Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

Osama bin Laden is dead

District of Corruption

Osama bin Laden is dead.

Barack Obama has slain the boogeyman. A moving orgy of patriotism is breaking out across the Obamanation. This moment is certain to go down in history as the highwater mark of the Obama presidency.

Good for you, Barack Obama.

You have avenged the 9/11 attacks. Osama bin Laden is burning in Hell. America has won the War on Terror. The boogeyman is lying dead at your feet. This is your moment of triumph.

A few thoughts:

(1) First, I am glad that Osama bin Laden is no longer walking the earth. He deserved to die for his crimes. Justice has been served. Good riddance.

(2) Second, the emotional outburst of American patriotism which is now spreading across the nation must be properly seen as a moment of closure. The War on Terror is over.

(3) Third, the universal cry to “bring the boys home” is already going out across the nation. We have always supported bringing the troops home.

(4) Fourth, after this brief outburst of patriotism runs its course, foreign policy will recede even further into the background and domestic issues like gas prices and the economy will become even more important than they were before.

(5) Fifth, by killing the arch enemy of America and the Free World, Barack Obama has unintentionally pulled the single most important thread that united Americans and sustained their commitment to military interventions in the Middle East.

A few questions:

(1) Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, will Americans continue to support the American military presence in Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq?

(2) Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, 9/11 is avenged, and the War on Terror is over, what is America without a common enemy?

The wild spontaneous celebrations now going on at the White House and Ground Zero only shows just how important hatred of Osama bin Laden – the boogeyman – was to America’s national identity. All that is over now.

Great job on this one, Barack Obama. Have a beer on me tonight.

It is party time!

Now playing at the OD bar: beer on tap and patriotic songs!!!

Discussion Question: Who will be cast as the boogeyman in The Boogeyman: The Resurrection?

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  1. John Thomas’ free flowing rants come off as very similar to Black Negro rap lyrics – where there is no planning of a subject, whatever scrambled words and thoughts mixing around a mixed brain just flow out and it’s all supposed to be poetry or some deep insight in to the secret force that control everything in the world.

    This is one of the main problems with falling down with Conspiracy Theory paranoia.
    CT folks take a legitimate, real issue/event like the military using Agent Orange chemicals to clear out jungle cover in Viet Nam and this highly toxic defoliant proved harmful to the health of (White) American GIs. OK, that’s a real legitimate issue and sane, good (White) folks should address this issue and work to help the (white) GI Vets who were harmed by the use of Agent Orange.

    But then the whole subjects gets thrown in with so many other C.T. obsessions like Kennedy Assassinations, and the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks (both caused by the really stupid immigration policies of America to let in hordes of hostile Arabs/Muslims) and then the whole CT paranoia rants get thrown in with some other CT subject of Khazars not being the real Jews of the Bible and then there’s some other rant about a new White Mormon Church.


    Folks, this CT ranting and raving, the weird paranoia and strange historical obsessions, this stuff goes over with regular, sane mainstream White Americans about as well as Black Gangster rap music.

    Sometimes, most times, it’s best not to say anything at all. Just live a positive, simple life and try to work with local Whites to improve the local situation. Don’t try to figure out every single event in the world, and don’t try to link every single historical event in to one single, all encompassing conspiracy theory.

  2. To Jack Ryan. Sorry to upset you with the C.T. Rants. What do you think about Martin Lindstedt and his Tribulation with 10,000 Warlords. Martin Lindstedt uses hard language, but its all true what he says. How he sums up White Whiggers and how they support the criminal regime is good! Pastor Robert E. Miles called the Whiggers the 6th Day creation with no soul, and no racial instincts. To me, Ben Laden was a CIA Bogey Man needed for the NWO Agenda. Anyone who fights for White Race will be demonized. Who will be the next Bogey Man? Maybe the White Mormon Church? Sorry if I upset you Jack. You have alot of good posts. May the odor of Cedar and the Raven Return! WHITE MORMON POWER!

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