Alabama: The Color of Crime (Robbery)



According to the 2010 U.S. Census, 70.9 percent of Alabamians are White and 26.3 percent are African-Americans. Hispanics are 3.2 percent of Alabama’s population, but are counted as White in state crime statistics.

In 2009, African-Americans were responsible for 77 percent of all robberies in Alabama. Whites committed 23 percent of robberies.

“Robbery” is defined as “stealing or taking anything from the care, custody, or control of a person, in his presence, by force or by threat of force, including attempts.”

Source: Crime in Alabama, 2009

Imagine there are no black people / It’s easy if you try / No robbers or rapists to stalk us / Safe to go out at night / Imagine all the White people … living life in peace / They say I am a dreamer / But I am not the only one

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  1. We should simply sterilize the dumbest 20% of the population regardless of race.

    We should then subsidize the top 20% of the population to have kids, regardless of race.

    Of course, our society has done the exact opposite for the past 2 generations. Our smartest people are in school until they’re almost 30, then they start a career and can’t afford to have kids until their mid 30s at least. Biologically, infertility and birth defects skyrocket after 30 for women and after 40 for men.

    Meanwhile, morons that pump out kids from 14 years old get rewarded by the government their entire life to keep doing it.

    If you set out to undermine the general population, you would be hard pressed to come up with a more effective long term program.

  2. We just need to give our urban youth more self esteem and empowerment. Perhaps a march? Or free computers? Extend African American month onto March! Am I the only one coming up with sensible solutions here?

    I advocate for more advocacy!

  3. It’s really unfortunate how Blacks have ruined so many American cities. Alabama’s largest city, Birmingham, is Black majority by a huge margin and also has a high crime rate, looks generally run down, etc. According to stats Birmingham is close to 75% Black and only 25% White. It’s insanity that White Americans have allowed so many of their cities, centers of culture and commerce, to be taken over by racial aliens: Blacks, Hispanics, Jews/Semites, all kinds of Asiatics, and other non-Whites.

    If anything White Americans need to start moving en masse in to cities and push the non-Whites in to the less influential suburbs and rural areas. It truly is criminal how, over the last few decades, American cities have been so ruined by non-Whites while the White majority cowers in the suburbs.

  4. Just imagine how bad it would be without African-American studies programs, affirmative action, diversity jobs, racial preferences for blacks in government contracts, EBT cards, Medicaid, free public schools, the home security industry, suburbanization and every other factor that has mitigated this problem.

  5. Successful blacks generally are significantly European. If they were 100% African genetically and didn’t have the multitude of welfare and preferential programs the areas they occupy would look just like Liberia.

  6. Imagine there are no black people / It’s easy if you try / No robbers or rapists to stalk us / Safe to go out at night

    I like my version.

    Imagine there’s no niggers/ It’s easy if you try/ Nothing to rob or rape you/ And no chicken to fry…

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