old Cass Sunstein Cognitive Dissonance program. He gathered information for the régime and for the régime’s NGOs like the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith and the Southern Poverty Law Center, for money. As a reward for his cyber-services he was given a staff job in D.C. on some liberal’s Congressman from Alabama’s payroll, and the rest, as they say, is particularly repulsive history.”

“Go on,” said Randall with a smile.

Campbell shrugged and complied. “Worked his way up to the point where he was actually able to steal the Alabama Congressman’s seat from him, and from then on Wallace never looked back. He had just entered his second term when the War of Independence ended at Longview, he saw his bandwagon coming a mile off, and he jumped on it. From then on he was Mister Reunification. His rap is an interesting combination of liberalism, neo-conservatism, and Christian Zionism all rolled into one. He calls it One Nation Indivisible, and it’s basically the social program of the Clinton Democrats, the unfettered economic buccaneering of the Wall Street banks, combined with the American Exceptionalism of Rush Limbaugh and a heavy dash of 700 Club. I know that doesn’t sound possible, or even coherent, but Wallace wraps it all in a big red, white, and blue American flag and he pulls it off somehow. Everybody gets most of what they want, or they think they do. Wallace’s one-note symphony for some years has been We Must Recover Amurrica’s Lost Jewels of the Northwest, punish wicked racism, and make everybody love and bugger one another under the Red, White, and Blue regardless of race, creed, color, or species, all the while singing koom-by-yah and praising Jesus. I know it’s a lot more complex than that, sir, but that’s what I hear.”

The story progresses from there into how I am sexual pervert with a private slush fund which I use to date Jews and female celebrities and how I have nuts which are “the size of pencil erasers.” This is all woven together into a complex paranoid conspiracy theory about the near future in the United States.

Hmm. What to make of this?

(1) First, my initial reaction was that this seems credible because it fits an established pattern of behavior.

Harold Covington reportedly once lost a huge libel suit after accusing Will Williams, one of his many internet antagonists, of being John Doe #3 from the Oklahoma City bombing. Covington also has a long history of using his imagination to make up libelous stories about other movement figures like Ben Klassen.

(2) Second, it brings to mind what Ben Covington (Harold’s little brother) told the SPLC in a 2008 interview for the Intelligence Report.

Ben said that his brother was discharged from the military after being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Harold’s mental illness eventually became so severe that he abandoned his own family in Ireland.

He is also estranged from his family in North Carolina. Harold’s father left his two grandchildren a trust fund. Ben Covington has been supporting Harold’s two children in Ireland since their father died.

The Covington family sees Harold as the tragic victim of schizophrenia. He suffers from a mental illness that could latch onto any ideology – Neo-Nazi or otherwise.

Many American families have loved ones who suffer from schizophrenia. It is a terrible disease as anyone who has dealt with it will tell you.

(3) Third, the people who suffer from paranoid schizophrenia live in their own mental universe – a kind of fantasy world of their own creation, which they grow increasingly unable to distinguish from reality. The disease is strongly related to homelessness and elaborate conspiracy theories.

In the 1997 movie Conspiracy Theory, Mel Gibson is a taxi driver named Jerry Fletcher who is obsessed with conspiracy theories. He believes that NASA is attempting to kill the president with a secret weapon on the space shuttle that can cause earthquakes.

Fletcher turns his house into a bunker complete with booby traps and a trap door to escape from government agents. He is chased by black helicopters. “They” are out to get him.

I mention this only because the movie, which some of you may have seen, depicts an individual who is suffering from the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia. A critical aspect of the illness is having a persecution complex.

Examples of the most common paranoid symptoms are:

– delusions of persecution, reference, exalted birth, special mission, bodily change, or jealousy;

– hallucinatory voices that threaten the patient or give commands, or auditory hallucinations without verbal form, such as whistling, humming, or laughing;

– hallucinations of smell or taste, or of sexual or other bodily sensations; visual hallucinations may occur but are rarely predominant.

(4) Fourth, paranoid schizophrenia is a mental illness that seems to be caused by genetic factors. Family history is the strongest predictor of the onset of the disease.

In other words, the people who lash out at others because they suffer from paranoid schizophrenia (like Harold when he lashes out at Ben) really aren’t in control of their actions.

They are suffering from a mental illness which causes them to take aspects of their social environment (such as the marginal people they interact with on the internet) and weave them through the lens of a persecution complex into the integral fabric of their own private fantasy world.

(5) Finally, when seen through the prism of someone suffering from a chronic type of paranoid schizophrenia, Harold Covington’s ideas and actions start making a lot more sense.

The root cause of his antagonism toward this website stems from an incident that happened about a year ago (while I was traveling in North Carolina) when he appeared in the OD comments under multiple sockpuppets to promote his novels and podcasts in one of our threads.

Robert Campbell deleted the comments and called out Covington on his use of sock puppets. Covington then retaliated by setting up a Yahoo group which he used to denounce Campbell to his supporters as “a Cass Sunstein disinformation agent.”

Even though I had nothing to do with this (being on the road at the time), I was worked into this elaborate conspiracy theory before I even had the chance to read the relevant threads. Looking backward, I didn’t see the significance of the use of the sock puppets, and dismissed the whole episode as just another trivial misunderstanding that happens on the internet.

Anonymous people use sock puppets all the time on blogs and forums. Most of them aren’t suffering though from a severe mental illness which causes them to interpret reality through a fantasy based framework.

The lurid fantasies about Ben Klassen’s sexuality (and my sexuality, someone who Covington has never met, who lives on the other side of this continent) fit the profile of a paranoid schizophrenic suffering from visual and auditory hallucinations.

The idea that Will Williams was behind the Oklahoma City bombing or that Robert Campbell is a secret agent working for Cass Sunstein for exposing his use of sock puppets – minor internet antagonists engaged in mere flame wars – also fit the profile of someone with delusions and a persecution complex.

Harold Covington is “The Old Man” in his fantasy novels and plays a starring role in the future demise of the United States. This fits the clinical definition of a schizophrenic who believes they have “a special mission.”

Then you have whole idea that the federal government has nothing better to do with its time than to frame Edgar Steele or that poor alienated Neo-Nazi weirdo “Joe Snuffy” from VNN Forum who tried to blowup the Spokane MLK parade with a rat poison bomb in a backpack.

To a paranoid schizophrenic, this is all evidence of one huge vast conspiracy, and will inevitably be interpreted in that deranged light.

I can’t even begin to understand the thought processes it took for Harold Covington to portray an obscure blogger from Alabama as a Tel Aviv based cognitive dissonance agent and future President of the United States engaged in a massive conspiracy to stop a non-existent White Nationalist organization.

That is what finally convinced me that Harold Covington is just, well, crazy. Even if this excerpt turns out to be a hoax (which is entirely possible), there is already more than enough evidence available to support that conclusion.

Sympathy for Harold

When I first heard about the defamation contained in this Northwest novel, I considered responding with an angry rebuttal. But after spending more time thinking about what compelled Harold Covington to write such false and libelous material (if he is indeed the author, which hasn’t been established), I found my reaction starting to mellow.

I realized that Harold Covington is a tragic victim of a mental illness which has destroyed his career, social life, and even his own family. This is someone who really isn’t in control of his actions. The illness is causing him to lose touch with reality.

Harold isn’t responsible for what he says on the internet or in his books. The demons within him are blindly lashing out at the nearest available targets. If he is not taking his medication, there is no agency involved in the delusions and hallucinations that he is likely experiencing.

With that in mind, I began to consider what Jesus Christ would do in such a situation. His advice would certainly be to forgive Harold, sympathize with victim, and try to end the pointless feud with an adversary.

I haven’t fully accepted the religious premises of Christianity, but I have long appreciated certain practical aspects of that religion as a philosophy. In moderation, the Christian idea of forgiving your enemies makes a lot of sense, and all these cankerous, quarrelsome White Nationalists would spend a lot less time fighting each other if they borrowed that idea and made it their own.

Taking Action

I went out and bought a card this evening which I plan to send to Harold Covington at his Northwest Front P.O Box with a small cash donation.

The card says:


I am genuinely sorry that we could not be friends. If I have offended you, I apologize. Please take this small gesture of kindness and use it to buy yourself a hot meal or to support your family in Ireland.

Best wishes,

Hunter Wallace”

I will send it out in the morning.

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  1. Re: that black and white photo of Covington at the top of the post… it seems like the there are maybe still a few inches of extra space that could’ve been used to make the swastika on the podium EVEN BIGGER.

  2. HAC is a pussy. He has hated on Metzger, William Luther Pierce, Ben Klassen, Glenn Miller, et al, for decades. He now hates on a new crop of people like Robert or Hunter Wallace. Oh and he keeps on hating Will. But you see, HAC, for all his bloody novels, and macho youtube videos, and advocacy of insurrection, is a total nothing, powerless, an in short, a pussy. He sneaks around the NW pretending to be a WN and yet spends most of his time hating WN leaders that have made decent efforts, imperfect though they may have been, and smearing them in print.

    What happens to his targets? Mostly they are made to look better by his defamations. Having HAC defame you is the unkosher stamp of disapproval from the Sandhedrin of the insane.

    That people continue to be taken in by his jive is regrettable nonetheless and I commend the efforts of Hadding to expose his foolishness.

  3. What is this shit about Cass Sunstein anyways. Just another Jewish law professor who is supposedly going to rewrite regulations for Obama. So in 2008 he wrote a paper advocating the government to infiltrate “extrmist’ groups. Big fucking deal! As if Cass Sunstein thought that up. Wow. Supposedly Cass Sunstein is running this show? Thats freakin hilarious. Poor Cass Sunstein. He is no Caiaphas.

  4. I actually hadn’t read the entire preview of the next Northwest novel. Yes, it’s terrible if true. It’s possible that Mr. Covington is having more than just some standard movement “issues” – he might be losing it, doing a late model Bobby Fisher. The best approach is to not go anywhere near folks who are losing it. Always use pen names when doing any type of even remotely nationalist activism. Don’t get paranoid, but also don’t give up personal information or expect to have strong friendships with people you meet on-line or in other “movement” places.

    The American internet nationalist web sites can be very good for basic education – help formerly confused White Americans, White conservatives figure out the seemingly unexplainable treasons in politics, immigration, the media etc. But after you do become “awakened” – you have to find ways to live, work, date, stay healthy, stay sane – and these activities simply can not be done if you fall down in to 24/7/356 American WN “movement’ life.

    Again, very sorry to all involved in this mess.

    I would encourage Hunter to close down O.D. and move on – I understand he is doing very solid, successful activism in the real world. Good for him.

    We all should wish Hunter the very best.

  5. Covington might be “losing it”? OMG, Jack Ryan, you are the most clueless excuse for a White Nationalist that I have encountered.

    Read my blog and get an education.

  6. In Defense of Covington…=3558#post3558

    Covington, like most leaders and intellectuals in the bowel Movement of ours, is fighting for ‘market share’ for what little is in our dysfunctional [bowel] Movement.

    Let me suggest why Harold decided to have his fun at the expense of ‘Hunter Wallace’ — not his real name — as opposed to the ZOGbots Robert Campbell and Hadding the Loveless Meercat Mattoid.

    Since ‘Hunter’ has claimed to be George Wallace’s grandson and since ‘Hunter’ runs a blog/forum/whatever for a little while until ‘Hunter’s’ own solipsistic craziness ‘cycles’ every six months or so and ‘Hunter’ re-invents hisself for the 666th time, Covington decided to make the stereotype of the fat self-serving amoral hog of a politician, sort of like Lindsey Graham, congruent with ‘Hunter’s’ name. Covington holds ‘Hunter’ responsible for the antics of Hadding, ‘Robert Campbell’ and WhiggerSwill the past year or so. And, true to form, the yelps and squeals of gilt outrage have made Tubby’s day.

    I was locked up with real nuts for two and a half years. I know craziness when I see it, because like I would tell the paki and sand-nigger and actual nigger psychiatrists who would dope me up illegally during my stay most of the Bushy second and Runt-Blunt sole administrations, “You stupid silly bastards only see these insane violent criminals for 15 minutes every 30 or 60 or 90 days, while I have to live with them for twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. As a result I know which ones are truly dangerous far better than you idiots do.”

    Covington is not crazy. Rather, Covington has to deal with treasonous family members and Movement turds out to run amok anything that they get their paws a-holt of. Will Williams is actually a ZOG agent provocateur and informant as is his freind TraitorGlenn Miller. Williams got a lawyer from ZOG, and a bogus settlement from a crooked judge with the intent of getting Covington removed from his home in North Carolina, which happened. I fail to see why these known traitors and informants are simply not ignored as largely irrelevant. Rather, if they act as does Morris Dees, then they should be thought of as equivalent of Morris Dees.

    Insofar as Hadding’s meercat moanings are cooncerned, most of them are simply lies. Katja Lane told me that Bob Matthews gave William Pierce $400,000, by far the most of anyone in the bowel Movement. Even Pierce’s biographer, Robert Griffin, said in “Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds”, in the Bob Matthews’ chapter, page 209, that Pierce got a bag full of Order money from Bob Matthews and soon afterwards paid off on his farm $95,000. That’s at least $55,000 more than a mere $40,000 that Hadding claims. Besides, what difference does it make? Everyone in the Movement knows that Pierce took Order money and so does the FBI, because the Movement can’t keep its collective and individual mouths shut.

    Pierce ran a sort of Elohim City for CreaTards. We in Christian Identity knew that the Reverend Doctor Bob Millar was snitching for the FBI — and admitted it to ourselves. Pierce was totally compromised, as is WhiggerSwill, Alex Linder, and TraitorGlenn Miller. At least we openly admit the obvious, which CreaTards refuse to do.

    Look. ‘Hunter Wallace/Cunthair WallASS/Fade the Bitcher is NOT an ‘expert’ on White Nationalism. Rather Fade is someone who has a lot of Daddy’s money and lots of time on his hands who sets up these forums and blogs, gets a bunch of whigger and mamzer fellow fuktards to post on these places, then when Fade is ‘cycling’ and Cunthair’s craziness gets the best of him, he disappears (to a private asylum), and when on the right schedule of medication shows back up with the latest version of hissself.

    “Hunter Wallace” is a good name for a Southron-Fried jewdayo Zionist, and so Covington uses that name and tries to shoot over the gaseous carcass some jewkals like Hadding who are yapping about the overall unfairness of Tubby.

    Covington is actually trying to accomplish something and has somewhat of a plan. I agree with 85% of the plan and since I have better things to do than fight with Covington’s groupies, I avoid posting on his forums and blogs.

    That said, has ‘Jack Ryan’ cum up with the $5,000 advance that he promised now that Covington is writing NorthWest Republic novel #5?

    This bowel Movement of ours is 95% infiltrated by ZOG. The remainder is full of fools and idiots unable to grow up who form the bulk of the on-looking feebs who are gazing at the three-ring circus.

    Now both myself and Harold Covington understand that ZOG is finished. As whiggers are displaced by beaners and jews finish off what little is left, ZOG as we know it is going to become extinct. Covington believes that he can get 1,000 people in the NorthWest together to fight a colonial war and gain independence for a White Homeland. Myself and the underground Dual-Seedline Christian Identity portion of the White Nationalist Movement believe that a Great Tribulation is necessary to exterminate through civil war and economic, environmental and social collapse 160 million muds and 130 million whiggers with a end result of having only 10 million Whites left to be ruled over by 10,000 Warlords when Jesus Christ returns. We are allies because neither of us really are looking for the exact same audience or using the same methods. Covington thinks that he is going to get 1,000 ‘righteous’ Whites to fight a colonial war in the NorthWest. I know that this won’t work any better than when Abraham’s nephew Lot was the only half-way ‘righteous’ whigger in Sodom, and even then Lot screwed his daughters and they gave birth to the worthless bastards Moab and Ammon, who were adjudged unworthy of joining into the Congregation of Israel. Rather, the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity plan is to have the Great Tribulation do all the heavy lifting of carrying out the necessary exterminations and pick up the 10,000 Warlords who will use DSCI theology as the religious underpinning behind the necessary culling of the whigger herd that supports ZOG.

    Covington believes that he can use National Socialist ideology in order to create islands of order amidst disorder. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) believes in using disorder to exterminate the-m-asses of whiggers and all of the mamzers and jews and having the Warlords use DSCI Orthodox religion as the White Man’s Racial HATE Religion, and as an excuse to do as they please upon defective whigger herd animals who are fair game. Covington believes that he can find 1,000 alphas to exploit the Collapse and Chaos. DSCI believes that we can find 10,000 amoral warlords who will ape some pretense to religiousity in order to have a free hand morally to exterminate all the muds, jews and most of the whiggers and enslave the rest because these 10,000 warlords will be Lothrup Stoddard’s Neo-Aristocracy who will pay their way bv keeping their loyal herd animal whiggers alive.

    My bet is on chaos, destruction, barbarism, civil war, death and destruction. All the fruits of a decaying and dead social order. Not on some last-minute notion that someone is somehow going to turn shit into steel.

    Yet Harold Covington is actually DOING something and this annoys the little Internut whigger nutsionalists no end. So if he makes fun of fools going through the motions, then what of it?

    There is the notion that those who ZOG brings in as anonymous infiltraitors and agent provocateur ZOGbots have some sort of ‘right’ to be listened to by the idiotic degenerate and cowardly whigger and mamzer and other jew feebs infesting the bowel Movement and actually have some sort of respectful hearing. This is why this little bowel Movement of ours is so fucked up. Any whiner and feeb has not only an audience, but tries to get a majority of the retards to act as they have a vote and a veto over that which others are actually doing. However, such is impossible given that nobody listens to whiggers, mamzers, and jews telling Movement effectives that what they do is coontrary to their own delusions, especially when these bowel-Movement defectives wish to remain anonymous, and thus unaccountable. How are they possibly going to change Covington’s behavior when Covington isn’t scared of ZOG?

    Hunter/Fade was wanting to run off for two weeks after remaking hisself. He came back because of wounded vanity. Whereas Covington isn’t going anywhere.

    So, in the absence of Covington, for he will listen but not answer here, let me state the obvious: Covington is doing something. You fools are not. Covington will not succeed because no mighty Evil Empire yet has pulled off survival for its defective soft piss-pul. Yet what makes Tubby a man and you whiners a bunch of bitches is that Covington is willing to try.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  7. Pastor, I am sure that your endorsement will go a long way toward convincing people that Covington is not crazy after all.

    “DSCI believes that we can find 10,000 amoral warlords who will ape some pretense to religiousity in order to have a free hand morally to exterminate all the muds, jews and most of the whiggers and enslave the rest….”

    That’s quite an interesting description of your religion: “aping some pretense to religiousity in order to have a free hand morally….”

    So you are satisfied now to be the “bravos and charlies” subordinate to Covington’s alpha caste? Eight years ago it seemed to bother you.

    Mainstream media sources based on the beans that Bruce Pierce spilled only allege that Dr. William Pierce received $50,000. All the higher figures are rumors and speculation. I documented this on my blog. Dr. Pierce made a lot of money from The Turner Diaries. The fact that he had $95,ooo doesn’t mean that he got all of it from Bob Mathews.

  8. The fact that Martin Lindstedt has raised the matter of Will Williams’ libel suit against Harold Covington gives occasion for another example of Covington’s duplicity, as distinguished from delusionality.

    In response to the suit, Harold Covington filed this document in the Wake County Courthouse (File #96CV 11027) on 11/20/96:

    “Regarding the issue of defamation of character, it is the entirely serious
    contention of the defendant, and will constitute a substantial portion of
    the defense, that the plaintiff has no character to defame. For a number of
    years Mr. Williams has voluntarily adopted a style of life which has
    involved active membership and leadership roles in a number of white
    supremacist organizations… [T]he court will be aware that modern American
    society has determined, in its collective wisdom, that white supremacy and
    activities related to promoting white supremacy are disreputable and
    unsavory ‘per se.’ It is the contention of the defense that by choosing his
    present mode of living, in the eyes of all reasonable people he has
    voluntarily renounced the values and standards of character which would
    entitle him to bring an action for libel, against the defendant or anyone else.”

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