Two Day Vacation


OD will be returning to daily updates on Friday. There are plenty of new articles on Black Run America (lots of good stuff) here to discuss in my absence. I’ve actually gotten carried away writing “slam poetry” lately and need a brief respite to catch up on some other neglected tasks.

We have been on a roll over the past month!

Aside from catching up at the gym, the purpose of this brief vacation (which might be extended if needed) is also to compile two thorough reports (and do an interview with Ward Kendall) which will be permanently posted here over the weekend as pages and linked to on the sidebar.

(1) The Color of Welfare in Alabama

(2) The Color of Crime in Alabama

These two reports on African-Americans in Alabama (our greatest attempt yet to discourse poison race relations in this state) will be a model for exploring crime and welfare in the other Southern states. We also got to figure out how to do a press release about our findings to the mainstream media.

After dealing with Alabama, I want to move immediately into Georgia and crack the hate numbers there (this time while I am not drinking). In the long term, I want to expose the “hate truth” about racial differences in taxation, government employment, education, prison spending, and working for a living … in order to better project when “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working” might possibly arrive.

What is the annual cost of African-Americans to White people in Alabama and Georgia? What is the “disparate benefit” that accrues to African-Americans” from living in a society based on “black privilege?” We are burning with desire to answer that question.

In the meantime, check this post for Kunstler-style “Daily Grunts” about recent news items.

(1) Daily Grunt #1: In lieu of everything we have discussed about Detroit, it now seems that African-Americans in The Motor City (306,013 of whom in Wayne County are on EBT Cards) are buying and selling crack pipes at convenience stores which are disguised as pens.

(2) Philosophical Question: Why should any White man who pays taxes pledge allegiance to the Obamanation?

If you live off the federal government like 39 percent of black people in Michigan, should you be allowed to vote? Shouldn’t there be a kind of “bankruptcy” process here where you lose your right to vote in exchange for government cheese?

Just saying.

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  1. Universal suffrage is a terrible idea. There are different ways of limiting the vote, from property requirements to veteran status, and any White nation that expects to have a future will come up with something that keeps the freeloaders from having a say in how things are run. Does anybody think that some Sioux who was always busy tying his moccasins when the Crow or Pawnee or the U.S. Cavalry came around got to speak his mind in council? Surely we can do as well as stone age Indians. Rights for workers, not shirkers.

  2. The largesse is to buy the votes. If they couldn’t vote, there’d be no point to all that cheese.

  3. Is conservative student group preaching white nationalism?

    How about White survival.

    DeAnna is a good speaker.

  4. Over 2,000 comments on that MSNBC article about Youth for Western Civilization. Good publicity at least.

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