BRA Files: Why Is The SPLC So Quiet About Chrissy Lee Polis?

Why has the SPLC been so quiet about the shocking anti-LGBT hate crime in Baltimore?


It is the biggest “hate crime” since James Byrd and Matthew Shepard. Yet the SPLC strangely had nothing to say about the McDonald’s beating over the weekend.

Why do you suppose the hate business is so unusually quiet about the vicious black-on-LGBT hate crime in Baltimore? Don’t these professionals raise millions of dollars every year to “fight hate” on behalf of unemployed victims of hate crimes like Chrissy Lee Polis?

I mean … why else does the SPLC exist? All that money allows Morris Dees to live in this house. It was used to build this building in downtown Montgomery.

When the Gabrielle Giffords shooting happened, Mark Potok was on Hardball With Chris Matthews within hours claiming that Jared Loughner was inspired by the “extreme rhetoric” of the Tea Party. The SPLC was all over television and the radio when the Hutaree Militia was arrested.

I would bet a million dollars that if a “white supremacist” or a “Neo-Nazi” had beat up Chrissy Lee Polis in that Rosedale McDonald’s that the SPLC, Racism Review, and Imagine 2050 would all be collectively fomenting mass hysteria right now and demanding immediate legislative action to stop an epidemic of rightwing extremist violence.

But … how do you square a vicious anti-LGBT hate crime, the biggest hate crime in over a decade, with America being a Black World? How do you pin this on the Tea Party or the Ku Klux Klan?

In Black Run America, blacks must always be portrayed as the victims of “hate crimes,” never as the perpetrators. The promotion of black people is the highest moral principle of American society.

So how can the SPLC respond to the righteous indignation of the LGBT community without making black people look bad? Black people are holy and everyone knows that criticizing them is the worst thing any respectable White person can do.

Where is Morris? Where is Potok? Where is Heidi Beirich? Chrissy Lee Polis needs SPLC legal assistance to sue McDonald’s for civil damages and to prosecute these black criminals for committing an anti-LGBT hate crime in Maryland.

How embarrassing must it be for “white supremacists” to call for a McDonald’s Boycott over an anti-LGBT hate crime while the SPLC turns a deaf ear to the cries and suffering of Chrissy Lee Polis?

I’m calling on my fellow “white supremacists” to contact Morris and Potok and urge them to be more attentive to the suffering and legal needs of Chrissy Lee Polis who is a White victim of an anti-LGBT hate crime.

Contact us offline:

400 Washington Ave.
Montgomery, AL 36104

Plz call Morris at the number above or fill out the SPLC contact form online. Chrissy needs our help to sue McDonald’s and to prosecute these blacks for committing a hate crime.

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  1. SPLC has attacked Christian conservative groups recently for “hate” because they were pro-traditional marriage and opposed “gay marriage.”

    So to the SPLC, it’s “anti-gay hate” when Christians support traditional marriage, but it’s not “anti-gay hate” when Blacks beat a transgender near to death.

    The SPLC has ZERO credibility.

  2. The SPLC is an anti-white hate group.

    They’re only interested in “racism” when it can be used to attack White people.
    They’re only interested in “sexism” when it can be used to attack White people.
    They’re only interested in “homophobia” when it can be used to attack White people.

    Their attitude to this case is further proof of this simple fact.

  3. Instead of contacting the SPLC and trying to get these liars to be more “fair” about gay bashing, I think folks should contact various gay organizations and ask why THEY are ignoring these vicious Black attacks on gays, transgender people

  4. First of all do we even know if the fact that the “girl” was a tranny had anything to do with this? So far the best report we have is the video interview of the victim. According to “her” the black girl was mad at her because she talked to the black-girl’s man. Thus, apparently, the black girl did not start the fight over her use of the bathroom, as many speculate, and it’s not clear that the tranny even ever made it into the bathroom before being brutally assaulted.

    My take, based on what we know so far is that she was beated as a “white woman” not as a transgendered person. The hate crime here was black-on-white, not straight-on-gay based on the best evidence we have.

    Perhaps we will learn more at the trial (but of course criminals lie).

  5. After reading more comments about this case, I’m revising my opinion and agreeing tentatively with Jackson. Unless this transvestite had outwardly obvious masculine characteristics like facial hair or a deep voice, how would the Black girls know he was a male? Has anyone heard him speak? Does he sound like a man? There are no urinals in a women’s bathroom, so he didn’t pull his penis out in front of them to piss. More likely this is a pure Black on White smackdown, and they realized that he was male only when they came to grips with him.

  6. Based on the interview in the previous article, here’s my take. At a glance, I see an (ugly) female, who (if you look closely) has an adamsapple. Also, “she” mentions that “she” was being attacked for talking to someone else’s man.

    Ergo; the White “girl” had the audacity to talk to the black girl’s man, so the sistahs decided to take care of it, Afro-style. Case closed. And THAT’S why the SPLC is quiet.

  7. Hunter, I was amazed to find in a Google search that your post was one of only a handful to make the comparison to Matthew Shepard and call out groups like the SPLC on their deafening silence. Once I discovered the fact that Chrissy was a transgender, I made the connection right away. It’s a tangled mess of PC multicultural politics that keep Chrissy’s vicious assault from rising to the level of national outrage or as a hate crime. It was the same during the Prop 8 vote. 70% of all blacks in California voted for it, yet LGBTs refrained from attacking them so as not to engage in a full-blown civil rights war. You feeling the solidarity, brother?

    Fact is, although many of my political views as a conservative Independent Libertarian no doubt vary greatly from yours, I am completely pro-gay rights. The hypocrisy, deafening silence and double standard the LGBT community, the SPLC and the liberal press are applying in Chrissy’s case because her assailants are black is sickening! To me justice should be blind, but this is what happens when you take the blindfold off and start giving passes to other “oppressed” minorities. I did a writeup at Digital Journal covering this issue in-depth, which I will link here. Your blog post here is also linked. You;re ahead of the curve, Hunter. Or maybe you just don’t let politics blind you when it comes to revolting crimes like this. Every crime is human-on-human imho, and should be called out and prosecuted as such. Link as follows.

  8. It’s a sad situation that you even have to mention and entity such as SPLC. They have forced their warped view of hate crimes on all of American. Get a website on their list, and much of today’s filtering software automatically blocks the site.

    They are a truly disgusting bunch of evil people who hide truth for lies.

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