Black Run America: Allen Iverson vs. Atlanta Police

Allen Iverson: Do you know who I am?


Former NBA basketball star Allen Iverson was recently pulled over by police in Atlanta for a traffic violation. He then went into a thirty minute tirade about his social status.

“Take the vehicle, I have 10 more,” Iverson said, referring to his grey Lamborghini.

“Police don’t have anything else fucking to do except fuck with me.” He then asked, “Do you know who I am?”

The officer wrote in his report that “For the next 20 minutes, Mr. Iverson went on and on about who he was. I stated to Mr. Iverson, ‘It really doesn’t matter who you are. You tried to conceal your vehicle with a fake drive-out tag due to you not paying for your tags.’ “

Iverson then said, “I make more money than you will in 10 years,” according to the report.

In spite of making millions of dollars in the NBA, Allen Iverson was too sorry to buy a tag for his vehicle.

The Allen Iverson Story

Allen Iverson has a long and colorful history as an all star degenerate.

In 1993, Iverson was convicted under a rarely used Virginia anti-lynching statute for his involvement in a mob assault on three White teenagers. He was found guilty of hitting a White girl in the head with a chair.

This resulted in a 15 year prison sentence.

After spending four months in prison, Iverson was granted clemency by Gov. Douglas Wilder, the first black governor of Virginia. The charge was later dropped on appeal because of “insufficient evidence.”

In 1997, Iverson was stopped by police for speeding and pleaded no contest to possession of a concealed weapon and marijuana.

In 2004, Iverson urinated in a trash can at an Atlantic City casino in full view of staff and patrons. He was told by management not to return.

In 2005, Allen Iverson’s bodyguard assaulted a man in a Washington, DC nightclub after he refused to leave the VIP section for Iverson and his entourage could enter. The victim won $260,000 in a civil suit.

As of March 2010, multiple sources in the NBA were telling the media that Allen Iverson would “either drink himself into oblivion or gamble his life away,” and that he was already banned from several casinos in Detroit and Atlantic City.

In November 2010, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Allen Iverson was “broke” and “heavily in debt.” Perhaps this explains his inability to afford a car tag and his insecure rant against Atlanta police officers.

Black Privilege

White privilege is a myth.

In Black Run America, it is blacks like Allen Iverson who reap all the benefits of skin color privilege. If Iverson had been White, he would still be in prison right now serving an extended sentence for violating federal and state hate crime laws.

Instead, Iverson was pardoned by a black governor and went on to become a multimillionaire who can afford 10 Lamborghinis, solely because he lives in advanced Western capitalist democracy with a morally permissive culture and liberal views on race.

Black Run America is the only type of society that can afford to misallocate obscene amounts of wealth on black athletes and rap artists. The talents of Allen Iverson or Lil’ Wayne would not generate such an income in any other time or place.

A hundred years ago, Allen Iverson would not have become a millionaire in America. He probably would be working on a chain gang somewhere in Virginia. Today, Iverson wouldn’t be a millionaire in any African country either.

Even in Black Run America, Allen Iverson is on the verge of bankruptcy because he doesn’t possess the discipline and character required to produce and maintain real wealth. True to his underclass roots, he drank and gambled it all away, and through his lack of virtue seems destined to return to the poverty from which he came.


We are building a narrative here. These stories are related in key ways. They were selected with a purpose in mind.

(1) In Georgia, a group of black state legislators are suing the state to dissolve the Atlanta suburbs for being disproportionately White. They argue that the existence of these cities as separate entities violates their “civil rights.”

(2) In Alabama, the Auburn football team has been haunted by negro criminality. Several black football players have claimed they were paid to play football at Auburn and other schools.

(3) In North Carolina, a White motorist was attacked by a black lynch mob, nearly beaten to death, and the news media covered up the story.

(4) In Texas, a group of Whites in Anderson Country raised the Confederate flag to honor the heroism of their Confederate ancestors, but were forced to haul it down because it was offensive to blacks.

(5) Also in Georgia, Allen Iverson was pulled over by Atlanta police, and incredulously asked them, “Do you know who I am?”

The larger point: there is a new racial caste system in the American South which has its own racial etiquette. We have gone from Jim Crow to Black Run America.

In the Jim Crow era, Whites may have lynched a negro rapist and no one would have really cared, but in Black Run America negroes can openly lynch Whites, and the national, state, and local media conspire to suppress the story.

Telling the truth is unthinkable for liberal journalists because it would make blacks look bad and contradict the establishment narrative that blacks are always victims.

Under Jim Crow, it was not unusual for Whites to create “sundown towns” for their own benefit. Now blacks can file lawsuits and argue in federal court that White cities should exist for the sole purpose of serving blacks.

In Black Run America, the promotion and advancement of blacks is one the highest ruling principles of our society, perhaps only second to the promotion and advancement of Jews.

Under Jim Crow, Southern college football teams were segregated. Now universities compete with each other to attract black players. These athletes are offered money and sexual favors to attend various colleges.

If blacks are advanced in the process, degrading our universities with ghetto athletes who are promoted as role models is no longer considered outrageous. Someone with the character of Cam Newton can win the Heisman Trophy.

Under Jim Crow, Whites built monuments all across the American South to lionize Confederate heroism. No one really cared if this offended blacks. In Black Run America, blacks are aggressively assertive of their ethnic identity, and Whites voluntarily deny themselves an ethnic identity in submissive deference to blacks.

Finally, we are light years away from Jim Crow when a black multimillionaire being driven around by a chauffeur in a Lamborghini can harangue Atlanta police officers about his social status in order to get out of a ticket in a traffic stop.

Final Thought

Everyone knows the score.

Few commentators are willing to discuss though what is hidden in plain sight. In the weeks ahead, we will deepen our analysis of Black Run America and compare and contrast it with Jim Crow America.

We are likely to find many more parallels.

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  1. This is a great piece and I agree for the most part. However, just because I and a few of your other readers can overlook your obvious disdain for blacks (which is just oozing from your words, might I add), doesn’t mean that everyone else can. To get your point across more effectively, I suggest you try a more universal approach. Perhaps an objective point of view will serve your purpose, because right now, I can just tell that your piece, although well-written and articulate, is incredibly off-putting for those who don’t necessarily share your opinions.

  2. Tori – the big problem is how do you dance around the concept of BRA, without citing the specific depradations of Blacks, and the….ahhh…”carte blanche” extended to the most odious behavior, simply because Blacks are Black – how does on express these realities in more “universal approach”?

  3. I have never in my life been more offended than I am right now. I had no idea people like you still existed. I truly thought that for the most part even if you didnt agree with the urban style or way of life , you at least accepted it as a way of life and respected the “negros” for expressing themselves. I stand corrected. You’re still just as ignorant and hateful as ever. This whole “BRE” propaganda is some bullshit. Blacks dont run anything. White men do. Including rap music and sports. So a few black men made a couple of million dollars off the couple of billion dollars the white man generated off their black asses. Of course you had throw a jab in about Iverson not being able to maintain his wealth, by the way dont believe that for a second, that nigga still has money. But if I recall correctly it was white men who caused the great depression, it was white men who brought down Enron, WorldCom etc…, it was white who caused the economy we live in right now to be in some trillions of dollars in deficit. But I guess I shouldnt mention that. In closing, black men get your shit together, take care of kids and women and give white, hateful, ignorant people like this pure hell in the struggle. Im out.

  4. @Latisha

    I’m too busy to play with you at the moment, nigger. Please see the response that I left one of your fellow pavement-apes the other night, on the “Green Lantern: Why Is He White?” article .

  5. Latisha is really offended? Excellent! I can almost picture the mighty flaring and huffing og the large apelike snout.

    Latisha – I will be a generous Great White Lady, and bestow a boon on you for free – don’t confuse White men with Kikes.

    You are welcome.

  6. So the author of this article thinks there haven’t been white people with lots of money to lose it all? I believe that the actual story you mentioned where Iverson was involved in a mob attacking on three whites goes as follows: Iverson’s teacher thought he was a good kid and wanted to keep him out of the trouble the streets were full of so he gave Allen some money to go bowling with his friends. At the bowling alley, while minding their own business Iverson and his friends were approached by a group of whites larger than just three and racially taunted for being at the bowling alley. Iverson and his friends were outnumbered by whites and did what they could to defend themselves. Then, as it would happen the court ruled on behalf of the poor white students who “couldn’t have been responsible” for the brawl that ensued in the bowling alley. So THAT is why he was pardoned. The only reason he was charged and had to be pardoned was because he was black.

  7. ” At the bowling alley, while minding their own business Iverson and his friends were approached by a group of whites larger than just three and racially taunted for being at the bowling alley. Iverson and his friends were outnumbered by whites and did what they could to defend themselves. ”

    “He called me a nigger!!!” Oldest excuse in the book. Any time a black is busted for attacking a white person, he always claims the other party “provoked him with his words”.

    In a black mind that justifies murder.

  8. The way you racists group all black people together is ridiculous. Sure there are black people who are criminals and there is a crime culture among some black people. It reasonable to have hate and disdain for this type of culture, as it counterproductive to society. I too would like to get those types of people out of our country, be they white, black, brown, or yellow. There are also many black members of society that are productive, hard working Americans. The only difference between these people and white people is the color of their skin. Black people aren’t one group. There is a variety in personalities and culture just as there is in white people. White people can be hoodlums, farmers, scientists, businessmen, etc. As too can black people. There are surely black people who are smarter than everyone who has posted on this site, myself included. In my opinion there are black people, who are civilized good people, and there are niggers, which are black people who seem to still have a jungle mentality. And as it pains me to say it like that, I hope black people too can see this distinction. Civilized black people should not take offense to the “N” word as it does not define them at all, but rather people of their same skin color who lack the ability to exist within a modern society.

  9. Jim why do you assume to know the situation? You weren’t there and neither was I. Maybe Allen was in the wrong, but for you to assume he was without knowing is just ignorant. All I was doing was showing the other side of the situation because people like you just want to jump to conclusions and incriminate someone based on their race. If someone wrongfully plays the race card that is horrible and you do see a lot of that in America today. However, at one time black people were always incriminated no matter if they were guilty or not.

  10. I totally agree with this article. Everything he stated is the truth! Black people don’t know how to be frugal with their money. Success right now is basketball and rapping. IGNORANCE! you can very well tell when a person of color came from nothing and when they clearly make it….they boast about it. Who cares how much money he has, who cares who he is! You were wrong so take it as a lost. Man up! So there for @latisha….I’m not surprise you’re offended. That says a lot about your mentality. A s the old saying go. ” Why are blacks always complaining about being a victim”. And by the way. I’M BLACK!!!

  11. @Jordan I agree with you also. I’m an educated black woman. But you have see where Jim is coming from in this article. I don’t find it to be racist at all. I find it enlightening, and truthful. The statement where he speaks on the bowling alley incident ….absolutely correct! That’s every black persons excuse. Allen Iverson to me has always been an arrogant, egoistic, thug! Look at him. So I’m pretty sure in that bowling alley he and his friends look just like that. Once again…..great article Jim.

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