Alabama’s Katrina

Barack Obama appears on the Oprah Winfrey Show and tells a New York fundraiser it was a fun day while hundreds of people die in Alabama


Everyone on the ground in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham were telling me last night that the tornado damage was much worse than was being reported.

It wasn’t just one big tornado. There were dozens of them – perhaps as many as fifty tornados, maybe a hundred even – striking all over North Alabama last night. This is the worst tornado strike of my lifetime.

Now we know that at least 180 people are dead in Alabama alone and hundreds have been injured. The death toll continues to rise by the hour. There are still people trapped under the rubble.

CNN is down here now flying over Alabama in their helicopter. Barack Hussein Obama is coming tomorrow to make his obligatory tour of the devastation. He just spent less than five minutes talking about the damage here in his press conference.

Guess where Barack Obama was yesterday when hundreds of people were dying in the South: he was doing a fundraiser in New York City, raising millions dollars for his reelection campaign, and flew to Chicago to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about his birth certificate in an attempt to “reconnect” with female voters.

Want to reconnect? A simple “watch out” would have sufficed.

“Today was a fun day,” Obama said at his first fundraising event at Corzine’s apartment. “Nobody checked my ID at the door. But it was also a serious day because part of what happened this morning was me trying to remind the press and trying to remind both parties that what we do in politics is not a reality show. It’s serious.”

I was here writing about the tornado, “taking things seriously,” watching a reality show. It wasn’t “a fun day” for anyone in Alabama.

You know why? Because my little brother lives less than a quarter of a mile from where the mile wide tornado went up 15th Street in Tuscaloosa. That tornado came within 100 YARDS of his apartment.

I had one of the scariest experiences of my life yesterday.

We knew from the weather alerts that the tornados were coming. Gov. Bentley did his job and warned everyone to take shelter. Classes were cancelled at the University of Alabama. The Weather Channel was covering the Tuscaloosa tornado with realtime updates.

Yesterday, my brother called me and was absolutely hysterical about the huge tornado that was coming right at his apartment complex. He thought that he was about to die. It was too late to get away.

Then the phone went dead for five minutes. It was the longest five minutes of my life. The Weather Channel flashed an image of the tornado that was taken from the parking lot of his apartment complex.

While all this was going on in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News were talking about the Obama certificate and spent all evening discussing whether or not Donald Trump was a racist.

Today, CNN is flying over the devastated area in North Alabama and showing just how bad the tornado strike actually was. Wow, look at how hard all those “racists” got hit, what a tragedy for those poor crackers.

Maybe more people would be alive today if the MSM had spent more time paying attention to the real news instead of discussing the birth certificate sideshow last night.

Couldn’t that have waited?

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Sean Penn to come to the rescue around here. Most of the people who have lost their homes or their lives to these tornados are White. They are Americans.

Hollywood generally doesn’t care about people like that. They didn’t care about the Japanese when they were simultaneously hit by a 9.1 earthquake, a tsunami, and a nuclear meltdown.

How many parents in Alabama were as terrified about a loved one in Tuscaloosa as I was yesterday? Judging by the intermittent cell phone service, the entire State of Alabama was on red alert.

Anyway, I never want to experience another day like that one. It is also of no comfort whatsoever that the MSM is finally talking about the tornado or that Barack Hussein Obama is flying here tomorrow. Neither were of any assistance in saving lives when it could have counted.

It is a cliché in this state to say that you cannot rely upon the government. People around here say that because it is true.

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  1. Hunter – I’m really glad that your brother, and yourself, are OK. I’ve only experienced 1 teeny little tornado in my life – and it was a daunting experience.

    Let the Kenyan Usurper go on that Black Lesbian’s talk show. Whites are beginning to see. Even the Jew Jon Stewart mocked Onegro, for insisting “we” debate serious matters – and then immediately hopping on a plane to chitchat with the New Aged Aunt Jemimah.

  2. “Nobody checked my ID at the door. But it was also a serious day because part of what happened this morning was me trying to remind the press and trying to remind both parties that what we do in politics is not a reality show. It’s serious.”

    Obama is a condescending, sarcastic, narcissistic, sociopathic mulatto with a sense of entitlement. It’s obvious in his posture, his gate and his words such as the above.

    He took affirmative action all the way to the White House.

    It’s amusing to see the truth however, that when a masculine White man stands up to Obama and calls him out on his BS, he answers to him, like he did to Trump.

  3. God bless Obama and his blacks cohorts, they are one serious dead weight on the snobbish SWPL set who spend their pathetic vain lives trying to distance themselves from “the wrong kind of whites” while at the same time cozy up with the National Geographic set.

    SWPLs are nothing but a creation of their own vanity, easily destroyed.

    Of course the old style reactionary bleating which has been our course for decades only feeds their vanity and fuels their snobbishness, but mock them and hold them responsible for such cultural revalations as the urban flash mob, they will fold.

    Glad you and your brother are OK, two tornados in my life and they are everything your brother described.

  4. I notice that from the devestation of the tornado the only pictures that have been transmitted to the UK are of black’s picking through the rubble. White people don’t figure much in the new world order.

  5. I thought that White Conservatives were “rugged individuals” who didn’t need the President Of The United States to care for them?

    There is a distinction between the President doing a tour of the destruction for symbolic reasons versus the Federal government doing what it should do in the way of providing resources so that the local people & state can rebuild.

    Interesting how regardless of the impact upon White people this article and some of your friends will always instead choose to keep your eye on the black grain of pepper in the salt shaker.

  6. why on earth would the jewish owned net works want to show whites in the same frame as minorities.except in a racist way.up-date,obama shredded the constitution and finished what hitler bush hitler obama joins bushes ranks.

  7. treasones obama to do an endaroud from congress to pass total gun ban in this nation.obama agrees,whites shouldnt have any recorse to personal protection.he wants to engineer a black militant group of his own to take over.pussy white liberals and progressives need not traitor like obama is enough on one thread.

  8. has anyone here ever heard about the racialy motivated game called,the knockout game.the only intended targets is anyone who is white or looks white.jewish owned media will defend these black white haters of whites any way they can.will you defend the blacks for comitting these hanous hate crimes against whites?

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