Darky Story #1: Two Deaf Negroes Stabbed After Hispanic Mistakes Sign Language For Gang Signs

Hispanic stabs two black deaf men after mistaking sign language for gang signs


We have already noted that White people have always loved black people.

In Jim Crow America, Amos ‘n’ Andy was a wildly popular radio program. The minstrel show was America’s first form of popular mass entertainment.

There are few things that White people love more than a good “darky story” – admit it, you know it is true. White people all over the world might fight about various things, but even mortal enemies (Truman and Stalin) have enjoyed a good negro tale.

Historically speaking, “darky stories” played a vital role in keeping ordinary White people interested in race. They buttressed White racial consciousness and kept White people coming back for more hilarity. Unlike IQ charts and crime statistics, it was a form of literature that directly connected with the Southern folk experience.

“Darky stories” also used to be quite common in America. They only disappeared in the years from 1937 to 1943 after Hitler’s Germany made “racism” look bad. The MSM labeled “darky stories” un-American and the genre began to go extinct … until the rise of the internet.

We think it is time to bring back “darky stories.” They are outlawed in Black Run America. We are outlaw. This project makes sense.

Darky Story #1: Two Deaf Negroes Stabbed After Hispanic Mistakes Sign Language For Gang Signs

An incredible story out of Florida.

Two black deaf men, Sean Shuland and Albert Stewart, were at a sport’s bar in Hallendale Beach, Florida, a place called “Ocean’s Eleven Sports Lounge and Grill,” celebrating a birthday party over the weekend. One of the men is deaf and mute.

They were using sign language to communicate with each other.

A 45 year old woman (looks multiracial or white trash drug addict to me) thought the two black deaf men were flashing gang signs at her. She confronted them and flashed gang signs back at them. They motioned for her to go away.

Barbara Lee left and returned with a 19 year old Hispanic gang banger, Marco Ibanez, who flashed gang signs, pulled out a knife, and stabbed the deaf men in the torso and the back.

A melee ensued and a bouncer was hit in the head with a champagne bottle before they were taken into custody.

We hope Stewart and Shuland speedily recover from their injuries. What a tragic misunderstanding of diversity and multiculturalism in Black Run America. It would make a good episode of Teaching Tolerance, Heidi!

Update: In an ideal world, I would like to bring you a serious post and a darky story (which can be shared on Facebook for lulz) at least five days a week.

Unfortunately, my time is seriously limited. The ability to cover more angles of this story depends upon our ability to add more writers and free up more of our time which is spent on drudgery.

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