Tornados Attack

Massive tornado strikes Tuscaloosa and Birmingham


North Alabama is getting pounded this evening by a monster tornado.

It just slammed into Tuscaloosa. Now it is ripping across Birmingham. Fortunately, I happen to be at a safe distance from this massive storm system, but plenty of people in North Alabama were not so lucky today.

You know what I am wondering?

Where the hell is CNN? Where is Barack Hussein Obama? Where is the “response” of the federal government? They have literally spent all day consumed with this birth certificate nonsense.

We try to learn something new every day here. Today we learned that you can rely on The Weather Channel, not the White House.

Update: The tornado situation is worse than is being reported. At least five tornadoes touched down in Huntsville alone.

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  1. I assume that everyone in ‘Bama is going crazy right now, looting, raping, shooting at the police and the Guard and that part of the police is doing it, too? ‘Cuz we’re all the same, right? Oh, and it’s Bush’s fault…

  2. Obama had nothing to do with a tornado. What do you expect him to do DURING a tornado? Wrench it from the clouds and pile drive it into the ocean? If you hate Obama at least hate him for sensible reasons.

  3. If I remember correctly, Bush was supposed to stop Hurricane Katrina, and when he failed to do so, he was accused of “racism” by the MSM. Therefore, Barack Obama is an anti-White racist for failing to stop these tornados and the Gulf Oil Spill last year.

  4. “Where the hell is CNN? Where is Barack Hussein Obama? ”

    You do know that less than 24 hours after the storm, President Obama is in your state, right?


  5. I’m from Tuuscaloosa. I pray for the ones who loss their loved ones. I ask GOD to give you strength.

  6. I too live in Ttown, the storm missed me by about a mile, but it got my daughters house (she’s fine). The devastation is very very heavy, but very localized, unlike with straight line winds. I just got power back this morning, about 36 hrs after it hit and I consider myself incredibly fortunate. I feel guilty about it.

    Rant on:
    Now I normally don’t feed trolls, but you bastards who use opportunities like this to exchange political insults can all got F**k yourselves. All you sock cookers know how to do is stir the pot. Your just a waste of skin. Put down the mouse, go outside… and GET A LIFE!
    Rant off:

  7. elle … process in pace like it or not. governor of alabama must ask for assistance first. keeps the fed gov’t from climbing in the states shit too early/often.

  8. To those who hate Obama for not “stepping up,” he was THERE talking to police and fire departments within a day of the tornado hitting, in order to assess the damages and start a path of a swift recovery. With family in Tuscaloosa, believe me, I want the government to help the recovery process as well as everyone else. Painful patience is really anyone can do in any crisis.
    To Hunter Wallace, or whoever you may be… I don’t think it is your place to blame the President for not physically stopping the tornado. What did you expect him to do? Throw money into it??? That wont bring back the lost homes, schools, and community centers. He is helping to organize the relief efforts. Stop throwing around your political opinions when they are completely irrelevant and nonsense.

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