Arkansas Bans Saggy Pants

Integration brought ghetto culture into public schools while failing to erase the racial gap


We have already seen how integration has lowered the quality of education in Black Run America.

Before getting into today’s topic, let’s briefly review our previous discussions for those who are just joining us:

(1) We discussed the integrated school bus from hell in Belleville which is unsafe for all students, whether black or White.

(2) We learned that per pupil spending on black students is higher than per pupil spending on White students in spite of the fact that White parents are paying far more in taxes.

(3) We saw that the Huntsville NAACP has threatened violent revolution over the racial gap in education which has persisted in integrated schools for 41 years.

(4) We saw that SWPLs in Nashville delay having children because of the inferior black schools in gentrified inner city neighborhoods.

Arkansas Bans Saggy Pants

Arkansas recently confronted the most visible sign of the decline of public education in the BRA: the black teenagers who wear saggy pants and other thug attire in the integrated public schools.

Aside from being subjected to Black History Month, perhaps nothing better symbolizes the authentic 365Black educational experience in Black Run America: just as blacks have lowered their pants by refusing to wear belts, White America has lowered the overall quality of education, whether in terms of safety, test scores, curriculum, cultural standards, excellence, or return on investment, and this has all been done for the sake of uplifting the lowest common denominator in American society, which is to say, black people.

All the problems which used to be associated with the “black schools” in the Jim Crow South: violence, vulgarity, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, slovenly dress, coarse culture and so forth – every single one of those things – have been imported into the White schools. Look at how well dressed the White girls were in 1957 compared to how they dress today.

The whole project of racial integration was based on the absurd theory that segregation was responsible for the racial gap on “hate tests.” Half a century of experience in forced integration should have discredited that idea by now. Yet the present system endures out of sheer inertia, entrenched black political power, and the White fear of being accused of “racism.”

Whites continue to accept inferior schools and higher taxes because rejecting those things would upset black people who have come to see their mandatory inclusion in all White institutions as “their rights.” Free market competition with integrated public schools is banned under federal civil rights legislation.


Blacks put on their Sunday's best to integrate the public schools

There are many levels of symbolism on display here. As everyone here knows, this ban on saggy pants is nothing more than a band aid on a gaping chest wound.

It should be properly seen as a symbolic act of resistance by White people in Arkansas (like the ban on affirmative action in Oklahoma) who are forbidden both legally and culturally to attack the present racial caste system in education in a more direct way.

The NAACP sees the racial symbolism and has denounced the bill because it “unfairly targets black males” who disproportionately wear saggy pants. Blacks are more sensitive to the fact that there are still millions of White Southerners who have never believed in integration or who privately consider it a failure. Florida is already following in the footsteps of Arkansas.

Arkansas was the scene of one the most climatic battles of the “Civil Rights Movement”: the forced integration of Central High School in Little Rock, which at that time was an all-White school. It was also a foundational moment in education in Black Run America.

The compliance of Central High School with the Brown decision was considered so important that President Eisenhower (see the video below) federalized the Arkansas National Guard and sent in the 101st Airborne Division to force integration on Arkansas.

The use of federal troops to integrate an American public school was a source of considerable international embarrassment to the United States during the Cold War. Congress reacted to the negative publicity by passing the Civil Rights Act of 1957 which was the first piece of federal civil rights legislation since Reconstruction.

As with Selma and Birmingham, the MSM eventually lost interest in Little Rock after the final triumph of integration, and have revisited the subject only in made-for-television movies and to celebrate these martyrs for the holy cause of Black Run America on the anniversaries.

Watch Clinton below give them gold medals for making “the walls of bigotry and prejudice” fall in America. A shrine to the Little Rock Nine has been built on the grounds of Central High School. There is another one at the University of Alabama where George Wallace famously made his “Stand in the Schoolhouse Door” in 1963.

In 2007, HBO produced a documentary called “Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later” that went back to Central High School to explore what the “Civil Rights Movement” had all been about. My favorite part was the tour of the derelict, formerly White neighborhoods in the vicinity of the school which are now a high crime area of drugs, prostitution, and gang violence.

A little bit of the “hate truth” slipped out there. You can watch that and some other informative clips below.

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  1. Why ban a symptom when you could ban the source of all the problems? Oh right, we don’t want to make some hysterical negress cry. That’s the most important thing.

  2. The value in laws like this is that they Are racially discriminatory. They keep a low racist fire burning and aggravate stupid Blacks. Conflict is good.

  3. It’s a stupid law, just like France’s head veil ban. It’s reactionary and appeases the reactionaries without addressing the cause of the problem.

  4. Do you see this Marxist negro shaming the White kids about “institutional racism” because White kids sit on one side of the classroom and blacks on the other?

  5. Andrew Yeoman: I am not appeased by this law. I think very few supporters believe that this will fix anything, but until we establish universal sterilization for non-whites, small steps are useful. Goading stupid Blacks and their enablers is worth doing.

  6. Blacks show us day after day that they need close supervision. The baggy pants is a weak gesture, but a gesture all the same.

  7. They wear their britches like that,as it is still sore from getting tails chopped off.
    thats what PeePaw told me..

  8. Why complain about saggy pants? If some thug wants to make it more difficult for himself to outrun the police, I say good for him.

  9. Are pure Negroes really born with vestigial tails? I can’t find any evidence of this on the net.

  10. “Do you see this Marxist negro shaming the White kids about “institutional racism” because White kids sit on one side of the classroom and blacks on the other?”

    Actually, watching that video closely, it’s more like the white kids are all crammed into one corner with their backs up against the wall saying nothing… while the black kids sit in the middle of the room wherever they want.

    Not a bad metaphor for integration.

  11. Hunter, you forgot to mention the jewish lawyers who made Brown vs. BOE possible. It was the Jewish lawyers who used the blacks to destroy the Celtic/Germanic schools and neighborhoods. Jewish Lawfare.

  12. To keep every one up to date here is a report from Philly hot off the press.
    The activities reported here are a slight change from the usual beating up on Asians.

    Punching, kicking, and pulling out hair, the 10 girls attacked one another in a brutal battle that erupted seconds after an exchange of words outside Bridget Finnegan’s third-period Spanish class at Martin Luther King High.

  13. The law is terrific, from a tactical standpoint. [It] DIVIDES. Negroes howl and chimp out, cause that are being prevented from behaving like sub-morons, and literally exposing their bonobo behinds. Whites witness Blacks ahowling and screeching, and carrying on like retarded children (no offense meant to genuinely retarded children) BECAUSE they are expected to dress like semi-civilized bipeds.

    And what’s wrong with “reactionary”? Isn’t it way, way way overdue that Whites react to at least *one* moronic, pathologic, hostile, civilizationally-destructive, re-PUL-sive thing that Negroes routinely do?

    Good. Well done AR. A lazy little shot across the bow. ANYTHING that allows Blacks to lynch themselves, in the eyes of Whites, is a good thing.

  14. “White Southerners who have never believed in integration or who privately consider it a failure.”

    They had enough common sense not to believe in integration, but they couldn’t believe that the government had turned anti-white. Most people still refuse to see that. There was no failure on the part of government, they knew what would happen. It’s not that every one in government wants to destroy white people, but overall, it’s obvious that the anti-white forces have the upper hand.

    “The use of federal troops to integrate an American public school was a source of considerable international embarrassment to the United States during the Cold War.”

    The Soviet Union didn’t care about American racial policies. Most of the anti-American propaganda in Europe and the third-world, accusing the USA of being a racist country, came from American Jewish activists, not from the Soviet Union. Those who spoke in the name of the Soviet Union and in favor of racial integration in American schools could only be American Jews, not Russians.

  15. “Yet the present system endures out of sheer inertia”

    It endures out of super active anti-white activism.

  16. “It endures out of super active anti-white activism.”

    Bingo Armor. If I lived in the area I would shake things up at a PTA meeting or interview the teachers leaving the school Daryl Jenkins style asking why do they hate white kids. You are not powerless white people, only your lack of action and initiative is powerless.

  17. Andrew you hit another one out of the park, long past time we got past reactionary politics and become an empowered minority.

  18. Phil,

    As you point out, there are multiple angles to the story. I’m planning to bring back the American Racial History Timeline. I will probably expand it into a book over the summer.

  19. Everyone here agrees that (1) the law doesn’t go far enough and (2) we should attack the root cause of the problem.

    This makes sense though when you factor into the equation that we are an oppressed people. The oppressed typically don’t fight fight back against their oppressors in a direct way. A slave mentality is encouraged among them.

    This is a little act of sabotage.

  20. One must fight on all fronts; many tactics are deployed. Not every-one has the ability or temperament to engage in direct confrontation, and it’s childish, and short-sighted to call for these sorts of tactics, because these sorts of tactics are not always that effective.

    This law – just like the Anti veil laws, address a specific mode of communication – dress. Clothing. Clothing has always , everywhere in the world, and in EVERY society, a wildly direct methos communication. Clothing ia always a costume – always – and signals an enoirnmous amount of info.

    The anti-veil laws, and now thse baggy pants laws, sign that specific clothing IS NOT ACCEPTABLE in public.

    That’s very important – and an assertion that a culture is resisting the cultural mores of another culture. Both sets of laws are OFFICIAL mandates – and that counts. A lot. A lot more than snarky verbal confrontations do.

  21. Something that a lot of Activists, and WN, etc forget – contstantly – re: “becoming an empowered minoroty”. This line of thought indicates a grieviously erroneous assumption that the Powers That Be, in BRA (really JRA), are going to treat poor oppressed Whitey with the same compassion, decency, and fairness, that Whites extended to them., when Whitey Ruled. That we will, at some future date, be able to make Blacks, Jews, and Mestizos care about our suffering, and see the error of their ways, etc…

    This make me wonder what people that make this assumption are smoking….

  22. “The Soviet Union didn’t care about American racial policies.”

    Yes they did.

    Well they didn’t *care* in reality but they knew they could use it as a political weapon especially in the third world.

    “Something that a lot of Activists, and WN, etc forget – contstantly – re: “becoming an empowered minoroty”. (snip) This make me wonder what people that make this assumption are smoking….”

    Yes but if the hold of the multicult can be weakened enough to allow a White civil rights movement to spring up and gain momentum then the enemy’s attempt to stop it should provide the next level of radicalization.


  23. Hunter,

    The Brown vs. Board of Education was an example of Jewish Lawfare. E. Michael Jones in his book “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” explains the role Jewish organizations and the jew Louis Wirth had in the Brown vs Board of Education ruling(page 834-835):

    “Friedman claims the American Jewish Committee was responsible for the Supreme Court’s approval of race-based social engineering in education because AJC executive director John Slawson hired the black psychologist Kenneth B. Clark. The Supreme Court declared segregated schools unconstitutional in Brown vs. Board of Education ‘in no small part based upon the psychological data of Gunnar Myrdal, Clark, and other social scientists in studies introduced by the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, and various individuals and groups.

    University of Chicago sociologist Louis Wirth was on the board of directors of the ADL after the war. Wirth’s attitude towards Catholic ethnics and social engineering was formed early when he was involved with Marxist student organizations at the University of Chicago. He was then a dedicated admirer of Josef Stalin, whom, he felt, had solved the Soviet Union’s ‘nationalities problem’. Wirth was instrumental in bringing Gunnar Myrdal to the United States and wrote eight chapters of ‘The American Dilemma’, the Carnegie foundation-sponsored book cited as justification for de-segregation in Brown vs. Board of Education.”

    Hunter, please highlight the role of jews like Louis Wirth and Jewish organizations in the destruction of former European american public schools. Jews like Wirth and those in Jewish organizations, who were engaged in Jewish lawfare, used blacks to destroy Celtic/Germanic schools and neighborhoods all over the USA.

  24. Wandrin: “Well they didn’t *care* in reality but they knew they could use it as a political weapon especially in the third world.”

    The Soviet Union didn’t really care, and the third-world didn’t care at all. But more importantly, the Jewish media didn’t care what the Soviet Union cared about, or what the third-world thought. In any case, the Jewish media would appoint themselves as spokesmen for both the oppressed third-world, and the courageous USSR. In fact, they would also appoint themselves as spokesmen for white people, said to be embarrassed to be seen as racists by the Third-World and the Soviet Union.

    What had an effect in the USA was not Khrushchev and Brezhnev’s point of view. The state of public opinion in Kinshasa and Timbuktu mattered even less. What had an effect on American public policy was who spoke for the USSR and the third-world in the Western media and Western institutions, that is to say, Jewish activists, who by the way, also happened to speak for white people.

    As an example you gave a link to a leftist blog, with a Soviet animated cartoon made in 1933.

    The leftist blogger writes: “Why would a newly freed African nation side with the U.S? After all, their president would have to stay in a segregated motel when visiting Washington! I don’t know if the Soviets sent these race-based cartoons to their allies in the developing world, but they certainly played up each racial incident.”

    We know that Jewish activists and the Soviet Union instigated murderous communist revolutions in the third-world, as well as anti-white sentiment and the anti-colonial movement. But third-world opinion never had any influence on the desegregation of American schools. The problem came from Jewish activists and loony leftists who complained that African presidents would have to stay in a segregated motel when visiting Washington.

  25. i went to LRCHS earlier this decade… the behavior at the assemblies was ASTOUNDING… the principal would cry sometimes because of the level of disrespect they showed. Shootings or house fires would happen just off campus, car stereos would rattle third floor classrooms, fireworks in the halls, at least one teacher and one security guard smoked crack, sometimes students would in the bathrooms, junk food like spicy fries covered in nacho cheese was sold in special kiosks inside the cafeteria. . 800 started freshman year, 400 finished, and half of them were black.

  26. Armor,

    “But third-world opinion never had any influence on the desegregation of American schools.”

    Maybe not as it only came to me recently and i haven’t studied it but i know segregation was used by the Soviets as anti-American propaganda in the 3rd world and Europe. If that propaganda was seen as being effective by American cold warriors in the government, even 100% pro-segregation ones, they might have agreed to de-segregation because they saw it as a question of national security.

  27. Wandrin: I don’t think that segregationists, being people who knew what Blacks were really like, would have unleashed them merely to counter Soviet propaganda. Shooting yourself to prove your good intentions to an enemy is a bad strategy. If anything, I’d guess that Northern leftists told their Russian buddies to make noises about Negro oppression in order to create a good anti-communist cloak for their subversion.

  28. Discard,

    Fair point, in that case strike “even 100% pro-segregation ones” and replace with “even neutrals” or “even mildly pro-segregation.”

    However, probably not important either way.

  29. Wandrin: Agreed. “Mildly pro-segregation” would probably describe Eisenhower. He once told Chief Justice Earl Warren that Whites didn’t want their daughters sitting next to “Black bucks”. But he sent the 82nd Airborne to face down the good people of Little Rock anyway, his greatest failure.

  30. I am from a neighboring country (very close in proximity). As you all may or may not know, the world watches every thing the U.S. says and does.

    Slavery has been around since biblical times in Europe, Asia, Africa (the entire old world, as we call it). It in fact still exists in remote parts of the planet. The events that led up to America’s inter racial society & it’s broad spectrum of problems stemmed from two things. The lazy European settlers easy way out of building their newly conquered land and them being reintroduced to slavery by the still “Old world African Kings”.

    The white settlers made a terrible mistake in thinking that their newly acquired slaves were inferior. This mistake led to several things.
    1- Mistreatment of another human being because of ignorance.
    2- The empowerment of another race, which now has ill feelings towards white Americans due to their treatment during the slavery era (what a backlash).
    3- Blacks “Acting out”: Due to the educational depression, degradation, rapes, beatings, hangings, burnings etc., the suppressed black society is still going thru a period of “catching up” so to speak. Healing is still taking place. They are still trying to find a homeostasis in American society.

  31. CG – utter NONSENSE. Blacks are still enslaving other Blacks in Africa. The Black on Black slave trade is thriving. Africans kidnapped Europeans for CENTURIES. Wher’s the “healng” nonsense coming from?

    White made a terrible mistake be allowing Jews to import African Whites made a terrible mistake be allowing both Jews and Africans into the USa in the first place. No segregation – no peace.

  32. Whites did not EVER treat Blacks as badly as other Blacks have, and do. So of Whites do decide to “act out” on Africans – you’ll understand it’s all a part of the Healing process – right?

  33. I dont’ know where you got your facts from- – -oo[s, they aren’t facts they are your opinions. This is some of the best BS I have read in a long time. But I understand, your are still searching for rationalization.

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