Black Run America: Gucci Mane Arrested in Atlanta

Gucci Mane arrested for battery in Atlanta


Following the Allen Iverson chimp out, the rap artist and self described nigga “Gucci Mane” was arrested in an Atlanta suburb and charged with battery over the weekend.

Mr. Mane, whose real name is Radric Davis, has recorded albums with titles such as “The State vs. Radric Davis” and “The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted,” which glorify the violent sub-culture of the negro underclass in the American South.

In his new hit single and music video “Mouth Full of Golds” (which you can watch below), Gucci Mane raps to his audience, “Don’t test me, no tester, I rape you like Chester.”

Yes, it doesn’t make any sense, but it rhymes, appeals to enough simple people, and might be a reference to a real world experience:

“Early Jan. 28, Davis approached Diana Graham, 36, at the South DeKalb Mall, according to a police report obtained by The Associated Press. She was waiting for a beauty supply store to open and Davis, 31, asked her if she wanted to get breakfast.

After she got into the Hummer, Mane told her he wanted to go to a hotel and said he would give her $150, and she refused, according to the report. At that point, police said, the rapper began shoving Graham out of the Hummer.

“Gucci Mane was able to push (the victim) out of the vehicle which was still moving,” the report said.

This story has all the trademark characteristics of TNB: a random act of violence, a materialistic worldview, a total lack of respect for women, a dysfunctional moral sense, juvenile rebellion against authority, etc.

Model Citizen

In many ways, Gucci Mane is a model citizen of Black Run America.

Previous generations of Americans may have admired frontiersmen like Davey Crockett or entrepreneurs like Henry Ford who accomplished something important. Now American teenagers are brought up to revere rappers and sports heroes like Gucci Mane and Allen Iverson who reflect the moral values of a debased culture.

A few questions occur to me:

(1) What kind of society and economic system is required for a gentleman like Gucci Mane to be able to brag about his mouth full of gold?

(2) What kind of society would promote someone like Gucci Mane and his vicious morals in order to sell records?

(3) What kind of society is not shocked by the content of his albums?

(4) What kind of society would welcome someone like Gucci Mane into their cities, but exclude someone like Jared Taylor?

(5) What kind of society would actually have a market for such material?

In 1906, White mobs in Atlanta rioted and killed dozens of blacks over allegations that black men had sexually assaulted local White women.

Clearly, Jim Crow Atlanta no longer exists. It has been replaced by something else: a new system of race relations with its own laws, racial etiquette, and vision of the future.

The point being made here: someone like Gucci Mane couldn’t succeed in any other environment. A peculiar type of society is required to provide the cultural and economic matrix that has facilitated the success of this “rich ass nigga with a mouth fulla gold.”

It requires:

– A White majority with advanced technology and a productive capitalist economy to generate surplus wealth.

– A multiracial, urbanized nation with a large black underclass and unequal distribution of said wealth.

– A decayed Christianity to break down racial and tribal barriers and to serve as a template for out-group altruism.

– A decayed liberalism to promote radical expressive individualism and to level all cultural barriers to the promotion of a degenerate aesthetic ideal.

– A progressive elite that is enamored with the above, possesses the power to repress the reactionary elements in the White population, and which is guided by an overarching moral conviction that the promotion of even the worst blacks in a White society outweighs any other social consideration.

Black Run America

You need a bombed out White civilization for Black Run America to work.

It requires White people who are highly individualistic, socially permissive, and morally numb to their own racial existence, but who are still numerous and productive enough to the prevent the rotten system from collapsing under the weight of its own entropy.

In the long term, the tension between changing racial demographics, the moral bankruptcy of American culture (seen here in the mainstreaming of underclass values), and the technocratic skill necessary to run an advanced Western liberal capitalist democracy will prove fatal to economic growth in Black Run America.

I’m not shocked that Gucci Mane pushed a woman out of his Hummer after soliciting her for sex. I would be surprised if he keeps the Hummer, the mouth full of gold, and retires a wealthy man.

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  1. “It requires:”


    – An education system designed to make White kids feel like they owe and non-white kids feel they’re owed.

    – A media that manipulates both news and entertainment to maintain that sense of White moral debt.

  2. I’d say you can tell a lot about the health of a society by who they idolize and celebrate (Henry Ford versus Gucci Mane). It’s a perfect storm of circumstances that Whites and only Whites could ever create that allowed the situation to deteriorate to this point. These circumstances won’t last forever though, and once the perfect storm passes, I doubt the world will ever see the likes of Gucci Mane celebrated ever again. If Whites don’t survive, the Chinese, Indians, Arabs or whoever inherits the Earth will clap Blacks like Gucci Mane in irons for slave labor or put them in the gas chamber.

  3. I wish I could articulate the sense of detachment that overwhelms me when I watch that video – it’s a mixture of disgust and confusion, however, there is something more. As a kid, pop-culture used to give me the same type of unidentifiable awareness long before I had any semblance of the racial realities of America.

  4. Segregation via white flights allows for middle and upper class whites to remove themselves from the urban jungle, and generally limits their experience of black life to the television. If middle class and upper class whites had to live next door to Gucci Mane and the like, they would be forced to reconcile image with reality, organize a posse and start lynching some niggers.

  5. Blacks are far easier described as “THE MISERY BEINGS”.
    Everywhere the blacks go, they create misery. A festering miserable imitation of humanity that burps out their mockery of human languages and human cultures.

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