Is Donald Trump an Outlaw Conservative?

Donald Trump goes outlaw on the establishment


Like most White racialists, I have never cared much about the Obama birth certificate issue. You won’t find one post about “birtherism” in the OD archives.

Of all the things that are objectionable about Barack Obama, his lack of a proper birth certificate doesn’t come anywhere close to the top of our list. We have always rejected the 14th Amendment concept that being born in America makes you an American.

What about anchor babies? What about the DREAM Act poster children? What about all the blacks whose misbehavior we chronicle here?

Are they Americans? We don’t think so.

It speaks volumes about the whole concept of “America” that Hawaiians and Puerto Ricans are counted as Americans. Rahm Emanuel is considered an American. Luis Guiterrez is considered an American. It seems Barack Hussein Obama is eligible to be an American.

If those people qualify as Americans, we like to think of ourselves as something else. “Americanism” is so decompiled now that membership in that category has become meaningless for lots of White people.

If Martin Luther King was an American, why couldn’t Barack Hussein Obama claim to be one? Why is there such a huge argument over a mere technicality in paperwork?

In recent weeks, I have been heavily pushing the “Dixie” concept on this website. I strongly believe that White Southerners should respond to the decompiling of Americanism by falling back on our separate sense of regional and ethnic identity. This isn’t a case for mere Confederate nostalgia either.

Unlike America, “Dixie” has always been defined in terms of race, culture, religion, history, tradition, and ethnicity. Barack Obama can argue over whether or not he is an American, under the definition of Charles Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens, which was imposed upon the South at gunpoint by the Union Army, but his lack of a legitimate claim to membership in the Southern nation is bulletproof.

Is Washington, DC an American city? Is the New York Times an American newspaper?

Are Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, and Lawrence O’Donnell – who have been squawking on MSNBC for hours this evening about the “racism” of the “birthers” – even Americans?

This question doesn’t really interest us. We don’t identify with the Washington regime or any of these stupid liberal talking heads on television.

As far as “we” are concerned, “they” are “outsiders,” and not only are they “outsiders,” they are the “enemy.” They are our antagonists and oppressors.

Reasonable people can agree on that.

Donald Trump and Birtherism

In recent weeks, the billionaire Donald Trump has been making an incredible amount of noise about the Obama birth certificate issue. It culminated yesterday in the release of the infamous birth certificate (or the fake thereof) from Hawaii.

My opinion of The Donald is that he is a self promoting opportunist who has only seized upon the birth certificate issue in order to find common ground with Republican primary voters. This is someone who has made recent campaign contributions to Harry Reid and Rahm Emanuel.

However, that doesn’t mean The Donald isn’t becoming a rather useful egomaniac. In his quest to promote himself, Donald Trump has been driving Lawrence O’Donnell and Barack Obama nuts for weeks now.

Trump is a Gentile billionaire with the wealth and name recognition to be a dangerous loose cannon in Black Run America. He might become the Ross Perot of 2012.

The Donald can “go outlaw.” He isn’t a creature of the Republican establishment like Haley Barbour, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, Mitch Daniels or any of the other empty suits in the Republican field.

Donald Trump isn’t a conservative or a racialist by any stretch of the imagination, but he is a tornado that can inflict a lot of damage upon the two-party system.

The Graders

Trump has become a lot more interesting since he began calling for the release of Barack Obama’s grades.

How does someone like Barack Obama get into Harvard? Everyone knows the truth: through “black privilege” which takes the form of White guilt, affirmative action, and relentlessly promoting diversity.

NewsOne ran a story about this just the other day. They ran another story which showed that even the blacks who get into Harvard like Chanequa Campbell become drug dealers and involved in petty crimes like robbery.

The Left is furious with The Donald for violating BRA racial etiquette and having the audacity to start a national conversation about diversity and affirmative action. “Racism” is their universal battle cry.

This White man doesn’t know his place and they don’t know what to do! White people are getting uppity about high gas prices and “Beached White Male” status and this interloper is channeling their resentments through his campaign.

Historically speaking, elites usually fall when one faction of the existing elite seizes upon a popular grievance which is used as a weapon to mobilize the masses against other elites, thereby weakening the whole system.

In the case of the BRA, a wealthy Gentile “going outlaw” has always been one of the biggest threats to the preservation of the racial status quo.

Final Thoughts

I don’t support or endorse Donald Trump.

Clearly, he is not one of us. The Donald has a transparent agenda of promoting himself at the expense of Barack Obama’s grip on the White House. He is motivated by vanity and ambition, but that isn’t really a bad thing, considering.

In promoting himself, Trump is giving air cover to lots of White people who are seething with anger and who aren’t as far along the curve as we are. This latest controversy about Barack Obama’s grades is a welcome development that no racialist could seriously object to.

If Donald Trump gives Chris Matthews a heart attack over “racism” (his latest funny is that Obama should quit playing basketball and lower gas prices), he can claim to be doing something right. I hope Trump continues to make himself a nuisance to our overlords. I hope he does as much damage to them as possible in the course of his presidential campaign.

Go outlaw, Donald.

Update: Watch this hilarious video from the Digital Editor of The Onion.

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  1. I have to agree there are certain things, like the Bohemian Grove clips that make me seriously think there is something going on world wide, but if it’s true it’s been orchestrated and led by the religion/race (same thing) of a disproportionate number of people holding jobs in the non-white house and DC in general, where everybody gets their campaign funds from, the people responsible for the immigration mess which can be easily traced way back to the ’60s, the people in control of the Federal Reserve and pretty much every decently sized bank, pretty much all of the media, definitely all of Hollywood, and last but not least even Disney that last bastion of family oriented white wholesomeness wasn’t safe from these. (Watch Disney Junior and you will see they are starting the liberal brainwashing in toddlers now) They are the central pinning by which all the other bull $#!& is held together. They pretty much have to be.

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