Black Run America: Blacks Rob Pensacola McDonald’s

McDonald's restaurants are unsafe and unsanitary because businesses are required by law to promote black people above all other considerations in our society


What is it about black people and McDonald’s? America wants to know.

Over the weekend, we spent a lot of time covering the beating of the 22 year old tranny Chrissy Lee Polis by 18 year old Teonna Monae Brown in Maryland. Eventually, we concluded that this incident was looking less like an anti-LGBT hate crime than just another example of black people losing control at McDonald’s.

The original video of the Rosedale McDonald’s beating appeared on which has a whole archive of similar incidents. Several new videos of crazy black people at McDonald’s have surfaced in the last week alone.

The Chrissy Lee Polis video was originally seen in the context of these other incidents before the LGBT community seized upon it as a useful new grievance for promoting the gay agenda. In reality, there is nothing really special about this encounter with diversity that warrants any more attention than all these other incidents that involve 365Black fast food, angry black people, and racial differences in time preferences. reports this morning that the Chrissy Lee Polis beating is not even the first McDonald’s incident involving black people and the LGBT community. In 2007, three black transvestites (watch below) attacked employees at a McDonald’s restaurant in Memphis with a tire iron, who responded by throwing hot French-fry grease at them.

There is another McDonald’s story involving black people that is making local news headlines this morning: two armed black men in Pensacola recently stalked and robbed a McDonald’s employee at gunpoint as he was making a store deposit:

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WALA) – A McDonald’s employee in Pensacola was the victim of a terrifying crime Saturday and the search for the suspects is ongoing.

The employee got more than he bargained for when he left to make the store deposit. He drove a couple blocks away from the store and stopped at a stop sign. That’s when a black SUV blocked him in.

“He was blocked in by a black SUV driven by two black male suspects. One of them got out armed with a hand gun, forced the victim to unlock his car doors and let him in,” said Lt. Steve Ordonia of the Pensacola Police Department.

According to police, the suspect forced the victim to drive to the intersection of Ninth and Maxwell, where he fled on foot. The victim then called the police.

Police say the McDonald’s employee was unharmed and say it’s possible that the SUV picked the suspect up after he fled.

A similar robbery happened two weeks ago at the same McDonalds. Police are unsure if the two are connected but they are investigating.

FOX10 News attempted to speak to McDonalds but they refused to comment.

Police say the suspect had dreads and speaks with a Jamaican accent. He’s in his mid-to late 20’s and around 5ft 10in height.

If you have any information regarding the robbery, please contact the Pensacola Police Department.

The Pensacola News Journal covered the same McDonald’s robbery, but deliberately omitted the racial description of the suspects provided by the police (did you know black people are 136x more likely to commit robbery against Whites than vice versa?) in order to protect the black criminals and shield black people in general from suspicion:

Pensacola police are looking for a man in connection with a carjacking and robbery incident in which a McDonald’s employee was held at gunpoint.

At about 2 p.m., a 55-year-old male employee left the McDonald’s restaurant on the corner of Ninth Avenue and Cervantes Street to make a bank deposit.

The employee told police he had driven several blocks when he was boxed in by a black SUV, Lt. Steve Ordonia said in a press release.

A man got out of the SUV, pointed a handgun at the victim and ordered him to unlock his vehicle.

The victim complied and the suspect ordered him at gunpoint to drive up Ninth Avenue.

Near Maxwell Street, the suspect took the victim’s bank deposit, got out of the vehicle and ran west.

The employee, who was not hurt, then called police, Ordonia said.

A similar incident occurred about two weeks ago at the same business when another employee was robbed in the parking lot while leaving to make a bank deposit.

Both incidents are under investigation.

Anyone with information on either incident should call the Pensacola Police Department at 435-1900.

There is a big difference between “police are looking for a man” and police are looking for a young black man in his twenties with a Jamaican accent and dreadlocks who is about 5ft 10in in height.

Such is life in Black Run America: as we have already noted, this is hardly the first time that the MSM has omitted vital racial information in order to mislead the public.

These McDonald’s wildcat beatings involving black people are really only the tip of the iceberg. The larger story of McDonald’s in Black Run America involves everything from violent crime to affirmative action to promoting diversity to employees spitting in your food. What ties it all together are the federal civil rights laws and Supreme Court decisions that require racial integration in every fast food restaurant in America.

Getting down to the philosophical level, Black Run America reflects a moral and aesthetic vision of American society that triumphed in the 1960s and which is radically at odds with its Jim Crow predecessor, in particular a new conception of justice (i.e., “social justice”) that entails the relentless promotion of black people at the expense of all other groups.

The effective result of that vision: inferior fast food restaurants which are unsafe and unsanitary for White patrons and which are entirely a product of the federal government artificially creating market distortions in order to uplift legions of poor helpless black people.

Say no to 365Black. Boycott McDonald’s.

Update: The definitive proof of the TNB diagnosis emerged today when The Smoking Gun revealed that Teonna Monae Brown had assaulted another woman in the same McDonald’s last year for a similar bullshit reason.

“In a handwritten police statement, Dower said that she had left the McDonald’s with her two daughters when Brown confronted her, asking “Did you call me ugly?” Though Dower said she had not, Brown “kept trying to badger us.” At one point, Dower said, the teenager “pushed me in the back.” After Dower pushed back, Brown “took her fist and threw a punch to my face.”

As the pair scuffled, Dower said, Brown hit her in the back with an umbrella and “pulled my wig off my head.”

Saying that, “I wanted to get my kids to safety,” Dower went with her children to a nearby shopping center. Brown and her friends, Dower added, followed behind.

As Dower called 911, two females grabbed her daughter by the hair and dragged the teenage girl across the floor. “I had to stop talking to the operator, get on top of my daughter and protect her while trying to fight off those girls,” Dower stated.

The fight, she added, left her with “a few cuts to my face” and “my head was hurt from the hair pulling and my leg got hurt. My oldest daughter head was hurting from the girls dragging her across the floor. She suffered cuts to her knee and one to her face, bumps to her forhead and behind her ear.”

The attack probably had nothing to do with Chrissy Lee Polis being a tranny. It was just another case of a black female having a meltdown at McDonald’s.

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  1. im white and i come from a mixed family. we are the only whites girls in a family of black and hispanic. becouse of that diversity, im freinds with a LOT of lgt people. im pretty open minded. that being said, do these girls know how much damage they are doing to the black community? do they realize that their parent or even grandparents were once treated this way? she should know what it feels like to be targeted for hate due to skin/gender differences, as im sure as in my family, had to find out the hard way. sorry if my comment is all over the place, but im soooo heated about this. it should have never happened. oh and for the haters…. im not that dork that sits and reads every response to my comment so do waste your time….

  2. Being from this area, I have commented to Pensacola news and Mobile news many times regarding their lack of a description when the person is black. How the hell do they think a person can id someone when they refuse to give a description.

    On a more funny note, the Mobile newspaper got in trouble a few years ago for quoting blacks using their exact words. The local black community said it was racist to make them sound so stupid.

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