Black Run America: This Is A Black World Now

Auburn freshman Lauren Burk was brutally murdered in Black Run America. Where is her apology?


America is a Black World now.

As the latest polls show an unprecedented collapse of confidence in America’s future, Black America is entertaining a radically different point of view.

A new Rasmussen poll has found that 58 percent of White Americans believe that America’s best days are in the past. At the same time, 58 percent of blacks say that America’s best days are in the future.

Just 18 percent of White voters believe that America is “headed in the right direction.” 28 percent of voters of other races believe America is on the right track. At the same time, an incredible 50 percent of blacks believe that America is heading in the right direction.

The only group that is more confident than blacks that America is headed in the right direction is the political class, 62 percent of whom believe that America is on the right track, as opposed to 82 percent of mainstream voters who believe the opposite is true.

Welcome to Black Run America: a state that only blacks and their liberal benefactors can love, where Chris Matthews gets a thrill up his leg, and everyone else stands in the unemployment line.

What could ever give black people the impression that life is getting better for them in America?

Let’s review:

(1) In 2009, blacks beat the crap out of the White kid on the Belleville school bus and nothing was done about it. Instead, the MSM used the incident to browbeat White America with accusations of “racism.” A mob of 30 black teenagers recently attacked another victim and silence followed.

(2) Chrissy Lee Polis was beaten senseless in the Rosedale McDonald’s and the SPLC ignored the story because labeling the incident a “hate crime” would have portrayed black people in a negative light.

(3) HBO glorified the violent and sordid culture of Baltimore’s negro underclass in The Wire. This is just one example of how the worst kind of people in our society are put up on a pedestal. White liberals who should know better willfully deceive themselves about race.

(4) Black people have been going crazy in McDonald’s restaurants and are rewarded for their bad behavior with 365Black fast food.

(5) Antoine Dodson got his own reality television show in spite of having no talent whatsoever. The “Man With A Golden Voice” is another recent example of this.

(6) A black gang on the Atlanta Metro terrorized passengers and beat the hell out of two Delta Air Lines employees and the MSM buried the story and censored the racial context.

(7) The Heritage Foundation released a study which shows that White taxpayers are spending more of their own tax dollars on per pupil spending for black students than on their own children.

(8) The Tennessean refused to draw the appropriate racial conclusions from the positive effects of White gentrification in Nashville which is juxtaposed next to the “homicide crisis” that is afflicting blacks in the city.

(9) Sandy Springs is being sued for being “too White” and seceding from Black Run Atlanta and managed to build all sorts of new infrastructure after freeing itself of the yoke of incompetent black government employees.

(10) The rap star Gucci Mane pushed a woman out of a moving vehicle in Atlanta after he picked her up and propositioned her for sex. No one cared.

(11) NBA basketball star Allen Iverson berated Atlanta police officers about his social status and bragged about his 10 Lamborghinis.  Like Gucci Mane, Iverson is heavily promoted as a role model in Black Run America.

(12) The Confederate flag was hauled down in Palestine, TX after the NAACP objected to local Whites having an ethnic identity and taking pride in their Confederate ancestors.

(13) The black lynch mob in North Carolina drug Eric Loznicka from his car and almost beat him to death after a traffic accident. The MSM buried the story.

(14) The Auburn football team has been repeatedly embarrassed by pay-for-play scandals and black football players robbing their fellow citizens in Auburn.

Such is life in the ‘BRA: in one month, in one regional corner of America, in one brief period of the Obamanation. There were many stories that I didn’t have time to write about. We also spent much of April discussing other topics.

Back to Auburn.

Other Stories

There are some other stories that have recently caught my eye. Unfortunately, my resources are limited and I don’t have the time to discuss them all, but this one in particular strikes close to home.

Before we get to that, take a shot of doubleplusthoughtcrime:

The Alabama state legislature has officially apologized to a white-on-black rape victim, Recy Taylor, who was allegedly raped … 67 years ago. and other black websites have been on a jihad about 91 year old Recy Taylor for months now. The Daily Mail has written about the story from overseas.

To my knowledge, the Alabama legislature never apologized to the family of Lauren Burk, the 18 year old Auburn freshman who was brutally murdered on a rural highway in East Alabama by the negro savage Courtney Lockhart back in 2008.

Lockhart abducted her in a parking lot on the Auburn campus and drove out in the countryside to rape her. After forcing Lauren Burk to take her clothes off, she jumped out a moving vehicle rather than submit to the disgrace of being violated by this monster.

Lockhart shot her in the back with a .38-special bullet that tore through her lungs. Then he drove off and left her there to die as she suffocated to death on her own blood, looking up at the stars, on the side of the road in Lee County.

Her father’s testimony was the most emotional of the day.

“She was 18 and had her whole life ahead of her,” James Burk said.

He talked about seeing his daughter’s dead body on a gurney, breaking down and kissing her on the forehead.

“They didn’t have to ask me if it was her — they knew from the look on my face,” Burk said. “She looked like an angel. I couldn’t believe it. She was a happy girl, a shining star. She lost her whole future.”

… Burk’s mother, Vivian Guerchon, cried openly in the front row of the gallery as witness Savannah Benford described Lauren gasping for breath and shaking as she lay face up in the road that night.”

In Black Run America, Hollywood would never make a movie about the Lauren Burk story. That happens to be a true story: a vicious crime that happened where I went to school a few years ago, not something fictional like this:

Actually, that is only partially true. Hollywood did make a movie about Lauren Burk, but it hasn’t been seen in movie theaters in a hundred years:

Rest assured, White America, you will NEVER see a remake of that movie. Hollywood will never tell the other side of the story. Last time that happened, the concept of “White Run America” went “viral,” North and South alike.

Clap with me.

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  1. Why didn’t her dad shoot a few of the apes? I would have jail or no jail.

    I saw a show about chimpanzees this morning and how they gang up on individuals and kill them. It brought vivid memories of watching YouTube hiphop beat down videos.

  2. How about ‘Beat Whitey Night’ last year at an Iowa State Fair.
    Polar Bear hunting is what the savages call slapping or hitting an innocent White person, of course never a mentioned. While coon hunting would be talked about 24/7 for months.
    Last year the endless support,out pouring of love and sadness,telethons and donotions for the most vile worthless creatures on this planet the haitians.
    Any given minute of any given day somewhere a negro is chimpping out and blamming Whitey for their shortfalls and situation.
    I’m sure there are thousands if not 100’s of thousands of examples of what animals the negros are and how the White person just stands by and does nothing.
    Maybe it is true, that we deserve to go extinct if we are too stupid to protect what is ours, give it all away to the savages and do nothing about it.
    It is and has been a race war for a long time, the only difference is one side knows it and is waging it and the other is too braindead or brainwashed to do anything…

    May God help us all, because evidently we can’t or won’t help ourself.

  3. Lauren Burk was Jewish, should be obvious by her phenotype, very Asiatic, not White.

    Still was a horrible crime, and a tragedy for her family and friends.

  4. Half Jewish.

    Which is actually kind of interesting in itself: even the murder of a half Jewish girl (her father is Jewish, mother is a Baptist, which makes her Gentile) from Atlanta was ignored (like the Chrissy Lee Polis tranny beating in Baltimore) and never labelled a “hate crime” by the SPLC.

    It reminds me of that Mike Berman guy who used to hang out with Ian Jobling and Lawrence Auster. He is a racialist because blacks raped his sister in NYC.

    Jews will often overlook violent assaults by blacks on their own kind … because their hatred of White Christians and commitment to Black Run America overrides even the obvious points they have in common with Whites.

    See also Jewish support for raising taxes and importing anti-Semitic Muslims and Hispanics into America for other examples.

  5. Eve Carson was the student body president at UNC and was murdered around the same time as Lauren Burk in Auburn.

    Unlike Burke, Carson wasn’t even half-Jewish, but she is described as “a supporter of Hillel on campus” and other information points to her being a White liberal. Burk wasn’t involved with Hillel at Auburn.

    Burk was from Marietta. Carson was from Athens. Both were murdered by negro thugs. Neither were treated by the media as the second coming Emmett Till.

  6. (her father is Jewish, mother is a Baptist, which makes her Gentile)

    Calling her a White gentile is like calling Obama White because of his mother.

    Well, if you want to break it down, Lauren Burk was a castiza mischling, her mother is a swarthy Brazilian. Adopting a religion or not has no relevance to race. Again, Lauren Burk was not White.

    She received a Jewish funeral and is referred to as Jewish.

    Curious why you chose Burk, a non-White girl, to represent Whites over Carson, a true Southern belle. Maybe you can’t tell the difference?

    The sociopaths of Westboro Baptist Church, similar in personality to the retarded defectives at VNN, protested her funeral:

    Thank God for another dead college student– This one dead at Auburn University in Alabama. God hates American colleges. They are filthy, anti-God, arrogant, debouched, decadent and depraved. This one is a Christ-rejecting Jew. We will picket Lauren Burk funeral.

  7. Some clarification:

    (1) I didn’t know her father was Jewish or that her mother was Brazilian. Even if that is true, it changes nothing; Whites are raped and murdered by blacks all the time around here and no one cares.

    It only goes to show that promoting blacks is more important in our society than any other consideration. This is an extreme example of that.

    (2) Honestly, I only heard about Carson through a Google search about Burk this afternoon.

    (3) The Lauren Burk story is back in the news because a jury sentenced her killer to life in prison last year, but a judge recently overturned the decision and put him on death row.

    (4) It seemed relevant given that the Alabama legislature just the other day apologized to Recy Taylor who was allegedly raped decades ago.

    (5) Finally, I am not a White Nationalist for any number of reasons. I was attracted to this story by the fact that Burk was an Auburn student and that I am familiar with the area in which she is murdered because I am an Auburn alumni. Everyone in the Auburn community is familiar with the story and that is why I chose to write about it.

    Now White people in the Auburn area are going to find this thread through a search engine and see a typical WN pissing contest in the comments over subracial and religious differences they are unable to grasp instead of a story about black-on-white violent crime and racial double standards they can appreciate.

  8. “Curious why you chose Burk, a non-White girl, to represent Whites over Carson, a true Southern belle. Maybe you can’t tell the difference?”

    ***i** *o* ***b **c**** ***t


    The point is the silence of the lambs, except they’re not silent, the media gags them while the relentless slaughter goes on and on, year after year.

  9. I don’t blame you for not knowing details of her parents’ ancestry, however it should be obvious that her phenotype is atypical for traditional American and Southern Whites.

    Part of why I comment is to bring attention to important subracial differences and inspire others to educate themselves about physical anthropology and the plight of the Nordish peoples.

    Stating the truth and correcting false perceptions is not a “pissing contest.”

    I agree black crime is out of control and it will be an ongoing issue until we can separate ourselves from them and have our own sovereign nation.

  10. Here’s what I do know:

    (1) White people in Alabama can grasp racial double standards.

    (2) White people in Alabama can grasp black-on-white violent crime.

    (3) White people in Alabama know about the Lauren Burk murder and some are following the story because of the recent trial.

    I also know this:

    (4) White people will look at Lauren Burk and conclude “she looks White to me.”

    (5) White people will hear about Recy Taylor and wonder why the Alabama legislature is honoring a 91 year old black woman who was allegedly raped 47 years ago.

    (6) White people are afraid of a loved one – a daughter, a sister, a mother – becoming a victim of black-on-white violent crime.

    Finally, I know this:

    (10) You have a valid point about Burk’s religion and racial ancestry, but it will fly completely over the head of ordinary White people who only have a passing familiarity with these topics, which Southern Whites only grasp after they take up an interest in race.

    (11) The point here was to get White people to identify with Burk and to resent black-on-white violent crime and to take an interest in their own racial identity to protect their own children and loved ones from black criminals.

    (12) Lauren Burk is dead because of a black criminal who stalked women in the Auburn area and isn’t coming back so whether she was half-Jewish or not is completely besides the point.

    The point is that the thousands of White women who go to Auburn University today should be afraid of the niggers like Courtney Lockhart who are lurking in the shadows of the McDonald’s on East Mag or the Walmart on College Street.

    White Southerners will never grasp subrace or Jews until they grasp blacks first.

  11. The same thing is true with Eve Carson of UNC … she may have been a well meaning White liberal who tried to uplift negroes in Ghana, but she is a warning to all those beautiful Southern belles on the Chapel Hill campus.

  12. How ’bout that Reverend Manning? He’s a bit over the top but he speaks a lot of truth that other blacks won’t.

  13. You know, this can be a great stand alone BRA project: identify Southern White women (or those who can pass as White) who have been raped and murdered by black criminals on every integrated Southern campus.

    Lauren Burk – Auburn
    Eve Carson – UNC

    We should put that information out there for no other reason than as a warning to protect White women from the foolish nonsense that liberal professors are saying about race on college campuses these days.

  14. “White Southerners will never grasp subrace or Jews until they grasp blacks first.”

    Exactly, I was thinking the same – blacks are the visible threat, and most people, especially most White people, want nothing to do them regardless of their political persuasion.

  15. I have never understood why the families of Black rapists and murders don’t immediately turn to WNism, race realism or some form of racial conservatism. You would think that if anyone should be able to see through the web lies and recognize the evil of the Multi Cult regime for what it is it would be them. Every White rape victim is somebody’s daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, or friend, or probably even in many cases somebody’s mother. This is also true for the victims of Black-on-White beatings and murders, male or female. If someone did that to my kids, I couldn’t go on living and wouldn’t want to.

    Hunter Wallace says:

    Jews will often overlook violent assaults by blacks on their own kind … because their hatred of White Christians and commitment to Black Run America overrides even the obvious points they have in common with Whites.

    True. The most famous example that occurs to me is that they overlooked OJ Simpson’s decapitation of the Jewish boy Ron Goldman. Their highest priority definitely seems to be suppressing all information that will erode sympathy for Blacks no matter what the cost. Protecting Blacks seems to trump every other victim category, including, Jews, Hispanics, women, gays.

    I love the new focus of this blog. This Black Run America series illustrated with examples that people in your own immediate vicinity can relate to is an excellent idea.

  16. “White Southerners will never grasp subrace or Jews until they grasp blacks first.”

    Most Southerners already understand blacks, because they live around them, they have exposure to bad black behavior. It’s non-Southern, sheltered Whites that need the convincing.

  17. Hunter (et al.):

    I’ve just been at SBPDL, and they’re saying that ThugReport is currently down. I have verified this to be true.

    All these postings about black crime seem to be hitting the right nerves, but you may want to take a few backup precautions….

  18. I can’t believe that people believe that the cultural elites are celebrating,promoting or portraying the Baltimore black underclass as anything other than the completely dysfuntial,criminal,low IQ,violent, drug infested community that it is.Liberals may believe that with an enormous investment of resources they could turn that city around.A few years ago it was reported that 25% of baltimore’s adults were drug addicks.Realist know that real change is exstremely difficult and additionally there has to be intelligence and character which is in very short supply.It is very bleek in Baltimore and seems almost hopeless.I believe The Wire is a great show.

    • Liberals think that taxing and spending is the answer to everything. 70% seven out of ten blacks are raised without the love and discipline of a father. Black athletes, entertainers, and presidents are not going to fill the need as role models.

  19. “Sandy Springs is being sued for being “too White” and seceding from Black Run Atlanta.”

    This is happening even to communities that have not taken any explicit efforts to separate themselves. Westchester county is being forced, through a court decision, to increase the number of NAMs living there simply on the basis that it is too white.

  20. “Jews will often overlook violent assaults by blacks on their own kind….because of their hatred of White Christians”

    Jews are also supporting muslim immigration into Europe and North American. The jew Lawrence Auster wrote an article about this, “Why Jews welcome Muslims”. The most important goal of jewish organizations is destroy European caucasian societies. This young jewish student is seen as collateral damage.

    • And Americans, including Christians are in the Middle East sacrificing their live and taxpayer dollars causing Arabs and Muslims to fight one another so they’re too busy to attack Israel.

  21. “I have never understood why the families of Black rapists and murders don’t immediately turn to WNism, race realism or some form of racial conservatism.”

    For people whose ethno-centricity is outweighed by an ideal about being fair and they believe
    – in a 100 white people there’s 5 bad
    – in a 100 black people there’s 5 bad
    – crime is the random acts of bad individuals,
    then there’s no reason why they should.

    I think people are wired along a spectrum. At one end of the spectrum are those who are completely ethno-centric, in the middle are those who are a mixture of ethno-centric and ideal-centric and at the other end are a minority who are completely ideal-centric. Being the victim of an inter-ethnic attack may push an individual more to the left of the spectrum, towards the ethno-centric end, but only those who were already close to the dividing line will flip over to the pure ethno-centric side.

    (If you’ve come across people like this they often describe it in dual terms themselves without realizing it e.g “i know you’re supposed to be fair bla blah etc but i don’t care anymore i just hate them.” They describe their feelings in two halves with a “but” in the middle.)

    I think White people are shifted *way* to the right on this scale compared to other ethnic groups such that only a small minority are 100% ethno-centric, a large majority are a mixture of ethno-centric and ideal-centric with ideal-centric dominating and a large minority are completely ideal-centric.

    That’s the point of the anti-white media’s filter on the truth – so people can’t see the patterns. If it’s all just a question of random acts of bad individiuals then the possible solutions that reasonable ideal-centric people will accept are confined to those that deal with isolated individuals and random chance. However if it’s a pattern, if you have a situation where a minority of a minority are responsible for 50% of the murders year after year after year then the solutions currently on offer will seem, even to ideal-centric people, to be wholly inadequate.

    If people whose ethno-centricity is outweighed by an ideal about being fair believe
    – violent crime is disproportionately related to low IQ
    – ethnic groups have different proportions of low IQ
    – different ethnic groups have different proportions of psychopathy / empathy
    – different ethnic groups have different proportions of extreme ethno-centricity
    – diversity and proximity makes extremely ethno-centric people aggressive
    – etc
    then even the most ideal-centric people will realise diversity is an *extremely* bad idea in every way – especially for White people.

    Hence why the most anti-white people support enforced diversity.

  22. “Celebrating the KKK won’t get you mainstream either.”

    The mainstream media are a stealth, anti-white version of the KKK i.e an ethnically based self-defense organization. Through a combination of encouraging a sense of revenge-entitlement among black people, supporting forced integration, and covering up black on white crime the MSM is indirectly responsible for a hundred times as many deaths as the KKK.

  23. Hunter,
    I’m really suprised that after all that political information you reported on a while back you completely missed what happend in the Alabama Legislature, Both houses passed Arizona style Bills and Gov. Bentley is expected to sign it. Just curious have you heard of this? I read about it on

  24. This type of posting has been done since the internet itself went viral in the mid 90s, I doubt that the “aware” number has gone exponential though. What is going to help us is that the meme of “white racism” seems to be the far left’s only tactic. I think they have given up on scaring old whites and abortion is a rump issue anymore.

    My evidence being the concentrated effort by his partisians on MSNBC to intimidate the center of American politics with the “racist” lable. I call this the Zimbabwe option, outright racial suppression of whites.

    But as usual our side is way behind, except for BUGs, and it is presenting facts as Hunter has in the 1930s format of white supremacy, a non-seller today.

    Crime and anti-white discrimination stories must be presented as “Anti-white”, this way the mushy middle has no recourse to claim moral superiority.

  25. I wonder if the Ron Paul campaign will come out forcefully against the “anti-whites”, for example the anti-white screamers of MSNBC?

    Go Ron Paul, tell them anti-whites to go to hell!

  26. Simmons,

    Yes, WNs have been discussing black-on-white violent crime in newsgroups on the internet since the early 1990s (probably even before that, I am told by some), but that was before smart phones, YouTube, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

    One thing to hear a bland news report. Quite another to be able to witness the actual crime. Quite another still to have the means at your disposal to force others to pay attention and challenge the dominant narrative.


      This is happening all over the country but the liberal national media refuses to show it; they censor it. If we don’t know about it, there will be no demand to change it. It seems that the only way to get attention is to take to the streets

      +++ NO HATE CRIME? +++


      Robert Barnes, 51, of Philadelphia who was viciously attacked last April at a Sunoco gas station died yesterday, Thanksgiving Day. Mr. Barnes was assaulted by a family of 6 blacks that beat him with feet, fists, a hammer, a piece of wood and pepper spray. These injuries caused the 51 year old white man to lapse into a coma

  27. Celebrating the KKK won’t get you mainstream either.

    It doesn’t matter whether he does or doesn’t, racialist/nationalist/Confederate blogs are never going to be mainstream. Your effect will be negligible at best. You have a small cadre of followers who mostly are in lockstep with you and that’s it.

    Considering virtually all of these bloggers are content with that situation and don’t want to go public or are so fringe and dysfunctional it will stay that way.

    Our enemies have the mass media and until there is a threat to that nothing will change.

    David Duke and Jared Taylor have made some inroads, but our enemies still control the argument entirely.

  28. As for the KKK, I only mentioned them for two reasons:

    (1) I thought the infamous scene in Birth of a Nation of the black guy chasing the White girl who jumps off a cliff was very similar to the Lauren Burk murder and couldn’t resist drawing the comparison.

    (2) The point of posting the KKK video was not to endorse the KKK as a vehicle for promoting White Nationalism. It was to show how the idea of “White Run America” has “gone viral” in the past through discourse poisoning. Birth of a Nation was a “viral video” before the concept had been invented.

    The people who were involved with the Second Klan were businessmen, lawyers, school teachers, in many cases, people as prominent as Hugo Black who was appointed to the Supreme Court or Senator Robert Byrd who caught hell for it up until his death.

    The Klan controlled state legislatures and was a powerful force in places like Colorado, Indiana, Oregon, and Maine. Again, the point here is not the Klan; it is the ability of racial molotov cocktail like the Polis beating or the Rodney King beating or even a movie like Birth of a Nation to “go viral” and sweep into sectors of the population that normally wouldn’t pursue such material.

  29. “Sandy Springs is being sued for being “too White” and seceding from Black Run Atlanta.”

    I think they’re more worried that Whites have control of their government rather than actual demographics.

    I went to the website and the first thing I see is a grinning negro on the front page.

    Their demographics aren’t really that White. In 2010 they were 77.55% White, however Jews made up over 16% of that along with up to nearly 10% Hispanic.

    • One day the government will put a meter on your front door and you’d have to have a quota of different races visiting you else you will be fined.

  30. Senator Robert Byrd who caught hell for it up until his death.

    Too bad he renounced his views and apologized. He became a sentimental old fool.

  31. Stop whinnying and complaining. All over the internet that all I see is certain people complaining. Toughen up. Don’t have one face for the public, while all the time you are carrying hatred in your heart. Also anytime a person always has to attack someones intellectual level, it shows that you are ignorant yourself. To put it honestly, if you don’t show how you feel, trust me the next person is not showing how they feel. Think about that for a minute, everybody that smiles doesn’t mean they like you. And as time goes on, the world will change and there is no way that one culture will dominate forever. No one race has the smarts or ability to rule forever. Only a fool thinks that he has that kind of power. Also, because of oppression eventually pay back is inevitable. Maybe not like you think, but one way or the other people have to give in account for wrong doing. Vegenance is the Lord and he will see fit to right wrongs, but it not up to mankind. We have to except what has been done, whether it was our doing or passed down from our ancestor.

    • My ancestors came from Europe, never had slaves of any color. Because I and my family are white our government discriminates against me with programs like Affirmative action, Multiculturalism & Diversity, Hate Crime laws. There a many black organizations but if I were to start a white one it would be considered racist.

  32. American Whites, as a group, are too feminized and propagandized to fight back. The fathers cry like women for their murdered daughters, maybe vow to fight for gun control. Join a pro White group and fight ? Never !True, a minority have what it takes, but even they can’t get beyond limited political organizations with no legal muscle and no ability to take the power of the State government back. Pathetic.

  33. This is Jew Run America and a Jew Run World, they put the Nigger face out in front so that you do NOT see them. The Negro by himself has no political power, he is merely the JEW’s front man. The reason the White Man is in the shape he is in is BECAUSE HE FORSOOK GOD starting in the 1700s with the Enlightenment. Our leaders North and South have long been in the Liberal Churches ie Episcopal/Unitarian while we the rank and file were the fundamentalists. This split dated back to the split between Aristocrats and Commoners 400 yrs ago.

    The only thing that has happened in the past 80 years is our political class became dominated by Jews and men OPENLY HOSTILE TO THE SCRIPTURE. Although the majority of our political class was from day one much more liberal on the issue of religion than the common folks, the only noted pushback against this trend being the Southern Populist Era of the 1880s-1940s. Look a good example of this was HL Mencken, from Baltimore, Maryland which is technically in the South openly attacking Christianity and Southern Christians for years from about 1900-1956 when he died in his columns. We tolerated this tripe because they hid behind Freedom of the Press. By tolerating it, we went against God. Now we see the final results.

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