The Hate Racket Responds: Chrissy Lee Polis and Matthew Shepard

Where is Potok? For once, he is speechless!

It seems that our coverage of the Chrissy Lee Polis beating in the Rosedale McDonald’s has driven a wedge between the SPLC hate racket in Montgomery and its LGBT supporters across America.

We provoked Black Kos to explore the hate nation.

In two separate articles, I drew attention to the fact that the SPLC, which has been labeled a “hate racket,” had been unusually quiet on the Chrissy Lee Polis beating, while both the LGBT community and the victim had labeled the attack as “definitely a hate crime.”

Since when has the SPLC ever not waded into the middle of a “hate crime” controversy? This was the biggest hate crime in the LGBT community since Matthew Shepard.


How could the “Hatewatch” have missed that? Everyone else in America saw it. I guess the hatebots were busy gathering “intelligence” on trailer parks.

Mark Potok describes Matthew Shepard:

“He was a man who was short of stature but large of heart. He was kind, generous to a fault, a well-educated student who longed to join the diplomatic service and work for human rights in this country and the world. And he was gay, a youth who had already faced the prejudice of a society still enmeshed in age-old hatreds and fears.”

We observe that Chrissy Lee Polis is a Beached White Transsexual. By all accounts, Polis had been a victim of homophobia for years. Like Shepard, Polis was assaulted and the attack (1. the escalation, 2. the failure of others to intervene, 3. the original controversy over the women’s restroom) was motivated by sexual orientation.

Unlike Shepard, the Polis beating happened in a public place, not in a remote rural area. The patrons of McDonald’s stood around and watched and even laughed while the beating took place. They didn’t see anything wrong with the two black girls assaulting Polis because he was just a man with boobs trying to use the women’s restroom.

Vernon Hackett repeatedly said on his Facebook account that Polis was a crossdresser “with his private parts intact,” not a bona fide tranny, who was trying to use the women’s restroom. It seems pretty indisputable here that black homophobia and sexual orientation played a major role in the assault.

Now back to the Matthew Shepard murder:

At trial, McKinney offered various rationales to justify his actions. He originally pled the gay panic defense, arguing that he and Henderson were driven to temporary insanity by alleged sexual advances by Shepard.

At another point McKinney’s lawyer stated that they had wanted only to rob Shepard, and never intended to kill him.[3] The prosecutor in the case alleged that McKinney and Henderson pretended to be gay in order to gain Shepard’s trust to rob him.[13] During the trial, Chastity Pasley and Kristen Price, girlfriends of McKinney and Henderson, testified that Henderson and McKinney had both plotted beforehand to rob a gay man.[citation needed] It has also been suggested[who?] that McKinney and Henderson, both being of slight build, targeted Shepard, who was a very small man, as an easy target. Also, it was suggested[says who?] at trial that the perpetrators knew Shepard from high school, and knew he was from a wealthy family. McKinney and Henderson went to the Fireside Lounge and selected Shepard after he arrived. McKinney alleged that Shepard asked them for a ride home. After befriending him, they took him to a remote area outside of Laramie where they robbed him, assaulted him severely, and tied him to a fence with a rope from McKinney’s truck while Shepard pleaded for his life.

The Matthew Shepard murder which is the most well known of “anti-LGBT hate crimes,” which is labeled by the SPLC as “anti-gay hate,” was actually a robbery followed by a murder.

Matthew Shepard’s attackers singled him out because he was small and could be easily robbed. They pretended to be gay themselves (doesn’t sound like a real homophobe to me) in order to gain his trust. It is clear that the attack on Shepard was motivated by robbery.

We observe that bandits were commonplace in the Wild West and that Wyoming remains the most Western of states. The Shepard attack fits that criminal profile.

I’m betting that I could find many similar incidents in Wyoming which didn’t involve a homosexual victim. In my White Zion article, I noted that Wyoming ranks 47 in total crime, but 30 in aggravated assaults nationwide.

Thousands of people are robbed and murdered every year in America – often in similarly gruesome ways, mostly at the hands of 365Black diversity. The SPLC only cared about the Matthew Shepard murder because his attackers looked like this, but not like this.

Who is prejudiced now?

There is no evidence that Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney had anything to do with David Duke or Pat Robertson. More recently, there was no evidence whatsoever that Jared Loughner had anything to do with Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.

If Matthew Shepard is the litmus test for anti-LGBT hate crimes, then there is actually much more evidence, not less (hell, this was captured on video), that Chrissy Lee Polis was violently assaulted because of her sexual orientation than Matthew Shepard was.

The SPLC refused to weigh in on the Chrissy Lee Polis beating until Occidental Dissent and Stormfront, which are classified by the SPLC as “white supremacist hate groups,” launched a campaign to provoke the SPLC into recognizing the Polis beating as “hate crime.”

On Wednesday, the SPLC finally responded with a dissimulating post on the “Hatewatch” blog: now the Chrissy Lee Polis beating “may be” a hate crime, or it might not be, but the thrust of the article clearly shows that the SPLC leans toward the latter interpretation.


We observe that the Matthew Shepard murder “may have been a robbery” or the Gabrielle Giffords shooting “may have been” a schizophrenic nut losing control (a la John Hinckley, Jr), but that never stopped the SPLC from going on television to talk about an epidemic of hate that was sweeping America before.

It seemed like Mark Potok was on MSNBC talking with Chris Matthews about “a climate of hate” within 24 hours of the Gabrielle Giffords assassination. Yet there wasn’t even the most tenuous connection between Jared Loughner and the Tea Party.

This is the only time in our long memory that the SPLC has failed to generalize and wade into a hate crime controversy. So there is something about this incident which has failed to provoke the usual response.

And we all know what it is: if Chrissy Lee Polis had been assaulted by these guys at a bar in Laramie, Wyoming for trying to use the women’s restroom, and a whole bar of TEA PARTY BIRTHERS and NATIVISTS had stood around and laughed at the attack and recorded it on film and uploaded it on YouTube, then the SPLC would have moved heaven and earth labeling it “the disease of hate.”

Potok would have been on television all week! Come on, you know it is true!

But because Teonna Monae Brown assaulted Chrissy Lee Polis in a 365Black McDonald’s and it was Vernon Hackett who stood around and laughed about it on camera, well, then the SPLC wouldn’t even go on record about the issue (after over a million people had watched the video!) until Stormfront made fun of them about it!

Who knows?

Maybe the SPLC has an anti-White agenda? Maybe they stood around talking about Nicaragua, Birthers, and Laine Lawless all week because this particular “hate crime” didn’t fit their narrative and fell outside the scope of “Eye on the Radical Right”?

How much money has the SPLC made off the Matthew Shepard beating in exchange for LGBT “hate crime” protection?

Morris makes $304,000 a year ( a top 1.5 percent income) as a “civil rights activist.” All that money (that “charity”) allows Uncle Morris and his latest wife (see left) to live like royalty in this mansion.

Last month, Morris headlined “White Privilege Summit 2011” at Augustana College, although he wasn’t invited to discuss his “hate fortune.” Next stop on the Southern Poverty Gravy Train, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

Roll out the red carpet, boys. Here she comes. If it weren’t for the “hate business,” Morris and Susan would be “beached” too. This is the stickup.

Here’s a thought: if Stormfront or the Ku Klux Klan held a rally outside the SPLC in order to get Mark Potok to label the Polis beating a “hate crime,” do you think that would sufficiently embarrass the SPLC enough to get them to change their position?

New Rule: It is only an “anti-LGBT hate crime” when straight White males in a place like Wyoming are the attackers. In Black Run America, black people can only be portrayed as the victims of “hate crimes,” never as the perpetrators.

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  1. The SPLC only cares about “sexism” when it can be used to attack White people.
    The SPLC only cares about “racism” when it can be used to attack White people.
    The SPLC only cares about “homophobia” when it can be used to attack White people.

    The SPLC is an anti-white hate group.

    “if Stormfront or the Ku Klux Klan held a rally outside the SPLC in order to get Mark Potok to label the Polis beating a “hate crime,” do you think that would sufficiently embarrass the SPLC enough to get them to change their position?”

    That would be so funny.

  2. LOL

    You previously expressed a visceral dislike of using “LOL” in comments, and now here you are using it in your post.

    Yes, we all know Jews and their collaborators are anti-White, or more specifically anti-Western culturally, anti-Christian religiously and anti-Nordish racially, that is their primary motive and focus.

    I recently watched The Rite, starring the great Anthony Hopkins. Decent movie, a bit cliche, but demonic behavior and their susceptibilities struck me as very similar to Jews. Demons are known for their lies and manipulation, just as Schopenhauer said Jews are the great masters of the lie. Demons hide in their hosts and protect their true identity with great ferocity, and Jews hate being outed by their real Jewish name such as when Sheen called about Chuck Lorre. Demons hate Christianity and its symbols, and Jews are always up in arms about even harmless representations of Christianity.

    I would say Jews are much more likely to be demonic rather than extraterrestrial reptilians as with David Icke’s belief. Either would make for a great novel/movie though.

  3. “Occidental Dissent is about hate truth and outlaw conservatism in Black Run America. We are beholden to no one and speak nothing but 404 forbidden thoughts.”


  4. Pity sells.

    White people feel powerful for pitying blacks, and not powerful for pitying themselves.

    And white people are those who buy the news “product.”

    The SPLC just panders along to the image big media and Hollywood create, then make up a bogeyman or two (Nazis under the bed) to make sure the donations keep rolling in.

    If anything, these groups are parasites on the white liberal, even if they also cause mayhem whatever they do.

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