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I’ve been hearing rumors for several days now that “Hunter Wallace” has been cast as the arch villain and President of the United States in Harold Covington’s fifth Northwest novel.

I didn’t think much of the story until the excerpt that people had been talking about was delivered to my email account. It looks genuine to me and fits the storyline that I have seen elsewhere.

I will assume that Covington wrote this until shown otherwise. Those who want to read it themselves can request the small file through email.

In the book, “President Hunter Wallace” is the leader of the Christian neocon forces and “Lieutenant Robert Campbell” is a presidential pimp working for the Northwest Front. My avowed mission is to recover the “lost jewels” of the Pacific Northwest for the “Zionist Occupation Government.”

I’m also a “cognitive dissonance agent” who works for someone called Cass Sunstein in Washington. I am a “false flag blogger” engaged in a “black op” against Harold Covington. Predictably, I also work for the SPLC and ADL (this will elicit howls of laughter in Montgomery), and I have a Jewish handler who was born in Tel Aviv, too:

“How much do you know about the President of the United States, Hunter Wallace?” asked Randall.

“Uh, just what I read in the papers,” said Campbell. “The guy’s a scumbag white traitor, but that’s a given, as if any other kind of person could be elected to office in the United States. The last honest politician the United States ever produced was Andrew Jackson. I think I read somewhere that Hunter Wallace started out on the internet back in the ‘teens, as a false flag blogger and a black op under the old Cass Sunstein Cognitive Dissonance program. He gathered information for the régime and for the régime’s NGOs like the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith and the Southern Poverty Law Center, for money. As a reward for his cyber-services he was given a staff job in D.C. on some liberal’s Congressman from Alabama’s payroll, and the rest, as they say, is particularly repulsive history.”

“Go on,” said Randall with a smile.

Campbell shrugged and complied. “Worked his way up to the point where he was actually able to steal the Alabama Congressman’s seat from him, and from then on Wallace never looked back. He had just entered his second term when the War of Independence ended at Longview, he saw his bandwagon coming a mile off, and he jumped on it. From then on he was Mister Reunification. His rap is an interesting combination of liberalism, neo-conservatism, and Christian Zionism all rolled into one. He calls it One Nation Indivisible, and it’s basically the social program of the Clinton Democrats, the unfettered economic buccaneering of the Wall Street banks, combined with the American Exceptionalism of Rush Limbaugh and a heavy dash of 700 Club. I know that doesn’t sound possible, or even coherent, but Wallace wraps it all in a big red, white, and blue American flag and he pulls it off somehow. Everybody gets most of what they want, or they think they do. Wallace’s one-note symphony for some years has been We Must Recover Amurrica’s Lost Jewels of the Northwest, punish wicked racism, and make everybody love and bugger one another under the Red, White, and Blue regardless of race, creed, color, or species, all the while singing koom-by-yah and praising Jesus. I know it’s a lot more complex than that, sir, but that’s what I hear.”

The story progresses from there into how I am sexual pervert with a private slush fund which I use to date Jews and female celebrities and how I have nuts which are “the size of pencil erasers.” This is all woven together into a complex paranoid conspiracy theory about the near future in the United States.

Hmm. What to make of this?

(1) First, my initial reaction was that this seems credible because it fits an established pattern of behavior.

Harold Covington reportedly once lost a huge libel suit after accusing Will Williams, one of his many internet antagonists, of being John Doe #3 from the Oklahoma City bombing. Covington also has a long history of using his imagination to make up libelous stories about other movement figures like Ben Klassen.

(2) Second, it brings to mind what Ben Covington (Harold’s little brother) told the SPLC in a 2008 interview for the Intelligence Report.

Ben said that his brother was discharged from the military after being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Harold’s mental illness eventually became so severe that he abandoned his own family in Ireland.

He is also estranged from his family in North Carolina. Harold’s father left his two grandchildren a trust fund. Ben Covington has been supporting Harold’s two children in Ireland since their father died.

The Covington family sees Harold as the tragic victim of schizophrenia. He suffers from a mental illness that could latch onto any ideology – Neo-Nazi or otherwise.

Many American families have loved ones who suffer from schizophrenia. It is a terrible disease as anyone who has dealt with it will tell you.

(3) Third, the people who suffer from paranoid schizophrenia live in their own mental universe – a kind of fantasy world of their own creation, which they grow increasingly unable to distinguish from reality. The disease is strongly related to homelessness and elaborate conspiracy theories.

In the 1997 movie Conspiracy Theory, Mel Gibson is a taxi driver named Jerry Fletcher who is obsessed with conspiracy theories. He believes that NASA is attempting to kill the president with a secret weapon on the space shuttle that can cause earthquakes.

Fletcher turns his house into a bunker complete with booby traps and a trap door to escape from government agents. He is chased by black helicopters. “They” are out to get him.

I mention this only because the movie, which some of you may have seen, depicts an individual who is suffering from the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia. A critical aspect of the illness is having a persecution complex.

Examples of the most common paranoid symptoms are:

– delusions of persecution, reference, exalted birth, special mission, bodily change, or jealousy;

– hallucinatory voices that threaten the patient or give commands, or auditory hallucinations without verbal form, such as whistling, humming, or laughing;

– hallucinations of smell or taste, or of sexual or other bodily sensations; visual hallucinations may occur but are rarely predominant.

(4) Fourth, paranoid schizophrenia is a mental illness that seems to be caused by genetic factors. Family history is the strongest predictor of the onset of the disease.

In other words, the people who lash out at others because they suffer from paranoid schizophrenia (like Harold when he lashes out at Ben) really aren’t in control of their actions.

They are suffering from a mental illness which causes them to take aspects of their social environment (such as the marginal people they interact with on the internet) and weave them through the lens of a persecution complex into the integral fabric of their own private fantasy world.

(5) Finally, when seen through the prism of someone suffering from a chronic type of paranoid schizophrenia, Harold Covington’s ideas and actions start making a lot more sense.

The root cause of his antagonism toward this website stems from an incident that happened about a year ago (while I was traveling in North Carolina) when he appeared in the OD comments under multiple sockpuppets to promote his novels and podcasts in one of our threads.

Robert Campbell deleted the comments and called out Covington on his use of sock puppets. Covington then retaliated by setting up a Yahoo group which he used to denounce Campbell to his supporters as “a Cass Sunstein disinformation agent.”

Even though I had nothing to do with this (being on the road at the time), I was worked into this elaborate conspiracy theory before I even had the chance to read the relevant threads. Looking backward, I didn’t see the significance of the use of the sock puppets, and dismissed the whole episode as just another trivial misunderstanding that happens on the internet.

Anonymous people use sock puppets all the time on blogs and forums. Most of them aren’t suffering though from a severe mental illness which causes them to interpret reality through a fantasy based framework.

The lurid fantasies about Ben Klassen’s sexuality (and my sexuality, someone who Covington has never met, who lives on the other side of this continent) fit the profile of a paranoid schizophrenic suffering from visual and auditory hallucinations.

The idea that Will Williams was behind the Oklahoma City bombing or that Robert Campbell is a secret agent working for Cass Sunstein for exposing his use of sock puppets – minor internet antagonists engaged in mere flame wars – also fit the profile of someone with delusions and a persecution complex.

Harold Covington is “The Old Man” in his fantasy novels and plays a starring role in the future demise of the United States. This fits the clinical definition of a schizophrenic who believes they have “a special mission.”

Then you have whole idea that the federal government has nothing better to do with its time than to frame Edgar Steele or that poor alienated Neo-Nazi weirdo “Joe Snuffy” from VNN Forum who tried to blowup the Spokane MLK parade with a rat poison bomb in a backpack.

To a paranoid schizophrenic, this is all evidence of one huge vast conspiracy, and will inevitably be interpreted in that deranged light.

I can’t even begin to understand the thought processes it took for Harold Covington to portray an obscure blogger from Alabama as a Tel Aviv based cognitive dissonance agent and future President of the United States engaged in a massive conspiracy to stop a non-existent White Nationalist organization.

That is what finally convinced me that Harold Covington is just, well, crazy. Even if this excerpt turns out to be a hoax (which is entirely possible), there is already more than enough evidence available to support that conclusion.

Sympathy for Harold

When I first heard about the defamation contained in this Northwest novel, I considered responding with an angry rebuttal. But after spending more time thinking about what compelled Harold Covington to write such false and libelous material (if he is indeed the author, which hasn’t been established), I found my reaction starting to mellow.

I realized that Harold Covington is a tragic victim of a mental illness which has destroyed his career, social life, and even his own family. This is someone who really isn’t in control of his actions. The illness is causing him to lose touch with reality.

Harold isn’t responsible for what he says on the internet or in his books. The demons within him are blindly lashing out at the nearest available targets. If he is not taking his medication, there is no agency involved in the delusions and hallucinations that he is likely experiencing.

With that in mind, I began to consider what Jesus Christ would do in such a situation. His advice would certainly be to forgive Harold, sympathize with victim, and try to end the pointless feud with an adversary.

I haven’t fully accepted the religious premises of Christianity, but I have long appreciated certain practical aspects of that religion as a philosophy. In moderation, the Christian idea of forgiving your enemies makes a lot of sense, and all these cankerous, quarrelsome White Nationalists would spend a lot less time fighting each other if they borrowed that idea and made it their own.

Taking Action

I went out and bought a card this evening which I plan to send to Harold Covington at his Northwest Front P.O Box with a small cash donation.

The card says:


I am genuinely sorry that we could not be friends. If I have offended you, I apologize. Please take this small gesture of kindness and use it to buy yourself a hot meal or to support your family in Ireland.

Best wishes,

Hunter Wallace”

I will send it out in the morning.

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  1. That is the most mature handling of a matter such as this one I’ve ever heard of on the interenet. I really like Harold Covington’s books and I’m sorry to hear about anyone carrying on like this. For fictional writing, he’s tops in my book.

    One thing you have to consider though, as bad as PS is, there is medication for it. It can help a lot as long as the individual takes it like they should. Think of it as being drunk in reverse. A drunk consumes alcohol and is a source of problems for everyone around them due to their irresponsible consuption of a drug. Someone not taking their meds for mental illness becomes everyone’s problem because of a they irresponsibly don’t consume a drug(s). The difference is, crazy is all the time. You don’t sober up from insanity. Insanity is the starting point like being sober is the starting point for the drunk. My point is that not taking your meds as directed when you have a mental illness is just as bad as being a drunk or some sort of other drug addict.

  2. Oh dear.

    I wouldn’t accept this rumor as 100% truth, the way it will be. HAC has many personal enemies with people in “the movement” – so the name of the fictional corrupt, President of the United States might by Jack Ryan or many others that Mr. Covington has had “issues” with over the years. This is another reason why it’s good to use a pen name with anything even remotely associated with American White Nationalism.

    Hunter, I recommend just taking the high ground and not get dragged down in to typical “he said, she said” “movement” character assassination.

    Many of Covington’s books, essays were excellent. Many of HAC’s Radio Free Northwest were very good; recent shows have not been very good. And all should know that Mr. Covington’s strength is his writing and to a lesser extent his radio commentary, choice of music. HAC is not a good/decent organizer, fund raiser, athlete, political candidate, fashion magazine, nor a dependable personal friend to anyone.

    That’s life.

    Time to move on and I am very pleased that you have moved on and are having solid success in mainstream, White American politics, culture, life.

  3. 1st of all, I lol’d at the excerpt.

    2nd of all, I’m glad I jumped off the Northwest wagon several months ago. Regardless of whether or not Covington is crazy, a man who abandons his children and willfully estranges himself from his family is not one who is worth following. I went to the Northwest Front’s website a couple days ago out of curiosity and couldn’t help but laugh at Harold’s ravings.

  4. It’s good to see new content on OD; I thought this place was shut down and didn’t realize OD was back in action until Will Williams mentioned it on Counter Currents. Apart from his personal attacks on people which I ignore, I like a lot of Covington’s writing. It’s unfortunate the guy seems to have a need to step on toes.

  5. I’ve read it. It’s explicitly identified as “Hunter Wallace.”

    Clearly, of all the people in the world, HAC thinks the single biggest enemy the white race has is a pro-white blogger who is not even involved with the movement anymore and poses zero threat to anything HAC is trying to do.

    All this because he was caught posting with sock puppets — and no one even cared. If he had just said, yeah, you got me — we would have all moved on. It’s the internet — who cares?

    Instead, he created some elaborate story about how someone magically hacked into his IP account from another location and started talking about secret government operations and elaborate plots against him.

    More pointless infighting, insanity, and egotism. And this guy is telling us what is wrong with the WN movement? Physician, heal thyself.

  6. “[Hunter Wallace’s ideology is] an interesting combination of liberalism, neo-conservatism, and Christian Zionism all rolled into one

    This may well be the single worst, least-accurate description or quasi-description of HW’s politics yet seen to date.

  7. You know how crazy Covington is?

    “Uh, just what I read in the papers,” said Campbell.

    He put me in there, too!

  8. Since you probably informed yourself from my blog, I hope that you will toss a few shekels my way as well.

    If not then maybe I should try Covington’s approach. Hunter Wallace! You represent the vanguard of the reptilian infiltration of our Constitutional Republic! Now send me some money.

    Obviously Covington is not living in a cardboard box or under a bridge, since he has the leisure to make up elaborate smears and record podcasts and make videos. He seems to have more resources at his disposal than I have! (No, I do not believe that Covington’s “Colonel House” is a real person.)

  9. He is doing something that is more than I can say about those who do nothing.
    I like his fiction its wonderful and fits well into an almost real secnario.
    I read it I liked the part where the officer comes to give the family the deed to there house and the way the officer describes having the nazi emblem on his shoulder. The way Harold builds a genuine kind charachter over a cup of coffee with a few exhanges can be felt by anyone who reads , and the othere extreme is the way the dean describes the dissapeareance of a professor, and no one I mean no one could mistunderstand the value in that exchange.
    I would ask what kind of men are we now or have we become that we are so emotionally disenfranchised from how we inherited this great land?

  10. Hunter, your explication of your relation to Christian “thinking”, as in …

    “I haven’t fully accepted the religious premises of Christianity, but I have long appreciated certain practical aspects of that religion as a philosophy. In moderation, the Christian idea of forgiving your enemies makes a lot of sense, and all these cankerous, quarrelsome White Nationalists would spend a lot less time fighting each other if they borrowed that idea and made it their own.”

    And your well-composed apology letter to Covington …

    Really hit the mark!

    This isn’t more wordist flogging of ideology, it’s ACTION, and good advice.

    I’m at about the same place as you, with “Christianity” Others who might not be “official” Christians might benefit from the example you set in the above blog post.

  11. While Covington certainly has a defective character, contrary to Hunter Wallace’s charitable assumption, there seems to be little wrong with his mind. Harold Covington is a conscious liar.

    This is evident from variety of observable facts, for example the precautions that he takes in various circumstances, and some manipulations that I have seen Covington execute successfully, banking on the gullibility of certain others.

    But it isn’t necessary to deduce that Covington is a conscious liar, since we have a statement from the horse’s mouth. There is a document that was published by Gary Gallo in the late 1980s in which Gallo summarized a meeting that he’d had with Covington to discuss possible collaboration. Gallo ended up not working with Covington because of Covington’s expressed dishonesty. Gallo quotes Covington as saying, “We won’t be lying to them about anything important.”

    I will make a point of posting that on my blog tomorrow.

  12. Hunter,

    How about just ignoring Harold Covington altogether? He isn’t important. Focus on helping your own Celtic and Germanic European American people.

  13. For the record, I don’t plan to mention Harold again on this website. Doing so would only provide fresh material to fuel his paranoid conspiracy theory.

    The only reason that I wrote this post is because Covington has taken the extraordinary step of writing an entire novel around an obscure internet nemesis who is no longer even involved with the White Nationalist movement.

    It seemed newsworthy enough to write about.

  14. It’s not new for Covington. He has a history of using his novels as vehicles to smear people.

    What you got there is nothing. Others have gotten a much worse treatment than you. Covington put out the story that Dr. Pierce was a federal informant in the novel that he wrote immediately after Dr. Pierce’s death, and a lot of people don’t know whether to believe that or not.

    Assuming that he is writing that about you, at least you are lucky enough that people can see that it’s largely untrue, because you probably won’t become the President of the United States.

    I myself fully expect to show up in Covington’s fiction because all that stuff that you think he is writing about you, he has been aiming at me on Facebook. This was Covington’s last post on the Facebook Beer Barrel forum before it got shut down last week:

    Harold Covington 11:36am Mar 17 : “Anyway, I know there’s nothing I can do to shut this idiot child up, unless of course the moderator finally has a little light bulb come on over his head and realizes he’s got a ringer on his group, in which case “Hadding Scott” will simply created another Facebook identity and sneak back onto the group. This is the nature of the internet. I can only make readers aware of the fact that no one knows who this Induhvidual is, that he appears to be pursuing a hidden personal or paid agenda which is hostile to White Nationalism, and that his opinions on any topic whatsoever are worthless and completely lacking in credibility.”

    Covington has posted that blurb and blurbs similar to it all over Facebook. So I am really surprised that he would also be writing that about you, unless he thinks that you and I might be the same person.

  15. Harold Covington 11:28am Mar 17: “Readers should be aware of the fact that “Hadding Scott” is the pseudonymous personality of an individual who is most likely a Cognitive Dissonance internet operative working for one of the government’s subcontracting NGOs, the ADL or SPLC or Cass Sunstein’s program run out of the White House.”

    See? Same language.

  16. So you work for this “Cass Sunstein” too?

    Of course. You must be the guy in the cubicle across the room here in ZOG headquarters. This is like one of those Saw movies where random people on the internet find out they have been cast into roles in the fantasy world of a psychopath.

  17. I think that the Cass Sunstein story was something that got reported a few months back and Covington is getting mileage out of it as a halfway credible way to discredit anybody that disagrees with him on anything.

  18. Okay, this is all starting to make sense now.

    In 1959, Cass Sunstein and the Israeli Mossad impregnated Harold’s mother with the sperm of a Jewish donor, in order to plant Ben Covington into Harold’s family, who after his maturation to adulthood as Harold’s little brother became a “cognitive dissonance agent” employed by the SPLC, genetically programmed by Israeli scientists to discredit Harold and the Northwest Front.

  19. In moderation, the Christian idea of forgiving your enemies makes a lot of sense,

    I believe it works best within the in-group to forgive your enemies. The bigger man is the more forgiving of the faults of others. He is the greater servant of the cause.
    He becomes a greater leader by humbling himself, by not letting his pride get in the way.

    Christianity was a brilliant social revolution.

    The forgiving of enemies within the tribe shows a rule that made the religion grow.

  20. I want to be in the book. That is no fair if you are in the book and I am not Hunter. I am jealous.

  21. *looks over at Hunter and Hadding* Could you guys quit babbling so loudly? Am I the only one here at ZOG-HQ who’s actually working? I’m trying to write the monthly report to Jerusalem. Sheesh…

  22. I guess this is Covington’s point of reference.

    I see people constantly on internet who seem to be there just to keep political thought limited to certain well worn ruts. Since the truth is not on the side of the status quo, trying to cast doubt on what some critic says is not an adequate way to defend status quo propaganda. False propaganda gradually falls apart if contradiction is tolerated.

    If they are trying to uphold false propaganda against a competent interlocutor, the only way that they can prevail is to exclude the competent interlocutor from the discussion. This has happened to me many times. They agitate for me to be silenced by screaming anti-Semitism or Holocaust Denier or something to that effect.

    Incidentally, Covington has done that kind of thing to me a few times, although obviously on a White racial forum he has to find different sacred cows to invoke. Shouting “cognitive dissonance operative!” has been his favorite tactic lately.

    Somebody that actually wants to engage and discuss and get at the truth (like me!) cannot be a “cognitive dissonance operative.” Unfortunately there seem to be a lot of people that can’t tell the difference between a real discussion and a stream of unsupported allegations.

  23. No chance that HAC got some kind of wicked humour and this is his idea of taking revenge?

    If the craziness theory is true: there are many crazy people who have an outstanding talent of sorts, and even phases where they appear to be quite normal. That’s what makes it so confusing.

  24. Very sorry to hear about this predictable American WN “Movement” gossip, smearing, petty stuff and HAC eventually gets dragged down in to it or deliberately wades down in to it because he is basically bored and is not doing effective projects.

    That said, I encourage those people here who enjoy Mr. Covington’s books and some of his radio programs to send in a donation and some short words of encouragement for him to use his good writing and speaking talents in a positive way.

    Mr. Covington was and still is a very good writer and many good/great White writers in the past like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (wrote Sherlock Holmes stories) had personality issues.

    Please send a donation and some short words of encouragement to Mr. Covington and also suggets that he not engage in smearing other nationalists, conservatives, populists, mainstream Whites on the white side.

    Northwest Front GHQ
    P.O. Box 4856
    Seattle, WA. 98194-4856

  25. Petronius says: “No chance that HAC got some kind of wicked humour and this is his idea of taking revenge?”

    I think that’s correct. But there is probably not a sharp distinction between being a chronic liar and being delusional. They say that the most effective liars believe their own lies.

    Covington is twisted, but I see no indication that he is crazy like some people who type up incoherent manifestos claiming that extra-terrestrials are spying on them or whatever. Those people don’t function well.

    I think that Covington is fundamentally very self-indulgent and irresponsible and just doesn’t care if he’s dealing in truth or not. He is a manipulator. He will do whatever he has to do to make himself seem important and to ruin the reputation of any critic.

    Covington is able to talk a great game. Sometimes I’ve listened to him pontificate on the subject of character and for 20 minutes what he said sounded just beautiful and perfect. But then I have to remind myself that this is the same guy that accused Ben Klassen of murders that never even occurred. (And I know that because I inquired to the relevant police agencies.)

    A significant fact that I’ve noticed about Covington’s personal attacks is that he tends to be guilty himself of whatever accusation he makes toward others. For example, Covington’s accusation toward me, that I would use sockpuppets, was really laughable when Covington is the King of Sockpuppetry himself.

  26. Jack Ryan your helpless crush on Harold Covington reminds me of Battered Wife Syndrome.

    Any money sent to Harold Covington is just a subsidy for his bullshit.

  27. The drama and immaturity in white nationalist circles is so predictably stupid. It doesn’t reflect well, because the stereotypes against white nationalists are very negative, and many white nationalists make it easy to believe those stereotypes have a strong basis in reality.

  28. iceman says: “The drama and immaturity in white nationalist circles is so predictably stupid.”

    There is truth in that, iceman, but you seem not to have grasped that Harold Covington takes it to a level that is far beyond the predictably stupid.

  29. You know what Hadding, I am glad that I do not know who half these people are. I do not know who Covington is. I did not know who “Craig Cobb” was until he smeared me.

    It’s a good sign that I have enough of a life NOT to know who all these people are.

  30. That excerpt is illiterate garbage. Covington should stick to marijuana addiction; writing novels is not for him.

  31. But also Hunter it is Jewish group strategy to define those who they disagree with as having a freudian mental illness. I dont know you I love the blog its one of many I refer to, but to anyone who reads Kevin MacDonalds work the description of HAC is strait out of there playbook, and I am sure your aware of that and even referring to the SPLC report(who paid Ben Covington for the interview to smear his brother) as though some how its”VALID”..??? ..
    I would say thanks to HAC for using your name as one of his charachters heck he can use mine. I also know outside of HAC there are those of us who take this very serious and the truth ultimitaly finds its way out into the light and the frauds exposed. Its just a matter of time!

  32. dan neil! Has it escaped your attention that Covington makes up stuff? Did you not grasp that he attacks reputations by spreading misinformation?

    Some of you people exhibit a naiveté that is just mindboggling to me. I suppose that in any cross-section of Covington fans, this is what one should expect. Obviously you are not very critical.

    You just want more of those Covington fantasies.

  33. You just quoted an SPLC paper to broaden a smear against someone who used your PSEUDONYM? WTF? You quoted the SPLC? What a freakin’ DOUCHE!

  34. Dan,

    Normally I would agree, but Harold Covington’s own brother says he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, and his actions and lifestyle lend credibility to that theory.

    Once again, I will remind people that this whole episode with Covington started when he posted under sockpuppets in the OD comments. I was traveling on the road in North Carolina at the time. While I was away, Robert Campbell deleted several of the comments that were being posted under multiple accounts and that was the cause of the whole shitstorm that followed.

    Somehow, Covington managed to take deleting his sockpuppets as evidence that this whole website (and Campbell in particular) was consciously designed as part of a massive government conspiracy led by “Cass Sunstein” to discredit him. It was all a “black op” against him.

    In reality, Jack Ryan was posting links to his Radio Free Northwest podcast, which was stirring up his enemies in the comments, and he briefly came over here to argue with them.

    We were promoting him here.

    I didn’t give a damn that Covington was posting under sockpuppets. If he have simply dropped the matter, nothing further would have been said about it.

    Yet somehow, I have become the President of the United States and the arch villain in one of his fantasy Northwest novels, and a sexual pervert and an SPLC agent and many other awful things besides, and it is all because another OD administrator deleted a few of his sockpuppets on this website about a year ago.

    I don’t know how else to explain it.

    I’ve had my comments deleted on other websites before. Normal people don’t take that as evidence of the existence of a diabolical Jewish conspiracy against them.

    This is someone who isn’t mentally firing on all cylinders – and the proof of that is that Covington really and truly believes that “Cass Sunstein” and the Mossad has a whole army of secret agents out to get him. He has said that several times in his podcast now, not as a joke, but in a quite serious tone.

  35. Hunter,

    I wouldn’t get too worked up over this – it’s just typical American WN movement gossip, internet flame wars. There isn’t any hard evidence that this smear against you (an internet pen name, I highly advise people to use pen names when being in or around American WN) is going to be published in a real book – at this stage it’s just talk, publicity to keep an interest in Covington and the Northwest Front.

    I haven’t seen much or any evidence of HAC being mentally unbalanced on any of his radio shows.

    The issue here is pretty clear.

    You’ve gone “mainstream” and are not doing the 24/7/365 American White Nationalist “Movement” thing. You’ve moved on and so have most of your readers. You’re working and living in the real world, not an internet WN fantasy world. So some folks want to drag you back in to the/their internet fantasy world. Don’t go there.

    I still think it is perfectly OK to read/promote Mr. Covington’s best books and his better radio podcasts – in particular for White Conservatives who are just starting to question, break away from GOP establishment, Neo Cons etc.

    Stay strong and stay safe and yeah, don’t try to pal around with HAC.

  36. The fact that Covington at some point in his life was diagnosed as schizophrenic doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    “Normal people don’t take that as evidence of the existence of a diabolical Jewish conspiracy against them.”

    That is precisely where I disagree. You think that Covington really believes that. I don’t.

    It’s more like, he doesn’t care if it’s true or not, but he’s going to say it anyway because you pissed him off. Same as what he did to everybody else that crossed him even slightly. And probably he also sees it as a way to generate some free publicity.

  37. Hadding says:
    March 22, 2011 at 11:26 pm
    I promised yesterday that I would post documentation that Covington is a calculating liar who knows that he is lying. So here it is.

    JR Replies:

    One thing we can safely say about White Americans….. we have lots and lots of really old folks who insist on saying and doing the same thing over and over and over and over….

    FOR 40 YEARS!

    We got 80 year old Libertarian Constitutionalist running for President of the United States and never, ever winning even 2% of one party’s delegates, but they are sure to be back 4 years later or really 2 years later pushing the same old, same old, boring the living hell out of America and losing, losing > 98%.

    Why do they do it?


    Here we have another really, really old goat of White man Will Williams pursuing his personal obsession with Harold Covington, looking to collect on some judgement, he’s got some kind of internet search engine that searches for threads on “Harold Covington” and then Will Williams can be counted on to stop by and submit his same old, same old obsession with Covington – why does he do it? Why doesn’t he move on in life, do something new, something, anything, anything simple and productive anything at all?


    Because he’s been doing this personal HAC obsession….

    for over 40 years!!!!

    Old White American WN never die….

    They just….

    never die.

    Does anyone know that radio commentator from down state Illinois Paul Harvey?

    He must have been about 80 years old in 1965, and I think he’s still around closing with…

    “And now you know the…
    Rest of the story.”

    Much as we don’t like Black gang banger criminals, at least they have the good decency to die young and not hang around forever, sucking up the social security system and falling down in to personal obsessions like old goat American White Nationalists.


  38. Jack Ryan,

    In the first place, I am not old enough to have been doing anything politically for forty years.

    In the second place, I will just point out to you that Will Williams is not here, and nobody else has said a word about him. Why are you talking about him?

    You think that all negative perceptions of Harold Covington are orchestrated by Will Williams?

  39. Hadding says:

    “You think that all negative perceptions of Harold Covington are orchestrated by Will Williams?”

    JR responds:

    No. I understand that Mr. Covington doesn’t get along with lots of people, most people in the American WN “Movement” (hate that word). I support Mr. Covington’s great writing and his (often) very good radio podcasts. I don’t expect him to be my close friend or for him to be a great organizer, a great fund raiser a great heavy weight boxing champion.

    We -the White world have a great White heavy weight boxing champion:

    Vitali Klitscho!

    Has anyone ever heard of him? Why don’t White Americans support this excellent, top 5 ever White heavy weight boxing champion? If some Mexican Mestizo or some East Asian was the heavy weight boxing champion, we would never hear the end of it, but for some reason, American Whites don’t support our own White people who are good, great at anything. American Whites prefer to divide up over some Christian church affiliation and be obsessed with their own egos and hold eternal grudges over something he said/she said on some Facebook account.

    So to answer your question – yes I understand Mr. Covington has “issues” and tends to fall down in to ragging on others, most don’t deserve it, some – like Frank Collin deserved HAC’s criticism (Collin was a half Jewish, homosexual pedophile posing as a White nationalist leader).

    I’m not asking folks here to be friends with Mr. Covington and don’t give him or really anyone associated with American White nationalism your real name, address, SS# etc.

    Just consider supporting good/great White writers. We all have to do our bit, do what we are good, OK at.

    And don’t become an old, bitter, obsessed WN goat.

    14 words

  40. Jack Ryan, you truly are deficient in judgment.

    If I published claims about you, that you had committed homosexual rape AND murder, is that what you would call “ragging”?

    Who else does such things?

    What is wrong with you that you seem to have this crush on Harold Covington?

  41. By the way, as far as Frank Collin’s Jewish ancestry is concerned, Covington should have been aware of it. When Frank Collin came to visit the North Carolina chapter of the NSPA in 1977, Glenn Miller said, “That guy looks like a Jew!” Covington affirmed, “Oh no, that’s Black Irish!”

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