Alabama: The Color of Crime (Interracial Rape)

Who gets raped in Alabama?


It has gradually become clear over the past few days that I am going to have to spend a lot more time on “The Color of Crime: Alabama” than I had originally planned.

I will have to make time for that this weekend. In the meantime, I have managed to track down the numbers on interracial rape that will be of most interest to our readers.

In the course of our investigation, Occidental Dissent has uncovered the “hate truth” about interracial rape in Alabama:

(1) Black men are more likely to be rapists than White men.

(2) Black men are more likely to rape White women than the other way around.

(3) Black men are consistently a majority of rapists in Alabama.

(4) The White women who end up getting raped by black men are typically acquaintances who are raped either in their own homes or at the homes of the black rapist.

(5) Black men rarely use guns and knives to rape White women.

(6) Rape is more common in the summer than at any other time of the year.

(7) Drugs and alcohol are usually involved in rapes.

Occidental Dissent is reporting that White women who party with African-Americans and let them into their homes to drink alcohol or smoke weed in the summer months of the year are far more likely to get raped in a 365Black situation than White women who avoid social contact with other races.

Black males are 13.1 percent of the population of Alabama. White males are 35.5 percent of the population of Alabama. From 1995 to 2009, there were 2,577 Black-on-White rapes and 217 White-on-Black rapes.*

In other words, 12 White women are raped by black men for every 1 black woman who is raped by a White man. Do you sense any inequity in that number?


Black-on-White: 156
White-on-Black: 12

Source: Crime in Alabama, 2009


Black-on-White: 163
White-on-Black: 21

Source: Crime in Alabama, 2008


Black-on-White: 176
White-on-Black: 15

Source: Crime in Alabama, 2007


Black-on-White: 174
White-on-Black: 8

Source: Crime in Alabama, 2006


Black-on-White: 181
White-on-Black: 12

Source: Crime in Alabama, 2005


Black-on-White: 206
White-on-Black: 22

Source: Crime in Alabama, 2004


Black-on-White: 194
White-on-Black: 10

Source: Crime in Alabama, 2003


Black-on-White: 186
White-on-Black: 12

Source: Crime in Alabama, 2002


Black-on-White: 148
White-on-Black: 18

Source: Crime in Alabama, 2001


Black-on-White: 139
White-on-Black: 19

Source: Crime in Alabama, 2000


Black-on-White: 152
White-on-Black: 11

Source: Crime in Alabama, 1999


Black-on-White: 172
White-on-Black: 17

Source: Crime in Alabama, 1998


Black-on-White: 190
White-on-Black: 19

Source: Crime in Alabama, 1997


Black-on-White: 190
White-on-Black: 19

Source: Crime in Alabama, 1996


Black-on-White: 150
White-on-Black: 13

Source: Crime in Alabama, 1995

*The actual number of interracial rape victims in Alabama is much higher than the reported number because so many of the offenders fall into the “unknown” category.

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  1. I’m Black woman and was raped by a White man in Alabama, and I will tell you,
    it’s not that White on Black rapes don’t happen as often, it’s that the police fail to prosecute those cases!
    I reported what happened to me immediately, and from the Rape Crises Center.
    I was able to identify my attacker, I had his name, photos, and the address of his location (which made it very easy for the police).
    The police did not want to take my report in the first place, and after taking my report, I’d found out later through a 3rd party, that they were able to find, locate, and even speak with the assaulter.
    I called the detectives who took my report several times and left many voicemails, and they completely ignored me!
    The mannerisms and body language of the police changed when they found out he was white, there was tension, and they seemed very uncomfortable.
    I could tell that had my attacker been a black man they would’ve went all the way, but because he was white they did not want to get involved.
    Dealing with the Police and the Rape Crises Center turned out to be one of the most traumatic things about the whole experience. Even the Lady who worked at the Rape Crises center said “They’re going to make a fool out of you in court”.
    I despise Alabama and the South, they refuse to admit the truth, which is that they are just as racist as ever.

  2. To put things in perspective for Ava, although admitedly with a slight touch of hyperbole, black men rape white women about as often as they go between the kitchen and the living room. White men rape black women (bleech!) about as often as aliens abduct Alabama loses under Nick Saban (or the Bear).

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