BRA Files: McDonald’s Suspect Identified As Teonna Monae Brown


Baltimore County Police have identified the 18-year-old black female suspect in the McDonald’s beating of Chrissy Lee Polis as “Teonna Monae Brown.”

Brown has been charged with one count of first-degree assault and two counts of second-degree assault. We have learned that “another woman filed assault charges against Brown in July, which prosecutors dropped three months later.”

In light of the previous assault charge, the beating of Chrissy Lee Polis is starting to look less like an anti-LGBT “hate crime” and more like just another case of black people losing control at McDonald’s.

The facts on this point are rather clear: there is nothing unusual about black females flipping out at McDonald’s. It happens all the time.

This video appeared on WorldStarHipHop last Memorial Day:

This one happened almost simultaneously with the Chrissy Lee Polis beating:

This is yet another one:

This is yet another one still that happened simultaneously with the Baltimore beating:

This black guy climbed through a McDonald’s drive thru window in New Jersey and attacked the employees after waiting too long for a Filet-o-Fish sandwich:

This guy knocks out a teenage girl at a McDonald’s in Los Angeles:

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  1. The last paragraph reveals your racist mentality, with such descriptions as TNB and “Sheboon”. Good luck with your hate.

  2. TWB is for you to use the racial slurs and old ancient hateful mantras to perpetuate the hate and ignorance your kind has spread all across this globe- your time is up, cave dweller- this is proof positive that it is in your dna to self project the hate and inferiority that you naturally possess- FUCK YOU

  3. World’s most dangerous places:
    1. Afghanistan
    2. Gaza Strip
    3. Within 50 feet of any black person in a McDonald’s

  4. Wow, Mr. Wallace. Such hate and ignorance bubbling up from under the surface. You’re no better than Ms. Brown.

  5. Where’d all these new politically correct posters come from lol? Mr.Wallaces “hate” facts are obviously true. Anybody who’s lived amongst lower class blacks knows how obnoxious and ape like they are. Maybe if you liberals would take a trip outside your gated communities and starbucks and explore the REAL world you would get a clue.

  6. you got that right Murph. But how dare you speak the truth. You’re supposed to pretend that unlike every other animal, nature made all people the exact same.

    Please show me a video where white women act like those two attackers.

  7. Aww the apologist for thug behavior have had their wittle feeling hurt.

    Whatever happened to “the Truth shall set you free”? Guess it doesn’t apply to blacks and thug behavior?

  8. Mr. Wallace,

    Your use of words like TNB and sheboon is just as bad as beating somebody to an inch of their life! Really it is! Just ask Nunya and acgw.

  9. These people are showing up because they are doing Searches on the attack, and find this blog. Their comments are hilarious! I pray they all find themselves in a Micky D’s at 2:00 AM, in a diverse area, this Friday night.

  10. It is becoming abundantly clear that blacks in America re chimping~out and falling prey to TNB at an alarming rate. The fact that a mulatto has become president has appeared to liberate the inner~chimp from most of these savages to the point that they can no longer hide their natural feral and savage ape~like instincts.

    To point any of this out, though, is tantamount to ‘racism’. It is nothing of the kind. Calling a spade a spade is being honest. Reality is setting in as more and more Americans are looking at the negroes for what they really are: wild and dangerous. Negroes would be fortunate to be judged by the color of their skin; now, we are judging them by the (lack) of content in their character. These videos prove that chimping out is part and parcel of the ‘black’ experience. Time to lock some savages up. As if the prisons were not, already, filled with negroes.

  11. Kendall
    “Wow, Mr. Wallace. Such hate and ignorance bubbling up from under the surface. You’re no better than Ms. Brown.”

    The difference is the media always try and cover up for the Ms Browns so White people don’t know the truth about the mini-holocaust of anti-white racist attacks that have been going on for decades. If the media told the truth maybe something could be done.

  12. If the media told the truth maybe something could be done.

    If the media told the truth the media of the last 40 years would be put in jail. At best.

    Kind of a problem for them.

  13. There is a lack of respect for others.. in some of the younger generation.I see it all the time and I do not like it.It all balls down to how you raise your children and their enviroment not your race.To call black people sheboons,animals,niglets etc…is not helping the matter it only instigates more to an already out of control our country.A person of any race can act like an animal at any given time.Look at the news,read your history books.White people have treated black people like animals since the time they were brought over here as slaves.Blacks have only just begun to have some of the same rights as whites within the last few decades since the sixties.I will say it is a shame that some of the black race are not honoring what the ancestors went through just to have equal rights and freedom.I myself have never had a bad incident because of my race being different from someone else’s.I have never been assaulted, called racial names etc.. by the oppposite race (atleast not that I know of).I was always treated with respect by the opposite race. I carry MYSELF respectfully.It’s all about respect and HOW YOU CARRY YOURSELF NOT ABOUT A ENTIRE GROUP OR RACE OF PEOPLE.Judge people on their own behaviors.

  14. I think it’s pretty obvious that we should judge people on their behaviour. But we’re not using race to judge, we’re using race to predict and anticipate behaviour. Like any other classification it’s useful for navigating the world. When the new black neighbors move in next door, I have a general knowledge about how my interactions are going to go with them. 3 out of 4 times I’m usually right.

  15. Reney has demonstrated a new rule of BRA racial etiquette: whenever racial crimes like this one happens, White people are required to parrot the mantra, “it had nothing to do with race.”

    Of course the MSM is convinced that serial killers like the DC Snipers must be White on the basis of racial profiling. They are equally convinced that the Tea Party is racist.

  16. The idea that black people “have been treated like dogs” in America is laughable.

    If that were true, at least in the way it is intended (in reality, most people treat their pets better than other people), there wouldn’t be so many black people around today. Less than 5 percent of the slaves that were brought to the New World came to the United States. Black people who number in the millions are descended from a population of less than 500,000.

    The extraordinary black birth rate was a major factor in killing the transatlantic slave trade. Black people thrived in the American South and were so fecund that it was unnecessary to go through the trouble of importing new slaves from overseas.

    Even today, black people have a higher birthrate than White people, and Hispanics have the highest birthrate of anyone.

    In 2000, America was 69 percent non-Hispanic White. In 2010, America was 63 percent non-Hispanic White.

    Yeah black people really are treated like dogs around here. They are treated so much like dogs that they literally buy steak for their pets at my grocery store with EBT cards when over half of them don’t even pay income taxes.

    This is a Black World.

  17. This is not the attacker. she dosent have the same last name as the attacker, isnt the same age of the attacker, nor is facebook a reliable source. Take that girl picture down! she is not the attacker. There are more than one Teonna!

  18. Murph-Ok so you are saying that you can predict what the interaction will be with a black person….just based on the fact that they are black?That is what you call stereotyping.I come from a pretty nice family most of whom own their homes,work in law..etc People in my family are not going around stomping people or (chimping out)as it’s so ignorantly termed.I grew up in a neighborhood of blacks,whites,east and west indians.I got along with everyone.I have dated black and white men.Men are men.
    I am not going to say what those two girls did to the transexual was ok…BECAUSE IT WAS NOT.No one should be beat up like that noone should act the way those people in Mc Donalds did.Everyone was wrong except THE OLDER LADY who tried to help and the victim(who has a problem already because of her gender confusion and what restroom to use)
    Hunter-It is a fact that black people have been treated like animals for hundreds of years.I do not like the way some blacks choose to act like the animals some whites are calling them.I only know that I didn’t raise my children to act like animals and I do act like an animal.Black people were brought to this country for the free labor, to build a country for the white men to get rich.Black people have struggled.Now blacks don’t have to struggle,all they have to do is be a respectable citizen of this country.Respect starts from within.It dosen’t matter what you skin color is.What matters is whats inside.

  19. The holy one states: HOW YOU CARRY YOURSELF NOT ABOUT A ENTIRE GROUP OR RACE OF PEOPLE.Judge people on their own behaviors.

    Yet has no problem labeling an entire race of people. “”White people have treated black people like animals “”

    You hypocrites are all the same…

  20. Ernest-I am not the HOLY ONE…I am just a nice person who has had alot of experience dealing with people OF DIFFERENT RACES.It was not my intention to lable all white people the same when I said “white people have treated black people like animals”_that was wrong a mistake.I am not a hypocrite.I do not dislike white people not by a long shot.I do not care to be around anyone that is disrespectful NO MATTER WHAT THE RACE IS. I really do not like what I see in some of the black young people today.I do understand what some white people see in some blacks behavior_that they dislike.I dislike the same behavior.I also understand why some blacks distrusts {some or most}whites.I just happen to be someone who interacted with other races most of my life.I notice a persons’ character first..not their skin color.That is why the love of my life happens to be a white man.If I had adopted some of the racist views of others..I would have never known that it is your character not your color that matters most.

  21. The idea that black people “have been treated like dogs” in America is laughable.

    In more than one way. Dogs in America are treated well, some better than people. They’re certainly treated better than blacks treat other blacks in Africa.

  22. When entering into a diverse crowd, always be mindful of your surroundings, pick strategic places to stand and never take your peripheral vision off of blacks or mestizos.

    Of course it’s always better to avoid such crowds altogether.

  23. HOW YOU CARRY YOURSELF NOT ABOUT A ENTIRE GROUP OR RACE OF PEOPLE.Judge people on their own behaviors.

    Likewise you cannot judge a group by an individual, that is one good black does not change the fact that blacks as a group commit far greater violent crime and are more psychopathic on average.

  24. Reney

    Yes it’s true I stereotype based on race, sex, etc. I would say that most of the time the stereotype holds true, making it more useful than not. How a person dresses and speaks is probably even more important when it comes to forming stereotypes. My guard isn’t as up when I see a black man in a suit with a briefcase that speaks the kings English. When I see ghetto blacks with underwear exposed and speaking gibberish it’s threat level red. For me treating such a person as a potential friend is asking for a beating.

  25. Murph-I understand what you are saying about certain types of people(black)mostly you said ghetto.I don’t like to see these young people dress and act like they do either.I don’t like the fact that most of them will not speak correctly [esp]when there were ancestors that were beaten maybe killed just to learn to read and speak well.The young people think its hip to talk this way and the pants hanging down is just plain nasty, stupid and sloppy.Most of them are struggling to walk because the belts are wrapped around their thighs not waistline.I can not uderstand what they are talking about half the time.I hate the music they listen to.I don’t like them standing around on the corners.Or sitting around on front steps all the time.I don’t like that they will not clean up the trash but sit there looking at it.I don’t like the loud talking.
    All black people are not acting this way.I think that alot of the young are also mimicking what they see on TV and what they listen to mostly– RAP music.To me this has been going on since the 1980’s.The drug epidemic also became a bigger problem.Now this is not only a {black}race problem there are some whites who can be “ghetto”too.It just seems as though the problem is more seen with the black race and it very well {may}be.As far as blacks and violence YES there are alot of blacks committing {violent}crimes and alot of the time against eachother.There are other criminals of other races also.
    I think its to the point that alot of white people are scared of this younger generation of blacks.I undersatand_I can barely tolerate them myself.I am not scared though.I have never been scared of the opposite race either.Use your own judgement with any person.

  26. Mark-I have been foruate to be able to mingle with crowds of people other then my own race.I have never had a problem with race mixing in social events or at school.Alot of the time I got along better with people other then my own race.Yes,
    alot of the time blacks {mostly}young people can be rowdy.So can other races.I don’t think you have to watch your back with ALL black people. Also, someone black dosen’t have to watch their back with ALL white people.If someone gives you a bad vibe no matter what their color or race is…YES GET AWAY FROM THEM…WATCH your back.

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