Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

Osama bin Laden is dead

District of Corruption

Osama bin Laden is dead.

Barack Obama has slain the boogeyman. A moving orgy of patriotism is breaking out across the Obamanation. This moment is certain to go down in history as the highwater mark of the Obama presidency.

Good for you, Barack Obama.

You have avenged the 9/11 attacks. Osama bin Laden is burning in Hell. America has won the War on Terror. The boogeyman is lying dead at your feet. This is your moment of triumph.

A few thoughts:

(1) First, I am glad that Osama bin Laden is no longer walking the earth. He deserved to die for his crimes. Justice has been served. Good riddance.

(2) Second, the emotional outburst of American patriotism which is now spreading across the nation must be properly seen as a moment of closure. The War on Terror is over.

(3) Third, the universal cry to “bring the boys home” is already going out across the nation. We have always supported bringing the troops home.

(4) Fourth, after this brief outburst of patriotism runs its course, foreign policy will recede even further into the background and domestic issues like gas prices and the economy will become even more important than they were before.

(5) Fifth, by killing the arch enemy of America and the Free World, Barack Obama has unintentionally pulled the single most important thread that united Americans and sustained their commitment to military interventions in the Middle East.

A few questions:

(1) Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, will Americans continue to support the American military presence in Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq?

(2) Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, 9/11 is avenged, and the War on Terror is over, what is America without a common enemy?

The wild spontaneous celebrations now going on at the White House and Ground Zero only shows just how important hatred of Osama bin Laden – the boogeyman – was to America’s national identity. All that is over now.

Great job on this one, Barack Obama. Have a beer on me tonight.

It is party time!

Now playing at the OD bar: beer on tap and patriotic songs!!!

Discussion Question: Who will be cast as the boogeyman in The Boogeyman: The Resurrection?

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  1. A wonderful several days — a splendid royal wedding, bombs getting closer to Khaddafi and now our Special Forces take out Bin Laden…I never thought a covert assassination could feel so good.

  2. I’m sure this will spawn millions of new pick up lines for Black guys to use on White girls. Our HEEEERO! But hey, that’s BRA’s raison d’être.

  3. Dear Obama: While I am thrilled Bin Laden is dead, you are still as terrible a president as you were yesterday, last week, last month, last year and the day you took the oath of office – 2012 you’re voted out, 2013 you’re gone.

  4. Breaking news: “Jewish extended phenotype terminates former CIA asset cum 21st century ethnic bogeyman.”

  5. This is excellent news. The boogeyman is dead.

    All the people who were afraid of the boogeyman are getting drunk tonight and celebrating his death. Six months from now, no one will be talking about anything but $5 regular unleaded and why Obama hasn’t brought the troops home yet.

  6. George W. Bush was reelected in 2004 on nothing more than the basis of his ability to protect us from the boogeyman.

    MILLIONS OF SIMPLETONS are breathing a collective sigh of relief tonight that the boogeyman is gone – he will be resurrected, of course – but probably not for some time.

  7. Bin Laden was a romantic-warrior traditionalist who waged a war against internationalism and liberalism in defense of Islamic culture and the Arab people. Certainly we Westerner’s shouldn’t embrace his values, but his methods, his will, and his defiance against the onslaught of vacuous culture-distorting liberal encroachment in the Middle East should be praised. Nationalists should respect Bin Laden much like medieval Western thinkers respected Saladin. Bin Laden was a gallant man who fought under great adversity in the face of certain death to liberate his people and re-establish the noble traditions and greatness of Islamic culture. We nationalists desperately need figures like him.


    Bin Laden was a figurehead more than anything else, his legacy is immortal, for only his flesh has perished today. His struggle has ensured that generations of Muslims will have the willingness to fight against Zionism, Globalization, Liberalism, Interventionism, Capitalism, and Moral Leprosy. While Muslims have no right to inhabit the sacred soil of Europe, neo-Western forces have no right to intervene in the Middle East or to force their deprived and nihilistic beliefs on the proud culture-bearing Middle-Eastern peoples.

  8. I’m glad he is gone.

    It means this distraction who has haunted us for ten years has finally been banished as a cause for concern. Millions of White people can now get over their fear of Osama bin Laden. They can forget about 9/11.

    The only thing that can unite people who have nothing in common is a common enemy. The demise of Osama bin Laden – the boogeyman – is a good thing for people who share our racial views.

    The demise of Hitler divided the Allies. The demise of the Cold War brought about the end of the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia.

    Without these constant foreign distractions, Americans would focus their attention on the collapsing economy, rising gas prices, and all their points of differences.

    We want Americans to focus on their domestic differences, not on foreigners.

  9. Yes, this is glorious news! I plan to fly my American flag today in a neighborhood that doesn’t do that sort of thing.

    The next step is for our side to push to wind down the foreign wars, bring the troops home and deal with real problems here in North America. Foreign wars are a great distraction, way to release frustrations for Red State White Americans.

    This time the banners can actually read:

    Mission Accomplished – time to bring the troops home and guard the US border with Mexico or go in to Mexico and take out cartel leaders/smugglers.

  10. Ulrick says:

    “Bin Laden was a figurehead more than anything else, his legacy is immortal, for only his flesh has perished today. His struggle has ensured that generations of Muslims will have the willingness to fight against Zionism, Globalization, Liberalism, Interventionism, Capitalism, and Moral Leprosy.”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    There’s always one isn’t there? Perhaps you should go down to Ground Zero and try to share these views with the relatives of the White folks murdered on 9/11/01.

    Or tell it to the Marines, tell it to the Navy Seals.

    Wow. There’s always one.

  11. Is it coincidence that the death of Hitler coincides, or, falls really close, depending on what you believe, with the announcement of Osama’s death?

  12. Why was the body buried at sea? WHAT sea? WTF?

    One historically parades the body of the Enemy around, for all to behold. WTF? I’ve NEVER heard of this.

    Anyway – I agree. War on terrah is ovah – except in Syria, Libya, and that E-VILE Iran! The Hitler of the the Member’s Only Jacket Outrage still stalk the Earth! Oh NO!

  13. Hunter;

    Off topic – please forgive.

    I had thought this blog was defunct and stopped checking it. Last I read, you were reporting on the success of the engage-the system strategy, and all the good legislation being introduced in State legislatures. The blog seems to have been reincarnated as another Ain’t-It-Awful chronicle of the state of Black-Run America.

    I have no problem with this. It’s a job that needs doing, and you do it well.

    However, I’ve skimmed through recent posts and I can’t find any follow-through on the fate of all that great legislation. In view of the shameful failure of so many Republican legislatures to live up to their earlier promises, in particular the Utah atrocity, would you please share your current thoughts on tea parties, political parties and political activism generally?

    As for Bin Laden, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Yes, it’s a symbolic victory, but he was only one man, and there are a lot more where he came from. His organization may now be without his personal fortune, and that may hamper it, but again, lots more where that came from.

  14. “(5)Barack Obama has unintentionally pulled the single most important thread that united Americans and sustained their commitment to military interventions in the Middle East.”

    Good point.

  15. For any sane, healthy White folks who might be reading O.D. these days – please understand the main truth that comes out of this:

    Osama Bin Ladin (yeah, he directed the 9/11/01 mass murder of our people, also many other attacks in Africa, Yemen etc) was living in open, luxury in a wealthy, Pakistani military elite neighborhood.

    Thus the Pakistani military elite supported Al Qaeda, Bin Ladin. These nasty, urine colored Pakistani Muslims (that poor and working class English/British people loath and hate with every part of their racial soul) are not our friends and allies in a war against terror – or by some weird spin are our friends and allies in a struggle against THE JEWS, Israel, Hollywood, the Federal Reserve system etc.

    If we do what the Swiss People’s Party in Switzerland did (#1 party in Switzerland) – made immigration controls to keep Muslims out of their country, we will do very well with the White public.

    But, if we give in to assorted kooks, kranks, nut cases, conspiracy theory idiots that try to deny the Muslim extremists had anything to do with 9/11/01 and deny little things like the 700 year Arab Muslim occupation of Spain, the Turks rape and slaughter of White Greeks, the Algerian Arab ethnic cleansing of all the good White people in French Algeria – well, we’ll be dismissed as idiots and forced to live like crazy homeless people, which in a point of fact too many folks posting on WN forums tend to be.

    And no, 100% NO – when Whites close ranks to keep out fight the worst NW Muslims we are not, I repeat not TAKING THE SIDE OF THE JEWS.

    The worst anti White Jewish forces strongly favor mass Muslim immigration in to the White West – they always have.

    The Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492 to a large extent for taking the Arab Muslim Moor’s side against White Catholics.

    Don’t take the Jew side
    Don’t take the NW Muslim side
    Take the White side.

    We’re White Western people – we want to live in peace and safety with our own kind.

    It’s called “kindness” – loving our own kind.

  16. Anyone who thinks that OBL was the sole operating force behind 9/11 hasn’t done their homework. At the very least, Israel had foreknowledge of the attacks, and has never had to answer why that information wasn’t brought to the attention of the US government. At the very worst, OBL was the “cover story” for a multi-state false flag operation possibly involving the US government. If you think I’m crazy, watch David Chandler’s video of the corner-on view of the North Tower “collapse” where explosive squibs are clearly evident.

  17. Jack Ryan: I have to take Ulrick’s side, more or less. Bin Ladin was an enemy, but who stirred things up? If we had limited our contact with the Middle East to buying their oil and sending occasional archeologists, he’d of been chasing camels and concubines instead of planning vengeance. That’s not kookery, that’s common sense.
    And BTW, the Algerians had every right to kick out their French colonial masters, as much right as we Whites have to deport the tens of millions of 3rd World invaders from our countries.

  18. Regarding the ‘bogeyman-is-dead’ thesis:

    I hope you’re right, but I doubt it. Most people opposed the wars already. However, AIPAC controls the decision-makers for the moment, and AIPAC doesn’t want the wars, or the empire, to end.

    And when was the last time you saw Osama on the news? I’d argue that Ahmadinejad has been the new Muslim bogeyman for a while now.

    But I really do hope that in 6 months I hear Michelle Bachman arguing for bringing the troops home. Or Sean Hannity. Or even a majority of the left-leaning Sunday Morning talking heads.

  19. During the VietNam War, some suggested that we declare victory and leave. Right now, that sounds like as good a Middle East exit strategy as we’re likely to find.

  20. There has been mixed results in the state legislatures.

    Arizona-style immigration laws have failed all across the country – except in Georgia, Alabama, and Oklahoma.

    Last time I checked, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, and Texas remain possibilities. This change of focus to “Fortress Dixie” had a lot to do with the failure of the immigration bills elsewhere.

    I haven’t gotten around to addressing that subject here.

  21. I still believe in engaging the public on their own level.

    The problem is not conservatives or Republican voters per se. The polls show that conservatives and Republicans are overwhelmingly opposed to amnesty and support border security.

    60 percent of Independents and 40 percent of Democrats support our position on immigration too.

    The problem is an entrenched system of elites (as we saw with the “Utah Compact”) that is able to suppress the general will and corrupt the political process. The logical response to this situation remains to position yourself as a populist advocate of the oppressed and a champion of their grievances.

    I still think it is retarded to attack people who agree with us on immigration and other issues. Instead of attacking the 80 percent of Republicans who agree with us, we should always encourage them to break with the 20 percent of Republicans who don’t.

  22. In related news, it certainly helps matters that the boogeyman was dispatched once and for all last night. I can’t stress just how much of a huge victory that was for us.

    Now, we don’t to deal with the millions of conservatives who agree with us on immigration, but who vote for someone like John McCain because he is a war hero who can protect America from the boogeyman.

    All those people can revel in their moment of triumph and breathe a huge sigh of relief now. They don’t have to worry about the boogeyman anymore.

    Now their attention can turn back to domestic issues like immigration and the economy.

  23. The demise of the Soviet Union split the conservative movement in the 1990s. “Anti-communism” was the glue that held the coalition together. In our own times, fear of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda – the Islamic boogeyman – has been even more important to American identity.

    Things were getting interesting in the early 1990s before Oklahoma City. We might catch some more wind in our sails because of this.

  24. Discard says:
    “BTW, the Algerians had every right to kick out their French colonial masters, as much right as we Whites have to deport the tens of millions of 3rd World invaders from our countries.”

    Jack Ryan responds:

    What ridiculous nonsense – and racial treason to boot.

    Algeria before the 1960s was never any kind of independent Arab Muslim country. It was a part of France for 150 years, not a colony, White Europeans were a majority in the coastal cities right up until it was given away in a terrible racial treasonous surrender to the terrorists. Before it was a part of the White country of France, this area was a part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire – going back in time a bit, this area was part of the very civilized White Roman world, Germanic Visogothic world. The Mediterranean Sea translates from the Latin as “our sea” and White Europeans settled on all sides of “our sea” – the North African shore of the Mediterranean Sea was our White place then as it should be now.

    You make the huge mistake of trying to see the world through 19th and 20th century European and American ideals where the whole world is supposed to be settled in Nation states and locals are supposed to be given democracy, national patriotism that sort of thing. This doesn’t apply to the Arab, Muslim or Black African worlds, it never has.

    With Algeria after World War II poor Arab Muslims moved in to French cities from the mountains from the countryside to go to cities where life was supposedly better, better jobs, higher standard of living, entertainment – who wants to live in a poor, backward NW village? Poor Arab Muslims flooded in to beautiful French Algerian cities, it’s the same as poor Mexicans and Central American indians crossing our borders and flooding in to Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago – and then we stupidly give these Mestizos the vote and we’re shocked when they demand to elect Mexican/Latino/Chicano leaders and make what used to be our safe, prosperous White American communities, in to THEIR TURF.

    The same thing happened in French Algeria, only the local French Pied Noir weren’t idiots, they saw what was going on and they resisted and fought fire with fire, used counter terrorism against the Arab Muslim terrorists.

    So once all of Algeria was handed over to these disgusting Arab Muslim Algerian scum and all of our beautiful White French Pied Noir were either killed or ethnically cleansed, are the Arab Muslim Algerians happy, satisfied now that Algeria is THEIR ALGERIAN ARAB MUSLIM COUNTRY?

    No, the Arab Algerian Muslims aren’t satisfied, they push to flood in to France where life is somehow supposed to be better, better jobs, less crime, crowding and the Algerian Arab Muslims proceed to make nasty Arab Muslim slum ghettos in France, set cars on fire to celebrate New Years, sexually harass and rape White French girls and make huge demands that everything is the fault of racist White French people for discriminating against them, keeping them in ghettos and then the whole nasty Algerian racial conflict gets played out again in France.

    Don’t ever make the mistake of getting soft and sympathetic with Arab Muslims and try to take their side and justify their murders and rapes of our people because they have some just cause and just want control of THEIR OWN COUNTRIES.

    Islam and Arabs do not respect national boundaries, they don’t respect the European concept of a nation state and will never leave us alone if we leave them alone.

    Muslims are not like most historically ignorant Americans. Muslims know that Spain was Arab Muslim settled and Arab Muslim ruled for over 700 years. Arab Muslims want Spain back. Muslims want France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, England, Michigan. Why should ugly Muslim men be forced to live around, marry have sex with ugly Arab Muslim women, where their religion says they are the one true religion and have the right take, enslave all non Muslims?

    The only time Muslims have ever let White/European people alone is when Europeans had overwhelming military force and the will to use it/the will to kill lots of Muslims.

    Vlad the Impaler is a folk hero for Romanians and for our Western people because he knew how to handle invading Muslims – kill them and put their bodies impaled on wooded stakes.

    If old Vlad had been some sensitive liberal or worse an idiot race-less Libertarian and tried to always understand the Turk Muslim/NW Muslim side, Romanians would be spitting at his name now instead of honoring him as their great folk hero.

  25. Jack Ryan: The government of France may have declared Algeria to be part of France, but that did not make it so. Can you seriously accept the French claim that Algeria was as much France as Provence or Paris? It was just a colony , like Morocco for Spain and Libya for Italy. The natives didn’t like the arrangement and fought back. Not having tanks and planes, they fought “dirty”, as nations with tanks and planes would call it. The British thought that Americans who fired from behind trees were fighting dirty too. It doesn’t matter if Arabs are stinking camel fuckers or not, it’s their country. Had the French not invaded the place and pretended that the Arabs were French citizens, they wouldn’t have the Arab problems they do now.

  26. Could’nt agree with you more Jack.But you should have mentioned,sorry,emphasized the role De Gaulle played in the betrayal;he preffered,(and indeed has almost achieved)a non-European Europe to an American led Continent.

    As for Vlad,a Romanian friend has guided me to reading and research far beyond the usual cliched version we get of “The Impaler”

  27. Discard
    “Can you seriously accept the French claim that Algeria was as much France as Provence or Paris? ”

    JR responds.

    Hey Discard, have you been to the industrial suburbs of Paris lately? These places are as Algerian as Algiers was during the Battle of Algiers.

    And yes, Algeria was part of France for well over 100 years – the architecture, the culture and beautiful French people. It was the same as the current situation with Texas.

    Is Texas a part of the (White) United States? – it’s been that way for the same amount of time Algeria was part of France – but the demographics were slightly different – and if the Mestizo population explodes in Texas and these non Whites start behaving like the Arab Muslim terrorists behaved in French Algeria – will you just let Texas go, say it wasn’t really ever a part of America, we didn’t deserve to be there and it was really a colony and the White colonialists deserved to all get killed, ethnically cleansed like the White French Pied Noir in French Algeria. Would you around telling everyone White Texans deserved their fate because they were colonists?

    What utter rubbish!

    See the very balanced, though more pro Arab film The Battle of Algiers. Then read the section on Algeria in Paul Johnson’s Modern Times and finally read The Battle of the Casbah where the French general in charge of counter terrorism explains/brags about the methods he used to break the FLN Arab Muslim terrorist army. This French General and good old Vlad the Impaler knew how to handle murderous NW Muslims and it wasn’t by trying to be “fair” – understand the NW Muslim’s point of view and pretend that Arab Muslims, Turk Muslims, Paki Muslims are really just like us White Europeans and they just want the same things we want – equality, brotherhood, national independence, self determination, democracy and end to racism and injustice.

    What utter rubbish!


    Here’s some video on the French General and is a great White warrior to the end. He says he has no regrets using torture to break the FLN terrorist army.

  28. Sorry I didn’t include the video – it’s at the end of a rather lengthy documentary that repeats lots of lying anti White propaganda.

  29. In Europe, it’s Jewish politicians, jewish media, jewish intellectuals, and European leftists who have absorbed jewish ideology that are bringing in Muslims into Europe. Like political leader Job Cohen in the Netherlands, like the jewish lead Labour party in England, like the jew Sarkozy in France.

  30. Phil says:
    May 2, 2011 at 8:24 pm
    In Europe, it’s Jewish politicians, jewish media, jewish intellectuals, and European leftists who have absorbed jewish ideology that are bringing in Muslims into Europe. Like political leader Job Cohen in the Netherlands, like the jewish lead Labour party in England, like the jew Sarkozy in France.

    JR replies:

    To a great extent yes, this is true. And the Jews have traditionally taken the Muslim side against Whites in Europe – another reason regular Whites, poor Whites, White working class, White Christians have feared and hated Jews.

    So when our White people oppose Muslim immigration in to White countries, fight the NW Muslims like days of old (Spanish Reconquest, Crusades, Greek/Serb/Romanian rebellions against Turkish Muslim rule) we are also opposing the Jewish program for the destruction of White civilization.

    For you folks more concerned/obsessed with the Jewish problem/Jews as the enemy – understand that opposing the Muslim conquest/colonization of our countries is also opposing the Jewish program of destruction of our people – so it’s OK to fight Muslims without selling out to the Jews, being a Neo Conservative. You can still take the Palestinian’s side against the Zionists, just make it national issue instead of supporting the Muslims.

  31. Jack Ryan: My question was, Can you seriously accept the French claim that Algeria was as much a part of France as Provence or Paris?
    Occupying a country’s ports does not make the people French. Building modern cities with walls to keep the Arabs out does not make the Arabs into Frenchmen. And that was France’s claim, that the locals were French just like some winemaker in Bordeaux. Except that the Arab Frenchmen were not free to move to Bordeaux like the White Frenchmen were.
    India was part of the British Empire for over a century. Queen Victoria was also Empress of India. So is India British? Or does the fact that the British built the railroads and telegraph mean they should rule there forever?
    Is Morocco Spain?
    Is Libya Italy?
    The Spanish built the cities of Latin America, except in Brazil. Does that mean that those countries belong to Spain?
    Should the Phillipines belong to the U.S.? Do you want them?
    The Spaniards and Mexicans never occupied much of Texas, rightly fearing the Commanches. It was American Whites who actually settled the place, and they were 85% of the population when they won independence. That’s not a slight demographic difference from Algeria.
    The French were always a small alien minority in Algeria, speaking a language foreign to the country, practicing a different religion than the natives, and contemptuous of the locals’ primitive culture. Pretty similar to the Chinese minorities in SE Asia, except for they had the direct backing of the French Army. What kind of a France is it when the French Army has to torture the locals to get them to tolerate French rule and French ways?
    Algeria is not, and was not France. France is not Algeria, at least yet. And if you don’t want France to become Algeria, don’t buy into the fantasies of Napoleon III.

  32. Does anyone actually believe anything anymore? A day after the birth certificate hits the front page (after years of delay), it’s shoved aside by the death of Osama (after years of delay). How convenient. Didn’t we already hear about Osama’s death two years ago? Oh well – but this reminds me of Sharon; is he still vegetating (after years of delaying his war crime trial), or did he die – who can keep up with all this, time heals all clarity.

  33. MOB says:

    “Does anyone actually believe anything anymore?”

    Didn’t you read the sign on the way in?

    “Abandon all discernment ye who enter here.”

    The entire sway of history is moving AWAY from the Party Line. And now the “Occidental Dissent” is actually holding onto it, actually hoping to ride it to… victory? Whatever. Nobody believes it anymore. I mean seriously, Jack Ryan you post some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever read. The neocon line is good for whites because neocons want to kill Muslims?

    Hunter, get rid of this clown. He has alienated far more people than he wins. And all this in the name of not alienating people? Give me a freakin’ break. This is turning into a bad joke.

  34. MOB writes:
    “Does anyone actually believe anything anymore?”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Yes. I am fairly confident I understand most things in the world, understand what happened in Pakistan, what the situation is in places like Haiti as compared to places like Switzerland, or suburban Minneapolis.

    For those folks who are just confused about everything and don’t know what to believe anymore – perhaps you should hang out in some slums in Haiti or East St. Louis for awhile – or try the Arab Muslim thing, most White folks are fleeing places like Egypt and Tunisia, hell even tens of thousands of young Arab Muslim men are fleeing places like Tunisia to invade France, but for those folks who just can’t understand much of anything these days, perhaps a good, personal, in-your-face experience with some nasty low life NWs – Arab Muslim throat cutters, rapists – this usually will do the trick.

  35. Spooky (you might want to consider a different pen name, it’s sounds a bit “spooky”, “kooky”) accuses me of supporting the Jew Neo Con program>

    “The neocon line is good for whites because neocons want to kill Muslims?”

    JR responds:

    No. The Jewish Neo Conservative program is:

    1) Invade the world for Israel/Zionist interests
    2) Invite tens of millions of the Non White World in to the USA/what is left of the White West.
    3) In hoc to the world to pay for 1 and 2.

    (Steve Sailer at Vdare.com has written very extensively about this 1,2,3 Neo Con program.)

    No, I oppose all 1, 2 and 3 of the Jew Neo Con programs. I actually took out full page advertisements in the Nashville Tennessean opposing the first Jew Neo Con war against Iraq under George Bush Sr. This was about 1991.

    I generally make opposition to mass NW immigration my main focus because it is the least popular with the general White public. Most Red State White Americans, including Hunter’s good ol’ boy neighbors in Bama tend to like wars against, well anybody, Arabs, Muslims, Serbs, Germans, Russians etc. so it doesn’t work real well to make anti war activism your main pitch.

    And I am also aware that most White Americans, Whites everywhere in the world fear, loath and hate ugly, hairy, nasty NW Muslims like Osama – so yeah, I’m going to use Osama as a propaganda enemy to help our side/program. We immigration control activists used photos of Osama Bin Ladin on a California Drivers license in our successful effort to recall California Democrat Governor Gray Davis who wanted to give drivers licenses to all the illegal aliens in California.

    So please note that our recall effort was successful, Davis was booted out of office and our propaganda program using Osama Bin Ladin as “The Enemy” worked. Yes, that’s right, we won.

    Isn’t it better to WIN than to always LOSE?

    Isn’t it better to effectively reach the hearts and minds of regular White folks instead of always driving them away?

    This alienation thing is real killer – so

  36. Interesting visual there. From one purple-lipped, mongrel nigger with an Arabic name to another. One is the boogeyman and the other is the post-racial (post-White) savior.

  37. Hunter, thanks for your response. Where else do you write?

    Jack Ryan: Isn’t it better to WIN than to always LOSE?

    Somehow all our victories seem to have a distinctly Pyrrhic flavour. Yes, Davis was booted out, but succeeded by Schwarzepersonofcolor. I find it frustrating that, in a country of 300 million people, there is such a paucity of quality candidates for office. When do we start winning, instead of just losing a little bit less? (never mind – rhetorical question).

  38. AnalogMan says:

    I had thought this blog was defunct and stopped checking it.

    Your brain is defunct, you pathetic, sycophantic loser.

  39. Read THE MOVEMENT IS DEAD by David Tate and UNDERSTANDING THE STRUGGLE by Louis Beam and WHITE RESISTENCE MANUEL! Also Tom Metzgers LONE WOLF ARTICLES on WAR Website. Pastor Dan Gayman of Church of Israel has wriiten about the Organic Culture View and how White Christian Civilization is in the Suicide Phase. No Crusade can be raised, your own people will be the first ones to get a Hangmans Noose to Hang you. No one has disproved Francis Parker Yockeys views on Culture which he explains in his Imperium, The Philosophy of History. You can read Hitlers My Struggle in American Public Librarys but not Yockeys Imperium because it is banned in all Public Librarys by the American Library of Congress. Pastor Dan Gayman of Church of Israel States that unless Jesus Christ Returns there will be no White Seed left on earth. He says only a small Remnant of White Race will survive to jump start a new Civilization, that is hopefully if their is White Remnant left. My pèrsonal belief is that if a WHITE MORMON CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST IS FORMED, that will be the catalyse for our survival. The White Mormon Church (WMC) must be much more miliant than Aryan Nations or KKK or NS or Odinism. Read all of David Lanes works on White Aryan Resistence. His writtings are tremendous! The WMC will jump start a new White Civilization. The WMC must be secret in the first phase and later on when strong enough come above ground. Pastor Robert Miles use to say we are the new Heretics, the New Gypsies. We are not allowed an opinion on anything. Robert Matthews, David Lane and Gordon Kahl and Joseph Paul Franklins, also James Earl Ray are Heros of our race. There is many more. Richard Kelly Hoskins books are tremendous as well as Committee of The States about Col. William Potter Gale. What is amazing is that Col. Gale was born jewish in Los Angles, he had be to pure Judean Blood unmixed by Khazar blood. The Raven Returns with the oder of Cedar! White Mormon Power! White Chuckys will coming soon, ha ha ha!

  40. Ben Laden was CIA Created bogey man. Read Rense.com and Dr. James P. Wickstrom websites. Anyway the Twin Towers was brought down by Mossad and CIA. A professor at BYU in Utah did research and investigated it and found Thermite residue. There is no way that 2 paassinger jets could have knocked down the Twin Towers. The Towers were designed to withstand direct hits by jets, and anyway there was not enough of heat to melt the steel columns that supported the Towers. IT WAS A DEMO THERMITE JOB! As far as the Camel Jockeys are concerned they were Mind Controlled and the Patsys for cause to go to war in mid east. This is all NWO crap period. Oklahoma City was a another demo job and this was done becuase White Racists were organizing good in early 90s so they neutralied them this way. Remember how they screamed how bad White Racists are and cried about Robert Depugh militia types. The Towers is like Pearl Harbor, Rosenveld or Roosevelt knew Japs were coming. In fact all the White Presidents have been White Traitors. They all did things to harm White American Race. Obongo is trying to make his image better and this was a NWO BULL CRAP JOB: Why did they bury Laden at Sea? THE USA LIED ABOUT AGENT ORANGE AND DIOXIN and how it cuased deaths, deformed babies, suicides, Crazy fits to kill beacuse of the Dioxin Poisoning plus they lied about Depleted Uranium in Iraq and LSD used on soldiers in 50s. And these snakes say oh its Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and not Toxic Brain Sydrome and the War Stress did it not the CHEMICALS! THEY ARE LYING BASTARDS! How can you be patriotic to something that is killing you? To top it off White Genocide of White American Culture is the worst crime, then the 52 Million Babies Aborted of which 90 percent is stupid white women getting aborted. 50 large Metro Cities and all of them cess pools of non whites. In the Dispossed Majority by Wilmot Robertson he said it would be better to have a Nuke War than have the slow death like we are in now. THE USA is Anti White! A White Mormon Church of Jesus Christ (WMC) needs to be formed to oppose the Black Nobility and Zionism and be secret in the start. The leader needs to be masked and hooded. May the day of Reckoning Come Soon like Pastor Richard Butler use to say! The Raven will Return and the oder of Cedar! White Mormon Power! White Chuckys need to come soon, ha ha ha!

  41. John Thomas says:

    “Ben Laden was CIA Created bogey man…There is no way that 2 paassinger jets could have knocked down the Twin Towers….As far as the Camel Jockeys are concerned they were Mind Controlled …Why did they bury Laden at Sea? THE USA LIED ABOUT AGENT ORANGE AND DIOXIN …A White Mormon Church of Jesus Christ (WMC) needs to be formed to oppose the Black Nobility and Zionism and be secret in the start.”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    John, this post comes off as a conspiracy theory rant. Regular, mainstream White Americans are going to perceive you as crazy – as some kind of kook. This isn’t good for you and it certainly doesn’t help our people. If you are truly interested in working with White Mormons and working for a more/all White racialist LDS church, please clean up your act and get away form these C.T. rants – otherwise, you are going to get kicked out of virtually all LDS communities.

    This comment directly violates the O.D. comment guidelines.

    We all need to clean up our acts and work to find ways to work with mainstream White Americans.

  42. Jack,

    You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I wonder if you spend any time at all talking with mainstream White Americans. Very few of the mainstream White Americans I talk to believe the Party Line anymore. And certainly not White Americans with any gravitas or traction in reality. Which you are most definitely not. You need to stop being such a ginormous judgmental asshole. The fact that you are incapable of separating a commenter’s internet persona with said commenter’s persona in reality makes me wonder if you’re capable of maintaining such a distinction in your own life. Given your witless commentary I can only assume that you are a non-entity in your personal life and so seek to gain some kind of status as a gatekeeper here on OD. So when people with actual lives show up here to discuss interesting topics you exercise the power you really don’t have in real life, being that you’re a pasty, boring absolutely pathetic tool.

    Clean up your own act, douche bag. Most of us interact with mainstream white americans all the time, every day. Our speech is daily proscribed by our own necessity of getting by. It would be nice if it didn’t happen here, within reason. I’ve seen no breach of reasonableness that prompted any of your infantile outbursts. Please go crawl back under whatever rock you crawled out from under and let the adults talk a bit about interesting things.

  43. For the record, Jack isn’t a gatekeeper or a moderator here.

    I’ve been busy writing new content and haven’t intervened in the Jack vs. Spooky debate. To my knowledge, every comment that has been posted has appeared in this thread,.

  44. Reply to Jack Ryan: The Justice Department has a training program to train Agents. These Agents are trained in all facets of White Racism. When they complete their trainng they are sent to all counties in USA. Some of the Agents set up phoney organizations to gather info and names and do their dirty work. They have neutralized the White Race Movement completely since WW 2. Good people go to the meetings thinking those in charge are loyal good White Men and they are not. They are Infiltrators and Traitors of the White Race. Thats why Louis Beam wrote Leaderless Resistence and Tom Metzger Lone Wolf articles. Pastor Robert Miles said we are the new Heretics and Gypsies allowed no opionion unless Political Correct in line with NWO rules and supression. What happens to Freedom of Speech? I guess you say Robert Matthews and David Lane were Crazy Kooks? The Lithium Acids in the drinking water and femanized Uranium is making all the White Males Sisseys? Ask Jesse Ventura about this. Hey Jack Ryan! WHITE MORMON POWER! Oh by the way Jack, the Professor who found out about the Thermite was fired from his job at BYU in Utah! I am not Mainstream Jack, I am Whitestream! Alot of things you say are true, but some things you say are wrong . Louis Beam sumed it up better than anyone in his Understanding the Struggle. Read some of Beams writtings. Pastor Robert Miles many years ago wrote an article in WHITE POWER REPORT of Gerorge Dietz about David Duke. The name of the article was : Revolution Is Not A Dinner Party! and oh yeah Jack, WHITE POWER! WHITE CHUCKY POWER!

  45. whoever wrote this article is a peanut. one you are stupid if you think the war on terror is over… you killed what was to the muslim religion a bishop. that is going to fuel more terror attacks. also does any1 actually know why he did his acts of terror??? for palestine to be a free country which it is not. it still answers to isreal who is americas little middle eastern buddy. he had reasons for what he did as everyone does. also i find it hard to believe he survived kidney failure in the mountains which were bombed back in late 2001. the americans nor anyone else has intercepted even a fone call with osamas voice on it since then. seriously think about it people

  46. To Jack Ryan: The Thermite Demo of Twin Towers of Alex Jones was good. You need to look at that. The USA is lying bastards about Agent Orange and Dioxin and what it did to Vietnam Vets. The same with Depleted Uranium in Iraq. There is all kinds of info on this. Moret Laurens, the Radiation Scierntist has alot of good stuff on DU and Radiation. Take all the Presidents from Wilson and look at their records and what they did while in office. They were all WHITE TRAITORS. The Kenndy Clan being the worst White Traitor bastards. Look what Civil Rights did to America and the 1965 Immigration Act of the Kennedy Attorney General who was shot by Sirhan. This one Act has done a nightmare job on the USA. What do you mean about Mainstream and being Gentler, Kinda more nicee niceee? I do not want to be in the LDS. It is all NWO CRAP, thats the reason for forming a White Mormon Church. When Ted Kennedy passed so many White Americans were happy. Pastor Dan Gayman of Church of Israel says America is in Apostasy, they reject their God and Race, so God will bring Chastisement and destructiuon to America. I beleive in FREE SPEECH not PC Crap! Politically Correct is Crap. Anyway read about Joesph Tommassi and the National Socialist Liberation Front. The USA is Babalon the Great Whore Mother of nations! The USA shuves down out throats the multi culutral crap and New World Order Crap. By the way read Makow on Obama. He is a Prince Hall Mason. You need to read David Tates, THE MOVEMENT IS DEAD. As far as Blacks is concerned, I have nothing against the ones who want to return to Africa. You need to read about the BLACK NOBILITY and read Colemans books. Most rich Whites dont give a damn about the White Race. Tom Metzger is right about the Rich Whites and how they sucker up to Zionism. You also need to read about Col William Potter Gale and his Committee of the States. Gale was born Jewish in LA, but his genes had to pure Judean not contaminated by Khazar blood. For a White Mormon Church of Jesus Christ. John Thomas Hey Jack read SHEEP AND WOLVES by Richard Kelly Hoskins.

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